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Fermata is set in the Human Domestication Guide setting created by GlitchyRobo!

If you're not familiar with the HDG setting, I strongly suggest checking out the works that make up this shared universe, and to have fun!

For those looking for the cliffs notes: Affini are big, big plants. They talk! They walk! They find humanity incredibly adorable, and completely unable to take care of themselves properly.

Some humans disagreed! With nuclear weapons! 

It did not go well for the Terran Navy. 

As the conflict wound down, the Affini have begun helping humans integrate into their society, and it's surprisingly nice as long as you don't mind potentially being Domesticated - a drugged, often mind altered pet.

Presa didn’t really travel. 
She didn’t mind leaving the Compact world where she’d spent most of her life, but it was hard to justify leaving her work, even for a short vacation. 
Not to mention how often she got sucked into a new idea and had to be “rescued” by one of her friends before she neglected herself to death.
(Her second Bloom had been so embarrassing.)
It was the same reason she’d never seriously considered adopting a Floret, even when a few friends and well meaning colleagues had suggested that taking care of someone else might help Presa take better care of herself. 
They might have had a point, but if she wasn’t careful she risked neglecting or even harming someone who depended on her, and Presa didn’t think she would have handled that well. 
None of which explained why she had taken a berth aboard the Drifting Petal to visit a former Terran world, or why she was reading up on Terran culture, needs, and Domestication as the ship crossed the stars.
“Presa, I think I have someone you should meet.”
Presa looked at the holoprojection skeptically. “Hello, Daea! I haven’t talked to you in ages. How have you been?” 
Daea’s fronds drooped a bit as she let out a sigh. “Right. Sorry. Hi, Presa.”
She gave her old classmate a smile as she settled into a comfortable chair.  “It really has been a while. What are you doing all the way out on…’Tau Ceti’? Did I pronounce that right?” 
Daea straightened and nodded, a suspiciously friendly look in her eyes. “You did! I’ve been helping with Planetary Administration - I’m the head of the regional Domestication office here.”
“That’s impressive,” Presa admitted. “It wasn’t so long ago you were going to devote your life to dancing and wine.”
“Not all of us decide to put down roots right away,” Daea countered with a wink. “Besides - I’m finding the Terrans interesting. Most of the ones living on this world understand why we came in to help them, and they’re...pleasant to be around.” 
Presa’s bark grew a bit tight. “Please don’t tell me we’re going to have this conversation again.”
“Please humor me for a moment, ok? There’s someone here who…” Daea stopped herself and shook her head. “I will be honest: She is a complete and utter pain in the roots, but I think she would be a wonderful Floret for a person who can understand and get through to her.” 
Despite herself, Presa was curious. “Why do you think that might be me?” 
“Let me send you her file,” Daea offered, “and you can see for yourself.”
It was a very interesting file, and after a few weeks of mulling it over, Presa had agreed to come for an in person visit. 
As Presa stepped out onto a Terran world for the first time, she was pleasantly surprised to find the gravity a bit lower than she’d expected from the guide to “normal” human habitats. Not enough to give her (or any other inhabitants) real difficulty, but it did place a pleasant spring in her step as she made her way to the temporary housing she’d arranged. 
Tau Ceti VI had been one of the first worlds that Terrans had colonized in their exploration of neighboring star systems, and the architecture around the spaceport reflected that. Nearly every building was crammed together in a way that felt cramped, and the drab prefabricated block structures kept one from having a pleasant view of the sky.

Still, as Presa moved on it started to become more open and personable, particularly in the public gardens and open spaces where she could see the yellow-tinged native plants coexisting with the vividly green Terran flora that had been engineered to thrive in the light of a different star. 
She was not surprised to see that as you found more open and living space, you began to see Affini architecture. She even caught sight of a few Affini relaxing at home with a Floret or two here and there, laughing, playing, or just relaxing under their owner’s shade. 
Presa still wasn’t sure if she wanted a human, and particularly the one Daea wanted her to meet, but seeing them today made a little yearning start deep in her core. 
Maybe it isn’t such a terrible idea. It would be...nice. Yes. If I could find one who was self-sufficient enough to manage when I’m practicing or performing. But if they could take care of themselves, would they actually be Domesticated? Isn’t that the point?
Shaking her head as she reached the small home she would be staying in, Presa let herself inside and put what little luggage she had away. 
She’d find a nice spot to settle in the sun and nap to get herself accustomed to the local system time before anything else.

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