Bovine Beauty Spa


by bunnyb0mb

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #bimbofication #brainwashing #dom:male #f/m #hucow #humiliation #sadomasochism #headphones #lactation

All stories are a complete work of fantasy. Characters are not based off of any real or fictional people and all are intended to be eighteen or older. Themes are not reflective of my real life beliefs about politics or human rights. Sex should always aim to be safe, sane, and consensual for all parties involved.

All rights reserved by Bunny Barrett and Wobbegong Print. 

Oliver had the perfect life, almost. The only problem was his wife’s bratty daughter, Vanessa. Since marrying her bombshell of a mother, the rebellious girl took every opportunity to make his life a living hell. His vixen of a step daughter spent her free time teasing him with skimpy clothing. She would shake her massive udders in his face or sit on his lap and start slowly grinding on his lap. If he broke eye contact or got hard underneath her teenage cunt she would run crying to her mother. Thankfully, Vanessa’s mom always wrote off the tattling as her usual shit-stirring.

When Oliver got intimate with Vanessa’s mother he could not help but imagine his step daughter’s massive tits swinging above his face or her plump ass riding his cock. He imagined how his thick cock would feel as he stretched his step daughter’s pussy to the point of return. Would she beg him to stop or plead for more? The thought made him so hard he would pound into his wife mercilessly. Only Oliver knew that with each thrust he was actually picturing himself ruining his step-daughter’s tight cunt.

He was complaining to a coworker in the office about his struggles with Vanessa. Her most recent stunt had involved sitting on his face while he was asleep. With no panties on he woke up to a mouthful full of her wet cunt. At first he eagerly lapped at the folds above him thinking his wife had woken up horny. Then he noticed the plaid schoolgirl skirt cascading around his face and realized who was mounted above him. His coworker’s face had gone pale at the story before he leaned close to Oliver and whispered in his ear.

“How far would you go to change her?”. It had only been a whisper but the question echoed through Oliver’s brain. He was so sick of his daughter’s shit that he agreed to do anything. After work that day his coworker sent him a link to the Bovine Beauty Spa. One glance at the webpage made it seem like a fancy resort meant for rich women who liked to get pampered. He was already interested, knowing his step-daughter would never turn down the opportunity for luxury on someone else’s dime. It took little convincing to get her to go to the resort but in the end she agreed. Oliver finally relaxed knowing his step-daughter would soon be his obedient pet.

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