Compelling Again

6 Selecting Service

by hypnosissir

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Monique Masters was prompt in meeting her new Mistress at the Cafe in the hotel, and on some level she knew her obedience was from her sessions with Dr. Alicia DeLaurent. That conditioning never allowed her a thought about not obeying or attempting to break that conditioning. For all intents and purposes, the powerful BDSM show promoter was little more than a powerless slave for her NewYears Eve week headliner. Just as the Doctor of Domination had promised, to teach her a lesson.

She sat at a table far away from others as it was late for lunch but early for dinner, and somehow she knew her Mistress would prefer to be away from the crowd if there was any. Monique was neither nervous nor looking forward to seeing her new Mistress, but her conditioning had her resigned that her role was submissive and she was to obey. Looking toward the entrance, the promoter rose to greet her Mistress, who had touched up her makeup on her way down to the lobby and looked the vision of beauty as always.

“How does it feel to be powerless, Monique?” the hypnodomme asked, noticing no one was within hearing distance. “I don’t even have to hypnotize or trigger you at this point.”

“Different, Mistress,” the show promoter replied.

“Monique, you will show respect by referring to me as Doctor when in public, is that clear?” the domme instructed as she motioned to her submissive to take a seat.

“Yes, Doctor,” the submissive replied, as the server walked over to greet them.

“Just coffee, a carafe if you can do that, we are discussing business so we would prefer to be left alone, if that’s acceptable,” the hypnodomme said as she looked the pretty young woman in the eyes.

“Of course, we can do that, will you need creamers or flavored creamers? Sweeteners are on the table,” the girl asked as she looked at the dominant.

“Just cream please, thank you Anna,” the domme replied, reading the girl’s name tag.

“You got it Miss,” the girl said as she went to complete her order for the two women at her table.

“She doesn’t realize how correct that term ‘Miss’ is, does she Monique?” the Doctor said with a laugh.

“No, Doctor,” Monique replied.

“Tonight you have dinner with Mistress Alana,” the domme reminded. “You have a very important task to obey Monique.”

“Yes, Doctor,” the older, former dominant replied.

“You will record the entire dinner conversation using this recorder, Monique,” the Doctor commanded as she handed her submissive a digital recording device. “Simple to use, Monique, place it on the top of your bag, leave the bag open, press the red button to record when she arrives.”

“Yes, Doctor,” the submissive replied, realizing her role as a spy for her new Mistress, despite her inner, true self would rather not be used as a spy.

“You will also return to your room when your meeting has ended, and immediately call me so I may ask you details, do you understand?” the domme asked.

“Yes, Doctor, I understand,” Monique answered.

“Very good, Monique,” the Doctor said. “I know you won’t fail me. Because if you do, I will never let you stop being anything but a powerless submissive. That is a promise.”

Just then the server, Anna, brought the women a carafe of coffee, two cups with saucers, and creamers in a bowl filled with ice.

“Thank you, Anna,” Alicia DeLaurent told the server. “I do love your attention to detail, knowing we will be here awhile you made sure our cream would stay cold, I do appreciate that effort.”

“Thank you,” the server said, blushing at the compliment from the beautiful psychiatrist before walking away.

“As for you, Monique, as my good little spy, your goal is to gain as much information as you can about her plans and intent,” the domme instructed. “Use your role as promoter, how you do not want any surprises to escalate, whatever you need to do, get her to talk as much as possible about her intent and what her goals are, do you understand?”

“Yes, Doctor, I understand,” the once reluctant promoter responded.

“Now, Monique, just a small task to show your total obedience, and to let you understand how powerless you are,” the Doctor began. “When I snap my fingers, you will have an overwhelming urge to go to the ladies room, remove your bra and place it in your bag, then return and show me the bra in your bag. I want you to resist, Monique, because eventually, you will do exactly as I have instructed. And I will enjoy every second of watching you fight and lose to MY desires. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Doctor,” Monique said shakily, realizing she was going to feel that powerlessness very soon.

“Good girl, Monique,” the Doctor of Domination said with a wicked smile on her face. “You are becoming so very obedient. It suits you.”

Monique said nothing, just sitting and looking at her Mistress, waiting for the inevitable. That was intense for the one time domme turned promoter, the wait. The task. The understanding that she had no way to stop what she was going to do. And of course, the wicked smile of her Mistress, who she had at one time been a mentor for in the BDSM universe. Now she was the one being schooled because of her greed and reluctance to work with Doctor DeLaurent to assist submissives in need being abused by their dominants.

“Be thankful I am a benevolent Mistress, Monique, I could have you on the poles in the gentlemans’ clubs if I choose,” the domme said. “But I only need you to do the right thing. It is a shame I needed to hypnotize and condition you to get you to do that.”

“Yes, Doctor,” the submissive Monique said, staring straight ahead, awaiting her fate.


Monique heard the snap, and did her best to fight, squirming in her seat trying to ignore the compulsion that was overwhelming her very being.

“Squirming already?” the Mistress said with a laugh. “I thought you had more fight than that in you.”

“Yess, Dddocctor,” Monique added through gritted teeth as she tried to hold on from completing her task.

“That’s more like it, Monique,” the domme responded. “The harder you fight the more you will break when you give in and obey…”

“Ahhhhhhhh” the promoter said as she fought on, only to give in and stand, and pick up her purse before heading to the bathroom.

“How delicious, Monique, that’s a good girl, go obey now,” the domme teased as the promoter stood and retrieved her bag and marched to the bathroom to complete her task.

Several minutes later, Monique Masters returned, braless, placing her bag on the table, zipper open, displaying her black lace bra for her MIstress to see.

“Very good, Monique, such a good, powerless submissive for me,” the Doctor teased. “Don’t let me down with this meeting. Don’t zip your bag until you leave. Stay here, I will send the server back with the check. Pay it, leave this lovely girl a tip she will be very grateful to receive. Leave after paying the check.”

“Yes, Doctor,” Monique said, a bit humiliated from her task and the fact that her bag was wide open, her black bra visible to everyone who stood near the table.

“Good girl, Monique, we will talk later,” the Doctor told her submissive as she left the table to head back to her suite to prepare herself for a full night of show prep after dinner.

* * *

Jennifer Sloan awoke on the floor of the hotel suite, topless, half dressed in the black and blue lycra in front of the mirror covered with a blanket. Looking outside, she realized it was dark out, which continued her disorientation to figure out time and day information. Sitting up, she looked in the mirror and saw her all blue makeup smudged, her body pockmarked from laying on the carpet for who knows how long. The last thing she remembered was Doctor DeLaurent waking and trancing her while the pair toyed with her breasts. Then permission to cum. And fighting sleep to ask questions.

Standing, the pretty, half-naked girl noticed a note taped onto the mirror- the same mirror she vaguely remembers staring into as she was taken in and out of hypnosis while playing with her breasts. The college girl, blanket wrapped around her top, walked over to the mirror to peel the note off then read the contents of the flowing blue script.

As she got close to the mirror, she noticed the red lip print on her right cheek, which made her blush a deeper shade of red than the lipstick, and sent a shiver through her body as she reached with her right hand to touch it. After staring at the lipstick print for what seemed like an eternity, the girl refocused onto the note.


I hope you enjoyed our play as much as I did. You are a very good and perceptive subject.

Doctor’s orders, take a shower, put on the outfit I left in your bathroom, do your makeup, and think about whether this is something you wish to continue. I can assure you, the deeper you go, both in hypnosis and submission, the more rewarding it will become.

I will collect you for a late dinner after I complete my show prep tonight.

With Love,


The note pushed the new submissive to the edge again, her excitement and nervousness again coming to the fore. Nervous about what she may potentially become, and incredibly, overwhelmingly excited about that potential outcome at the same time. But there were two words that echoed in her mind as she began to complete the tasks outlined in the note as she headed to the shower to follow Doctor’s orders.

“With love…..”

* * *

The Doctor of Domination spent several hours that evening prepping her on-loan subs for their role in the New Year’s Eve Extravaganza hypnosis show, but part of her was distracted by the meeting her promoter was having with a potential problem Dominant in her plans to help protect submissives. Her prep for the show still went exceedingly well, as the 5 men and 5 women were hypnotized and put through deepening exercises, and show specific tasks.

The only one missing was Master Mark, who was still in his hotel room behaving, still the only one getting specific individual attention from the beautiful dominant. The Doctor of Domination had given the Master standing orders to return calls at specific times of the day, with the excuse that he was laying low while things blew over and he didn’t want to be the center of attention, so he would be back in public in a day or two and nobody should worry.

Once completed with putting her show submissives through their paces, the Doctor retreated to her suite on the top floor, where she settled in to learn more of the meeting between Monique Masters and the hypnodomme she replaced in the promoter’s roster of talent, Mistress Alana, a friend of Master Mark’s who was not pleased about the Master’s embarrassment at the opening show at the hands of who she considered to be her ‘replacement’— another point of contention.

“What did you learn, Monique,” the Doctor of Domination asked her promoter over the phone as she called when she was settled in to find out. THe pretty hypnodomme would have the promoter deliver the tape to her after probing for pertinent information with the meeting still fresh in her mind.

“Mistress, this is what I know…..” the now powerless submissive started.

* * *

The Doctor changed her clothes, opting for a form fitting dress of black with red that went to the knees, black thigh high stockings and 3 inch heels that accentuated her legs perfectly. Alicia touched up her makeup, reapplying the Rojo lipstick, and then was off to collect her newest submissive for a late dinner. She made her way to the suite of Jennifer Sloan, who was nervously pacing inside, alternately picking up the note to read again, check her phone for messages, and look in the mirror to ensure her makeup was perfect.

Hearing the knock at the door, it only meant one thing- the Doctor had come to ‘collect her’ for a late dinner, which made the girl nervous and excited all over again.

“Hello, Ma’am,” Jennifer said as she opened the door as the domme began to make her way into the suite.

“You look lovely, Jennifer,” the domme said to the girl wearing a bright blue lycra one piece workout outfit, zipped in the back, black patterns running through it as she entered the suite as the submissive closed the door. “Your makeup is flawless, and that color is perfect for you.”

“Thank you Ma’am,” Jennifer replied, feeling pleasure at the praise.

Once inside the suite, the domme opened her arms and instinctively the submissive walked in and was enveloped in a warm hug, her level of pleasure intensifying from the contact. That pleasure was kicked up further as the domme leaned in and kissed the submissive on the lips, causing the girl to start kissing back. Eventually the Doctor broke the kiss and stepped back, and took the girl’s right hand into her left hand, leading her to the mirror, turning and facing the submissive to look at their reflection as the domme placed her hands on the shoulders of the girl standing behind her peering over the girl’s left shoulder.

“Do you remember the last time you stood here looking in the mirror, Jennifer?” the domme asked.

“Parts of it, Ma’am,” the girl answered. “It’s like I remember flashes of things, Ma’am.”

“Very good, Jennifer. That’s not at all uncommon for very deeply hypnotized subjects to say, remembering things in flashes,” the Doctor ordered, as she moved her hands to gently circle the girl’s breasts. “Flashes, Jennifer. Is this part of those flashes, my pretty little submissive?”

“Yyyesss, Mmmmaaa’aaamm,” Jennifer stuttered, the stimulation, the touch, the suggestions, all coupled with the flashback put the young lady back into an aroused and submissive state.

“It appears you loved that,” the Doctor said, as she pulled her hands from the girl’s breasts. “And that you want more, is that true, my pretty little submissive?”

“Yyyessss, Mmma’aaammm,” the college girl answered, trying to be as composed as possible.

“So what do you think about submission, Jennifer?” the Doctor asked as she stood behind the girl who was still gazing at the pair’s reflection.

“It’s like something I can’t explain Ma’am,” Jennifer replied as her composure slowly returned. “I never felt anything like that before, and I want more, Ma’am.”

“I understand Jennifer,” the domme told the girl, smiling knowingly. “Do you want to explore this more, Jennifer?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” was the immediate and emphatic reply.

“I thought you might, Jennifer,” the Doctor said. “I always know.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Jennifer rescinded.

“Come, my dear,” the domme said, as if a mother to a small child or a human to a pet, holding out her hand. “Time for a late dinner, it’s time to go, little one.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Jennfer said as she eagerly placed her hand in that of her dominants as she was led to their destination.

As the pair got to the elevator, the Doctor let go of the girl’s hand and instructed the girl to press the down button. After complying, Jennifer immediately moved herself into Pose Three, hands behind her back, feet shoulder width apart, rolling her eyes up to watch the pretty neon blue numbers that had started her hypnotic journey just a short time ago.

Once the doors opened, the women entered the elevator together, and the Doctor selected the floor to get to the restaurant where they would be dining. Purposely, the domme did not give Jennifer any instructions, or make any contact, choosing instead to see how the girl reacted.

Jennifer stepped in the elevator, turned, and instinctively placed herself in Pose Three once again after she turned to face the elevator doors. Hands behind her back. Feet shoulder width apart. Her pretty, blue shadowed eyes rolled up to gaze at the neon blue numbers set in the black background, the colors nearly identical to the form fitting lycra she was wearing. Her hypnotist looked on and smiled approvingly.

“What an intuitive submissive,” the hypnodomme thought to herself as she enjoyed the display. “Instinctively anticipating how to submit further without one word of prompting.”

The Doctor looked on as the numbers began to decline from the 23rd floor, and Jennifer Sloan looked on and dropped into trance, each number deepening her trance level until reaching the final destination of the second floor. Deeply hypnotized, the glassy eyed girl waited for instructions, never wavering in her pose, her eyes still gazing at the blue neon numbers that had taken her so deep into trance.

“Jennifer,” the Doctor of Domination said as she pressed the hold button on the elevator as no one was nearby. “That was a wonderful display of submission. Tell me why you chose to put on such an amazing display.”

“I thought it would please you, Ma’am, I want to please you,” Jennifer said to the delight of the hypnotist.

“And you have, Jennifer, like a very good girl,” the Doctor said as she leaned in and kissed her cheek. “But enough hypnosis for now, awake at three. One, two, three.”

The submissive girl slowly woke to the smiling face of her hypnotist, Dr. Alicia DeLaurent, the woman she wanted to please, the woman she saw as the most beautiful female she had ever seen. She woke and realized she wanted the domme to want her, too.

“Welcome back, Jennifer, thank you for such a wonderful display,” the Doctor said to her as she held out her hand toward the younger woman. “You have a very intuitive and very sexy subconscious, and I adore that.”

“Thank you, Ma’am.” the blushing Jennifer responded as she took the hand offered, being led to the restaurant by the Doctor.

“I see you have thought about the possibilities, haven’t you,” the Doctor asked.

“Yes, Ma’am,” the college girl answered.

“And you want more,” the domme said with a smile.

“Yes, Ma’am,” the submissive replied.

“I knew from the moment I met you that you would find hypnosis compelling,” the domme stated as they arrived at the Cafe.

All eyes in the Cafe were on the pair from the moment they entered the place. Once the duo reached their table, the hypnodomme let go of the hand of the submissive, and they sat across from one another, no other diners at nearby tables.

“No more hypnosis for now, Jennifer, I want to learn more about you. You are intriguing, to say the least. And I like being intrigued,” the Doctor said. “It’s sexy.”

The server arrived to attend to the women, asking if they wanted a drink.

“Why yes, thank you,” the Doctor said, “I’ll have the Chateau Canon, and the lovely lady in blue will have the Far Niente Chardonnay.”

The attractive server took down the drink order and asked if they were ready to order.

“Yes, we are, thank you,” the Doctor again spoke up. “I will have the broiled lobster tail, steamed vegetables and my companion will have the Cobb salad.”

Jennifer turned red as her domme ordered for her again, this time the entree. Alicia enjoyed the shade of red her companion was turning.

“Something wrong, Jennifer?” the domme asked.

“I don’t drink wine, Ma’am,” the girl said, leaving the part about being ordered for unspoken.

“Well, Jennifer, you do now,” the domme informed the submissive girl. “So tell me more about you, Jennifer, your family.”

“Well Ma’am, it was just me and my mom,” the girl said.

“And your father?” the Doctor asked.

“I never knew him, Ma’am,” the girl responded.

“We are alike in some ways, Jennifer,” the domme pointed out. “I was brought up by my mother, she passed away when I was in my first year of college. And I only recently met my father. I wish I hadn’t.”

“Oh wow, Ma’am, I am so sorry,” Jennifer said. “But you did meet your father.”

“Yes, only very recently, Jennifer,” the Doctor said. “But he is not worthy f my attention. I think of him as a sperm donor and not a father.”

“I am sorry Ma’am,” Jennifer said.

“Don’t be, Jennifer,” the domme said. “You have nothing to be sorry for. My father left my mother when she was pregnant, and he did that very same thing other times with other women. Some dominant, leaving his pregnant submissive. Yes, Jennifer, my mother was in the lifestyle, at least until being pregnant with me.”

“That’s terrible, Ma’am,” the submissive replied.

“Yes, and he kept up that pattern of abuse, even as a lifestyle dominant, do you know why?” the Doctor asked.

“I’m not sure I do, Ma’am,” the girl answered.

“Nobody held him accountable. He continued that pattern because he knew nobody was going to do a thing about it,” the Doctor said. “Does that pattern of constant abuse and disappointment seem familiar to you Jennifer?”

“Yew, Ma’am,” Jennifer said as she put the pieces together. “My boyfriend and his cheating,,.”

“That’s right, Jennifer,” the Doctor said. “Exactly. Constant cheating and then right back with you as if nothing happened. I had my assistant Jillian do the research. What do you want to do about that?”

“Stay with you, Ma’am,” the submissive suggested.

“You have to go back for two reasons, Jennifer,” the domme said, leaving the smitten submissive temporarily crestfallen. “One to confront your problems, two to complete your degree.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Jennnifer said. “Whatever you decide, Ma’am.”

“Besides, you just cannot disappear,” the domme said. “That leaves too many questions. Don’t worry Jennifer, I will guide you to finish your time there. If that is what you desire.”

“Yes, Ma’am, I would like that,” the girl said as the server brought the women their drinks.

“Here’s to you becoming the you that you want to be, Jennifer Sloan,” the domme said, toasting the girl’s submissive future.

The pair settled into a comfortable dinner, where they spent time just conversing normally, where the Doctor learned all about the girl who she knew was captivated. She learned more about the young woman’s feeling of sadness and being left alone after her mother passed when the girl was 17, More about her fears of being alone which led her to a bad relationship with her cheating athlete boyfriend. But the domme also learned of the caring creative side, the girl who wanted to be a clothes designer and open a shop to cater to exacting needs in dresses for women. A creative side that planned to serve. Service was natural to some, and in Jennifer Sloan the Doctor saw all those signs.

After dinner and declining dessert, the Doctor paid the bill and stood, extending her hand to the younger submissive in blue lycra. Jennifer never hesitated and took the hand of her hypnotist, who led them out of the Cafe with every eye turned to the attractive pair. Arriving at the blue elevator to take them to the exclusive floors they stayed on, the domme let go of the hand of her submissive, who didn’t disappoint and waited in Pose Three, hands behind her back, feet shoulder width apart, eyes cast upward to see the pretty blue neon numbers indicating the floor. The Doctor of Domination smiled as the pretty girl prepared herself to sink into hypnosis again in the elevator.

Once inside the elevator doors, the girl continued, facing the door and returning to Pose Three to deepen her trance state, and again the hypnodomme stood silently by, allowing the new submissive to go with her instincts. Floor after floor, the neon numbers changed, deepening the trance, slackening her face, making her eyes more glassy and unfocused until the elevator stopped, the doors opened and the bell rang indicating they had reached their floor.

“Come, my pretty little playtoy,” the hypnodomme said, extending her hand toward the college student, who dutifully complied, where she was led to her suite and led inside.

“Take your arms out of the sleeves, Jennifer,” the Doctor instructed as she unzipped the lycra at the back.

“Yes, Ma’am,” the girl replied sleepily as she complied.

“Kneel here, Jennifer,” the domme said as she placed the girl again in front of the mirror where she had her most erotic experience every. “Look at your beautiful reflection.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” the submissive said.

“You have done a very good job hypnotizing yourself,” the domme said. “Lets’ give you a mantra to help you think even more correctly,”

“Yes Ma’am,” the kneeling and now topless girl said.

“It’s simple, Jennifer, you will repeat the lines I give you, and the more you repeat them, the more you believe them,” the hypnotist said. “Do you understand?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” was the reply.

“Repeat, Jennifer,” the domme instructed. “Submissive girls love to obey,”

The pretty coed parroted the phrase as expected, prompting the domme to add a second line to the mantra, having the girl learn and repeat the second line- “Compelled to do as the Doctor says”.

“Put them together, Jennifer,” the domme instructed.

“Submissive girls love to obey,” the girl began.

“Compelled to do as the Doctor says…”

“Very good Jennifer,” the dominant said as she picked up the girl’s phone and walked back to her. The Doctor of Domination took the girl’s hand and pressed the girl’s pointer finger to the pad at the back of the phone, unlocking it, then placed her own contact information into the phone- under the name “Doctor”.

“Jennifer, when I snap my fingers, you will begin to repeat your phrase as you kneel there. You will also play with your breasts and nipples. The more you play with your breasts, the longer you repeat your mantra, the more excited you will become. The more you repeat it, the more it will be true, become part of you, do you understand?” the domme asked.

“Yes Ma’am,” the girl answered.

“Very good. You will become more and more excited as you repeat your mantra and play with your breasts. You will fall deeper into submission as you repeat that mantra. When the alarm goes off, you may cum. After you do, you will immediately become very tired and be unable to get up. You will take this blanket, lie down where you are, and cover yourself as you fall into a deep normal sleep on the floor, do you understand?” the domme said, setting the phone alarm to allow the programmed girl to cum. “Good submissive girls sleep on the floor where they are told.”

“Yes Ma’am,” the girl answered.

“Look at me,” the domme said, as the girl looked up. Upon looking up the beautiful Doctor leaned down and passionately kissed the kneeling submissive, who began kissing back.

“Good girl,” the domme said, breaking the kiss. “You look very sexy this way, my pretty little playtoy. Enjoy yourself.”


Jennifer Sloan, hypnotized and kneeling, stared at her reflection again in the mirror and obeyed, focused intently on repeating her mantra to deepen her submission to the Doctor as she played with her own breasts.

“Submissive girls love to obey,”

“Compelled to do everything the Doctor says…”

“Submissive girls love to obey,”

“Compelled to do everything the Doctor says…”

“Good Girl.” the Doctor of Domination said as she prepared to leave her new sub, “I think you will find submission with hypnosis even more compelling...:”

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