Hypnovember 2022

Day 1: Slutification

by ellaenchanting

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Bizarro Slutification and Poor Repressed Librarians

Hypnovember Day 1: Slutification

Katherine covertly studied her new coworker across the library. Brenda was so quiet and introverted that it felt almost obtrusive to notice her at all. Her shapeless, high collared blouse and long, ankle-length skirt seemed designed to present her as uninterestingly as possible- like an old stereotype of the matronly librarian. She was friendly enough- she'd always smile and say hi to Katherine when she started her day- but she was distant. Instead of making conversation like Katherine's other coworkers, Brenda walked around with headphones on, occasionally muttering a word or two under her breath. She often seemed like she was in a world of her own.

Katherine didn't take Brenda's actions personally. In fact, she felt a little badly for her. She wasn't sure what Brenda's particular religious deal was, but she guessed whatever elders she had would not approve of how flustered Brenda got every time an attractive patron spoke to her or how she would sneakily check them out moments after modestly ducking her gaze downwards. Since she didn't wear makeup, there was also nothing to disguise her frequent, deep blushing from any inquiring eye. She was clearly a hot mess. Katherine wondered if she was even aware of it.

It must be hard to be that repressed, Katherine thought to herself. I wonder if she's even been kissed yet.

A quick fantasy of grabbing Brenda and kissing her right there in the stacks flashed in Katherine's brain.

She shook her head to dislodge it.

Let it go, she told herself. Brenda's sweet. Don't be a slut.


Brenda snapped out of her reverie. Someone was watching her.

At least, she thought someone was watching her. She could always feel eyes on her now- eyes undressing her and assessing her and moving around her curves. Whether the gazes were real or just suggested made no difference, really. The feeling of being watched stayed with her, tightly tying embarrassment and arousal together, twining around and around her until she couldn't tell the difference between the two.

"You love being watched," the voice in her headphones said, repeating commands that played in a constant daily loop. "Any gaze is a touch, teasing you all day".

Brenda took a deep breath and enjoyed the way her blouse lightly tickled over her chest. It was so sensitive now. She was so weak to all the little sensations that her clothes could give her- clothes that covered and rubbed up against her all day long. She only needed to focus inward to feel her skirt brushing against her long legs, her naked thighs squeezing together, and her panties pressing against her cunt. It was a symphony of sensations, one that she would drown in if she wasn't careful.

Of course, that's why her Mistress had given her a strict clothing protocol. She was becoming too turned on, too slutty now to dress like a regular woman anymore. Her arousal was pouring out of her to the point where nearly everyone could tell what she really was if she gave away any clues. A disguise was needed so she could function in public. After all, if she didn't hide her sensitive breasts, people would come and grope them until she whimpered and begged. If she didn't hide her shapely ass, people would pinch and grab it all day. If she didn't cover herself up from head to toe, people would see all the dirty things Mistress had written on her body the night before: "Pervert" "Brainless Whore" "Tease Toy" "Use Me" How could anyone resist her if they knew what a slut she was?

And of course, Brenda did not have permission to have sex with random people in public. They also didn't have Mistress's permission to touch her. But Mistress wanted her weak and desperate and thus Brenda could indulge in fantasies as much as her slutty brain could handle. In fact, Mistress loved to have Brenda come home and tell her all about her perverted daydreams. If she had a particularly hot idea, she was even allowed to call Mistress during the day and edge herself over the phone to her own breathy descriptions- provided no one else was near the staff bathroom to catch her.

On impulse, Brenda turned around and met the eyes staring back at her.

It was her coworker Katherine.

Immediately, Brenda's dirty mind filled with possibilities.

Katherine ripping off Brenda's top, forcing her to read and explain the slurs written on her arms

Katherine reaching under her skirt, reaching higher and higher to check how wet Brenda was

Being on her knees under Katherine's library desk, licking Katherine's pussy while she read some trashy erotica

Brenda blushed and looked down.

It looked like she would need to take her first bathroom break a little early today.

Well- maybe she could wait until after she finished shelving the Cs.

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