A Lady in the Streets

Chapter 3

by Alan Smithee

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Mia was smiling all the way home. She did feel sore, but that was probably just normal work stress and bad posture. Doctor Stewart had always warning her about the dangers of stress. Maybe I should schedule another appointment, she thought. In any case, she was very pleased with herself. Anna would be seeing positive changes in her life before she knew it, and Mia had been so helpful in facilitating that. The afterglow was intoxicating.

She stepped out of the car and her mood sank. What laid ahead of her was not going to be nearly as fun or rewarding. Intellectually, she knew that she needed to just be the bigger person and let things slide. It was like the Doctor had been telling her – it was so important to maintain a wall between her and her roommate. But in spite of that, she was fuming just thinking about what had happened. It was the same sold story, over and over again – Mia did her best for Bella, and she in turn pushed the boundaries as much as she could.

Mia breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that the house was just as she’d left it. She put her bags away, then stumbled over to the freezer, retrieved some lentil bolognese and put it in the microwave. Some days Mia just didn’t feel like eating, but currently she was starved. She sat down on the couch and tried to relax. She wanted to say something. She needed to say something. But it was so important to maintain a wall between them – the bedroom wall, she supposed, in this case.

She needed something to take her mind off all this. She fired up the TV and navigated to the home screen. Deciding between the four different streaming services was always a pain, but eventually she settled on one. The new challenge, of course, would be figuring out what to watch. Was she more in the mood for something nice and romantic, or maybe something a bit trashier? She thought for a moment. Definitely trashy. She settled on some kind of survivor knockoff that the algorithm had decided to bombard her with over the last few weeks. Sometimes it felt good to give in.

Although she would never admit to this publicly, reality TV was one of her guilty pleasures. Seeing everybody else being a complete disaster was a nice break from dealing with the stresses of her own life. She was struggling to focus on it, however. She kept finding herself stealing glances down the corridor, wondering if Bella would suddenly burst out of her room, or if one of her sex-friends might knock on the door wanting to see her. Some days it felt like it was almost more unusual when one of them didn’t show up. Mia wished she could just settle on someone.

Her train of thought was disrupted by the beeping from the microwave. A few moments later, she was back on the couch, and unpaused her show. It was only a few bites before she once again found herself staring down there. She had to keep rewinding the show because she kept missing things – the telltale sign that there was something important going on being, of course, the dramatic musical stings which usually meant somebody had said something shocking or dramatic to one of the other contestants.

Ok, ok I just need to get this out of my system.

The wall started to shake.

She stood up and slowly walked down the corridor, checking to see if she could hear any sounds coming from Bella’s room. Satisfied that she wasn’t about to barge in on something disgusting, she knocked twice.

The wall started to crack.

“Bella? Are you in there?”

She didn’t respond.

“Bella, I really need to talk to you about something. It’s important.”

She sighed, then opened the door, just a fraction.

The wall crumbled.

“Heyyyyyy,” said Isabella. She was laying on the bed on one side, head propped up with her hand.

“Oh Jesus!” said Mia. “You scared me, why didn’t you answer me before?”

Bella pouted. The room was a mess. Predictable.

“Well you’ve been ignoring me for so long, I thought I might return the favour.”

Mia felt a sudden surge of guilt, but suppressed it. She was just following the Doctor’s advice.

“I wasn’t ignoring you Bella, you just keep very odd hours.”

“Uh huh. Well anyway, what did you want? Have you come to tell me off for not being a total square again?”

Mia was regretting this. She should have listened to Doctor Stewart. Doctor Stewart has our best interests in mind. She wanted to hit herself for being so stupid.

“Mia, I need to know if, um,” she said, then paused.

“Yes? Need to know what?”

“If you’ve been having… relations with one of my coworkers.”

Isabella’s face shifted gears from “pretend hurt” to “devious smile”. Mia shrank. Before Isabella had spoken, Mia already had the answer she was looking for.

“Mmm, yeah, James. He was a lot of fun.” She held up her hands an extremely exaggerated distance apart. “Huge cock, god. Why, did he want to stop by again? I’d love to see him.”

“Woah woah woah, way too much information, first of all.”

“Oh god, here we go. Ok.”

Secondly, why the hell would you do that? You know I don’t approve of your little dalliances but surely you know it could cause me problems at work if it got out…”

“If what got out? That I, an adult, had consensual sex with another adult? That sounds like none of anybody’s business. And if you weren’t such a sex-negative bore maybe you’d realise that.”

Mia was reaching the boiling point.

“Well if you weren’t such a slut maybe I wouldn’t need to worry so much! It’s already started a rumour that I was having an affair with him. Me!”

Isabella giggled, which just made Mia even angrier.

“This is serious, Bella! If you keep doing this and people keep talking, my job could be on the line. You know, the thing that pays for the roof above our heads?”

She went quiet.

“That’s what I thought. Now look, I’ve been speaking with the Doctor, and I really am trying to be more patient with you. But I need you to agree that you’re not going to bring home anyone from work again, ok?”

Isabella was a blank slate. She nodded passively.

“Sure, whatever. It won’t happen again.”

Mia exhaled.

“Thank you.”

“Who was spreading the rumour, anyway?”

“Just some guy from work. Lives across the street apparently.”

Isabella raised an eyebrow.

“No! Don’t you even think about it.”

“I already said I wouldn't! Cross my heart and hope to die.”

Anna looked at the clock and groaned. It wasn’t that she had a philosophical objection to not doing work, it was just that on the quiet days, time passed far too slowly. She opened her E-mails, scrolled up and down the list a few times, then clicked on “send-receive” twenty or thirty times. She alt-tabbed back into the spreadsheet she kept on hand in case somebody walked past. I’m not deliberately skiving off, she reminded herself. It’s just a slow week! Still, she knew that it looked bad to be seen not working, regardless of the context.

After making sure the coast was clear, she picked up her phone and decided to check through her notifications. She smiled when she saw a few more likes on the beach photos from the weekend. She opened the camera app and tried out a few different poses. Bored? Sultry? Eww that lighting. She angled around for a moment but couldn’t get anything she was happy with.

She was suddenly struck by an odd thought – I should see if that psychologist guy has a website. She had agreed to see him after all, and she hated calling people. She checked over her shoulder again to make sure nobody was about to sneak up behind her, then opened the browser on her phone.

What was the name again? She was pleasantly surprised when the whole thing popped into her head. Doctor Nicholas J. Stewart. She still wasn’t totally sure about this whole thing, but what could one session hurt? Hell, enough of these and she’d basically be set for her next pay increment without having to go to any workshops or seminars. Skipping out on work hours for a chat sounded pretty great. She could just yak about any old bullshit and he’d sit there nodding and taking notes or something.

The Doctor’s web-presence wasn’t hard to find, although it was just a really basic page hosted on social media. Opening hours, phone contact and all that. Nothing but five star reviews. She went hunting for a moment and was rewarded with the “contact on messenger” button. Bingo.

“Hi, I was told to get in touch about some counselling sessions. Mia said she’d set up some kind of agreement for me. Do you happen to know anything about that?”

A minute later, she got a response.

“Hi Anna, this is Doctor Stewart speaking,” the message read. She suddenly felt more relaxed. She patiently waited until the Doctor Nicholas J. Stewart is typing message was replaced with the followup. “Yes, Mia spoke to me yesterday about you. My understanding is the business will be taking care of all payments, so really it’s just a matter of availability. What time would suit you?”

She flicked through her mental calendar for a moment. Most days other than Mondays were probably suitable, as long as there were no team meetings. She picked a day at random.

“Would Tuesday next week be ok? I’m pretty flexible as to the hour.”

“Tuesday’s full up, I’m afraid,” he replied. “What about something sooner? I’ve just had a cancellation, would today be too short notice?”

She paused. She hadn’t been expecting to go to one of these so soon, but she couldn’t really think of a good reason not to, considering how light her workload was.

“Sure, I could do today.”

The Doctor reacted to her post – a thumbs-up. She always thought the sound effect for reactions was a little strange – a tiny little popping sound that seemed to have been chosen almost at random. But as it played then, she felt good. Really good. The Doctor had liked what she’d written. She felt warm, tingly, safe.

“Excellent. Would 4pm suit?”

It took her a moment to respond, as she was still stuck in the earlier moment.

“Yes,” she said. “I’ll see you there.”

Pop. The doctor gave another thumbs-up on her message, and she shuddered as another surge of warmth passed through her. As the feeling passed, she stared at the messenger window, hoping that he might ask her another question, but nothing came. She sighed and put her phone down.

The next few hours were torturous – she checked her phone at every silent buzz, only to be subtly let down when it was just her friend, or a software update, or a push notification for her video subscriptions.

At twenty to four, Anna sprung up out of her chair, bags packed and ready to go. The practice wasn’t far away, but Anna was extremely eager to get there. The map had told her it would only take nine minutes, but she didn’t want to get caught out by parking.

The building was a little older, but obviously well maintained. The entrance to the practice was a door off the second floor corridor and the sign couldn’t be missed. Anna brushed her hand along the wooden door-frame. It reminded her of home. There were other things on her mind, though. She stepped on through.

“Hello!” came a soft but very enthusiastic voice from behind a small desk, before Anna had finished processing the room. It had come from a rather short woman with dark hair and extremely professional looking business attire. Much more professional than what Anna was wearing, certainly.

“Um Hi, I’m-”

“Anna! Yes, yes, I have you on the books right here,” she said. “Well not the books, you know. The computer,” she said.

Anna let out a small, nervous laugh.

“I’m Grace, Grace Choi,” she continued. She paused in a way that made Anna think she was going to keep going, but did not. Anna realised she was waiting for her to speak.

“Uh, nice to meet you Grace. Should I just wait over there,” she said, pointing out into the waiting room, “or can I head straight on in?”

Grace’s demeanour changed instantly. She stood up out of her chair and moved in front of the door to Doctor Stewart’s office. She looked distant, and maybe a little frightened.

“He’s with another patient right now. Doctor Stewart would be very disappointed in me if I let anybody interrupt him.”

Anna repeated the same nervous laugh.

“Oh no worries, I’ll just take a seat, yeah?”

“Great, I’ll let you know when he’s ready to see you,” she said, suddenly all sunshine and roses again.

Five minutes later, she was summoned. She smiled at Grace as she walked over. Doctor Stewart opened the door, and a tall middle aged woman walked out. She looked very tired, but had the remnants of a cheeky smile on her face. Her eyes looked straight through Anna, like she wasn’t there at all.

“Grace, could you be a dear and book in another session, same time next week?”

“I won’t let you down, Doctor,” she said. She looked deathly serious again. What a wierdo, Anna thought. The woman pulled a purse out of her bag and reached for a credit card.

“Hey, you must be Anna,” Doctor Stewart said. Anna turned away from the reception desk and saw that he had a hand outstretched in front of her.

“Pleased to meet you Doctor,” she replied. Anna took a step forward and shook his hand just like her father had taught her. He was a salesman, and was always telling her about how important first impressions were. I’ve never met Doctor Stewart before, she thought to herself.

“Oh, firm handshake, I like that,” he said.

Anna felt the sensation rush through her again. She gasped slightly, then realised she needed to maintain her composure in public.

“Are you ok?” the Doctor said.

“Oh yeah, I feel great,” she said. It wasn’t a lie. She felt delightful, since after all, Doctor Stewart liked what she’d done.

“Well that’s a good start then. Why don’t you come in?”

Doctor Stewart shut the door behind her as she walked through. The office was quite lovely and surprisingly spacious. The couch was exactly what she expected to see from a therapists office, like something straight out of a movie. Doctor Stewart sat down in an expensive looking leather chair behind a relatively high desk. It definitely looked like somebody could crawl under there. She took her seat opposite the Doctor in a much less elaborate office chair. The far wall was covered by windows, but the blinds were closed.

“Now, Anna, do you remember what we spoke about the other day?”

“What do you mean? This is the first time we’ve met, Doctor.” She was very confused as to why he was asking such strange questions, but she was completely sure of it.

“That’s good, Anna, I like that.” Her confusion gave way to pleasure, pure and simple. In the Doctor’s presence, for some reason she didn’t feel the need to stifle her moan.

“Now, if you don’t mind,” he continued, “since this is our first session, I’d like to focus on making you feel comfortable and relaxed. Why don’t you take a seat on the couch.”

Anna turned around, but wasn’t sure if it was a good idea. She’d feel pretty exposed there. He’d have a perfect view of her side profile and she was wearing a fairly tight dress today. She giggled nervously.

“Um, I’m pretty comfortable here actually,” she said.

“I’d really like it if you did, Anna.”

She admitted, the couch did have a certain appeal to it. And he would like it if she did lie on it…

“Oh well, I guess it couldn’t hurt,” she said, then giggled softly again.

She walked over and took a seat on the couch. As she did all remaining doubts were washed away under a sea of calm and pleasure. She smiled stupidly.

“Oh, I’d like it if you took your shoes off for the couch, please,” he said. She wasn’t even thinking anymore. Her heels made a sound as they struck the floor, and she fell further into bliss as her body took up it’s position, stretched out along the couch, feet dangling over the edge.

“Very good, Anna, you’re doing great,” said the Doctor. He was standing over her now, but she hadn’t noticed him getting up. He gazed up and down her body, but she didn’t care anymore.

“Would you mind if I did something to help you relax more, Anna?”

Anna didn’t want to think, but she made an effort because he might like it if she did.

“Um, that sounds ok,” she said.

She felt the Doctor’s hands on her feet, and gasped. He applied pressure firmly on the muscles between the toes, and her feet curled up in response.

“You’re doing great, Anna,” he said. “As I work my way down your feet and relax each muscle, I want you to start floating. Do you remember how to float for me, Anna?”

“Yes…” she managed. His hands felt incredible as they continued their massage.

“That’s so wonderful. Once you’re ready, once you’ve fallen down deeper and deeper into relaxation, we need to have another talk. About the things that make you happy. About your need for approval.”

While the Doctor was always right and could be trusted, Mia did feel a lot better for having that talk. If Bella could just keep her knickers on, the rumours at work would surely die down, especially now that she’d corrected Adam about the totally preposterous idea that she would ever have an affair with somebody from work.

Thus it was that days passed without indecent. No knowing looks, no finger guns, and nothing out of the ordinary. She got on with all her normal daily tasks – checking through reports, sorting resumes, dealing with that situation regarding the superannuation fund, trying to figure out the relationship status of the more vulnerable and attractive young women in the company and so on.

On Friday, just as she was about to take her salad to the lunch room, she heard a knock at the door.

“Come in,” she said.

It wasn’t somebody she was expecting to see again anytime soon.

“Um, hey,” said Adam, who still looked like he was reeling from their last chat. He walked through the frame and shut the door behind him. “Do you mind if I take a seat?”

“Not at all,” she said, feeling subtly nervous for reasons she couldn’t quite pinpoint.

He sat down and pulled the seat in close to the desk. He looked like he wanted to say something, but instead sat in silence for a few moments before Mia just couldn’t take it anymore.

“So, can I help you with something?”

“I’m um…”


“I’m… I just wanted to apologise once again. For the other day.”

Mia leaned back and held up one hand.

“No need. I can tell you’re sorry and I know this won’t happen again.”

“Of course Ma’am.”

“So, was there any thing else?”

Another silence followed. Mia was just about ready to shoe his awkward arse out the door when he finally took in a deep breath and spoke.

“Yeah. Yeah there is something else. I’m looking for a lady in the streets.”

Isabella leaned forward in the chair and smiled at Adam.

“And a freak between the sheets?” She winked.

Adam was wearing his best poker face.

“Well don’t worry, you’ve found me,” Bella continued.

She stood up and crawled over the desk, knocking down the VOIP phone and a small pile of papers on the way. Adam receded back slightly, legs pushing the chair back but unable to make it far. His expression was starting to slip.

“There’s no need to be nervous, I won’t bite,” she said as she dropped down in front of him. She continued the forward momentum all the way onto his lap, where she could definitely feel a bulge in his pants. She moved her lips close up to his ear. “Unless you want me to…”

“Oh my god, it worked? This is this really happening?”

It sure is tiger, as long as you brought the money…

Adam pulled away.

“The money?”

Isabella frowned.

“Didn’t James explain the rules to you? Look, Adam, I like you,” she said as her hand grabbed the bulge and squeezed gently. “But if you don’t pay, then I can’t play. And I really want to play with you.” She moved her hand a little bit to emphasise the point.

Adam let out an almost inaudible moan.

“Oh fuck. How much do you want?”

Bella thought for a moment. She reached into his pocket with her free hand, and pulled out his wallet.

“How much have you got?” She started thumbing through it.

“Uh, I don’t think I have much in there. I don’t suppose you take card?”

Careful not to stop rubbing against his cock, she managed with a great feat of dexterity to pull out a twenty dollar note and a condom.

“It’ll do for now,” she said. “But you’ll owe me.” She unzipped the fly on his trousers and fished his cock out with her hand. “I just want you to do one little favour for me.”

“Oh Christ, yes, anything...”

It was a little on the smaller side, but not too bad. Isabella had never met a cock she didn’t like. She discarded the wallet to the side, put one hand on the base and started gently stroking up and down. Ever the expert, she made a show of licking up the length of his cock, then used her teeth to rip open the packet.

Applying protection wasn’t sexy, and for some men it kinda killed the mood. Bella always used protection with her customers, though, and there were ways you can make putting it on pleasurable, like some kind of sex ritual.

“Looks like you’re in luck today, mister,” she said, rolling it down the length. “Because this means you get to fuck me properly”.

Adam’s rational brain had checked out of the building. He grunted a semi-coherent response as Bella swallowed the length deep into her throat.


Bella took her time working Adam into a frenzy. She explored all over and noted his reactions. When she was satisfied that he was ready, she hopped on top and took him inside slowly. She did so enjoy her job.

In Bella’s opinion, the better part of sex was psychological. For her customers, Bella enjoying herself was a key component in them enjoying the act. There were obvious exceptions, but whatever the case Bella always did her best to really seem like she was getting into it, even when they weren’t very good. She was pleased to discover that spite of his timidness, she didn’t have to pretend this time.

“Oh fuck me, yeah just like that!” she shouted.

When she started to get bored they reconfigured, and Adam had her bent over the desk from his side. She gasped and moaned even louder as the strokes became shorter and faster.


Adam stole a few glances at the door, but was too far gone to let his worries overpower the moment. She was confident that people in the surrounding offices could hear her, but the Doctor wasn’t here to tell her off this time. She revelled in how bad it all was. But she wasn’t done yet.

“I’m close, I’m close…”

She pulled out, much to his momentary displeasure, then in full pornstar style she dropped to her knees and started stroking him again. He barely skipped a beat. She started pulling the condom off.

“I’m coming…”

She was grateful that he gave enough warning to target it properly. She took the load all over her face, grinning ear to ear. Some of it went into her mouth, and she swallowed immediately. A little got in her hair, although she was fairly skilled at avoiding that.

“Holy shit, Mia,” said Adam, breathing heavily. “Holy fucking shit! We just...”

Fuck yeah we did,” she said, then slapped him on the arse. He laughed through ragged breath.

Careful to disturb as little of the cum on her face as she could, she reached into her bag on the side of the desk and pulled out Mia’s phone. She unlocked it, then opened the camera app.

“Now, Adam,” she began. She looked him in the eyes. “About that favour...”

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