Compelling Again

7 Finale Night

by hypnosissir

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #mc #sub:female

Authors Note: This is the final chapter in the Doctor of Domination series, thank you for your patience in completing the saga. Feedback is always appreciated in comments!

It was showtime, New Year's Eve, and the headline hypnosis show was about to begin, Dominants, submissives, bystanders, new to the lifestyle all poured into the reconfigured room to hold the crowd, larger than the opening show. In the wings, the Doctor of Domination was ready, escorted by her very beautiful VIP Jennifer Sloan and her promoter, the now well trained submissive Monique Masters.

"Well ladies, showtime," the Doctor said to the women as she was ready to take the stage. "Take your seat, Jennifer. Enjoy the show."

"Yes, Ma'am," the girl responded, wearing her favorite blue lycra with subtle black spirals on the breast cups. As she made her way to the front row seat, she realized she was not at all out of place dressed in this manner, and she realized most in the room were envious of her stature as a new interest for the talented and beautiful Doctor of Domination, Alicia DeLaurent.

"As for you, Monique, you have been very helpful in preparing me for what Miss Alana has planned," the Doctor said. "Even if you didn't really want to help. But no matter, you have pleased me, so as you watch the show do enjoy the feelings of submission you undoubtedly will feel as I orchestrate things from center stage."

"Yes Mistress," the promoter said with nobody in earshot.

"Enjoy the show, I have a few surprises," The Doctor of Domination said as she turned and stared her submissive promoter in the eyes. "And you will go along with every single one, like a very good girl."

"Yes, Mistress," the one time mentor replied, half excited to please her Mistress, half dreading what she was going to see along with her paying crowd.

The house music came up letting everyone know the show was soon to begin, and the final stragglers made their way to their seats. Alicia DeLaurent let out a deep, cleansing breath as she confidently waited for the introduction to start the festivities.

"Dominants and submissives, switches and newbies, welcome to your New Year's Eve Hypnosis Extravaganza!" the house announcer started. "Rise to your feet and greet our headline performer, Heaven's Hypnodomme, the Doctor of Domination, Mistress Alicia!"

The crowd rose to their feet to greet the beautiful hypnodomme who thoroughly entertained the crowd in the opening show a few short days ago. Slowly and confidently the domme, dressed in a combination of lace and lycra, all black, with her now trademark rojo red lips and nails, her hazel, almond shaped eyes perfectly framed in seductive and alluring makeup, made her way to center stage, where a single microphone stand was stationed.

"Happy New Year's Eve, everyone," the Doctor of Domination said to the crowd as she walked out from backstage. "It has been my pleasure to entertain you this week, I hope you enjoy this show as much as the opener!"

The crowd clapped and cheered for the lovely hypnotist.

"I would be remiss to think I was the only hypnosis dominant here," the Doctor began. "We are all graced with the presence of another talented hypnotist and performer, one I hope to work with in the future. She does not know it but I would like to welcome Miss Alana to come on down and take a bow, she has done some amazing shows for our favorite show Monique Masters and I wanted to acknowledge that publicly! Miss Alana, come on down!"

The crowd politely cheered, but nobody began heading down to meet the Doctor. In the audience, Miss Alana was hearing alarm bells in her head, wondering what was happening.

"Miss Alana, come on down and take a bow, we are all waiting for you!" the hypnodomme called out. "Let's let this crowd meet you!"

Finally a single figure began to make way down to the stage area. Alicia DeLaurent smiled in anticipation, as she placed the wireless mic in the stand at center stage taking a few steps toward the woman making her way to center stage.

As the Doctor of Domination made her way to Miss Alana, she nodded to the stage crew sound manager and as she met the MIstress, loud dance music began to play and all 8 of the subs on loan to the headliner for the event began to move on stage and begin a dance routine.

At the exact time the music began and the subs began dancing, the Doctor of Domination reached out with her right hand to shake hands with Alana, while her left hand reached for the back of the neck of the young woman who was looking around wondering what was happening, her senses overloaded at all the activity and the surprise of being called onstage.

As she shook the hand of the young Miss Alana with her right hand, the Doctor of Domination pulled the woman in close to her with her left hand and instructed the woman.

"Sleep," the Doctor of Domination suggested as she completed the rapid induction. The sensory overload found the young hypnodomme embraced in a hug, her mind sinking into hypnosis as the Doctor of DOmination talked ot her and rhythmically rocked her to trance.. "Sleep and relax and go deep, Sleep. Relax, Go deep."

To anyone looking on, it simply appeared the two women were hugging and whispering to one another as the loud show continued. The dance and the music provided the perfect distraction to allow the Doctor of Domination a very stealth, yet very public rapid induction of her want-to-be rival.

Once the Doctor felt the young would-be rival was deep enough, she led her backstage while the dance routine, complete with poles, entertained the crowd. It was Dancing with the Stars meets Burlesque Show meets Chippendales meets a night at any high end Gentlemen's Strip Club.

"Every step you take will take you deeper into hypnosis, each step deepening your trance, Alana," the Domme continued her suggestions as she continued the walk backstage. "Walk with me, each step takes you deeper, so wonderful to sink so deep. That's it, step, sink. Step. Sink. Step. Sink."

"Very good Alana, you're doing very well," the Domme instructed as she led the hypnotized woman to a chair in the darkened backstage with a very clear view to center stage. Standing close by was show promoter Monique Masters. "Alana, eyes on me now. Tonight, every time I count someone deeper into hypnosis, or suggest going deeper into hypnosis, you will find yourself sinking deeper with the suggestion. All of those suggestions apply to you, Alana. You will enjoy sinking so deep, so relaxed, so open. Nod your head if you understand."

The tell-tale signs of trance were evident in the young hypnotist as she quietly nodded her head slowly up and down. The Doctor had no plans to let the young woman, who told the promoter, Monique Masters, she had plans to sabotage the show, off the hook, no matter how angelic she looked in trance. The Doctor checked her watch, and saw she still had about 5 minutes of music and dance entertaining the crowd.

"Now Alana, answering questions honestly and quickly will feel wonderful and help you go so deep. What were your plans to sabotage the show?" the Doctor asked.

"At my command, subs, and the subs in the show were going to spray whoever was at the microphone at center stage with paint pellets," the younger hypnotist.

"You hypnotized the subs in the show?" the domme asked.

"Yes," the young woman responded.

"Have you hypnotized anyone else associated with me?" the Doctor asked, her eyes narrowing. "Answer me openly and honestly as if you were awake."

"Yes, That little bitch toy in blue you parade around," the hypnotized dominant answered honestly.

"What did you do with her," the Doctor asked in a terse manner, her blood pressure rising. "Answer openly and honestly."

"When I was done with her I looked like a smurf between my legs," the hypnotist said, a reference to the ever present blue makeup and lipstick the Doctor had introduced in Jennifer Sloan.

"You fucking bitch," the Doctor of Domination said as she felt the rage building in her, but realized that any rash suggestions based on emotion would not bear fruit, that she needed to stay with her plan and the long game. Alicia DeLaurent took a long, deep breath to calm her anger.

"Alana, I want you to begin counting down from 1,000. Each number will take you deeper. When you finish, start again," the incensed Doctor ordered to the woman who sat in the dark backstage but had a clear view of center stage. "Do you understand?"

"Yes," responded the hypnotized woman.

"Very good," the Doctor said, as she made her way back to center stage. "Monique, get my black bag from my dressing room and bring it here now, leave it behind this bitch's chair."

"Yes, Doctor," the promoter said as she went to her headliner's dressing room to get the bag as instructed.

The submissives, on loan for the show to Alicia DeLaurent, froze in place as the music ended. Two subs at each of the poles, the male slave standing behind the female slave.

"What a talented group of subs we have tonight, let's hear it for them!" the Doctor of Domination exclaimed. "And to think, not one of our subs has any prior experience with a pole!"

The crowd roared with approval as the Doctor, standing next to a well endowed male submissive, paused before saying "well a dance pole anyway."

The crowd laughed at the double entendre.

"Now let's see how they do in the ballroom, shall we?" the Doctor said, as she turned and snapped her fingers. "Subbies, it's time for a change!"

The subs all began to remove their current clothes, and a slow sriptease act began as the sound crew provided the perfect accompanying music for the display. Their costumes for the erotic dance just completed were slowly shed piece by piece, and all the subs eventually changed at center stage into the clothes from a box behind each pole. Their new costumes featured the women wearing 1950's style bullet bras and panties, while their male dance partners wore a matching color speedo. The 4 couples were all color coordinated for their group ballroom number.

"I figured you wouldn't mind them changing right here," Mistress Alicia said with a laugh. "It is New Years' Eve, so music and dancing are always part of the festivities! And just so you know, the girl's costumes match the music and dance they will entertain you with from the 1950's. It's a little swing dancing, a little bop, dominants and submissive, the Lindy Hop,"

The 1950's music began to play and the Doctor of Domination provided the audience another distraction so she could go backstage and handle her newly hypnotized wannabe rival. The seductive style of dancing would provide entertaining cover while the Doctor continued her stealth mission of deeply hypnotizing and controlling the young upstart Alana.

Alicia DeLaurent made her way backstage and headed right over to the young hypnotist who sat in her chair counting backwards. Her black bag was behind the chair where the promoter left it. The doctor reached into the bag and took out a vial and syringe, as Monique Masters looked on.

"Don't give me any kind of look, Monique," the Doctor told the promoter as she filled the syringe with the clear liquid from the vial. The Doctor carefully set the syringe down and took out the rubber hose and tied it around the exposed left arm of the still counting down Miss Alana.

"Three hundred and three," the young woman said as the doctor looked at her and then back to Monique Masters, her promoter.

"But you are right, I don't need to do this in this way, that would make me no better than her." the professional psychiatrist said as she carefully put away the needle and vial without using them before removing the tubing around the upper arm of Alana. "You may stop counting now Alana. Remember any instructions I give to deepen trance will always apply to you. Maintain your focus on me, and follow all of my instructions."

"Yes," the hypnotized girl answered.

"Yes Mistress Alicia," the hypnodomme corrected. "That is how you address me."

"Yes, Mistress Alicia," Alana responded.

As she reached the center stage, she held up her hands, where a single teardrop crystal of Jade appeared as she lowered it slowly above her perfectly spotlit face. She held it aloft above her head and gazed up at it as a single spotlight shone on it, reflecting on to her beautiful face a hypnotic array of colors and shapes of light and color.

"Hypnosis can be self hypnosis, all one needs to do is focus," the domme stated in a perfect cadence. "You choose to trance, you choose to focus, you choose to slow your breathing, you choose to relax."

The Doctor held the perfect pose as the lights glimmered through the crystal, creating a stunning hypnotic world of shapes and colors of light on her face, her eyes shining brightly. The pause was purposeful, and to say the hypnodomme was eye-catching was an understatement. The crowd was dead silent, all focused on the captivating woman at center stage.

"You choose to focus on my crystal. You choose to listen carefully to my words. You choose to slow your breathing as I talk with you. You choose to relax..." the domme said as the arena focused solely on her form, the crystal, the lights, and her words. Again she paused, and though she did not move even a little bit, she noticed many in the audience slowing their breathing as they focused on her.

"You choose to focus on the crystal, you choose to listen, You choose to slow your breathing, you choose to relaxxxx...." the patterning of the audience continued as she stood, held aloft the crystal, and spoke in a hypnotic cadence as the lights invited all of those same things. Another pause, and even more slowly breathing audience members became singularly focused on the crystal and the lights and the melodious voice captivating them.

"Focus," the domme said, shortening the pattern as she watched the crowd, as she never wavered from her pose in her black lycra/lace outfit, dark hair, red lips and nails and 4 inch heeled boots. She slowed the cadence to allow the audience to be on her pace.

"Listen," was the next single word phrase the domme was etching into the audience members as she continued her simple loop cadence of instructions.

"Relaxxxxx," the dominant said next, and as she glanced at Jennifer, her eyes were heavily lidded and her breathing slow.

"Breathe," was the final, slow, suggestion the dominant hypnotist was instructing her audience, as she was pacing them without them realizing it.

"Five," the domme started a countdown.

"Focus," the domme repeated.

"Listen," the Doctor of Domination continued.

"Relaxxxxx," the hypnotist said.

"Breathe," was the final instruction.

"Four," the domme said, still posing perfectly still.

"Focus," the domme added.

"Listen," the domme continued.

"Relaxxxxx," the hypnotist encouraged.

"Breathe," again was the final instruction of her well paced cadence.

"Three," the domme furthered.

"Focus," the Doctor ordered.

"Listen," added the dominant.

"Relaxxxxx," the hypnotist inspired.

"Breathe," was again the final cadenced instruction.

"Two," the domme started a countdown.

"Focus," the domme related.

"Listen," the Doctor instructed.

"Relaxxxxx," the hypnotist affirmed.

"Breathe," again was the final instruction.

"One," the domme started a countdown.

"Focus," the domme repeated.

"Listen," the Doctor of Domination continued.

"Relaxxxxx," the hypnotist said.

"Breathe," was the final instruction.

"Sleep now, deep sleep now," the dominant instructed those focused on the crystal and her instructions as she still held the crystal aloft. "Deep deep down, deep down now. Deep sleep now."

More than a few heads slumped into hypnosis as the Doctor of Domination finished her induction for the large audience. Two notable heads slumped into trance, Jennifer Sloan and Alana. Others joined them deep into hypnosis, and the Doctor was ready to give those in hypnosis their instructions.

"For those of you so very relaxed and so very focused it feels so wonderful to be deep into hypnosis, so nice so relaxed," the domme began. "You may just continue to look at the crystal and listen to my voice and enjoy that deep relaxing hypnosis."

"You may just sit and listen and relax as I talk to different parts of the audience and focus when you hear your role. So easy to follow suggestions and continue to enjoy a nice relaxing feeling in hypnosis, then focus on my voice when you hear your role," the dominant hypnotist continued.

"Dominants, it is time for you to open your eyes and focus on me now as you pay careful attention to my voice," as she glanced around the room, the Doctor of Domination noticed more than a few tranced dominants opening their eyes to focus on her. "Everyone else may simply continue their nice relaxed feelings as I speak with the dominants."

"Dominants, eyes open, focus on me. For my very relaxed dominants, you must always remember to treat your submissives with care and respect," the Doctor started. "They have chosen YOU to be their dominant, and that is not to ever be taken lightly. Always have their best interests in mind and remember that consent is important. The care and mental health of your submissives is important to consider at all times. Dominants, if you hear what I am saying, nod if you understand."

As she scanned the room, more than a few heads were nodding.

"Dominants you may close your eyes and sink deeper into hypnosis," the dominant hypnotist continued. "Submissives, you may now open your eyes and look at me and focus on my voice. You are the one who chose to serve the dominant you have chosen. You have the power to leave abusive relationships and have your well being taken care of. You will have the strength to reach out for assistance, to ask for help. Submissives, if you hear me and agree you may now nod your head,"

Even more submissives were nodding their heads in agreement. Leading the nods was Jennifer Sloan.

"Submissives, you may now sink into hypnosis again and enjoy the relaxing feeling of hypnosis," the hypnodomme continued. "Switches, newbies and everyone else, you may open your eyes and focus on me and listen carefully to my voice. No matter what your situation is, no matter how you enter the world of Domination and Submission, safety is a prime concern. You will treat others with respect and demand to be respected. You will be unafraid to report abuse and be able to walk away from abusive situations," the hypnodomme instructed. "Switches, newbies and every one listening now, if you hear me and agree you may nod your head if you understand."

Heads nodded throughout the seating area.

"Dominants, subs, switches and newbies, eyes open, focus on the crystal, focus on my voice," the Doctor of Domination said as she prepared to wrap up her opener. "You all have a responsibility to be respectful. Whether you are an abuser or victim, you will have the courage to reach out for help, the promoter of this event, Monique Masters has volunteered to hear all issues and offer assistance. And I will personally offer counselling for any one in need, of no charge to you."

"Everyone so deeply relaxed, so open and ready for me, listen carefully. In a moment, I will snap my fingers. As I do, you will see a QR code behind me on the big screen. Whether you are a dominant, a submissive or a switch, if you have been in a situation as a victim of abuse or abuser, you will take out your cell phone, focus the camera on the code on the screen, then click on the link provided. That link will be your place to tell your story. Whether victim or abuser, you will follow those instructions to tell your story. Nod if you understand."

Heads nodded in the crows as the crew placed the QR code on the screen. Doctor Alicia DeLaurent snapped her fingers. Cell phones were raised and pictures snapped, and typing into the document that had been set up with the QR code had begun.

"For those of you not hypnotized, please feel free to tell your story as well," the dominant added.

Alicia DeLaurent looked over, and saw Jennifer Sloan typing into her phone. She took a very deep breath and looked backstage. She saw Alana typing into her phone, and she smiled.

The crowd listened and absorbed what the hypnodomme was saying, and it quelled the fear some had regarding the abuse of slaves Doctor Alicia DeLaurent started with Master Mark on the opening night show.

"Now everyone can enjoy the show." the Doctor said as she ended her opening, as the phones were being put away after completing the form.

The hypnodomme dropped the crystal as the spotlight on the crystal faded saying, "For those of you who chose to head into hypnosis, you may choose again. You may choose to remain deep in hypnosis and count yourself deeper, or you may choose to slowly awaken. You may choose to wake, or you may choose to stay in hypnosis. It is your choice to make as the crew readies the stage for the next part of our show."

Stage crew members arrived on stage and began clearing the poles, as the hypnodomme began her walk backstage with the pairs of subs still dressed in their dance routine outfits. She guided them to the next phase of the show, and gave them instructions as to their next task.

The real reason for the Doctor to be backstage was to check on her most important subject.

"Alana, you may count deeper and listen carefully," Dr. DeLaurent instructed. "You will focus on me for the rest of the show. You will sink deeper each time I instruct someone on stage to sink deeper."

"Yes Mistress Alicia." Alana replied.

"Hello everyone! Now that we have our housekeeping out of the way, we can get to more of the fun!" the hypnodomme said as she walked back out onstage. While the submissives were readying themselves for the next part of the show, Alicia DeLaurent began interacting with the crowd, coming along to a familiar pair from the opening show- a middle aged man dressed in leather seated with a pretty young redhead.

"Welcome back, I hope you loved the parting gifts from the opening show?" Alicia asked the man.

"Yes we laugh every time we see the raincoat and umbrella," the man said.

"That's wonderful James," the Doctor said as she stepped aside to talk with the pretty redhead accompanying him.

"And you, my lovely, I do hope you are enjoying things with this dominant," Alicia asked.

"Definitely, Mistress Alicia, I really connected with your message earlier." the leather clad submissive replied. "I am treated wonderfully, and no sub should ever be taken advantage of."

"Thank you for that," Mistress Alicia replied. "But I don't think anyone heard you at the opening show, where is he loaded, here or here?"

The Doctor of Domination pointed to the front of the Master's pants, then reached around and pulled his wallet out of his pants.

The crowd loved the interaction, as the submissive looked at the Doctor, took the wallet from her hand and simply replied "Both!"

"Well aren't you the lucky girl!" the Doctor responded.

She then looked back over to the dominant and asked "Tell me, are you a fan of racing?"

"It depends what kind!" the middle aged dominant replied. "Only if I can bet on it then I like it."

"Ah well then you are in luck! Subbies, Let's get racing!" the hypnodomme replied, triggering the next event.

From backstage, the female subs were straddling what looked like small wooden horses on wheels, each clad in different colors, each being pushed along by a male submissive. The women were wearing the small helmets, goggles, and the top half of a sexily fitted jockey uniform, feet in stirrups attached to the makeshift toy horse, holding onto the reins. The men wore only a color matching jock strap and jockey boots as they pushed the females toward a horse racing starting gate. The male subs pushed their partners in a lap around the stage area so everyone could see the women on the makeshift horses, complete with tails. Green with a number one in a white circle led the parade, with a pretty blonde female sub in the 'saddle", blue number two with light blue argyle had a black haired female sub aboard followed next, then yellow jersey black number 3 ridden by a platinum blond sub followed next, with purple jersey red numeral four bringing up the rear of the parade ridden by a raven haired beauty. The girls, naked from the waist down, waved as the men slowly pushed them around the stage.

As they began the parade, the traditional horse racing music from the Kentucky Derby played in the auditorium. The crows roared at the sights and sounds, even if they were confused as to what was happening next.

The Doctor of Domination smiled as she strolled to the 'starting gate', which simply had 4 stalls numbered one through four. She instructed the males subs to take another lap as she continued her stroll backstage, where she stopped to give instruction to the deeply hypnotized Alana, and to her promoter.

"Monique," the Doctor began, "when the bell rings, you will focus on the pair wearing green. Follow the woman and her activity, feel what she feels and you are to remain silent and standing, is that understood?"

"Yes Mistress," the promoter replied, nervous and unsure as to what was about to unfold.

"Good girl Monique," the Doctor replied, turning to the seated and deeply hypnotized would-be hypnotist/opponent.

"Alana, eyes on me now my dear," the hypnodomme instructed. "When the bell rings, you must focus on the woman in purple, number four, Alana. You will follow her actions, feel what she feels and follow her actions, and you will love every second of it, do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress Alicia," the tranced woman replied.

"You must also remain perfectly silent, no noise from you, do you understand:?" the Doctor followed with.

"Very good, girls," the hypnodomme praised, as she saw them both nod their heads in unison to indicate understanding while remaining perfectly silent as ordered.

The Doctor then returned to center stage, and the music of the parade of horses stopped. The horses were lined up behind their appropriate number at the starting gate, big broad smiles adorning all the submissives' faces.

"I know horse racing is a summer sport, and it's the dead of winter here, but this is no ordinary horse race!" the hypnodomme relayed to the crowd. "Or should I say 'whore's race'?"

Some of the crowd missed the word play, those who caught it laughed hysterically.

"Who would like to help me, may I have a volunteer?" the Doctor asked, as hands rose throughout the auditorium. The Doctor laughed at the response, and took out the jade crystal on a chain and held it aloft. The crowd took the cue and went silent as the spotlight again centered on the crystal and the perfect made up face of the almond eyed hypnodomme.

"For those who have their hand raised, you can focus on the crystal and my voice. That's it, nice and focused on the crystal." the domme said as she was again standing at center stage performing a group hypnosis session.

"You may slowly, very very slowly find your raised hand returning to your sides as you listen and focus," the hypnodomme said. "That's right, ever so slowly lowering your hand, feeling yourself falling into hypnosis."

"So very focused, so very relaxed as you listen, focus, and lower your hand so you may enter trance for me," the hypnodomme continued.

"You are all doing so very well, so focused on my voice, focused on my crystal, focused on my instructions and that wonderful feeling of hypnosis," the domme continued.

"So easy to feel that relaxation take over as your hand slowly falls to your slides, the more it lowers, the more relaxed you become as you focus on the crystal and my voice," the Doctor said, as she watched hands in the audience go limp and begin falling slowly.

"There is no rush to lower your hand, no rush to enter hypnosis, let it come so naturally as you focus on my voice and the crystal, no distractions, just my voice the crystal and your hand lowering ever so slowly," the domme continued.

"As I count down, your hand lowers at my cadence," the doctor instructed. "As I count down from five, your hand will lower and your relaxation will increase, feeling so wonderful to listen and relax as you focus on my voice and the crystal."

"You are all doing so well," the domme furthered, "5, feeling the hand lowered ever so slowly, feeling that relaxation deepen."

"Four, so focused on my voice and the crystal as your hand lowers and your relaxation deepens again.."

"Three, hand lowering, relaxation going deeper and deeper..."

"Two, dong so very well, so focused, so relaxed, as your hand lowers and your relaxation level goes even deeper allowing you that wonderful feeling..."

"One, hand nearly at your side, so focused so relaxed so deep...."

"Zero, deep sleep now, deeper and deeper, deeper and deeper deep into hypnosis now..."

The audience members, by the dozen, slipped into trance at the call of the talented hypnodomme.

"For all of you who have just settled into hypnosis, you may open your eyes and raise your hand again for me," the Doctor instructed her hypnotized audience members as hands began rising up. "Everyone make sure you look at who has their hand raised, you may want that information with our next activity,"

"All my wonderful volunteers, you asked to volunteer and now you shall," the domme said with a wry smile and a laugh. "When the bell rings ro indicate the start of the race, you will all begin to pleasure yourselves, everyone nod if you understand."

Heads nodded across the auditorium. People laughed and tried to move as far away from those with hands raised as possible.

"My wonderful volunteers, you will not remove any clothes, and you may not finish until you hear the words 'and the winner is." the domme added. "When you do climax, you will do so in the confines of your own underwear. For those going commando, in your own clothes and nowhere else! Volunteers, nod your head if you understand."

Heads nodded. Awake audience members laughed.

"Volunteers, hands down now! I hope this teaches you a valuable lesson." the domme laughed. "When you are asked to volunteer, always ask the most important question- 'what am i volunteering for'?"

The audience laughed- even those sitting in front of a male 'volunteer'.

"Lady Lydia, may I indulge you for a moment at the starting gate?" the domme asked.

The very professional domme, Lady Lydia, made her way from the audience to meet the young hypnodomme at the starting gate.

"Thank you, Lady Lydia, how about a warm round of applause for the wonderful Lady?" the domme asked and the audience obliged.

"I wanted you to be the official starter for our 'Whore's Race' and also get you out of the splash zone!" the domme said, as the audience burst into laughter.

"Thank you for that, Mistress Alicia," the upstanding domme chuckled. "And thank you for this safety protocol you have begun with Miss Monique."

"Oh it is just a necessary thing, Lady Lydia, thank you," the domme said. "Before we get started, how about the rules?"

The crowd roared as the four pairs of sub remained still behind their starting gate, and the hypnotized members of the audience were ready for their volunteer duty.

"These are obviously not real horses or even toy horses," the hypnodomme explained. "Well, they are toy horses with real big girl toys.... Anyway the ladies are seated on a sybian saddle designed for them to be stimulated as they 'ride' their horse. Their male partners will have to use the controls to get their partner to climax as quickly as possible."

The crowd roared with approval at the innovative interactive game.

"But wait, there's more," the domme continued "I always wanted to say that, who doesn't love the infomercial sales on tv? After the female jockey climaxes, it is her responsibility to get her male partner to climax as quickly as possible. The team where both the female and male subs climax first is the winner! Sound like fun?"

The crowd yelled and laughed and clapped with approval.

"What do you think, Lady Lydia, will you be our official starter?" the domme asked.

"It would be my pleasure!" Lady Lydia replied.

"It will be their pleasure soon enough!" the domme said. "Volunteers, get ready! Gentlemen, into the starting gate!"

The male dommes pushed their female partners into the starting gate, and plugged in their machines. Mounted on the 'horse' under the tail was the control to the sybian set to get the women to climax.

"While we let our teams complete their preparations, everyone has had a look at our teams! Under your chairs are hand held remotes with four numbered choices, you may pick those up now," the domme said. "In a moment, you will be able to choose which team you believe will win our inaugural 'Whore's Race"!"

The Doctor introduced all four teams as they sat in the starting gate, then when finished with the intro said, "You may now choose your winner, each remote is set to allow only one selection! Choose now!"

The audience made their selections, and team number three featuring the platinum blonde and her muscular bald companion was the betting favorite.

"We will see if blondes have more fun," the domme said as she showed the percentages of audience winner choice selection on the screens above.

"Are you ready?!?" the domme asked.

That question prompted the sound crew to play the sound cut of the Indianapolis 500 announcer saying, "Gentlemen, start your engines!"

The men turned on the sybian to its lowest setting. Doctor Alicia DeLaurent handed Lady Lydia the remote to ring the starter's bell.

As the lovely Lady rang the bell, the Doctor of Domination said through the mic "And they are off!"

The men pushed the ladies out of the starting gate a few feet and began playing with the settings of the sex machines designed to stimulate their female riders. While the male subs began their work, the hypnotized audience volunteers all had hands in pants stroking themselves frantically.

The crowd loved the event, and the hypnodomme looked backstage as both Monique and Alana were laser focused on their designated female rider, both beginning to get flush from the feelings as they were mirroring the appropriate female riders.

The crowd enjoyed the spectacle as the four men adjusted the controls of the sybian to try and get their partner to climax. Every machine was turned to high, and the men were adjusting the vibrate and rotate knobs as the subs in the saddle neared climax. Team one looked like a sure thing to win part one, as the blonde was being successfully led to climax by her partner, who was pressing all the right buttons. In the backstage area, Monique and the hypnotized Alana were paying rapt attention to their female subs, and were also shaking, albeit in silence unlike the four loud, boisterous submissives who were loudly enjoying their ride in stage.

"It is neck and neck, but it looks like team 1 is dangerously close to completing the first half of the race!," the Doctor announced. "Oh my look at that! Team 4 and our raven haired beauty have just finished part 1! OH NO! She fell down on the dismount! Oh ok she's up and literally at him!"

While the beautiful submissive in purple and red was enthusiastically pumping away on her partner, teams 2, 3 and 1 in that order, completed the first half of the race as the women all reached orgasm. The platinum blonde went a different route than the other women, dropping to her knees and orally stimulating her partner, deeply taking her partner in and out while the other female subs all went for the more handy route.

The Doctor looked backstage to see both Monique and Alana having that post orgasm look about them, which made her smile.

"Look at number 3, she is quite an up and comer!" the domme announced as her enthusiastic blowjob had her partner close to finishing the race. "And on the outside we have quite the action going on!"

The platinum blonde stopped, pulled off of her partner, and proudly took his load all over her face and chest as the first team to complete the race.

"And the winner is team number three!" the Doctor announced to the crowd, as team 1, 2 and 4 continued on. "And it looks like our volunteers are winners as well!"

Upon hearing 'and the winner is' the hypnotized volunteers had their permission to finish, and it was like watching a wave in the audience as they all orgasmed in their seats. The three other teams all finished the race, much to the delight of the audience.

"What an amazing race we just witnessed! We will have a very brief intermission as we clear the stage before our finale!" the hypnodomme told the crowd as a team began clearing and cleaning the stage.

"Looks like you both enjoyed that race," the hypnodomme said as she reached the backstage area where Monique and Alana were. Both nodded as they remained silent.

"Alana, eyes on me now," the Doctor instructed, "you have more work to do my dear."

Alana looked up at her hypnotist, eye glassy and blank, face still flush.

"Alana, you will accompany me to center stage and you will answer every question I ask you honestly and truthfully without hesitation, nod if you understand," the domme asked.

Alana nodded affirmatively.

"When we get on stage you may speak, Alana, and answer my questions," the domme reaffirmed. "Monique, watch very carefully and understand why I am right about everything,"

As Monique nodded, the stage crew handed the Doctor a second microphone, as an empty mic stand was placed at center stage. The hypnodomme took both microphones and held them in her right hand as he held out her left hand

in front of Alana.

"Take my hand Alana, stay deep in trance and remember to answer quickly and honestly," the domme instructed as her new sub nodded.

Once at center stage the audience wondered what was happening next. Wth Alana in tow, the Doctor of Domination placed one of the microphones in the empty stand at center stage and placed Alane behind it, whispering for her to remain there no matter what.

"Well everyone a bit of seriousness if I may. We have had a lot of talk this week about abuse of submissives and what to do about it. There are rules set for these conventions by Miss Monique Masters, and they need to be followed for everyone's safety, especially those who serve," the Doctor said. "But unfortunately in working with some subs this week, I am now acutely aware of serious transgressions by dominants toward their subs, as well as others."

The crowd looked on and let out an uncomfortable sounding groan, they wanted more entertainment.

"Oh no, this is for your safety as well. I am a trained professional as a Doctor of psychiatry, and I assure you, this is important and you will be thoroughly entertained by what's coming next," Mistress Alicia continued. "You may be wondering why Miss Alana is at center stage. It seems our precocious young hypnodomme has overstepped her bounds."

"Miss Alana, what is rule number 1 regarding show volunteers?" Mistress Alicia asked.

"They are to be left alone unless with their dominant or the show dominant in charge, Mistress Alicia," the young rival admitted.

"Miss Alana, did you violate rule number 1?" the Doctor asked.

"Yes, Mistress Alicia," the younger domme, still hypnotized, responded.

"How did you violate that rule, Miss Alana?" the experienced hypnodomme asked.

"I hypnotized the submissives in the show tonight, Mistress Alicia," Alana admitted.

"Were their dominants present?" Alicia pressed.

"No, Mistress Alicia," the want-to-be show headliner admitted.

"Who is the show dominant in charge this week, Miss Alana?" the Doctor asked.

"You are, Mistress Alicia," Alana replied.

"Was I present for your hypnosis sessions with them?" Mistress Alicia continued.

"No, Mistress Alicia," was the reply.

"Have you violated other rules dealing with other dominant's submissives?" the Doctor asked.

"Yes, I have, Mistress Alicia," Alana replied.

"Can you give us an example, Miss Alana?" the hypnodomme asked.

"Yes, Mistress Alicia, I hypnotized your sub in training, the little bitch in blue," Alana answered.

The crowd gasped collectively.

"As we all know, submissives in training are hands off for anyone but the dominant who has designated them as their trainees. I think you would all agree these are serious and dangerous charges Miss Alana has admitted to," the Doctor said as she approached the younger hypnotist standing behind the microphone at center stage. "Miss Alana, did you have plans to interrupt my show this evening?"

"Yes, Mistress Alicia," the young woman answered.

"Did you hypnotize the show submissives on loan to me to do this?" the Doctor continued.

"Yes, I did, Mistress Alicia," Alana replied.

"And other submissives as well?" the headliner asked.

"Yes, Mistress Alicia," was the reply.

"Now you see why I have begun to crusade for protocols and enforcement to protect these vulnerable submissives, everyone. But enough of this," Alicia said as she walked to Alana at center stage.

"Miss Alana, be a dear and put these on for me," the Doctor instructed.

Alana complied, putting on the safety classes provided to her by the Doctor.

"You may be wondering why is Alana being so cooperative," the hypnodomme said with a smile. "Miss Alana here is deeply hypnotized and has been since we met at center stage at the show opener. She is truly a remarkable subject for me. But then again, I am very good at what I do."

The crowd again gasped, some applauded, others looked on silently, some even yelled out "you can't do that without consent!"

"Oh come now, friends of Miss Alana, certainly you can do better than the consent argument. Considering her serious transgressions," the Doctor began. "But just to indulge you, when you purchase a ticket to my show, you are contractually agreeing to be hypnotized and be a part of the show, and any photos or video of the event you have a right to refuse publication. It says such on the back of every physical ticket. So Alana here being nice and hypnotized for me is perfectly legal. It is called implied consent."

"But enough of the legalese we have some fun to get to!" the hypnodomme announced as she walked backstage. "Alana, were you going to use a trigger to cause an event to disrupt my show?"

"Yes, Mistress Alicia," the young woman said.

"Before we get to this, please everyone remain in your seats, I can assure you this next part is completely safe and no harm will come to anyone, all of the activity in this next part of the show will occur at center stage, so please remain seated. Miss Alana, by all means say the trigger for everyone to hear," the Doctor of Domination said from backstage with a wide smile, as she focused on her young submissive in training wearing her blue workout gear and blue makeup.

"Alana's agents, time to strike," Miss Alana said.

The eight submissives from backstage, working in groups of two, brought out 4 rectangular boxes and placed them at the base of the stairs in four of the sections in the auditorium. Others began to leave their seats and move toward the boxes. Included in this group was none other than Jennifer Sloan, the Doctor's designated submissive in training.

The male show submissive opened the boxes, and revealed paint pellet guns inside, each box contained four pellet guns, and the eight show submissives all took one pellet gun, and eight other submissives, including Jennifer Sloan, also took one of the pellet guns. The 16 submissives circled center stage, with Jennifer Sloan directly facing Alana, who was still standing behind the microphone.

One of the submissives said "ready" and all 16 took aim and fired their paint guns at the woman at center stage. Each submissive had a different color, and appropriately Jennifer Sloan had blue, and all six of her shots hit Alana in the heart and on her safety goggles. The crowd sat in stunned silence.

Once the paint shots were completed, the 8 show submissives returned backstage and the others returned to their seats. Mistress Alicia watched Jennifer Sloan as she returned to her VIP seat, blinked heavily, and woke up with a look of wonder on her face.

"This was designed to happen to me during the show tonight everyone," Alicia said as she began to walk toward center stage and Miss Alana. "But I knew things were amiss and was able to prevent this, and a potential stampede by the audience."

Alana stood at center stage, covered in paint looking like a bad Rorschach test in various colors as the Doctor of Domination approached.

"Karma is a bitch, Alana," Mistress Alicia said. "And so am I."

"Alana stay right where you are. I have one other little spectacle for you tonight. Please bring out our final special guest." the Doctor asked.

A muscular male with a black 'stage crew' shirt made his way to center stage with Master Mark on all fours attached to a leash.

"You may have been wondering where Marky Mark has been the last few days," the hypnodomme said as she took the leash from the stage crew member. "He has been under investigation with the appropriate authorities, and will submit to further questioning by authorities tomorrow.

"What I can say is that Marky Mark has been a dog, especially with his female submissives, fathering children and abandoning female submissives while pregnant. While that is not criminal, there are other things being investigated." the Doctor said as he brought the once proud dominant to heel.

Mistress Alicia turned off the microphones for a moment, as she set up the finale.

"Alana, whenever you hear me say 'sleepy submissive' you will sink deep into hypnosis for me, nod if you understand," the hypnodomme instructed, setting a safety trance trigger in the young woman for later use.

Alana nodded.

"When you hear me say the words 'backstage submissives' you will go backstage and await further instructions, nod if you understand," the Mistress asked.

Alana again nodded as the Doctor again turned on her microphone.

"Alana, please lie on the stage for me. Face down, head toward the audience please," the Doctor ordered.

Once in place, the Doctor of Domination smiled. She turned off her mic and knelt down and whispered in the ear of the submissive "I want you to always remember what happens next, and that I can do this and worse any time I choose. You will remember what happens when you awaken, you little bitch."

"Well here we have two very naughty dominants, breaking rules and potentially the law," the hypnodomme began. "I think you will like this finale! Please everyone in the audience, enjoy the rest of your New Year's Eve. When the music comes up please exit in an orderly fashion so I may conduct some post show care for all of our volunteers. And for our hypnotized volunteers in the audience, if you are not already please awaken and enjoy your night remembering having a great time as a volunteer!" the Doctor stated.

Again turning her mic off, she whispered to Marky Mark, then pointed to the prone Alana on the stage.

"Mount!" commanded the Doctor, and the fully clothed Master began humping the legs of the Mistress Alana on center stage.

"I think this is appropriate after the week these two have had, wouldn't you all agree?" the domme asked the crowd who enjoyed the spectacle.

Doctor Alicia DeLaurent let the spectacle continue for a few minutes, ensuring the large Master in dog mode was not hurting the paint covered woman.

"FInish!" the doctor finally ordered, and Marky Mark stopped, a wet spot forming in the front of his pants.

The crowd loved the control, and gave the Doctor of Domination a standing ovation for her work.

"Thank you everyone, enjoy your New Year!" the doctor said to the still applauding crowd.

She then turned, took Marky Mark's leash and said "submissives, backstage."

Both obediently followed Mistress Alicia backstage, Master Mark on a leash, Alana, humiliated, picked herself up off the floor and made her way on the chair she was sitting on earlier, Master Mark laying by her feet.

Once backstage, and after ensuring all show subs were doing well and had no issues before leaving, she then moved on to Master Mark and Alana. She called over Monique Masters.

"Well, Monique, anything to say?" the hypnodomme asked.

"You are right," was all the promoter had to say.

"Thank you Monique, I appreciate that you truly believe that," the hypnodomme said. "I am going to wake the both now,"

"Alana, eyes on me please," the Doctor began. "When you awaken, you will feel very calm and submissive whenever you are around Monique or me, nod if you understand. You will remember what happened here tonight."

Alana nodded.

"Tell me what words will send you back to hypnosis when I say them to you?" the Doctor asked.

"Sleepy submissive," Alana replied.

"Very good Alana, awake at three, you will return to your room and decide after this evening's events to just stay in your room for the night," Mistress Alicia instructed. "You will accept whatever restrictions or punishment or banishments Miss Monique Masters decides. Nod if you understand."

Alana's head moved up and down.

"One, two, three," the Doctor said as she snapped her fingers at three.

"You..... bitch...what," Alana began, not able to find the words as a sense of calm washed over her from the suggestions. "OMG..."

"Alana, cross me again and your defeat and humiliation will be far more public and far more humiliating," the Doctor said. "You are sloppy and dangerous, and look where that got you. I used your work against you tonight with no notice, and I can do this again, And yes, I am a bitch, but look who got used on stage by a master hypnotized to be a dog like his little bitch. Now get out of my sight before I decide I am not done with you yet."

Alana decided she didn't have any fight in her, submissive feelings kicking in, and left the auditorium, covered in paint, heading back to her room.

"You decide her punishment as far as shows and conventions go, Monique," the Doctor responded.

"I will do that, Mistress," the promoter replied.

"I will do something about that 'Mistress' thing tomorrow, Monique, I promise," the headliner told her promoter.

Monique nodded as the pair looked at the large man attached to a leash laying on the floor before them.

"Marky Mark, look at me," the dominant hypnotist said to the man who was in and out of hypnosis the last few days. "I am going to wake you at three. You will be escorted to your room by Miss Monque, and stay there until the authorities arrive tomorrow. You will be very honest with the authorities tomorrow, nod if you understand."

Marky Mark nodded.

"You will also always feel calm and submissive around me and Miss Monique, and will accept her decision regarding your future attendance at any of her events, nod if you understand," the Doctor instructed.

Marky Mark again nodded.

"One, two, three," the domme said, snapping her fingers at three, turning the leash over to Monique.

Alicia DeLaurent looked the former Alpha Male Master in the eyes as he looked down at her, his expression one of resignation.

"That was for my Mom, you son of a bitch," the Doctor said to the former alpha dom as she turned and attempted to walk away quickly.

As she turned she nearly knocked over her submissive in training, Jennifer Sloan.

"Are you ok Miss?" Jennifer asked as the backstage area was now cleared of everyone as Monique led Marky Mark to his hotel room.

"Yes, fine Jennifer thank you," the Doctor replied, through a wave of emotion hit her as she felt she failed the girl by allowing Alana to take advantage of her.

"OH, OMG the master that left your Mom, oh my god I am so sorry Miss," Jennifer said, believing she had put puzzle pieces together as she instinctively hugged her hypnotist, who was holding back tears.

The women shared a moment before Jennifer broke the hug and took her MIss by by hands and looked into her eyes.

"There is one thing I know for sure, Miss," the submissive Miss Sloan, in her almost trademark blue, said. "Is that I think you will find training me through hypnosis to be...compelling."


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