There Was Something Strange Going on at the Office


by Alan Smithee

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #f/m #sub:female
See spoiler tags : #oblivious

Jenna had spent twenty minutes in the bathroom touching up her hair and makeup, and she wasn’t the only one. Pretty girls should always try to look their best. For somebody as important and respected as Mister Brown, that went doubly so. All of the pretty girls from the second floor were standing at attention outside the elevator in two straight lines, anxiously awaiting an opportunity to do as they’re told. None were more eager than Jenna.

At ten forty-seven, the elevator dinged. All of the pretty girls tensed up in anticipation. The doors slid open, revealing four men and one pretty girl.

“Girls, this is Mister Brown,” said Nathan. The group let out a collective sigh, a wave of respect washing over them as they finally realised who it was that was so important to them all.

Mister Brown looked a little younger than Mister Grey and a lot more fit, although even Mister Grey seemed much more appealing to Jenna’s eyes today. They were both just so… superior. I would do anything to please my superiors, she thought to herself.

I see you have been making some progress after all,” said Mister Brown, slowly walking up the line of pretty girls and inspecting them closely.

“Yes sir,” said Mister Grey. “We’ve had a successful deployment to all of the girls we selected for the program.”

All the girls?”

Yes sir, a complete uptake,” said Nathan.

“No complications?”

“Just a minor glitch in the wording, sir. We’ve already corrected it. The process itself hasn’t failed on us so far.”

“That’s excellent,” Mister Brown replied, evidently surprised. “I still expect to see a full report on this, of course. And I’ll need to see your preparations for phase two.

The process, Jenna thought to herself, instantly turned on at the memory of yesterday. Being tied to the chair, unable to move. The skull piercing sound, the pattern on the screen, and most of all doing what she was told. She bit her lip and blushed at the memories. Mister Brown was staring right at her.

“I think this one likes me,” he said, chuckling slightly. Jenna blushed even harder. “What’s her name?”

Jemma, I believe,” said Mister Grey.

“Uh, it’s Jenna sir,” interjected Nathan.

“Jemma,” Mister Brown said, tasting the word and ignoring Nathan. “I like her,” he continued. Gives me a bit of a ‘Fleabag’ vibe, don’t you think? Phoebe what’s-her-face?” he said, turning to the pretty girl next to him.

“As you say, sir” she replied.

Take me to your desk, Jemma,” Mister Brown said. “I want to see where you work.”

“Oh yes, oh yes sir, I need it so bad” said Jemma, gasping for air and firmly gripping the desk she was bent over. Mister Brown interrupted his thrusting to plant a kiss on the back of her neck. It sent a shiver down her spine. He continued, each stroke rattling the desk. She matched each with enthusiasm, but was careful not to push him too hard. She wanted to stretch out the encounter – she’d do anything to please her superiors, and intended to please Mister Brown for as long as possible. If she did a good job, he might even say those wonderful, incredible words to her.

Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted the nameplate on the top of her desk and frowned. I’m going to have to get that corrected.


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