Chapter 6

by Cmd-Ctrl

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Nadia stared at the notification in the corner of the screen, declaring loudly her appointment with Titus in a few hours. She'd been consumed with anxiety since last week, and she still hadn't come up with any answers. Of course she'd known from the start that getting Titus to notice her romantically was always going to be a challenge. He was a great guy, but his devotion to his role as therapist made him oblivious to even the most blatant of attempts to flirt with him. She'd hoped that with enough tries, she'd finally catch his eye.

But last session had forced her to accept an unfortunate truth she'd been desperately trying to avoid. Titus being her therapist didn't just make him oblivious to her advances. He might even not be oblivious. He just absolutely refused to consider it as a possibility. Even if she outright confessed her feelings to him, he was legally unable to date her, and he was too much of a man of morals for that. He would always be worried his hypnotic influence was making her feel the way she did, even though she'd hoped she could convince him otherwise.

Legal barriers, though? There was no persuading him there. If word got out that he'd started dating her, he'd lose his job. He'd removed most of the implanted insecurities, but she was still mortal at the end of the day, with all the annoying anxieties that implied. She was far from confident enough to believe that she was worth that kind of risk. 

"Damn it all!" Nadia shouted, hurling her laptop aside and flopping down onto her bed. She buried her face in her pillows so she could scream in frustration without being too loud. It wasn't fair! She loved Titus with all her heart, and she was sure that she'd have fallen for him even if they hadn't met as they had. If only she'd gotten some other therapist, and met Titus later! Even if none of his peers were supposed to have a fraction of his skill, surely she'd have been fine if she could be with him. She couldn't risk that career for her own gratification. So, did she really have no choice but to let the man she loved slip away?

"Come on, Noodles. I know your laptop is made of strong stuff - some kind of mage-metal, judging by the hollowness of that thud, and I approve - but you don't need to test it, do you?" a female voice chuckled from behind her door. 

Nadia groaned and threw a pillow at the voice. "Damn it, Avi! Stop calling me that! It was half a year ago now! Let it die!"

"Well if you're going to keep throwing things at walls, I don't see why I should," Avi shot back, catching the pillow with a grin.

Avielle. Succubus, roommate, and occasional bane of a poor elf's existence. For someone supposed to be an embodiment of lust, her appearance was remarkably modest. She dressed to deliberately hide her beauty, for reasons she'd never decided to explain to Nadia. She readjusted the thick glasses Nadia knew she definitely didn't need, giving her a sly grin. 

"I'll stop, I'll stop... when you get over Mister Mind-Controlling Dreamboat, that is," Avielle chuckled. She walked to the bed, sitting down beside Nadia, poking her in the side with her smooth tail to get her to move over and make space.

"Screw you," Nadia groaned, resigned to her fate. She'd gotten distracted thinking about Titus, and Avielle's arrival home had scared her so much she'd flung a pot of boiling water and spaghetti across the room, nearly setting the kitchen on fire. And since succubi could feel, or more accurately taste, strong emotions, there had been no hiding exactly what kind of thing had her so distracted. Avi had declared then, apparently in reference to some old comic strip, that Nadia was to be 'Noodles,' and this the 'Noodle Incident.' She couldn't really protest much, since she had almost burned the place down.

"I know you want to, girl. I'm irresistible. But maybe another time," Avielle teased. Nadia glared at the grinning succubus. She'd walked right into that one too. Giving a succubus an excuse to make a dirty joke. She never learned.

"Lay off me, would you? I've gotta figure out what I'm doing about Titus, and my appointment is in a few hours."

Avielle sighed, her face growing serious. "Don't you think you're going a little far, Nads?"

"What do you mean?"

Avi waved her hands. "All of... this. What you're doing for him. To yourself."

It always ended up like this. Her roommate knew she'd been fixated on him for ages now, and had reluctantly helped her go to increasingly extreme measures to try and win him over. Avi had met Titus once, in an early session, where she'd tagged along to make sure her friend was in good hands. She'd insisted she wasn't going to leave her friend's mind in the hands of some pervert, after all. She'd known instantly that her concern was unwarranted though. Titus had, as she'd put it, a strong moral compass, one that couldn't be seduced into immorality through natural means. Succubi, especially the more practiced ones, could read things like that about people, although Nadia was a little put off by the idea of someone tasting her mind to see what it was like.

So Avielle had watched Nadia try and fail over and over, even after she'd been told her efforts were futile. She'd hoped her friend would accept that on her own, and just move on... But months of escalation later, Avi was a lot less on board than she had been at the start.

"You know what I'm talking about, Nads. Don't play coy," the succubus snapped. She did, obviously. She'd coerced her into reimplanting insecurities that Titus had removed. Succubus glamour might not have been the most powerful kind of mind magic, but it did the trick well enough when the subject was willing. When she'd tearfully explained about the legal issue, Avi seemed to have had a weight off her shoulders. Finally, she must have thought, Nadia would have no choice but to give up and move on.

But that hadn't happened. Nadia hadn't given up or moved on. How could she? And even if Avielle was worried about her, she knew there was no way she'd risk hurting Nadia by telling Titus and letting him 'fix' her. That meant that, if she wanted Nadia to be happy, she only really had one option. Help her try.

"Look... Nadia," Avielle said reluctantly. "Are you sure your fixation on Titus isn't just because he made you feel good about yourself and fixed your self-esteem? I know he's a good guy, but there are other people who will like you and make you feel beautiful. Why does it have to be him?"

Nadia's interest was piqued by Avielle using her actual name, but she wasn't budging. "It has to be him. I know the things he's done for me are part of it, but I do truly care about him. I love him, Avi."

"So be it," Avielle sighed. "Use this." 

Nadia sat up to see Avielle holding out a necklace made of etched silver, with a single crimson gemstone in the center that drew her gaze. She'd been put under by Titus's necklace enough times to instantly recognize what this was, but it was different, more alluring somehow. With an effort of will that surprised even her, she tore her gaze from it to stare at her friend in horror.

"Yes, it's the same as the one he uses. But hear me out. You don't need to enslave him or anything extreme," Avielle frowned. "But, if you use this to entrance him and force him to ignore the legal barriers... well, if it goes to court he won't get in trouble. And Ancestors, I can't believe I'm suggesting this... but so long as his decision to break those rules was forced, then he can't be held accountable."

"But... I don't want to force him to love me back..." Nadia gulped.

"Then don't. You know how you elves have thaumaturgies only you can do? Succubi have those too. Ours are just... kept out of the public eye. Succubi already look bad enough to the layman, right? Well... I enchanted this necklace with one of those. It'll be enough to entrance him, and it'll influence him to think of you sexually, but that's it," Avielle reassured. "All you have to do is get him to view you as a woman who loves him with all her heart, without any barriers in the way, and then let him choose for himself."

"It won't force him to fall in love?" Nadia wavered. She didn't know a lot about succubus magic, but what Avi was saying made sense, and she doubted her friend would lie. If she entranced Titus, she could get a chance to confess and have a real, true shot at winning him over. So long as she didn't force his feelings, she could accept that.

"If I gave you a pendant with that kind of corrupting visage, I'd be literally crucified by the Matriarchs. There's rules about giving non-succubi access to our magicks. What Titus has is probably a cheap imitation, not as powerful as ours. I'm breaking a lot of those rules giving you even this much without having it signed off on by the Matriarchs themselves," Avielle said firmly. "On that note, if anyone asks, you got this on the black market. I had nothing to do with it."

Nadia nodded, shakily reaching out a hand and taking the necklace from Avielle, putting it in her pocket. "I... I understand, Avi. Thank you. I'll pay you back for this someday. I swear," she decided, eyes misting up with tears as she threw her arms around her roommate and hugged her with all her might.

"You can start by... letting me breathe!" Avielle wheezed.

Nadia released her friend, face turning red with embarrassment. "Right! Right! Sorry." 

"For the life of me, I do not know how a body like yours is so bloody strong," Avielle coughed. "You sure you're not like... one sixteenth orc or something? Some elvish runes stitched into your underwear? Those earrings you're wearing are enchanted, aren't they?"

Nadia touched the small aquamarine earring hanging from her left ear instinctively, feeling a sense of vertigo as she did. Her bond-earrings, which her parents had given her a gift for adulthood. They helped you center yourself, and were supposed to be worn for important moments or communes with nature. The magic there was subtle. How had Avi noticed it? 

She shook her head. "They're not like that... and you get a pass because we're friends, but I hope you realize that most elves would kill you for implying that kind of heritage." 

"That's not a no," Avielle said with a smirk, then grunted as Nadia's arm took her in the shoulder. "Ow. Ok, I deserved that. I'll let you get ready for your appointment now, but I can't stress enough. You. Didn't. Get. That. Necklace. From. Me."

Nadia nodded, and, satisfied with that, Avielle left the room. She looked down at the necklace in her hands. Its hypnotic draw was gone, but at the edge of her awareness, she could feel the runes waiting to come to life. She didn't really want to have to use something like this on Titus, but if this was the only way... so be it. 


Titus was in an extraordinarily good mood as he reviewed the notes from his past few hours of work with Ariana. Her results had been, for lack of a better word, miraculous, although his solution hadn't involved any thaumaturgy. She still had a few issues that needed work, but the amount of progress the previous day had brought her was utterly unprecedented. Through cleverly exploiting the very programming that had locked them away, she'd regained a large portion of her memories that Titus had assumed were lost or at the very least unrecoverable without more intensive techniques than he was comfortable with. And the gaps that persisted weren't going to impact her life in any real way. Nobody needed to remember which color of crayons they liked as a kid, or any of the other details that had likely faded from her mind with disuse. 

Her independent thought and recognition and pursuit of her own desires had also been, if not restored, brought up to a level Titus was satisfied with. He'd have a hell of a time writing up a paper on this for his peers, though. He couldn't say too much about the exact programming he'd exploited, obviously, but he had to find a way to formalize a process like this for others. Maybe try to recruit people who liked logic puzzles to look for holes? He'd need another patient to demonstrate it on, then. It wasn't as if he could explain the exact loophole he'd found, and he'd need to imply the theory without sounding suspiciously assured it'd work. 

"So, how'd I do, Master?" A brush of fur snapped him out of his reverie, Ariana's tail swishing excitedly against him as she looked at his patient journal.

"Fantastic, Ariana. I'm honestly struggling to find words to express how ecstatic I am with your progress," Titus smiled, setting the notepad aside to meet her gaze. "There's still work to do before you're fully free, but we're well past the worst of it now."

Ariana tilted her head in confusion. "What do you mean by free? You've restored my independence and memories, and made me a good Slave again. You love being my Master," she said. "Why would you want to change me more? Couldn't you just keep me like this?"

The migraine returned, a dull ache in the back of his head, although a dizzying surge of numb calm followed not seconds after. He loved being her Master. That sounded right. He did love being her Master, and loved letting her serve him. If he freed her, he'd lose out on that. But wasn't freeing her what he was supposed to do?

Titus shook his head. Even if that was true, he couldn't leave her like this. "I do love being your Master, but this isn't about me or what I want," he said firmly. "You were enslaved against your will. The part of you that's saying you want to remain a slave, that's not really you."

"How do you know that?" Ariana protested. "Maybe I really don't mind being yours. Maybe I know enough about this sort of thing to know I'm always going to be a submissive after this, and maybe being the Slave of someone I know I can trust is something I've independently decided I want."

Titus didn't have a good response to that. She wasn't exactly wrong, but she didn't understand the full gravity of what had happened to her. There was only so much he could do, even with having the programming excise itself. She'd lived like that for years. Even if she was cured, she was always going to be more of a submissive in her personal relationships. She might even still feel a need to serve a Master as a Slave, just with less hypnotic enforcement of the roles. There was no way to judge the depth of that need until it happened. She might be happy alone, or she might be literally dependent on the person she chose. He couldn't actually rule out the possibility that she would genuinely want to choose him. But that was even more reason he had to help heal her. If that was the life she was consigned to, he would make damn well sure she had the freedom to choose her chains.

"I... can't allow that," Titus finally spoke. "I understand where you're coming from. But so long as that programming still rules you, your decision-making ability is compromised. It's possible that you genuinely want to remain as you are, but it is equally possible - no, far more likely - that your conditioning is tricking you into thinking that way. So we're going to remove it."

Ariana bristled with indignation. This obstinate Master! She'd made him love being her Master, and offered to remain his Slave by her own choice, and he still wouldn't accept her? She couldn't refute the logic, but it still rubbed her the wrong way. She opened her mouth to protest, but Titus held up a hand to cut her off.

"Once the programming is completely removed, we'll discuss your future," Titus sighed. "If at that time you still feel the way you do now, completely free of any outside influences, we can discuss our options such a relationship. Until then..." His voice grew hard as he met her eyes with a gaze that could not be ignored. "You are not to interfere with or resist your treatment."

Ariana's eyes widened in protest, but the command was taking hold. She was forbidden from taking actions to stall or cease her being cured of her slave programming. It wasn't even that she was forbidden - it just was something she Could Not Do, no more than she could walk on water or turn lead to gold. She was going to be freed one day, no matter what. She felt like she ought to be happy about that. The girl she'd been before all of this would've been, right? But the thought of losing her bond with her Master didn't feel good. Was that just her conditioning? She didn't, couldn't know. And she desperately needed to.

The chimes of the doorbell interrupted her thoughts, and her tail bristled with irritation again. Did that damn elf have to show up now? Sure, Ariana needed her help to please Master, but they were in the middle of something!

"Ah, right, Nadia's appointment is coming up. Lost track of time," Titus groaned, getting to his feet. "Hopefully today I can figure out what's keeping her issues resurfacing... Ariana, you can relax. I'm fairly confident there's no harm in giving you leisure time in your current state while I handle this session."

"About that, Master. I'd actually like to help today," Ariana offered. She couldn't do anything about Nadia being here now. She'd just have to come back to the topic of her relationship with Master later.

"Help? But you..." Titus began, then paused, unsure how to phrase it delicately so as not to upset her.

"I know I'm not a trained therapist, but I am a woman, same as Nadia. Her issues have to do with self esteem and body image, right?" Ariana mused. She continued once Titus nodded in affirmation. "I think maybe having a one on one chat with her, woman to woman, might offer some insight into whatever underlying issue is interfering with her treatment."

Titus considered this. She knew she had a point, as little as it had to do with the request. The perspective of another woman might very well be helpful, since there was only so much he could understand from another's perspective. Maybe, he would think, the secret lay in the mind of someone Nadia could relate to more closely. Or maybe he just thought a fresh perspective would be helpful simply because he was too close to the patient to see past his own assumptions and biases.

Whatever rationalization he used, he nodded. "Alright. I'll give you some time with her. I could use some time to organize my notes from today anyhow," Titus sighed, taking his notepad and heading towards his desk. 

Ariana smiled. Everything was going perfectly. She gathered some of Titus's notes herself, bringing them to the desk just ahead of him and setting them down. As she did, she tripped, spilling the notes onto his desk. She used the recovery to mask her taking the necklace from Titus's desk, leaving behind a basic illusion charm. It wouldn't fool close scrutiny, but it'd keep Titus from asking questions immediately. "I'll go let her in and talk to her in the living room, then. I'll bring her in to talk with you once I'm done."

Titus nodded absently as he started to work away at his computer. Ariana left him to it, heading to the front door. She glanced through the peephole to confirm it was Nadia on the other side, just to be safe. That confirmed, she unlatched the door and swung it open.

"A-Ariana?" Nadia exclaimed. "Where's... how are you... um..."

Ariana paused a moment. She hadn't expected this reaction, but... on second thought, of course she would react like that, wouldn't she? "Oh right! Last time you saw me and Master, I couldn't act on my own," she said cheerily. "Master had a breakthrough with me. I'm a lot better now."

"Oh! That's... that's good," Nadia faltered. It was obvious why. She clearly was happy for Titus making progress, but this had to make any plans the elf had for seduction a tad more complicated. At least, that's how she must see it.

Ariana plastered on a smile, keeping her thoughts off her face as she stepped aside and gestured for Nadia to come in. "Master is currently logging notes from tests I did today for him. He sent me to keep you company until your session with him. So come have a seat! He'll be ready soon."

Nadia carefully walked inside, finding a seat on the couch and settling in uncomfortably. She'd been fully prepared to do what she needed to with Titus, but that hasty momentum was gone now. Now she had to make small talk with the slave-girl who hadn't been much more than a piece of furniture a week ago. "So... you have your sense of self back? How'd that happen?" she ventured, determined not to be thrown off.

"Oh, I remembered my initial brainwashing, and we tricked my programming into having a 'reward' I was supposed to recieve after having sex with my Master be my memories and self," Ariana said matter-of-factly. She watched Nadia's face for a reaction.

"You what?" Nadia almost screamed, only keeping her voice down out of fear of disturbing Titus. Her face turned bright red. Ariana had... seduced Titus? No, that was impossible. He would never have willingly had sex with a patient like that. Avi had confirmed it, as much as she could without trying to get in his pants herself. So why was Ariana saying this? How had she...?

Her thoughts cut off as Ariana pulled out Titus's enchanted necklace, letting it drop into Nadia's field of view, dangling and swinging before her.

Nadia's eyes widened, and she tried to tear them away from the necklace. But she was conditioned well, and her treacherous eyes locked onto the faceted amethyst set at its center. Avielle had called it an inferior copy, but apparently that meant nothing when it was right in front of her. Had she used the necklace on Titus? But... his will was stronger than that... "Wha... N-No... You..." she protested, thoughts slipping into the movement of that gleaming amethyst. She knew she couldn't let herself drop here, though. If Ariana put her under then she'd never get the chance to...

"Be with Master?" Ariana finished her thought for her. "Don't worry, that's exactly what I'm helping you achieve. Just relax and listen. It'll all make sense soon."

Nadia blinked, concentration broken by that strange statement. Ariana knew about her feelings for Titus? And she was... helping? But... why? It didn't make sense... and it was so hard to think. Maybe she should just listen. It'd make sense that way...

"I know you have a thing for Master. It's obvious," Ariana cooed, swinging the necklace smoothly, evenly. "And you're quite attractive, so I figured you could help me please him. Master is so good to me, but I accidentally caused him pain. I want to make up for that. That's why I need you. Master loves helping others, and so if I could help solve your problems, that'd make him happy. You've been faking your issues because you love Master, haven't you? You usually hide it well, but those traces of charms look much stronger, much more resonant, today."

Nadia tried to resist answering the question, but it was so hard to remember why she'd want to do that. "Yes..." she sighed. "I had issues hypnotized back into me so I could keep seeing him."

"Good girl. A little misguided, but good. So. I'm going to solve the problem, and make Master happier than ever," Ariana breathed. "And in the process, you'll get to be with him, just like you wanted. All you need to do now is watch the necklace, listen to my words, and do what I say."

Nadia stared blankly at the necklace, her brow furrowing. She could be with Titus? And it would make him happy? That sounded good. She just needed to follow Ariana's instructions. Just stare and obey... she'd wanted to resist that before, though, hadn't she? She couldn't remember. The necklace was so pretty... and if she gave into it, she'd get what she always wanted. All she had to do was...

Ariana snapped her fingers. "Sleep." She reached forward to catch Nadia as she slumped forward. "Good girl. Now, listen closely. Here's what you're going to do." 


Titus was just about done with compiling his notes when he heard the door open. He'd expected that Ariana would keep Nadia company until he came to get them, but if they were done with their talk and wanted to keep him in the loop, that was reasonable. He looked up to greet the two of them, only to find Nadia entering the room alone.

"Uh... Nadia? How was your talk with Ariana? And where is she now?" Titus asked, smiling in confusion. That smile faded a bit as he noticed Nadia's dazed expression. The moment he noticed it, though, it was gone. Was it a trick of the light?

"Oh! Sorry, spaced out for a second there," Nadia shook her head. "We had a good talk. I think we resolved some stuff, honestly. As for where she is, I think your new table just got delivered? She went to start assembling it, saying she needed to make it up to you for having burned the old one."

Titus sighed in relief. He'd been worried for a second that Ariana had done something to Nadia. But that was ridiculous. Why would she do that? And Nadia seemed normal enough now. "That's good. Come on and sit down, and then we can talk about what you realized." As he said it, he headed over to his usual chair for the session.

Nadia nodded and approached her chair, but didn't sit down. Instead, she moved closer to Titus, leaning over him as he sat down. "It'll be easier to just show you," she whispered, pushing her hair back. The back of Titus's neck tingled slightly as she did. That usually only happened when magicks were being used in front of him. Was her hair put into shape by an enchanted tool? The style didn't seem that complex...

"Show me...?" Titus faltered, trailing off as his eyes caught sight of the garnet swinging from a golden chain in Nadia's hand, glowing with a sinister bloodred light. "Wait... N-Nadia, what are you doing?" he sputtered, trying to look away. But his amethyst, what he'd trained to resist, wasn't nearly as effective as this... he could do it, but he'd need a concerted effort of will.

Nadia leaned in closer, pressing her breasts closer to him, hanging the necklace right in front of his face so that he couldn't look away. "Shhh, it's ok, Titus. I'm just taking what I want, and solving the problem that kept me coming back here." She fiddled with her clip-on earrings, placing one on his own ear. Why would she... He knew what those earrings were. Bond-earrings, an elvish meditative talisman. They were supposed to center you and ground you. So why was she...

Titus blinked. He was almost able to break eye contact with that garnet, binding his mind in layers of abstraction and stepping back from himself. Ariana had gotten the jump on him and dropped him before he could mount a defense, but even when surprised again, he was more on guard. He could resist a low-level visage like this easily enough, so long as he kept focused. The bond-earring's effect was unfamiliar, though. Elvish thaumaturgy was a common topic among scholars, but bond-earrings were more esoteric due to their religious connotation as symbolic connections to nature, and so were often ignored. That could explain the calming effect it was having, but it didn't feel like any kind of psychomancy he'd ever felt...

Unsure of what he was dealing with, he focused on resisting the necklace. Titus wouldn't be able to stop the bond-earring from taking effect. It seemed to be expanding him, making him more than he was. But it didn't feel like he was communing with nature. Instead, it felt like he was...

And then it crashed into his thoughts in a torrent. Nadia's feelings for him, her sight, her mind, her soul, were him, and he was them. United as one as two, he felt her as he knew she felt him. Her emotions flooded into him, powerful and bright, overwhelming his confusion with their intensity. And as they did, they brought with them something far more dangerous. Nadia was in trance. He hadn't prepared for an attack like this. Was it even an attack? He was her, and she was in trance, so... wasn't he already in trance? His mind focused on the necklace, he had no will to spare to confront the bond. All of that obedience, that submission, suffused him. It felt so good to sink into trance, so good to follow instructions and be happy, so good to...

"Nnngh... N-No! Stop it," Titus grunted, mustering all the willpower he could manage against the two-pronged assault on his mind. He'd almost given in, but he could still hang on, still stay distinct. He just needed to break away from her, and get that necklace out of his face... then he'd order Ariana to undo all of this. He knew, somehow, that it was her trance. That he was in trance for her... he shook his head. He couldn't let the bond take him.

Slowly but surely, Titus moved his arms up, prepared to shove Nadia off of him. If he could do that, the spell would surely break, and he'd fix everything. He moved swiftly, shoving his hands forward and grabbing her shoulders to shove her, but froze. "I... What?" he murmured as his resistance to her spells crumbled in moments. The moment his hands had touched her, the necklace's magic had flared dramatically, and the bond became a downpour rather than a torrent. He didn't know why, and neither did she. The magic wasn't hers - and as he thought it, the information flowed into his mind, it was a succubus Avielle her friend's - and now it was tearing through his resistance with ease.

Titus and Nadia weren't sure why this was happening, but she pushed with all her will and magic when she felt her and Titus falter, shoving her feelings of submission and obedience into him and her with all their might. The necklace glowed in concert with the aquamarine earrings as obedience met Titus's remaining willpower, and after a few moments, both bodies fell limp as their eyes glazed over. He had succumbed, fully entranced with her now.

"Good boy," Nadia purred breathily, her eyes still glazed. She stepped backward mechanically, beginning to remove her dress. The already loose cloth yielded easily, and soon it dropped to the ground, revealing Nadia's naked body in nothing but a pair of panties. Titus wasn't in the right mindset to appreciate the sight of her breasts, impressive though it was. "I've been in love with you for a long time now. Now, I can finally be yours," she whispered absently as she began to unbutton Titus's pants.

A detached part of Titus was able to acknowledge what was happening, even in his entranced state. He felt silly for not realizing the truth sooner. Maybe he could've avoided this. He'd been making that kind of mistake a lot recently, hadn't he?

"From now on, you're going to be my Master, and I, your obedient lover," Nadia said firmly, although her eyes still were unfocused. "Both me and Ariana will belong to you, and you will have no qualms about using us both. Ariana will be the head slave, my Mistress. She was a good girl who made me into your good girl, and you should reward her for this. You will always want to go along with Ariana's plans to make you happy. She is a good girl. You will tell her your trigger to avoid the migraines and let her alter our minds for your benefit."

That detached part of Titus was surprised and, darkly, impressed. He'd figured Ariana was behind this, but she had gone so far as to make Nadia his slave as well? She... she really was a good girl, overstepping her boundaries to make him happy. He would reward her for sure after this. He didn't mind having another sexy slave, after all.

"You will be happy with Ariana, myself, and any future slave girls Ariana claims for you. We all love you Master, and you won't ever reject our desire to serve you," Nadia continued to recite, extracting Titus's cock from his trousers as she did. She wrapped her tits around his shaft and squeezed, earning a soft moan. "Now, call Ariana in, and give her permission to finish what I've begun. I will use my body for your pleasure." Titus nodded obediently.

"Ariana!" he called, sing-song. She entered the room immediately. Clearly, she had been waiting for him, and not actually assembling any tables, but he didn't care about that now. Nor did he care that this was clearly meant to circumvent his ban on altering his mind, nor did he take notice or care as she nestled his head between her breasts and whispered new truths into his suggestible mind. All he cared about was being happy with Ariana. He wouldn't ever reject their desire to serve him.

Nadia's breasts worked up and down his shaft, slowly at first, softly and silkily caressing him. But, at a quick commanding look from Ariana, she began to speed up, edging him closer as they rubbed up and down. His cock barely peeked out from between her breasts, and she couldn't help leaning her head in and licking the tip teasingly as she squeezed, making him twitch in jolts of pleasure.

Ariana did her part as well. As Nadia worked, she was whispering suggestions to amplify his pleasure, suggestions to ensure he would accept his new, happy situation with his slaves. She directed Nadia to speed up and slow down to keep him on the edge, drawing out his pleasure as her words became his desires. She almost felt bad, brainwashing him like this... but his moans of pleasure assuaged her doubts. If it made Master happy, then it couldn't be wrong. She was a good girl, and good girls would want to let more girls be good girls. That was just how they had to act, and she was a very good girl.

Minutes passed, or perhaps hours, as Nadia mindlessly pleasured Titus while Ariana pleasured his mind. It was too much to process. Any inkling of resistance he might've had was bruised, crushed, and broken. Ariana's words did their work. When the final command came, all he could do was moan in acknowledgement.

"Good Master. Now, cum for us," Ariana urged, leaning in to passionately kiss him as Nadia finally gave him release. His cock jerked and throbbed as he came all over Nadia's face and breasts, his moans and screams muffled by Ariana's breathing. His pleasure seemed to last forever. He wasn't sure when he finally gave out and fell completely limp.

"Very good, now... Master, what is the trigger to prevent your migraines?" Ariana asked.

He shook his head, looking distressed. "C-can't... tell..."

Ariana cocked her head. She hadn't expected a response like that. As she was trying to word the request again, Titus whispered something else. "Three... Twenty-seven... Nine."

Ariana's eyes lit up. That must be for the safe she'd seen under his desk! Leaning to the floor, she turned the lock to the numbers he'd given, and read the piece of paper inside. 

"By the Mistress's will, thy will be hers," Ariana read aloud. Titus's eyes obediently slid closed, and he fell unconscious as the trigger took effect.

Ariana nodded in satisfaction, then looked to Nadia. "Clean yourself up in the shower, then await further orders in Master's bed. If you're good, I will reward you for being a good girl as well."

"Yes, Mistress Ariana," Nadia breathed, standing up and walking off to do as she was told. She was truly a good girl. She would obey her master and his head slave, be happy to belong to her love, and be happy to obey the wonderful woman who'd enabled it. She loved Master and Mistress Ariana so much. Ariana smiled as she watched Nadia leave with a look of mindless bliss, thinking of the ways she would reward her later.

Special thanks to Lunar Circuit for their substantial and invaluable help in editing/revising.


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