Magical Charm & Demonic Fun

by elizzyviolet

Tags: #cw:noncon #demon #dom:female #f/m #fantasy #pov:bottom #sub:male #outdoors #reluctance #seduction #succubus #supernatural #teasing

A devilishly fun creature seduces a young male hiker with the help of a little magic. This is one of the first stories I wrote; enjoy!

Grant continued walking through the forest with the loose straps of his backpack hanging on his shoulders. He briefly paused and closed his eyes, admiring the crisp sunset air. From the spot miles outside of town, he had ventured far out enough into the woods to call it proper wilderness. It was his first time hiking. He had wanted to try it out for some time, but with work and all, only now did he finally have the time to do it.

Some time later, Grant grew exhausted. When dusk came, Grant decided that he would take a rest for the night at the first available opportunity, one soon provided by a plain clearing with short, dry grass and little other foliage. It was the perfect place to set up camp. Soon, he had a small fire going, his sleeping bag prepared, and he had brushed his teeth. He put on a fresh set of sleeping clothes, slipped into the warmth of his sleeping bag, and took a well deserved rest.

He awoke hours later, long after the fire had faded to embers, to a faint giggling noise. From the ground, he looked in the moonlit darkness and turned his head: nothing. But then there was another sound, like a woman was whispering out there somewhere. Given the clarity and volume, there was no doubt in his mind that this sound was real. He shuffled out of his bag and looked around while rummaging for his flashlight. "Is someone there?" he said while standing up.

"Over here," a relaxing, feminine voice echoed from his right, this time louder. It didn't sound like anyone he knew. He walked carefully ahead and found himself at the edge of the clearing. "Don't be shy," the voice echoed from ahead. Grant wondered who was behind the voice as he stepped through the forest, pressing forward. Another hiker?

Soon, his flashlight fell upon an open patch of grass surrounded by a circular cluster of trees, the trunks close enough to barely permit entry and the central clearing itself only large enough to accommodate a few tents, of which there were none. There was a single fallen log on one side of the clearing. The canopy above parted in the center, allowing the full moon to shine through across almost the entire clearing. He squeezed through and walked to the middle. "Hello?" he shouted. There was no reply, and the first sweep of his flashlight fell upon nothing.

And then he turned around for the second sweep. Directly in front of him, standing in the darkness at the edge of the clearing where he entered, was a tall, beautiful woman in lingerie, smiling at him. He jumped in surprise and kept her in his flashlight's view. The first features he noticed were her large, lightly tanned breasts, held in firmly by a black, lacy bra. She was slender, but not unreasonably so. Then he gazed upon her legs, adorned in black nylon stockings and ending in short, black leather boots. Frilled black panties hugged her waist. To Grant, her form was beautiful in every way. Her blue eyes shone brilliantly and seemed to demand his attention, and her golden hair flowed down past her shoulders.

However, she had stranger features too. On her forehead were two small, white horns, pointing upwards. She took a step forward into the moonlight, which glistened off of her two folded leathery wings. The light also shone on her long black tail, the heart shaped tip of which was waving in the air behind her. Grant was equal parts captivated and terrified, and his face showed it.

"Need a minute to take it in?" She said in a sultry voice.

"Who... what... who are you?" Grant managed to speak, as his hand trembled and the cone of his flashlight wavered.

She smirked and slowly walked towards him, her welcoming hips swaying back and forth. "Nymlia. And it's nice to meet you too. Name?"

"I, uh, Grant," he stuttered. "What—"

"—Great name! Now put that flashlight down and take off your clothes," she cheerfully said.

"Seriously? What the hell..." He was at a loss for words. Not only that, he felt a strange temptation to do as she said, one he resisted.

She giggled. "Just what do you think I'm here for? I guess you'll need some convincing." There was a warm feeling in his crotch. Her figure, and those draconic features, combined with those words, her eyes, and her sultry voice: they influenced him in ways he had not thought possible. He took no action, even as she came close enough for him to smell her faint, flowery perfume. His heartbeat quickened. His cock began to grow erect. She lifted one arm from her side and reached for his chest, and he began to backpedal but quickly found his back pressed up against a wide tree trunk.

She slipped a hand through the collar of his shirt and gently scratched his warm chest, sending erotic shivers through his body. Grant knew he should do something, but at the same time, didn't quite want to. She was just too charming. And he stood still against the tree, mesmerized by the sexy creature's light touch. Then she stared into his eyes and took his gaze. He could not think of a single thing to say as she gazed into his eyes, and he stared back.

For a moment they stood together, her eyes locked with his as she rubbed his chest and very slowly pulled his shirt upwards, sending waves of excitement through his body. He knew exactly what Nymlia wanted. And despite some of his prudish thoughts which objected to it, he ultimately wanted it too, and so without a word he turned off his flashlight and dropped it on the ground. After his eyes adjusted, the moonlight was bright enough anyway to see her figure in full. She removed her hand as he lifted his shirt away for her and threw it to the side, exposing his chest to the cool yet pleasant air which sent another tingling shiver throughout his body.

Nymlia's sultry smile registered at the edge of his narrow gaze. Those eyes seemed enchanting to him, like hypnotic pools of deep water. Nymlia reached for his pants and began to work on them. Grant needed to take no action but step out when she lowered them for him, and his pants too were tossed away.

And now nude except for socks and underwear, Grant watched as Nymlia reciprocated the act. She closed her eyes for a moment and reached behind her back. While her eyes were shut, Grant couldn't help but gaze at her stunning breasts and her perky nipples the moment her bra fell to the ground. "Give them a little touch, will you?" he was asked. He lightly stroked each breast with one hand, feeling and patting every inch of her sensitive chest. Her tail and wings shuddered as his fingers gently caressed each nipple for the first time. Nymlia stroked his in return and Grant was even more turned on. His cock was fully erect, barely constrained by his gray boxers.

And as they stood there, her eyes still closed, and both of them playing with each other's chests, Grant began to feel his common sense return. He was not yet cognizant of the fact that the gaze of her eyes had numbed his will, or that fooling around with some strange woman in a forest could be a bad idea. As he pinched and tugged her nipples and she, eyes still closed, playfully stroked his, he had a vague sense of uneasiness. But then she opened her eyes again and the feeling was smothered. Their moist lips connected, and Grant tasted a faint hint of vanilla on her tongue. The flat side of her horns pressed just above his forehead as they maintained the kiss.

They wrapped their arms around each other and embraced for what felt like ages as Grant's cock desperately wanted to escape its restraints, and Nymlia's point blank gaze cemented her grip over Grant's mind. Grant stroked Nymlia's shiny, bat-like wings, and with a gust of air, they flared out to their full width. She shivered in delight. Nymlia pressed her face and body harder into his and made out more vigorously, violating his mouth with her tongue. Grant felt her thighs rub against his crotch, only intensifying his arousal. And now that her hold was ensured, Nymlia decided it was time for other kinds of fun. She stepped back and Grant willingly released his grip from her sides, wanting more pleasure, more excitement.

"Your underwear. Hand it to me," Nymlia commanded. And he stepped forward and did so. She threw it to the side like all his other clothes with the exception of his fresh pair of socks. His cock hung straight out with a single bead of liquid hanging from the tip. "Hold still and watch," she ordered. Grant stood perfectly still, his eyes following her figure as she turned around, freeing his gaze for a moment, and teasingly traveled to the other side of the clearing, showing off her legs and leathery tail and wings. He stared at her gorgeous lingerie adorned thighs and hips, and at her long tail which slowly waved through the air. And at the other side of the clearing, she turned around once again, ensnaring his gaze once more with her eyes. She returned to Grant, gently cupping her jiggling breasts in her hands.

Grant held motionless as she stopped a few feet away. As soon as she spread her legs to the sides, underwear still concealing her warm center, a drop of Grant's precum fell to the grass below. Nymlia tugged lightly at her panties, but did not pull them away yet. Grant was teased as he helplessly stared into her eyes, seeing her sultry acts only in his peripheral vision. She closed her eyes, permitting Grant to view freely once again as she slowly slid her panties off of her waist. They soon came off completely and were left on the forest floor. She sat down on a fallen log and spread her legs, revealing the wet insides he desperately craved. Nymlia smiled: not that he noticed, anyway. She let him have a good, long look before opening her eyes again, standing up, and taking his gaze.

"I suppose we're done with the teasing," Nymlia said. "Lay down on the ground," she commanded, pointing to the brightest patch of moonlight in the center of the clearing. He obeyed eagerly, quickly lying down on the spot without saying a word, feeling the cool, soft grass hug his back and legs. She walked once around his body before positioning her legs on either side of him and hovering her wet pussy over his dripping, vertical cock. Her tail and wings gently fluttered. His cock twitched. Grant clenched in lustful anticipation. And then, she plunged her welcoming pussy onto his cock. He felt her wet warmth envelop and stimulate his entire head and shaft. Knees firmly planted to the ground on either side of his body, she began to ride him, up and down, back and forth, putting Grant in a haze of pleasure. Nymlia pressed her chest and body down onto his and kept moving her hips. She began to kiss him in their act of passion, and Grant reciprocated in his trance.

Soon, Nymlia lifted her lips from his mouth. "Hmm... Maybe I'll just get rid of that little spell for a bit so I can see your reaction..." She pushed on his chest with one hand and with her other, she snapped her fingers. Her blue eyes quickly faded to red, and Grant was now significantly more aware of his situation and of the hypnotic gaze she used.

"What... what the..." he nervously said, fully remembering everything he had done for her. Grant tried to push her away, but she grasped his arms and pinned him down with supernatural force as her moist center stimulated his cock. Her thighs kept his from moving, and his movements with his lower legs were fruitless. She seemed to enjoy it.

Nymlia moaned and smiled as she moved back and forth on his cock. "And not once did you figure the eye trick out before now. Oh well, you're my prey now, you're not escaping. Just because I stopped taking your will with my eyes doesn't mean you won't be a brainless heap by the end of this. Succubus pussy does do that, after all. Don't worry, if you didn't already deeply want to do it, you wouldn't have even fallen under my spell to begin with." Grant tried to move away from her but felt that each lunge and push he made to get away was weaker than the last. He felt tired already, and his thoughts began to haze. She moaned as she gyrated on his now near bursting cock.

"What are you doing?" he said, in recognition of the draining effect Nymlia had on him.

She moaned out an explanation. "Just, mmm, draining all the energy out of you. But there's no harm to you. Fear is normal for a man like yourself unaccustomed to the intricacies of a creature like me; there's no need for it though, you can simply let yourself melt in the enjoyment while I take what I need." He kept squirming but could barely move now, and his thoughts began to quickly fade away.

One of his remaining thoughts was that maybe he should just stop struggling and let it all happen. It was not any form of mind control, but rather, a natural consequence of being ridden by a woman as sexy as her. As he stopped his thrashing and instead focused on thrusting upwards with the energy he had left, Nymlia stopped bothering to pin him down and started to rub her chest against his, still moving her flexible hips. "That's better." He barely managed to squirm, no longer in struggle but rather in pleasure now, as Nymlia gasped. She rode him harder. Nymlia moaned louder. Her slippery pussy tightened around his shaft, and her stocking covered thighs moved against his skin as she rode her prey, draining his energy from both mind and body. Given the moans, the act was no doubt enjoyable for her. Grant could barely think of anything other than simple ideas and emotions as she moved on him. Pleasure, thrill, and lust dominated his mind.

Nymlia righted herself and rubbed her clit with one hand. She moaned louder as she thrusted herself up and down, taking full advantage of the opportunity to please herself. Her breasts bounced and jiggled and swayed as she rode him. Grant had been held at near climax for almost a minute now—her magic demanded it—and it was showing. He started to sweat profusely despite being next to naked in the cool night weather. And although he could no longer move, paralyzed by her sweet, dripping pussy, his breath and heartbeat quickened even more.

As the last of his energy left his body, taken by Nymlia, she moaned, softly, then loudly, culminating in a lustful scream from the pleasure of her fingers, his cock, and the delicious theft of his very essence. Her pussy clenched around his shaft, over and over, as she screamed in orgasmic pleasure, thrusting her hips and fingering her clit in ecstasy. Her wings shuddered and her tail waved energetically through the air behind her. Grant could hold it in no longer as he came into her inviting, quivering lips, as they sucked everything he had. She gleefully smiled. His one remaining feeling was of erotic bliss. Nothing spilled out of her lips, it was all absorbed by her. And he kept coming, longer than he would have thought possible if he could think. They shared the blissful moment, seductress and mindless toy coming as one as her pussy sucked his cum and the very last bits of his mind away: except for the pleasure. And then she began to quiet down and slow her movement. He was spent and she had taken everything she wanted. They held still for a moment, enjoying the afterglow. Without even the slightest thought or opinion on the matter other than a wave of pure bliss, Grant felt her pussy slide off of his drained cock.

Still on top of him, she leaned in close to his ears. "Oh. I think I broke you." she giggled. "No matter. You'll be functional in the morning." She tilted his head towards her own with one hand. "It was a good ride, don't you think? Sweet dreams, Grant," she said as she kissed his lips one last time, instantly sending him into a deep sleep.

Grant woke up, tired, hungry, and foggy. The sun was out and his exposed body shivered. Nymlia was nowhere in sight. He did his best to stand up, and went to gather his clothing, shaking from the memories of the blissful sex he had with the seductive, devilish creature. He got back to his campsite and did his best to clean himself up. Then he noticed a little wooden basket by the burnt out campfire. Inside were two iced cinnamon rolls, a napkin with a red lipstick kiss on it, and a handwritten note in delicate cursive writing.

"Hey," it read. "I just wanted to thank you for last night, so I brought you these. There's no reason I should be the only one walking away with a little something. And if you just loved the things we did last night, maybe we can meet again sometime for another visit from your local succubus. Warmest regards, Nymlia."

Grant put on his clothes and then tasted a cinnamon roll. It was delicious, fresh, and still warm. It definitely beat the granola bars he packed. He figured now was a good time to head home, and as he packed up his belongings, thoughts of the amazing night before echoed through his mind, and despite his initial reluctance, he wished he could do it all again.


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