Bovine Beauty Spa

Conformity Massage

by bunnyb0mb

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #bimbofication #brainwashing #dom:male #f/m #hucow #humiliation #sadomasochism #headphones #lactation

All stories are a complete work of fantasy. Characters are not based off of any real or fictional people and all are intended to be eighteen or older. Themes are not reflective of my real life beliefs about politics or human rights. Sex should always aim to be safe, sane, and consensual for all parties involved.

All rights reserved by Bunny Barrett and Wobbegong Print. 

Vanessa arrived at the Bovine Beauty Spa twenty minutes early. When her step-father Oliver announced that he would be taking her to an all-inclusive resort for the day she had been suspicious of his motives. A large portion of her time was spent making his life harder so the sudden niceness was strange, but she was here now, and he had followed through. 

The inside of the salon was lavish with white marble floors and big glass windows that overlooked the nature reserve the resort was located on. Vanessa approached the woman at the front desk. She wore a simple white shirt that wrapped around her surprisingly voluptuous body. Her tits were pushed together with a clearly padded push-up bra and the makeup on her face bordered on whorish. She looked almost trashy compared to the rest of the spa’s waiting room. 

“Hi, I’m Vanessa”, Vanessa said cheerily, “my step-father booked me a full spa-day treatment.”

“Well aren’t you just soo cute!”, the woman exclaimed making Vanessa blush, “You are going to feel so great after a full day at the spa! Just take a seat and your masseuse will be with you in a moment.”

Vanessa obeyed the woman and went to sit in one of the many cushioned chairs lining the waiting room. She mindlessly scrolled on her phone as she waited for her appointment. The music filling the waiting room was strange, a mix of monotonous humming layered on top of each other. Before long she stopped thinking about the music as her mind started to cloud. By the time a man came out and called her to the back her brain felt fuzzy. 

“You must be Vanessa! We’re gonna start you off with a full body massage. My name is Jordie and I’ll be your masseuse.”

“Pleased to meet you”, Vanessa replied. 

She absent-mindedly followed Jordie down a maze of hallways and doors. There were a few signs written in a fancy gold font for things like a pool room and sauna but the masseuse continued past them. Parts of the walls were made of panes of glass allowing a full view of the endless green pastures and mountains. The light gave a happy glow to the otherwise daunting maze. When they finally reached their destination, Vanessa felt completely lost in the resort building. She was sure it would be impossible to find the waiting room again on her own. 

The inside of the room was lit with a soft warm light. There was a sweet scent that filled it. The aroma assaulting her nostrils only made her head feel more cloudy. The masseuse instructed her to undress in front of him. Through the haze she obeyed although it struck her as odd that he did not give her a towel to cover up with. Once she was on the bed it took everything in her not to fully drift off. The massage table was cushioned and Vanessa felt like she could float away.

Warm oil dripped onto her back making her skin tingle with small pinpricks. Jordie’s hands were magical as he lathered her body from head to toe with oil. She was so enthralled by his touch she did not notice the leather straps being fastened around her waist and legs, leaving her completely immobilized. They ended up not being necessary as by the time his hands snaked down between her legs she was too relaxed to protest. 

Jordie worked his fingers in and out of her cunt for a few moments eliciting soft whimpers and moans. With his free hand he pushed her legs apart so her dripping cunt was on full display. He drew a small syringe from his pocket full of a translucent pinkish liquid, and injected it right into Vanessa’s clit. For a moment her mind broke from the trance and she yelped at the sharp pain. It only took a few moments for her to settle down as the first round of hormones and aphrodisiacs coursed through her body.

Vanessa’s step father wanted her to be nothing more than his personal milk maid. Capable of little more than whining for more cock or to be milked. It was not easy to transform a girl into a drooling heifer but that’s why Bovine Beauty Spa is so renowned.

Jordie continued the massage, working his fingers in and out of her cunt and making sure it was fully lubricated. He withdrew a large dildo from the table next to him and slowly inserted it into Vanessa’s cunt. She mewled in pleasure as the thick silicone stretched out her pussy. Despite its size she started bucking her hips against the plastic, her body desperate for more stimulation. 

Somewhere in her mind was the knowledge that this was all wrong. She was a self-respecting girl and right now she was letting a stranger fuck her silly with a dildo. Those thoughts were quickly washed away by the waves of pleasure being inflicted upon her by Jordie. The massage could have lasted for days. Vanessa was so completely lost in her own pleasure that she would not have known, much less cared. When Jordie finally removed the dildo the only sound Vanessa could utter was a small “muhhh” in protest. Jordie laughed at the greedy heifer. He had made good progress with her but the cunt had a long way to go.

This was a sensitive state in the heifer’s transformation, her mind completely blank from the overload of pleasure. She was susceptible to all commands which the BBS used to their advantage. Jordie pulled a pair of pink headphones off the cart where the dildo had also been hidden. A small mp3 device was programmed with the specific hypnosis tracks that fit her father’s specifications. Similar tones to the one in the lobby played under the commands of a sultry female voice. With the headphones securely in place she would be transported to a different part of the resort for her “Ultra-Facial”. While in the trance the BBS technicians use fillers, botox, tattoos, and more to make Vanessa truly fit the hucow look.

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