by Fractured Puppet

Tags: #dom:vampire #fantasy #induction #Induction #script #vampire #trigger

An induction script for a little bit of vampire play, which can also be used for a file or remote play. Are you ready, you tasty little morsel…?

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Hello, my lovely little snack. 
Good. I’ve been looking forward to this, and I want us both to enjoy ourselves. 
Tonight is going to be very special. 
After all...I have you over for dinner. 
Oh, don’t worry, pet. You know you’re safe with me. 
Just relax. Stretch out a little, mm?
Good. Good. Just like that.
You’re such a lovely pet, and I appreciate it when you do as you’re told. 
Now, close your eyes for me. 
Take a nice, slow, deep breath, and hold it for just a moment...yes. Good. 
Now let it out in a little sigh, and as you do, feel the tension leaving your body, bit by bit.
Another deep breath in...and another sigh out, melting your stress away and leaving you loose and relaxed. So happy. So comfortable. So docile. 
I’m going to count you down from ten, and you’re going to let my voice just slowly lead you down, deeper and deeper into that relaxation. 
Deeper and deeper with each number, with each breath in, with each word I speak, with each breath out. 
Letting my words carry you down
Deeper and deeper into trance
Deeper and deeper into relaxation
Warm, and safe, and relaxed
Just following the sound of my voice.
Following me down as you let go of any tension you are still carrying.
Just focusing on my words and my voice 
Sinking further with each breath you take
Safe and warm. 
Comfortable and relaxed.
As you just...let...go…
Yes, that’s perfect. You did so well!
I love it when you drop for me. 
I love watching you submit to my will, so completely relaxed. 
So totally vulnerable, my delicious little pet.
Now, just as I said - I invited you over for dinner. 
Would you like that, pet?
Oh, I’m so glad you agree. 
You look _so_ tasty. I just can’t resist.
Just let your head rest against your shoulder.
Let me see that lovely neck.
Can you feel my fingers lightly tracing up and down over your skin?
Feel my gentle touch as I find the vein, slowly running my fingertips in nice little circles.
Feel how cool my skin is against yours, teasing you just a little. Making you tingle as your heart begins to race. As your blood starts to flow.
Mmmm. Are you starting to feel excited, pet?
Just what I wanted. 
I want you to concentrate on that tingle. 
I want you to feel it start to spread from your neck to the rest of your body, a gentle wave of pleasure, exciting you as you feel my fingers follow, touching you _everywhere_ you need to be touched. 
Feel that tingle grow into warmth, making your skin so very sensitive. 
Feel the sharp points of my fangs gently dragging against the skin of your neck...just enough to let you know that they’re there.
Just enough to know that you’re Mine, pet. 
Feel my breath, gentle and cool against your skin. Making you shiver...making you tremble…
Mmmm. Yes. Perfect. 
Just. Like. That.
I’m going to bite you, pet.
You’re going to feel my teeth sinking slowly into your neck, my fangs piercing your vein. A sharp little bite, just a little pain before you feel it turn to sweet, sweet pleasure. 
Of course you can still hear my voice, pet. I’m inside you now. 
Feel that warmth, that pleasure, that arousal grow, and grow, and grow
Feel the pleasure build as I drink deep, feeding on your energy. On your blood. On your life force.
Feel the pleasure pulsing through you, and with every pulse, your mind becomes weaker and weaker. 
Your resistance drains away with every drop of blood, taking your will. Leaving you open. Leaving you unable to resist my power. 
Every time I bite, you will feel that pleasure. Every time I bite, you will feel yourself growing weak and docile. Every time I bite, the pleasure will grow and grow and grow. 
As that pleasure increases, you may feel like it is too much. You may feel like the pleasure is so overwhelming, after every bite, that it becomes too much for you to contain.
You may find yourself lost in the pleasure, as it overwhelms you, pet, but it’s OK.
I am giving you permission to come apart, lovely pet.
That’s right, pet.
I give you permission to let that pleasure wash over you, to crash through you, to submit to the bliss as I feed from you. I give you permission to come, pet, as your reward. 
Of course, I’m not going to drain you dry, 
You’re much too tasty to enjoy just one meal with you, pet. 
My fangs slide out so slowly, don’t they? Experiencing that moment of fading bliss once they are gone before you feel me kissing the wounds with my cool, soft lips. 
Feel the bite marks fading with cool relief as I heal the wounds, leaving no trace.
But you’ll know, won’t you?
You’ll remember what this felt like. 
Remember how much pleasure you felt with each bite.
As long as you are somewhere safe, pet, and with those who you trust, you will remember what it feels like for me to feed from you.
As long as you are somewhere safe, and you feel comfortable, every time a person you trust uses the word bite, you will feel my teeth on your skin. 
You will react just as you did today with each bite, the pleasure building up more and more as your will grows weaker and weaker. You will feel that pleasure grow, and grow, and grow, and if it becomes too much for you to contain I give you permission to come apart, pet. I give you permission to lose yourself to that pleasure, pet, as your reward for being such a lovely little morsel. 
Every time they use the word bite, you will feel my fangs draining your blood, drop by drop, getting stronger each time, until all you can feel is pleasure, your mind growing weak and empty, a lovely little mindless pet, lost in bliss as you feed me so deliciously.
You will remember that when you hear that bite, you are my sweet little pet, and that the pleasure you feel is your reward for being so good, so obedient, so docile. 
You will remember that you are mine, pet, and every time I bite, you will find yourself more and more susceptible to my power. 
Now, I’m going to count you back up, pet. 
I’m going to count back up to ten, and when I finish you will be awake and alert, relaxed and refreshed. 
Slowly rising up 
The tingle fading away
Feeling yourself grow more connected to yourself
More aware of the world around you
Half way back
Wiggling your fingers and toes. 
Taking a deep breath in
Letting it out
Almost there…
Waking up, alert, refreshed, and ready for whatever you need to do next. 
I hope you had fun, pet. 
I certainly enjoyed myself.
Take care, you cute little snack. 
We’ll have to do this again soon. 

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