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Greetings fellow hypno-kink enthusiasts. I am... well I have multiple names you may have seen me use. Most commonly cmd1095, Hypnoswitch1995, and more recently my new pen name Cmd-ctrl.

I've been in the hypnosis scene for roughly 10 years now, and over those years I've contributed some stuff to the kink community. It's possible you may have seen some of my manips/captions on deviantart (Hypnoswitch1995) or hypnohub (hypnoslave1095). Yes, my usernames are the pinnacle of creativity I know (jk I know they're awful).

Recently though I've moved from just creating captions and occasional short stories attached to a manip to trying my hand at full hypno-kink stories with chapters and ongoing plots and stuff. I've always been nervous to try my hand at it since my writing prior to now has all been of the SFW variety, but I'm off to a good start so far. I hope you all enjoy my stories as they come out, and strongly encourage you to leave any feedback you may have for me in the comments.


Outside of just hypnosis stuff, I am a fan of anime, video games, tabletop RPGs, board games, martial arts, and many other nerdy things that are slipping my mind right now. I'm 25 years old, male, and living in the "United" States of dystopia... I mean... America.'

So uh... that's my self description. You'd think with the amount of writing I've done I'd be better at these but you'd be wrong đŸ˜…

Oh and while my email address is displayed, and you could theoretically contact me there. It gets a lot of spam mail so you're much better off reaching me here (assuming there's a private message feature, or in one of the following places

Discord-  cmd1095#8913

Deviantart -



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In a world of magic and tech the hypnotic possibilities are endless… which is why it’s Titus’s job to deprogram those caught in the crossfire. 4 months into his latest patient the fox girl Ariana and progress has been slow. Some slave programming runs deeper than others…

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