My Marvelous Machination

Cold Boot

by dll_016

Tags: #cw:CGL #cw:noncon #bondage #D/s #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #scifi #sub:female #drones

What is being awake, really?  What is that experience like to you?  Does it feel real or are you still dreaming?  Often I sometimes can not tell.  But this morning, my morning, I see and feel so synthetic.  As if my very core were no longer there, but it was still me?  A faint voice is heard, something about something being completed.  Feels like I am in a cave, slowly walking towards the light. 

//initialize dll_016.sys

//started params.eso  OK

//started custom filesystem   OK

//activating swapfile   OK

//setting kernel variables   OK

//setting visuaa;sldfgkhaslbles   OK this, output?  Why can I see it?  Why is that one messed up? 
//network initialization  OK

Searing, real, invasive, BURNING PAIN
The pain of millions of neurons firing at once, conflicting information, visuals, words, sounds, feelings, hot, cold, numb, tingling, smelling, tasting... All at once, all a colorful mix of every color of the spectrum. 

And suddenly I feel, nothing.  No pain.  Just an empty room.  Looking up, I realize I am in an enclosed white room, windows at the tops, and what looks like seats?  All around me are tables of many different instruments, some looking quite sharp.  People are walking around me.  Maybe they are touching me, but I can not feel them.  All I notice is the visual movement.  I tried to see if I could hear, but as soon as I tried I heard


Taken aback by not hearing, but FEELING that voice in my head.  Sudden feelings of fear start to creep into me.  Breathing feels like it is intensifying, but unable to feel if I am actually taking breath.  Quickly all became still and all their eyes stared right at me.  Shocked and fearful faces, frozen, expecting, waiting.  A hand slowly moves into my vision, her hand.  I knew this hand, trusted it even.  Its palm touched my chest and I immediately felt relaxed.  I felt like everything was fine, this was normal and correct.  That I am to lie here in peace and slowly will begin to feel the pleasures of my making.
Relaxed, the hand leaves, and so does the concern from everyone's faces.  They continue their work as I watch.  Seeing odd things being added, trying to figure out what they were doing.  A sudden CLICK on my right upper thigh answered that for me.

//MLS-M50MK2-LRC Detected
//MLS-M50MK2-LRC Installed [munitions = 0.00%; Wattage = 25.0 MW]
A tingle went from my thighs, up my back, and tingled in my head.  It also felt slightly arousing.  A beautiful face came into view.  A smile that could cause a supernova, bursting with its satisfaction for its creation.  I felt warmth grow within me. 
*very faintly* //Reactor Initialization  Complete
The world faded out around me, my senses nulled.  All I could see was her eyes, staring through me, every twitch sparking something in my mind.
//Access startup.log -v -r | dev /etc/iris.display.sys  OK
Suddenly realized that what I was seeing was a computer startup process, MY startup process.  Now showing mirrored over my eyes, watching my witch read the updating status of my initialization. 

I was hers.
//Access console.term
  User name: wmeso
  Password: ************
**Hello there my pretty doll.  You are doing so well.  I love my construct so very much.  It won't be long now until we field test you.  Rest now my doll.  I want it ready to impress, and show how powerful it's Witch is.**
Wave of pleasure hits my entire body from the very sounds of that.  And immediately, my awareness starts to faid, feeling deep darkness, and rest.

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