Accidental Hypnosis turned good

by gamer8363

Tags: #cw:incest #dom:male #f/f #f/m #hypnosis #multiple_partners #sub:female #mother

Eric’s life was a slight hell, with his mom ruling over his life, but one day, it all changed.

Eric was about to head out the door, but his mother grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and said as she pulled him back into the house, “No, you’re not getting out that easily.” She had a stern look on her face. She was in a black dress, that was a bit too big for her, covering her slightly chubby body, and her reddish-brunette hair done up in a bun. She added as she looked at his clothes,  “Plus, quickly change your clothes into something better, we'll be leaving in a few short minutes.”

Eric sighed and headed up the stairs. He knew that it would be pointless to try and argue with his mother since she would just be angrier and he would still do what she told him to do. He threw the shirt that he had on and pulled out his button-up one. As he was leaving his bedroom,  he quickly cleaned up his hair and placed a bit of cologne on, since he didn’t have time to shower. He walked down the stairs and said as  he saw his mother tapping her foot impatiently, “Can you at least tell me where we’re going.”

She shook her head and said as she grabbed her keys and threw open the door, “You’ll know when we get there.” She briskly walked to her car.

Eric muttered to himself as he walked out the door and closed it behind him, “I hate when you do that. Why can’t I just stay home?”

His mother turned around and said in a stern voice, “What was that?”

Eric flinched and said, “Nothing, just saying I can’t wait, for whatever it is.” His mom glared for a bit, then got into the car. He sighed with relief and got in the car.

He stared out of the window at the lights passing them by. He just got back from a boring family party. He spotted something that made him look back, it was a sign for a hypnotist. He turned to his mother and said, “Could we go see a hypnotist. It seems interesting.”

His mother looked back in the rearview mirror and said, “I guess it’s alright, seems like it’s a cheap place.” She pulled into a parking lot and flipped around to head back to the hypnotist.

The building looked a bit worse for the wear, the paint was peeling in patches, the sign above it looked like it was about to fall off. As he was looking around, he heard a small cough, which made him look in the direction it came from. Standing at the window, like the one you see at old theaters, was a young lady. She looked like his mom from her old pictures, but with blonde hair, instead of reddish brunette, placed in a ponytail over her left shoulder. She smiled and said, “Hello, is it just you two, or are you wait for others?”

Mom walked and started talking to the girl, but he was busy looking at the building and wondering why it was taking place here, then he came back to his senses after his mom called me to get his attention. He looked over to see her holding the door open. He said as he hurried over there, “Sorry, I was wondering why the building was like this.”

Mom just said as she grabbed a menu, “Don’t know, but the inside is fine.” He looked around to see that she was correct, the inside wasn’t torn like the outside. They entered the main area and saw that the place was almost packed, so they had to sit in the back. When a waitress came over to get our drinks, mom ordered two glasses of water, then he excused himself and headed to the bathroom. 

Once Eric got there, He couldn’t get the question about why the building looks like that but decided to put the reason for money to fix it up, it won’t help to wonder about it too much. When he got back, the first thing he saw was mom yelling at one of the waitresses. When he got there, he said as the waitress ran off, “Mom, what was that about?”

She sighed and said, “That dumb waitress messed up our order and got me a light beer. I bought it already, but I told her I won’t tip her for it.” Eric nodded, sat down, and sipped at his water as the lights dimmed.

He looked up at the stage and saw a guy walk upon the stage. The hypnotist introduced himself, but Eric didn’t catch his name. When he asked for volunteers, he was half hoping that mom would, but she didn’t. He watched the hypnotist as he was taking the volunteers into a trance. After he was done with putting them into a trance. Eric heard a soft snore coming from his left. He looked over and almost jumped out of his skin in surprise. His mother had her head on the table, fast asleep. He moved her drink to the side and helped her sit up. He didn’t know what to do. She might be hypnotized and probably as deep as the volunteer, or more. If she’s hypnotized, then he could get his revenge, but if she somehow found out, it would be terrible for him. 

He was watching his mom for a few minutes while keeping his ears open for the trigger. The audience laughing made him look away from his mother. On the stage, the volunteers were doing their routine, he couldn’t tell what was going since he wasn’t paying attention. He decided that he should leave to make sure nothing embarrassing happens to her. He placed her arm over his neck to help her up and was about to head to the car, when a waitress came by and said, “Excuse me, sir, but what’s going on?”

His mind went blank for a sec, then he remembered the drink and said, “I guess she’s a lightweight when it's to alcohol. I’m going to take her home to sleep it off.” 

The waitress nodded, then went to tell another one something, then she came back and said, “Here, I’ll get her other arm and help you get her to the car.” He nodded in thanks and grabbed her purse while leaving a tip for the trouble. 

Once they got to the car, He put his mom on the waitress to open the passenger door and accepted her to get her in the car. He secretly admitted that his mom was beautiful when she was sleeping and wasn’t yelling at him. Once he got her situated and her seatbelt on. He said goodbye to the waitress and got into the car. Once he was sure that the waitress was gone, he said as he got his seatbelt on, “Mom, can you hear me?”

She nodded and said, “Yes, I can hear you.” He sighed with relief and started digging around for the keys. It would be much easier to finish up with his mom in a secluded spot. He found the keys and placed the purse in the back seat, then he drove away from the building.

As Eric drove, he couldn't get the ideas out of his head. His mom was in the passenger seat, completely hypnotized, who knows when a chance like this will show up again. When he looked back at the road, he got an idea that might work and said as he turns on a dirt road, “with each bump, you will drop deeper into the trance and feel more relaxed. If you understand, say yes, son.”

She said as she shifted a bit, “yes son.”

He grinned and slowly went over the bumps so that she doesn't hurt herself. He watched her slowly lower her body to the ground and by the time they got off the dirt road, she almost looked like she melted onto the dashboard. He pushed his mom back into the seat and headed home.

When he got home, his mom was still out. He turned off the car and said, “Mom, I’m going to wake you up and you won’t get mad that I drove you home. When I, and only me, say sleepy, you will go back into trance and fall deeper. 1, 2, and 3, wide awake.”

His mom groaned and looked around to see and said as she fixed her clothes, “Why are we at home, what time is it?”

He looked down at his watch and said as he took off his seatbelt, “It’s almost 10 pm. Don’t you remember, we were watching the hypnotist and you were growing tired so you asked me to drive you home.” She looked at him with confusion and just headed into the house without a word. 

He walked into the house to see his mom throwing her stuff onto the couch and sitting down to take off her high heels. He said as he sat down next to his mom, “That drive took a lot out of me, I’m getting a little sleepy.” His mom dropped her heel and fell forward so that her head was resting on her legs.  He added as he lifted her upper body, “That’s it, go deeper into the trance and your will sinking into the abyss. Can you still hear me?”

She nodded softly and said, “Yes, I can still hear you.”

He smiled to himself and said as he started to lower her onto the couch, “Good, I’m going to lay you down and you are so relaxed, that nothing will bother you. You’ll be loose and limp like a ragdoll.” He picked up her arm and softly shook it back and forth. The wrist flopped about and swung when he dropped it. He struggled to slowly lift her back up so that he could get the dress off of her. He breathed with relief when he finally zipped it down to her mid-back. He slipped her arms out of it and slowly peeled it off her front. That’s when he finally saw why she wears baggy clothes. Her breasts had to be around D-E cups. He didn’t want to take a chance of her snapping out of it while he was taking off her black lace bra and went back to taking off the dress. He saw that she had panties to match her bra. He threw her dress on the other couch and started to admire his mother’s almost naked body. His penis started to strain against the fabric of his underwear and pants. He hurried to take them off while keeping an eye on his mother in case she starts to move Once he got his clothes off, his penis sprang up to full mast. He decided to take the chance, he walked up to her and started to take off her panties. He was glad that it didn’t wake her up. He spread her legs to see her pussy, aligned his penis with it, and thrust into it. He wanted to scream out in pleasure but bit his tongue. 

As he was thrusting in her repeatedly, he failed to notice that she was opening her eyes until she screamed and flailed to get away from him. He got caught in the nose with her foot and fell over the armrest of the couch. He was in a daze while his mom screamed at him, “What the hell are you doing, what did you do to me. You should be ashamed of yourself. Go pack a bag of the things that you want. You are out of the door to find a place to live in an hour. Where’s my dress?”

He scrambled to his feet and said in a panic, “Sleepy.” His mom fell onto the chair, then on the floor. He rubbed his nose and was glad that it wasn’t bleeding. He added, “When you wake up, I’ll be your master, and you’ll be my slave. Keep repeating the mantra, Eric is my master and I’m his slave until I tell you to stop. Every time you say the mantra, you will believe it and it becomes true more and more.

He headed to the bathroom while hearing his mother repeat the mantra, “Eric is my master and I’m his slave.” He went to the kitchen and grabbed a soda out of the bottom of the fridge.

When he got back to the front room, his mom was kneeling. He was a bit confused but didn’t question it. He said, “Stop, I’m going to bring you out of trance, 1, 2, and 3, wide awake.”

He held his breath when his mom opened her eyes. She said, “Master, what would you like me to do?”

He let out his breath and said as he sat down on the couch, “I want you to take off your bra and kneel in front of me. She reached behind her and unclasped her bra. He almost came, once the bra fell. Her breasts were sticking out. Once she was kneeling in front of him, he reached down between her legs and rubbed her pussy to find it to be wet. He laughed and added with a smile, “I wouldn’t have guessed this is how you get turned on. Then again, I’m getting turned on by you being my slave. Okay, Slave, I want you to give me a blow job.”

She scooted up a bit closer and slowly wrapped her long, slender fingers around his throbbing penis. He inhaled sharply at the touch, then he groaned when she placed her luscious lip on it. He massaged his fingers into her hair and felt it unravel and cascade down her back. He was getting pushed on the edge and said as he grabbed her head more firmly, “stop and go loose, but keep kneeling in front of me.” Once he felt that there was no resistance, he started to roughly thrust into her mouth, her hands slipping off his legs and falling to her side, to push himself over the edge. He yanked on her head till he was fully in her mouth and came. He sighed as he shot ropes of cum down her throat and filled her mouth up. He let go to see her lean back on her knees and her head looking up with his cum dripping down the sides of her mouth. He said as he closed her mouth, I want you to swallow and enjoy the taste of it.”

She was a bit hesitant to swallow, but she did and said, “I’m sorry, Master, but I can’t enjoy it.” He nodded and went into the kitchen to get a glass of water for his mother. Although he was going to get revenge on her, it was going to start tomorrow. He looked at her closely, now that he wasn't lusting over her like a maniac. Her hair was now cascading down her back and was a bit wild from him gripping her head, mascara was running down her cheeks. He placed the glass of water next to her and said, “Do you think you can hypnotize someone?”

She took a sip of the water and said, “I already have, Master, me and my sister were messing around and I accidentally hypnotized her.”

His eyes widened, out of all the genes that they got, his aunt got the best ones out of both of them. He said as he was coming up with a plan, “Do you remember the word?” She didn't say anything but nodded. He added as he took the drink back into the kitchen, “Go ahead and get some sleep, tomorrow, we're going to visit your sister.”

She rose and said, “Yes, Master, I will get ready for bed.” He watched her ass sway as she walked up the stairs. If this works out, he could get two hot slaves for the price of one, a model-looking one and a mother figure, and he didn't have to lift a finger. He walked up the stairs and passed his mom's room, she was drying off her face, meaning that she just washed her makeup off, and wasn't bothering to put on clothes. He smiled and enter his room, he was glad that stopped for the hypnotist. After getting undress, he got in bed and passed out as his head hit the pillow.

The next morning, he woke up to the smell of breakfast being made. He walked downstairs to see his mom having her headphones in and humming to the song as she cooked. He hasn't seen her this happy in a long time. He walked up behind her to see that she was making an omelet. She pulled an earbud out and said, “Good morning, M..Eric, how did you sleep?”

He said as he walked to the table, “It was alright, so when do we leave?”

She was quiet as she finished and said as she brought him breakfast, “About that, we aren't going to see her. We haven't been in contact for two years, plus I don't think she'll want anything to do with you after that ‘accident’ last time.” 

He sighed, they won't forget that he walked into the bathroom while his aunt was drying off. He watched his mom sit down across for him and said, “You look a bit sleepy.” Her head dropped onto the table, and she was starting to slide to the floor, but he caught her and added, “That's it, every time I put you into a trance, you will fall under my control and your resistance will degrade every time. As I eat my breakfast, I want you to give me a blowjob.” She dropped to her knees under the table and went to work. It made breakfast fun and he couldn't get the idea of both of them waiting on hand and foot on him. As he was finishing his breakfast, his mom finished him off. He groaned and said as he looked down at his mom, “Go make the call to your sister, and tell her that we want to spend some time with her, and I'll go get ready and warm up the car.” 

He left as his mom was scrambling for her phone. He got dressed in his street clothes, which consists of ragged blue jeans and a metal rock band shirt. When he walked downstairs, his mom was standing there,  waiting for an order, then he remembered that she's still in her trance. He said while walking to the door, “follow me to the car and get in the passenger seat.” She nodded and followed him out to the car. Once they were in, he said with a snap of his finger, “awake.” She looked around and was about to say something, but Eric beat her with,  “Sleepy.” Her head smacked the dashboard. He added as he placed her against the chair and put her seat belt on, “that's it, deeper and deeper you go, the more and more mindless and less resistant you become. As we head there,  you will become more unable to think for yourself. When you are at work, you will just do what you need to do and nothing more, you won't go anywhere besides home and work. Nod if you understand.” She gave a nod and Eric smiled as he put on some music.

When they arrived at the house, he looked over and said as he was ready in case it didn't work, “Awake.”

His mom opened her eyes and said as she rubbed her eyes and pushed her hair out of her face, “must've fallen asleep, when do you want to go in?”

He sighed and said as he unbuckled, “Come on and remember, once we're alone, put her under.” She nodded and followed him to the door and rang the doorbell.

 The door opened to find that his aunt was standing there in her light blue dress. Her skin was tan from having sunbathed, her dark brown hair was in a braid and her deep blue eyes had a piercing stare to them. She folded her arms and said, “So you did come and here I thought you were going to flake out at the last minute. I'm going to take a guess and say that what your mom said was true, about you wanting to say you're sorry and be on a friendlier term?”

Before he could say anything, his mom walked up to her and said, “Sissy Bitch.”

He and his aunt were stunned before she started to fall back into her house. He snapped out of it and grabbed her wrist and waist, then he said through clenched teeth, “Don't just stand there, help me get her on the couch.” His mom walked behind her and grabbed her under her armpits then started to drag his aunt into the house. He closed the door and locked it. When he turned around, a weird sight unfolded behind him. His mom had her sister crossed her lap and was fingering her while whispering in her ear. He walked over and slapped his mom across the face, then he yelled at her, “What was that about? You could’ve gotten us in trouble. And are you serious, Sissy Bitch?” His hand stung from the slap but didn't care at the moment.

His mom turned to him and said without showing any sign of pain, “No one was around and you said to put her under when we're alone.” His jaw opened and closed as he was trying to find the right words, he did say that and her logic was risky, but sound. He sighed, even though he was in control, he couldn't win a fight with her. Then his mom added, “she's ready for you.”

He sighed and said as he pulled her off his mom's fingers, “Aunt Em, can you hear me?

She gasped and squirmed before saying, “I can hear you.” 

Even when she's under, she still had her annoying self-centered personality. That's when he decided that he was going to do something about it. He said as he looked around the house, “When mom or I say sleepy, you will fall deeper into the trance and less resistant, and when I say awake, you will come out of the trance. Do you understand?” 

He heard both his mom and aunt say in unison, “I understand.”

He sighed as he rubbed his eyes and said, “okay, Em, I want you to go pack a bag for clothes and get into something more casual, then come out here for me to examine you. Mom, I want you to find her house keys and pack up what she needs for work and hobby, then bring them out here.” He sat down on the couch ad they got up and left,  he was glad that it was the weekend, his aunt will take a while to remove that bitchy attitude of hers. He started to doze off while trying to figure out what to make her attitude.

After what felt like a few seconds, a loud thump woke him up. Standing above him was his aunt and her luggage. His mom was also there, but she had gently sat the bags down. He said as he looked at what his aunt was wearing, “Go take all the bags to our car. Em, I want you to wait in the car after they are all in, and mom, I want you to come back in.”  His aunt wore a black zipped-up jacket and faded blue skinny jeans. They both nodded and left with the bags.

After they left, he got up and went to the fridge to see if there was anything for him to eat. Since Em is a model and likes to look her best, there was only healthy food and drinks. He sighed and slammed the fridge door to see his mother standing there. He jumped and said as he gripped the fridge tightly, “Fuck, don't do that ever again.”

She bowed her head slightly and said, “Sorry, won't happen again. We are done and Em is waiting in the car.”

He nodded and said as he grabbed her purse and notebook off the table and started to write down some things they needed,” After I wake you up, I want you to head to the grocery store in Em’s car and get everything on the list. Got that?” When she nodded and took what he was holding, he added, “Awake.”

She said as she started to walk away, I'll head to the grocery store, while you take Em home. Is that fine with you?” 

He knew that it was just a reaction for her, but it still bugged him. He nodded and said while following her out, “Could you get me a metronome while you are at it?” She nodded and they parted ways.

Once he got into the car, he looked over at his aunt in the passenger seat. She was staring straight out the windshield. He reached over and started to unzip it. He was surprised to see that she wasn't wearing a bra, and her perky breasts were poking out. He zipped her jacket back up before anyone had the chance to see, and started up the car.

As he was driving, he couldn't help, but think about his aunt's breasts. He licked his lips and wondered how soft they were compared to his mom's. He pulled into an empty lot and said, “When I snap my fingers, I want you to fall into a deep sleep, only snapping my fingers again will wake you up. Do you understand?”

She nodded and said in a sleepy tone, “Yes, I understand.” He snapped his fingers and Em's head dropped to the side. He looked around to see no one was around and unzipped her jacket to see her breasts again. There weren't as soft as his mom's, but that was probably because mom sat around, while she worked out. He quickly zipped her back up and drove home as fast as he can.

He got home just right before his mom called him, “Hey, I was just calling to see if you need anything.”

He smiled and said, “how about a pack of soda?”

His mom said over the sound of scratching, “Okay, a casing of soda, got it. Bye honey, take good care of your aunt.” He hung up and looked at his aunt that was snoozing in the passenger seat. He got out of the car, walked over to the passenger side, and picked her up. She was lighter than mom but was a bit too relaxed. It felt like he was holding a fish instead of a woman. He wasn't halfway to the front door before he decided to sling her over his shoulder and carry her like a sack. He dug through his pocket searching for his key, but then he remembered that it became the spare under the doormat. He slowly bent down to pick up the key from under the mat and unlocked the door. He sighed as he entered and carried her to the couch, where he laid her down and started caressing her thighs.

After running her legs for a few minutes, he got up and went to the bathroom. As he was leaving, he heard a car park and its door opened. He peeked out the window and saw his mom carrying bags in. As he met his mom in the front room, she said while heading to the kitchen, “Your soda is in the car. Why don't you grab it while I get some food cooked up.” He hurried out and got it, then he rushed back it and slammed the door closed. He said as he peeked into the kitchen, “Mom  come out here and sit down before you start cooking.” His mom placed the knife in the block and said, “Okay.” He dug into the bag and found the metronome. He snapped his fingers to wake up his aunt and before she could do anything he said, “sleepy.” She and his mom fell back into a trance real quick, then he added as he set up the metronome, “That's it, deeper and deeper you go. When I start the metronome, focus on the beats and only the beats. With every beat from the metronome, you will become more and more mindless and obedient at home. You will be the same at work, but that's all you do outside, no hobbies or meeting with your friends.” He let go of it and headed to the kitchen for a soda. He guessed that it will take an hour or two for them to be completely his. He sat down and read some of his comics while drowning out the metronome.

After two hours, he walked back into the front room and stop the metronome, then he said awake. They got up and said, “What are your orders, Master?”

He said as he sat down, ready to put them back under if it didn't work, “Em, fuck me, and mom, go make some dinner.” His aunt walked over to him and started to take off her clothes seductively. His dick was hardening at a rapid pace, by the time she got there, it was uncomfortable in his pants and underwear. He quickly stripped them off and looked to see her climbing on his lap and plunging on it. He was surprised that his aunt was a little tighter than his mom because she never has a  boyfriend. He laughed at the fact that his aunt was a slut on the side. 

He looked over his aunt's shoulder to see his mom running around the kitchen while getting dinner done. He grabbed her by the hips and pulled her down on top of him. She gasped and started panting like a dog. He started to gain speed until he was on the edge of coming. He jammed himself into her and came inside of her pussy. He sighed with relief and looked into Em's face. Her face had a soft tired look to it. She smiled as if having her nephew's cum inside her was the most wonderful thing. 

He was about to kiss her, but mom called to use, “Dinner’s done.” She hopped off my legs and into the kitchen with my cum dripping onto the floor. He got off the chair and practically ran into the kitchen to see what mom cooked. 

On the table was spaghetti and meatballs on an oven mat, garlic bread stacked on a plate, and a bottle of red wine. His mom was pouring her and his aunt a glass of wine. He sat down and started piling his plate full.  Right before he could eat, a thought entered his head and said, “Mom, tell me your first name.”

Like a puppet, she placed her glass of wine down and said, “It’s Sam.” Then she went back to dinner. He nodded and dug in.

Afterward, he said as he got up, “Let's quickly clean up dinner and then head to mom's room for some fun. Their faces lit up and they ran, cleaning everything up and putting the leftovers away. Once they were done, they bolted up the stairs two at a time. He sighed, wondering what he got him into.

When he got there, Sam And Em were naked and sitting on the bed, waiting for Eric. Sam said as she laid with her breasts up, “Master, what are we going to do?”

He said as he removed the rest of his clothes, “Sam, I want you to lay on your back with your legs wide open, and Em, I want you to sit on Sam's face, so your pussy is on her mouth.” He watched as they did what they were told and added when they were in position, “Sam, I want you to eat Em out, while I fuck you.” He shoved his dick in and listened to them gasping with pleasure. He smiled at the look on Em's face while being eaten out by her sister. Her eyes were looking up and her tongue was hanging out. He held Sam's legs down and started fucking her even harder than he did with Em. As he grew closer to coming. He heard Em shriek as she came. That pushed him closer to coming. He gripped Sam's legs and pulled her closer as he came in her. After he was done, he said while panted and pulled out, “That's enough, let's sleep here.”

They both said through pants, “Yes, Master.” Em slipped off Sam, while she pulled herself to the headboard. Eric laid in the middle with Em on his left shoulder and Sam on his right. He smiled as he thought about tracking down the hypnotist and thanking him.

This is my first hypnosis story, so comments are appreciated 


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