My Marvelous Machination

Hindsight of dreams.

by dll_016

Tags: #cw:CGL #cw:noncon #bondage #D/s #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #scifi #sub:female #drones

The war consumed her.  Fighting to survive and spread her masters intentions.  She fought hard and stood at the gates of her utopia.  Watching as they came upon her gates.  She did her best to keep them all back.  Many trap above the gates.  But to her surprise was not the threat ahead of her, but the threat from within.  The knife through her heart proved that the ones she claimed community with, the ones she loved, were the true enemy.  And she fell, she fell into darkness, deep within her dreams, where no one could reach her.  It was raining and cold, an uncomfortable but familiar place.  Where she always went when things got bad. 

**It's as if it weren't you, a memory of your former self**

I agreed with that sentiment.  I was not a person anymore.  I was an object, her object.  I knew it as if it were written into my very soul. 
**Are you ready for the tasks at hand today?**
"Y..yes, my Witch"
Eyes filled with light, ears hearing faint sounds, feeling temperature sensations, smelling the sterile air.   Things came into view, another white room, this time with a long mirror on one side, random couches and tables all around.  In the center table, a stuffed animal sat.  A fluffy, grey and black spotted stuffed kitty.  Big enough to cuddle with like a body pillow.  Instantly, felt such excitement and want to touch and cuddle with such a delightfully cute creature.  I ran to it and clinged to it tightly.  Feeling the soft fur, the slight warmth of its body, the pure joy I felt inside my little heart. 

//AR test = Successful
It didn't feel important to pay attention to status messages as they flashed by.  All I wanted was to cuddle and possibly lay down for a nap. 
From the other side of the room, I heard the deep voice of a very gruff sounding man...
W..what!, I thought, frozen, unable to move, I was going to ...?

//Guard Protocol Initialized
I suddenly I twisted around involuntarily, my vision filled in all white, with black, human shaped figures in my sight.  Aiming cursors applied to vital areas.

//Targets Acquired => Permission to terminate (y or n)

** Y **

Suddenly I felt my thigh expand and produce a huge gun from a hidden compartment, ejected it up and my hands and arms reacted as if I were blinking, and aimed at the figures and immediately pulled the trigger.  A small laser light lit up each time the trigger was pressed, a small sensation went through me at each confirmed hit.  Small waves of pleasure going over my brain, down my back, and across my nether regions. 

**Good Girl**

Intense, sexual pleasure flowed over my entire body.  My body did not move, but I felt every bit of spark from those words.  I was euphoric for a moment.  The lights came back on quickly.  I saw 3 armored figures with targeting patches all over them.  I realized they were not hurt and felt myself lose all tension and I instinctively put the gun back in its compartment that opened and closed on its own on my thigh. 

Over a loud speaker I heard someone say: "Field test successful, please return to observatory 1 to discuss results"
I watched the 3 figures leave, and I tried to leave along with them.

"Yes, My Witch"  I replied without thinking and sat on the couch nearest to me. I sat there, just staring at the wall trying to process what was going on.  Questioning my very reality, I would pinch myself If I could move.

**You may now move, but you are not to leave your seat.  Understood?**
"Yes, My Witch"
I was now able to move my hands, arms and legs.  I started looking at my hands, the white and purple accents on them, seeing every single panel line, faint, but there.  Small writing on different parts, looking somewhat like a serial number, were present.  The skin was shiny, smooth, and somewhat cold to the touch.  Hard and unyielding excluding the joints.  All movements felt smooth and natural, human like, but they were not human fingers by any stretch. 

"Just wait until we give you sharpness dear.  So much to explore and feel"
I looked up towards the left side of the room, a door had opened that wasn't there before.  Standing there was a beautiful presence.  Her stance DEMANDED attention.  Black, patent leather boots, lead up to a a-line, plain black skirt, above that an odd looking tactical belt with a few attachments.  Above that an old, weathered looking military jacket meant for field operations wear, unbuttoned showing her tight fitting shirt underneath.  Pistol rig over that, containing what my system detected as a Smith & Wesson Model 500.  Her tits were big, firm and her nipples pointing directly outward.  Her golden blond, wavy hair over her shoulders lead up to her face.  Glasses encased the most beautiful emerald eyes I had ever seen. 

I belonged to her.  I was her property.

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