The Hive Rider Gang

Chapter 2

by deepediamcs

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #clothing #dom:male #f/m #mind_control #multiple_partners #transformation #aliens #Biker_transformation #corruption

What are you guys really after? Rob mumbled. The calm, silent night finally got him a lot of time to contemplate what happened to him today. Rob was trying to explore ‘himself, the new him after ‘they’ got him assimilated.

He knew ‘they’, whatever the alien entity actually called was living in his body symbiotically, was influencing his mind but he didn't know to what extend. ‘They’ needed a host to live, and as a tradeoff of using his body as a host, he got the ability to transform the body and minds of people.

He had tried to communicate with ‘them’ on a deeper level but to no avail, it was quite weird that ‘they’ seemingly understand his command to convert someone, but gave no response whenever he tried to communicate with them. It made Rob think that he was in control, but he knew that was not the case, he was not even sure if his current thought was his or theirs.

When he assimilated Blake to the hive, he could feel how ‘they’ took, changed, and transform Blake’s mind, ‘they’ were smart and careful enough to not damage any memories of their host, but ‘they’ were able to take control of her entire mind, erasing the woman's former self, then put a copy of their host as the new pilot but was now entirely loyal to him. Well…calling her his subordinate wasn’t exactly correct, because Blaze’s loyalties lay on the Hive lord inside him rather than Rob himself.

Did ‘they’ do the same thing to him? He was not sure, on one hand, it would be sad if he was no longer himself but just a puppet of the Hive lord to do their binding, in another hand, if he was asked whether he wanted to trade his miserable suppressed life to a life under alien overlord but he got a powerful ability as a trade-off to ruin those annoying bitches’s life, he would still pick the later.

Having enough of his contemplation, Rob began to work on exploring his power once more.

He extended his hand; from his finger, thin silver strings snaked through the house’s furniture. Every piece of furniture that the string passed had silver-colored streaks spreading through the object's surface like a veiny crack.

What he found after experimenting with this power of his was that ‘they’ interact differently to different materials, ‘they’ could melt fabric, plastic, and metal easily then rebuild the material into different objects. The only exception was ‘they’ couldn’t melt and mold any material that was mainly composed of rock which means he couldn’t just demolish his ex-wife’s house and rebuilt it into his den instantly.

Such a pity, but gotta work with what I have.

Rob concentrated. Using the Hive network, he could feel every piece of furniture in the house become his extension, he could lock and open the door remotely, or make a simple chair and couch become bondage contraptions.

He couldn’t wait to see his ex-wife's expression after seeing surprise after surprise that he got for her.

“Thank you for the ride, sister Maria, do you want to taste some tea first before you go back?” asked a golden blonde-haired woman to her companion.

“Sure,” answered her friend, an auburn-haired lady that went by the name Maria.

The blonde was none other than Angela Jensen, now Angela Riveters, the ex-wife of Robert Bankman. She was a few years junior to Rob when they first met, now, Angela was 33 years old while Rob was 37 years old. Angela was a pretty woman with a youthful face, her face look no different than when her still in her early college days, but her body kept developing, Angela packed natural 36 DD boobs with a perfect shape. She was self-conscious about her growing breast and always choose to wear a concealing and loose outfit outside. Rob and only a select few knew how bombastic her body was underneath her loose, prudish clothes

Her appearance and kind demeanor did her name justice. Angela was a God-fearing, kind-hearted woman who like to help with church activities and other charities.

Rob should feel lucky that such a pretty woman ever fall in love with him once, but Angela was too goody two shoes that couldn’t approve of how Rob did his job after a few years in their marriage. Angela finally reached the point of thinking their marriage couldn't be saved anymore and for once, Angela betrayed the teaching that their marriage was sacred and could only be separated by death; they divorced and the rest was history.

Now, for the auburn-haired lady, Maria Simone. Angela called her sister not because she was a nun, but because Maria had been her elder sister figure. Maria was 2 years older than Angela. she as a modest woman that rarely had make-up on her face but still could appear good looking in her own way. Maria was the daughter of Pastor Johannes Simone, a reputable and respected senior priest in their city. Following in her father's footsteps, Maria was a leading figure in her bible club whose members consisted of the elite crust women of the society.

Angela was their latest bible club member, with her newly gained wealth after marrying his current husband, and her service and contribution to the church couldn’t be denied, Angela was quickly approved by the bible club.

“Blake sweetie, I’m home,” Angela announced her entry as she entered her house.

“Blake, are you home?” Angela repeated

It's 7 AM and she expected her stepdaughter to be up already and should be either in the living room or the dining room around this time, so the girl should hear the bell and her call. But Angela didn’t hear any replies or get any welcome, which was weird. Her relationship with Blake was good even when their age gap was only around ten years. Its didn't make them awkward, and they got comfortable with each other quickly. So yeah, if their relationship was bad, it's understandable if Blake gave her a cold treatment and didn't answer her, but this was not the case. Furthermore, she saw her car still in the garage, so, Blake wasn't going to her college yet.

_Something weird here…_Angela frowned, five years as a wife of a police officer who was greedy for wealth and overly protective of his wealth made Angela infected with the habit of Rob; very wary and paranoid if her house had been intruded on by a home invader or robber.

"Angela, can you show me where the toilet is?" Maria asked, breaking Angela's deep thoughts.

"Oh yes, let me show you," said the house owner, Angela didn't want to make sister Maria worry for now because it was still only her conjecture and she didn’t yet see any proof that her house was invaded yet.

She showed Maria to their toilet on the first floor. Thankfully, they didn't see any other people on their way to the toilet.

Angela let her guard down a bit looking at her living room and kitchen seemingly devoid of any damages or traces of being ransacked.

Maybe she thought too much about the home invader, but her gut feeling made her feel that something wrong was going on here. Angela always thought that her gut feeling was a warning from God, and she never took it lightly.

After all, if there was no home invader, where is her stepdaughter right now? Being kidnapped was even worse than being held hostage in your house, Angela couldn't help to worry.

Two minutes later, Maria went out of the toilet. Her face looks flustered and red.

"What happened?" Angela asked after looking at how the older woman’s expression.

"No…nothing, I'm fine…well, maybe, I felt quite thirsty, how about we taste your tea now?"

"Okay, let's go back to the living room first."

The two walked back to the living room. Maria was following Angela from behind, so Angela didn’t notice how increasingly flustered Maria was.

Maria didn’t tell Angela why she looked flustered before because its kind of embarrassing for her. Back at the toilet, she felt someone rub her calf, but nobody aside from her was inside the room. She thought that it was only her feeling, but when she went to exit the room, the feeling was back, now, she felt someone was pitching her clitoris, but no way that could be true, right? How could someone pitch her clit when she was fully clothed? She realized maybe she was just horny.

With every step she took, Maria felt like an invisible hand was playing with her pussy and clit.

Meanwhile, back in the Master bedroom, Rob monitored every movement of the two women in the house, He didn’t expect that his ex would bring a friend, well, that was a nice gift from her for their reunion, but the addition could become a random factor if he didn’t handle her well. Thankfully, Maria presented the opportunity for him by herself when she decided to go to the toilet. He controlled one of the hive’s silver streaks that was hidden beforehand by him, from there it was easy. Unnoticeable by Maria, Rob controlled those string-like creatures to latch onto Maria’s legs, unfortunately, he couldn’t convert her yet to not alarm Angela further, Rob could only distract her by commanding ‘them’ to mutate Maria’s panties. After ‘they’ got Maria’s panties under their control, ‘they had been teasing Maria's clit and pussy by creating tentacle-like dildo attachments inside her panties which Maria had yet to notice.

“Please wait here, I will bring the tea,” said Angela then she walked away after letting Maria wait for her in the living room which Angela deemed as a safe zone.

Hopefully, being missing for a few minutes in the back would not arouse Maria’s suspicion and if she vanished for a long time without any news, she hope Maria made her worry because instead of picking up the teabag she kept at the kitchen shelf, she went upstairs, trying to search for her stepdaughter.

"Blake, are you there, sweetie?"

Angela's first attempt was to search for her stepdaughter in her bedroom, but her call was left unanswered, she didn't get any replies after she knocked at the room door several times.

“May I come in?”

Angela still didn’t receive any answer, but Angela decided to force her way in. She didn’t see Blake inside the room, but she found her stepdaughter's room became unfamiliar to her. Blake didn’t forbid her stepmom to enter her room, so Angela had been here often for girl talk, but Angela swore, Blake’s room was like this. Her bedroom wall was now decorated with an inverted cross, her bed was now a cage, and instead of a collection of books, on her bookshelves were now full of dominatrix stuff like whip and crop, and sex toys like dildoes and strapons.

“What in the name of God is happening during my absences?”.Angela knew that Blake, even though not as devoted to religion as she was, her stepdaughter was in no way a satanic believer or sexual deviant.

Before her shock receded, she got hit by another thing her eyes couldn’t believe. On the wall, silvery streaks began to appear and formed words.

“Come…to…your… master… bedroom… your…. stepdaughter…. is… there,” the blonde woman read each word that appeared on the wall.

She couldn’t comprehend what she faced, but she was frightened because it look like she was seeing a ghost in broad daylight.

The best choice would be to run away from her house with Maria and ask a priest to exorcise the ghost if there was any, but her motherly instinct and responsibilities didn’t let her abandon her stepdaughter that was in the clutches of whatever was behind this phenomenon.

“God is with me, God protects me,” Angela repeated the word like a mantra, and gather her courage. She walked toward her master bedroom, not so ready to face whatever was in her room but had no choice but to face it.

She opened the door to her master bedroom, and the first thing she saw was her naked stepdaughter, legs apart, and dried cum between her legs

"Blake, what happened to you?" Angela rushed to her daughter's side and saw that her stepdaughter looked different than before.


She heard the door behind her got closed. She looked back and found a man standing in front of the door

Angela finally had a clear look at the culprit. At a glance, it was an unfamiliar man, but the more she looked at him, the more she felt familiar with the man.

"Robert?" After a while, she finally recognize who the mysterious man resembled.

"Long time no see, Angela, it's been two years since our divorce and last meeting, It seems you have a good life," said Rob.

"Rob, are you the one that doing this?” Angela asked.

“Bingo, but there is no prize for guessing correctly,” replied the man with a sneer

“Why do you hurt my stepdaughter? Go at me if you hate me!”

“Oh, don’t get me wrong, my target is you, but you aren’t at home last night, and there only your new little girl, so, I try my new power at her.”

"Aren't you ashamed as police? You are power abusing defenseless citizen!" Angela didn't bother to ask what power that Rob meant, she only thought that Rob was power-abusing his job as police.

"Ah…I would not be police any longer, I have a better job in mind, that is being the biker gang leader that this city would fear and obey!"

"You are insane Rob!" Angela insulted Rob's maniacal rambling.

"Soon, you will understand what I mean, like your stepdaughter here understand me," Rob continued, "Blaze, it's time to wake up, there's a mommy bitch you need to meet."

Angela realized who Rob refers to as Blaze, but when she looked at her stepdaughter, it was a step too late, her hand was grabbed tightly by Blaze who smiled creepily at her.

“Hello, Mommy bitch, boss daddy just fuck me real good last night, you are such dumb bitch leaving boss daddy for my limp dicked loser of father,” said Blaze

Angela was struck in horror hearing the vulgar words from her stepdaughter’s mouth.

“What are you doing to her?” Angela looked back at Rob demanding an explanation.

“It’s easier to show you rather than explain it,” Rob placed his hand on top of Angela's bountiful bosom.

Like before, silver vein-like streaks spread from his hand to all over Angela’s dress, then seeping through the fabric and spreading on her body.

Rob released his grab before he fully convert Angela. After last night's experiment, he was more proficient in commanding the alien entity. Currently, he commanded them to paralyze Angela in place but not assimilate her to the Hive yet. Angela was conscious of everything that happened, but she couldn’t move or speak.

Rob signaled to Blaze to release her grab on Angela’s wrist and ordered her to come to him.

“So, Blaze, what new look do you want your bitch mom to have?” asked Rob to the red-haired vixen.

“She always dressed like a prude and act holier-than-thou, making her look so slutty will be a big change of sceneries, give her pasties for starter, and fishnet stocking. These whore I see outside like to wear fishnet stockings.”

“Okay, that’s an easy request.”

With Rob’s command, ‘they’ melted Angela’s dress into a black puddle.

“Now, time to give you new clothes as your dear stepdaughter requested.” The puddle crawled back at Angela’s body, first, they formed stiletto heels, then forming a fishnet stocking on her legs, and X-shaped pasties that only cover her nipples, letting her big boobies ogled by anyone. The next article of clothing that formed was a short leather jacket with a winged skull image on its back.

“Do you like your new get-up, Angela?”

“Hmm….Hmmm….” Angela tried to answer, but her mouth couldn’t be opened.

“Oh, sorry, I forgot,” Rob then commanded the hive parasite to give Angela her ability to speak back. “Done. you can speak now.”

“HELP…HELP!” Angela tried to shout at top of her lungs, but the intended loud voice didn't come out. Angela was speaking softly in her normal voice.

"Too bad, I already expect that you will scream for help, but, I'm curious if I let you scream, who can help you? The woman in the living room?" Rob sneered.

"You…Did you do something to sister Maria?" asked Maria in disbelief

Rob grinned sinisterly, “well, I don’t expect you bring a friend, thanks to you, I got another addition for my groupies, let’s meet with her now.”

Angela found her body moving by itself following Rob without she able to stop it.

The three moved back to the living room. Angela could see Maria was now in a state of nakedness, her hand and legs were bound on the chair.

As Angela saw the older woman, Maria also saw Angela. Maria disregard her shock after seeing Angela’s new getup, there was a more important thing to do, she need to free herself and get out of this ‘haunted’ place, “Angela, help me! something wrong with your house, my dress melted away, and then your chair suddenly lock me from moving.”

“Do you think Angela is in any way to help you, ma’am?” teased Rob.

Maria's plea for Angela to help her died down as the auburn-haired woman realized that Angela would not able to help her. Maria then took a better look at Rob.

_This stranger in front of me was probably the one who force Angela to wear that kind of slutty outfit that she never wore before. Who is he? Maybe I can negotiate with him. _Thought Maria

“Free me and I can give you anything, what do you want? Money? Just tell me how much you need, when you release me, I will pay you, and I will not tell any souls of what happened today.”

“Anything? Really? Well, I want your body, mind, and soul,” said Rob as he directly placed his palm on her face. Rob didn’t hold back for this one, the Hive silvery streaks quickly drill into Maria’s brain, and after a few minutes, Rob noticed that he could access a new node through the hive in his mind, which mean Maria was finally assimilated by the hive.

“What are you doing to her? Is she dead?” Angela asked scaredly after she saw Maria losing consciousness when his ex-husband pressed his palm against Maria’s head. She knew that the power in Rob’s hand was dangerous, and might even be used as a lethal weapon because it was powerful enough to melt her clothes in a few seconds, what more a human’s brain?

“Kill her? I don’t have any intent to kill her, I just inducted her into the hive, to be part of my biker gang. And so do you, it’s time for you to be my slutty gang member, maybe you will not be as insufferable like before.”

Like what he did with Maria, Rob pressed his palm to Angela’s face, and silver colored streak began to come out of his hand.

“Welcome to the gang, Nightmare, and NG,” Rob greeted his two new gang members.

Nightmare was a transformed Maria Simone. Her look was quite different than before, her face was full of piercing; eyebrows, nose, lip, septum, tongues, and ears were decorated with various types of piercings. Her auburn hair was now a long raven black styled in liberty spike hair.

Her skin was pale sickly white, her nail was as long as talon painted black, the same black color as her lipstick and eyeshadow. There was no trace of the pastor’s daughter from a few minutes ago, she wore a similar getup as Blaze; a cropped tube top with a hole on her nipple part to show off her nipple ring, a leather jacket with a skull logo on her back, a micro skirt that didn’t even cover her pussy from view, and thigh-high boots. Her pussy labia and clitoris was fully pierced with several conspicuous thick rings. Contrasting with her pale skin, her labia and the inside of her pussy was dark purplish almost black in color and smell like rotten fish, emulating a rotten pussy look that only the sickest nasty slut that disregard hygiene and safety had but despite its unappealing look, Nightmare’s pussy was healthy and tight, free of any STD. Back as Maria, she wasn’t sexually active so her pussy was still tight, but Rob want to throw away this image of a pure woman, because anyway, making her pussy loose then return to tight as virgin one when Rob fucking her was an easy job for the hive parasite. Nightmare was not Maria, Nightmare was the sickest and most grotesque member of his group, she exist to be a feared and inviting nightmare for the decent mass of this city.

Meanwhile, NG or No Good, Angela's new name, was not much different than her before, her skin was bronze tanned, a fake tan usually found on a chav slut, her natural beautiful golden blonde hair was now bleached platinum blonde. NG had some surgery look on her face compared to Angela, for example, her new bee-stung full lips and botox-filled cheek typically found in bimbo.

For her clothes, NG wore the same as before; stiletto heels, fishnet stockings, thongs panties, X-shaped pasties, a short leather jacket with a skull logo on it, and now, she had an additional dog collar on her neck with an NG pendant attached on it.

For his holier-than-thou ex-wife, he made sure that NG would look the sluttiest and act the sluttiest. She was practically naked, with a pussy that was always wet and ready for fucking, but NG wasn’t your simple bimbo, Rob wanted an evil-hearted bitch, she would fuck married men and wreck their home before abandoning the man. Of course, this behavior excluded Rob. NG was loyal to the hive lord inside Rob, which made her unable to have any bad ideas to Rob.

Rob looked at his three creations so far. He was satisfied with his haul, but of course, it was not yet enough, his gang need more members. Fortunately, with the addition of Nightmare to his rank, Rob got access to several other high-profile women to fill his rank.

“Alright gang, time to ride, we still have some friends who need to be visited to fill our rank.”

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