The Hunter and the Fox

Chapter 3

by fennywrites

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #bondage #dom:female #f/f #fantasy #pov:bottom #sub:female #collars #mind_control

Helen awoke with tiredness in her bones. Didn’t help that she had a few aches here and there too. Slowly doing her morning routine, she looked towards the fox before biting her lips slightly. Not too hard that it would break skin, but some needling pain helped. The fox didn’t speak, merely smiled and tilted her head at the hunter a bit and that was enough. It reminded Helen of what they talked about yesterday and she knew that she didn't give an answer.

Could I afford to continue pushing it off though?

Her thoughts continued to shuffle around the facts, leaving her uncertain and adding the fact that she knew she still needed to finish the request. Despite the fact she was a silver adventurer, failing a request from a noble, and doing it because she had a flash of morality would have a huge negative consequences and could lead to her falling down to a copper rank. Not counting the possibility that the noble might ask her to refund the money she had given. Oh yes, she said it was just an advance payment so if Helen had failed then she could push her into a debt. She definitely didn’t need that on top of needing money to give to her family.

Glaring at the fox, Helen pondered again over the talk from yesterday’s night. She didn’t want to admit it, but yes, she had treated Yoshika as if she was just an animal. Preventing her from talking, even if Yoshika flaunted it occasionally, but Helen still ordered her to. Even ended up threatening to completely take away her choice if she pushed and continued to talk. Then there was the binding and leading her by the collar- well she did need that for bringing Yoshika back to the city for fulfilling this damned request. But wait, didn’t the fact she would fulfill that meant she thought of her as an animal, or something less than a human because she knew she would refuse it if Yoshika was a human. That felt unsettling to think about.

… No, she could be better. Standing up, she walked towards Yoshika, eyes narrowed with purpose. Once she was close enough, Helen immediately loosen the bindings on Yoshika’s hands and feet. At first her hands trembled slightly while doing so, before steadying as she progressed and finally untied everything except the collar and the body. She probably should release that one too but- she wasn’t sure yet. Only the hands and feet were important anyway. “You better not run off.” She said with a scowl on her face, trying to intimidate the fox even if just a little.

A smirk, because surely that wasn’t a smile, spread across Yoshika’s face as she patted Helen’s shoulder, leaning a bit closer and made her want to tell her off because their distance felt too close. Too intimate, perhaps. “I’m not going to do that, you defeated me fair and square after all.” She murmured softly before backing off again, leaving Helen to finally be able to breathe a bit more comfortably.

She also didn’t really believe in the fox’s words but Helen felt certain she could prevent it if Yoshika tried to run. This time she would even have some sort of excuses too then. By trying to escape after saying she wouldn’t, the fox would show how untrustable she was and that meant she could be excused. Helen ignored the part of her mind saying that if she was in the fox’s shoes, she definitely would try to escape and would say and promise anything if it meant her captor wouldn’t bind her as tightly.

Nonetheless, once they both cleaned up the camp slightly- not much to pack up since she didn’t even erect any tents, they continued their walk again. Hopefully today would be more fruitful than yesterday…

Both of them were still silent, and Helen didn’t mind that. She enjoyed it more than talks but after yesterday and if she wanted to be a bit more progressive, she could let Yoshika be. Just try to talk and perhaps they could have something between them. Or maybe she shouldn’t, she still would end up separating from the fox after all. To get close and then forever unable to talk or even see each other again, that would be one of the most unbearable things ever. So perhaps she wouldn’t try to start it, but this time she wouldn’t try to shut the fox down if she talked. Just be polite and keep some sort of professional distance. That sounds like a plan.

Their walk through the forest also wasn't going well. She hadn’t found any signs she left now and she couldn’t even find the water sound anymore to find the river and started to find her bearings again. No cuts on the trees, no sound from the river to help her orient herself, just the sound of birds chirping and buzzing insects. This surely doesn’t mean I’m lost. She tried to convince herself and failed. Well, she didn’t need to decide that for now, she still had her supplies even if she had to split it with Yoshika and she had enough water as long as she rationed it… maybe.

“I can guide you out of here, you know? This was my territory after all.” The fox’s smooth voice made Helen nearly jump in surprise as she looked back. Yoshika looked like she was telling the truth, smiling, her tails swishing gently behind her… No reason to not trust her.

Except for the fact she didn’t have any reason to trust her as well. “No.” She refused, not wanting to elaborate it further. But seeing the drooped tail and the soft sigh Yoshika let out, well- she probably knew why.

Afterwards, the atmosphere between them was a bit too awkward to be filled with some sort of talks. Helen felt too tense and worried about what would happen if she didn’t find a way out soon, and Yoshika thought about who knew what. She could see the fox looking at her a few times, some sort of dangerous glint in her eyes. But everytime Helen tried to truly look, Yoshika seemed to be relaxed, just occasionally shooting her a relaxed smile. She probably was just seeing things.

Once night had fallen and both of them were sitting around the fire once more did Helen finally relax a little. The food still tasted as bland as ever, although tonight at least they were taking less of her ration since she had managed to hunt a few prey as they walked. Good, so the only worrying thing would be water supplies…

“Are you feeling better?” The fox started, her voice gaining some sort of a timbre in it. Helen didn’t know what it was, but she liked it.

So she gave a quick nod as an answer, knowing for a fact that she was feeling better now. Helped with her stomach being full and the fire giving warmth throughout her body. “Yes, luckily the weather’s pretty nice today as well…”

“Indeed, it is so nice and warm, isn’t it?” Yoshika’s voice was very agreeable, and the fox was agreeing with her. She let out another nod, and there was a slight rustle as Yoshika sidled closer, “Warm weather is the best for relaxing and just taking a rest. You must be tired with all those walking too.”

Another factual sentence Helen could agree on. She did feel tired, and her eyes had started to feel hard to open. It was easier to let it stay closed perhaps, just enveloped in darkness and warmth and the words from Yoshika. Wait, that felt wrong. A frown formed on her face as she tried to think it over-

“Since you are tired, your thoughts feel like it’s getting sluggish, isn’t it?” Yoshika’s voice appeared, making so much sense that Helen couldn’t help but nod. By now, she had let her eyes completely closed, with the fox’s tails completely enveloping her whole body in warmth. “So sluggish and harder to think…”

It was all true. Helen could barely follow the words now, only getting bits and pieces of what slipped out of Yoshika’s mouth. Mainly things like being open and trusting. But it wasn’t long before she couldn’t even follow those, her mind slowly and quietly slipping into slumber. The sleep easily claiming her even as she listened to the soft murmurs and unclear voices continued to be said to her ears.

Another morning arrived, and all Helen could do was blink at the sunlight poking about in her eyes. Okay, that was a lie. The truth was that the sunlight was bright enough to go through her eyelids and woke her up. A bit weird since the tree should be thick enough to prevent that but she couldn’t argue that it had already happened. At least this time her body felt fine- no aches and tiredness in her bones and after a few stretches, already shook out any stiffness around her joints. “Morning,” she murmured at the already awake fox, yawning a little even though she thought she got enough sleep. Would be nice to get a few more hours to be honest, but she wanted to get out of this forest soon.

Without waiting for a reply, although the fox did give a graceful one back, Helen went to do her usual preparation. Clean the few things they had set up for camp, helped by the fox and then just chomp a little ration to alleviate the need for food until dinner. Things felt different while she did so, the sun’s shine just a little bit off, the tree’s shadow seemed like they were twisting and moving around without regards to where they should be, even the buzzing insects and birds chirping didn’t seem right in her ears. The only one she could see as right was the fox. Her voice sounded the same as yesterday, the same lilt and timbre that made it easy for her to just listen to them, unsure of what was being said.

Today, instead of letting silence fill the atmosphere between the two of them, Helen decided to try finding out more about the fox. That seemed like the right way to pass the time, especially with the fact that she felt her decision yesterday to be a grievous error. Better to know her for a while, however little it was than to just let an experience pass to avoid any possible pain. So she asked the question that had been burning from the moment she saw the Mamono’s transformation. “How did you immediately wear an outfit the moment you… turned into this form?” She pointed out, frowning a bit as she pondered over her own question as the fox hushed. Surely it had to make more sense than it was just how it worked, as told by anyone she ever asked how magic worked and how different it was depending on the people using it.

When Yoshika’s eyes finally turned to her, glinting with mischief as she let out a smirk, Helen felt regret coming up about her decision to ask her then. “Maybe it’s following what you wish to see me in, after all you are the one that put this awful, awful collar on me... Makes me wonder on yourself.”

“Wh-” Helen barely able to splutter, the little comprehension she managed on what Yoshika said grinding her mind to a halt. “I-I didn’t even think you look like this!” She barely squeaked out, her face feeling very hot and probably really red.

As the fox let loose a laugh- very nice ones that Helen thought she wanted to listen again and again, she finally managed to speak a little more. “If you didn’t want to tell me then that’s what you should do instead of playing this- this sort of prankish answer.” A pout accompanied those sentences, while it was all very comedic on the pranker side, she herself didn’t think it was.

Wiping away the slight tears that appeared on her eyes from all the laughter, Yoshika let loose a grin while patting Helen’s back lightly. “Sorry, I can’t help it. Besides I know you can appreciate my looks, right?” She said with a wink, leaning closer to Helen, so close that the hunter could smell the slightly differing scent Yoshika had. Something much wilder, a musky sort of scent that certainly reminded her of an animal instead of a human.

She still answered the fox’s question with a shake of her head though, sighing at her antics. Albeit she sure was glad for this instead of the fox running off… “Right. Anyway, if you mind answering that then what about, since when have you stayed here, in this place? You seemed pretty familiar with it and I still remember your offer yesterday.” She scowled a bit at that, even though she felt she could trust the fox with that, she felt it was better if she still continued to try after all.

“It’s still open.” The fox started up, smiling and looking at her with some sort of hope that she would accept it. “It’ll certainly be faster than all this stumbling around and getting lost.”

Helen shook her head again, mouth pursed while the fox continued to try pushing her to accept her to lead the hunter. A few times, she felt like her attention seemed to waver, her mind barely registering the words Yoshika said. Yeah right, next I’ll let my prey tell me when to shoot them. She snorted a little, the thought of a bird speaking and telling her a little amusing. “Anyway, no is no.” She paused slightly, and Yoshika took that chance to give her a plaintive look and Helen couldn’t help it, “... Alright, if I change my mind I’ll tell you.”

It was when they walked a little more that Helen realized how Yoshika managed to somehow push her attention to something else. Resisting her urge to facepalm and letting loose a groan, she stared at the Mamono, trying to see why the fox seemed to refuse answering. But the way she did it certainly imply she wanted to answer in some ways though.

Frowning, Helen tried to think over what had happened and tried to see how she could have managed to get the answer she wanted. It was a little frustrating how easily Yoshika pulled her attention away from what she originally wanted and ended up doing what the fox wished her to. Made her feel like she was the one under control and not Yoshika but that was a silly thought for sure.

At least today ended without much fanfare even if Helen didn’t manage to get anything important beyond a good rapport, which was good nonetheless. Sitting down near Yoshika, she barely realized that the fire seemed to already lit, and her body strangely didn’t feel tired at all. But she couldn’t think of those for too long as her eyes slid over naturally to the fox’s own, those golden eyes seemingly pulling her like iron to a magnet.

The already wavering forest seemed to melt away, and Helen let out a soft sigh, relaxing on her seat- just listening to the words that came out of Yoshika’s mouth. She didn’t need to really think, just enough that she could focus and understand what was being said before just letting them out of her conscious mind and then let her unconscious handle things.

Words continued to pour into her malleable mind, shaping, molding it into what Yoshika wished her to. Even what she felt in the real world, of how her wrists were tied together even if no ropes came close on it. She only knew how it felt from the rope felt against her palm while she tied it around Yoshika and it felt the same way on her wrists now. Rough and yet tough, refusing to budge no matter how much she tried, which wasn’t much. Then there was the collar, the leather comfortable against her neck. She didn’t try to fight it, just relaxing and believing as the fox continued to give her slight praises all the while saying how aroused and open she was…

And so, heat rose within her body, just obediently following what Yoshika wanted.

Another morning and Helen yawned as she stood up, stretching her body slightly to shake off some of the aches she was feeling. Not too much, luckily. But enough that she ended up taking note how the slight pain focused on her wrist and neck, and even though she rubbed them a little, there was no sign of whatever might be the cause. Perhaps she just laid down the wrong way, made sense considering she was sleeping in the forest without any proper bed.

Or maybe something happened yesterday. Frowning, she closed her eyes and tried to give her memories a prod. There should be something, she… was sure that she was talking with Yoshika. A conversation about various inane and relaxing things, but she felt like there was more. The more she thought about it, the more she was certain there were words just hovering at the edge of her memory, something she could grasp if only she could focus slightly more.

“What got you thinking so hard this early in the morning?” Yoshika’s cheerful voice cut in, and any thread of possibilities seemingly broke as she whirled around, looking at the fox that still grinned innocently. “Come on, you are being unusually slow today.”

Even Helen wasn’t certain what she was thinking, the thoughts no longer there if she tried to focus. A feeling of uncertainty rose over her, her memories not giving any clear reason on why she was focusing on it. It certainly didn’t seem to be terribly important. The few things she remembered was how much fun she had talking with Yoshika yesterday, so much so that for a few seconds, a terrible thought ran through her mind. Something she shouldn’t have. That perhaps she could just stay, take off that collar and- Helen shook her head roughly. That was very stupid thought and she shouldn’t entertain it even for a second more. Clenching her jaw tightly, Helen just continued to pack up the few things, determined to just ignore the words and how close the fox was with her. So close that she could feel the slight warmth and even the tails occasionally brushed against her.

“Before we walk again, just let me lead the walk. You know that will be easier since you have been getting lost.” Yoshika told her, maybe a bit sharp but she was giving Helen a concerned look. Gentleness mixed in as well as the fox touched her arm, and she felt disconcerted for a moment; a small feeling where she didn’t want to be touched, especially by a Mamono flaring but it was easily suppressed.

What Yoshika said made sense though, no matter how much she wanted to refuse. It had been around two or three days and they weren’t getting any closer to the river she was aiming, or getting out of the forest at all. They might have just been walking around in the same area over and over again, treading the same path without knowing they did it. “I- Alright.” She muttered with a slight frown on her face, not liking that she finally agreed on that course of action no matter how much it seemed to be the only right choice offered. Refusal would just lead itself to be another day of chatter and hunting. Besides, this meant Helen could also see if the fox would truly follow her own words.

A satisfied smile spread over the fox’s face, with Helen finally noticing the slight tension on Yoshika’s shoulder was missing, and the tails seemed to sway just slightly harder than normal.

Helen herself felt her own mood uplifting, her body relaxing as well while she followed behind the fox. Just a few steps back that ensured she could follow her without problem but still not too close. It helped that this distance meant she had a good view of the fox’s body. She wasn’t sure why it drew her attention so much but with each step Yoshika took, she could see how there was a slight sway that really accentuates the curves on the fox’s body. How the tails moved in such a way it drew her attention to where her dress slightly slipped and she could see the slight hint of skin-

Her mouth felt so dry all of the sudden, coupled with the slight warmth she was feeling in her core. She wanted to keep staring, to look much closer than what she currently had. Perhaps she could even untie the ropes on her body, even though those were making emphasis on certain parts of Yoshika’s body. The one that she could only see when she turned around slightly, checking that Helen was still following and not lost anywhere. Every time the fox looked, Helen could feel her heartbeat went even so fast and how her face felt really hot. Then there was the matter of the collar, she knew she felt a little something about it, a little wish to take it off Yoshika’s neck and- she did another gulp, pushing away the tempting imagination that popped in her mind.

She was being stupid and should stop thinking for a bit. At least how Yoshika moved her body definitely helped to distract her, and the heat that rose the more she looked also did its job. Her feet just continued to follow where the fox decided, her eyes not taking note of where they were going. The more she followed, the easier it became and the harder it was to question why she was following and not leading. But Yoshika did tell her to just follow and it was easier- she blinked a bit, pressing her hips together a little.

In the end, with all the distraction, she barely realized that the sun had set until Yoshika stopped before turning around, “Alright, today is a good day… at this rate we’ll be out of this forest in a few days. You should have asked me since when I first offered.”

Helen felt a frown forming on her face, the words ringing true in her ears but… there was something she couldn’t shake off. Yoshika not moving except for her tails probably helped too, but Helen realized slowly that she was letting Yoshika lead without much trouble and she actually was believing her. But trusting the fox felt like it was the right move, especially since they finally made some progress.

Dazedly, she finished her meal mechanically all the while listening to Yoshika talking next to her, the fox’s shoulder pressed against her own. While uncertainty lingered in her mind, what with the words whispered seemingly something she couldn’t remember even if she understood, she still felt her eyelids drooping, slowly closing as she felt the warmth of Yoshika all around her.

Her memories were a blur after, but she half remembered how she was pushed down towards the ground, the grass thick and ticklish against her back. The soft fur of Yoshika’s tail surrounded her with softness and warmth, the fox staying on top of her, gently touching Helen’s body and stoking the heat in her stomach into an even higher level. But it stayed that way, the caress stopping whenever it got too high, but coming back once it lowered down enough and Helen was unable to do anything except letting the fox do what she wanted.

A few days had passed since Helen allowed the fox to lead the way and it didn’t feel like they were getting any closer to getting out of the forest. She knew she should ask the fox about it, after all she had said that it shouldn’t take too long but every time she thought of doing that she clamped her mouth and stayed silent. It didn’t seem right to question her. There was also another matter of her… dreams. If she could call them dreams anyway.

They felt real even though her memories of the events were hazy. But surely she would remember it clearer if they happened. Looking back towards Yoshika, she frowned, doubting the chain of events. She couldn’t believe she would do those things to the fox, or let Yoshika do what she did. All of the touch and caress, being tied up- Blood rushed to her cheeks. To be honest, those thoughts reminded her how she felt wrong to see Yoshika tied up and collared now. That perhaps it should be her instead.

Helen shook her head quickly at that thought, embarrassed at the fact she thought of it. She really needed to stop this, those collars and ropes weren’t sexy and she had to do it to Yoshika for suppressing the magic. All these thoughts probably popped up because she had stayed in this forest for too long and only had the fox for company. She should be fine once she comes back to the city.

Nodding slightly in that belief, she tried to push her current feelings away. How hot her body was all the while she walked with the fox. It distracted her, kept pushing her to just pay attention to how the fox moved, to look more than the little skin she managed to see. Perhaps she could ask the fox to remove that outfit, to let her finally see the full naked body- Helen blushed even harder. Her thoughts were getting worse and she couldn’t find it in herself to really go against it. Why did her thoughts keep going back to sex anyway? She wasn’t an animal in heat that needed it after all. But no matter how much she tried to relax down, the moment the fox came back to her sight, any resolve she had just crumbled to dust. Yoshika looked too good, too alluring to be fought.

“Alright, we are out of that confusing part and back to the normal forest.” A sudden declaration came out of Yoshika, making Helen jolt and looked at her in attention. Trying her best to not look like she didn’t spend her time following just daydreaming of how the fox would look like if she slowly undressed, showing the hunter how her body was. “Should have let me lead from the start, you made this hopelessly long.”

“Um.” Helen opened her mouth, trying to disagree and could only close her mouth again. The fox’s words rang true, and any of her thoughts that pointed to the fox being wrong couldn’t be dredged up. She should just be glad that the fox was kind enough to do this, otherwise who knew how long they would have spent within the forest.

But now this meant it was almost time to leave the forest then they would be back in the city. The place where she would give Yoshika to the noble and gain more money than she thought she would ever hold. By now she knew it was wrong to do that. To do the same thing as slavers, but instead of selling humans, she sold a Mamono. Perhaps that was forgivable in some parts. After all, Mamono wasn’t a human, just an animal disguised as a human. The same argument she had made just a few days ago. But after all her talk with Yoshika, it was hard to cling to that belief. There was no difference between them, beyond those animal ears and tails. Maybe she could count the ability to change her looks into animals, but there was no guarantee that humans couldn’t do the same thing. So that didn’t count.

Letting out a sigh, she massaged the side of her head a little, feeling tired from all of her thoughts. She had no choice anyway, and even though Yoshika seemed to realize that Helen barely paid attention when they made camp, the fox didn’t try to talk too much. Just little things she didn’t need to pay attention to, maybe a little affirmative sounds to show that she heard something, but she was glad for it.

It made resting up that night easier, just sitting close to the fire and let her eyes close while the smooth tone of Yoshika’s continued in her ears. The way Yoshika spoke continued to make her body relaxed even as Helen stayed within that crevice of sleep and wakefulness.

The dream, or perhaps it was better to say the scene she was in the previous night came back once more.

Her wrists were tied together with a rope, as tight and unyielding as before. The collar was comfortable against her neck. These two were the constant variables that always appeared, but now she felt something else. The heat seemed to surge up within her body, making the already fuzzy mind of hers even foggier and hazier. It meant she wanted this to happen, to be tied up, dominated and- no. No she didn’t want that… It was wrong. But she couldn’t deny the arousal happening on her body, as well as realizing how wet her body was.

Fingers and tails caressed and flitted through her skin, teasing and giving her just the slightest feeling that she wanted more. More touches, especially where it would stoke up the fire building in her stomach. “Give yourself up to me, little hunter.” The fox whispered next to her ears, making Helen inhale sharply, her body jerking away a little.

Her ears felt sensitive even without the fox giving it a nibble. But even if doing that sent her feeling weak in the knees, she could only shake her head, refusing what the fox said. “No… I-I refuse.” She whispered, trying to deny even though her body wanted her to. But she had a feeling accepting here would mean something irreversible. Even if this whole thing was a dream, even though trying to wake herself up just made her hold even hazier, harder to get a firmer grip.

This dream, this scene, or whatever it was wouldn’t let her go. Instead Yoshika leaned closer, her smell sharp and wild and everywhere and there was no way to get away from it. “Give up, that’s the only way.” Her whispers were sweet, promising her all sorts of wonderful things.

But she shook her head again. No, she couldn’t accept. This time though, instead of nothing happening, she could feel her ankles tied together.

“Everytime you refuse, you’ll be tied up more and more… but maybe that’s what you wished.” Gentle and sweet, and Helen didn’t know what to answer except giving another shake.

The binding continued towards her calf. Patiently, the fox continued to tell her to give up, but Helen was only able to keep refusing. With each refusal, the binding continued. Knees, hips, her body, a blindfold- everything was tied up, except her mouth. It would be easy to do what was demanded of her, but she couldn’t give up; and so she clung against it, to just keep refusing and not listening.

Perhaps she would give up in the future, but not right now.

Awakening brought feelings she didn’t want to recognize straight to her attention. The heat, arousal, and the most damning of all, the wetness that came accompanied by those two. Shakily, Helen covered her eyes with her palm even if it just plunged herself deeper into the darkness. The sun hadn’t raised after all. It didn’t help that doing so also made the desire, the want within her to be brought to the forefront of her mind and made her hand twitch slightly, wanting her to move it there. She shook her head slightly, trying to focus on her breathing.

A wind rustled the leaves on the trees, reminding and telling her that she was still within the forest. Sound of animals and insects joined in, as well as the crackle of fire and the sound of sticks fed into the fire. The fox was already awake, reminding Helen a little of what had happened at the dream. A dream that felt so real but still one. With redness in her cheeks, Helen knew that she should ignore the heat and the memories to close her eyes again. Just forcing herself to sleep and perhaps next time she woke up this heat would have passed and she could follow Yoshika again.

The thought of following the fox Mamono made her cheeks flush as she remembered the body, the way Yoshika talked and let out a teasing smile. She had to be doing those intentionally, but Helen couldn’t find it in herself to really say anything. Her mouth felt dry the more her mind thought of the curves, the glint of skin- Helen jerked her hand away from where she wanted to plunge it to, the place where she wanted to just start stroking and touching until all she could think was the fox.

Just a little will be fine, right?

Her fingers spread slightly, letting her see without making it obvious. Yoshika was sitting near the fire, a slight smile spread across her beautiful face while her hand occasionally moved to put more branches whenever the fire seemed about to die. She looked… relaxed, even her tails seemed to just sway slightly behind her, not pulling her attention like usual but just following the winds that blew within the forest. Her instincts were telling her that Yoshika’s state was different between when Helen was awake and talking with her and when she slept without the fox knowing. Then there was the collar and ropes, which while still important to bind the fox, all Helen could think was how it would be better if they were no longer there. To free Yoshika from everything that bound her down… The thought stuck to her mind.

Gulping down the saliva that pooled in her mouth, Helen finally stood up. Yoshika was quick to notice, her head immediately tilted up as she looked towards the hunter, eyes widened in surprise before her face smoothed up, neutral with just a flicker of a smile. Helen didn’t move, just standing still as the fox stood up, walking closer to Helen. That slight smile grew to a full-blown smirk as Yoshika reached Helen and sniffed the air.

The fox knew, and Helen froze slightly before she realized the implications. That made her back away for each step the fox took- but it didn’t take long until her back hit something solid. A tree. Maybe she should have run off, but that didn’t feel like an option she could take. Her feet stayed beneath her, refusing to move even as she tried to back off further, the only thing that she could move seemed to be her upper body as she tilted them away. It was hard to do so, with Yoshika looming even closer.

She could try to electrocute the fox with this distance. They were so close that the fox’s body was pressed against hers, sandwiching her with the tree behind. It would just be so, so easy to let her magic loose. But the thought of doing such a thing to the fox felt completely wrong in her mind. What she could think instead was the dreams she had previous night, how the fox was on top of her. Dominating and collaring her. The fox was more powerful and this was the right position for Helen, to be dominated and letting Yoshika to do whatever she wanted. But that collar was still there, around the fox’s neck and that didn’t fit with her memories. Powerful ones, the one that would dominate her shouldn’t be tied up. To be collared. And yet, Yoshika was collared and bound. So she couldn’t be that strong… But her mind couldn’t reconcile that thought, because it was a fact that the fox was powerful.

Her thoughts were all cut off when the fox speak, the hunter immediately paying attention and not caring about anything else. “You are aroused, aren’t you? Your body is in heat, wanting- no, demanding its needs to be met. Isn’t this quite the shameful reaction, hmmm?” Yoshika’s head leaned closer, whispering next to Helen’s ear, her breath tickling it slightly.

Helen opened her mouth, her first thoughts immediately turning to denying it. Because this was just a normal thing, humans’ bodies could be in a state of arousal without reason. Surely this wasn’t because she looked at Yoshika’s body, and then… and then finding them to be more than adequate to make her aroused. That the way Yoshika acted just made her crave the fox’s touch even more. Her body, her way of talking and acting, all of them combined into an alluring being. One that Helen was sure if Yoshika wasn’t a fox Mamono, would leave her in a puddle of want- even though she was already that right now. But Yoshika was a Mamono, and that meant what she was feeling right now was…

Her mind felt sluggish as she tried to dredge up what was the problem with Yoshika’s species. Not the fox part, the Mamono part. The fantastical beings that looked like humans but not. Something made them differ from humans, something that she knew she should think of before she even started this job and by now it was too late.

A gentle tug on her sleeve and Helen automatically looked up- Yoshika’s golden eyes filled her vision. They smolder with something, deep and powerful and made her stomach tighten in anticipation, but Helen couldn’t think on what that was for too long. The main focus was primarily on how much the eyes were pulling her attention, forcing her to keep looking as her body shuddered slightly. “Keep looking, let them pull you deeper and deeper…” Yoshika’s voice was a murmur, soft and calm and Helen followed the order.

That gave her a soft, contented feeling as she kept looking. Uncertain of what she should look but noticing how the gold wasn’t completely perfect. Flecks of dark brown also existed there, the slight bump and creases that always existed in another person’s eyes… all of them pulled at her, demanding her to only look there and not listen to whatever else Yoshika was saying. After all she could trust the fox, believe in everything she had said, and so there was no reason for her to remember anything. She could just let the words pass through and Yoshika would take care of everything.

Another whisper, and Helen immediately started to take off her bottom, faintly noticing how wet her underwear was before a soft command made that thought slide away. No need to take notice of them until Yoshika told her to, just stare and obediently spread her legs so the fox had easier access. The only things she could feel and think was the gentle touches everywhere, even underneath her shirt. They just keep coming, constantly without respite and she moaned softly, no more thoughts of escaping stuck in her mind. Just the thought of how to keep still because that was what Yoshika wanted right now.

“I know you wanted to submit to me, to be a good girl, hm?” The fox murmured, this time her voice so clear and hooked itself within Helen’s mind. It didn’t take heed of what the hunter wished, even as she shook her head and tried to push the thought of being good away from her mind. It wasn’t easy to keep refusing, each time she shook her head merely making Yoshika’s eyes look at her in pity as the hands, the tails continued to move and distract Helen’s mind. “So, so stubborn…”

Satisfaction that she managed to fight was immediately swamped away when she gave it just a little thought, a soft whimper escaping her mouth as she shivered, watching the fox carefully which brought her attention back to those eyes- her breath hitched, the same moment that Yoshika leaned forward and kissed her lips. Hard and insistent, all the while Helen found her thoughts running towards the usual things. Of how beautiful and commanding Yoshika was. She let out a soft sigh, opening her mouth obediently as Yoshika’s tongue explored within her mouth, their saliva intermingling for a while.

Grin spread across the fox’s face when she backed away a bit, satisfaction glinting within those mischievous eyes. “Good girl.” She praised, the words sending warm feelings throughout Helen’s body, making her close her eyes as she shuddered from the pleasant feelings once more. “And a good girl deserves to be rewarded.”

Nothing happened just for a bit until Helen nearly jumped at the feel of tongue down there, sending a jolt of pleasure through her whole body. The scent of her own arousal combined with Yoshika’s own filled her sense of smell. She wanted this, it was so obvious as she tried to press down onto Yoshika down there. More, she desired for more pleasure to be given to her. Her hands twitched slightly on the side, wanting to move and do something but she knew that Yoshika hadn’t given another command for her to do, and so she had to keep them still. Wishes of her own didn’t matter, but the fox’s… those were what mattered.

Each lick seemed to send another spark of pleasure, sending Helen’s mind deeper and deeper into the fog. It made it even harder to think, to just focus on the constant feeling of heat. Her own knees were trembling with effort to keep herself standing, she wanted to lower herself down, to let the tongue reach even deeper- but even right now it already moved expertly, playing with her labia, the inner folds and even occasionally against her clit.

Soft mews escaped her mouth, her body swaying as her arousal built steadily. Her feet moved slightly, widening and letting Yoshika be able to move easier underneath her. Helen knew that she should have stopped it but unable to stop herself from trying to ensure the tongue to go even deeper.

Even the mewl of pleasure started to change to pants and moans as her stomach tightened, the tongue still moving expertly within her. It was hard to take control of her thoughts, her body wanting nothing except to get the release from this steady wave that eroded any control she had.

It didn’t take long, another lick and suck towards the clitoris and then Helen couldn’t think. Her body shuddering softly as quim leaked out, the fox licking the rest of it before Helen could hear the soft rustle of her outfit- Yoshika standing up, presumably. “Open your eyes, hunter.” The command was soft but Helen still hurried in it, her eyes immediately opening as she looked up towards the fox. “Now… what do you feel?”

That was an innocent question, but that seemed to be a trigger within Helen’s mind. If previously she was glad for everything that just happened and happy with following the fox’s command… the feelings that rose within her right now was the complete opposite. Helen opened her mouth, wanting to tell off the fox, her cheeks still flushed red from all the activities she had done. That the fox had forced her to do but was that ‘forcing’? But what was done to her had to be wrong. It couldn’t be right. There was no way it could be that. Helen wanted to deny everything that just happened, but Yoshika stood there in front of her. Holding her body, gently but firmly and Helen couldn’t do it. She couldn’t bury her head into the soil and rejected everything but… But that meant she had to accept what she had done.

“I… I…” Helen couldn’t articulate the right words, but that seemed to be acceptable to the fox. The hunter’s mind just felt like it just shattered and the pieces all didn’t fit what she wished it to be. All she could do right now was trying to make sense of what had happened, to regain some of  her own thoughts even if her mind felt like it was rebelling.

The only thing she could hold onto was the fact that Yoshika was there, holding her. The fox was solid, there and while Helen knew that she probably would regret it- the only thing that she could hold onto. Something she would lean on to prop herself up as she tried to feel normal back. Because everything that happened this past few days had to be wrong, especially with her feelings to the fox.

Both of them didn’t move around that day, just resting and Helen feeling confused and reeling from everything that had happened. Occasionally, Yoshika would talk, her words sweet and so persuasive that it was easy to just keep listening… It was easier, and slowly, Helen relaxed. Even if she had pulled herself out of the pattern, it had formed itself into a groove within her mind. Fighting was futile.

She wasn’t lying down. Instead, she was sitting on the fox’s lap with warmth surrounding her. A hand draped over her waist possessively, then the other one curled around her shoulder. Her face against the crook of her neck comfortably with fluff from the tail surrounding her every which way. It was comfortable and threatened to send Helen back to slumber.

This situation reminded her of the constant dream she had though. Those dreams that plagued her every night ever since she had collared the fox. But were those really dreams? She couldn’t find any certainty no matter how she wracked her brain through what had happened. All she knew was that she felt they were real during what was happening, then in the morning… they felt misty, unreal. Just something her unconsciousness dreamed up as she slept.

Helen let her eyes drift a bit, her mind still in chaos from what she had done yesterday. How could she have let the fox control her like that… she had been so obedient and happy following the orders too. Shuddering, she shook her head before trying to push Yoshika away. Keynote, try. Just moments before she managed to truly do the deed, Helen was reminded of what had constantly happened in her dreams. There was no use to try pushing the fox, and to do so meant she would… she couldn’t find the right word. But she knew it was a bad idea.

But even that little movement, just that slightest touch- golden eyes opened, and Helen froze as she stared at the yawning Mamono. “You awoke early this time.” Yoshika commented, pulling Helen into the embrace a bit tighter before she was released, a predatory grin spreading across the fox’s face. Helen’s heart started to pound faster- whether it was fear or anticipation she didn’t know. What she knew was that any chances she had before was completely gone. Yoshika might still be collared right now, but Helen knew that deep down, the fox was completely in control. The grin spread a smidge wider as the fox caressed Helen’s cheek with a tail, “Now, untie the ropes and give them to me.”

Her hands moved immediately, going onto the knots she had painstakingly made and undo them. Each time she did so, a jolt of pleasure seemingly went through her body, making her shudder as she tried to press her legs together instinctively. It felt good to follow, but Helen still could barely remember her mission. She shouldn’t be doing this, she should move. Most of the time, she couldn’t do anything except just continuing, her hand jerking a little but that wasn’t a problem considering untying the knots didn’t need fine movements. But occasionally, she managed to still her hand, preventing another knot to be undone and that was when a low growl emanated from Yoshika’s mouth. Shivers immediately ran down her spines, that few seconds of stillness was no use as her hands moved faster, her own heart feeling like something cold was squeezing it.

It didn’t take long before Yoshika’s binding was all gone, and with that- it felt like something was pressing down on her, as if gravity had multiplied in its power. Helen could still ensure that she was standing straight up but it wasn’t easy. Her feet were trembling with each moment that passed, but Yoshika just stretched herself languidly. Showing off that voluptuous body as she nodded in satisfaction. “Good, good. Now for the collar, pet.”

That praise sent an especially strong jolt of pleasure, sharp and piercing from within her. The feeling felt as if a finger had just brushed against that special spot within her, and it also made Helen close her eyes as she let loose a soft moan of pleasure. Her sex had continued to moisten, and she knew it would be easy to follow and obey Yoshika’s words. It would be better, easier, and far, far more pleasurable. Her hands lifted up, slowly moving towards the collar on the fox’s neck.

Just open that buckle.

She knew that would be easy. There was no lock or other things that might possibly prevent her from opening it, or making her jolt from this control Yoshika had on her. Her fingers touched the leather, it felt as smooth and warm as she remembered it being. She needed to stop her hands, her fingers from doing more but they just keep moving. Slowly pushing the leather, just opening and unbuckling the thing. It didn’t take long before she managed to do it, her hand pulling down the collar, her eyes seeing the unblemished skin of Yoshika’s neck. Helen gulped at the sight, all the while her hand shook as she handed the collar over.

With that done, the magic power that surrounded them seemed to still for a moment, before they all twisted and gathered- all of them flowing and converging around Yoshika. This time, Helen felt like her throat clogged up as she watched the intensity of the power. They were so strong the Mamono shimmered, as if she was on top of an intense heat, but no, this wasn’t like a case of fire. This was just a statement of the true power of the Mamono.

“A few days of them being forcibly suppressed, usually they won’t be as wild as this. So…” Yoshika then looked towards Helen, her eyes seemingly glowing from within and immediately pulled Helen’s attention. The magic that felt like it was suppressing her felt different now, she felt… as if they were surrounding her gently. Heat and warmth both pressed down on her, slowly making Helen kneeling on the ground. She still looked up into Yoshika’s gaze, her mind felt sluggish, as if they were wrapped in cotton. “Good girl, now stay like that.”

More warm feelings pooled in Helen’s stomach as she followed the order, with each one she obeyed, the wetter she had become. But when Yoshika leaned down, her hand holding the collar- Helen forced her body to freeze. She wanted to look down, but Yoshika had ordered her to stay the same, and so she did. Her body trembled slightly with the effort to do so, there were so many conflicting feelings she had to suppress. The want to move her hands, to plunge her fingers deep into her, to beg towards Yoshika- but all of those thoughts were cut off as the collar snapped shut.

If before the feeling of Yoshika’s magic was merely as if the gravity intensified, with Helen’s magic suppressed, they became so heavy that she felt lucky that she had knelt down. The pressure she was feeling right now was so strong that she didn’t think she could keep standing. Then there was the matter of how uncomfortable it was, how her magic seemed to rumble beneath her skin. Any effort to try anything, pushing them out, using bare amounts of magic- none of them managed to succeed. They all met with incredible resistance, as if her own skin had become a prison.

Not to count that Helen herself only had an average amount of magic power, lower end of the scale at that. This was only a guess, but she had a feeling that the more magic power someone has, the more uncomfortable this process became. That meant… Helen still looked at the fox, at the powerful pressure she was still unleashing even now. Yoshika just gazed back, a smirk still adorning her face as she gently ran her hand through Helen’s short hair. 

“You look good like this.”

A flush appeared over Helen’s cheeks at those words, the hunter immediately looking down and away. For a while, nothing else happened. Just the Mamono patting the hunter condescendingly, with her slightly squirming in place, uncertain on what she should do. Occasionally, she did try to stand up but Yoshika immediately stopped her pats then. Her hand stayed on top of Helen’s head, just pressuring her to immediately lower herself once more and continued to kneel. The demand was clear, she was to do nothing else until the command was given.

“Give me your hands.” The order came suddenly, sharp and demanding. Helen immediately followed, gulping her saliva down. Her mouth felt like it was dry as the rope was tied expertly around her wrist, Yoshika seemingly understanding how to make complicated knots that still felt comfortable and yet wouldn’t be easy for her to squirm out of. The tight feeling of her magic being pressed down also became stronger with each loop. But at the same time… Helen couldn’t deny that the fact she was obeying, collared, being bound- she felt so, so wet from all of those actions. There was a desire curling within her stomach, something she wanted to beg but she hadn’t dared to voice it out… yet. “Good girl. Very good.”

Soft mewling of desire came out of Helen’s mouth, her body shuddering from the sheer pleasure that ran through her body at that praise. She wanted something so much, something that only Yoshika could give. “Please…” The word slipped out, even if she wasn’t sure what she wanted yet.

When she looked up once more, Helen felt like her heart was going to stop at the sheer predatory delight on Yoshika’s face. Sharp canine poked out of her lips as the fox pulled her up, easily holding her up with one hand as Yoshika kissed her again. This time Helen didn’t need any prompting and immediately opened her mouth, accepting the tongue that just dominated her. Yoshika’s hands weren’t idle either, they were moving, touching and teasing everywhere. Gentle scratch on her hips and waist, and Yoshika even played on her breast, making Helen gasp and moan even as the Mamono continued to explore leisurely.

But throughout it all, Yoshika was careful to only tease and play. None of her touches ever get close to where Helen wanted. The fox then pulled away from the kiss, a string of saliva connecting their mouths. Blood rushed quickly to Helen’s cheek, the hunter immediately looking away in embarrassment, breaking that slight connection they had. But that didn’t matter, Helen knew that the other connection- whatever Yoshika did to her was still there, flickering in her mind. All of these were all just priming her, preparing her for what the fox wanted off her.

“Now, do tell me what you want, pet. You begged, but it’s not detailed enough. Tell me or this will continue.” Yoshika murmured, licking her lips as the fox looked down at Yoshika, her tails moving in an excited manner behind her. “Unless you wanted me to continue this?”

“N-no!” Helen stuttered out, barely managing to regain her voice as she looked into Yoshika’s eyes, a bit of panic tingeing her words. “I… please…” She murmured, closing her eyes with her fists clenched. She had to continue her words but what did she wanted? Her sex still continued to be wet, demanding, wanting to be filled. Could Yoshika even do that? She had no idea but… Slowly, she wetted her lips, trying to articulate the best ways to word it out. “Please fuck me.” She finally whispered, her voice a little hoarse from how nervous she had become. There were so many ways Yoshika could reply to that, from accepting to refusing.

Delight seemed to fill the fox’s eyes though, a dangerous smile spreading across her face. The fox ears on top of her head pricked up in attention, even the tails that moved freely behind her seemed to freeze for a bit before moving again. “Then suck my fingers.”

At once, Helen opened her mouth, obediently letting Yoshika put the digits into it. But as she focused on licking, sucking each one to ensure they were coated with her saliva, Yoshika did other things. Biting on Helen’s earlobe, her collarbone, continuing to touch and tease- each of those combined to make her even wetter. Fogging her mind with arousal and making her knees so weak that she had to let Yoshika support her body.

It didn’t take long before the fingers were all properly coated, and Helen could see how they shone with saliva when Yoshika pulled it out of her mouth with a wet sound. “Good job, pet. Now spread your legs.”

Another order Helen was more than happy to follow, her body trembling in anticipation as she closed her eyes- then it was in. One at first, just slow movement within, making Helen letting out soft whimpers. Occasionally, the fox moved her hand so that the heel of her palm met her clit, making Helen moaned even louder from the sensation.

The other digits slowly followed, sending more and more jolt of pleasure from down there. She was so, so wet. Her own feet spread even wider without any prompting, fueled by her desire to let Yoshika fucked her even easier. So she could gain even more pleasure. The pressure in her stomach had continued to build the more Yoshika played down there, touching and caressing the folds and the inner side.

White-hot pleasure filled her mind. Yoshika had found the area, the only place where it would continue to send this much mind-melting goodness. Helen couldn’t help it, she could only moan as Yoshika continued to fingerfuck her mercilessly, holding her in position while her fingers moved expertly within her. Even touching that place at the right moment that only made her even more sensitive to any other movement.

Before long, the pressure mounted. She was on the edge. Almost there- another brush and Helen went over it. Her whole body shook, her mouth open as she came, the slightest liquid of quim slipping out of her sex, dripping to the ground.

Tiredness was quick to slip into her limbs as Helen collapsed onto Yoshika’s hold, the fox gently running her other hand through her hair. “Surely you aren’t tired, we still have hours~” Yoshika murmured with delight coloring her words as she lifted Helen up, pushing her against the tree.

Helen knew that she wanted to rest, but she also had no more strength to try pushing the Mamono away. All she could do was stand there, staring as Yoshika continued her ministrations. Pleasure continued to make waves upon her, wearying down any defense in her mind.

In the end of this all, Helen knew she would become Yoshika’s.

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