Generation 6

Chapter 7

by Modren, Carol J.

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #f/m #pov:bottom #sub:female #sub:male #comic_book #hypnotherapy #multiple_partners #therapist #unethical_therapist

The following story contains consensual and non-consensual hypnosis and sexual activity. If you are underage, or if these themes make you uncomfortable, consider yourself warned. The characters and situations depicted below are fictional, and they should remain that way. The author does not condone any non-consensual sexual activity.

“Uh… hi.” Alexander cleared his throat. “I know I’m early, but–”

“Name?” asked the woman behind the counter, not even looking up from her computer.

Alexander blinked. “D-Dempsey. Alexander Dempsey. 10 o’clock?”

The woman behind the counter typed something. “You’re early.”

“…I know, I said–”

“She’ll be out in five minutes.”

“…Thanks.” Alexander sighed and turned away. Wow. I knew this place was gonna be kinda snooty, but I didn’t expect outright rudeness. I hope this suit is as nice as Doctor Lawson said it’d be.

He looked around the small, cramped shop as he waited for the tailor to see him. The smell of leather polish and wood filled the air, dozens of jackets hanging from racks on the walls. The décor had a distinctly old-fashioned feel, like he imagined a shop in the Victorian era to look – dark wood floors, warm, dim lighting, nowhere to sit. I’ll bet this place looks exactly the same now as it did when it first opened. I wonder how many people have been in this room, waiting for their appointment just like I am… maybe this place is actually famous, and there’s been some cool famous people in here!

Alexander turned back to the woman behind the counter. “Uh, hey, how long has this place been here?”

“About five years.”


“Give or take.”

“Oh.” Alexander’s shoulders fell. Huh. I guess it’s just… designed to look old-fashioned? Am I at a hipster tailor shop? Are hipsters still a thing?

About a minute later, a woman stepped out from behind a door at the far end of the room. “Mr. Dempsey?”

“H-Hi!” Alexander replied, rushing over. “I’m here.”

“I can see that,” the woman smiled. Her black hair fell in elegant waves around her warm, inviting face. She wore a dark grey blouse with a slightly metallic sheen to it, unbuttoned just enough to show of a touch of her dark sepia skin but not enough to appear provocative. Still, Alexander could tell she had quite the figure, especially given her more form-fitting black slacks and matching heels.

The woman extended her hand. “Ariana. I’ll be your tailor for today.”

Alexander furrowed his brow. “R-Really?”

“You seem surprised.”

“I just… I k-kinda assumed it’d be a guy, since, y’know…”

Ariana cocked her head to the side. “You don’t like girls?”

“N-No!” Alexander stammered. “I m-mean, uh… I…”

“Oh, I’m just teasing!” Ariana laughed. Her voice was like honey, sweet and syrupy. “It’s okay, I get that a lot. Most men assume they’re getting a male tailor, but trust me. I’m very good at what I do.”

Alexander nodded, letting out a nervous smile. “I know. Doctor Lawson said she recommended you.”

“Ah, yes,” Ariana replied. “She’s an old friend.” She motioned towards the door. “If you’ll just follow me, Mr. Dempsey?”

“O-Okay,” Alexander said. “But, um… call me Alexander.”

Ariana grinned. “Alright, Alexander. Step into my office, if you please.”

Zariel furrowed her brow as she scrolled through the files Alexander had sent her. Christ, how are there so many of these? How long has she been doing this for?

She’d been trying to decide on which of Lorelei’s files to listen to for almost half an hour at this point. Lorelei was almost too thorough with her descriptions; every file had a multi-page Word document to go along with it, detailing the entire script and intended use case. It was more than a little overwhelming, especially since Zariel had absolutely no clue what half of it meant.

Fuck it, if I keep dawdling I’ll never listen to any of them. Let’s just try the first one here… Zariel scrolled back up to the top and checked the description for the first file.

Relaxation induction + “balloon test”: Utilizes the principle of relaxation to bring the subject into a trance state, then uses the “balloon test” to check for suggestibility. No post-hypnotic suggestions. Includes wakener.

Whatever, I guess this looks fine. Zariel sighed and cued up the file, slipping on her headphones and leaning back in her chair.

“Hello,” came Lorelei’s voice. “Welcome to the relaxation induction. If this is your first time listening–”

“Blah, blah,” Zariel muttered, mashing the skip button. “Get to the good stuff.”

“–ake a deep breath in time with me. In…” Lorelei inhaled, then paused for a moment. “…And out,” she continued, exhaling directly into Zariel’s right ear.

Whoa, Zariel thought, that’s… weird. Is she using one of those fancy mics… binaural, I think?

“Very good,” Lorelei continued, the recording moving merrily along despite Zariel’s confusion. “Again, in…”

Oh, yeah, I should be, like, doing stuff. Zariel inhaled slowly, trying to mimic the timing of the recording.

“…and out. Very good.”

Zariel let out her breath and sighed. Hm. Not really feeling much. But it’s still early, right?

“And as you continue to take those nice, deep breaths,” Lorelei said, “following that slow, steady rhythm, you’ll start to notice a sense of calm washing over you. A slow wave of relaxation, starting from your toes and flowing up through your body, like a wave.”

The superheroine hummed softly. She wasn’t sure if she was feeling what Lorelei was describing; she wasn’t entirely sure what she should be feeling. She thought she noticed a sort of warmth in her feet, but was that necessarily “relaxation?”

Whatever Zariel thought about it, the file continued unabated. “As that wave passes through you,” Lorelei’s voice chirped, “you’ll find it easier and easier to let your thoughts slow down. You can still think–”

Wait, I can still think when I’m hypnotized? I thought I was supposed to be, like, blank and empty and stuff?

“–but those thoughts don’t seem quite as important right now. The only thing you need to focus on is your breathing, in… and out, and that calm, peaceful feeling that’s working its way through your body.”

Zariel noticed her breathing syncing up with the recording and smiled. Cool…

“Yes,” Lorelei cooed, “just like that. And now you can feel that wave spreading up into your torso, then out into your arms, your fingers…”

Oh, wait, shit. Zariel stirred slightly. I thought it was still in my legs…?

“And now you can feel it flowing into your neck, and your head.” Zariel swore she could hear the smile in Lorelei’s voice. “Now you can relax every part of your body. Your eyes slip shut, and it’s okay if your head lolls a bit or you start drooling a little. All that means is that you’re fully relaxed and open.”

Why’d she bring up drooling? Zariel wondered as her head slowly tilted down towards her chest. That’s kinda… weird, right?

“You’re doing very well. Now, I want you to imagine a balloon, filled with helium, with a string attached to the bottom. Picture that balloon being tied to your right hand. What does a balloon do?”

“Mmm… rises…” Zariel mumbled, slightly startled by the dazed, distant quality of her voice. And why did I say it out loud? She can’t hear me, it’s just a recording.

“Yes, it rises,” Lorelei continued. “So as the balloon is attached to your hand, it pulls that hand up, up, up. Up towards the ceiling.”

God, this is so stupid. I feel stupid. I’m probably not even doing it right. Zariel lifted her head up and cracked an eye open.

Her right hand was nearly a foot off of her armrest. Her fingers were limp, but her wrist was lifted higher, as if it was being pulled up by something.

“Holy shit!” Zariel yelped, jolting awake and nearly falling out of her chair. As soon as she snapped out of it, her arm fell back down. Oh my god, it… it actually worked! I was actually hypnotized, Lorelei… Doctor Lawson hypnotized me…

The recording was still going, but Zariel hit stop and went back to the list of files, a manic grin on her face. I wonder what else is in here…

Ariana held the measuring tape against Alexander’s arm. “Please hold still, Alexander.”

“S-Sorry,” Alexander muttered. He fidgeted with his other hand as Ariana held his arm steady, marking the length with a pencil. “It’s just been a while since I’ve done something like this.”

“That’s alright. I actually get a lot of first-timers, so I’m used to it.” Ariana released his arm and motioned for him to turn around.

Alexander turned his back to Ariana and sighed. The part he didn’t want to mention was that he’d never had a woman touching and manipulating his body like this. He wasn’t a virgin, but this felt entirely different. I mean, it’s not supposed to be sexy, right? She’s a professional doing her job. So I shouldn’t be thinking about that, and yet… god, why did she have to be so pretty? I’m glad we’re at least in a private room, I don’t think I could handle someone else watching.

The measuring tape snaked around his waist, guided by Ariana’s fluid fingers. There was a strange elegance to the procedure; she had clearly done it a million times, but there was something else there. A sense of grace that didn’t seem like something she was taught.

“You’re in really good shape,” Ariana said. “I’d expect as much for someone in your line of work, though.”

“M-My… what?” Alexander froze. “You know about…?”

Ariana raised an eyebrow. “Well, yes. If you’re one of Lorelei’s patients, and you live here, then it doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Does it, Saturn?”

Alexander groaned and held his head in his hands. “Ugh, yeah. That… yeah, that makes sense. I’m just… I dunno, I get freaked out when people who aren’t in the business talk about that stuff.”

“Well, if it makes you feel any better,” Ariana smiled, “no one else here knows about it. You and your friend’s secrets are safe with me.”

“My friend?”

“Zariel. She’ll be in here this afternoon.”

“Oh… yeah, that’s right.” Alexander sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “Uh, fair warning, she can be a little… aggressive.”

“Nothing I can’t handle.” Ariana stepped in front of him, stroking her chin and eyeing him up and down. Is… did she unbutton her blouse…? No, I must be imagining things… “I think I have a few options here in the shop. Can you wait here for a few minutes?”

“Uh, I guess…” Alexander looked around the room and furrowed his brow. The space was decidedly sparse, with only a mirror and a small table with Ariana’s various tools on it. “Do you… um, c-could I get a chair, please?”

“It’ll only be a few minutes. I’m sure a superhero like you doesn’t have any trouble standing still, yes?”

“Um… y-yeah…”

Ariana pursed her lips. “You seem nervous. Is something wrong?”

“N-No, I–”

“Good.” Ariana placed a hand on Alexander’s shoulder. “Then could you look up here for me? Right into my eyes.”

Alexander looked up at her without thinking. Wait, why is she–

Ariana smiled. There was something in her eyes, something Alexander couldn’t place–

“Just relax,” she purred. “I won’t be gone long. Think of me while I’m out, okay?”

“Um…” Alexander blinked slowly. His head suddenly felt light, his thoughts slow and sticky. “Okay…”

“Mmm…” Ariana smiled and shook her head. “She was right, you really are…” She trailed off, chuckling to herself. The tailor turned and stepped through the door, leaving Alexander alone in the room, his thoughts centered solely on her.

“Two,” Lorelei’s voice said. “Almost fully awake, but not quite. You can still feel the weight of my words pulling you down, down, down to four.”

Zariel shuddered. Her mouth was slack, a thin trickle of drool dripping out of her mouth, but she didn’t care. Her mind was somewhere else, foggy and muffled. She knew before starting this file that she could be hypnotized, but she hadn’t expected it to work this well.

The rules were simple; Zariel’s mind was on a scale from one to ten, with one being fully awake and ten being deeply hypnotized. Whenever Lorelei called out a number, Zariel went up or down the scale.

“Four,” Lorelei continued, “almost halfway down now. Feeling very peaceful, very still, as you drop way down to eight for me.”

“Hhaahhh…” Zariel moaned. She could almost feel the weight Lorelei was describing, a pressure that pushed her further and further into trance. No, not a push – an embrace, like she was in water and someone had come up from under her, dragging her into the depths.

“Eight. So close to the bottom. Juuuuuuust out of reach. A little bit closer now, at nine…”

Zariel whimpered. She saw a brief flash of what she must have looked like to an observer. A blank, drooling puppet, all of the spark and anger emptied out of her. She felt heat between her legs.

“You can almost touch it now,” Lorelei said. “Almost brush the floor with your fingertips. And you want so badly to go all the way down, I know you do.”

Lorelei’s words brushed Zariel’s ear. “Three.”

“Nnoooo,” Zariel whined. Not fair, her brain idly thought as she was rudely brought back up to semi-lucidity. Wanted it. Please.

“That’s very good. You’re being an excellent subject right now. You wanted to go deeper, but my words brought you back up. I’m proud of you.”

Proud…? Zariel felt the corners of her mouth curl into a dazed, dreamy smile. She realized how silly this all was. She was only listening to a recording, after all; Lorelei couldn’t actually tell how she was doing. But hearing those words coming from that voice still gave her a little trill of joy.

“And let’s bring you back down to six,” Lorelei continued, “right in that Goldilocks zone, and…”

She snapped her fingers. “One! Up and awake, feeling refreshed and peaceful…”

Zariel groggily opened her eyes. “Muh? Huh?” She wiped the drool off her chin and frowned. That’s it? Damn, I was actually enjoying it for a bit there…

Her eyes flicked over to her laptop. Wait, if it’s over, then… why does VLC say there’s like 20 minutes–

“Ten,” Lorelei said firmly.

“Ffuck,” Zariel gasped. Her head lolled to the side, arms dropping down to her lap. Her eyes slammed shut as she felt Lorelei’s arms wrap around her and pull her down.

“That’s right,” Lorelei cooed, “deeper and deeper. Knowing that all it takes is a single word from me, and your conscious mind can just sink in an instant. And the more you go up, and down for me, the harder it is to tell the difference between being awake and being in trance.”

Zariel made a small, quiet noise.

“Let’s try to make that happen, shall we?” Lorelei asked, already knowing that Zariel would agree. “Five.”

Alexander felt a tug on his sleeve and stirred. “Hmmuuhh?” He slowly turned his head and met a familiar face.

“Hey, sleepyhead,” Ariana cooed.

“Oh… hiii…” Alexander gave a dazed smile and giggled. “Sorry, I… kinda… spaced out…”

“That’s okay. I know it can be kinda boring in here, all by your lonesome.” She held up a navy blue jacket on a hanger, along with a matching pair of slacks and a button-down shirt that was a much lighter shade, almost sky blue. “I think these will work for you. Do you like them?”

“Um…” Alexander blinked and tried to get his eyes to focus on the clothes. His head was still lost in the fog, and whenever he tried to look at them his eyes always found their way back to Ariana’s expectant face. “I think… uh… whatever… you think…”

Ariana smiled. “I’m glad you trust my judgement, Alexander. That really makes me happy.”

Alexander’s smile grew wider.

“Can you try these on for me, Alexander?” Ariana handed him the clothes – or, rather, held them against his unmoving body, waiting for his sleepy brain to put two and two together.

“Sure…” Alexander mumbled. He shook his head, dimly aware that something wasn’t right but not wanting to break the spell he was under.

“…Maybe I should help you,” Ariana smirked. She hung the jacket and pants up on a rack behind her, then snapped her fingers. “Alexander, please take off your shirt.”

“H-Huh?” Alexander gasped. “Wha…?” My shirt…? But… she’s a lady, and… but… I need to try on my… clothes… Slowly, he reached under his shirt and lifted it up and over his head, letting it fall carelessly to the floor.

“Mmm…” Ariana’s eyes hovered over his chest. “You’re in quite good shape, if I may say so. You must work out often.”

“Been… slacking off… lately…” Alexander blushed, instinctively covering his chest with his hands.

“Why are you hiding from me, hm?” Ariana placed her hand on his wrists and smiled warmly. “Do I make you nervous?”



“B-Because… you’re… pretty…”

Ariana giggled and ran a hand through her hair. “Well, that’s very flattering, Alexander. But, surely you can put that aside for now, yes? We’re both here to play our roles. Mine is to have you looking your best, and yours is to be my canvas. So, please…” She gently pulled his arms apart and held them at his sides. “Just do as I ask, okay?”

Alexander nodded. “Yes, Ariana…”

“Thank you.” Ariana’s approval sent a rush of warmth through Alexander, like a comforting blanket. She handed him the shirt and smiled. “Please put this on.”

“Okay.” Slowly, Alexander slid his arms through the sleeves and started buttoning it up. But his body felt lethargic and sloppy; he felt like he was wearing thick winter gloves, making it hard for him to get a firm grasp on the buttons. “S-Sorry,” he mumbled, furrowing his brow.

“It’s okay, Alexander,” Ariana reassured him. “I’m here to help you, remember?” She gently moved his hands aside and buttoned up his shirt for him. “Let’s try the slacks now, hm?”


Ariana helped Alexander get dressed as his mind continued to swim in the warm syrup she’d poured into him. Gradually, Alexander forgot why he was so nervous and shy before. Following Ariana’s directions and letting her guide his body became second nature.

Finally, he felt his eyes flutter open as the drowsiness left him. He was almost disappointed for a moment, before he shook his head and frowned. What’s… What was I thinking about? Did I space out there…?

“Alexander?” Ariana asked. “Could you tell me what you think?”

“Huh?” Alexander looked up and noticed his reflection in a mirror that spanned the full height of the wall opposite him. He almost gasped at what he saw; it was still recognizably him, but he’d never seen himself looking so clean-cut and handsome. “Wow, this… I look great!”

“I’d certainly say so,” Ariana smiled. “Anything feel off with the fit? Too loose, too tight?”

“Um, well…” Alexander moved his arms around, careful not to stress the fabric too much. “I think the sleeves are maybe a little bit long? Other than that, this is… awesome! You’re amazing at this, Ariana!”

“Oh, you’re gonna make me blush,” Ariana giggled. “But, hm… I think this might be missing something.”

“Well, I couldn’t tell you what that’d be,” Alexander replied, “but if you wanna add something more, by all means!”

Ariana stepped closer, peeking over Alexander’s shoulder at his reflection. “I’m thinking… something here.” She placed a hand on his collar, her fingers brushing against his exposed neck. “It looks a little bare, yes?”

“U-Uh… I guess?” Alexander swallowed. “So, um, y-you’re thinking, like, a tie or something?”

“Mhm! Bow tie, specifically. A little more playful, friendlier. I think it’ll suit you well.”

“Whatever you say,” Alexander smiled. “I totally trust your judgement.”

“Thank you, Alexander,” Ariana grinned. “That means a lot.” She patted Alexander’s shoulder. “I’ll be right back with some options.”

“Okay.” As Ariana stepped away, Alexander heard his phone buzz from the pocket of his discarded jeans. He fished it out and saw a new email.


Subject: New audio file

Hi Alexander,

I’ve been working on a new hypnosis audio file for treating patients with anxiety. I wanted to share it with you first since we’ve been working on this topic together, and I know you’re an excellent subject. I’ve attached it below; I haven’t had time to finish the transcription yet, but it’s broadly in line with the other files you’ve been using. If you have the time, please take a listen and let me know what you think.

Dr. Lorelei Lawson

Alexander felt a shiver run down his spine. As the door to the dressing room slipped shut, he started downloading the file, a wide grin spreading across his face.

“Ten.” Lorelei’s voice poured into Zariel’s mind, filling the empty void as the superheroine sat slumped in her chair, drooling on herself. “There we go, all the way down now. But, I don’t think this is the absolute deepest you can be. I think you can go deeper for me. Let’s try it, yes?”

“Yyuussss,” Zariel murmured, feeling a twinge of heat between her legs at the prospect.

“Then let’s bring you down to… twelve.”

Zariel nearly fell out of her chair. All the tension she didn’t even realize she still had evaporated. She couldn’t imagine being more relaxed, or emptier. She couldn’t think at all anymore.

“That’s good,” Lorelei cooed. “I’m very proud of you. Now, I’d like you to–”


“Jesus!” Zariel squeaked, jolting awake. She threw off her headphones and looked down at her phone, bewildered. “Who’s… calling me…?” She didn’t recognize the number, but it hadn’t tripped her phone’s spam filter either.

She answered the call with a scowl. “What?” she snapped.

“Hello, Zariel,” said a familiar voice. “I hope I haven’t caught you at a bad time.”

“Oh, Doctor… Lawson…” Zariel’s anger disappeared in an instant, replaced with a dreamy smile and glassy eyes. “No, it’s okay… what’s up?”

“I just wanted to remind you of your appointment at the tailor’s shop. I called them to make sure you made it over okay, but they said they haven’t seen you.”

“Huh? But… that’s not until…” Zariel pulled her phone away from her face and checked the time. Her eyes widened. “Buh… I didn’t know it was… that late…?”

“Are you still in your apartment?” Lorelei asked.

“Um, y-yeah… sorry… lost track of… time…”

Lorelei hummed. “Are you feeling alright, Zariel? You sound tired.”

“No, n-not… tired… just, uh… hazy…”

“Hazy?” Lorelei paused. “What would happen if I told you to drop to ten, Zariel?”

“Ten…” Zariel closed her eyes and purred. “I’d go… so deep…”

“Did Alexander send you some of my files, hm?”

“Yes… Doctor Lawson…”

“And you’ve been listening to them, haven’t you?”

“Yes, Doctor Lawson…”

Lorelei chuckled. “Well, this is an interesting development. But for now, I’d like you to–” Snap! “–go up to one, please. Up, up, Zariel.”

Zariel shuddered. “I-I’m up.”


“…Oh, shit,” Zariel muttered as the weight of what just happened finally hit her. “Uh, shit. Shit. I’m so sorry, Doc–”

“Zariel, don’t worry. You’re not in trouble, and neither is Alexander.” Lorelei sighed. “Honestly, if you wanted to listen to my files, you could’ve just asked me. I would’ve gladly sent them to you.”

“…Thanks.” Zariel’s cheeks were bright red as she rubbed her forehead. “I feel kinda stupid right now.”

“You shouldn’t. I’m proud of you for trying to find something that works for you. And I’d love to talk with you about your experience with these files… after you head down to that shop for your appointment.”

“R-Right.” Zariel stood up and stretched, yawning loudly. “Can you tell ‘em I’ll be right over?”

“Yes, I’ll let them know.” Lorelei paused. “Oh, and Zariel?”


“Next time you fractionate yourself silly, remember to set a timer, okay?”

“…Okay, Doctor Lawson.”

Alexander hung his suit up proudly on the back of his closet door. He still couldn’t believe how good he looked in it; he kept checking the photo Ariana took of him wearing it, almost certain that it was a picture of someone else. Hell, I almost feel weird just having it in my room. It’s way fancier than anything else I have… oh, god, I really hope E.E. doesn’t come after me for misusing the group’s funds…

He felt a nervous flutter in his stomach when he remembered Lorelei’s email. Right, I should check out that file. Kinda weird that she didn’t go into specifics about what’s on it, though… He shook his head. But I’m sure it’s alright. It’s Doctor Lawson, after all. She wouldn’t do anything weird. He paused, furrowing his brow. Well, okay, she’s done a lot of weird stuff, but… whatever! I trust her, even if her methods are a little out-there.

He cued up the file as he grabbed his headphones and laid down on his bed. He’d performed this small ritual enough times that it started to make Alexander feel hazy all on its own. He smiled at the thought. It just shows what a good subject I am… and how well Doctor Lawson’s therapy is working for me…

“Hello, my favorite subject,” Lorelei’s voice started. “I hope you’re feeling nice and relaxed right now. I’m sure, by now, this is becoming second nature. To set yourself up in a comfortable position, already sinking into trance just from the sound of my voice, ready to obey.”

Gosh, this is… a lot friendlier than usual… There was a strange noise underneath Lorelei’s words, some sort of tone that seemed to dance at the edges of what Alexander’s hearing could make out.

“And since you’re already so familiar with how it feels to go into trance for me,” Lorelei continued, “why don’t you just…” She snapped her fingers. “Drop.”

Alexander sighed as his thoughts left him. All his worries and anxieties, his excitement for the charity ball, even his lingering infatuation with Ariana, melted away. This place he found himself entering was as familiar to him as his own home, and he was always glad to return under Lorelei’s command.

“That’s right,” Lorelei purred. “So easy to sink. So easy to fall for me. Trusting my words to guide you, trusting me more than your own thoughts. I’m so proud of you for making it this far. You’re such a good subject, Alexander.”

That got his attention, for a moment at least. She… these aren’t… personalized…? Has she ever… used my name before…?

“There’s no need to question anything right now.” Lorelei’s voice soothed over any doubt in Alexander’s mind. “Not when it’s so hard for you to think. Why would you want to, when it feels so much better to simply listen? To be open for my words, accepting them fully and without thought? Sinking deeper into trance feels more natural to you than thinking. You’re happier when you don’t think.”

Alexander smiled. Happier… don’t think…

“You’ve been such a good subject for me, Alexander. But… isn’t there always room for improvement? Wouldn’t it be nice to not just be a good subject, but a perfect subject?” Lorelei paused. “I want you to repeat after me. ‘I want to be a perfect subject.’”

“I wanna… be a perfect… subject…” Alexander mumbled.

“Again. ‘I want to be a perfect subject.’”

“I… want to be… a perfect subject…”

“Good boy,” Lorelei purred. “And with every repetition, you feel yourself sinking even deeper into trance. That’s what a perfect subject would do. And you want to be perfect, yes?”

“Yyesssss…” Alexander drooled.

“That’s right. And I will make you perfect.” Lorelei giggled, then leaned in to her microphone, the sound seeming to brush against Alexander’s ear as though her lips were right next to his head. “I want you to touch yourself as I bring you deeper. Feel the pleasure my words give you. The pleasure of obedience, of complete and total submission.”

Touch myself… have to… Alexander fumbled with his jeans, his sleepy mind struggling to move his fingers. But eventually he managed to unzip his fly and pull down his pants, gripping his stiff cock and stroking it slowly. Feel the pleasure… I’m such a good subject…

“It’s funny, isn’t it?” Lorelei smiled. “This is just a recording. I can’t react to anything you’re doing. I can’t know if you’re actually following along, if you’ve already stopped the file, or if you’re just listening through before you actually settle down and drop.” That last word made Alexander shiver and moan, leaking a bit of precum on his hand.

“And yet,” Lorelei continued, “I do know you’re following along. I know you’re touching yourself right now. I know you’re sinking deeper and deeper, so eager to follow my words and obey. I know all this, because I know you. I know you’re in love with me, I know you want so badly to please me, and I know how much you love to be hypnotized by me.”

“D-Doctor Lawson…” Alexander groaned, his eyes rolling back into his head.

“So right now, Alexander?” Lorelei said. “I just want you to stroke, and listen… and obey.”

Alexander groaned and turned over in bed, nuzzling his pillow. Mmm… must’ve fallen asleep… He cracked an eye open and saw his phone next to him. He picked it up and checked the time, startled that it had been almost three hours since he started the file. Jeez, I didn’t expect that! I must’ve gone really deep to nod off like that.

He sat up and yawned, scratching his back. I should tell Doctor Lawson what I thought of the file. But… I don’t remember that much? Alexander looked down at himself and yelped when he realized he wasn’t wearing pants. Holy shit?! When did that happen? I could’ve sworn I was wearing… He felt a strange tug in the back of his mind, then smiled. I just went really deep, that’s all. Nothing to worry about. He pulled open his email app and typed off a quick message.

A few minutes later, he got a reply from Lorelei which had a pair of other files attached. Alexander downloaded the files and then deleted both emails, the details already slipping from his mind even before he cleared the trash can. He smiled, feeling a trill of pleasure run through his body as he forgot. You know, since I nodded off during that last file, I should probably relisten to it. Give it a fair shake and all. His hand idly stroked his cock as his smile grew wider. Maybe Zariel would like this file too…

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