Generation 6

Chapter 5

by Modren, Carol J.

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #f/m #pov:bottom #sub:female #sub:male #comic_book #hypnotherapy #multiple_partners #therapist #unethical_therapist

The following story contains consensual and non-consensual hypnosis and sexual activity. If you are underage, or if these themes make you uncomfortable, consider yourself warned. The characters and situations depicted below are fictional, and they should remain that way. The author does not condone any non-consensual sexual activity.

Zariel bit her lip and closed her eyes. C’mon, baby, just finish up and we can get out of here. She rubbed her clit with her thumb and thrust another finger into her pussy, stifling a moan.

This had become a common occurrence for her over the past few days. She never thought of her weed habit as an addiction, but ever since Lorelei told her to quit, she found herself craving the high almost constantly. It was tough to completely avoid it, but she’d been making do by participating in the activity Lorelei recommended to replace it: masturbation.

Before she realized it, Zariel was touching herself almost every hour of every day. She barely left her apartment aside from grabbing take-out or groceries, so that left plenty of time to indulge herself. Whenever she started feeling anxious or annoyed, she’d open up her laptop, load one of the videos on the hard drive Lorelei gave her, and fuck herself senseless. It wasn’t what she expected to be doing for her therapy, but she certainly couldn’t complain.

That was, until today. As she walked to the team’s headquarters, her thoughts naturally turned to Lorelei. She’d been a fixture of Zariel’s sexual fantasies since their first meeting, and as their second appointment grew ever closer, Zariel couldn’t stop thinking about her face, her lips, her eyes, the way that turtleneck sweater hugged her body, and oh god her voice–

“Ah!” Zariel clamped her free hand over her mouth as she came. She realized immediately what a mistake she’d made. Rubbing one out in the privacy of her own apartment was one thing – doing it in the office bathroom was different. Stupid! Could’ve gotten caught… ugh, no one would ever let me live it down, especially if it was–

“Yo, Zee?” came a voice from outside the bathroom door. “You in there?”

Of course. Of course it’s him. I knew these unisex bathrooms were a bad idea. Zariel sighed. “Yeah, Trevor. I’ll be out in a sec.”

“Let’s vamanos, yeah?” Trevor shouted, his voice carrying clear through the metal door. “Ya boy’s gotta go! Ay-ess-ay-pee, emphasis on that last one!”

“I heard you,” Zariel hissed. She grabbed a couple paper towels and wiped herself off before quickly rinsing her hands. She flung open the door and tried to just rush past him before he held his arm out and halted her.

“Whoa, there!” he chuckled, running a hand over his messy, immaculately-wind-swept brown hair. “What’re you doing here, Zee? I thought you were suspended.”

“They didn’t ban me, Trevor,” Zariel replied, glaring at him. “I wish they’d ban you, though.”

"Ha! Ouch, this cat's got claws!" Trevor laughed for a moment before trailing off, eyes narrowed in thought. "...Jaguars are cats, right?"

"Yeah, they're cats. And you're one-of-a-kind." Zariel sidestepped past him, rolling her eyes. What a jackass.

"Aw, hey, thanks!” Trevor beamed. “You, too, Zee!"

“Ah, Zariel! Right on time!” Lorelei smiled as she waved Zariel into her office. She looked even better than Zariel remembered. She’d traded the turtleneck for a maroon satin blouse, unbuttoned just enough to show a hint of cleavage, and the scent of her perfume seemed stronger than the last time they’d met.

The room itself was nicer too. The sofa had more cushions, looking much more inviting, and Lorelei had a proper desk now, complete with a name card and a Newton’s cradle. There was also a small gift-wrapped box sitting on the desk, but Zariel barely noticed. She could hardly take her eyes off her therapist, practically gawking at her.

Lorelei cleared her throat. “If you’d take a seat, we can get started.”

“O-Oh! Right.” Zariel blushed and slumped down on the sofa, mentally chastising herself. Get it together, man! You don’t want her to think you’re a creep.

“So,” Lorelei said, sitting down in her chair and taking out her pencil, “let’s talk about the progress you’ve made since our last session. How has your anxiety been?”

“A bit better.” Zariel ran a hand through her hair and sighed. “I haven’t been smoking weed, if that’s what you’re really asking.”

“I’m asking what I’m asking,” Lorelei replied. “But I’m glad you’ve cut back on that. So, have you been following my suggestion about other ways to relieve stress?”

“Mhm.” Zariel refused to look at Lorelei. Every time she glanced at the other woman, Zariel felt her mind wandering back to the hours she spent imagining her wearing lingerie, or just the sweater, or… Okay, actually, a lot of it was just her wearing nothing. But still.

“Very good.” Lorelei wrote something in her notes. “So, tell me about that. How frequently have you been masturbating?”

Zariel inhaled sharply. “I guess… I tried to do it whenever I’d normally smoke a joint or take an edible.”

“And how often is that?”


Lorelei smirked. “Well, now. Perhaps you have some enhanced stamina as a result of your abilities, but I can’t imagine you achieved climax every time. Am I correct in that assumption?”

“Y-Yeah.” Zariel crossed her arms over her chest and scrunched up on the sofa. “Why?”

“Well… how can I put this…” Lorelei adjusted her glasses and furrowed her brow. “Zariel, on the hard drive I gave you, did you look into the folder called ‘delayed sexual gratification?’”

“Uh, no?” Zariel raised an eyebrow.

“Are you familiar with what that is?”

“I mean, like… I know what all those words mean, so I think I get the gist.”

“Yes, it’s essentially what you think it means.” Lorelei idly tapped her pencil against her notebook. “It’s a niche fetish based around denying oneself an orgasm. You might’ve heard it referred to as ‘edging’ or ‘gooning.’ Any of those ring a bell?”

Zariel shrugged. “I mean, I fight a lot of goons, but I think we’re talking about something different.”

Very different, yes,” Lorelei chuckled. “It’s about getting right up to the moment before you orgasm, and then stopping without… finishing. The edge, in other words.”

“Oh… kay?” Zariel cocked her head to the side. “But why would someone get off to porn like that? Or, like, not get off, I guess?”

“Well, think about the times when you masturbated and didn’t orgasm. How did that make you feel?”

“I guess I was… still pretty horny. Kinda frustrated. Are some people actually into that?”

“Moreso the former than the latter, but yes.” Lorelei shifted in her chair and cleared her throat. “It also involves a bit of humiliation. There’s a lot of factors, but–”

“Wait, hold on…” Zariel leaned forward, eyes wide. “Y-You’re not into this yourself, are you?”

“No. Not from that side of the coin, anyway.”

“Then… what? Do you like the, uh, ‘encouraging’ part?”

“Well, I don’t believe it’s appropriate for me to share such intimate details about myself, but…” Lorelei sighed. “Would it help you be more open if I talked about it?”

Zariel shrugged. “I guess?”

“Alright. I suppose I enjoy the… control. Or, maybe ‘restraint’ is a better word…” Lorelei took off her glasses and rubbed her eyes. “Basically? I think it’s hot when someone would deny themselves pleasure just because I tell them to. Is that what you wanted to hear?”

Zariel opened, then closed, then opened their mouth. “I-I… didn’t… um, mean to, uh… p-pry.”

Neither woman said anything for a long moment. Finally, Lorelei broke the silence. “Well, now that it’s all in the open, do you feel a little more comfortable sharing some more specifics about sexual topics?”

Jeez, just instantly switching back to professionalism like nothing even happened… how does she do that? “I guess so,” Zariel sighed.

“Good.” Lorelei tapped her pencil against her notebook. “So, what were you watching while you were masturbating?”

“Oh, y’know, just some of the videos you gave me.”

“Which ones?”

“Well, I dunno, uh, there were just so many!” Zariel laughed nervously.

Lorelei clicked her tongue and sighed. “Zariel, please. You know it’s important to be honest in these sessions. I don’t need to know the exact videos you watched, just tell me the genre or themes that you gravitated to.”

Zariel scratched the back of her head. “Well, uh, the lesbian stuff, I guess.”

“Zariel, please,” Lorelei replied, “I need details. Was it just general porn, or was there something more… specific that you enjoyed?”

Ugh, she’s not gonna let me off the hook unless I just tell her. Fuck it. Fuck it! “The boss/employee stuff,” Zariel said, trying to get it all out in one breath. “And the doctor/patient stuff, and the teacher/student stuff, and… um, i-is it weird if I liked the mother/daughter stuff? Like, I wouldn’t think about that with my mom, but like–”

“I think I get the picture,” Lorelei interrupted, scribbling furiously in her notes. “In fact, I believe I understand exactly what the common thread between all this is.”

“You do?”

Lorelei nodded. “Simply put, you enjoy power imbalances. Take the boss/employee scenes, for example. The boss is in a position of power over the employee, and exploits that power to get what she wants. The employee has no choice but to follow the boss’s orders, even if they’re humiliating or degrading. The same applies to the other categories.”

Zariel paused. “…Huh. Yeah, actually, that sounds right.”

“So which do you prefer?”


“Do you like being the one in power, or…” Lorelei flashed a dazzling smile at Zariel. “Having someone exert power over you?”

“Oh, uh, th-the first one,” Zariel stammered. “Definitely the first one.”

“You do?” Lorelei asked, unconvinced.

“Well, yeah. Who wouldn’t want to be the one in power? And, like, I have those ‘problems with authority,’ or whatever. EE can’t stand me, and I can’t stand following her orders, so…” Zariel shrugged. “That’s gotta be it, right?”

“If you say so.” Lorelei set her notebook and pencil down and adjusted her glasses. “So, if you’re comfortable with it, I’d like to discuss your masturbation technique.”

“M-My what?!” Zariel sputtered.

“Your masturbation technique. What you do to get yourself off.”

“I-I… there’s… t-technique?”

“Zariel, of course there’s technique involved. Think back to your previous sexual partners. There were things they did to you that you enjoyed, and vice versa. But there were also things that they did that you didn’t like, weren’t there?”

“Um, y-yeah...”

Lorelei shrugged. “So, we just have to find the things that make you feel good, and help you do them consistently.”

“I-Isn’t that, uh, a little outside your, like… p-purview?” Zariel gulped.

“Maybe.” Lorelei stood up, towering over Zariel and glaring down at her patient. “But if you aren’t cooperative with my treatment, maybe EE would think that you shouldn’t be on the team anymore. And we wouldn’t want that, would we?”

Zariel glared at Lorelei. “…No. No we wouldn’t.”

“That’s what I thought.” Lorelei smiled. “Now, please remove your pants.”

“A-Alright.” Zariel started to pull down her waistband, but Lorelei suddenly reached forward and grabbed her hand.

“What was that?” Lorelei asked sternly.

“I-I said alright.”

Lorelei glared. “But what are you supposed to say?”

Zariel froze. “U-Um… uh… y-yes?”

“Yes, what?”

“…yes… Doctor Lawson?”

Lorelei nodded. “Good.” She let go of Zariel’s hand. “Continue.”

Christ, what’s gotten into her? She’s acting so different all of a sudden… Zariel pulled down her sweatpants and underwear, leaving her pussy exposed. “Um, I-I should tell you, I already, ah… r-rubbed one out, earlier today.”

“Oh, that shouldn’t be a problem,” Lorelei replied. “You’re already wet, after all.”

Zariel huffed. “I-I just didn’t clean up that well, that’s all.”

“If you say so.” Lorelei stared at Zariel expectantly. “Well?”

“G-Gimmie a sec, dammit.” Zariel closed her eyes and took a deep breath, clenching and unclenching her fist. Never jilled off in front of someone else before. Just pretend she isn’t here, it’ll be okay. She slowly reached between her legs and began to rub small circles with her fingers, gradually increasing in tempo.

“Um… Zariel…” Lorelei said hesitantly.

Zariel cracked an eye open. “What?”

“I don’t mean to be rude, but… are you sure this is how you get off?”

“Um, yeah? Why?”

“It’s, ah…” Lorelei gestured towards Zariel’s crotch. “A little robotic, don’t you think? Not much penetration, no sensuality, it… well, it hardly even seems like you’re enjoying yourself.”

“Well, I don’t know, man,” Zariel sighed. “It’s worked pretty well for me so far.”

Lorelei sighed. “Just wait here, alright?” She walked over to her desk and picked up the gift-wrapped box.

Zariel sat up straight. “What are you doing?”

“I was going to give you this at the end of our session,” Lorelei replied, “but I suppose there’s no time like the present.” She handed the box to Zariel.

“What is it?”

“Just open it. You’ll like it.”

Zariel shrugged and unwrapped the box. Once she saw what was inside, she scoffed and furrowed her brow. “You’re giving me a vibrator?”

“You can consider it a prescription if you like,” Lorelei chuckled.

“You’ve got a weird sense of humor, Doc.” I swear, I really do think I’ve stumbled into some fucked-up porno. I’m half-tempted to tell EE that this lady isn’t a real doctor, but… Zariel looked down at the box and bit her lip. The packaging was understated, maybe a little plain, but it did have some weight to it. Maybe I’ll humor her for a bit. If nothing else, I’ll get a free vibe out of it.

She opened the box and pulled out the device, wrapped in a plastic baggie. Zariel noticed the wire sticking out of the end and scoffed. “You gotta plug it in? That’s stupid.”

“There’s a battery-powered model,” Lorelei explained, “but, well… they just don’t have the same ‘kick,’ as far as I’m concerned.”

“Whatever, man,” Zariel sighed. She rolled off the sofa and searched for an outlet, soon finding the power strip Lorelei’s computer was plugged into. She pulled the vibrator out of the bag and plugged it in. Good thing the cord’s pretty long, she thought as she walked back to the sofa and plopped down on it. The device had a single switch: off, low, or high. “So, I just hit this–”

The vibrator suddenly sprung to life, buzzing loudly. Zariel yelped and accidentally dropped it, feeling the head bounce against her thigh and sending vibrations through her entire leg. “Whoa!”

“Oh, sorry,” Lorelei chuckled. “I should’ve warned you, this wand is really strong.”

“Yeah, no shit, Doc,” Zariel muttered. She picked it up and pressed her thumb against the soft silicone head, almost transfixed by it. I don’t think I’ve ever used anything like this. And… wait, this is just the “low” setting? Christ, what would “high” even be like, a freaking jackhammer?

Lorelei smirked. “Do I sense some intimidation, Zariel? I wouldn’t expect such an experienced superheroine such as yourself to be scared of–”

“I’m not scared,” Zariel spat. “Just, uh… not quite sure what to do with it…”

“It’s very simple. Would you like me to demonstrate for you?”

Zariel raised an eyebrow. “You gonna drop your pants too?”

“Oh, goodness, no!” Lorelei laughed. “But I can help you with the technique, show you the right… angles.”

“Y’know, I think I can manage it,” Zariel replied.

“Are you sure?” Lorelei stepped closer, towering over Zariel. “A pity. I always try to make sure my patients are getting the most out of my sessions; it’s disappointing that you’d turn down my offer.”

Zariel gulped. Without thinking, she handed Lorelei the wand and lowered her head. “S-Sorry…”

Lorelei took the wand and smiled warmly. “Thank you, Zariel. Now, make sure you’re nice and comfortable.”

God, what’s wrong with me? Zariel repositioned herself on the sofa, still refusing to meet Lorelei’s eyes. How does she make me feel so… tiny?

“Are you ready?” Lorelei asked.

“Y-Yes…” Zariel sighed. “…Doctor Lawson.”

“Good girl.” If Lorelei noticed the shiver that ran up Zariel’s spine as she said those words, she didn’t show it. “I think I’ll start on ‘low,’ at first. Count of three?”

Zariel nodded.

“Very well. One… two… three.”

Suddenly, Zariel felt the head pressing against her clit. Her eyes shot open and she let out a sound she didn’t think humans were capable of making. The superheroine thrashed and squirmed, murmuring and giggling and slurring lust-drunk nonsense as her brain short-circuited. She’d never felt anything even half this good before. Where had this wonderful machine been all her life? She couldn’t imagine going without it anymore. In that moment, if someone had offered to permanently attach the wand to her pussy so she would feel this pleasure for the rest of her life, she would’ve agreed in a heartbeat.

So when Lorelei pulled the wand away again, one can imagine the sort of desperation that Zariel felt. “Please,” she murmured, over and over like it was the only word she knew.

“Oh, believe me, Zariel,” Lorelei said, “I wish I could. I want to give you that orgasm, but I’m afraid I need something from you first.”

“Yes, anything,” Zariel panted, nodding furiously. “I’ll do it, please. Please, more.”

“It’s a big request. And a part of me feels guilty for asking you when you’re in such an… agitated state.”

“Please. Please.”

Lorelei sighed. “Alright. Do you agree to film yourself while you masturbate?”

Zariel stopped. “…What?”

“I need to monitor your reactions and health during your masturbation sessions,” Lorelei explained. “All I’d need you to do is set up a webcam, record yourself, and then drop the file into a cloud folder that only you and I would have access to. No one else would ever see these videos.”

“Um…” Zariel gulped. Mmm, maybe it’d be fun to show Doctor Lawson how horny she makes me… wait, what? What the fuck am I talking about? This is so over the line! “N-No, I…”

“Zariel.” Lorelei’s eyes were hidden by the glare of her glasses. As she spoke, the wand lightly brushed up against Zariel’s cunt, reminding her of the pleasure she craved. “I need you to do this for me. This is what we have to do to monitor your progress. If you don’t, well…” She smirked as the tip of the wand tapped against Zariel’s clit, sending a jolt through the sweat-soaked woman on the sofa. “But we already know your answer, don’t we?”

“W-We…” Zariel groaned. This is crazy… I-I can’t… oh, god, but… I need more…

“Don’t overthink this, Zariel. Go with what feels right. Doing what I need you to do feels right. Doing what’ll get you back on the team feels right. Doesn’t it?”

Zariel whimpered. God, it really does… it feels so right… need to… to… “Y-Yes.”

“So you agree to film yourself?”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, Doctor Lawson!”

“That’s my girl.” Lorelei pressed the wand into Zariel’s cunt. The superheroine’s claws came out involuntarily, gouging the leather upholstery, but that was tertiary compared to the pleasure she was experiencing.

Within moments, she came harder than she ever had. And then again, and again, orgasm after orgasm rocking her body and shattering her mind. She couldn’t think; her brain had completely fried, turning her into nothing more than a vessel for pure pleasure.

Zariel nearly passed out by the time Lorelei finally unplugged the wand and set it down on her desk. “Zariel?” she asked, gently shaking her.

“Mmm…” Zariel purred. She cracked one eye open and smiled dreamily. “That was… ‘low?’”

“Well, I knew you weren’t used to it yet,” Lorelei replied. “But I think you were satisfied either way, right?”

More than… satis… mmm…” Zariel arched her back and yawned. “Thank you, Doctor Lawson…”

“My pleasure. So to speak.” Lorelei smirked

Zariel found herself smiling back. She felt incredible, more relaxed and happier than she’d felt in a very long time. She could barely keep her eyes open, she was so exhausted; but it was a good kind of exhaustion, like she’d just worked out for four hours but without any of the burn. She felt loose, sloppy, and just plain good. And, fuck, she looks so good right now… Maybe it’s just ‘cause my brain’s been fried by cumming a lot, but… god, I just wanna kiss her and hold her and… touch her…

“I’m going to get you some water,” Lorelei said, breaking through the hazy afterglow Zariel was basking in. “You need to cool down and hydrate after that.”

“Um… yeah. Whatever you say, Doctor Lawson.”

“I’ll be back in a second.” Lorelei opened the door and gently closed it behind her.

Zariel slowly sat up, looking down at herself and laughing. God, I’m a mess. Fucked up the couch, too. She realized her claws were still out and retracted them. Never had that happen before. Not the girls coming out on their own, but… that was only when I was angry. Not when I was feeling so… good…

A couple minutes later, Lorelei returned and handed Zariel a bottle of water. Zariel eagerly drank it down, draining over half the bottle in one big gulp. “Thanks.”

“No problem,” Lorelei replied. “So, we’re still on for the webcam idea, right?”

Oh. Shit. I did agree to that, didn’t I? “U-Um… yeah. Yeah, for sure.”

“Great!” Lorelei smiled and wrote it down in her notes. “I’ll email you the link to the cloud folder. Also, this Saturday, we’re going to have another group session with Alexander.”

Oh, shit. Shit! I forgot that nerd is still part of this! “U-Um, D-Doctor Lawson,” Zariel stammered, “will we… d-does he, uh…”

“Know about this?” Lorelei shook her head. “We don’t need to discuss the intimate details with him. He doesn’t need to know any of it.”

“Okay, good,” Zariel sighed. “So, this next one will be more about us working together and stuff?”

“Something like that,” Lorelei smiled.

Zariel shrugged. “Alright. Anything else today, or am I good to go?”

“I have nothing left for you, except…” Lorelei’s eyes flicked over to the wand, still sitting on her desk. “Do you need something to carry that in? I can place it back in its box, but it might be a bit embarrassing to carry it around in the city.”

“Oh, uh, y-yeah,” Zariel blushed. “I’ll take a bag.”

“F-Fuck,” Zariel grunted. “God, fuck, please–” She howled as her new toy brought her to her fourth orgasm that night. In the brief moment of clarity she experienced, she turned the wand off and tossed it further down the bed, well out of arm’s reach.

She laid back and sighed. Zariel couldn’t help but smile, even though she knew what she was doing was probably not good for her. That Lorelei… I have no idea what her deal is. There’s no way this is in the DSM or whatever. Maybe the B-DSM, but… does she just get off on making superheroes act all desperate and horny? She looked down at her body, the absolute mess she’d made on her sheets, and then past that at her laptop with the little green light telling her the webcam was still recording. Shit, man. Why does that still sound kinda hot?

Zariel closed her eyes. No, no way. There’s gotta be something there, right? Being a shrink takes, like, years of work. You aren’t gonna go through all that just to be a weird pervert or whatever… or, maybe you would. Most of us grew up in the Bureau’s facilities; the counselors we had were more like HR, looking out for the feds instead of us. If you’re looking for a group of people to pull this stunt on, we don’t have a lot of experience with “real” therapy. Plus, there’s like a power trip kinda thing going on too. Like, if I could make the President get on his knees and beg me to step on him or whatever, that’d be kinda… well, maybe not this President, but like, one who was hot. Like Lorelei, she’s really hot. Wait, shit. I’m not thinking straight. Lorelei’s a fucking perv who snuck her way into the Bureau’s contacts, I shouldn’t be fantasizing about her…

But as soon as the idea popped into Zariel’s mind, she couldn’t help but indulge in it. She pictured Lorelei’s smile, the way it made her eyes crinkle around the edges, the adorable little giggle that would escape her lips. The way her voice went low as she held the wand against Zariel’s clit, controlling her pleasure.

Controlling me… Zariel whined and bit her lip. She looked over at the wand, quietly dribbling her pussy juice from its tip. Maybe… just one more… She crawled over and, as soon as her fingertips brushed against it, they grabbed it and pressed it into her cunt. She didn’t even roll over, instead pressing her face into her sheets with her ass up in the air. God, I’m a mess. I must look so fucking ridiculous right now, so shameless…

“That’s my girl.” Lorelei’s voice echoed in her head, taunting her. No, she’s not taunting me… she’s encouraging me… Dimly, Zariel remembered something Lorelei had mentioned earlier. With a strength she didn’t quite realize she had, she put the wand down and stumbled over to her laptop. She plugged in the hard drive and feverishly searched through it, looking for the videos Lorelei had told her about.

As soon as she found it, she hit play and jumped back into her bed. “Welcome back, little gooner,” the video cooed, showing a cheap visualizer as a woman’s voice came crackling over the laptop’s crummy speakers. “God, you must be soooo desperate, huh? Coming back again and again, not even getting to cum. Just riding that edge, over and over, frying your brain till the edge is all that’s left.”

Zariel was only half-listening; she was more concerned with fucking herself, moving the wand around until it hit the spot that made her world go white with pleasure. Huh… kinda sounds like… no, I’m just imagining things…

“But it’s okay,” the video continued, the narrator’s voice dripping with condescension. “We both know why you love it so much. It’s so obvious, even a dumb, desperate little gooner like you can remember it.”

Desperate… mmm, fuck… Zariel realized that she’d landed her face right into the stain she made earlier, smearing her shame into her skin. She couldn’t really make herself care.

“No? You don’t remember? Aw, poor baby. Don’t worry that pretty little head of yours, I’ll remind you.” Zariel groaned as the pleasure built and built.

“It’s because the edge never stops. When you cum, that’s it, it’s over. But gooning? Gooning goes on, and on, and on. It lingers, sticking around in that soft, mushy, pathetic excuse for a brain. You stay horny. You stay feeling good.”

Stay horny… stay… on and on… Zariel giggled. Doctor Lawson was right; this was right up her alley. She didn’t exactly know why it made her feel good to be degraded like this, but she could worry about it later. All she needed to think about now was edging.

“Of course, that’s not the only reason,” the narrator said. “You also love how dumb it makes you feel. Think about it, or maybe don’t; you’re not so good at thinking anymore, after all. Don’t you just look so fucking stupid right now?”

“Yeaahhhh,” Zariel groaned. God, I’m even talking out loud. I really do feel stupid.

“I can only imagine it. Eyes crossed, tongue out, whining like an animal. Go on, let it happen. Show me how dumb you really are.”

Zariel let her tongue hang out of her mouth and crossed her eyes. She whimpered and moaned. She knew this was stupid, but somehow that only made her feel even hornier. She was letting some random cheaply-produced video boss her around and degrade her, calling her a porn-addicted gooner and a mindless slut and all sorts of other things that should definitely not be turning her on this much.

“Such a good porn slut,” the narrator cooed, laying on the condescension nice and thick. “You know this feeling so well, don’t you? You want to feel it all the time. No thoughts, no dignity, just a stupid, idiotic, helplessly addicted gooner.”

“Hhhhhhaaaaaa…” Zariel whined, grinding her face into her sheets and making herself look pathetic and needy. She was so close. She could feel her orgasm building, and building, and–

“And you know that the only way to feel this good all the time,” said the narrator, “is to never, ever cum.”

Zariel froze. Time itself seemed to stop around her as she tried to think about what to do next. She knew, instinctively, that she wanted to cum. That was the point of masturbating, right? And she was so close already, why would she stop now?

But there was another part of her, one that had been soaking in the thrill of denial and the sweet sound of the narrator’s voice. It didn’t want her to cum. It wanted her to put the wand down, back off, and then start over. And it wanted her to keep going all through the night, never giving herself any relief, edging and gooning until she was so horny and so sleep-deprived that her brain just stopped working completely.

And as Zariel flicked off the switch on the wand and stared up at the little blinking light on her laptop with that dopey, stupid look on her face, she knew exactly which part of her was going to win tonight.

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