A Beautiful Light

Chapter 1: Shawna

by lamiaprincess

Tags: #cw:noncon #exhibitionism #f/f #scifi #sub:female

Shawna lounged on the beach absentmindedly as the sun’s rays beat down. She was never really a big beach girl, since the water was always too cold for her and cleaning up the sand afterwards was always a nightmare. But it was worth it to spend with her friends when she got the chance, especially since the beach was largely deserted thanks to the pandemic. Mike was busy diving under the water, a pastime of his since he was a professional diver, while Denise had gone up the road to the convenience store to get some more beer and snacks. Shawna had been considering for most of the morning about asking Mike out tonight for drinks; he had always been very handsome and was starting to get over a bad breakup with a girlfriend of his who had dumped him after he freaked out about her being bisexual. At the very least, Shawna was as straight as an arrow on that front. She wasn’t even really comfortable around lesbians anyways. Nothing to fear from her being a secret lesbian or something.   

Shawna tried to relax to the sound of the ocean waves and the warm, glowing sun, closing her eyes briefly before she heard some strange noises off in the distance. She looked over and saw a pair of women off in the distance rustling around on a couple of beach towels. She couldn’t really see anything thanks to the parasol being in the way, before suddenly she saw one of the girls stand up and was shocked to see her naked breasts bouncing up and down. Shawna quickly turned away, blushing a bit at being so surprised. “Assholes, can’t you go do that stuff in your own fucking house, or a hotel room or something.” Shawna looked at her stuff and took out the novel that she had to read for her English exam later that month. “Ignore the lesbos fucking and work on finishing your degree.” 

Shawna flipped a page over before discovering something out of the corner of her eye. She looked over and saw nothing, expecting to see Mike coming back with some disgusting find he found on the sea floor or Denise with a beer in her hand, but saw nothing. She focused back on her book, before seeing something flit by on the other side. This time she put the book down and got up, looking around but still seeing nothing. “Hey if this is some snot nosed brat, it isn’t funny!” Shawna sighed as nothing happened, before turning around. 

A bright light shined in her face, a beautiful ball of light that demanded her entire field of vision despite being small. She couldn’t stop looking at it, at how pretty and brilliant it was as her mind slowed down, only concerned about staring at the light. Her hands fell at her sides as her mouth slowly opened. She looked completely dazed staring into the light. Her mind wasn’t working at all, as if she had been put in sleep mode. The lightly gently moved back and forth, and Shawna’s head obediently followed it. She simply couldn’t look away. It was so pretty. The light then moved forward as Shawna’s eyes crossed trying to follow it, before it entered her chest and she started to glow very lightly. 

The light was in her head, and it felt amazing in there. She had no idea what it was doing in her head, but Shawna was happy. The light was good. The light was pretty. The light could do anything it wanted. She grinned a big, dopey grin as the light changed her thoughts without her realizing. Shawna was being remade by the light, and she neither knew nor cared. Soon the light moved out of her body and flitted somewhere else. Shawna didn’t follow, because the light was still in her head. Her head was its home. The light would always be with her, making her happy. 

Shawna blinked as she looked down at herself and saw her hideous bathing suit. Why had she put something so obviously terrible on? To cover herself up? “Gawd I like, really need to get out of this ugly rag~” Shawna sounded less intelligent as she ripped off her bathing suit top and her bottom. It was okay though, Shawna didn’t need to care about college anymore. The light was more important than anything like schooling, or a degree. She flexed and stretched her now naked body. “So much better. I shouldn’t be ashamed of how sexy I look, I need to show off~” Her perky tits looked amazing out of her bathing suit. How could she ever wear clothes again knowing that she had such amazing tits? 

Tits? Boobies? Funbags? Milkers? Shawna struggled for a little bit to think of a word she was clearly forgetting, before she felt the light shine a little bit brighter in her head. ‘Oh of course. That’s right. I’ve always called my tits such fun names. The light is right~’. She sat back down at the towel and started rubbing her clit. It was so much fun to publicly masturbate, she knew she did it all the time thanks to the pretty light in her head. It shined brighter, almost excitedly, as she did so, almost as if it was happy about what she was doing. Shawna smiled even wider, before sliding her fingers in with her other hand. The light was happy, so she needed to continue. 

Shawna fingered herself quickly, whimpering and moaning like the shameless slut she was. She imagined herself being detained by a female police officer, before being stripped and roughly fucked across a table. She imagined being carried away by a sorority before being chained to a bed and played with, teased with, fucked by all of them. She imagined being called “The Team Vibrator” by her uni’s cheerleading squad and doing her best to eat out the very hot girls who were clearly superior to her. The light was happy. The light encouraged this. She was thankful she was always submissive and perverted. The girl thing was new but-

The light shined again, and she understood. She was always a lesbian. She wasn’t uncomfortable around other lesbians, she was jealous at all the forced heterosexuality she had to perform, that she couldn’t be out and flashing her tits at other girls. The light had saved her. She had no inhibitions now, because the light was so much more important. She was going to be the bestest dim lesbian exhibitionist slut to ever exist! All for the light happy inside her empty little head.

The thought of the other two girls she had seen before watching her fuck herself made her quicken the pace. It was such a turn on having an audience. It’s why I’m a sorority girl! There’s always a pretty face eager to watch you finger yourself~ Shawna wasn’t in a sorority, but that was so easy to change. Just fill out a couple of forms and you’re in! She wasn’t concerned about the hazing and the light told her that none of the other girls were going to be concerned about it either! Shawna moaned and bucked her hips thinking about the girls coming over, and making her suck on their tits, and sitting on her face. She so desperately needed to be fucked and used and there was no one around who could do it. So she had to go faster. 

Cum. Cum. Cum. Cum. Gotta cum. Gotta cum. It wants me to cum. The light wants me to cum. Shawna was practically screaming in pleasure as she got closer and closer to orgasm, thinking of all the perverted things that she wanted done to her. Her pussy was practically soaked from how hot and horny she was, and she was convinced that was going to need to cum more than once to feel anywhere close to satisfied. The light was very happy about that. It shined very brightly. Yes, she was definitely going to cum a lot. 

Shawna felt herself cumming, her pussy tightening around her fingers as she moaned as loud as possible. Her orgasm was the best orgasm she had ever felt, and rippled through her, causing her body to shake with pleasure and excitement. She could feel her body very pleasurably overload, like the light was filling her entire body for that brief moment. It was perfect, nothing had ever felt better. All the times she had to have sex with men felt so disappointing and pathetic compared to this. She wanted to experience it again and again. Had to. Her slutty mind and her wet pussy weren’t able to do much else at this point. She slowly slid her fingers back in, gasping as to how sensitive everything was.

She didn’t see Mike coming out of the water at first, but noticed him a fair bit away getting back on shore. Oh no, he’s gonna interrupt my fun time...why are men so unattractive anyways, how DO they expect women to like them… The light shined a bit brighter. That didn’t matter, it said. Shawna grinned as wide as she could as another revelation came into her mind. 

Mike is going to be with the light too!

This is my first work on the sight and the first time I've publicly posted any of my MC erotica, so hello! I do have a twitter @Hypno_Lamia which is mostly just a porn alt but will have new stories when I finish them!

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