Chapter 4

by Cmd-Ctrl

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Titus was starting to get worried. It had been pretty early in the afternoon when she’d gone to sleep last night, and she had barely stirred since. he’d woken her up to eat, rehydrate, and use the bathroom, but she’d barely acknowledged his existence, or done anything besides let him move her around.

He slept fitfully that night, despite not being interrupted by a naked form in bed. He should have been happy for the desperately needed rest for them both, but it was now almost noon of the next day, and she was still sleeping. She’d never overslept a single time since arriving. Her alarm clock always woke her instantly, like flipping a robot's power switch. The fact she was doing so now, after having slept most of the previous day, worried him greatly. He didn't have a frame of reference. Was this good? Was she hurting? All he could do was wait for her to wake up… 

Titus sat at his desk in the therapy room, contacting some colleagues about Nadia’s odd resistance to treatment to keep himself occupied, but he couldn't keep himself from tabbing away to case studies and records similar to the headaches Ariana had suffered before, scouring them for any sign that her almost coma-like sleep was an indication of more serious issues. So far, he hadn’t found anything to confirm his fears, but that didn't make them go away.

“Maybe I should just wake her up. Keep an eye on her…” Titus said to himself. He was about to close his laptop to go get her when he heard the door to the room open. 

Ariana looked about the room, looking a bit disheveled. “Master…” she began hesitantly.

“Yes, Ariana? What’s the matter?” Titus asked, trying to keep the worry out of his voice.

“I’m hungry… I’m not allowed to cook though… could you please make something?” Ariana asked haltingly, embarrassed to be asking her master to do something for her instead of the other way around.

Titus smiled. Ariana wasn’t referring to herself as Slave anymore, and the fact that she had enough independence to not only acknowledge her own needs, but request that he do something about it was massive. “Of course. Go wait in the living room and I’ll bring you something. The new kitchen table hasn’t arrived yet.”

Titus met Ariana in the living room a few minutes later, a steaming plate of freshly made pancakes set out on the coffee table for her. The moment he set them down, Ariana dug in with a ravenous hunger that made him stumble back in surprise. Was this just because of the stress of her breakthroughs? Or was this more how she acted before her enslavement? Regardless, there wasn't going to be any discussion on what happened until she was done, so he sat and waited patiently.

Once Ariana was finished, she let out a sigh of relief. “Thank you, Master… a lot happened in my head while I was asleep, and when I woke up I was starving. I guess the head stuff caused it?”

“Not a problem, I’m glad to see you making so much progress… but what exactly happened? Two days ago, you weren’t like this at all. You’ve never asked me to do things before, never eaten on your own, never discussed your condition with any degree of awareness. I’m left somewhat baffled as to what changed.”

“Yes, I think… some memories came back. Memories of my first Master, back when he made me a slave, and made me f-forget everything before I was his.” Ariana took a shaky breath before continuing. “I… I don’t know why, but a lot of it came back. How he did it, and the first order he gave me. Everything else is still hazy, but… I think I know how to get more back, just like you wanted me to.”

Titus was shocked. Progress he had expected, but the entire thing to come crashing down? He almost couldn't believe it. She was actively planning to undo the rest of it? No, that wasn’t quite right. Some memories had returned, but the reason she was making these plans was still because he was currently her Master, and he’d told her he wanted her memories back. Still, this was a level of independent thought that he’d never even seen from her, even if it was ostensibly in service to him. Perhaps it was because of the memories in question being from when she’d only been enslaved once? He wasn't so egotistical to believe that he was just that good at his job, after all. Theorycraft was for another day, though.  Far more important was using this development to see if he could finally break her chains.

“How?” Titus asked. “If there’s anything I can do to help, just tell me.”

Ariana looked at Titus, then nodded, getting out of her seat. She walked in front of him, then climbed into his lap, blushing and pressing herself against him as she did so.

“Woah! Wait wait wait!” Titus sputtered, reflexively trying to push Ariana away. She paused with her face so close to his, and her body… Titus averted his eyes, and very pointedly did not remember where Ariana’s hands had been reaching. “What does… does this have to do with your memories? You remember what I told Nadia yesterday, right? I’m not going to… do this sort of thing with you.” It was an effort to keep his voice calm.

“Master… My first command was to seduce my Master. He told me if I did that, I would get a reward.” With that as explanation, she began moving her hands towards Titus’s belt buckle again.

“What? No!” Titus exclaimed, grabbing her hands and pushing her off of him. “Ariana, stop!” 

Ariana stopped. She responded to her name, Titus realized in shock. She cocked her head in confusion. “But… Master, you could give me anything you wanted as a reward.” The emphasis caught his attention. Anything he wanted? But… what would he want to give her -

Her memories. 

He stared at her in horror, and she shrank beneath his gaze. She didn't understand. He had said it was what he wanted most… so it was her most important command. She had to do this, but why didn't Master?

“Ariana, we can’t… I can’t do this. I think I understand what you’re trying to do… and I'll admit it’s clever… but no.” Titus put his hands on Ariana’s shoulders, pushing her the rest of the way off of him. “I’m… very, very glad that you’re so close to getting your memories back… but I can’t let you seduce me, even to… er, help you. There’s all sorts of ethical lines I’d be crossing if I did, and not to mention the legal ones. Even if it worked, I’d never forgive myself for using you like that.”

Ariana didn’t get it. What Master was saying now contradicted what he’d said before. What he wanted most was to restore her memories, and this was what would do that. But now he didn’t want to do this because it was unethical? He wouldn’t forgive himself? Well, she would never want to make Master upset, but still… she had to grant him his greatest desire. She couldn’t do anything about the laws Master was mentioning, but if it was never reported to the authorities, those wouldn’t matter. So she just needed to reconcile Master’s wish for her with his reservations about the method of doing so.

“Master… I…” Ariana began, as an old memory rose to the surface, one of flame that didn't burn and words that went unspoken. “I’ll think of a way to make it work without needing to make you feel guilty, then.”

Titus sighed in relief. He’d been seriously worried she wouldn't listen to him on this. Some things he wasn't willing to do, even if it would help her. Especially if it would help her. He couldn't live with himself if he saved her by very likely making her emotionally dependent on him - that was a hard enough line to walk as it was. Not to mention, he couldn't exactly share that kind of finding with his peers. He had no desire to explain in court that yes, your honor, the mind-controlled slave-girl is the one who came on to me, and it was for therapy! But even if he could get away with a defense as airtight as a sieve, he’d never let himself off the hook for it. He was treating her to free her from the need to have sex with random people because of programming some bastard put in her head… becoming one of those people was out of the question.

“I’m glad, Ariana. Why don’t you have a seat and think about it some more. And don’t leave this room, unless it’s to go to the bathroom. I need some time to calm down,” Titus grumbled, getting to his feet and guiding Ariana back to her seat. 

“Ok, master…” Ariana sighed.

Titus left her in the living room and went to the master bathroom, closing the door and locking it for good measure. He needed a shower. He was overdue for one anyway, and some cold water would help clear his head. Stripping down, he stepped into the shower and turned on the water. He’d have to keep it quick. He’d told Ariana to stay put, and she was more capable of self-care now, but he wasn't if leaving her to her own devices was still a good idea.


Ariana thought over the problem at hand. How to reconcile Master’s two desires? How could she seduce him and earn the reward of her memories, and have him not be upset afterwards? She considered the tools available to her. Unbidden, she remembered the comfortable flame and silent words. Of course!  It was the stuff before that her current Master wanted though…

Ariana’s eyes lit up as her plan came together. That would work! Master wouldn’t feel guilty at all, then. In fact, he’d be happier than ever! And because Master’s happiness was her priority, it was alright if she got a little creative in achieving that, wasn't it? It would give him everything he wanted perfectly! She almost leapt to her feet, but she’d been told to remain in this room, unless she needed to go to the bathroom. She’d have to wait for him to get back, then… she blinked as she heard running water from the shower. So Master was in the bathroom! That worked out perfectly!

Smiling, Ariana walked out of the living room and into Titus’s room, approaching the closed bathroom door. She tried turning the doorknob, but it didn’t budge. Master, in a moment of forgetfulness, must’ve locked it by accident, not realizing she needed to get inside to fulfill her orders.

Titus didn’t hear the doorknob rattle over the sound of the water. Had he noticed, he might’ve had time to realize the flaw in the order he’d given Ariana. Then again, his lack of rest and state of overwork had muddied his thoughts so much that he’d created this situation, so it was just as likely he’d miss it entirely.

Ariana took off her clothes. No need to make Master wait once she was inside, after all! Her tail swayed back and forth happily as she reveled in the feeling of accomplishment at having come up with this plan. She was going to be such a good girl, and Master was going to be so happy with her. After all this time living with Master and causing him so much trouble, breaking his table, waking him up all the time, now she could finally do something right and be a good girl for him.

Ariana grabbed the doorknob again, then used magic on it, a telekinetic charm aided by detailed knowledge of how locks worked that, for some reason, her programming readily provided. Moments later, the bathroom door unlocked, her magic delicately pressing the pins just so. She giggled. Funny how that bit of random info was coming in so handy!

Titus heard the door open, and spun around in a panic. He was sure he’d locked it! And he’d told Ariana to stay in the living room until he got back, unless… she was going to the bathroom… oh. That horrifying realization was compounded by him being helpless to stop a fully nude Ariana from entering the bathroom and opening the glass door to the shower. Titus's mind raced. He needed to stop her. Give her an order, get her to -

His eyes met hers, and he froze. Her eyes were glowing with… something. The pink irises of her eyes - wait, they aren't - almost seemed to burn with something he couldn't describe. As her tail shimmered, swishing back and forth, he felt like he should know what she was doing. A charm, surely, but… wasn't he supposed to know what this was? It was so hard to think. He tried to muster his scattered thoughts, but they faded as he stared into those deep, endless eyes…

“Thaaaat’s a good Master,” Ariana cooed as she stepped into the shower, bringing her eyes closer to his. She gently pressed him back against the wall, leaning her chest against his as she reached down with one hand, stroking his face with the other. “You’re such a hardworking Master. You’ve been trying so hard to help me, and I’m sorry I’ve been such a bad slave so far. I didn't know how to be a good girl for you, but now I understand so very well.” Frowning at the water splashing down her side, she turned the shower dial to a nice, comfortable warmth. Why would he have wanted to be in such an uncomfortable shower, anyway?

Deep down, something in Titus wanted to protest, to stop this, but even that part fell silent in time. Any hope of him mustering his resistance was gone the moment her hand wrapped around the shaft of his cock, still partially hard from her attempted seduction earlier. What little softness had returned to it from the cold shower was lost in an instant, it stiffening in her grasp as the water poured down on them both, pooling between her ample breasts against his chest, lit by her still-glowing eyes.

“You want me to get my memories back, you can give them to me if I seduce you, and you want to not feel guilty from being seduced. You’re a tricky Master to serve, but I figured out the perfect solution,” Ariana said gently, slowly stroking her hand up and down his shaft. Detached, that small, faded part of Titus could only look on in a mixture of joy at her progress and horror at her actions. “All I have to do is change your mind so that you love being my Master, love me and my body, and love letting me serve and please you. Shhh, it’s ok. I know you’re just not used to being a Master… it’s ok. I’ll help you learn.”

Titus moaned softly as Ariana’s delicate fingers teased his cock. Her words seemed to merge with that light, and the clinically trained part of him couldn't help but note the standard effects of a suggestion charm. He couldn’t really hear her words anymore, but knew they’d reach him regardless. The words were unimportant… only that light, and her silent pleas, mattered. He loved being her Master… he loved her… loved her body… loved to let her serve and please him… It all made so much sense to him now. That was right. He was her Master, and there was no reason to feel guilty if he used her body for his pleasure. And he was always trying to do things like cooking and cleaning for her. That made no sense. He was the Master, and she was his Slave, so those things were her job. Why had he insisted on doing them instead? 

Ariana slowly sped up her stroking slowly, going slightly faster with each suggestion she whispered into her Master’s mind, reinforcing each one with a jolt of pleasure from her hand on his cock. She paused briefly to appreciate the feel of it in her hand. Her old Master hadn’t had much to be proud of down there, not that she had been allowed to think that back then, but her current Master had a lot more to work with. She supposed it didn’t matter too much. Master’s cock was Master’s cock, regardless of size, but she was pleased that he had a nice thick one to use on her.

Titus moaned softly, his eyes glazing over completely now. He wanted to be Ariana’s Master, needed to be a confident and dominant Master so she could make him happy, he’d always be happy having Ariana serve him, and being her Master was only right, because he would always love his precious kitsune Slave and reward her for being a good girl. When she finished her duty of seduction, he would reward her with her memories, and that would make him happy. Then he would let her serve him and please him all the time, and they would both be happy.

Ariana smiled as she saw Master’s eyes glaze over. “Good boy, Master. It feels so good to accept these new truths, doesn't it? Of course it does, because I’m doing it all to make you happy,” she purred, her hand stroking his cock faster and faster now. She could feel it throbbing, pulsing in her grasp. His mind was ready, and he was on the edge, panting heavily with eyes empty and cock full, aching for release.

“Good Master. I’m going to count you down from three, and then you’ll wake up, and feel how I've helped you become your truth, and feel so much pleasure from it,” Ariana whispered, slowly moving her face towards his. “Waking up happy and dominant over your beloved Slave in 3… 2… 1…” 

Titus moaned. He wanted to cum, he needed to cum, he needed to cum and become the perfect Master for the perfect Slave, he was ready, she was such a good girl, helping him like this… now all he needed to do to finish her work was… was…

Ariana’s face reached his in a deep and passionate kiss, still stroking his cock at full speed, keeping him right on the edge until she broke the kiss with a whisper laced in pink fire. “Cum, Master.”

Titus cried out as his mind returned to him in a flood of pure pleasure, crashing into him all at once as he obeyed her final command. His cock twitched one last time, then jerked as he couldn't hold it in any longer. His body shuddered in waves of pleasure as his cum coated Ariana’s smooth stomach, his legs almost giving way in the most intense orgasm of his life. He’d never felt anything like this. Had she used that hypnotic charm to amplify his orgasm? If she had… oh fuck… She was such a good Slave! 

“F… fuck… good… good girl,” Titus gasped. He stared into Ariana's beatific smile as she reveled in her master’s praise. 

“Thank you, Master!” Ariana said with glee. “I’m so glad I finally pleased you!”

“Yes… you did very well - Ariana,” Titus said, catching himself. Momentarily, he’d felt the urge to refer to her as Slave, but he pushed it down. He was her Master, but that didn’t mean he had to treat her badly. He loved his Slave, after all! Such a good girl deserved to keep her name after making him so happy. In fact, she deserved much, much more than that.

Grabbing Ariana with both hands, he surged forward, returning her kiss with a powerful hunger. God, she was so hot. He loved her body - sure, she’d been waking him up by getting into bed with him while naked, but that had only bothered him because it made him aroused. He’d been holding back, and that was why it made him frustrated. He didn’t have to now, though… Now, he could reward her in full.

“Mmm… good girl. You’ve more than earned a reward,” Titus breathed as the kiss ended. “Now, I’m going to give you pleasure too. And, once you've satisfied me, like the clever girl you are you’re going to remember your life before becoming a slave. That's what you wanted, wasn't it? Your old personality, your old desires… All of it.”

“Yes, Master!” Ariana beamed, basking in the feeling of her Master’s cock, still stiff and ready for action, pressing between her legs. “Whatever you desire!”

Titus needed no further encouragement. He grabbed Ariana and pressed his body against her chest, turning her to push her against the shower wall. His hands caressed her breasts, squeezing them as he fervently kissed her neck, eliciting soft moans and gasps as she melted into his touches. Then, suddenly, he was inside her, and that was all her world was. She moaned as he thrust into her, her body thrusting back on reflex. He couldn't help but moan as well. She felt so tight around his cock, and he drew back his hips, thrusting again and again, the glass door shaking from their intensity. 

Ariana’s hands scrambled for purchase against the tiled surface but could find none, so she braced herself by throwing her arms around Titus, locking them together around his shoulders. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around him, pulling them tightly together. That way, she decided, he could use her as he pleased. 

Suspended between his powerful thrusting and the wall, she screamed out in pleasure as she served. Having Master inside her like this felt so right. So... perfect.

Titus thrust again and again, ravaging his slave’s body without mercy. Her moans and cries only egged him onward. His cock, still sensitive from the hypnotically-enhanced handjob, was ready to burst again, but he mustered his will to hold it back for just a few moments more. “Ari… ana… I’m going… to cum,” he grunted between thrusts. “When I do… cum with me…”

Ariana could only moan in response, as overwhelmed with pleasure as she was. Moments later, she screamed in ecstasy as she felt her beloved Master cum inside her, waves of orgasmic pleasure blotting everything else out. She panted heavily as Titus pulled himself away from her, spent, leaving her limp on the shower floor.

“May I… have my reward, Master?” she whispered, unable to muster the energy to speak.

Titus nodded.

She nodded back. Her reward was her memo-

Her eyes snapped open wide, as something deep within her cracked. Something important, something… everything. And through those cracks… She didn't know. She couldn't know, couldn't process it, as her entirety was consumed by that crashing tide. All at once, she remembered.

She was still moaning, so Titus wasn’t concerned that she’d been hurt, but clearly it was time to stop. Master or no, he was still very concerned with her well-being, and it didn't take a therapist to see she needed aftercare. She was probably going to be out of it for a while.

So Titus gently began to clean her up. He lathered up her body with soap, shampooed her hair and tail, and washed her off with the care you'd give something pricelessly precious and fragile. She was his beloved Slave, and he intended to take good care of what was his, after all. Once she was clean, he turned off the shower and carried her into his bedroom, tucking her beneath the covers. Her expression was still frozen in shock, but she was breathing calmly. Unless she was still like that when she woke up, he saw no need for alarm. 

“Sleep now, Ariana,” he whispered, smiling as her eyes obediently closed.

With that done, Titus returned to the shower to do what he’d originally intended to, and clean himself off, grinning at the incredible breakthroughs they’d had today. Ariana was such a good girl, and he was so happy to be her Master. He turned the water back on and began to wash up. Oh yes, they’d be happy together as Master and Slave from now on. So very happy.

Special thanks to Lunar Circuit for their substantial and invaluable help in editing/revising.

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