Dark Ride

by codec aliasing

Tags: #aliens #f/f #pov:bottom #scifi #tentacles #bondage #sub:female #urban_fantasy

A seasoned urban explorer brings her nervous friend to investigate the remains of an abandoned theme park, with a special eye on a dark ride that captivated its riders with a psychedelic tale of an ancient alien invasion.

"I know I always say this, but watch your step. We're aiming to end up in the basement, but preferably somehow involving stairs or ladders, okay?"

Dylan nodded, her eyes shut tight the way Talia had taught her would help her adjust to the dark more quickly. When she opened them, she jumped a little-- Talia was staring directly at her, her face lit up by the lamp attached to a band around her head and a now-familiar adrenaline-spiked smile. Dylan had been on enough of these little adventures now to understand that that smile appeared automatically the moment they officially began trespassing, and didn't wear off until they stopped.

She smiled back, a much smaller and more timid expression. She was excited, but also nervous, and she didn't have Talia's innate draw to thrill to help cleanly mix the two into something positive.

"Sorry again. Um, about my camera. Not having it, I mean," Dylan said. Her expensive safety blanket was in the shop with some sort of complicated sensor issue. Truthfully, she hadn't taken many pictures on their last few excursions, but being without it felt like breaking a rule that was set in their first interaction, when Talia had complimented her architectural photography on Instagram.

you seem like someone who really looks for the stuff no-one else sees, Talia had said. like. your work just makes me think that you catch stuff no-one would know to look for. it's really sick.

wow, that might be the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me, haha. Dylan had managed to type back after rereading the message several times and clicking to stare at Talia's locked profile a few more.

lol, well, it shouldn't be. but i guess i also like seeing stuff no-one else bothers to see. After several long seconds of typing indicators stopping and starting, she'd finally followed up, do you have plans this weekend? & if not, do you have any sturdy boots that keep you pretty light on your feet?

Dylan was wearing the very boots she'd paid inordinately high shipping to get to her apartment the day after that conversation. They crunched pleasantly over the broken glass and other debris on the ground as she stepped forward to take Talia's outstretched hand.

"The camera was just my excuse to make use of the eyes behind it, Dill; you should know that by now," Talia said, winking, pulling her past a series of increasingly collapsed doors, with variously decayed signage: "EMPL  EES O  Y", " MPLO  NL ", "  PLOY ES Y", "E YE S ON Y", " YEES Y".

Barely ten hours beforehand, Dylan had received a message through the encrypted texting app Talia recommended, from her only contact on it-- Talia herself. It was a magnifying glass emoji, a roller coaster emoji, a question mark, and a link to an ancient-looking blog post: a chaotic and detailed collection of scans of tiny newspaper and magazine articles about the closure of a theme park outside of the town Dylan lived in. Dylan typed a roller coaster emoji, deleted it, a big smile emoji, deleted it, a detective emoji, deleted it, "yes!", deleted it, put her phone down, took a deep breath, picked her phone up, and sent an eyes emoji. Talia responded instantly:




Dylan sent back an astronaut emoji, waited for the read notification to pop up, and tried to get some sleep.

The sun started to rise as they parked, and it was fully in the sky by the time they got to the decrepit ride Talia wanted to explore. "The original entrance was up there," she said, gesturing to a U-shaped rusted-out section in the side of the building, about three floors up, seemingly where a landing had once been attached. Dylan's gaze followed Talia's hand as she continued the gesture to indicate the collapsed pile of metal that had been the stairs. "Considering the shape the building is in, I thought we should probably just go in on the ground floor instead."

"Maintenance entrance?" Dylan asked.

"Maintenance entrance," Talia agreed, smiling. Dylan felt a spark in her chest every time she could show off that she was picking up on things, even tiny things, and get one of those smiles.

"Okay, I get the alien emoji now," Dylan said as they passed by some dirty piles of plastic stars and planets that had clearly fallen off of the ride and been politely collected out of the way by other explorers. "So, since we're past spoiler territory-- are we looking for anything in particular today?"

"Yes and no," Talia said, pointing to hazards on the ground for Dylan to avoid as she led her forward. "This place got picked over pretty thoroughly right after it closed. Most of the discovery posts and sales peter out, like, almost a decade ago. But this week, someone published this whole retrospective inventory they've been working on for months, collating all the old auctions and forum threads and whatever. One of their big theories is that we know there were twenty cars in this dark ride, but there's only solid evidence of numbers one through eighteen being removed-- like, following the public accounts of which ones were sold or collected or destroyed, this person thinks two are missing."

"So they might still be in here?"

"Maybe. Honestly, there's just as much evidence that they were in the lot of stuff the park owners managed to scavenge in the twelve hours between the notice of bankruptcy and shutdown. But it's a good excuse for an adventure, right?"

Any excuse for an adventure. Dylan wandered the area of the ride just inside the maintenance tunnel. It was a huge room-- probably two storeys tall, and nearly as wide. There were just enough train tracks still hanging from the ceiling and bolted to the floor to discern the pattern: the riders came in at the top, descended in progressively tighter circles around the tall structure in the middle, then did a couple more loops around it on the floor before being brought to the next room.

Dylan followed the tracks backwards, moving closer to the centrepiece to investigate it. She put her hand to the dusty plexiglass. It was warm, and a faint glow emanated from somewhere deep within the chamber. She craned her neck to find the source of the light, but the dark and the aged scratches that covered the windowed surface obfuscated it. It looked like it went through the floor, continuing uninterrupted through multiple levels of the building.

"You said this whole park lost power, right?" She asked, raising her voice to account for Talia's tendency to wander. Sure enough, her companion's voice echoed back from around the bend.

"Even if it hadn't been cut off, when the big coaster collapsed in that storm last year, it severed all the lines," she said. "Couldn't light it up if we tried." She sounded excited. Dylan rolled her eyes, but smiled. The light pulsing softly in the middle of the chamber must have been sun filtering through layers of rotted and collapsed ceiling.

For several minutes, the two of them existed in the companionable silence Dylan had found anxiety-inducing at first, but had come to truly enjoy as she realised Talia wanted very little except her shared time and observance. There were occasional clattering noises as the ringleader carefully pushed through debris, looking for whatever additional mysteries she'd set her heart on that day. Dylan wandered a bit more aimlessly, waiting for something to catch her eye before she dug in or called Talia over.

Or, well-- admittedly, her eye did seem caught on something. She kept gravitating back to the chamber at the centre of the room, placing a hand on it, then two hands on the next trip, then walking over and stepping so far into its vicinity that her elbows and fingertips both pressed into the plexiglass. Definitely sunlight, she thought to herself. Just looking at it warmed her up-- not the overwhelming heat of a midday trek through a parking lot on a lunch break, but the gentle, core-penetrating heat of laying out in a field with nothing better to do for the rest of your day. Maybe a girl's head in your lap, one of your hands in a book, the other brushing idly through her hair. Maybe slowly twisting the hand that is in the hair, applying the meaningful pressure that portends pain to guide her to shift until she's laying between your legs, pulling your shorts down, pressing her tongue hungrily to your cunt. The heat rising in your belly and down your legs as you hold her head there, the sun glinting off the slick on your inner thighs, the thump of your book on the grass as you finally drop it--

She shook her head, blinking hard. At some point, she'd stepped even closer, and her hard nipples pressed against the plexiglass through her shirt. A distinct flush grew on her cheeks and she pulled back, turning and walking deliberately toward a corner she hadn't investigated yet, hoping that any new stimulus would divert her attention enough to stop it from wandering.

She did have a habit of sleeping with Talia on these excursions, but even so, it was a surprise to Dylan that her mind had been so quick to fill Talia in between her legs in that brief aside. The strangest part, if she was being honest, was the image of Talia in an open field-- whenever she'd had her tongue inside of Dylan, it was in some dark, decrepit asylum or grain silo or desert shack or whatever other haunted thing she'd somehow stumbled upon that week. She was usually covered in rust and ash, leaving streaks of it on their sweaty bodies, the grit adding extra grip when she twisted Dylan's nipples, the rough edges of her nails leaving scratches on Dylan's tits and back when she--

Dylan blinked again, once more finding herself in the middle of the room, trying to stare all the way through the dark and diaphanous plastic. Her entire body was pressed against the chamber, the bottom of her shirt lifted so there was nothing between her skin and the plexiglass. It must have been pulled up by her watch band. She stepped back, fumbling at the watch to tear it off, furiously thinking how lucky she was that it only got caught on a piece of her clothing and not a piece of rusted, unpredictably heavy machinery.

"Hey, Tal-- tell me again about this ride?" She called, turning her back on the chamber and walking firmly in the opposite direction, hoping to follow Talia's voice and catch up with her.

"In the 80s, we were just, like, going sort of apeshit about aliens, you know, as a culture," Talia said, continuing easily with no apparent notice of the lull. "This park was on the edge of bankruptcy anyway, so they decided to do a pretty desperate ground-up re-theming based entirely on that hype. It was insane-- they threw literally every remaining resource they had at the place; kind of a 'fuck it; either this works or at least we go out in style' thing. They shut down for a few weeks in the off-season and renamed and redecorated every single building."

"Holy shit," Dylan said, speeding up a little as she spotted the glow of Talia's light ahead. "All of it?"

"All of it. And the crazy thing is that it worked. Well, you know... until it didn't. But at the time, it was this insane success story. This ride changed from something even kids laughed at to definitely the centrepiece of the park. Before the revamp, it was this goofy edutainment ride-- you saw the thing in the middle?" Dylan was very aware of the thing in the middle.

"It goes through every floor, all the way from the top to the sub-basement. It was covered in all this shitty fake bark and you sort of sat in a car with a mushroom cap or leaf shaped piece of plastic around the edge and went down every floor learning about, you know-- different layers of ecosystems in the jungle. Which I know sounds awesome--" Dylan smiled to herself at Talia's genuine support for the concept. She'd been thinking that it sounded like exactly the type of thing she would have enjoyed, and was very glad Talia didn't think it sounded inherently dorky. "But it was super slow, really poorly put together, and had awful pacing. I watched a few videos that people ripped from their old home movies and put online and sometimes it would go literally four minutes between anything new happening. I don't know how you run out of stuff to tell people about the complex interlocking natures of a jungle ecosystem, but whatever."

Dylan followed the circle of Talia's headlamp over the exposed metal walls. "Did they basically just gut the place and put in weird lights?"

Talia laughed. "Honestly, yeah. They recorded new narration, but it could be way shorter because they set the cars to their top speed-- still not super fast, but add some flashing lights and big crashing sounds and you barely notice."

"What was the new narration? Space facts?"

"No, it was like... trying to tell a story. I think we should just follow the tracks down for now instead of trying the maintenance access."

"Yeah, I guess they look a little..." Dylan trailed off, looking with disappointment at the rusted ladder. The tracks lead further away from the centre, and she felt a strange thump in her chest as she considered adding more distance between herself and the chamber. She pushed it away-- Talia was obviously right. It wasn't safe. Still... "What was the story? Did the tree thing in the middle have anything to do with it?"

"Oh, yeah. It was the whole thing. The forest ride kept circling the tree, y'know, for all the great and cool tree facts, so it kind of had to be-- if we keep following the track, we'll get back to it." A small, buoyant feeling of comfort replaced the thump. Dylan nearly pushed that away, too, but then decided to let it sit. It felt nice.

As they moved down the sloped hall, Talia continued, "I've watched every video of the ride that's ever been published-- even discovered one, myself, on a VHS tape from an old storage locker some of us went in on a few years ago. It's always sort of hard to 'get it' from videos of rides, right? There's just no replacement for that feeling in your gut when something moves you. Watching a roller coaster on a screen, you get a bit of the anticipation, a bit of the lurch of the drop, but some stuff is just meant to be felt. You know? Deep inside of you."

Dylan nodded fervently. She hoped Talia was too focused on the path to turn and catch the heat rising on her face, because she couldn't even begin to explain the source of it.

"Even if it's not quite a roller coaster, there's still stuff you miss in videos of rides like this one, but... this one was especially crazy. It was... psychedelic. Abstract. A capital-E Experience. I always thought it was meant to be interpretive, like the point was to just decide for yourself what it was trying to say, but then I started reading stories from people who went on it. Every single one of them swears that it tells a straightforward narrative that they understood perfectly. Like, it's unanimous. It blew my mind."

"The power of art, I guess," Dylan suggested.

"Totally. Sometimes you just have to be there." Talia laughed. "To be here, I guess." Her eyes sparkled conspiratorially, and Dylan's flush intensified. Talia seemed to find it so easy to make her feel chosen. Or-- it probably made more sense to call that feeling "included", right? Dylan was fairly sure that's what she'd meant with that thought.

"So the ride starts at the top and goes down. But it's about aliens?"

"Yeah, or... well, yeah, basically. Not gonna lie, no-one is particularly good at recounting the story, even as they insist it makes perfect sense. Or they just don't bother to, because they're just vaguely reminiscing, or being mad online at someone who's asking questions because they were born after the park closed. It was told backwards, starting at the present, going to the past. Like, all the way back. If I have my bearings correct, by this point in the ride, they were already back billions of years, about when multicellular organisms were popping up all over town.

"Told chronologically, it was something like a meteor that was a spaceship full of aliens, or a meteor that was an alien, crashing into the earth when it was just starting to form. I'm pretty sure there was time travel involved? Like, they were from the future, and sent themselves back on purpose to get in here early? Or it might be that they were from, like, before time existed, so they were able to be both from the present and the past?"

"They chose to tell this story in a theme park ride?" Dylan asked, her voice straining from confusion and held-back laughter.

"The 80s, man! I'm telling you! So this alien, or whatever, it sits in the middle of the Earth, just dormant, for aeons. Slumbering, or recovering, or heating up. Waiting, maybe. Then, when life starts to form on Earth, it starts trying to push its way up. Reaching for that life. Hungry for it, somehow. Like a... like a sunflower, turning toward the sun, but over the course of millennia."

Talia lifted a hatch, and Dylan jumped at the sound. Something had shifted-- she couldn't remember why this story had felt so silly a few moments ago. It felt heavy now. The dark of the shadows got darker, and Dylan pulled herself closer to the bright of Talia's lamp, staring down into the pit with her.

"When I watched the videos, and when I first started reading accounts, I thought it was supposed to be scary. It sounds scary, right?" Dylan made a non-committal sound. "Ha, you understood it more quickly than I did, I guess. Because, yeah, everyone says it was really beautiful. There was this feeling that the alien, like--"

"Chose us." Dylan finished her sentence for her, and didn't even apologise for interrupting.

"Right. Right. Shit, Dill-- I'm so glad you keep coming on these trips with me. You just seem to plug into this stuff. It's really cool."

Dylan smiled slowly. Talia thought she was cool. "Thanks... thanks, Talia. What, uhm-- what happens at the end of the story?"

Talia shrugged. "I guess it was still just trying to come up? Again, you know, it sounds unsatisfying to me, but people describe it like... it was just right. It was a really natural ending to the story. Sometimes people ask if 'the sequel' was ever made, but I've never seen any plans for it. I think it was just a rumour at the time that people are misremembering as a real announcement.

"If you mean at the end of the ride... I have no idea. The videos are all so old and the lighting was so crazy, it's just... shapes. If you ever saw that creepypasta about the eldritch circus, it uses screencaps from videos of this ride. Which caused big drama in the scene, by the way. Legendary forum schism."

Dylan barely registered the commentary. "So the thing in the middle... was that like... the path the meteor... took? Into the Earth?"

"I think so." Talia shifted to put herself on the ladder below the hatch. Dylan wondered, briefly, if the extra sparkle in her eyes was because she felt the same rush of-- something-- at the prospect of that meteor path. It could just be the same old thrill of the dive, but maybe it was more. Maybe Dylan was just feeling more. "Alright, shortcut time. If you just keep walking along the tracks, I'm sure I'll find a shorter ladder or some stairs, and I'll come get you."

"I... yeah. Sure. Actually, how about I just come right down? Here?"

Talia grinned, and it was definitely more wild than usual. By the time Dylan made it all the way down, Talia was gone, somewhere around the dramatic curve of the hall. Dylan's confidence flickered a bit as she started walking alone, but she didn't say anything. She wanted Talia to keep thinking she was cool, and being brave and independent was probably very cool. Plus, this was probably the most direct path back to the centre, and the story had only strengthened the urge to investigate it further.

With some effort, she pushed open the first door that she found. There was no ambient light down here at all, and she finally flicked on her flashlight. She was definitely back in the ride, and the condition was shockingly improved over the upper floors. There were still obvious signs of time and neglect, but nothing like the decay of everything above ground. The walls were dull, but not peeling apart, and the track was whole.

Eldritch, she thought, slowly taking in the sight of several piles of limp robotic tentacles. Something inside of her rejected the word, even as she thought it. It felt pale and small and human. She didn't have a better word, so she thought it again as she moved the beam of light around, fascinated. They were black, and so shiny that it almost hurt to shine her flashlight directly at them. She had to imagine that they'd missed some transitions by skipping some of the ride, and the experience of the original riders wasn't this jarring.

"I can see why someone made a Cthulu carnival out of footage of this," she called, partially to check if Talia could still hear her. Laughter echoed back from somewhere.

"Yeah, you can't totally blame them. It looks great down here, huh? Maybe I'm a nineteenth cart believer after all."

"Not twentieth cart, though?" Dylan asked, carefully stepping over the tracks. All of the props seemed to have been gathered to one side, leaving this side clear to walk along.

"Absolutely not," Talia responded. "The wheels of twentieth cart were definitely used to build the CEO's next tax fraud project. But I have a good feeling about number nineteen."

Dylan flicked her flashlight off again. It really did hurt her eyes every time it moved over one of those piles of metal, and there were a lot of them. She couldn't even imagine how carts had fit down here when they were moving, or what machinery animated them. Maybe some of them had been moved down here from upper floors when it had closed. Luckily, she was getting close enough to the centre now that there was more ambient light from the chamber to see by. It seemed so much brighter than it had been up top, somehow, even further from the sun leaking through the roof. She knew it could have easily been an illusion. It wasn't brighter, everything else was just darker. This was a perfectly reasonable thing to accept.

"I think I found a storage closet! It's locked, I think from the inside. It feels like there's a deadbolt when I pull it. That means there's gotta be another entrance-- have you seen a door?" Talia's voice was coming from very far away now.

"Oh, uh--" Dylan stopped in her tracks. She'd been so focused on moving forward that she hadn't been looking. She took a step backward, then found herself moving in that direction much more quickly than anticipated as she tripped over one of the tentacle heaps. Her foot slipped further into the black mass as she failed to catch herself, and she landed hard on the concrete.

"You okay?" Talia called.

"Don't think I broke anything," Dylan yelled back, her embarrassment more obvious in her voice than she wanted it to be.

"You sure?"

Dylan moved to push herself to her feet and felt cold metal on her wrist as she clumsily landed her hand in the middle of another one of the piles of tentacles. Was it cold? Or was it maybe wet? How had she missed this on the way forward? She put her other hand back to get leverage and somehow twisted it into the pile as well. Now she had no idea how she was going to stand up, and she wasn't sure her pride could bear the thought of having to call Talia to get her out of this mess. She could vividly imagine Talia's face as she rounded the bend: that badly suppressed smile that says, You're being adorable, and the thousandth apology for leaving Dylan behind. I just get so excited, she'd laugh, putting out a helping hand as she belatedly realised Dylan can't free either of hers. I get very, very excited, she'd repeat, putting that hand instead on Dylan's jaw, pressing in slightly to get her mouth to pop open so she could slide her cock all the way into Dylan's throat before pulling it back out, letting Dylan strain blissfully against the metal and wires wrapped around her wrists as she lurched forward desperately, chasing the taste and weight of her on her tongue--

Dylan blinked. She was all the way down the hall, upright before the chamber, just as she'd found herself doing repeatedly on the higher floor. She wasn't touching it. As she tried to step back again, she realised her feet weren't on the ground. She looked down toward them. The robotic tentacles were twisted around her shoes and calves, ending their wrap just above her knees. Her hands were still behind her back, and the metal against them had absorbed enough body heat to be warm, and soft, and gently thrumming against the thick heartbeats echoing in her wrists. They snaked a bit further up, tightening her arms together, thrusting her chest forward. Her nipples brushing against her shirt only amplified how cold and dead the fabric felt on her skin, and she ached for relief from it.

More of the pile of parts underneath her started moving, snaking carefully up itself and under her shirt. She gasped at the comfort of the metal on her skin and exhaled a long moan as it wrapped her shirt up into a ball and tore through it, letting it fall gracelessly off her chest. One of the giant welded suckers clamped down on her nipple. The pressure increased quickly, and she melted into the places where the structure supported her. Her other nipple received the same treatment, and her hips rocked, trying to free themselves from the frigid, stiff denim. Another tentacle-- two? three?-- worked at the seams in her inner thighs, quickly wearing them thin enough that all they needed to do was add her underwear to the grip and pull to get her cunt blissfully free.

And it was bliss. The warmth radiating from the chamber was almost unbearable, but in a good way-- the way the sun feels on the beach when you're allowed to just doze, nothing pressing on you except the light and the air, carefree and lazy and soft and warm and good and warm and melty and warm. Dylan writhed, trying to find a way for the light to hit more of her skin at once. She was so horribly aware of the parts of her that were in shadow and the parts of her that rarely saw light. She opened her mouth as wide as possible, moaning as she felt the radiance from the chamber hit her tongue. She fought the pressure of the pleasure that tried to pull her eyes close, willing them to keep staring into the glow. It was growing in intensity now, tipping over toward painful to look at, but she refused to look away.

It's a star, she thought, the euphoric burst of understanding washing over her brain like the first splash of the ocean on that beach trip, when you've been baking a little too long without getting into the water. No wonder she had been so pulled to it, this whole time: she was feeling its gravity and the weight of its trip across the galaxy. The long transit it had taken began to hit her in earnest, her brain blurring into static as she felt the unfathomable speeds and distances, felt the impossibility of what it would do to her human body to live that long and far and fast, felt herself get popped and torn in pieces by the pressure and velocity, until she disintegrated and was able to merge fully with the Star. She was awed by how it handled the travel that had destroyed her, utterly reverential of its grace and determination. She saw Earth approaching on the long horizon of space and then she was above it and then she was sinking, quickly, sinking so hard and fast that she crashed deep into the body of the planet. The dark rock that cradled the Star began to slowly absorb its light. For centuries, the Star patiently leached its light into the core of the Earth, waiting for Dylan to touch and be touched by the ore it had brightened.

The metal tentacles wrapped higher on her body. She could feel them rotating as they moved and was overwhelmed with gratitude that they would be so attentive as to make sure her skin got maximum contact. She begged for more, but didn't want to pull her tongue back into the shadow for even a second; her "please"s came out like frantic raw pants of desire. Even so, the Star understood, and she was given what she needed. The first alloyed tentacles slipped into her cunt and mouth, thrusting in and out to keep bringing fresh Starlight inside of her. Within seconds, every orifice of her body was being penetrated, replacing the darkness of her holes with Starlight.

Even as the euphoria of understanding flooded her again and she knew she didn't have to keep her eyes open any more-- that Starlight was leaking as fast as possible into her brain through her ears and nose and mouth-- she couldn't bring herself to fully close them. They rolled all the way back, but the lids stayed parted slightly, the visible whites continuing to be available to absorb.

Her sense of time was still broken from experiencing the millennia of space travel the Star had shared with her. She mostly recognized that it was passing because she occasionally experienced the terrible moment between one tentacle pulling out of her and another shoving in. Every new penetration made her feel like another piece of her was becoming lighter. She couldn't separate the feeling of cumming from the feeling of the Starlight spreading inside her. Maybe she'd had ten orgasms fucked out of her, or maybe she'd been having the same one continuously for minutes or hours or days. None of it was comprehensible in the brain-shattering scale of the Star.

Eventually, for reasons that weren't clear to her, the pace changed. The tentacles stopped swapping out, choosing instead to start entering her additionally. They'd push as far in as they could in one go, then thrust until they'd stretched her out enough to add another. She lay completely limp, knowing that the more she could relax, the more they could open her up and soak her in Starlight.

The tendrils in her ears pulled out, weaving themselves in her hair to join the ones holding her head in place. When Talia spoke, Dylan could feel her words bouncing in the empty space they'd left, comfortingly filling some of it back up. She moved her eyes forward so she could figure out where Talia was.

"What have you gotten yourself into?" Talia cooed, the tentacles surrounding her limbs pulling her up into the air swiftly, so the two of them were face to face. Dylan gargled an answer around the two churning tubes of metal that filled her mouth. Talia smiled. "This is why you're my favourite urbex buddy," she said, and her eyelids fluttered gently as something shifted below. The bindings on Dylan's arms curled up over her shoulders, tight around her neck and then down, pressing her tits together. Talia ascended some more, leaving her hips even with Dylan's chest. The tentacle buried in her ass thrusted her body forward and backwards, hard, rhythmically fucking Dylan's tits with her cock. "You're always-- hhn-- just really-- mmm-- open to--" and she lost the rest of her sentence to one of the tentacles that had been down Dylan's throat pushing its way into hers.

A thick, oily, black liquid almost immediately started leaking out the sides of her mouth, and Dylan distantly realised that must be what's covering her body. As she watched it rolling down Talia's body, she felt it dripping out of her own nose and down her thighs, every minute movement of it sending more pleasure racing through her body. Talia's cum splattered across Dylan's chest, and the impact of it did the same thing. Dylan dizzily wished that Talia could cum on her more, so she could keep feeling that good, and her vision went white with pleasure when the tentacle overfilled Talia's mouth so much that the load dripped steadily down onto Dylan's face.

The tentacles snaked back into her ears and she lost herself in it once more. It was such a relief to have the Starlight shining inside her skull from all angles again. The Star continued to pass on its knowledge to her in quick beams of brightness that illuminated any other possible thought she could have beyond recognition, simply making them glow so brightly that they couldn't help but become part of the Light. Her living bondage repositioned her so she could see Talia, held horizontally in the air, bouncing roughly between uncountable metal appendages. She was overwhelmed with gratitude for her friend, who always broke her out of her comfort zone and brought her to beautiful places she never would have known existed. The Star replayed the feeling of Talia's cum on her skin, cementing that any time she needed, she could have Talia cum deeply inside of her, and it would be just like having the Star's ore spilling its light into her. She knew, as well, that if she sensed Talia had dimmed too much, she could ride her face until her cunt sent slick waves of Starlight down her throat, or even suck her dick so hard and long that she absorbed the Star's influence through Dylan's spit. That joy and relief was her last conscious thought before the Star blew several simultaneous loads inside both of them, every one of their holes spurting the overflow of that shining dark liquid, and she blacked out.

She woke up in the passenger seat of Talia's car, on the highway. She blinked, hard, looking around in confusion. The sun was setting.

"Hey, sleepyhead," Talia said, warmly. Dylan stayed silent, trying to piece together what had happened. "I didn't want to wake you. We're gonna skipthe theme park for today-- it was in way worse shape than the pics made it seem, so we're gonna need some more intense equipment."

"Worse shape?" Dylan said. Her voice sounded raw, and as she woke up more, she realised that her throat was aching. "Water?"

"Oh, of course, yeah. My backpack's on the back seat behind me, if you can reach."

Dylan fumbled for the water bottle in the side pocket and took a deep drink. She winced. "Was I sleeping with my mouth open?"

Talia laughed. "You were really out of it," was all she said. Dylan, embarrassed, stared out the window. grew between them again. She let herself relax into it, and the hard feelings slowly disappeared. It really was getting more and more comfortable every time.

The colours on the horizon flared and then faded. They were still far enough from the city that the sky was filled with hundreds more stars than Dylan was used to. A small smile tugged at her lips as she took in the sight.

"It's really something, huh?" Talia said-- she must have been watching. Dylan nodded, turning the smile on her.

"Do you ever get a bit overwhelmed by how far away they are? Even though we can see them?"

"Overwhelmed? I don't think so. It's pretty awesome, though."

"Yeah," Dylan said, packing a lot of amazement into one syllable as she went back to staring out the window. The stars were so numerous and twinkled so energetically that they were hard to keep track of, almost seeming to multiply whenever Dylan shifted her gaze to another part of the sky. After a couple of minutes watching them, trying to figure out if there was a pattern there, she reached over and put a gentle hand on Talia's thigh.

"What's up?"

Her voice still soft and full of wonder, as if continuing to comment on the unimaginable spectacle that is the universe, Dylan said, "Do you wanna pull over to the side of the road and fuck me raw on the hood of the car?"

Talia grinned, the same thrilled and cocky look she got when she found a secret way into a secure area. "I'd love to, Dill. Hey... I don't want to make it awkward, but it's really cool that you're getting comfortable making suggestions on what we do. I value your input, you know. I just like spending time with you."

"I like spending time with you," Dylan said, much softer now. The hand not on Talia's thigh was working its way into her own pants. Didn't I wear shorts this morning? It's so hot. Whatever. "And I just think it's really cool that you want to hang out with me and that you want to cum inside me."

"I think you're cool, too, you goofball." Talia took a nice long look at Dylan's hand as she pulled it back out of her underwear. "Let me, yeah?" Dylan nodded, absent-mindedly sticking her fingers into Talia's mouth and letting her suck the black slick off. "Thanks for trusting me."

"Oh. Um... yeah, I mean, you ask me to do some crazy stuff, I guess," Dylan said. The car coasted to a stop on the gravel embankment. "But it's all been pretty awesome. So it's alright."

"I'm glad," Talia said. "I want you on your back so you can stare up at the Stars while I fuck you, okay?"

Dylan laughed. "Okay. Like you said, I trust you."

"I trust you too, Dylan. Or I wouldn't keep sharing secret places with you." Talia pushed open the driver's seat door. "Get naked and spread your cunt for me."

Dylan smiled and got out of the car, pulling off her clothes and folding them onto the passenger seat. These little adventures meant a lot to her.


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