Love Falls Reform Academy

by barbararwetzel

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #f/f #f/m #humiliation #sub:female #clothing #growth

A law student, suspicious of what goes on in Love Falls, who goes undercover as a criminal seeking reformation. She finds reformation and just how “successful” women in Love Falls can become in modern society.

Love Falls Reform Academy

DISCLAIMER: This book is fiction. Every name, place, character, and event are a product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is pure coincidence. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

* * *

SYNOPSIS: Love Falls is a town where women learn “how to succeed as a woman in modern society.” This success comes from submission to men. Love Falls Reform Academy follows a law student, suspicious of what goes on in Love Falls, who goes undercover as a criminal seeking reformation. She finds reformation and just how “successful” women in Love Falls can become in modern society.

* * *

ABOUT: This is the second of, at least, four Love Falls stories. Please consider reading Love Falls Education Foundation as well, but it is not required to understand this story. Love Falls Rejuvenation Spa is also available on this archive. A fourth story will be forthcoming soon and, if popular with readers, potentially more stories set in Love Falls.

* * *

“Something is wrong there, and I know it!” Amanda Cuccia, 27, pleaded again with the judge she was interning with for the semester. “The data coming out of Love Falls Reform Academy is too good to be true. I think they are faking it or manipulating the women there to pretend they are reformed, so the press is always good coming out of it.” The beautiful dark-haired Italian woman was fresh out of university and committed to demanding justice from a fairly unjust world. She adjusted her pinstripe pantsuit as the future lawyer waited for a response from Judge Warner, who had been her beloved mentor as an undergrad due to his role teaching a few courses in her program as an adjunct faculty member. They had become close, and he was happy to accept her as an intern.

Judge Warner adjusted his wire framed glasses as he viewed the tablet Amanda had handed him. He was tired today. His wife had passed away suddenly a few months before. The cancer ravaged her body before anyone could do anything about it. The university had told him to take the rest of the semester off, but he wanted to see it through. “They do seem to have excellent statistics. Their 2% rate of recidivism after graduation is extraordinarily impressive.”

He continued down the bullet pointed list of concerns she had brought to him. “Only one escape attempt is also formidable as well. It is rare to see those kinds of numbers, especially today. Rehabilitating people is a lot different now, even if there are still problems with some of them. In the old days, they would just lock you away or lobotomize you.” His intern had stormed into the office this afternoon and demanded his immediate attention. He missed the days when women showed a bit more class in work situations. She was a fine student, and a solid intern, but could definitely use a bit of an attitude adjustment.

Amanda sighed loudly, which came off as obnoxious to the judge, but he kept it to himself, and flicked a piece of lint off her pantsuit with a manicured nail. “Yes, yes, of course, but it’s too good to be true, Judge. They have an unusual number of early release candidates, who are most often placed in the employment of millionaires. Some have even turned it into marriage!”

It was true: Many graduates of Love Falls Reform Academy went on to work with CEOs, politicians, and other influential people. The marriages are always to affluent people. Most became plastic arm candy after marriage. One even went into pornography and spoke about LFRA in every video chat she did on the World Wide Web, which led to women wanting to go there to gain internet celebrity status as influencers.

Judge Warner was quiet for a moment. “Many of these academies do not know what to do with women. They end up mistreated, abused, and generally neglected. Remember the story about the pregnant woman who ended up shackled to her bed most of the day? A lack of escapees points to fair treatment, which is also reflected in the low escape attempt rate.” A few seconds passed as the judge yawned. “Love Falls Education Center was founded to help women who were in trouble. Their reform academy is trying to further that cause. I am personally not a fan of pornography, but if that is what women want to do with their bodies, so be it.”

He leaned back and smiled at the intern. “You are right, however, that an undercover investigation will prove things either way. They probably are fine, but it wouldn’t hurt to check.” He put his hand up as Amanda sat up in her own chair, crossing her pant-suited legs. Judge Warner considered himself to be fairly progressive, but he did miss the time when women came to the office in skirts. “I know the dean of LFRA. In fact, he used to be my intern a long time ago. He is a good man. Let’s make sure of that. I will speak to another judge about getting you placed in the next queue of entrants to the academy.”

In fact, they had already spoken previously about Miss Cuccia’s pestering insistence that there should be an investigation into what goes on in Love Falls. Her stubbornness had sealed the beautiful intern’s fate. Soon enough, her entire view of Love Falls Reform Academy would change for the better.

The judge stood and motioned her towards the door. “Come up with a credible backstory for a repeat offender in her early twenties. I think you can pass for a younger woman.” He paused as the late twenties intern began to blush. She was beautiful. It had been difficult to not think of her in that way. “Come back tomorrow morning, and we can go over everything and I will let you know about the judge’s decision.” They had already spoken a few days before, but Amanda did not need to know that at this point.

He stretched out his shoulders and flicked a piece of lint off his own expensive sweater. “I am going to make it an early evening. There is a speaker coming to the university, but I don’t feel like going to the event.” He put a resigned hand up. “I will make sure to go next time.”

This was actually true. At his age, hearing about all the new philosophical arguments about every sort of legal matter coming out of up-and-coming scholars just made him feel old. He would go home, eat dinner, and discreetly order a pretty woman to join him for the evening, one of those Domestic Dolls. Soliciting prostitutes was something he never thought would become a reality of his day-to-day life, but since his wife died, Judge Warner had been amazed by the compromises to his values which had been furthered by grief. This included the deepest endangerment to them, which he was about to set into motion via the conversation he was about to end with Miss Cuccia.

Amanda nodded. “Of course. Thank you so much for hearing me out.” She left his office, her one inch, sensible, heels clicking down the hall.” Miss Cuccia had not blinked at the expected dress code in his office. The last one had complained about the requirement to wear a dress, so this time he compromised to the sort of fancy suit and heels his current intern wore at the moment. He regretted that, but it would not matter for much longer. Judge Warner sat back down, took the small bottle of rum in his desk out and took a swig. His wife had been dead for three months now. Amanda stumbling into what was happening at LFRA was the perfect cover for what his former student, who now actually was the dean of the academy, had proposed to him a few weeks before when they met for dinner. The dark-haired Italian woman was an ideal choice for their plan.

After pressing “call,” a moment later, the dean’s face came onto the screen. “She keeps pressing the issue,” the judge began, “but also agreed to the plan we had come up with when we met. I think she is the one I want.”

The dean nodded. “Excellent. We believe she is a fine choice as well. Thanks for replying to our questions about her personal connections. A lack of close family is very helpful in situations like this one. I will be in touch. Still working on my own...choice.” He said a few more encouraging words to his mentor, and then promised to speak soon.

* * *

A few weeks later, Amanda, quite unkempt to keep up her undercover role, despite the pastel, flowery, dresses they were asked to put on for the trip, was sentenced to Love Falls Reform Academy to avoid a prison term along with two other women named Latoya and Nicole. Her cover story was that she was a pill addict who got busted trying to exchange sex for drugs by an undercover cop. It was, sadly, such a reoccurring story in such proceedings that no one would even think to question it. The drug crisis had become a mainstream concern, given a few high-profile overdoses by scions of affluent white families.

Judge Warner had gotten another judge to add her to the queue for processing to LFRA and his friend had happy complied to return a favor after receiving approval from City PD. His friend’s assistant, a graduate of LFRA herself, created a fake identification profile. The judge nodded at Amanda as she walked by him after sentencing. Amanda’s last thought before leaving the courtroom was of the mini-skirted intern whispering in his ear. That seemed odd. How unprofessional!

Amanda sat down with the two women she had been seated with back in the courtroom. She introduced herself to them and found they had been busted in the same weekend of drug raids. The fact that they were close could prove useful to her. As quickly as possible, Miss Cuccia needed to find evidence and then get out of the academy if she does find wrongdoing. If she did not, Judge Warner promised to get her some kind of early release. At worst, some sort of publication would be available about her experiences, surely. It is always good to try and grow your CV.

The first one spoke: “We didn’t rat each other out, so we qualified for the shorter sentences because they couldn’t prove anything else. Those cops were so pissed. They wanted to nail us so bad.” Latoya was a 22-year-old dark-skinned woman. She was tall and willowy and had clearly been using drugs for a while. Her tough demeanor seemed like a put on to Amanda, but the legal student nodded along with her. Naively, she thought that the viciousness of some circles in academia prepared for this experience.

The second woman then spoke up. “We had been dealing drugs, but I guess we were really low in importance, so after we didn’t snitch they came back and gave us the deal. I am so fine with going to this stupid academy if it keeps me out of jail. My parents are so pissed. I just want to go home.” Nicole, 24, was a dark-haired woman of Italian heritage, like Amanda, with breathtaking green eyes. She had come from affluence and only used party drugs while dealing heavier stuff to appease a boyfriend. What neither woman knew was that her father had worked it out with the judge so that they would be sent to LFRA. It was time to bring his daughter back in line, so she could be courted by someone appropriate, who had been found locally, at least in the short term, until a more long-term solution could be found for her. Latoya had become her partner in crime, and they knew surviving this would mean keeping each other’s back.

“I got busted after trying to buy some pills off an undercover.” Amanda tried to speak like someone on the streets would, parroting things she had heard on criminal procedural shows, and neither Latoya nor, especially Nicole, questioned her. “I offered to...service...him, and he busted me.” It disgusted Amanda to even think about the idea of exchanging sexual favors in that regard. Sex was a sacred thing saved only for a loved one!

“That sucks.” Latoya sadly shook her head. “I had one do that to me a few months ago. I had to suck him off a few times before he left me alone finally. Fucking pig.”

Amanda bit down on her pouty mouth. She would have to discuss this with her new friend later. These sorts of violations of the law needed to be prosecuted! “Do you know anything about where they are sending us?” The intern was genuinely curious about what they had been told about LFRA. The more information she found out, the better off she would be in the investigation.

“I heard it is nice,” Nicole offered quietly. “Plenty of women coming out of it get jobs.” She shifted awkwardly in her seat while thinking about her own situation at the moment. The dark-haired woman missed her parents and had begun to regret disowning them.

“Someone told me when we were locked up that their crew member went there and came out totally normal and got married to some athlete. She’s at home and pregnant now.” Latoya was quiet for a moment. “She always hated that stuff, I was told, but after leaving the academy it became her life. I wouldn’t want to be some bimbo on a dude’s arm.” She shifted uncomfortably in her seat as well. “I hate these dresses they made us wear.”

“The attorney said they were to make us look more presentable for the judge,” Nicole commented with a shrug. She had always been feminine and graceful, so a return to it was fine by her. Her family had raised her to be a lady.

Amanda, however, was used to wearing pantsuits at work and in public to be taken seriously as a career oriented woman, and not asking permission to do so, and the flowery dress did bother her a bit. The once future lawyer, on her way to a different fate now, had been told it was part of the Love Falls Reform Academy’s dress code for women, which was so backwards and sexist to her. She leaned in towards her friends. “I heard stuff like that many women…” Amanda stopped speaking because their van had arrived at LFRA.

“Out!” The security officer shouted at them. They walked out of the van and entered a side door which led them to an incoming inmate center. Each of them was fingerprinted and had their retinas scanned for identification cards. For some reason, this seemed to take forever. Eventually, along with the other two women they had been brought in with, Amanda, Nicole, and Latoya were brought to their shared quarters. “Perfect,” Amanda thought with a grin. The odd coincidence was something she did not notice, but really should have.

They walked behind the security officer into a side door and then up an elevator towards a large set of offices behind a glass wall. A group of very serious-looking executives either worked in offices or stood among a group of women that they instructed and then told to follow up upon their orders. The funny thing about them, Amanda thought as they were stopped, so the officer could pass them through a clearance, was that every woman was more beautiful than the last with abbreviated skirts and sky-high heels to match their loveliness. Many had obvious breast implants. Men enjoyed surrounding themselves with beautiful women, of course, but each of these women, who all wore name tags that referred to their job title as “Executive Assistant,” looked like they had just walked off a runway. A few looked like they could have been dancing overnight at a high-end gentleman’s club.

At the end of the long hall, they came to stand before an office with no windows that had the name plate “Dean Jeffrey Henderson” attached to the door. The L shaped desk that, Amanda assumed, would have normally been staffed by one of the so-called “Executive Assistants” was currently empty and looked like it had been for a bit of time. The security officer knocked on the door gently and a middle-aged man in a sweater vest, expensive looking dress shirt, and jeans came out a moment later.

He nodded to the officer and she left them. The Dean turned to face the newest members of Love Falls Reform Academy. “Ah, sorry,” he began a bit sheepishly, “My previous assistant resigned a few weeks ago. You know,” the dean continued with a proud smile, “Cindi was a proud graduate of LFRA. She really turned her life around and is now prospering with her new husband. She never came back to work after the honeymoon.” He shrugged at them as if it were a totally normal thing to happen in this enlightened day and age.

He motioned Amanda, Latoya, and Nicole into his office and pointed to the chairs before them. They sat down, the dark-haired reporter thrilled to sit due to her significant level of discomfort in dresses and heels. The dean seemed to notice this and offered a supportive grin.

“You ladies made the best choice of your lives, deciding to accept the agreement to attend Love Falls Reform Academy. Here at LFRA we focus on preparing disadvantaged women like yourselves for success in the modern world. Women today are not taught proper morals.” He looked over at Amanda. “I apologize, Miss Cuccia if the dress code is not your standard way of dress.” He had spent the morning going through the files sent over about the reporter. She was a tried and true pantsuit and sensible flats woman. That would change soon enough. His old mentor deserved the best after his wife, whom the Dean had met a few times at university functions, had died. “I know you have already been to rehab, but here we offer a different kind of rehabilitation that reorients mind, body, and soul.”

He then turned to Nicole. She, in his view, was a rather lovely lady. Finally, getting to meet her only heightened his attraction. “Miss Pirlo, I will be very frank with you,” his paternalistic tone lost on the pretty brunette, “your crimes are rather petty in general. Your family is fed up with your antics and put pressure on the judge to get your sentence reduced, so you could come here.” He paused for a beat as he saw Amanda sit up a bit in her chair. She could not fool anyone. The idea that a law student could fool anyone at Love Falls Reform Academy was comical. “Get your life together, or they will disown you.” The dean’s voice got firmer and louder as he ended his comment.

Nicole was quiet for a moment. Being firm with unruly women often worked. Most women wanted to conform, be pleasing, and obedient, but the chaos of modern life caused so much confusion for them. There were many places to point for blame. “I...I...just want to move on with my life. I didn’t want to go to jail.” She gave him a sad smile and noticed for the first time that he was handsome in a bookish manner. Men normally just let her do whatever she wanted, and it had taken her aback to be talked down to in such a way that was both scolding, but also clearly out of some kind of care.

Her father had always just screamed and yelled at home. It was part of why she had rejected them for a life of partying and crime. Disputes were always solved via shouting, tossing of objects, and then awkward silence. A more gentle, loving, touch would have kept her in line a long time ago. Her reeducation would be more swift because of the eagerness for change that she showed already.

“Excellent,” the dean replied with an encouraging smile and nod. “I have assigned the two of you to an apartment together.” He turned to Latoya. “Yours will be down the hall. Nothing in any of your background checks shows even hints of violence towards other women, so I think you will be given more privileges than other women. Don’t abuse them. We have a 98% success rate placing women like yourselves back into the world.” He looked over at Nicole. “If you complete the program here, we have worked it out, so your criminal records will be eradicated.”

He stood up and waved a finger for Nicole, Latoya, and Amanda to do so as well. “Please go to your room and settle in. If you excuse me, I have a meeting to attend with a potential donor.” Both ladies turned and walked out quietly. His eyes drifted to the sway of Nicole’s backside. It had been his turn to choose a mate and, of the incoming groups, she had been the most compelling to him. The future Mrs. Henderson would make a wonderfully obedient wife soon enough.

* * *

Miss Mercedes Jaynes parked her car in the lot that the best coffee shop in Love Falls was located, got out, and assessed the world around her. The busy shop saw many men and women, a few she worked with, going in and out with coffees and breakfast items in their hands. She waved with her pale, white tipped, hands at one and slid over-sized sunglasses off her face as the beautiful redhead reached the doors. It was another beautiful day in Love Falls, but also a very significant one for some residents.

Mercedes had been right out of business school when she applied and was awarded a job as assistant director at Love Falls Education Foundation. She had been head-hunted for the job by LFEF at the request of her fiancé, who had “tagged” her for the kind of reeducation that women received in Love Falls.

The foundation had been established as a means of helping women gain experience in “proper attitudes for success in modern society as a woman.” She had discovered during her orientation process what those attitudes were: Miss Jaynes, and all other women in Love Falls, existed to serve and please men. Success in “modern society” was through submission. After her mind and body were oriented towards these goals, Mercedes began to thrive at LFEF and soon became engaged to a wonderful man. They would be married in the fall, and then she would divert her focus to domestic, and maternal, concerns, but until then, her focus, as deemed by her fiancé, was on helping other women become as successful as she had become. If only every woman could learn proper attitudes for success in modern society as a woman!

Mercedes’ long, flowing, red hair, newly cut with bangs, was now almost down to her elbows. She had just come from the Love Falls gym that was exclusively for women, where she worked out each weekday morning before work. Her toned body was equal parts acrobatic gymnast and glamorous pop star. The assistant director of LFEF entered the coffee shop wearing an outfit that fulfilled the required dress code for her work: A size too small turtleneck hugged her oft augmented breasts. A darker miniskirt and white stockings showed off her long, toned, legs. Her plump backside was accentuated by the five-inch pumps on her feet. The nails on her fingers and toes were white tipped, and the lips she had used to suck off her fiancé early in the morning were dark red. Mercedes was dressed as women were expected to be in the very professional setting of Love Falls. She felt feminine, above all, and deeply objectified, which reinforced her submissive nature.

Still, no matter how many days Mercedes worked out, or how much plastic surgery her future husband paid for, the servers in the coffee shop always amazed the redhead with their beauty. She took off her sunglasses and gave a wave at one of the baristas. Every woman working in the shop wore the standard uniform: Very tight purple shorts and snug shirts of the same color. Each looked glamorous and swiftly moved around despite the platform sneakers on their feet.

After entering the line, Mercedes lowered her eyes around the professional men also queuing up for their morning caffeine. A deep feminine respect and deference to men was one of the first lessons taught to women in Love Falls. She idly flipped through her social media profile, which included a new sonogram photo from a work friend, who had recently married and was now expecting her husband’s first child. She could feel pangs of desire for motherhood flowing through her body, but Master wanted to wait until after their marriage to impregnate her. A husband’s decision about the body of his wife was final, in Mercedes’ eyes, so she would wait with feminine obedience.

When she reached the register, a vapid bottle blonde took her order and returned, large bust bouncing in her bra-less shirt, a moment later with the coffee Mercedes had ordered. The woman’s name tag read “Cinnamon” with a cute heart over each I. Cinnamon, 23, had been a university drop out who ended up working at a strip club where the owners abused their employees. One of Love Falls Education Foundation’s major clients found Cinnamon, a former name is not relevant, quite alluring and promised to help her and the other abused dancers. With the assistance of LFEF, the club was shut down by contacts in the local police district, and the dancers and escorts brought to Love Falls for reeducation. Cinnamon could not remember that time period of her life anymore, but knew she owed her life to them and vowed to love, honor, and obey men to be successful as a woman in modern society.

After crossing the shop to add various condiments to her coffee, Mercedes loved nutmeg, she saw a woman being flirted with by a handsome man in an expensive suit. The woman noted that she had just started working in Love Falls. The man gave her a business card and said to call tonight, so they could have dinner. The woman lowered her eyes and quietly said, “yes, Sir,” before he instructed her to get to her job. She left the shop with swift obedience as the man watched her firm backside sway in the pencil skirt she wore for work.

Mercedes blushed as she watched the conversation, remembering a similar one that her and Marcus had on the first day in Love Falls. The redhead pulled her phone out and sent a quick text to him, reminding Master how much she loved him. He sent back a series of emoticons that made absolutely no sense. He was not that good at texting.

Normally, her commute to Love Falls Education Foundation, whose mission statement claimed they taught “proper attitudes for success in modern society for women,” was about 10 minutes from the coffee shop, but today she was going down the highway a little bit to Love Falls Reform Academy, where delinquent women were given a chance to, well, learn proper attitudes for success in modern society as women. The Foundation and Academy’s work was honestly different: The Academy worked directly with the women on a macro level while the Foundation was where new training regimens were planned, funding sources found, and interested clients acquired.

Today, Mercedes would be showing off a successful graduate of Love Falls Reform Academy to a prospective client. Each resident of LFRA was assigned a case manager like Mercedes to be a liaison from the Foundation to observe their progress. The redhead was especially proud of this one because she had overcome many obstacles to achieve graduation status.

The Academy’s gates were open, but what passersby would not realize is that they were also monitored by the new Domestic Doll Services line. Domestic Doll Solders were primarily used to fulfill the security needs of places like LFRA. Love Falls had, like many cities, taken on a contract with DDS to employ devoted, obedient, security forces.

The first person Mercedes encountered was a soldier standing watch at their parking garage. The muscular woman, made even more muscular looking by the form fitting pink camo pants and bust accentuating t-shirt she wore, suddenly began moving towards her car. The soldier was blonde and tanned like a professional wrestler. The name tag attached to her shirt read “Andi” with a cutesy heart over the “i.”

“Please identify yourself and reason for visit.” Andi spoke in an emotionless monotone voice. One of the big secrets of Domestic Doll Services was that, while some of their Dolls were factory created, most were brainwashed and chipped women, and occasionally men, conditioned and programmed for service to their owner. Andi was no exception: She had been swept up in a raid on a protest group six months before and retrained for mindless service after being sold to LFRA.

Mercedes handed her the ID card she wore each day and, she realized with surprise, Andi scanned it with her eyes. This was truly remarkable to the redhead. “I am here for a presentation.” She added after a moment.

Andi looked at her and nodded, a soft smile forming on her face. “Yes, Miss Jaynes, you may park in spot 6B. The gate opened in front of them and Mercedes proceeded through after giving the soldier a manicured wave. Once parking, she checked her makeup, sent a text to Marcus announcing she had arrived, although she had no idea, there was a tracking chip in her arm that gave him a moment by moment feed of where she was at any time, and then began to walk towards the large campus of LFRA.

The campus of Love Falls Reform Academy was stunning. Huge trees formed a tunnel for visitors to walk through as they headed towards the quad. On the quad, pairs of women were jogging in form fitting athletic clothing bearing the name and logo of their current location. Another group walked along behind a man in a neat line. Mercedes grinned with pride at how orderly and compliant every woman was at LFRA. She could not wait to see her advisee and walked as quickly as the pumps on her feet allowed towards the main campus building where the administration and quarters were housed.

When she entered the building, Mercedes smiled at what she observed around her. Compliant women followed their male advisors to various rooms. Each wore a maid uniform of various pastel colors, which was a sign that they had accepted the need to learn what LFRA can teach them about success as a woman in modern life. Other students walked around or spoke in small groups, often pointing at their classmates. A few male executives could be seen having a conversation outside a meeting room. Their female assistants, hyper feminine, mini-skirted, and stunningly beautiful, all waited for the conversation to end with lowered eyes. Mercedes knew one of them from the Foundation. The “executive assistant” had been a petty criminal already at 21. She, now 22, had been retrained to be a good girl for male superiors until a suitable buyer could be found for her.

Mercedes’ quiet observation of her surroundings was interrupted by the echo of very high heels coming towards where she was standing. “HI!” The vapid, dark haired, woman wearing a green maid uniform yelled as she threw herself into a hug with her advisor. “Miss. Jaynes! Nessi is so happy to see you!” The former Vanessa, also 22, had been the head of a test cheating group at a university on the other side of the state. Her retraining was something that the redhead was quite proud of having involvement in.

As Mercedes pulled away from their embrace, she thought about how much progress Nessi, with a little heart over the “i” like everyone else, had made. When caught, after her “best friend” snitched to authorities, Vanessa had offered to suck off the head of the Academy Honesty Commission on their campus. The virtuous man had refused it, and she was expelled. Her affluent parents, fed up, sent her to the Foundation, where Mercedes became her advisor.

“Are you ready to begin your Promulgation?” A Promulgation was fancy men talk in Love Falls for the process that a woman, accepting her natural role in life and ready to succeed as a modern woman, is processed for sale to a new owner.

Nessi nodded with enthusiasm, which made her impressive bust dance as cleavage spilled out of the maid uniform adorning her body. “Yes, Miss Jaynes! I made sure I looked my best for today.”

Mercedes nodded and extended a hand to Nessi, who took it with a loving squeeze. Master had, um, borrowed, Nessi a few weeks ago for the redhead while he was away on the trip. They had quite the sapphic, and quite spellbound, weekend together before the dark-haired bimbo went back for her final bout of lessons. Mercedes was sad to see her go, but thrilled she would be going through her Promulgation soon.

When Mercedes and Nessi entered the room, the male executives already there all began applauding the maid. She curtsied for them with a proud grin on her face. All of their assistants stood at attention along the back wall. Mercedes recognized a few former Foundation recruits, which confirmed how important their work was in helping women to become successful in the modern world. Each assistant, miniskirt clad and blank eyed, certainly had become successful women.

One of the executives in the back of the room came forward with a beautiful African American woman. She wore a maid uniform just like Nessi’s, but with a collar and leash that new Reform Academy residents must wear until they prove that they have learned the lessons needed for success in the modern world as a woman.

The collar around her neck had the name “Toya” on it. Mercedes realized that this lady was one of the newest LFRA residents and gave her a gentle hug. “You are doing great, sweetie,” she whispered into the docile prisoner’s ear. Toya nodded cheerfully without speaking. After mouthing off to an executive, she had been taken to a private cell, where conditioning had been begun immediately to fix her attitudes. As part of this corrective action, she was not allowed to speak unless spoken to by a male superior.

After everyone mingled for a few minutes, Mercedes began speaking to the gathered executives. “Thank you for your time today. First, I would like to offer congrats to Toya here,” she waved a hand towards the busty maid, “who has accepted her need for lessons in how to succeed as a woman in modern life in record time.” There was a pause for light applause.

“However,” she continued, “we are here today to celebrate Nessi, who is going through her Promulgation today.” Again, there was light applause. Mercedes turned and faced her advisee. “I am so proud of you and the progress you have made. It’s time to graduate from this wonderful academy and find you an owner. Today, you will be photographed in various ways and outfits to show off your best assets for a potential buyer.” The redhead became emotional at this point and hugged Nessi again.

At this point, most of the executives left, besides the one assigned to Nessi. Each of their assistants came back to life in the back of the room and obediently followed their Masters back to work. Mercedes could feel herself getting wet. She was sometimes kept “frozen” in place by her own Master at home, and it felt so blissful to be so empty and obedient.

The one executive who remained was also the chief photographer for LFRA. In a previous life, he had worked in the film industry. After sending his wife for a midlife attitude adjustment, a job offer to come work in Love Falls was too good to pass up.

Nessi was photographed in various outfits while Mercedes watched and occasionally commented on them. He switched her into leather, latex, and some other things in between.

Eventually, his executive assistant, still in the back of the room, came to life and swayed up to Mercedes. “Miss Jaynes,” she began, in an up pitched monotone, “your presentation begins in ten minutes.”

Mercedes nodded, thanked the photographer, and gave Nessi a wave. By the time she left the room, memories of the slave already began to fade out of her programmed mind. By the end of the day, she would not even remember working with her. Nessi would be sold to a tech sector executive with a fetish for both latex and leather.

* * *

Amanda and Nicole arrived for the presentation when called by one of the security officers. Both of them wore the flowery dresses and platform sandals provided to them by LFRA as part of the Academy’s dress code. While Nicole swayed into the room with confidence, Amanda was not exactly graceful due to her lack of experience wearing high heels. She always wore more sensible, and professional, shoes at professional jobs, and this undercover work was making her ankles sore. Still, the undercover law student did like how she looked in the dress. Nicole had also offered approval when they got dressed, which helped a lot.

They filed into the large room that the presentation was going to be done in and sat down in the soft chairs provided for them. A soft hum could be heard from the speakers embedded into the walls. “What is that noise?” Amanda stared at them with curiosity.

“Probably some kind of interference,” Nicole commented with a shrug. Their already increasingly compliant minds forgot about the speakers a moment later. Both watched their fellow residents enter the room. Amanda was pleased that she was not the only one having difficulty walking in heels.

Something that did grab hold of their attention was Latoya entering the room in a maid uniform. Since both Nicole and Amanda’s resistance had been softened a bit the night before, the maid uniform part of it did not concern them. It was how compliant and cheerful the normally moody woman was towards the expensively suited men standing by her. One whispered something in her ear and she giggled loudly, which was quite the surprise.

One of the executives, none of them wore name tags the way every woman at LFRA seemed to be required to do, put his hand up and speaking around the room ceased after a few seconds. “Excellent.” He looked around the room, made eye contact with Amanda for a split second, and then walked over to Toya. “Before our presentation today, I need to make an important announcement.” Toya came and stepped forward to stand next to him. “Toya here has declared her needs to learn how to be successful as a woman in the modern world. Her declaration came in record time! Let’s give her a round of applause.”

Everyone lightly applauded, while “Toya” looked like she was about to begin crying tears of joy. He hugged her, and she nodded with vapid enthusiasm as whatever he said to her.

“She must be faking it to try and get out of here early,” Nicole whispered to Amanda. The law student nodded. Something was odd about this. Why would “Toya” suddenly show enthusiasm for this place? She watched her sway out of the room with the executive. Her shiny black pumps clicked across the hard floor. It certainly was not the maid uniform. All expectant graduates of LFRA wore those. She blinked a few times, forgetting about them.

After Toya left the room, another beautiful woman came to the front of the room. “Hello,” the redhead began, “my name is Mercedes Jaynes, although,” she added with a giggle, “soon I will be Mrs. Andrews.” Most of the audience just stared at her. Nicole found the woman to be very attractive. She loved the turtleneck and skirt combo. It reminded her of the preppie upbringing which she had rejected for a life of partying. Perhaps, it was time to come back into the fold?

“I am here,” Miss Jaynes continued, “to tell you about the great successes of Love Falls Reform Academy and to introduce you to the Love Falls Education Foundation, which is where I work from. The Foundation supports the efforts of LFRA to help women find ways to succeed in the modern world. This presentation will help show what can happen if you accept the assistance of those of us in Love Falls.”

When she stopped speaking, a presentation began playing on the screen behind her. On the sides of the screen, a series of lights blinked on and off for a few minutes, which entranced most of the audience. Amanda was the only one who did not totally fall under thrall, but her focus was a bit hazy for sure.

The video presentation, narrated by Mercedes, showed examples of successful Promulgations from Love Falls Reform Academy. Wives of world-class athletes, politicians, and Silicon Valley moguls were shown. Cyndi, who worked in the office of a judge that Judge Warner was friendly with, was briefly interviewed in her vapid, up-pitched, voice. Every woman was hyper-feminine and looked deeply satisfied and content to live in the patriarchal man’s world they had come to accept as their own.

“What a bunch of bimbos,” Amanda whispered to Nicole. Nicole, deeply lost in the mesmerizing lights, did not respond.”

Before Amanda could question this, a security officer came over and shushed her. “You will be spoken to later. Now, focus. That is a direct order.”

Amanda blinked a few times and turned to face the screen. Obeying a “direct order” had been programmed into her last night, and she now joined the other woman in soaking up the messages of Mercedes’ presentation.

After the presentation ended, Amanda and Nicole made their way back to the apartment. When they entered it, two new boxes of outfits were laid out for them. The invasion of privacy caused by someone entering their apartment while they were not there did not occur to their recently conditioned minds. Unruly thoughts like that were always a thought away, but never quite got to the foreground.

They went through the boxes of dresses, stockings, and shoes of varying heel height. Amanda went over to check her bag and found that the recording device she had smuggled in was still there. “Oh, good.”

“What is this,” Nicole asked.

Amanda slipped off her shoes and padded over to the door to make sure it was locked. She then walked back over to Nicole with a conspiratorial look on her face. “I need to talk to you about something,” she began, moving Nicole to the bed and taking one of her hands in her own. “I lied to you about why I am here.”

Nicole stared at her. She was not that bright to begin with, so the softening of her mind while at LFRA had made critical thinking not exactly her strongest attribute. “The judge said you—”

Amanda put up a manicured hand. “That was a set-up. I actually am an intern for another judge. I just finished my law degree.” She was quiet for a moment. “I am here undercover to figure out how Love Falls Reform Academy has had such a high success rate with the women who come here. It’s nearly 100%. Something is wrong.”

Nicole shrugged. “I think many women come here and decide to get their lives together.” She was certainly thinking of herself, especially after the Dean of LFRA gave her such a stern speaking to the other day.

Amanda squeezed her friend’s hand. “Someone I went to college with got sent here after a drugs arrest and came out of it an empty-headed trophy wife for the son of a congressman. There was no way she would have done that before coming here. I did the research and the numbers just don’t add up. Something is wrong, and I think many people are involved in it. Judge Warner pulled some strings and got me sent here to confirm or deny it.”

“What if he is involved too and the whole thing is just a way to get you out of the way?” Nicole did ask a useful question.

A very useful question.

Amanda’s eyebrows raised. “Judge Warner would never do that! He is a man of high morals and virtue. He has been a major influence on me during my time in his office. One day, I will be a judge just like him! If he had told me there was nothing to my claims, I would have dropped the issue for sure.” She held her head high, feeling quite smug and self-satisfied.

“Well,” her friend countered, “I just don’t see the problem with this place. They teach women how to be successful. I would love to marry a rich guy. In fact, that is what my family always wanted me to do. I started partying a lot to try and avoid it, but I am starting to see their point.” She casually flipped her hair. “I’d be pretty content with a handsome husband who provided a good life for me.”

Amanda rolled her eyes. Nicole was fairly vapid and superficial. “Well, please let me know if you see anything that is out of the ordinary, okay?” Her friend nodded. She sighed and stretched out her arms. “We need to get ready for dinner tonight.” Automatically, without thinking about it, they stripped and changed into the clothing that had been left for them. Neither questioned this, but instead felt a calm, contentment flow over their beautiful bodies.

They walked to dinner together. Amanda wore a cocktail dress and pumps, while Nicole had been adorned in a tight sleeveless turtleneck, miniskirt, and platform heels by whoever had left clothes for them. Every other woman there was just as dressed up or already wearing their maid uniform, which included Toya, who was busying helping to set up the tables. None of the women in maid uniforms showed much expression beyond that needed to complete their duties.

There was a lot of quiet talk among the women, which was why none of them notice when the Dean came by and approached Amanda. “Come with me, please,” he commanded her, with a gentle tug on the arm. She followed him compliantly. They made their way out of the dining room and then down a hall.

At the end of a corner, the security officer who had been there when they arrived apprehended her. “Miss Cuccia, I was going to let you simmer for a few more days, but your rudeness earlier made me decide to accelerate this.” As the statement ended, the officer jabbed Amanda with a long needle, which knocked her out immediately. “Take her to programming room four.” The security officer moved to comply without speaking.

After dinner, the Dean, feeling quite satisfied with himself, decided to flirt with Nicole. She giggled at his comments and flirted back in a manner conditioned into her over the past few days. At the end of the evening, she returned to the apartment and undressed for bed. It had been a long day, and the subliminal in Mercedes’ presentation had further tired her mind.

There was a small tablet sitting on her pillows with a pair of pink earbuds. A note on it said: “Listen to me tonight. That is a direct order.—Dean.” Nicole automatically obeyed and slid the earbuds into her ears before lying down to sleep. Her conditioning would continue overnight.

Meanwhile, in another part of the building, Amanda was hooked up to a machine that was currently beginning the process of reeducating her. She lay with her legs spread out, her limbs kept in place by a series of metal bars, and a virtual reality helmet over her face. The legal student would be returned to her bed before Nicole woke up.

On the table next to where she was being brainwashed, the recording device she had smuggled in sat with its innards destroyed.

* * *

Nicole and Amanda slept in the next morning. Amanda had been returned to their apartment around sunrise. Nicole woke up before the undercover law student. She put on a pot of coffee for them and yawned loudly, which woke up her brainwashed roommate.

Amanda stretched out. She had no memories of the night before. “Hey, good morning,” the brunette said through her own yawn. It was the best night of sleep she could remember having in a long time. Her work with Judge Warner was only 9am-4pm, he made sure she did not work overtime, but there was also studying and classes to worry about. An appropriate amount of sleep was just not something that the average law student got in general.

Nicole, on the other hand, was used to going to bed around sunrise, so this was a bit odd to her. Still, a bit of structure certainly did not hurt. She always felt super lazy, waking up in the middle of the day.

Both women walked around their apartment without clothes on. This seemed odd to Amanda for a moment, but then the thought slipped out of her increasingly docile mind. They drank their coffee and made small talk. Now that Nicole knew Amanda was working undercover, she felt a little weird about opening up to her.

After they finished coffee, Nicole and Amanda made their way over to the large bathroom at the back of the apartment. Inside of it they found a large shower. “We can save some time and shower together,” they both said aloud, after having had the idea conditioned into them the night before, with a loud giggle. “Sure,” Amanda said with a flirty grin. Beyond one awkward, drunken, night with another woman her sophomore year of college, she had never been with another woman. Currently, she found herself attracted to her beautiful roommate.

Inside the shower, after letting the water warm up, they soaped up each other. Amanda massaged Nicole’s breasts gently, which got a happy sigh out of her friend. She stepped forward, began washing the Italian’s body down, and gently ran a manicured finger over her stomach and stopped right above the lawyer’s midsection.

Then it happened: Amanda leaned in and kissed Nicole gently on the mouth. Their soapy bodies came together and they, again, giggled loudly and pulled away. They turned the water off and helped towel each other off, taking special care at certain places, and then padded back out into the living room to dress and do their makeup.

Another pair of flowery dresses had been left for the pair. They slid on the platform, high-heeled, sandals also there for them. Each did a twirl for the other and then kissed again before helping each other with their makeup. Amanda was used to wearing only the bare minimum required of women to look presentable, but Nicole was able to really bring out the Italian’s beauty. They both looked impressive and ready to take on the day.

They had been scheduled for a visit with one of LFRA’s doctors. A full psychical, apparently, was in the cards. Neither of the increasingly docile women questioned this as they walked, holding hands, towards their destination. They passed a few other women along the way. One wore a maid uniform like Toya and was led by a leash snapped onto their collar by a male in a suit. Nothing seemed odd about this to them, which was proof to the man that their conditioning was coming along quite nicely.

At the doctor’s office, a bottle blonde, latex clad, nurse came up and greeted them. “Hi, um, please join me for your examination.” She wore pink latex that looked like a fetishistic idea of what a nurse’s uniform could be with white platform heels. The nurse’s collar said “Cammie.” She had been a nursing student who got busted after stealing a medical pad from the office of one of her professors. Nowadays, she was a happy graduate of LFRA and resolved to repay them for her reeducation, at zero pay, for as long as it pleased the wonderful doctor she considered her lord and Master.

They were immediately brought into a large room where examinations were done. Nicole was glad that Amanda would be here with her. “Stay here for a moment until Dr. Bedford arrives,” the bubble brained nurse announced with an up-ticked inflection. She swayed out of the room and shut it behind her. A silent lock would hold them captive, even if they would never know or consider escape.

“She,” Nicole remarked after Cammie left. Amanda frowned. What a bimbo! It surprised her when such superficial and unserious women found success in life. There was nothing wrong with her uniform, of course, but Cammie just seemed so silly and ridiculous. She was glad, and felt quite smug, about her own professional aesthetic. Sensibility and non-frivolity were the keys to success, the law student strongly believed.

The lock on the door clicked, and a handsome man came in. He had dark hair, a few days of stubble, and piercing blue eyes. His name tag read “Dr. Bedford” and both women let out an audible sigh at how handsome they found the doctor.

His smile was deeply calming for both of them. “Hello, ladies. Why don’t you undress so we can begin your exam. That is a direct order.”

Both women took off their dresses and underwear, but left their shoes on. Dr. Bedford walked around both of them. He grinned at Amanda’s awkward thrust of her perky, but definitely not big enough, breasts towards him. The good doctor had been briefed about the law student’s activities at LFRA. Soon enough, she would learn how to behave.

He picked up two green colored pills off the counter. “I need you to take this vitamin each day. A supply has been brought to your apartment.”

Both Nicole and Amanda took the vitamin unquestionably. “Good girls.” He motioned towards the video screen on the wall, which had his appointment schedule. They could see Toya was coming in later in the day. “You will notice some psychical changes soon. None of this is out of the ordinary. It is how your body is supposed to look. That is a direct order.”

“Yes, Sir,” both of them agreed compliantly. Nicole did wonder what those psychical changes would be, but a direct order had to be obeyed. Soon enough, as they stood there, both women’s breasts began to grow. Their bras broke, letting their beautiful, tan, busts to express themselves. Each woman’s mouth became more full and their hips slightly widened.

“Ah, see,” Dr. Bedford began with a grin, “the changes have already begun.” Both women looked at their bodies in the mirror and were shocked by what they discovered in it. Nicole had already been stunning, but now she looked like a starlet. Amanda always hid her beauty, but breasts two cups bigger than before were tough to keep away from the eyes of others, and so was her new bubble butt. The cold air in the air-conditioned room made her newly augmented breasts quite stiff, which turned her on. Again, she thrust them out towards the doctor.

“You will see more growth over the next few days. For now, it is safest if you don’t wear a bra. New clothing will be sent to your apartment.” He paused as Cammie entered the room with new clothing for them. “Put these on and let me see what you look like so far.”

Nicole and Amanda put on the spandex one-piece outfit over their high heels. Each woman’s impressive cleavage was displayed by the tight fabric. Both looked astonishing and had an appearance that would help them be successful as women in the modern world.

“Good girls. You will leave and return to your apartment. Please listen to the new lesson available to you.” Neither woman spoke as they moved to obey the doctor. He called Cammie over to take care of his rock-hard cock before their next appointment.

* * *

Back in their apartment, Nicole and Amanda found a pair of pink and white VR goggles. “Do we wear them?” Amanda wondered aloud. Something about the situation bothered her, but she had been given a direct order, so the compulsion to obey made the concern slip out of her silly little brain.

Nicole shrugged. “Maybe whatever the lesson is will help you with your investigation?” She flipped it up and down in her manicured hands. Her now enormous breasts gently moved up and down as she breathed calmly.

Amanda brightened at her friend’s statement, or was it a question, and held the goggles up. “Yes, you are so right. I will learn a lot about LFRA from it, I bet.” The idea had actually been conditioned into her the night before: Any LFRA lesson would “help” her investigation. Well, technically, it really would, but just not how she originally envisioned the situation.

The hypnotic spirals from the simulation screen immediately brought each woman under control. They leaned back on their pillow as their reeducation continued and ceased blinking as their docile eyes became large and empty of anything but hypnotic bliss.

Both Nicole and Amanda became quite still on their beds. The green and blue spirals danced across their faces and prepared them for tonight’s lesson. “STOP THINKING,” the screen said, followed by “EMPTY YOUR MIND FOR NEXT LESSON.” Each of them stopped thinking and readied their minds for instruction.

* * *

The next morning, both women woke up from the deep trance they had been in when a chime played from a hidden speaker in their apartment’s ceiling. Nicole sat up, took her visor off, and stretched out with a loud, fairly obnoxious, yawn. She sat up in bed and reached down to her increasingly even larger breasts. Nothing seemed wrong with that. Big breasts would help her to succeed as a woman in the modern world.

In the next bed, Amanda also slid her visor off and immediately sat up and then stood. She frowned at her friend’s yawn. How unladylike. Nicole would need to adjust her attitude to become successful as a woman in the modern world. Miss Cuccia’s breasts were a cup larger also than her friend, and still would grow a bit more before the process was complete. The soon-to-be former legal student was well on her way to becoming the fantasy bimbo her future owner had purchased from LFRA.

“Come on, sleepy, we have a lot to do before the party tonight!” Amanda grabbed Nicole by the arm and dragged her to the shower. They, again, washed each other and cooed at the erotic ecstasy that filled their bodies when the new breasts they would show off to the new chosen to own them were touched. Nicole wished she could finger fuck her friend, but the pink nails on her hands, which she could not remember having put on, were just too long.

They finished up in the shower and then padded out to the living room to see the outfits that had been left for them overnight. “Um, they left us a few different outfits this time,” Nicole observed as she held up a large box.

“Open one, and I’ll try the other,” Amanda offered as a suggestion. Despite her high level of energy this morning, even making such a small decision filled her with dread.

There were two boxes for them each of them, with their names written in a glittery cursive font across the top in bright pink, which held different outfits. Each was also labeled with a pink #1 or #2. The box Nicole opened, a #1, had a pink sports bra with matching thong underwear and clear platform heels with a tint of the same color. She immediately began to blush at how sexy it would look on her body, but wanted to see what was in box #2.

Amanda found a maid uniform inside of box #2. It was mostly white with some purple stripes on the arms. White pantyhose and purple pumps were also in the box. Neither woman noticed the lack of underwear or bra in the law student’s box. She held it in her delicate hands. The uniform was tempting to put it on, like Toya had, but part of her, this nagging feeling, still resisted the impulse.

When she turned around, Nicole was already putting on the sports bra, thong, and extremely high heels. “I don’t want to be a maid. Love Falls is fine, but I just want to finish up without all these extra lessons.” A few beats went by. “But, hey, you should put on the maid uniform. If you accept the lessons, perhaps it could help with your report back to the judge.” The idea had been slipped into her deeply suggestible mind the night before and she, like the puppets they had become, parroted it the moment she saw her roommate hesitate.

Amanda eventually began to put on the uniform. When Nicole handed her the shoes after she slid on the pantyhose, a calm, passive, feeling flooded her body as they went onto her feet. Her eyes became empty and distant as she snapped to attention for a moment. Nicole just stared at her with a deeply confused expression on her face.

“I need to report to my next lesson. Excuse me.” Amanda’s monotone statement hung in the room as she left, heels clicking across the hard floor, their apartment for her lesson.

After Amanda left, Nicole also left and went for a walk around the academy grounds. At first, she felt a bit odd given how she was dressed, but once she saw a few other students wearing even more skimpy outfits, and in one case even higher heels, a docile calm came over her.

Despite how easily Nicole had taken to Love Falls Reform Academy’s conditioning, a few things nagged at her. Did it actually make sense for Amanda to embrace further training from LFRA? The words made sense when she said them, but something seemed off about how eager her friend had been to embrace them.

There was also the strange case of Toya. Her friend had been tough while they were out on the streets. Well, they mostly did direct to door drug delivery, but nevertheless Toya was not one to put up with bullshit. A nagging voice in her mind said that her friend probably embraced being taught to get out faster, but she had not seen her since then. Where was Toya?

All of this rebellious thinking was cut off when Nicole came around a corner to find the Dean walking towards her. She froze at seeing him, straightened, and put her hands folded together “at ease” before her as had been conditioned the night before. What had she been thinking about just now? Even the thought about trying to remember just slipped away.

“Ah, hello, Nicole,” he said in pleasant surprise. His briefing with Judge Warner, who was thrilled to hear how quickly his legal intern Amanda was taking to the lessons of Love Falls Reform Academy, had wrapped up, so he decided to take a walk of his own. No matter, what had been intended for this evening could happen now.

While Nicole waited for his instruction, The Dean pulled his phone out and typed in a few quick commands. “Why don’t you come back to my office with me. That is a direct order.”

“Yes, Sir,” Nicole confirmed quietly as she fell in line with her controller as they made their way back to his office. Her high-heeled sway made him quite aroused, but he had the self-control to wait until the right time to take advantage of his thrall. He was fairly certain she was the one.

They passed by a few other educators and their own compliant women. Nicole looked over as they arrived at an elevator as Toya flirted with a man and was led by her leash into the man’s office with a hand already in his pants. Surely, Toya would not take it that far? A concerned look took over her beautiful face.

“Nicole, look at me,” Dean Henderson commanded in a firm voice. She immediately turned to face him. “Good girl. I want you to stop worrying about Toya. She is not your concern anymore.” Toya was going to be leaving fairly quickly; the bidding for the stunning dark-skinned woman had been quick and extensive.

“Yes, Sir,” Nicole blinked rapidly. Behind her, she could hear the hum of the elevator as it traveled to their destination. He was right; Toya was not her concern anymore. She smiled softly at him. He was handsome and seemed sincerely interested in her. Maybe she had ended up at LFRA for a reason.

After their elevator trip, he led her to his office. Dean Henderson’s assistant, her collar read the name “Daffodil,” with the usual heart over the “i,” stood up. “Hello Mast—, um, Sir,” she began, catching herself. Her leather mini skirt was so short that pink cotton panties were visible even when she stood up. Black pumps accentuated her stripper sized breasts and toned legs, which were hidden behind black pantyhose with tiny rips throughout them. All in all, Daffodil looked like the slutty secretary so many men seemed to desire in their fantasies.

Before coming to LFRA, Daffodil, 26, who could not even remember her previous name, had been implicated in a social media shaming which led to a woman nearly dying. Now, her silly girlie brain could only really focus on pleasing the Dean, who she decided the gorgeous bottle blonde should remain in his employ as finishing her lessons. Eventually, she would be auctioned off to the highest bidder, but, for now, the secretary turned out to be a useful amusement for her Master.

He was starting to grow bored with Daffodil in general. This was where Nicole would come into play. “Sweetie, I will be having,” he looked over at Nicole, “a private meeting with Miss Pirlo. Please take care of any visitors I have this afternoon.”

“Oh, yes, um, Sir.” Daffodil swayed away and went back to her L shaped desk with a knowing nod. They had discussed his plan in the morning before he went to a meeting. The bottle blonde was not much of a critical thinker, but could hold a simple series of commands in her vapid brain fairly well.

Nicole followed him into his office. She sat down and crossed her shapely legs. The thong she wore left even less to the imagination than Daffodil’s outfit had, and her impressive bust moved up and down with each gentle breath she took as a sense of ease filled her body.

He sat down and stared down at her ripe body. “Miss Pirlo, what do you want to do with your life? What are your plans after your time at Love Falls Reform Academy?”

Nicole’s reply had been conditioned into her already. “I am hoping to learn that while here, Sir. I want to be successful as a woman in modern society.” It did make sense to her. How nice of the Dean to take time out of what was likely a very busy day to see her.

“Good girl.” He sat back in his chair a little bit. A message had just come into his email with news that had been waiting for all day. “I think you have a lot of potential. So many of the ladies who come here end up not only reformed, but on the arm of a member of elite society. Their lives are glamorous, but also rather empty of substance.”

The Dean leaned forward. “Your friend Miss Cuccia certainly could end up that way, as could your partner in crime. Neither are all that interesting, to be quite honest.” He looked directly at Nicole. “You have a good head on your shoulders. I have been reviewing your record, and I think your rebellions were just a way to get your absentee parents to pay attention to you.”

He pushed a button on his desk, which made a cheerful chime play in the room. Nicole gasped, but then her face froze in a perfectly blank expression. “Ready for direct orders, Sir,” she announced in a gentle, feminine, voice.

The Dean leaned back again. His cock began to rise at how easily Nicole fell into his control. “Good girl. Miss Pirlo, it is apparent that the issue you need to correct while at Love Falls Reform Academy is that rebellious streak. Your father has been absent from a lot of your life. You need routine, structure, and an authoritarian figure controlling your life. What do you think?”

“I think,” the brunette responded in a dreamy voice, “that I need routine, structure, and an authoritarian figure controlling my life. I can correct my rebellious attitude while at Love Falls Reform Academy, Sir.”

Her controller smiled with approval. “There is so much more for you to learn. Tonight there is a get-together for LFRA residents like you. Please report there by 8pm.”

Nicole nodded, got up and went to leave his office. At the door, when it opened, she gasped at the appearance of Amanda wearing a maid uniform with a deeply hypnotized expression on her face. A collar with the name “Mandi” was held snugly around her tanned neck.

Before Nicole could react any further, the former legal student turned obedient maid stepped forward and slid a pair of earbuds into the ears of her friend. At the sound of a chime, she froze in place.

He made his way across his office and gently led Nicole to a sitting position on the couch where he often advised, seriously, sometimes it was not sexual, residents of LFRA. “Watch her. She has a one-hour cycle. When it is complete, she will leave as if nothing happened.” Mandi did not respond. Successful women in our modern society do not need to speak unless spoken to by a man. All she needed to do was obey.

* * *

Later that day, Nicole found herself back in the apartment she shared with Amanda. Had they crossed paths today? The thought slipped out of her mind. She walked over to a mirror and stood, naked, before it. Her breasts were certainly much larger now. Every man the brunette saw in the halls stared right at her, which was equal parts deeply erotic and embarrassing.

“I need to find a man who I can please with my body. Successful women have a strong husband so they can focus on what is important for women.” The words slid right out of her pouty mouth, just as quickly as they had been programmed into her by this morning’s session.

She sighed and sat down on her bed. Her mother certainly pleased daddy, but it had always seemed so fake and contrived. A friend at university had said that Nicole’s mother signed a marriage contract and that it was all just for show, so her daddy could look like a big shot. They did not, her friend argued, love each other.

Her mother, a former model, certainly had the looks that a woman needed to succeed in modern life, but Nicole wanted something more from her own successes. After a few rebellious years, she wanted to settle down and find love. Submitting to a man, she had learned over the past few days, was a big part of what Love Falls Reform Academy taught its residents. She saw no problem with that, but wanted to really live out the ideals of loving, honoring, and obeying a man, so long as he also loved her too.

Another box had been left for Nicole to wear to the evening’s get together. High-heeled sandals, a shiny black cocktail dress, stockings, and fancy underwear were in the box. Obediently, she put the outfit on and then did her makeup and, for reasons unknown, pulled her hair back into a tight ponytail. The dress was quite snug and showed off her ample chest quite nicely. For the first time in a long time, she felt both sexy and classy at once. Her silly rebellions were over. It was time to find a proper man. Surely, the nice folks at LFRA could help with that quest.

Nicole made her way to the party and found that a number of the residents of LFRA were there in various states of dress. A handful wore maid uniforms. Others were in tiny miniskirts, or less, and a few were in more fetishistic outfits, which made her realize quickly that the only woman dressed in a more civil and ladylike manner was herself. “Huh,” she muttered to no one in particular at the revelation. It did seem a bit odd, but the thought slipped away as quickly as it had come to the increasingly simple-minded woman.

Nicole’s attention was drawn towards Mandi’s appearance across the room. She was standing with a few men, including the Dean, and was vapidly laughing at something one of them said to her. When the dark-haired maid saw her friend, she waved a pink nailed hand towards her. The Dean also gave a little wave and motioned his thrall over, which she obediently complied with as had been programmed into her.

“Hi!!!!” Mandi hugged her friend tightly. Their augmented breasts squished together, and she let out a loud giggle. Nicole just awkwardly stared at her friend.

“Hi, um,” Nicole paused and looked at the name on the collar. “...Mandi, um, you’re really talking to Love Falls, I guess?” She was not sure how to talk to her in such an open place, and certainly did not want to break her friend’s cover.

“Oh,” Mandi began with a giggle, “I have totally accepted that I need to learn how to be successful as a woman in the modern world. That’s why I am wearing this uniform.” She paused and did an awkward twirl. Behind them, Toya slid into the arms of a man in an expensive suit as they wandered towards a private room.

“That’s, uh, really great...Mandi...” Nicole blushed at the look the Dean gave her. Did he know?

“I was so wrong about Love Falls Reform Academy when we got sent here,” Mandi continued, “I do need to learn to be successful. My lack of success was how both of us ended up in the situations we were in. A lot of the women here are starting to agree with that, too.”

The Dean stepped forward and put a gentle hand on Nicole’s arm, which made her heart race. “Mandi, there is someone who wants to see you in Private Room C.” He pointed at the room with the big C on the top of the door.

She padded away as quickly as the shiny black pumps on her feet allowed. Mandi had been getting better at wearing high heels, but still lacked the confidence that other women at LFRA seemed to have from the start. The brunette had become so used to wearing sensible “professional” flats each day and was not surprised that one of the suggestions given to her for success as a modern woman was to wear high heels at all times unless commanded otherwise by a man.

At Door C, Mandi stopped and gently knocked. At her internship, she had always swiftly knocked and then burst into offices to demand the attention of others. How wrong she had been to behave in such an unladylike manner!

The increasingly ditzy woman squealed with delight at the appearance of her beloved Judge Warner inside the room. She tried to run over to him, but tripped a little and fell into his arms. “Sir!” The former, well, as of tomorrow morning officially, law student hugged her mentor tightly and then pulled away and knelt before him. She had no idea why, but just knew this was what successful women did in the presence of a superior male.

“Hello...Mandi,” the judge began, “it looks like you have made a lot of progress in your search to find what is going on at Love Falls Reform Academy.” He had been kept abreast of Miss Cuccia’s progress each day. Seeing her now just sealed the fact that his decision to send her to LFRA was the right one. Like most women these days, she needed a serious education about her duty as a woman.

“Oh, yes, Sir,” Mandi proudly chirped. “Love Falls Reform Academy is a wonderful place that helps women to succeed in modern life. I have learned so much, Sir.” She frowned briefly. “I am so sorry I made you send me here, Sir. There is nothing wrong. I feel so silly!” The busty bimbo pouted, and a single tear fell down her heavily made up face.

Judge Warner motioned for her to stand up and pulled Mandi into a tight hug. “It’s needed to see it for yourself...there may be problems in the office though...there was an expectation that you came back with an impressive story that would lead to criminal charges...” They pulled away, and she stared at him with puppy dog eyed devotion.

He was thoughtful for a moment before taking her hands in his own. “Your internship would likely be at risk if you returned. This undercover action was only approved with the idea that your hunch would be right. The woman who approved it is a very silly woman. Not as silly as you, though.”

Mandi stared at him with vapid fascination. Judge Warner continued the speech he had thought about since sending Miss Cuccia to her fate. “The law doesn’t need women. Sure, you can be secretaries and be helpful. Lawyers? Judges!? Impossible. Women aren’t made for it. They are made like my wife wife never worked a day in her life. She went to college, met me, and we got married when I finished law school. Luci stayed home and kept a clean house. She obeyed me and never spoke out. Before it took… her life was dedicated to our love.” He paused. “Every woman should be afforded that!”

The Italian bimbo smiled softly at her superior from the floor. “An obedient woman can be successful in the modern world, Sir.” There was a slight up tick in her voice. Mrs. Warner had always been so feminine and ladylike. She could have learned so much from the judge’s wife! The redhead was always seen in public wearing a fancy dress and high heels. Mandi pouted at how silly she had been to wear flats to be “professional.”

“Yes,” the judge confirmed with a squeeze of her hands and a note of cheer in his authoritative voice. “That is the only way to be successful. You need to find a man to love, honor, and obey.” He paused. This was the big moment. Judge Warner motioned for Mandi to join him on the bed. Her manicured hand never left his as she obediently followed the man she was enthralled to at the moment.

“I need to speak to you about something important, Mandi.” His cock stiffened at her gentle, loving, smile. “I will be retiring at the end of this week.” He put up a hand at her gasp. “It’s fine. Really, this has been coming even before Luci died. I have such a hard time keeping up with the next generation. Time for them to step up. There is already a city judge lined up to take my place.”

He sighed gently at her devoted attention. “This is where you come in, Mandi. I signed the papers today to end your internship. Given your more educated attitudes now, I am sure you don’t mind.” She nodded in agreement. “I am retiring to a small island I purchased with some of my savings.” He pulled a ring out and held it up. “Mandi, I would like you to join me.”

Mandi squealed with delight as he slipped it onto her finger. She blinked a few times and the life left her eyes. “Master, Mandi thanks you for owning her. She awaits your command.”

“Good girl,” Judge Warner began with excitement. “Strip for me.” The future Mrs. Warner slipped out of her maid uniform and kicked off the heels on her feet. He gently pulled down her pantyhose and underwear.

The judge ran a hand over her face. “You are so beautiful. They did a good job on you.” With that, he leaned in and kissed her hard on the mouth. Mandi returned it eagerly and fell back onto the bed at his gentle shove. while a man at retirement age, her new Master had been a state champion athlete in his day who had kept up his body over the years. They made love and collapsed into each other’s arms.

Mandi held on for dear life to her future husband. She would have been shamed out of the legal profession before even joining it. “Just another bimbo who used her looks to succeed and marry well!” The remaining bits of rationality left in her girlie brain knew this, but slowly, but surely, had stopped caring. All the talks she had given herself about having a career and finding happiness in hard work had been lies. Love Falls Reform Academy had truly reformed the unruly woman and taught her the proper values needed to succeed as a woman in modern society.

* * *

While Amanda Cuccia, professional, sensible, legal student, finished being reformed into the future Mandi Warner, vapid, doll-titted, trophy wife, Nicole had followed the Dean back to his office. He had ordered her to be quiet while they walked, and she obeyed him.

At his office door, he waved his watch over a digital reader, and the door opened with a swoosh. It was quiet back here, and he had to turn on a light before motioning Nicole to join him. “Sorry,” he began with a shrug, “My secretary is, um, currently occupied elsewhere. She is about to graduate and had make.” The ditzy lady was currently swinging from a pole in front of a few potential buyers before an auction.

The Dean motioned for her to join him on the couch on the right side of his office. Nicole sat down and crossed her long legs. He was quite handsome, she had to admit, and enjoyed the looks of affection he gave her. Most of the men at LFRA just looked lusty at all times. He seemed more...genuine. Nevertheless, some things did bother her. Why did Toya, and now Mandi, she could not even think of them as Latoya and Amanda anymore, have such an attitude change? The busty woman loved her new body, but was still confused.

“Sir,” she began to blurt out, “what is happening at Love Falls Reform Academy? Everyone is changing!” A frustrated look came over her classically beautiful face. All of this thinking was so hard. Surely, the Dean will know what is going on!

“Huh,” was all her instructor offered in response after a moment. “Why do you think that? What has changed about them?” He asked carefully. Honestly, the seemingly tamed former criminal’s pronouncement took him off guard.

“Well, Sir, Toya was really tough, and now she is so...obedient. Same with Mandi! I thought she was so badass and smart, and now she is pretty dumb. She was here undercover and—” Nicole put a manicured hand to her pouty mouth in shock at her casual admittance of her friend’s activities.

The Dean chuckled. “Yes, yes, we know about Miss Cuccia. The judge she interns with was the one who sent her here for reeducation.” He looked up at the clock. “Right about now, he is probably giving her quite the lesson about what her future will be like as his new wife. She will be a happy trophy wife; all those all-nighters as a law student forgotten for a life of ease and pleasure.”

Nicole sighed, clearly frustrated. Her heart raced as he ran a hand over her arm. “But, Sir, she was going to be a lawyer! Love Falls Reform Academy is a wonderful place to learn how to succeed in the modern world as a woman, but Mandi was going to have a career. Was she right that something is happening to everyone who comes here?”

He looked thoughtful for a moment. “Yes. She is right. There is no point in hiding it from you. You have been such a good girl while here at LFRA.” He paused as she sighed blissfully, the trigger phrase “good girl” calming her down.

“The truth,” he confessed, “is that, yes, all the women who are sentenced to Love Falls Reform Academy are being brainwashed for service to men. Your friend Toya will be a wonderful and compliant housewife to a man. As I mentioned, Mandi will be ending her silly legal career to marry Judge Warner.”

Nicole stared at him. “Sir, she mentioned him. He was helping her!”

The Dean nodded. “That is very true. Judge Warner’s wife passed away recently. The cancer tore her apart. I was one of his students a long time ago. I was a philosophy major, but took some law classes and ended up being advised by him.”

He gave Nicole’s hands a squeeze. “Someday, I’d love to tell you the story of how I ended up here. Anyway, We have had a few judges in our back pocket for some time now. It’s remarkable how easily they can be bribed with a few blondes. I reached out to the judge after his wife died. She was a classy lady. Always stayed home and cared for his household, never complained, and always looked great. Mrs. Warner still demanded to wear a dress to her final treatment. More women could use that kind of feminine dignity these days.”

“So what happens,” he continued, “is the judges send us criminal women based on a handful of variables. It’s a bit more complex than this, but the bottom-line is they must have minimal family ties, and ‘pass’ initial scanning for their susceptibility to the kind of education that LFRA offers to women sent here.”

“ family...I have a family?” Nicole looked deeply confused. So much information! It was challenging to do anything but continue to listen to this nice man explain her situation.

He nodded. “Yes, your parents sent you here. After your drug bust, your father was fed up with your rebelliousness. As far as I know, the CEO of one of his companies told him about what we do here for ladies like you. Your mother is getting her own reeducation at home right now. He thinks she has been a bad example for you.”

Nicole went to respond to his explanation, but he put a hand up, which silenced her. “When you were assessed...Nicole, you came back as being quite bright, but also an eager conformist. You have a deep need to conform, but lash out at people.” He leaned forward and kissed her, which she did not resist. “Plus, you are beautiful. Even more so since the changes made to you while here at Love Falls. Activate Mrs. Henderson, Protocol One.”

Nicole gasped as new ideas and information overwhelmed her. When Mandi had conditioned her friend, she had been programmed with new information about her place in the world, and, more importantly, how she felt about Master. The busty slave blinked a few times, slid off the bed, knelt, and bowed before her Master. “Master, I live to obey. Please command me so I may serve you.”

A sense of relief filled her body. Obeying a man was the way to succeed in modern life as a woman. She said a silent prayer that, hopefully, her mother was received the same lesson right now! Mandi and Toya had been so right to embrace the lessons that Love Falls Reform Academy had to offer.

He motioned for his slave to look up and snapped a collar around her neck. In the mirror across the room, she could see the name “Nikki” emblazoned on it. Nikki stood up at a tug from the leash, her Master also attached to it.

“Good girl,” he said with cheerful pleasure in his voice. He ran a hand over her massive breasts, which made her sigh with blissful peace. “You will be working with me as my new personal assistant. The women who come here need a great example of feminine success, and I cannot think of a better one than you.”

Nikki began crying and jumped into his arms. All of her concerns and confusion were gone. She ran a manicured hand over his face. “I love you, Master.”

She leaned her breasts towards him. Master took the gesture as an excuse to ravage her. He tossed the slave back onto the bed and flipped up her dress. They made love and orgasmed at the same time; The Dean from fucking the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life and Nikki from being able to please him with her body.

She pulled herself into his arms. Her new Master was a slight man, but Nikki felt well protected by his touch. The reformed slave listened as he instructed her about their new life together.

* * *

A few weeks later, a man, 25, the scion of a billionaire football club owner, began to settle into his room. His party scene sister had been sent off to Love Falls by their father to reorient her to the appropriate life of the vapid housewife the man chosen to marry her, as part of a business deal, had desired. He had been amazed by her transformation, in mind and body, from wild partier to compliant, docile, dove.

His father had clued him in on what happened and offered a chance for the 25-year-old man, who was being groomed to take over day-to-day control of the club, to sample what Love Falls has to offer. This led him to partake in the first-ever cruise to leave Love Falls with a group of men, and a few women, like him and a full complement of graduates of Love Falls Reform Academy. He was under no obligation to put up an offer on one of them, but his father had strongly emphasized the idea that he needed a beautiful, obedient, wife for appropriate promotional concerns when he took over the club. The fact that she would think of him as her lord and Master certainly would not hurt either.

He was looking over the menu for dinner offered by the tablet for in his room when there was a gentle knock at the door. Upon opening the door, he found a stunning, hourglass figured, black woman in a green maid uniform with white stocking and black pumps. A collar with the name “Toya” on it was firm around her neck. A gentle smile was across her face, which announced how deeply reformed the criminal had become while at LFRA.

He could not believe how incredibly attractive the woman at his door, perhaps his future bride, was at the moment. She had been destined for a high-end gentleman’s club, but rerouted here for him. Toya’s dark hair had numerous streaks of honey blonde in it. Her incredible bust, having gone through the same medical treatments that Mandi and Nikki had completed, pushed forward towards him with every breath. Hours of daily exercise had turned the formerly chubby woman’s hips and backside into that of a pop singer or celebrity.

Toya swayed into the room and snapped to attention. On his bed, the future club owner saw a new screen show up on the tablet he had just been idly browsing. “Access Toya?” was all it said on the screen. He tapped the “yes” button and noticed for the first time the tiny chip on her collar light up. He stared at it with a curious fascination. In the tutorial, it looked like the lights were just for show. Still pretty cool.

A new screen came up on the tablet with literally hundreds of options for Toya. Did he want a mindless sex doll, a cheerful bimbo, or a loving wife? Blowjob, ass fucking, or any number of sexual positions? Should she address him in a formal business manner or as Sir or Master? He toggled a few options, gave her a few fetishes to try out, and then hit the accept button.

The lights on Toya’s collar lit up again as she gasped loudly. After a few seconds, the brainwashed slave smiled, but this was general affection instead of the ditzy vapidity of a bimbo. “Master,” she breathed out, “Toya is so glad to see you.” He had chosen the option for third-person speech. Hearing this sexy woman speak in that manner made his cock rock hard in the expensive paints he wore.

Toya ran her manicured hands over the man’s expensive blazer and sweater. He had picked “loving wife” as an option and could imagine coming home each day to Toya. “Toya is sure, you have had a long trip, Master,” she continued in a very sexy, husky, voice, “so may she help you to relax?”

He sat down on the bed as she knelt down, undid his pants, and began to suck his cock enthusiastically. A fetish for oral sex had been another option programmed into her, and she fellated him with loving joy until he came in her mouth.

Toya cleaned him up and then sucked the cock she had already fallen madly in love with until it was hard again. “Master, would you like to explore Toya’s other options?”

He nodded quickly and grabbed the tablet. She would be precisely what he wanted in a wife once every option had been explored.

The End


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