An Elf's Hypnotic Brew

by elizzyviolet

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/m #humiliation #pov:top #sub:male #coffee #comedy #cunnilingus #drugging #elf #fantasy #magic #reluctance

In the fantasy city of Tarabat, an elf coffee shop owner experiences a few mishaps and accidentally hypnotizes a male customer. She soon discovers her own sadistic side…

The Honeyrose Coffeehouse was quiet today, and Ashryn, owner and sole employee, was disappointed by the unusual emptiness. There were... ten or so customers total all day? It was already three in the afternoon. She sat on her stool behind the polished wood counter and skimmed her new cookbook to fill time.

It felt a lot more lively when the warmly lit interior of the small shop was filled with people, and the profits were even more welcome. For now, she switched between reading and peeking out the window to check for customers.

Given how her coffeehouse was next to two popular bookstores, there was usually a lot of business. Ashryn probed her mind to try and recall any town events or festivals that could be happening today, but found nothing. The people in the city of Tarabat were big fans of hot and cold drinks, so there were far more bars and coffee shops than usual for a city of fifteen thousand people. Maybe someone was giving out free coffee down the street; she made a note to ask the next person who came in about it.

The bell on the back door suddenly rang; the coffee shipment wasn't due to arrive for a few hours, so she had no idea what it was. She took a quick glance to make sure nobody was coming, then darted into the storeroom.

The storeroom was a bit smaller than the front of the shop, and the staircase to the side led up to her second story apartment. The room itself was full of bags of ingredients, containers of milk, and a huge half-empty sack of coffee beans. She adjusted her green apron and white dress shirt, looked in the mirror above the sink to make sure her blonde hair was orderly, and then opened the back door.

Ashryn thought she heard some skittering when she opened the door. There was nothing unusual except for a basket on the brick-paved ground with a lumpy blue sack inside. This definitely wasn't the coffee shipment, or if it was, it was the wrong order.

She picked up the sack and gave it a shake; those were definitely coffee beans inside. In the basket, underneath where the sack was, there was a parchment note. She picked it up.

Dear customer: Enjoy your order of mind-melting coffee!

There was no labeling whatsoever aside from the note. There were a few coffee suppliers in the area, but none of them used this kind of silk bag. Without an obvious place to return it to, she brought the basket inside, set it on a shelf, and went back to the front counter.

The bell on the front door rang just as Ashryn sat down, and she stood with excitement as a customer walked inside. He was a short, black-haired human man holding a cheap romance book, and looked to be a bit over twenty. He was kind of cute; that silver moon necklace of his looked great with the simple blue shirt, his fuzzy jacket, and those nice shoulders...

He did also look tired; maybe he just needed something to get him past the three in the afternoon slump.

"Welcome to the Honeyrose Coffeehouse! What can I get for you?"

"I was planning on sitting down and reading for a while, so I think I'll start off with a... large coffee."

"Need any cream or sugar?"

"Oh! A lot of both, please."

"No problem! I'll brew you a fresh cup: just let me grab some beans out of the back."

She went into the storeroom as he took a seat in the front. Ashryn heard scuttling coming from the big sack of beans... It was the scuttling of a small, dirty creature.

Ashryn: "Ah! No!"

She darted towards the bag and opened it up. As expected, a ten inch giant weevil was gorging himself on coffee beans. The cute insect looked up at her with guilty eyes and stuffed cheeks.

She grabbed the weevil; he didn't resist as she tossed the little guy out the back door, closing it behind her. Coffee was somewhat of an insecticide, but city bugs were built differently; he would be fine.

However, now Ashryn had another problem. Her whole stock of beans was contaminated, and she didn't have time to wash them. Regret set in as she wished she had bought multiple varieties instead of just one generic bean type...

The blue silk bag tantalized her from its spot on the shelf. She thought about it. If someone came by to explain the mishap and ask for the bag back, they would understand the situation. Why not?

She emerged with the blue bag in hand.

"Sorry about that!" she said. "Had a little incident back there."

"It's fine! I'll be here for a while." He adjusted his seat and started reading.

The beans smelled normal as she was grinding them into a powder. Then she started to brew the coffee; as she poured hot water over the filter, a curious smell rose from the coffee; it was the smell of... dreams? How was that possible? Dreams didn't have a smell, but at the same time, this was definitely it.

Ashryn decided she was just imagining things. She added the cream and sugar, then emerged from behind the counter to hand him his coffee. She placed the ceramic mug on the table, and joy spread through his face.

"First time here?" Ashryn asked.

"Actually, yeah, I've been in town for a few months, but I only just now decided to check out this place. And later today, I was going to go on a vacation with my girlfriend, but, well, I got dumped again. Third girlfriend to dump me this year..."

"Oh! I'm so sorry."

"It's fine. I usually just go to the nearest coffee shop and read a romance book for a while. That helps me get over it."

She looked at the cover of his romance book: Charmed by the Fey Queen was not a story she was familiar with, but she guessed it was one of those raunchier romances. It was probably best not to ask too much about it. She wondered how many other romance books were written about the mysterious fey creatures living in the secluded parts of the world.

"Hopefully things get better for you soon. Let me know if you need anything!"

She returned to the counter and cleaned up a bit. The smell of dreams still radiated from the warm coffee filter. She looked over; he was already sipping his coffee, not even caring about the heat. He seemed to enjoy it a lot.

Ashryn would have tasted some of the coffee, had she not already drank three cups this morning. That was her hard limit per day, and she wasn't willing to exceed it.

She looked over; he was drinking and reading at the same time, slowly but continuously sipping his coffee with a glazed look in his eyes. He didn't lower the mug. He slowly, slowly let it flow into his mouth as he swallowed it, tipping the mug up to trickle more in as he drank.

Ashryn remembered the note. Hopefully this coffee wasn't magical... nobody she knew of in hundreds of miles sold magic coffee, but in theory, it was possible to make any kind of drink magic.

The customer's eyes started to emit a faint pink glow. Yep. Definitely magic.

"Hey," she said. He didn't hear her.

She came out from behind the counter and spoke more clearly. "Hello?"

No response. He kept reading, and he was almost done drinking. The last sip of coffee entered his lips before she could swipe the mug from him, so she didn't bother.

"Hello?" she said while waving her hand in front of his face.

What was he reading anyway? She tried to work out exactly what his eyes were staring at, and then she found the passage.

And you, my new servant, shall do your best to pleasure me. Your sole purpose is to serve me, to make me happy, and to exist only for me.

"Yes mistress," The enthralled slave said. Nothing was in his mind except for thoughts of serving her. Every part of him needed to serve. Every part of him needed to obey. He craved her touch, her breasts, her wet warmth...

When the customer's eyes made it to the end of the page, he started to snap back to reality, blink his eyes, and wobble his head. By then, Ashryn was done reading herself.

She looked down. His erection was bulging against his pants. If this coffee hypnotized him, and this was what he was reading...

The customer set his coffee mug down. His eyes still had a pink glow.

He spoke in a quiet, yet distinctly aroused and fluttery voice. "I... I didn't realize you were so beautiful before now... and you've done so much for me... Mistress, let me be your plaything, please..."

"Oh no." Ashryn said. "Oh no..."

Ashryn paced around for a moment as he stared at her large, apron-clad chest. He was completely enthralled with her, and he didn't seem to notice her panic.

"Listen, I, um, this is all wrong, I think I accidentally gave you magic coffee, snap out of it!" she managed to stutter out.

"I can't snap out of my desire to serve," he said. "And I'd never want to."

"I don't even know your name!"

"Please, just take me as your slutty plaything..."

She had to deal with him somehow. If someone else saw this...

"Come into the back room with me," Ashryn said.

He excitedly followed her as she led him into the storage room, carefully looking around to make sure nobody was peeking through the windows. Thankfully, nobody was.

She shut the door behind them and finalized her plan. This would get him out of the way for a while, and hopefully it would do so for long enough to

"Now that we're alone," Ashryn said in the most aroused voice she could muster, "I think I'll let you be my slutty plaything. Stand in that corner over there, right next to the sink."

"Anything for you!" he said as he obeyed.

"Now, what really turns me on... is when cute guys stand in a corner and do absolutely nothing for several hours. So just stand still until I command you to do something else."

"I will, mistress! I'll stand here and think of you... My cock is going to be absolutely leaking precum from all this teasing..."

That was a problem. She didn't want his pants and underwear to be soiled by the time the coffee wore off.

She came up with a solution; it was a humiliating one, but hopefully he wouldn't mind.

"Actually, I don't like it when people ruin the only pair of clothes they have on them. Instead, I want you to strip naked before you start your motionless waiting."

"Yes, mistress!"

He enthusiastically started to take off his clothes. She turned around to give him privacy, but she kept thinking about sneaking a glance...

She eventually relented and looked at him just as he finished getting naked. His bare shoulders looked even better without a shirt covering them, and he had delightfully smooth thighs. His erect cock seemed tantalizing; she didn't plan on doing anything with it, but it wasn't every day that Ashryn snuck a glance at someone's naked body...

More curiosity ran through her. What was in his pockets, anyway? Maybe there was something helpful in there, like some kind of identification or something with his home address on it. Both of them could be useful in an emergency.

Ashryn smiled as she picked up his clothing. "And don't touch anything back here, and don't masturbate or anything. Just stand perfectly still, right there."

"Yes, mistress," he said. Ashryn was impressed by how still he managed to keep himself, but for now, she abandoned him in the back as she took his clothes to the front of the coffee shop.

Thankfully, there weren't any more customers. She used the time to root through his pockets. There were some coins, a paper-wrapped butterscotch hard candy, a lot of lint, some keys, and two crumpled pieces of paper. She unfolded them; the first was a note from apparently his ex-girlfriend.

She looked over the note from his ex-girlfriend first.

Dear Lawrence:

The four short days I spent with you were, at first, some of the best of my life... but holy shit man, get your sex addiction under control! Five times a day is too much for me! I don't want to see you again, especially after today's shitshow where you plowed some orc girl in the butt--yes, I knew about that, and maybe I would have been fine if you had asked, but the fact you went behind my back was awful--and anyway I'm leaving you for that orc girl you cheated on me with, because she's really cute and we really hit it off. Don't talk to me again. I already took my stuff and moved out.

So Lawrence was his name; good to know. And apparently he was ridiculously horny even before the hypnosis, and had terrible impulse control.

The front door bell rang, and Celine, an elf woman who ran the Blood & Hearts Bookstore, burst inside looking exhausted.

"Hey, Celine! How's it going?" Ashryn said.

"Did you get a blue bag delivered? I was supposed to get one in the mail today, but while thinking about it, I think I accidentally wrote down your address instead of mine!"

"Yeah, actually, it's right here." Ashryn picked up the bag and showed it to her. "It was delivered here just a few minutes ago, actually."

"Okay, and I assume nobody drank any of that, right? It's hypnotic coffee I ordered from overseas; I was going to use it to temporarily hypnotize myself to do boring tasks, but since a cup of that lasts exactly two hours and it makes you completely forget everything you did at the end... it would be horrible in the wrong hands!"

"Hang on, you just... forget everything you did once it's over? Everything?"

Very unwelcome ideas started to run through Ashryn's head.

"They couldn't figure out how to get rid of the amnesia part. Anyway, you won't believe what I had to go through to get this. I'm glad you didn't accidentally brew a cup of it for anyone."

"Exactly two hours? Is it really that precise? I'm having a hard time believing it."

"Small cup, big cup, it always lasts two hours as long as you have enough coffee in there to begin with. Crazy, isn't it?"

"Yeah... Anyway, take this crap far away from me, I want nothing to do with it."

Ashryn handed her the bag, hoping she wouldn't notice that it was a little light, and hoping that she wouldn't notice the extremely faint smell of dreams coming from the used coffee filter or the unwashed mug. Thankfully, she didn't seem to notice either.

"Thank you!" Celine said. She left as quickly as she arrived, and Ashryn was glad the whole interaction went smoothly.

She thought about what she would do with Lawrence. Maybe towards the end of the two hour period, she would have him put his clothes back on and sit in his original seat. Then when it wore off, she'd ask him how his nap went, and then he'd be confused but completely ignorant of the humiliation. Perfect. Let him think he fell asleep or had some sudden medical problem.

Ashryn let out a sigh. She really could just do anything to him. He'd forget it all in a few hours. As she tried to get back to her cookbook, her thoughts kept drifting to Lawrence, naked and waiting for her just behind that wall...

She realized she was way, way too into this. When he first drank the coffee, she was full of guilt, but now that she knew about the amnesia part, exploiting it felt much more tantalizing.

She imagined riding him, and she imagined how it would feel for him to have his deepest desire--serving her.

She already drugged him. She already stripped him naked. She already forced him to obediently stand still in an aroused stupor. She already probed into the details of his disastrous relationships. Adding a fifth or sixth thing to the list didn't seem like that big of a deal. And he was back there, craving it...

It was the lack of consequences that finally caused her to make up her mind. Nobody would watch. Nobody would punish her. Nobody would remember it except her.

There was almost nothing to be gained from keeping the place open, so she put up an "Out for lunch!" sign on the front door, locked it, and then went into the back room.

Lawrence hadn't moved an inch, and his aroused cock was dripping precum onto the floor.

"How are you feeling?" she asked with a flirty smile.

"Obedient and mindlessly aroused..."

Ashryn thought about it. Was she really about to do this? She paused and thought before saying anything else.

"I think you'll be done waiting soon. Don't move until I tell you to," she said.

The answer was a yes. No consequences. So much fun to be had. And they would both enjoy every second of it.

"If you want me... beg."

"Please mistress, let me serve you... let me be your slutty toy, let me touch you, let me make you happy..."

Arousal coursed through Ashryn's body.

"Beg more."

She could get used to being in this position of power.

"Let me move, let me be your plaything, I'll do anything for you, mistress..."

Horny wickedness filled her as she spoke.

"Mmmm... Maybe humiliate yourself more with your begging."

"I'm a mindless little slut... I exist just to serve you, please let me move and you can torture my worthless body all you like..."

Despite how good it felt to make him beg, she felt like she was being a bit cruel. But he seemed to be enjoying it, so why not keep going?

"Say 'I'm a worthless slut' over and over. And do it with a bit of a slutty moan in your voice."

He obeyed, saying it repeatedly as he stood still. Ashryn came closer and closer to him, and she examined his erect cock, imagining it inside her.

After she was satisfied with his begging, she came within inches of him and gently caressed his chin with one hand.

"That'll do," she said. "Now, hold still and be quiet while I play with you."

Ashryn ran her fingers over his bare chest, making him shiver from her touch. She grazed his nipples, making his body tense up, then she moved on and brought her fingers lower down.

She ran her fingers past his stomach and down to his groin, moving them past his cock and going to his balls. She gave them a gentle squeeze, knowing how fragile and sensitive they were, then followed up with a tighter squeeze, causing him to let out an involuntary, aroused yelp, and making Ashryn delighted by the power she held.

"You're all mine," Ashryn said as she gave them another squeeze. "I can make you do anything I want. Beg for me to squeeze your balls."

"Please squeeze my balls... please hurt them all you like..."

She obliged and clenched her hand over and over, sending a spike of pain into him with every squeeze. Ashryn hadn't felt this kind of happiness in years...

She brought her lips forward and kissed him as she squeezed his balls, pressing her clothed body against his bare chest. She squeezed hard and pushed him against the wall, pinning him against it as he let his mouth be violated by her lips.

Eventually, she had enough, and brought her mouth away, then took her hands off his balls.

"On your knees," she said as she pushed him down. He didn't resist at all as his legs folded, still keeping his back against the wall.

She pressed her clothed groin against his face, teasing him with her warm body for a moment before pulling it away.

Ashryn started to pull down her pants and underwear. She was excited to finally use that mouth of his.

"Beg for my pussy," she said as she pulled her pants to the ground and stepped out of them. Her smooth pussy was already wet.

"Please let me lick you... let my lips touch your pussy, press them against my mouth until you're satisfied... let me be your worthless slutty toy..."

Ashryn moved forward and pressed her groin against his face. His tongue navigated to her wet warmth, and it slid into her depths. A surge of pleasure filled Ashryn, and she let out a happy moan.

"Oh yes," she said. "Deeper... faster!"

Lawrence let out moan after moan as he obediently licked, his hypnotized eyes looking up at her with slutty desire.

She pressed his head against the wall with her groin, bringing his eyes out of her view. She reached down and grazed his shoulders as he licked her.

He went on and on, obediently licking her depths as she pressed him against the wall and teased his shoulders. She couldn't see his erection, but he must have been absolutely dripping...

Arousal built up inside her as she used him, and she came closer and closer to climax. Sadistic delight ran through her. She took delight in knowing how Lawrence felt. Horny. Hypnotized. Helpless. And about to forget everything.

Her orgasm was almost there. Almost there... just a few more movements of his tongue.

She let out a delighted sigh as climax struck. Her pussy clenched over and over around his tongue, and waves of pleasure shot through her. Her heartbeat pounded in her ears as she delighted in his touch.

"Ah... Keep going," she demanded. He obeyed, licking her depths as her orgasm went on and on...

When it came to a stop, she pulled her groin away from him and stepped back, freeing him from being pinned against the wall.

"Now, my little pet... I'm not done with you yet... Lay down over there for me, right in the middle of the floor. I want to ride that cock of yours."

"Yes, mistress," he said as he quickly moved to get into position. He lied down on the floor, and his dripping, tortured coc pointed straight up for her.

Ashryn eagerly sat on his thighs, not yet taking his cock into her.

"I could torture you for a while before this, but... I'm in a good mood."

Ashryn rubbed Lawrence's chest, then brought her body up, then slowly lowered her pussy onto his cock.

"Ah... this will do," she said. "Hold still. Let me ride you."

Ashryn started to bob up and down, bringing his erect length in and out of her depths. It penetrated deeper than his short tongue could, and she delighted in every inch of his erection...

Lawrence let out a slutty moan, and his cock started twitching.

"Already?" Ashryn asked. "You didn't even last thirty seconds..."

She held still on top of him as he came inside her. His erection convulsed with pleasure while he moaned...

"So slutty and pathetic that you just came immediately," Ashryn said with a sadistic smile. "How does that make you feel?"

"Like a pathetic toy..." Lawrence said as his orgasm came to an end.

"Good. I'll keep riding you, so don't go soft on me yet..."

She bobbed up and down on his spent cock, milking every drop of fluid out of it as she filled herself with pleasure. She leaned forward and pinched both of his nipples, kneading them as she fucked him.

She kept riding him, and orgasm started to creep closer and closer as she went along at a steady pace. His cock stayed hard enough for her to pleasure herself with him, so she kept riding and riding, craving the inevitable climax...

Finally, she let out a long, relaxed groan as orgasm struck. Her pussy clenched around her plaything's spent erection, and she kept riding him and pinching his nipples as hot arousal surged through her.

"Oh yes... ah..." she muttered.

She feverishly rode him even as her orgasm started to come to a stop, as she tried to extract every little bit of pleasure she could from him. Soon, she was finished, and she took her hands off his chest.

"Ah... despite your pathetic performance, I had a lot of fun using you."

Calm and contentment started to fill Ashryn. She relaxed in her post-orgasm state, and the pounding of her heartbeat in her ears started to subside.

"I think I'm done for now," she said. "I'll clean myself up, and then I'll leave you back here for a while. Just lay there and think of me."

"Yes, mistress."

She cleaned up and put her clothes back on, made sure to rinse the beans in the main coffee sack to remove all traces of giant weevil, then went out to the front of the store to take more customers. There was almost nobody for the next hour.

She kept careful track of the time, then a little while before the two hour hypnosis was set to expire, she put the "Out to lunch" sign back up and went into the storage room. She was amused to see that Lawrence hadn't moved an inch.

"Now," she said, "Go clean yourself up and put your clothes back on."

He did as requested, and soon he was pristine and clothed once more. She put his belongings back into his pockets.

"Go to the seat you were sitting in and fall asleep in your romance book until your trance ends."

"Yes, mistress."

"Ah... it feels so good knowing you'll forget everything. You won't just be a slut--but you'll be an ignorant one, unaware that I owned you completely..."

"As long as you're happy, I'm satisfied with it."

She led him out of the storage room, then he navigated to his original seat, sat down, opened his book, and plopped his face into it. He almost instantly fell asleep.

There was nothing for Ashryn to do but wait, so she idly polished a few mugs while waiting for the hypnotic coffee to wear off.

Eventually, Lawrence stirred.

"Ugh, my balls... Oh crap! How long was I out for?"

"About two hours," Ashryn said. "I didn't want to bother you."

"I think I drank my coffee, then just... I'm not sure what happened, but I think I had some kind of... medical thing? And passed out somehow."

"Yikes. Need any help? Are you alright? I thought you were just taking a nap on purpose."

"I think I'll grab another coffee for the road and head home. Hopefully I don't pass out after drinking this one." He chuckled.

After getting his second coffee in a paper cup, he got up and headed for the door.

"Alright mistress, see you--oh god, I really need to stop being horny around women, sorry... Anyway, um, see you later!"

"Come again!" she said as he left.

However, moments later, he came back in.

"Hey, um..." he said.

"Yes?" Ashryn said. She hoped there weren't any lingering memories that he was just now finding buried in his mind...

"I just realized that the sign outside says 'closed', was I here past closing time?"

Ashryn almost slammed her head against the table out of frustration, but she resisted the urge. Of course. It made perfect sense. She forgot to turn the closed sign to the "open" side, so the only people that came in were people that didn't notice the sign.

"No... but the sign does explain a lot. I forgot to turn it to open. Anyway, come again!"

She said goodbye for a second time and watched him as he traveled down the street and out of view.

As she closed up the shop for the evening, she wondered where she could get more of that hypnotic coffee...

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed the story. If you want to help me make more stories like this, have a look at my Patreon and Discord! 🥰


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