The Bad Influence

by doctorpluto

Tags: #dom:male #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female #addiction #bimbo #bimbofication #brain_drain #breast_expansion #clothing #growth #hypnotic_smoke #smoking #stripping #urban_fantasy

In this sequel to Honey Drop, A young woman is hooked on transformative, mind-altering cigarettes by a sleazy guy!

May wiped her brow with an old rag as she stepped outside for some fresh air. What started as a simple home improvement job had turned into an ordeal that had taken up her entire morning with no end in sight. 

“Don’t call a plumber, May! You can do it yourself, save some money!” She seethed to herself. Fixing the bathroom sink wasn’t as easy as it looked in the online guide, and she was giving herself another four hours before admitting defeat and just calling someone.

And then May remembered she still had a full list of chores to do around the house on top of the clogged sink. Breathing a flustered sigh, she sat down on the curb and buried her head in her hands. 

“Give… me… a… break!”

And then Eddy showed up. He had his usual smug grin on his face as he walked up to greet her, a scowl spread across May’s face as she looked up at him.

“Lovely day, ain’t it?” he said, slipping his hand into his pocket.

“What do you want, Eddy?” May ran her hand through her curly, copper-colored hair, keeping her bangs from getting in her eyes. “I’m really busy right now.”

“So I’ve noticed! I just noticed you looked really keyed up and…” Eddy fished around in his pocket, then pulled out a small purple box. “...I figured I’d give you a little something to help you unwind.”

With a wink, he tossed her the box. She caught it mostly out of instinct, not noticing what it was at first. She turned the box over in her hands, it was a bright and cheerful shade of purple, with white cursive letters reading “Pink Joy” on the front.

“Eddy, what are these?” She glanced back up to see that he was already walking away.

“Just a little something to help you unwind, see you later, doll!” He said, looking back towards her one last time as he left.

“Okay.” May opened the box, revealing 20 cigarettes lined tip-up, with a little plastic lighter laying behind them. 

“But I don’t…” She took one out of the box and looked it over. Aside from the purple filter, it looked just like an ordinary cigarette like one would find at the gas station. After some hesitation, she put the thing in her mouth and looked back towards her house and all the thankless work waiting for her inside it. 

“Fuck it.” May said, dumping out the lighter into her hand. “I’ll try this once, I’m going to hate it, and then I’ll never think of them again.”

A couple flicks of the lighter, and it was ready to go. She slowly eased the flame up to the tip of the cigarette, watching it start to glow orange. A moment of reflection, then she took her first drag.

The lungful of smoke burned inside her, a bitter and almost acidic taste stained the inside of her mouth. May tried to hold it in for a second before bending over in a coughing fit that left her red-faced and aching. 

“Gah!” She spat out as much of the acrid gray smoke as she could, “That is…” 

She wanted to say ‘horrible’, but beneath the smoke, she could feel the bitterness turn to a rich, almost floral taste. And she could feel something else-relief. Like some of the stress had blown away with the smoke. 

“That is interesting.” She said, glancing down at the cig burning in her hand. She was definitely not going to be doing this again, but she was already feeling better. Closing her eyes, May took another drag, taking things slow this time.

It didn’t burn quite so much, the heat inside her was manageable, almost pleasant. May felt a weight being lifted off of her, letting her put the nasty business with the sink out of her head. She could finally enjoy the lovely summer day around her, the smell of cut grass and the clear blue sky above her. She could even hear birds singing in the distance.

“This is actually kinda nice.”  May undid the buttons on her canary yellow shirt, revealing the black tank top underneath. She stood up and went over to the white folding lawn chair she’d set up in her yard the day before. Sitting back, she took another puff from her cigarette. This time, she breathed it out through her nostrils, her nose wrinkling at the smell of smoke and... was that cinnamon? there was a herbal, bittersweet note in the flavor that reminded her of holiday spice.

As she lounged back and enjoyed her first ever smoke, May felt a pleasant tingling running through her body, starting the circuit in her head and winding its way back to it. She let herself slow down, forgetting all about the chores she had to do as her mind drifted to nicer things. A soft haze of gray smoke surrounded her as she daydreamed.

“Maybe Eddy isn’t such a bad guy.” She said, breathing out another puff of smoke. Sure, he was a bit annoying, and he kept her up at night with his parties, but they didn’t really know each other. All they saw of each other was their worst. Eddy’s crassness and May’s anger. 

She ran her finger tips down her chest and over her thighs. She'd ignored so much that felt good up until then, missing out on so much. Maybe if she just cut loose once in a while, she wouldn't get herself so worked up.

May got up and went back to the house, her top feeling a bit smaller than it used to be. It was just something she barely noticed, not wanting to spoil her buzz. 

“Alright, time for round two…” She muttered as she got back to work, taking one more drag for good luck.

An hour later and the worst was over. The sink was unclogged, but she still had her other chores. Vacuuming, watering the lawn, cleaning the windows, there was no end to it. That evening, May went out on her lawn to watch the sun go down and be comforted by the sounds of nature. 

Eddy was back the next morning, leaning against his parked car as he chatted with a familiar-looking young blonde, the both of them enjoying a smoke. As May approached them, she realized who she was. 

“Rebecca? What are you doing with Eddy?”

“Can you call me Beckie now?” She said, giving May a cute little pout. May could only barely recognize her. Beckie's face was painted in makeup, with a layer of pink gloss on her full lips,blush on her cheeks and dark eyeshadow ringing her big, doey eyes. She was wearing a gold spandex criss-cross style halter top and a black faux-leather skirt with fishnet stockings. It was a far cry from the hoodie and skinny jeans May had seen her wearing last.

“Alright, Beckie. What are you guys doing?” She then realized she had the pack of Pink Joys in her jeans pocket, and she was reaching for them.

“Oh we’re just having a friendly little chat over smokes,” Eddy said, tapping some ash off the tip of his cig. “Care to join us?”

May scratched her chin, on one hand, she was going to walk right into a bad habit... on the other hand, it did feel good. She was already reaching for the pack in her pocket. 

“Are they safe?” She said, “They’re not gonna fuck up my health, are they?”

“Ah, don’t worry!” Eddy chuckled, giving her a playful tap on the shoulder. “The boss said they’re safer than regular ones, no cancer risk… but they ain’t cheap. Consider your first pack a gift, you’re gonna have to pay for the next one.” He smiled as he watched May get out a cigarette and light it. It was only her second one, but she had already picked up some things: holding the thing between her index and middle fingers while her hand was relaxed and bent backwards, palm facing up; and the way she took a slow, shallow drag to start herself off.

“It’s nothing personal, just business. My boss probably isn’t gonna be happy if he finds out I gave you one for free.” Eddy smirked, putting his hand around Beckie’s waist and pulling her closer.

“Eh, I'm probably not going to do this regularly, so okay." She glanced over her shoulder to make sure nobody was watching her talk to them. "So um… how much do these things cost?”

“How much are you willing to pay~?”He said, letting his hand trail down and cop a feel of Beckie’s rump. “If you buy them from me, I’ll be more than happy to negotiate a price. But you can’t really put a price tag on satisfaction, can you?”

“I guess…” May opened her pack of Joys and tapped one out into her hand. It'd be fine if it was just one smoke a day. Then she could just not buy another pack for a while. 

"Do you sell a lot of these?" 

“Oh definitely! I can’t tell you how many people went from hating them to being regulars.” He said as he handed her his lighter. 

May slipped a cigarette between her lips, gently biting down on the filter as she took the brass flip-top lighter and looked it over. There was a little cartoon wolf engraved on it, cute... Two flicks of the striker and she was smoking for the second time.

“How are you enjoying it?” He stepped back from her, watching as she tilted her head back and breathed out a thin spiral of smoke. 

"It's pretty good. Pretty...good..." May rubbed her thighs together, feeling pleasantly warm like she was being wrapped in a blanket. Her top felt a little tight as she reached for the buttons on her shirt. As she undid the first two buttons, she didn’t even even think about the two people right in front of her. And in a moment of absentmindedness, she didn’t even realize she had undone the shirt all the way until she felt it fall open, exposing her black spandex exercise bra from that morning’s treadmill session.

“Feelin’ a little hot, are we?” Eddie grinned, leering at May’s chest while her attention was off him.

“Yeah, it’s a hot day~” Beckie chimed in, taking another puff of her own cigarette.

"Mmm... yeah." May nodded. They were silent for a bit, just taking in the ambience of another fine summer day. 

"Do you have a girlfriend?" She said, turning to look at Eddy. "...Just curious."

“Not really.” Eddy glanced over at Beckie, who returned a knowing smile. “I like to keep myself more open… explore more possibilities before I decide what I’m looking for, ya know?”

"You sleep around, then." May chuckled. "I figured you were the type."

 As she went in for another drag, a mental image of Eddy feeling up some leggy young thing flashed in her head for just an instant. That could be her... if she wanted it. May’s cheeks went hot as she groped at one of her breasts when she was certain he and Becky weren't looking. Her breath hastened, and she didn’t notice her breasts swelling within her very hands, stretching her bra out a little more.

"Those girls you see..." She coiled a lock of her hair around her finger. "...Am I as good looking as them? In your opinion?"

“Certainly, May.” Eddy said, flicking his cigarette butt onto the street. “You’re not exactly my type, but you’re alright.”

“Your type?” May put her hands on her hips, pouting.

“Well it’s just personal preference. I simply prefer a girl with a bigger rack and hips! It means there’s more of her to love.”  Eddy put his hand on Beckie’s shoulder, almost as if giving May a visual aid of what he was looking for. The blonde blew a puff of smoke at May, a teasing smile on her face.

“Why, think you have a shot~?” 

May took a long, long pull from her cigarette, then breathed it out in his face. "You know what? I think I do!"

Eddy coughed as he waved the smoke away with his hand. Beckie giggled, putting her hand over her mouth.

“Damn, May! I didn’t know you had that kind of confidence!” 

“Me neither!” May laughed along with them. When she finished her cigarette, she dropped the butt in the grass, then stared at the pack in her hand. Maybe one more. 

'Two a day, and that's the limit. You have self control.' 

She lit up, then stuck the cig in her mouth as she tied her shirt up just under her chest, more comfortable than just letting it hang open. 

"You know… I might have been wrong about you.” May said. “I can’t speak for the other girls, but you’re okay in my book.”

She folded her arms across her chest and glanced down. Was her eyes playing tricks on her... or were they bigger now?

“Your friends are just a little stuck up,” Eddy said, and Beckie nodded in agreement. “And speaking of…”

Eddy got out a little sticky note and jotted something down on it with a ballpoint pen, then handed it over to her. 

“If you ever want to get away from them and have some real fun, just give me a call.”

"Oh... thanks!" May said, taking the paper from him. A soft whimper escaped her lips as she looked over his number, her hand slipped down the front of her jeans when she was sure he wasn’t looking. She just felt a little hot all of a sudden… hot and wet. 

“You okay there?”

"Well um..." May tapped her chin, acting like she wasn’t caught spacing out. "I forgot what I was gonna say!" She giggled. "I can be silly sometimes... I gotta go... fix...the thing.." Her hips swished a bit more as she walked away. Sometime tonight, she was gonna make a call.

Later that night, May dialed the number and reclined on her bed in her spandex top and black panties. She undid her ponytail and let her red curls drop down, running down the sides of her pillow as she laid there listening to the dial tone.

“Hey.” Eddy’s voice came through on the other end. She could just about make out some bass-heavy music playing in the background.

“Hey Eddy… It’s May.” She'd been tempted a couple times, but she was doing a good job fighting the cravings. Having a pencil or some other thing in her mouth helped, but she was already out of gum and people would start asking questions if she had a pen in her mouth all day at work.

“Oh yeah!” Eddy laughed, then somebody on his end said something she couldn’t quite make out. “...What can I do for you?”

"Well, I just wanted to chat right now." May stared up at the ceiling fan as she spoke, watching it slowly rotate. This is gonna sound weird, but have you ever just wanted to be touched...not in a lewd way but just..." She searched her head for the right words, "Just holding you, petting you and making you feel safe and warm?"

“Yeah, I get that, sometimes you just gotta feel wanted, like you mean something to someone.”

"Yeah, like that exactly!” May crossed her legs, twirling a lock of her hair around her finger. “I wanted Kevin to do that when we were dating. But he just didn’t get it no matter how many times I asked. He's so oblivious!" She scoffed, "Do I need to just say 'treat me like a teddy bear'?"

“Now you know to be direct,” Eddy chuckled, “But for real, you can do so much better than him. You just gotta know where to look.”

“Yeah…” She dipped her hand down, stroking the front of her panties, massaging herself through the thin fabric. "So uh... Let's just say hypo...hypothetically, we were dating. What would our date look like? What'd you do to- I mean with a girl like me?"

There was a brief pause. 

“A date with someone like you? Well, I’d take you dancing. Then, we’ll probably get dinner and a couple drinks…and I’m not gonna lie, I’m not subtle when I flirt.” Eddy coughed to clear his throat, “...And I’d certainly be open to taking things further if she wanted it. You feel me?”

“I feel you…” May said, and for an instant she could hear a voice in the back of her head whisper to her.

‘Tell him you want to sleep with him’

She was still rubbing herself through her now quite wet panties. "Hey..." She took a deep breath, unable to believe what she was about to do. Can you describe what you do with the ladies who want to take it past that? I'm...curious." That voice was back in her head. 

'Tell me how much you want to bang me'

Eddy took a deep, hungry-sounding breath. 

“I’d probably get pretty rough, grip those ass cheeks like there’s no tomorrow, spread them wide and force it right into her ass~ Or, if she prefers, I’d have her gag on my cock for hours on end, forcing her to figure out how to focus her breathing as I won’t let her off for a second.”

May was breathing heavily, really working herself with her fingers as she let Eddy’s blunt words paint vivid fantasies in her head. 

“So, have I satisfied your curiosity?”

"Yes!...Th-Thanks!..." May cried out as she messily came in her underwear. She held her hand over her mouth to keep herself from waking anyone up, then she dropped the phone beside her on the bed and rolled over, panting and tired and needing a smoke. Then she realized she forgot to hang up.

"Damn it, stay up!" May struggled with the buttons on her shirt, having to fight to keep them shut over her breasts. Her teeth ground into her cigarette as she gave the zipper one last tug before giving up. 

"Aw forget it..." she huffed, deciding to just wear a baggy blue hoodie instead. And it wasn’t just her chest, her pants were getting tight around her hips, the material squeezing her ass every time she walked or bent down to pick anything up. 

May tapped out a quick message on her phone to Rebecca.

‘Gonna go clothes shopping. Wanna come?’

Waiting for her to respond, May glanced up to see Sarah approaching her. Her jet-black hair was ungroomed and she was wearing a red sweatshirt and jeans. 

“May, we need to talk.” She reached her hand out to May, only for her to pull back. “You’re acting differently, and I can see it, everybody can see it. Are you okay?”

May's eye twitched. "I'm just...a little stressed out." She took out her cigarettes and lit one up, letting the smoke play around inside her mouth before exhaling. She stared into Sarah’s eyes, hands on her hips. "Do you wanna come clothing shopping with me or not? We can go do other stuff too, like eat lunch. What about you, are YOU okay?"

Sarah scoffed. “Am I okay?! You’re the one who’s been hanging out with Eddy even though you told me yourself you hated him! It’s the same with Rebecca! Something’s going on with you two and it’s scaring me!”

“Scared of what?! I can quit whenever I want!” May strained to keep from shouting at her. “Sarah…look…” She rubbed her temples, looking down at her feet. “I’m sorry, I’m just going through a lot right now, I’m figuring myself out.”

“I hope you know what you’re doing.” Sarah reached out to May, then her arm dropped back down. With a sigh, she turned her back on her friend. “Look, just… tell me what’s going on.”

“Nothing’s going on, I’m just trying new things.” May stepped away from Sarah, turning back to look at her. “I gotta go get some new clothes with Becky, you can come with us if you want.”

Sarah didn’t answer.

The store was called the Honey Drop. Above the doors was a neon sign in the shape of a yellow droplet, with the name set inside it and blazing with pink light.

May approached Becky outside the boutique, waving her over. "Hey Beckie! You need a light?" She offered her lighter to the blonde. It was nice to know she wasn't the only one smoking these things.

Beckie’s eyes lit up when she saw May. She’d been fumbling with her old pink lighter for about a minute before her friend showed up. The young woman was rather scantily clad for someone in public, wearing black denim shorts that clung to her thighs as if holding on for dear life and a flamingo pink halter top that showed a substantial amount of cleavage.

“Ohmigod, just in time, May~! I was soooo worried I’d have to rely on this silly ol’ thing!” Beckie giggled as she leaned forward and put her cigarette to her lips, lighting it with the flame May provided her. She took a long, slow pull of smoke, her blue eyes half-lidded as she exhaled with her lips pursed out, blowing forward a ring of smoke.

"So..."  May said, looking through the shop window. "What do you think will look good on me? I need something to wear around the house and work in and..." Her eyes glanced over some of the dresses. "...You know what, let's get me something to look pretty in as well. You can take me dancing after this~"

Definitely a crop top.” Beckie said, taking May by the hand as she pushed past the boutique’s glass double doors.  

“Maybe some earrings as well or- Oh! Maybe some nice high heels~” Becky looked happier than she used to be, even if May wasn’t sure about her new lifestyle. It was hard for her to reconcile the formerly preppy sorority girl Rebecca with the bubbly, smiling young woman who was treating her as an equal.

May went from aisle to aisle, checking out the Honey Drop’s wares while Beckie followed her like a puppy, suggesting and pointing out items to her, with an especially keen eye for all things feminine, glittery, shiny and tight. 

“Girl, you’ve got SUCH a hot bod, it’s a shame you don’t show it off more often!” She said, taking a makeup kit off the shelf and mentally planning out how its palette of fluorescent, glittery colors would look on May’s oval shaped face. 

"You know what? you're right." May grabbed a purple miniskirt and felt the fabric between her fingers. "I'm going to show off for a while, I've been working really… really hard so I'm just gonna get weird with it!"

The casual outfit came first. A purple flannel button-down shirt, a pair of jean cutoffs, and a change of underwear- and she was off to the changing room. She emerged a couple minutes later. May had the shirt tied up at her chest, with the collar and top buttons left open to show off her new black lace bra. The straps of her thong made a V shape as they peaked out of the waist of her shorts, squeezing her hips and guiding people's gaze right down to her crotch.

 "How do I look, Beckster? " She spun around, showing herself off to Beckie and the other patrons of the store.

“You look so cute! All the boys are going to want a piece of you now!” The blonde was grinning, hands on her cheeks. 

"Well they can have a piece if they buy me dinner~" May said with a giggle. "Now, what can I wear when I need to look more...sophisticated?" She walked down the row of dresses before settling on a slinky violet evening dress with a split in the skirt to show off some leg. A couple pairs of black stockings and some high heels later, and she was good to go.

“You’re totes gonna look STUNNING in that babe, trust me!”

May wore her casual outfit on the way out, carrying her night clothes out in a plastic bag.

 "I wanna show Eddy my new outfit. Why dontcha call him for me?" She put her arm around Becky’s middle, copping a feel of that round, firm butt of hers.

“You got it, babe!” Beckie’s painted fingernails clicked on her phone screen as she texted Eddy. Her baby blues were wide open, waiting for a reply. 

"What do you feel like doing, Beckie?" I was thinking if Vic is busy, I can come over to your place. Watch a movie and chill out, maybe." There was a playfulness in her voice that let the blonde

know discretely what her intentions were.

“Mmmm… Maybe put on some music and like, really have some fun~”

Beckie’s house was a modest little square building in a block of rent-controlled properties, with a set of deck chairs and an umbrella in the yard. One of the chairs had its legs bowed inward, like it had at some point tried to support the weight of two on it. The interior was decorated in a random mashing of things she found interesting. Fashion magazine cutouts, little statuettes of birds, etc. The walls were painted pink with white flowers. May sat down on a beanbag chair in the den, taking the sights in. 

"You got a cool place! " She said, "and is that a record player?” Her finger pointed in the direction of a wood-paneled turntable set up next to a cardboard box of records. “You got vinyls?"

“Yup!” Beckie said, “Wanna listen to ‘em?”

She was on her way over to her collection when the doorbell rang. May answered the door to find Eddy standing before her carrying a case of beer. His shaggy black hair was brushed back and gelled, and the stink of cologne hovering over his body made it clear he was expecting this to be a special night. 

"Howdy, Ed!" May called out to him. "Recognize me?" She dropped her spent cigarette in the ashtray on the coffee table, then got out a new one as she walked up to greet him. "And do you have a light? Beckie’s borrowing my lighter and I don't know when she'll remember to hand it back."

“Oh, baby~!” Eddy flicked his lighter open, holding the flame out to her. “You’re looking much nicer than before. What’s the occasion?”

May put her cig between her lips and her body dipped forward, taking the time to really taste it. That warm, earthy and almost sweet flavor was like an old friend already.

"This is my third one today. I hope I don't have an additive... addictio..." She fell silent, tapping her chin as she tried to put the words right in her head. "Addictive personality! I spaced out there for a moment!" May laughed, "I'm such a silly girl sometimes!"

“And that’s why we like you!” Eddy said, sharing a laugh with Beckie. May smiled and nodded, it was nice to be with people who let her be silly once in a while. She blushed when she looked back at Eddy, her lips pulling into a smile. Was she actually going to do this? She didn’t want him to think of her as just another loose girl to play with. 

“So what have you two girls been doing all day?” Eddy said.

“Oh, me and my girlfriend went out shopping. This is just one outfit!" She stuck the pack of cigarettes down the front of her shirt, there was plenty of cushioning there to keep them safe. 

"Tell him what you bought, Beckie"

“Well I bought some more crop tops for myself, some pasties for dancing, and you’ve just GOTTA see the cutest little earrings I bought earlier today! Not to mention what May got for herself…” 

“Do tell me more~” Eddy smiled as he walked forward, setting the case of beer down as he used his free hand to push under Beckie’s top and feel her perky breasts from underneath her top.

Beckie squeaked in surprise as he grabbed her, but she didn't tell him to stop or move away. She clearly liked it, the way his fingers squeezed into her supple skin, the way he just helped himself to her body… May breathed in sharply through her nose, no longer content just imagining what Eddy would do to her.

“Beckie, can I use your bathroom?” 

The blonde nodded and pointed down the hall to her left. “Sure, just don’t make a mess okay?” 

May just nodded, picking up her shopping bag as she went to give herself some privacy. The bathroom was small, with teal-and-white checkerboard tiling on the floor and walls. It was quiet save for the rhythmic drip-drip of a leaky sink tap.

She stared at herself in the mirror. This was happening. She was gonna sleep with Eddy tonight. But May needed to do it right, so he didn't think she was some skank. Gripping the sink, she heard her own voice in her head.

'I want you to fuck me'


She knew what she wanted to say but the words just wouldn't go together in her head

'I want to sleep with-''fuck me'

No matter how she reconstructed each word, it always ended in fuck me'

May glanced down at her bag. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? Maybe she was just nervous... that was it. She could hear Beckie put on one of her records, something mellow and poppy for them to chill out. 

She wriggled out of her shorts with some difficulty, thanks to the denim getting snagged on her thick hips for a second. After throwing them aside, May peeled off the flannel shirt. She took a moment to admire herself in the mirror in just her skivvies. The busty woman in the reflection looked like a stranger, with her Double D cups and broad, child-bearing hips, but it was still her. It was just something to ask him about. After putting the dress on and smoothing the skirt out, she took the stockings and sat down on the floor.

May rolled onto her back and stuck one leg up in the air to slip the stocking on. The way the smooth, cool fabric slid up her legs felt just right. After some tugging and adjusting to make sure the pink cuban style toe and sole lined up with her own, she switched legs and put the other one on. 

The elastic garter bands squeezed gently into her thighs, and she had a feeling he would go crazy for the subtle indentations they made. She got up and slipped her heels on, taking a couple practice steps in a circle to get adjusted to them. One last look in the mirror, a long, deep drag on her cigarette, and she walked out to show Eddy her surprise for him.

“How do I look?” The way the two of them eyed her up sent shivers down May’s spine. 

“Like a million bucks!” Eddy said, a tent forming in his black dress pants. “You didn’t go and get yourself dressed up all fancy just for little ol’ me, did you?”

"As a matter of fu- matter of fact, I did." May sashayed towards him in her best attempt at walking like a noir movie dame. "Do I look like your type, now?"

“I think you do!” He leaned against the wall, crossing his arms as he admired her. “Are we going somewhere or do you just wanna be eye candy for tonight?”

Beckie giggled and left the two lovebirds alone in the room, though she peeked at what was happening from within a corner in the hallway. 

"I just wanted to feel pretty tonight. But if we go somewhere sometime like next week, you need to make me wear it." May stroked his hairless chin. "And maybe make me do other stuff~"

“That can be arranged.” Eddy moved his hand against her waist, wanting to feel all of her body for himself. “Why May, it looks like you’re falling for me!”

“Well, I’ve had a lot of fun lately because of you, and it all started when I was working on a sink.”

“Maybe you’d prefer to work on something else?” He chuckled at his own joke as they got closer to one another. 

May giggled, practically climbing on him as she lunged forward in a tight embrace. "I think I would..." And here it was... don't use the f-word... 

"Can you fuck me?" Her eyes popped wide open as she realized what she'd said. And she was doing so well!

Eddy couldn’t hold back a hearty laugh. 

“Babe, you didn’t have to dress up to ask me that!”

"Ah well, worth a shot!" She laughed it off, feeling a rush of panic inside. She sucked down the last of her cig and blew a plume of smoke right in his face. An instant later and she wasn't so nervous, the Pink Joys were good at taming her nerves. A mess of worry melting into bliss as pink clouds settled over her mind. 

"Can Beckie play too? She's been really good today!"

“I don’t see why not.” Eddy waved Beckie over as the blonde skipped into the room eager to play third wheel.

"Atta girl! " May couldn't help but giggle again as she watched her friend rush in. "Should you wear protection?"

“We can do it in your mouth if you’re worried about that.”

"My mouth?" May ran her tongue over her teeth, then pursed her lips. Something felt missing. "You can use my mouth..."

“Sounds like fun,” Eddy tugged at the smooth, soft fabric of May’s dress. “Though you might wanna dress down.Be a real shame if it got ruined.”

"That's a good idea." She reached back and pulled the zipper down, letting the dress be pulled off  her body like gift wrapping. "Beckie, why don't you come over here and put your tongue to work? " She slipped off her high heels for good measure, flexing her dainty toes as she stroked her foot up and down Eddy’s leg."Any other part of me you want?"

Beckie smiled as she got right to work, crawling down onto the ground and gripping Amy’s thighs tightly as her tongue hung out of her mouth for a moment before pulling May’s panties down and giving her moist folds a nice, slow lick while Eddy lowered her onto her knees, with Beckie getting on the floor to let her face be buried in May’s crotch.

“I think I have everything I want right here~” Eddy smiled as he lifted her bra up before squeezing one of her boobs, smiling as he walked arched his hand sink into her soft supple flesh, using his free hand to pull his zipper down and eventually his pants, showing his hardening erection trapped within his black briefs.

“Ooooo....hoohohohoh~" May shuddered as she felt Beckie lick away at her moist folds. She rubbed her crotch in Beckie's face as she pawed at the bulge in Eddy's briefs, hungry for what was inside.

Beckie continued to greedily lick at May’s folds, savoring each and every taste as she squeezed and spread her thighs. Meanwhile Eddy began to push May’s head down towards his crotch before finally pulling down his underwear, letting his now fully hardened member lay exposed in front of May’s face, her mouth watering at the mere sight of it.

She opened her mouth, a thin bead of drool slid down her lips at the side of that thick rod of meat. She took the base of the shaft between her thumb and forefinger and held it steady as she plunged her head forward, practically swallowing the thing in one hungry motion. Her stocking toes curled as she bucked her hips, shoving more of her pussy in Beckie’s face.

Beckie didn’t seem to mind, shoving her tongue even deeper into her cunt, knowing perfectly well how to hold her breath when her face is buried like this. Meanwhile, May’s inexperience caused the sensation of a man’s shaft to feel strange inside her mouth, though she didn’t gag much. The smooth movement of her plump lips on his cock caused Eddy to moan softly as his organ twitched inside May’s mouth.

"Mmmm!" May moaned, as she pulled back, running her tongue alongside the underside of his shaft. She kissed the tip, letting her lips linger on the sensitive skin before taking the whole thing in her mouth again.

He let out a louder moan this time before softly setting his hands on May’s head, petting her like a dog as she continued to suck on his cock, leaning back as he let her do all the work for him.

She reached a hand up to gently squeeze his balls as she sucked. All the while, Beckie was tonguing her so hard that she didn't know which end would make her go off. Did... did Eddy know she never did this before? "MMmh h vmmmgmmm!" She muffled out just before thrusting herself forward onto Eddy’s prick so deeply it made her throat bulge a little.

He held her head down with his hand to make sure his cock stayed firmly lodged inside of her throat, while Beckie pushed her hand into her shorts and fingered herself while licking at May’s folds, seeming to have not bothered putting on panties, nor a bra from the way her breasts bounced as she moved.

May was getting so close. She felt a building pressure inside her. The heat in her body and the pink mist in her brain percolated and built up. There would be no going back from this, and she didn't care. Her only concern was she didn't want to be rude and cum before Eddy. He was the man of the house, after all. Even if it was Beckie's place... why was she thinking like this?

His sweet, sweet pre slipping down her throat spurred her appetite forward. May gripped Eddy's thighs as she devoured his cock with a ferocious hunger, feeling it punch deeper into her throat on every thrust. need...Need...NEED...

Eddy grunted in surprise and pleasure as her lips sucked on his cock like a greedy vacuum, but not complaining in the slightest as more pre began to flow out of his cock, getting closer and closer to release.
Beckie could go on for quite a while long, pushing her fingers deeper into her snatch as she began to soak her shorts in her juices, meanwhile he twitched more and more, groaning heavily  as he felt himself arrive on the edge of total release, his cock hard as a rock inside of her throat.

"Nnnnn!" Things were a blur now. The heat and the smoke and the scent of Eddy's musk melted the world around May into a mess of color and noise. The pressure had built to a head, A bubble was growing in May's mind, big and pink. And it kept on growing, filling up more and more space and pushing aside her thoughts leaving nothing but a big, pink empty void in its wake.

 And finally, the bubble burst. In an explosion of white-hot, brain rattling ecstasy,May moaned aloud before Eddy came in her mouth, crying out through clenched teeth. She took in every single drop, her cheeks bulging and red with blush as she soaked Beckie's face with her own juices. 

Beckie shivered from the surprise of May’s juices, the surprise and her building pleasure causing her to cream her shorts, moaning as she slid herself away from the two of them.

May went lax in Eddy's arms, working the load in her mouth towards her throat with her tongue before swallowing it all. The pink fog in her mind was now a constant fizz, bubbles of color dissolving away more of what was once there. She felt so pleasantly empty between her ears as she rode the afterglow down. She pulled Eddy's member out of her mouth with a wet pop. She was panting and sweating, looking up at him with weary and thankful eyes. 

"I... I love you." She said.

“And I love you too, doll.”

''Hold me... like a doll..." May clung to him, wanting to just be in his arms and keep empty for a while, savoring the serene vacancy inside her. Eddy smiled as he pulled her body closer to him, leaning down to greedily grope her ass, feeling her body up and down as if he properly owned her. May snuggled into his arms, her nose twitching as she breathed his scent in and committed it to memory. Safe... this is what safety smelled like.

 May woke up to see that Beckie had passed out on the floor, her hand still deep down into her shorts as her face conveyed nothing but sheer and utter bliss. Eddy was sitting on the couch next to her, holding out her pack of cigarettes to her as she lay on the floor.

Her  hands trembled as she took one and put it between her wet lips. May glanced back up at Eddy and pointed to the cigarette, then flicked her thumb up and down like she was working a lighter. A heavy blanket of pinkness hung over her thoughts, suffocating facts and memories beneath it. He smiled and nodded as he handed it down to her.

One...two...three flicks were the charm. Fire met the paper tip, and she breathed in. The pink fog went away again, and May's mind was clear, yet there were patches where the pink had soaked through, leaving holes. She turned her head and blew a fat cloud of smoke in Beckie's face to wake her up. 

"How'd I do?" She said.

Beckie coughed a bit as she began to wake up, though seemed to rather appreciate the sensation, fumbling around to look for her own pack. 

“Like, that was the…um…the fucking best!” Beckie said, and Eddy nodded in agreement.

May sat up, noticing the morning light peeking through the windows. "Man, how long was I out?"

“Long enough for me to take a nap myself,” Eddy said, taking her hand and helping her stand up on wobbly legs. “Why don’t you get dressed and I’ll take you girls out for breakfast?”

“Sounds like a plan!” May paced around the house in just her stockings, gathering up her discarded clothes. May struggled with her bra for a bit before finally cinching it. She had already put her shorts on when she realized she'd worn one of Beckie's thongs instead of hers. She could tell because it was red... and had a little pink heart on the crotch. After getting dressed, she felt over her face with her fingertips, feeling like something was missing.

"Hey Beckie." She yawned, her cig nearly dropping out of her mouth before she caught it.  

"I don't know how to do makeup so well. Can you teach me how to look like you? You know...."  May tried to think of a nice way to phrase it.  "...Like a skank. I'm not a skank but I wanna look like one. Make sense?"

“‘Course it makes sense!” The blonde giggled as she put her arm around May’s shoulder and led her into the bathroom. “When I’m done with you, you’re gonna look like the biggest skank you know!”

Beckie dug around in her cosmetic drawer before getting out a tube of lipstick bearing a label reading ‘Violet Passion’. She handed it over to May and stared at herself in the mirror, trying to make a mental snapshot of what she used to look like as she twisted the lipstick up to reveal an intense royal violet. Narrowing her eyes, she carefully rolled the color over her upper lip, then bottom lip.

Her lips plumped under the color, falling open in a subtle pout. Her lips looked full and soft, but it wasn't enough. May dug through Beckie's cosmetic stash, grabbing whatever caught her fancy. She took the mascara brush and gently worked her eyelashes out until they were long and dark, fluttering sexily as she blinked. Then came the eyeshadow, a deep purple that coaxed her eyes to stay in a half-lidded, sultry stare. A hint of blush on her cheeks later, and she turned to face Beckie. 

"Did I do this right?"

“Oh, wow!” Beckie nodded in approval. “You’re a natural at this!”

May turned to look back at the mirror, feeling like the busted sink was years ago. For just an instant, she had to tell herself that the woman in the mirror was actually her.

“A natural, huh?” The corners of her lips lifted in a smile. “I… guess I am.”

“Come on, girls!” Eddy called out as he went to the front door. “Let’s get you some breakfast!”

May had her hands in the pockets of her cutoff shorts as the three of them walked along, trying discretely to scratch a persistent itch between her legs that had been bothering her since they went out. Her tongue ran over the inside of her mouth, pushing against her cheek as she pondered what she was going to do after this weekend. She was going to get so many looks at work, and part of her knew she was going to like the attention. But… there was a tiny, nagging little ember of doubt in the back of her head trying to spoil her good mood. 

“Hey Beckie, where do you work now?” She said, “Still at the cafe or have you moved on?”

“Um, I’m a dancer at the Velvet Dome.” Beckie said, flipping her blonde hair to the side in a move straight out of a shampoo commercial. “But I’m studying cosmetics so I can be a stylist at the Honey Drop. They pay you pretty good just for doin’ people’s hair!”

“Sounds like fun,” May’s train of thought came to a crashing halt as she saw Sarah approaching them.

She didn’t say anything as they passed each other on the sidewalk, but the look in her eyes and that scowl spoke enough to May. Shock, disappointment, and even a little sadness in just a downturn of the lips and a shake of her head. 

“Sarah, wait!” May turned and called out to her, her arm reaching out pleadingly. And Sarah just waved her off and kept going. 

“What a bitch.” Beckie muttered, taking May by the shoulder to coax her along.

The diner was clean and quiet. It had a charmingly retro decor with a black and white tile floor and old advertisements framed on the walls. May ordered pancakes with cinnamon and walnuts, and Eddy and Beckie ordered bacon and eggs with french toast. The middle-aged waitress with frizzy brown hair took their menus up and left to get their coffee. May traced lines in her napkin with her fork, unable to get the encounter with Sarah out of her head.

May leaned back in their booth and got out her smokes. Sticking one of them between her lips, she reached for her lighter...then hesitated. Her fingers twitched subtly as her habit was challenged for the first time. "Nah..." She put the cigarette back in her pack. 

"It'll spoil my appetite." There were only two left. All this started because she took one of Eddy's cigarettes. Every single thing followed from that one event, and the Pink Joys were there every step of the way. What if...

“Something bothering you, doll?” Eddy spoke up, reaching across the table to squeeze May’s hand.

“It’s fine…” She said, trying to gather her thoughts. Everything before the day Eddy gave her the Pink Joys was murky. “It’s just… I feel different.” 

“Different how?” Eddy reached across the table to hold May’s hand.

“Well…” May watched as Beckie lit up a cigarette and handed it over to her. Her hand was already reaching towards it. Thankfully, she'd planned for this. "Thanks hon. I'm just a little tired from last night, and I’m not used to… this sort of thing. "

She took a shallow drag, just enough to make it look like she wanted it, but she was going to keep the smoke out of her lungs and in her mouth. She could quit.... She HAD to quit.

Unfortunately, the waitress chose now to bring them their meals, meaning she’d have to open her mouth eventually to eat or else risk exposing her plan. Not to mention how the fuzzy taste that hung within her mouth felt stranger and stranger by the second, like it was a force of nature trying to make its way out of her mouth and into her mind. It would be so incredibly hard not to inhale some of it then exhale the rest out of sheer instinct.

She turned and blew the smoke out the window, the gray whisps assaulting the senses of a passing couple. May giggled and passed it back to her friend, acting like it was just her being silly before digging into her stack of syrup-laden pancakes. She took small bites as she ate, the longer her pancakes lasted, the longer she went without needing something else in her mouth.

Even that tiny little bit ended up inside her mind, pink bubbles once more beginning to form within her mind as she ate her food. The minuscule amount made her crave even more of the stuff. Each bite of the pancakes only gave her a moment’s respite from the cravings. May took small bites as she ate, the longer her pancakes lasted, the longer she went without needing something else in her mouth. May took her coffee black and sipped at it, hoping the bitterness would get her mind going. As she ate, she kept looking back down at Beckie’s still-burning cigarette in its ashtray. 

"I don't need it...I don't want it..." May repeated to herself. But the way she fidgeted in her seat said something different. 

"Can I go to the bathroom?" She got up just as Eddy answered and rushed into the ladies' room. May ran cold water in her cupped hands and drank it, then stared at her reflection, gripping the edges of the sink so hard her knuckles ached.

"Come on, fight it damn you! She hissed at the woman in the mirror. May slapped her palms on the side of her head, trying to do some percussive maintenance to her increasingly smooth brain. 

"You used to be smart-You ARE smart!" Her eyes were wide open and staring manically, teeth bared. 

"Think!" She shouted, wild locks of ginger hair falling over her face. Her mind buzzed with need, and being next to Beckie, breathing in the second-hand smoke had started the smallest of fires in her loins.

“You gotta fight it…” May whispered, closing her eyes to force herself through the fog shrouding her mind. Already the past few weeks felt more like a dream, names and facts and places were losing detail and melting into the blurry sea of colors and sound.

“You’re a smart girl…” She said, running her hand through her red hair. 

“Not smart enough to keep yourself out of trouble.” The reflection shot back.

May glanced down at the cigarettes in her hand, crushing the pack in her hands as she went to the toilet. One flush of the toilet and they were gone, never to tempt her again.

 Leaving the restroom, she found Eddy waiting for her outside, arms crossed.

“Is everything alright, May?” He cocked his head to the side, his smile fading into a concerned frown. “You can talk to me, babe. We’re not strangers.”

May flinched back from him for a moment before gathering her nerves to face him. She looked around, feeling thankful there weren’t many other patrons, and the hall leading into the restrooms gave them some added privacy. 

"Eddy... please be honest... What's happening to me?"

“Look,” He said, taking a cautious step towards her, reaching his hand out to comfort her. “I think you’re just a little scared. You’re changing in ways you didn’t expect and it’s making you feel weird, but it’s not a bad thing! People change for the better all the time!” He leaned against the wall, tapping his fingers on the cool tile as he pondered a good example. 

“Like Beckie, you know her right? We met at a party, she was a theater kid. Beckie met some dudes in high school who showed her the joys of theater and now she’s changed for the better.”

“Just... tell me the truth.” May balled her hands into fists. 

Eddy sighed, squeezing the bridge of his nose between two fingers. 

“Look, all she told me is that she needed money to pay for college and she wasn’t sure she was going to land an acting gig after graduation. I gave her something to take the edge off and help her perform and one thing led to another.” 

“So she’s a stripper now,” May said, crossing her arms under her chest.

“A dancer, actually.” Eddy corrected, a hint of anger in his voice. “And she’s got something to say to you.” Beckie walked up, taking a deep pull from her cigarette and holding it in.

“What is it?” May said, trying to back away from the both of them, only to feel the wall on her back. Beckie’s face turned red, eyes watering as she held the smoke in. 

“Beckie what do you want-” She was interrupted by the blonde lunging forward and embracing her in a deep kiss, releasing the built-up smoke into her mouth. She cupped her hand over May’s mouth and blocked her nose with her thumb so she couldn’t force any of it back out, putting her other hand on the back of May’s head to stop her from pulling away.

"Mmph!" May struggled against her, trying to hold her breath until she absolutely couldn't anymore. She could already feel it, the bubbling pink acid eating through her mind. The smoke tasted so good... but she had to fight it. May's face turned red, eyes rolling back as she counted the seconds.

'One...two....three....four....five... ' It would be so much easier to just give in. Just give in and at least be happy. 

''No.... No, fight it... fight it... 'but her chest felt like it was on fire, she was getting lightheaded.* 'I'm not a slut... I'm not.... I'm...'* May's body pitched forward as she was finally forced to breath out with a loud, rasping gasp. The smoke spiraled and danced in front of her. It was over.

"Uhh.... Gah..." May grabbed the sides of her head, her hair whipping around her as she rocked her head side to side trying to shake the bubbles out. "I'm... I'm not a slut... Please Eddy, tell me I'm not a slut... I'm sorry..." Her eyes opened, the irises were turning from green to a deep, vibrant purple.

“Easy, girl!” Eddy whispered, letting her lean on her shoulder. “You haven’t had much sleep.”

“Not…much…” May repeated, staring into his eyes with a half-lidded, dumb stare. She felt like she should be mad at him but… her mind was liquid, all of her thoughts running together in a smoky, pink and purple sludge. “Get me back to normal?” She slurred out, resting her head on his chest as he and Beckie embraced her.

“Don’t worry, babe…” He smiled. “I’ll make everything normal.”

"My name's May and I'm here to have a good time!"

She bit at her fingernail as she grabbed the pole and stepped towards it. She needed something for the stage fright. One... two....three..." She sucked her cig down to the filter and let herself drop forward, hanging onto the pole as she swung to the left, breathing a wave of coiling smoke in the faces of the people who came to see her. Then, she tossed it into the crowd and hopped up, wrapping her legs around it and grinding her crotch into the polished metal.

The crowd went wild, her brain soaking up the praise like a wet sponge. It certainly helped that grinding her crotch into the smooth metal pole lit up the fire in her loins. And grind she did. Pumping her hips in tune with the music, she twirled around, sticking her legs up in the air. May grabbed the top of one of her stockings and pulled it off, waving it around like a flag as she danced before tossing it into the crowd. 

She could get more, she was gonna make so much money doing this. A few guys scrambled to grab the fallen stocking, the front-row spectators were cheering her on as they slipped money into her thong for the show she was giving them.

'These guys are stupid...'she thought. '

They come out here to watch me and give me money and they think I'm the dumb one' Another twirl, then the other stocking came off. This time, May dangled it out in front of her, sticking her tongue out as they grabbed for it.

"Here ya go~" She let it drop into the hands of a random patron. She hopped up on the pole, tugging her shorts down her legs, then she spun them around over her head, revealing her sopping wet thong, If only that guy could see her now! What was his name....Kevin? Whatever, he was a dork anyway... and Eddy was gonna get the girls pizza after this!

The night continued to go on for a while, and eventually another dancer took May’s place on the pole. The DJ fired up another song as she walked backstage, grinning from the attention… and the money. 

“Ya’ll, the crowd loves me!” May wore a smug grin as she strolled in, dollar bills stuffed into the pockets of her jean shorts and the straps of her thong. She had her flannel shirt draped over her shoulder, with her nipples covered by little purple heart-shaped pasties.

“See?” Beckie grinned, looking up from her phone. “You’re a natural on the pole, babe!”

The buxom redhead grinned as she put her shirt back on, letting it hang open. Beckie waved her over to sit next to her. May sat down and started counting her earnings.

“So me and Rosie were talkin’ to this girl, her name’s Rochelle…” Beckie hooked her arm around May and pulled her close. She’s coming over to audition tomorrow, and we decided her stage name is gonna be Roxy!”

“Sounds like a cutie…” May said, keeping her eyes on the growing stack of bills before her. 

“And that’s not all~” Beckie grinned. “Since I told the boss about her, we’re all getting a recruitment bonus!”

“Nice!” May pumped her fist in the air. “We can throw ourselves a real party with that!”

Beckie giggled, taking a drag from her cigarette. “How’s about we invite some more lady friends to that party? If gettin’ one girl is a bonus, imagine what a whole mess of ‘em will make us!”

“You’re so smart!” May chuckled, giving the blonde a playful tap on the shoulder. “I’m gonna call some friends up, see who I can drag in.”

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