To obtain another's power

by gamer8363

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #comic_book #dom:male #f/m #sub:female

What happens when you use someone else’s power for your own

A knock on the door woke me up from a dreamless sleep. I said as I stretch my arm, "Come in, the door's open." I turned from the computer to see Mom walking in. Her red hair was in a ponytail down to the middle of her back and her emerald eyes were filled with slight disappointment as she looked around the room. Her gym clothes hugged her aspects that people passing by gawk over.

She cleared her throat to get my attention and said, "Your sister and I are heading to the recreational center and I expect you to have this room clean, you showered, and your school work done by the time I get back home."

As if called upon, my sister came out of her room with her all ready to go, her bright neon pink hair was combed to the right in a pixie cut that reached down to her jaw, and earbuds in. She looked at me with disdain and said, "Look who's awake, the powerless nobody." Then she headed down the stairs.

Mom sighed and said, "Truly sorry for her action, even at home you get called names because of your...conditions"

I nodded and put my head down. The vast majority of people have powers given to them at birth and have a patch surgically put inside them or a band placed on their left arm, to avoid injuries caused by them unable to control them. Once their body can withstand it, the patch will dissolve and the band will snap off. My mom and I are part of the ones that don't have any, so it was a joyful surprise to our mom when my sister came out with the power of invulnerability. Since I've been bullied for being powerless and my sister just makes it worse for me by doing it at home as well, I asked the college and my mom if I could take classes at home. They gave in and told me that I'll need to get all the work done for the day, with no exceptions. I said as I woke up my PC, "It's fine, I'm used to it. Her eyes were still with embarrassment for my sister, I quickly added before turning away, "Have fun at your yoga class."

She just smiled as she nodded and closed the door. I sighed and turned on the small TV to the news to see the reporters talking about a newcomer that was rising rapidly in being a supervillain, Lady Sovereign. It showed a blurry picture of her in her midnight blue scaly suit, a matching helmet that only left the mouth free, and a blacked-out lens piece built into the left eye socket on her helmet. She made off with 4-5k and evaded the cops and superheroes.

I tuned out the other villains and heroes to work on my homework. I glanced over when they mention my sister, which she went and named herself Forge. It showed her in the ruined outfit, she was wearing her rocker outfit, black skinny jeans, a biker jacket with the sleeves torn off, and a large hole in the left side just under her breast from when a villain with fire powers shot her. Her excuse for not getting it fixed was that she didn't have any time or money to get it fixed, but I think she just likes the fact that it shows off her skin and maybe some of her breasts.

After I finished my schoolwork and was about to hop into the shower, the front room door slammed open. I peek down the stairs to see that my sister was standing there, tossing all her shit onto the couch, and removing almost all of her clothes except a torn shirt with the top of it being torn apart, leaving a good size hole in it to show her breasts off, and a pair of booty shorts. I wouldn't say that she's busty, but they are a pretty good size. She turned towards me and said with an evil smirk, "Oh god, I know you were a powerless nobody, but now I can add that you are a disgusting perv, How dare you look at your own sister's breasts. I bet that you drool while staring at Mom's breasts as well and that you jack off in the shower to both of us."

I sighed as just left her standing there, if she's here, then that means mom is not far behind her and I rather not deal with her right now. I would be questioned and she wouldn't, even though she decided to take that much off and to wear her ruined shirt, it was just underneath her workout outfit. I just hopped into the shower and turned it to cold. I wasn't saying that she was wrong about it, but not right at the same time. She did have a nice body, but her attitude to everything but herself needed fixing majorly, and there's mom, that was in another league. Even though she keeps her body covered, her outline is still noticeable. Her breast bounced with every step and even more when she stretches. I shook my head and went back to hurry up with cleaning myself off and getting rid of this boner before anyone sees it.

After my shower was done, I walk out with a towel around my waist, just to find my sister coming out of my room. I said as I walked up to her, "What's your excuse for going into my room now?"

She just laughed and waved me off with an awkward wave. In her hands was my box of batteries. She said as she left, "My friend needs these more than you. So I'm taking them off your hands. Before you try and fail to demand them back, what can a powerless nobody do to the invincible Forged? I just sighed with defeat and walked into my room. She was correct, what could a powerless person do against one with powers? I threw the towel off to the side and got some shorts on, with my sister taking my batteries, I'll have to go into my mom's room to get a couple of batteries, till I could get some more.

I opened the door to see if my sister was hanging out, no one was out in the hallway. I crept to her door and got a nauseous feeling, but I'm just getting batteries, she'll understand. I gulped down the butterflies and opened the door.

Her room looked like any other, a dresser with makeup and a mirror on it, a queen-sized bed, a nightstand, and a door leading to her closet. I hurried to her nightstand and rummaged through it looking for a couple of batteries. I didn't find any, but I did find a hidden button, curious got the best of me and I pressed it. A loud click came from the closet and a light showed from beneath the door. I slowly walked up to it, thinking I'm going to come across something terrifying. I opened the door to be greeted by Lady Sovereign. It took me a few moments to realize that it was just her costume. I picked up her helmet and looked it over, when a voice sounded from the doorway, "What the fuck do you think you're doing in here?"

I nearly dropped the helmet as I turned to see my mom standing there with an enraged look on her face. Her emerald eyes were filled with burning rage. I stumbled back and said, "I was just in here looking for batteries and heard a noise in the closet."

She pulled off her glasses and said, "After all the caution, I had to be found out by my powerless son." As she opened her eyes, my instinct was to put the door in front of me, so that it was between me and my mom. All I could hear was her muttering something along the line of asking for help, while there was a thud from the other side.

I waited for a few moments, before calling out, "Mom, are you okay?" I didn't get a response at all. I cautiously peeked around the corner at her body to see that she was kneeling right where she was standing. My gut was telling me not to look at her face. I sat down and stared up at the ceiling while pondering what to do. She sitting there and for some fucking reason, I'm too scared to look, so I did the next best thing, I sat up and said, "Mom, are you still there?"

Her voice lost the anger and hatred that filled it, leaving just a drone version of her, "Yes, I'm still here."

I was confused about what to do next, she was there and isn't yelling, but my instinct was telling me not to look at her. I gulped my worry and fear down and said, "Could you please move closer to the closet door?" I didn't get a reply, just the sound of fabric rubbing against the carpet. After the sound stopped I looked on the other side of the door to see my mom almost nose pressed into the door. She had a few tears streaking down her face. I kneeled next to her and waved my hand in front of her. She didn't react at all. I slowly picked up her arm and dropped it, her body shook softly from the dropping of her arms, but there wasn't any other movement. I heard rumors that mind powers were floating around, but I didn't believe them until now. I said as I backed up, "Mom, You will obey any command given to you, correct?" She just nodded, so I added, "Fall asleep right where you are, but stay the same as you are right now."

Her head fell back and took the rest of her body with her and fell on her back. I listened for any sound that would mean that my sister heard her, I let go of the breath that I was holding. I walked up to her. I grabbed her arms and gently dragged her towards the bed to sit her upright against it.

Once I was done with that, I stretched out my back from being hunched over and noticed that her pants were hanging down around her ankles, I was about to pull them back up, but I stopped when I focused on her pussy, it was completely shaved and was wet. Was she getting off on being controlled, or was it because I'm her son? I said as I started to take off her shirt, "Mom, I want you to answer me truthfully. Are you Lady Sovereign?" I knew it was a bit obvious, but wanted to make sure.

She replied, "Yes."

"what is your power?"

"mind control and hypnosis."

"How do you have powers?"

Their reading didn't show that I had one, so I was thrown into the powerless section."

Have you used your powers on me and my sister, and does she know that you're a supervillain?"

Yes, I've controlled you dozens of times and your sister only once. She doesn't know that I'm Lady Sovereign."

This was almost too good to be true. She could be leading to a false sense of security or a joke, I took a step back and said, "Get fully undressed." She stood up fluidly, kicked off her shorts and her underwear, and, with a slow but sexy showing, removed the rest of her clothes. I was stunned by her body, her lush and full breast, the body wasn't Amazon built but wasn't chubby, and she had a semi-bubble ass. I decided to take the plunge and said, "Mom, bend over the side of the bed, I'm going to fuck you, possibly till you can't walk."

She turned around and I got a good look at her ass. I could feel the ripples as I slapped it, that just made me hard to the point of bursting. It was bad enough for her to be gorgeous, but the fact that my mom is the villain that the media going on about, and she's under my control made me extra hard. I quickly tore off my pants and dived into her pussy, she let out a loud gasp from me entering and started to moan like crazy when I started fucking her like an animal. I could see that her fingers were digging into the comforter, I just smiled and said, "You are getting hornier and hornier with each pump from me." Her moans grew in volume and turned into screams. I didn't care if my sister heard us, mom was way too good.

When I couldn't take it anymore, I clamped onto her waist and bottomed into her. I let out a sigh and listened to her panting like a dog. That was when I heard my sister's door open and slam against the wall. I threw my pants on and hissed, "Quick, grab your clothes and get in the closet." She didn't say anything, just stood up and unsteadily walked into the closet with the clothes that she was wearing before she caught me in here."

Just as the door was closing behind her, My sister barged in and said, "Oh look, the worthless nobody is snooping through mom's stuff, probably getting off to her undergarments. Just wait till Mom finds out, it will be amazing to watch her chew you out for invading her privacy."

I looked her dead in the eyes and said, "I wasn't doing any of that, just was in here looking for some spare batteries, since you had to take my box of them for your power-hungry vibrator since everyone's afraid to date you." I know that was harsh of me, but I was at my limit with both of them.

Her smug look vanished as she tried to think of a comeback with her mouth opening and closing on a loose hinge. She snapped her jaw shut and said as she stormed out, "Whatever, you waste of space."

Once the door closed, I let out the breath that I was holding and headed back to the closet. Once I opened it, I grew hard immediately. My mom did get in the closet, but she was just standing in the doorway, with her ass showing. I groped it as I threw her clothes into the back of the closet. I grinned as I grabbed the mask and was about to put it back in its little hiding spot, but a wonderful idea popped into my head. I reached forwards and said while kneading her breasts with one hand and holding the helmet with the other, "Mom, why don't we continue from where we left off, but this time will be in my room and you're going to be wearing your villain costume." After her not moving an inch, I sighed and added, "Mom, get dressed in your villain costume and head to my room." She took the helmet out of my hands and placed it on her head. I left to make sure that my sister wasn't standing around, I didn't want them to get in a one-sided fight at the moment.

I was glad that there was no one in the hallway or my room when I got there, I dropped into the seat and sighed, what started as an average day seems to turn into a wet dream for any male. I took my shirt off and I had both my pant and underwear down to my knees when a knock. I was about to answer it the way I was, but I decided not to since there was a possibility that it was my sister, instead of my mom.

Even though it would've been funny to see her face, I was reluctant to deal with her and at least pulled them up. It turned out that my mom in her villain costume was at the door, she strolled past me and stood in the middle of the room without saying anything. I quickly closed the door and said, "Did your daughter see you in your costume?"

She shook her head no and said, "No, she was probably in her room." I couldn't see her face that well, but the one visible eye still told me that she was under her powers.

I shook my head and looked away even if it wasn't on, but I didn't want to take a chance and sat on my bed while commanding, "Mom when I snapped my fingers, you will take on your villain persona only, and obey my commands like it's against your will." I didn't wait for confirmation and snapped my fingers.

She shook her head and said while looking like she was trying to clear her head, "What the fuck happened." That's when she looked up and saw me. "Run away in terror, or I'll destroy your body."

I didn't let her continue with threats and said, "No, you're not going to be my pet. You are going to get down on your knees and suck me off."

She laughed and said without noticing her body dropping to her knees, "You are arrogant. You are one of the powerless people since nothing is happening." Her eye widen when she saw her hands reaching for my underwear. "No, that's not possible. Stop this now, or I'll kill you, and wipe that grin off of your face."

I couldn't help but laugh at her expense, as I enjoyed the sight of her slowly pulling my underwear down. My cock sprang free and bounced next to her lips. She tried to say something, but her mouth impaled itself down to the hilt. I casually grabbed the back of her helmet and listened to her curse around my cock in her mouth. I looked down at her and added, "Pick up the pace already, I'm falling asleep." Her eye glared daggers at me, but she did go faster. Her curses were vibrating my cock, nearly making me cum right on the spot, but I worked on holding it back.

I was on the verge, so I commanded, "Take your mouth off of me, and keep stroking till I cum on your mask."

She pulled her mouth off of me and said with the venom of a lamia, "Once I get free, I'll make sure that you won't get hard ever again." My cum splashed across her mask, painting the midnight blue scales white. Her arm dropped, but she still couldn't move, then she added, "There, now let me go, you fucking powerless nobody."

I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was. Mom never said that about anyone I stood up and said, "Just for that, I want you to get on the bed with your legs wide open and pants off." She made a noise that sounded like squawking but didn't say anything while getting ready. I just watched her take her skin-tight pants off and tossed them by the door.

Once she was done, she said in a pleading tone, "Please, just let me go. I'm sorry for calling you a powerless nobody." I didn't say anything, instead, I just walked up to her with my cock still hard from her blowjob. Her eyes were drawn to it and she tried to apologize again, but I slammed my cock into her pussy. Her pleads turned to howls of pleasure with her body twitching from the sudden pleasure. I sunk my fingers into her pale skin and fucked her like crazy.

I was about to cum in her when the door opened and my sister said, "Hey, have you heard from Mom, she's" Her eyes just stared at us, while I was like a deer in headlights.

It was a few awkward minutes until I got my senses back and was about to say something, but Mom had to get impatient and grind against my pelvis. All that came out was a groan of pleasure, and that's when she noticed her daughter standing her and screamed, "Why the fuck is there a hero here?!"

That snapped us both out and my sister ran while I tried to explain, but all that came out of my mouth was, "Make sure she doesn't get out of the house and get her under control." Mom ran out of the bedroom and took off after my sister. There was a series of crashes, screams, and banging from the hallway. I grabbed my pants to put them back on, but I just threw them away and ran off after them.

The front room was a broken mess with the furniture either torn or flipped over. I had to duck as the home phone shattered against the wall. I turned the corner to see my sister pinning down our mom where the table usually was. I was about to try to save her, but I just said, "Use your powers?"

Right before my sister could yell at me, Mom grabbed her head in a vice grip and I could see the light bouncing off surfaces. My sister looked like she was getting weaker while saying, " me?"

I walked up to them, being careful not to look at Mom's eyes, but the reflection was making me weak in the knees. I added while putting an arm on her shoulders, "Sleep." It was like a bolt of energy as the two fell asleep and I was released from the power being ricocheted off her eyes and the walls. I gently pushed my sister on her legs, so that she was kneeling back with her head rolling back.

I quickly shooked my head and said, "My asshole of a sister, you're going to answer all my questions truthfully and without any hesitation." I waited a moment and said, "Why do you wear the ruined outfit of yours?

Her voice was plain and didn't have her usual cockiness, "I like being looked at by people, it makes me aroused." I thought about it and she probably made sure that it showed the right spots off. I was about to order her to pull her torn shirt off, but I decided against it and slowly removed it myself. The sweat coming off of her was making the shirt slick, but it finally came off to show her flawless skin.

I figured to use their alter names so that if someone heard me, they wouldn't think twice about what was going on in her, so I turned my head away to help with the smell and said as an evil thought entered my head, "Forge, when I wake you up, you're not going to notice anything and going to go shower with the door wide open, but you're going to feel pain as the shower tears away your resistance and your former self. When I say sleep, you'll fall back into this trance. Do you understand?" She didn't say anything and just nodded. I woke her up and she just stumbled at first but was fine afterward as she headed to the bathroom on the second floor. Then I turned to Mom and said, "get up and follow me on your hands and knees."

She replied with an emotionless, "Yes master." She flipped over and started crawling after me with her swaying a bit and nearly toppled over. I reached down and unclasped her helmet and took it off her head. Her hair fell with some covering her face, but she didn't bother clearing it out of her way.

By the time we got to the bathroom, I could hear the water running and her muffled screams of her mental state being torn in pain. I felt some guilt for torturing her like this, but she needed a clean slate. My cock was painfully erect from the idea that she might turn into a puppet. I looked at my mom and said, "Prop up yourself with the sink with your legs wide open."

She just kept crawling, bumping her head onto the door, while making it swing more open. I was expecting my sister to snap out of the trance, but all she said through gritted teeth was, "I am in the shower." I was just staring at her outline while just wanting to pull her out and go down on her while her mind drains away.

I shook my head to see my mom completely naked and waiting for me. I decided to not make her wait any longer and jammed my cock into her pussy. She let out a loud moan and fell forward with her breast falling into the sink. I gripped her head and commanded, "Go on and hypnotize yourself until you are nothing but a plaything for me." I pushed her face closer, to the mirror to block the view, as I fucked her.

I had to pin her against the sink so that she didn't fall to the floor with her body going completely limp. I said as I dug my fingers into her breast, "Pull yourself up, and keep your eyes on the mirror." Her motion was jerky as she tried to get her arms up to support her body. I couldn't take it anymore and plunged deep inside of her while letting out a groan as I shot ropes of cum into her.

After I was down, I whispered into her ear while wrapping my arms underneath her breasts, "That's a good girl, now it's time to turn off your power and completely relax." Her head slumped into the sink and would have fallen to the ground, if I didn't support her by her breasts, I tangled my fingers in her hair and yanked up her head to see that her eyes were rolled into the back of her head and didn't have the same color. They were now a pale steel color with a small hint of a kaleidoscope of colors through them. I dropped her head back sink and turned toward the shower to barely see my sister in the shower. I gently pulled back the curtain and saw that my sister was slouched over with her hair dangling over her eyes. I added, "Forge, I want you to stand at attention and tell me that you're a blank slate."

She stood up, her defiant eyes had lost some of their luster, and said in a robotic tone, "I'm a blank slate."

My cock stiffened as I drank her naked body in. The water ran down her tone torsos and muscles. I stepped into the shower and ran my hands across her breasts. They were significantly smaller than mom's but they fit her hard shell of a tomboy personality well. I grabbed her mouth and did a quick peck on her lips, I said as I twisted her nipples, "You are now my bodyguard and sex toy. You won't bully me anymore and your regular personality will return when we're in public or have company over, but for the rest of the time, you will only think of having sex with me and making sure my needs are met. When I call, you will drop everything and come rushing home, and you will call me master. Do I make myself clear, bitch?"

She nodded and said, "Yes, Master."

When I let go of her nipples, they were poking out with arousal. Then I pressed her back into the wall and drove my cock into her pussy. I nearly came from how tight she was and said while thrusting into her, "How many people did you pleasure with your pussy, slut?"

Her voice was an octave high as she said, "Only two. Master, both were my boyfriends." Her pussy squeezes my cock, even though I barely put it in there.

I laughed and said, "You are a slut, I'm guessing you sucked a lot of cocks to get free shit, but that's going to today. Only my cock will be the one for you and no one else's, got that?"

She shook as her pussy clamped down and said, "Yes Master, every hole of mine is only yours."

I was hardly surprised that she came from being called a slut, I said as I thrust into her harder, "Your entirety is mine, your body, mind, and soul is mine. When I'm done with you, get dressed and get your costume fixed, so no skin will show." She just nodded to avoid biting her tongue. It didn't take me long to be shooting ropes of cum into her pussy. She slid off of me and unsteadily left the bathroom, leaving a trail of cum and me in the shower.

I hopped out of the shower and turn to Mom. She was now on the floor and wasn't moving at all, except for her chest rising and falling with each breath and her eyes slowly blinking. I bent down and smacked her cheeks like I was trying to wake her up. It started slamming down on me like tons of bricks, what have I done? I said as I sat down on the closed toilet, "Sovereign, stand up and face me." Her movement was unhumanly fluid as if all that was left behind was a puppet version of my mom. Her hair was swept back and flowed down her back. I leaned forward and gently pushed her, she rocked a bit but stayed upright. I swallowed and said, "Kneel in front of me. Tell me how are you feeling and what you are."

She moved with that inhuman fluidity and fell to her knees. My cock twitched due to her breasts bouncing from the drop to her knees. Then she said in a sexy and submissive monotone, "I feel wonderful, Master, and I'm your slave. My entire existence belongs to you." She shuffled forward and added as she started to stroke my cock, "What do you wish me to do till Forge gets back, Master?"

My breath was caught in my throat as I let out a groan of pleasure. I asked between groans and pants, "How many people took advantage of you, while you were under?"

She took a slow lick up my cock, which made me shudder, and said, "A few dozen, most of them were when I was just starting. The father of you and your sister was one of them, and that was before I put in a failsafe in the helmet to keep it from being removed by force."

I didn't care about my father, since he probably didn't even know about us, then I let my lust for her and power win and said as I leaned back against the cold porcelain, "Suck my cock, and from now on, you will ignore any command that doesn't come from me or anyone without my permission. Where do you keep the money and how much do you have in it?"

She said right before engulfing my cock, "I have it in a secure bank vault and there's about 75k - 100k in it."

I nodded and placed my hand on her head while saying, "You are going to head to work tomorrow and make it so that you can work from home and get a massive pay raise, then we're going to buy you a collar and leash. From now on, you will be my pet." I moved my hand with her head as it bobbed on my cock. I'm the man of the house, so I should have control of it, shouldn't I?

She didn't release my cock and just nodded, with the precision of a seasonal porn star, she had me cumming within minutes. After the last rope, she leaned back on her legs and showed signs of swallowing. Even though it was hot, I sighed at the fact that I'm going to have to rewrite her completely and get rid of a lot of commands that bystanders implanted in her. I pulled up my pants and said while using the door for leverage, "I want you to move all accounts with their cards and bills into my name. You are my mom bitch, dogs don't have any ownership, do they?" She just shook her head and didn't say anything. I added as I left the bathroom, "When I snap my finger, you'll wake up in your new life and I want you to get this place cleaned up and to make dinner. Send Forge to my room for costume inspection, when she gets back. Got it?"

She stood up and at attention before saying, "Yes Mater, I understand" I snapped my fingers and her body shuddered before she opened her eyes and said, "There's my handsome Master. Why don't you relax while I do all the work, you won't have to lift a finger for any chores for the rest of your life." Just left her there to pick up the clothes and turn off the shower.

It was a few hours before my sister got home and in her suit. She ditched the torn jacket for one with sleeves and underneath it was a skin suit with modifications to the breasts and pussy areas, they know had a line to them which was hiding a zipper. I wanted to scold her for that, but I was going to get it done for easy access to the two areas. I had her get under the desk and suck me off while playing my games.

I was almost done with the game when I heard our mom call us down for dinner. I wheeled back to let my sister out from under there and down the stair, and I grinned with malice as I thought about how our lives are going to be better from now on.


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