The Hunter and the Fox


by fennywrites

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #bondage #dom:female #f/f #fantasy #pov:bottom #sub:female #collars #mind_control

The hustle and bustle of Dragon’s Tooth was familiar to Helen’s senses now. After her report that she failed the quest, Arya had helped and found her some requests that she could finish quickly to raise some funds. Then she came here more often in thanks and they kind of hit it off as good friends. It was nice to be one, especially since doing that meant she could occasionally pick some requests before it was put up on the board. Or to stave off suspicions, just conveniently be there the moment Arya put up new requests.

Helen couldn’t really think of Karl as friends though, even if he still tried to talk with her and Arya both. For the hunter, she still had some reservations especially remembering the way he acted, for Arya… she was a little surprised, but she never really asked why. Nonetheless, the two of them were being frosty- a bit unlike how they were when she first saw them.

Peeking towards the receptionist deck, she gave a brief consideration if she should ask. It had been weeks and while Helen didn’t like to be seen as being meddlesome, this had become a worrying matter. Not to count that while there were still a lot of people eating and socializing here, most of them are regulars that she believed wouldn’t mind if someone distracted Arya for a bit. Especially if it fixed that little problem with Karl.

But the moment she stood up, Arya also did the same thing. For a moment, Helen thought that the woman had known what she wanted to talk about and was about to come to her instead of the other way around. Then Helen noticed the paper held in her hand, and the fact she was walking towards the job board…

Letting loose a sigh, Helen walked towards the board as well. Before she could talk to Arya though, her eyes glanced at what was the new job there and she inhaled sharply. Memories of what happened resurfaced to the forefront of her mind. Of her meeting the fox within that clearing at that forest. “Defeating” the fox. The journey back and then… Her cheeks reddened as she remembered what happened at the end. Even her hips pressed together slightly, but Helen still tried her best to not have her reactions too obvious. She didn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea, even if people probably would guess she was drunk before guessing the truth if they saw her. Flushed cheeks and slight tremor, then added the fact that she was in a tavern. Easy mistake to make if they didn’t know the things Yoshika had added and changed.

It was too bad that not everyone had gotten Yoshika’s attention, but that made the fact she was one of Yoshika’s even better. One of the few people that got her personal attention… Helen let her eyes shut for a bit, her body shivered even more as her memories got even clearer. They were accompanied with an order as well- triggered by the job’s existence no doubt.

Cancelling her plan to pick a request, she instead turned and paid Arya for the food and drink with a smile before leaving the tavern quickly. She had a place to go and it would be better for her if she did it as quickly as possible. Her attention completely narrowed so that she only gave her attention to what would be needed to reach where the order wanted her to be. Various roads were passed in the blink of an eye, even the soldiers that stood guard between noble’s area and the peasants were walked through without much problem. Maybe Armmere had handled the matter…? She had no idea, but that question slid away from her mind quickly. It was of no importance, especially since there was only one thing she had to go towards.

It didn’t take long before she arrived near the noble mansion, the building seemed to be the same as she previously had seen. Still as majestic with the garden outside. Even the guard standing outside of the gate was the same as the one that checked her that day. But instead of walking through the front door, Helen sneaked to the right. Her feet brought her towards an unassuming wall where the one of the pillars that signalled the corner of the garden met the wall that divided the noble’s area from below.

The wall stood in front of her, looking so real that Helen had a feeling if she touched them, all she would feel was the roughness of the bricks that made the wall. But her mind was prodding her, telling her that she needed to go forward, that the only way to get to where she wanted was through here.

Gulping to calm the fluttery feeling in her stomach, she closed her eyes and walked forward- certain that at any time, she would meet the cold, hard wall into her face. One step became two, then three and yet she felt nothing against her face. Opening her eyes slowly, she let out a gasp.

What greeted her was a side road, a bit dusty but she could see that it was actually maintained well. No litter around, although she could see a few wildflowers and some weeds. Footprints were also left on the dust, most of them overlapping each other so much that she couldn’t be certain of who or how many had gone through. One thing she could be certain was the fact that there were a lot of people passing through. Whether they passed through at the same time or each of them never saw anyone else, with the only comfort they could gather was how in reality, someone else had to feel the same thing as them. Just standing between the two walls, with their mind hammering on the fact that they had to go forward- into that side door on the side. To just walk forward and open it. That soon she would understand why she was remembering everything and why she came into this place. Back to where she started.

A rueful smile appeared on her face before she shook it off, focusing on opening the door instead. Her hand held the door handle, there was an expectation that something would happen. Perhaps a trap where she would be tied up and helpless until- Helen pinched her hip with her free hand, the sharp pain helping to make her focus back on the current. She pressed on, determined.

The door opened without any creak, opening its way into a hallway full of darkness, not even a single light could be seen. For a moment, fear wormed its way into her heart, telling her to run off now. That this would be her last chance to- but that was a voice she could easily ignore. Just like how she had ignored so many signs during her time within that forest. Her feet continued to bring her body forward, light following her for a bit before the door closed with a whisper behind her, plunging everything into darkness.

Each step she took turned the step after easier to do, the motion smoothing down any resistances she might have. It made sense after all, once she had done it, that meant she wanted to do it. If she wanted to do it, then the voice that told her she needed to stop shouldn’t be listened anymore.

Even without any sort of light, Helen didn’t trip or find any sort of obstacle. Instead, she started to see a little light getting through between the gaps on a wall. The light formed a rectangle shape, and instinctively, she walked faster, her heart hammering inside her ribcage. Anticipation and desire mingled as she finally reached it, her hand probing a little to find the door handle.

Almost there…

Her hand turned the handle, and at once, the smell of musk, arousal and scent of wilderness filled her nostril. Her mouth watered the more she let the smell filled her, and her sex, god she felt so wet down there. Then she looked at what was happening within the room, inhaling sharply at the scene.

The familiar swishing golden tails, all nine of them...  with golden triangle ears stood in alert on top of the woman’s head. Yoshika was sitting there, in the middle of the room with Armmere just kneeling in front of her, licking and sucking at the fox’s wet snatch. The noble’s face was flushed, her body trembling slightly with her arms tied together at her back. Even with Helen’s untrained eyes, she could see how Armmere’s hips were pressed against each other a little, some liquid already pooled between her knees. Then there was the matter of how there was a collar around Armmere’s neck, the leash that connected to it held within Yoshika’s hand.

For a moment, all Helen could do was stay silent and still, only listening to the constant wet sound of tongue sliding into the moist cunt. Her feet felt like rubber as she kept watching, her eyes unable to move elsewhere as if something petrified her to keep looking and stay. Armmere let out a loud moan when Yoshika pulled on the leash slightly, her body shuddering before she continued her previous action.

“Ah, our guest of honor.” Yoshika’s voice was strong, so powerful that Helen wanted to kneel down so much. She knew that she didn’t deserve to stand when the fox was sitting down. But her body refused to move, the only thing she could do right now was watching and gulping the saliva down whenever it became too much. Then an amused smile spread across the fox’s face before her hand moved, pulling Helen’s attention as she curled the finger.  “You know what to do.”

She knew the meaning. Helen immediately knelt down right then and there, feeling muted relief that she no longer had to stand before she slowly moved closer to the fox. When she was finally kneeling next to Armmere, she stilled herself once more, looking down and waiting for the next command to be given.

“Good girl.”

It was the same praise, but it still let her relish the feeling that swelled up from those words. Her hips squeezed together again, Helen knowing with a certainty that her hole down there was completely sopping wet.

“You too, my lovely pet. You can stop for now and play yourself.” Yoshika continued her order, and the licking sound immediately stopped- instead changed into the sound of fingers sloppily getting into a very, very wet pussy. Helen knew it wasn’t any other sound especially when she could hear loud moaning being uttered by Armmere every few seconds. “Look at me, little hunter.”

Helen nearly jumped at the sudden sharp bidding, her head immediately moving to look up, towards the already standing fox. “Good, keep in that position.” Yoshika held a black leather collar on her hand, the silver thread braided on it giving the thing a contrasting look that really caught her eye. Simple and yet beautiful. Helen could only stare at it, enraptured with its magnificence and what it meant.

Slowly, the collar was lowered and Helen’s eyes immediately followed it. She couldn’t take her eyes away, not until she was forced to because it was too low and close to her neck- and it was there, looped around her neck. The leather felt soft against her skin, and its weight was reassuring. She couldn’t help it, “Thank you, Mistress.” The words stumbled out, and even though she wasn’t prompted to do so… she was certain that was what Yoshika- no, Mistress wanted.

“Such an obedient pet.” Yoshika murmured, sending bliss into Helen’s mind. It felt good to obey, even better to be collared and then- Yoshika walked closer, a cuff on her hand. The predatory smirk that spread across the fox’s face was enough to make her cheeks flush even redder, the hunter looking down to the floor. Her throat felt like it was dry as Yoshika easily picked her wrists, turning them around Helen’s back before they were cuffed. “Much better, isn’t it? Tell me what you feel, pet.”

There was not a single bone within her that could even try to resist a straight order like that. “I… I feel honored, Mistress. To be bound and collared by your hands… I give you my deepest gratitude.”

The satisfied smile that came over Mistress’s face made Helen feel… content. This was the right way to be, to obey and make Mistress happy with how good she was. “Good, now… you know what to do little one. Both of you.” Yoshika sat back down, her finger moving and beckoning towards both her and Armmere once more.

Both of them leaned forward, more than happy to worship their Mistress.

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