Love Falls Rejuvenation Spa

by barbararwetzel

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #f/f #f/m #sub:female #bondage #clothing #D/s #growth #robots

Jennifer and Kimberly are bad ass girlbosses obsessed with their careers and disgusted with the men around them. After a work issue they are sent to Love Falls, a town where women are taught to know their proper place in life as the slaves of men.

As they exited the interstate highway and began traveling on the local thruway, Jennifer Valenti and Kimberly Adams delighted in the early afternoon breeze as it rushed through her designer electric car. “Do you like it?” Miss Valenti slowed down as they reached a red light. “The car was part of my bonus to keep quiet about the VPs affair with that bimbo secretary of his.”

Jennifer laughed as she continued. “These women who just try to fuck their way to the top. It’s pathetic!” She was a natural redhead with flowing locks that curled at the ends. Her bangs added a youthful flavor to the 35 year old’s freckled face. Miss Valenti was the vice president of an internet startup. They did work with algorithms and took over smaller companies to then add to their own code before either skimming off or dumping debt onto so they would go bankrupt. It is as sleazy as it sounds.

Kimberly took her glasses off for a moment and laughed. “But so are the men who can’t keep their hands off of them. I have to confess that I have used my...charms...before on a source or three.” The beautiful Korean woman was a journalist. Well, Miss Adams was a “journalist” you meant “journalist” as in she wrote clickbait articles with misleading headlines and reported salacious gossip and hid behind a wall of accusations of sexism against her detractors.

Her writing was popular and drew a lot of attention to her social media profile, which pleased the media conglomerate, actually owned by a telecom, which was owned by a former film studio turned streaming service that also bought up companies to dump debt onto in bankruptcy, which was probably owned by something else, immensely. Kimberly, dark haired, pale skinned, and rail thin, was happy to help her best friend since it also aided her own career. Takedown articles, especially ones filled with gossip, were always popular with the vapid unwashed masses and her friend’s success often became her own success.

Miss Valenti and Miss Adams had gone to university together. Jennifer had come from wealth. Her mother married into a successful family of early computer app creators. They were well meaning people and she was raised on cosmopolitan liberal values, but they never seemed like enough to the beautiful red haired woman. Her mother always took a backseat to her father and it pained her, especially as she discovered feminist ideaology via the lectues of her university professors, to see a man always in front. She wanted to be a leader just like the men and make the same money they did. If Kimberly had to help her wreck a few careers, including those of male VPs who could not keep their dicks in their pants, so be it. She was a bad ass bitch and made sure the world knew it.

Jennifer had already leaked information about her company, and others, to Kimberly a few times before. On her way up the corporate ladder, a “friend” at her job had confessed to having this or that problem. Miss Adams made sure that made it into a popular gossip column, which destroyed the woman’s chances of promotion and set up Miss Valenti for success. From there her rise to power was fairly straight forward.

Jennifer’s rented car announced that their next turn was coming up in a half mile. Oh, wait, it was actually a quarter mile, it interrupted itself to announce. She saw the exit ahead, cut off a truck, and made it to the exit just in time.

“That was weird,” the redhead announced. “I don’t think that has ever happened with my phone before. The connection must be buggy.”

“Yeah,” Kimberly agreed as she looked up from her own phone. “Mine has been slow for a few minutes. I figured it was just the social media app. It does that sometimes.”

They came to another red light. A large sign sat to their right welcoming them to Love Falls. “Love Falls,” Kimebrly read, “that’s a stupid name for a town.” The sign had a patriotic design color wise with paintings of two handsome men in suits and three women: One was a platinum blonde beauty, another with more of the “girl next door” look, and other a very pregnant, and very cheerful, looking housewife with a headscarf on.

“Why are there no business women,” Jennifer scolded as the light changed to green so they could proceed. As they reached the next light, the car announced three, then two, lights to go. She picked up her phone and the map still had a straight line at least. It would be on their right. Kimberly looked over at it and nodded too.

At the next red light they sat idling for a moment. “It’s really quiet here,” Jennifer commented.

Kimberly looked over at the coffee shop to their right. Men in business suits, a few women in very short, but vaguely professional, skirts, and a few workers entered and exited. At the table outside, a hostess idled next to a man. She wore a tight tank top, even tighter shorts, and shiny leggings. Her loud giggle at whatever the man said could be heard from their car.

“Imagine acting like that to get the attention of men,” Kimberly scolded, with the same sneering tone as her friend, “it’s so ridiculous. I’d never dress like that.”

At the next and final light, a bus pulled up next to them. Jennifer looked over and noticed that the small blue bus was filled with pregnant women. Each woman wore a pretty maternal dress, earbuds in their ears, and were made up to gorgeous feminine perfection including a pretty headscarf in a very feminine color.

Before she could comment on it, Kimberly interrupted her observation. “My phone is totally not loading now.” A few seconds later, as the light changed to green, their GPS announced some kind of error.

“The spa should be up here a bit on the right,” Jennifer muttered, mostly to herself, forgetting about the strange pregnant women, and this was confirmed a few minutes later when they saw the large sign for the spa in front of it.

Love Falls Rejuvenation Spa was large and sprawling for sure and both women marveled at it as they entered the one way road that was hugged on both sides by a mass of trees and flowers. The spa had been advertised as being a bit secluded and the five mile trek through the woods certainly confirmed as much.

They finally reached an entrance, which was blocked by a gate. A spandex clad, and very muscular, woman came out from the office next to it and approached their car. She was busty, athletic, and beautiful. Her dark hair was kept snug in a very tight ponytail. The form fitting spandex uniform hugged her thick legs and ample cleavage quite nicely.

Jennifer put down her window. “Names,” was all the security officer said in an authoritative, yet very monotone, voice.

“Um,” Jennifer began, a bit taken aback, “Jennifer Valenti, and this is my friend Kimberly Adams. We are here—”

The burly woman tilted her head slightly and then cut off Miss Valenti. “You are confirmed. The gate in front of them began opening, which honestly should have seemed a bit odd you know, and she stepped away so Jennifer could continue driving.

“Fucking freak,” Jennifer spat out when her window went back up, and not a split second before. “I guess they have to have tough people for security, but gross.”

Kimberly did not respond as she was busy trying to find a connection for her phone, but to no avail. She even let out a quite adorable grunt in frustration. Sure they had come here to relax, but her work continued on. The beautiful Korean woman had promised Jennifer she would only check for scoops during their time at the spa, but she was so used to the constant pings and notifications of our connected world that the current silence was a bit unnerving.

They found a place to park and began getting their bags out of the car. Suddenly a bubbly voice could be heard coming towards them. “Hello! Miss Valenti! Miss Adams!”

Jennifer turned towards it. The emphasis on “Miss” instead of “Ms” made her skin crawl. She slid her sunglasses down to get a good luck at the woman and did not like what she saw coming towards her.

The platinum blonde, with pink streaks at the ends, young woman padded over to them and offered a manicured wave. She was dressed in a very tight tank top promoting the spa and a white denim mini skirt with platform sneakers. Her name tag said “Cindi,” with a heart over the “i.”

“Is this some kind of bimbo summer intern program,” Kimberly muttered to Jennifer as the woman approached them.

“Miss Valenti, Miss Adams,” Cindi said as she looked at both of them in turn. “My name is Cindi, and I have been assigned to escort you into the spa and get you set up. It is wonderful here! I liked it so much when I visited, I decided to apply for a job!” Her vapid smile was sweet and expressed a desire to be helpful, so of course both Jennifer and Kimberly stared daggers at her.

“Um, yeah, thanks,” Jennifer said dismissively. Hopefully not everyone working at the spa dressed like this bimbo. That would be very bad.

“Hey,” Kimberly began, “do you know anything about the wi-fi around here? We lost ours back on the highway and I still need to check…” she paused at Jennifer’s firm glance, “...uh, my work messages sometimes.”

Cindi’s eyes widened. “Oh, that is because the spa is part of an amazing new program the incredible people who run Love Falls is running to innovate technologically and the town’s wi-fi is run on a separate network from the rest of the state as an experiment in how wide scale its incredible speeds and quality can become in the future.”

The blonde’s very clearly recited, and definitely not brainwashed into her, no sir, answer had gotten more up-pitched and twangy as it went on, showing that she was definitely a local to this secluded area of the most southern part of the country.

“Uh, huh,” Jennifer commented, clearly bored with this woman, “so, uh, how do we get on your fancy network then?”

Cindi turned and pointed at the main entrance to the spa. Her pink tipped nails shone in the midday sun. “I am going to walk you to the registration area. There are introductory bags there for both of you. Included in it is directions for the wi-fi network, information about the incredible work done in Love Falls, and other tech goodies! I really liked the earbuds they gave me when I first arrived. I hope they have them for you too!”

She began padding away, a firm sway attached to her firm, athletic, backside. Jennifer and Kimberly shrugged at each other and followed behind the spunky young woman.

Cynthia had been a college student looking for an internship for the summer last year. She wanted to be a teacher, maybe a university professor even, but needed experience. Her application to intern at Love Falls Education Foundation had been accepted and she eagerly packed her belongings to spend the summer there.

By the end of the summer Cynthia had become Cindi, vapid bimbo and devoted slave to her male superiors. Love Falls Education Foundation helped women like her to thrive, network, and gain experience in what the foundation referred to as “proper attitudes for success in modern society as a woman.” By the time they were done with her, Cindi surely agreed. It was only a matter of time before she was auctioned off to the highest bidder. She had caught the eye of a few local professional athletes recently.

Inside, as promised, Cindi led them to a registration area where another cheerful young woman, this blonde had purple streaks through her hair, whose name tag read Randi, with another heart over the “i,” looked them up in the computer, smiled widely, and then handed over their, again, as promised, introductory bags.

“What a bunch of bimbos,” Kimberly said to her friend. Jennifer sat down on a bench and began going through the bag. “Wi-Fi instructions,” she said proudly while holding up a personalized card. She frowned again at the “Miss” instead of Ms” on it.

Kimberly went through the bag and found her own card. She quickly added herself to the network and sighed contently when recent message notifications began coming through.

Jennifer did hers as well. Northing too interesting had come in professionally or personal for her. She opened her purse and put the phone back in it and then placed both in the bag.

She was going to ask Kimebrly something, but her friend had walked away to talk to another journalist who had just arrived as well. Jennifer stared at her cover of the spa pamphlet. A gorgeous brunette stared back to her looking relaxed, fit, and very happy. The woman also very clearly had gotten breast implants and must work out obsessively in the gym. The red haired executive did yoga a few times a week, but that was about as far as she succumbed to the pressures of patriarchal beauty standards. At least in this chapter.

Jennifer’s reading time was interrupted by a man sitting down next to her. “Hello, Miss Valenti,” he began in a calm voice. “My name is Dr. Shrewsbury. I am the executive director of Love Falls Rejuvenation Spa.”

She looked up at him. He was handsome with very short hair, a trim beard, and wore a fairly geeky looking sweater vest with a purple shirt under it. “Oh, hello, Dr….Shrewsbury.” The redhead put her hand out when he nodded affirmatively. The man had a fairly tight handshake, which took her back a bit. “How did you know my name?”

The good doctor laughed. “Ah, yes, I do try to learn the names of our guests before they arrive. Especially the most impressive ones. A vice president at your age is an outstanding accomplishment. I read up on you and liked what I read, Miss Valenti.”

Jennifer brightened at his compliment. So many men were taken aback by successful women. “Well thank you. I am quite impressed with myself too.” She gave him a flirty grin.

“There is much to be impressed with,” he confirmed. “You should,” he said waving a hand at her, “dress for the spa. You look like you are dressed for an executive meeting. Have some fun. I could send some outfits to your room if you’d like.”

The beautiful redhead was a bit taken aback, but charmed. “That is quite nice, and perhaps I will take you up on that at some point.” She smiled at him. Jennifer enjoyed using her feminine attributes to tame men to her needs.

Dr. Shrewsbury nodded as if her comment confirmed something for him. In retrospect, this should have been cause for concern, but when it is ever in these stories, right? “Perhaps at some point during your stay, we could have dinner? Our companies surely could benefit from a working relationship.” If only Miss Valenti knew what had already transpired!

Before Jennifer could even respond he continued speaking. “But of course I need to make rounds. I’d like to say hello to your friend Miss Adams too. One final thing: I offer free sessions to people who attend our spa. If you need it only, of course. Surely you have a stressful job that could use some unwinding from at some point. We also have professional development sessions worth attending too. Well, we’ll see.” He stood up, gave her an awkward wave and walked over to where Kimberly was standing.

* * *

That evening Jennifer went back to their quarters and did some research on Love Falls. Their introductory bag had also included a very fancy pair of wireless earbuds, so she listened to music with them while doing research. They were a nauseating shade of purple, but after a few minutes of the gentle subliminal messages being whispered into her ears over Love Falls’ secure network the thoughts slipped out of her little girlie brain.

Jennifer found a few things worth nothing, which are also very conventionally the topics of stories written by the author elsewhere, this is certainly not an embedded ad for them, including their educational foundation. The foundation’s website promised to “prepare young women to thrive, network, and gain experience in proper attitudes for success in modern society as a woman.”

She smiled while reading the page a few times. It was so nice to hear about such progressive values in Love Falls. Perhaps her company could, as Dr. Shrewsbury had noted, create some partnerships here?

Of course, in what should come as no surprise, what actually happened there was far from it. At the Love Falls Education Foundation, the proper attitudes brainwashed into women were absolute obedience to men and feminine docility.

They also have a reform academy where unruly young women are sent for reform. Good, Jennifer thought. So many need reform. Hopefully they get internships and guidance about running a female led business. That was certainly another organization Miss Valenti could see herself associated with at some point. She loved to fill her charitable requirements for the board of directors doing work with women.

They actually, again, get brainwashed and take lessons in absolute obedience to men. The unruly women brought to the academy leave it as docile doves ready to obey the man they are assigned to for the rest of their lives. Even the most hardened criminal learns the grace and beauty of submission, whether they like it or not. A good girl can be found even in the worst, disorderly, women, it just needs to be activated in them.

Eventually Jennifer grew tired and realized it was time for bed. She had been listening to music on her phone via the Love Falls wi-fi network. Everything was very sharp and sounded good. In the city, she rarely got a full connection and it never wavered here.

Kimberly had not come home yet. She had texted earlier to say her friend had suggested they have dinner to catch up, which sounded like a great idea. Jennifer did not have many close friends. Even her friendship with the reporter was a bit parasitic: Each got something, so they kept it up. They had not had the closeness of their university years in a long time though.

Jennifer had already changed into her pajamas for the evening, but a sudden urge to sleep in the nude, which had been subliminally programmed into her all night, filled her mind and she stripped down and dropped the clothes in a pile.

Reluctantly, she took out the earbuds and placed them on the dresser next to the bed. Jennifer lay down for the night and dropped into a deep sleep quickly as the subliminals flooding the room from hidden speakers instructed.

From a just as out of view camera, a female, one of those formerly unruly women from the academy, watched Miss Valenti as she acquiesced to her programming. Empty eyed and clad in latex from head to toe, the bald drone called up new subliminals to be added to the mix for the evening.

I need a free counseling session….I trust Dr. Shrewsbury….he has my best interests in mind….I am going to dress so I can have fun…

An hour later Kimberly entered the apartment and stripped off her own clothing. Her dinner date had been a set up and the brainwashed woman spent the evening being programmed to assist with her best friend’s reorientation.

The Korean reporter lay down to sleep with her earbuds still in. Each woman had their own destiny which would fork at some point. But Kimberly’s new purpose in life was to help assure that Jennifer ends up the devoted slave of Dr. Shrewsbury.

* * *

In the morning, Jennifer woke up and felt like she had gotten her best night of sleep in a number of years. She often stayed up too late doing work or binging some television show, so a good night of sleep was rare.

She stretched out and remembered that her body was not clothed at the moment. A tiny gasp came out of her mouth, but the question of why she had slept in the nude, subliminally programmed into her the night before as an assessment of her progress, when she looked over at the bathroom and saw Kimberly’s naked body, still wet from a shower.

Kimberly gave her a wave as she began toweling off. She looked amazing. Her firm body was kept together by gym trips five days a week and a lot of treadmill time. Was it odd that she was also so cavalier about being naked around others? The thought slipped out of Jennifer’s mind.

“Oh my god,” Kimberly exclaimed suddenly, “stop staring at my tits and get in the shower. Brunch is in 45 minutes.”

Jennifer walked by her and entered the shower. The red haired executive wished she had as much time for the gym as her friend did, but was still in fairly good shape. While soaping down her body, she would about Dr. Shrewsbury’s suggestion of a counseling session. He seemed to have her best interests in mind, so she decided right then and there to accept his offer. She would have to track him down at brunch! This spa trip was going to be so fun.

When she got out of the shower, Jennifer was stunned by what she saw Kimberly wearing in the living. Her friend was heavily made up, much more than normal, and wore spandex shorts, a tight tank top, and platform heels. She looked incredible, but perhaps it was a bit much?

“I really want to have fun,” Kimberly announced with a flirty grin, “so I am going to dress for it.”

That statement activated a trigger within Jennifer’s suggestible mind. “Where did you get those clothes from?” A nagging feeling that she needed a similar outfit began to fill her mind.

Kimberly pointed to the floor by the front door of their quarters. “They were delivered for us this morning. Compliments of Dr. Shrewsbury. He is so nice!”

Jennifer walked over to the boxes, still naked, and opened it. “Thought this would be a fun outfit for you,” said the card inside the box. Dr. Shrewsbury’s signature was under it. Fun. Jennifer padded back into the bedroom with the outfit and began dressing

The outfit inside was the same as the one left for Kimberly, but in different colors that complimented her skin tone and hair. She slid on the spandex shorts, wishing for more time in the gym to work on her legs, and the platform heels.

After a few less than graceful steps in them, Jennifer was much more used to the kind of sensible and very professional flats that modern business women preferred, she slid on the tank top, which fit a bit snug on her moderately large breasts, but certainly made them look good.

The beautiful red haired business woman then applied her makeup, as heavy as Kimberly’s had been, and smiled at herself in the mirror. It had been so easy for the men who ran Love Falls to sway both of their simple female minds into defying their own manner of dress for “fun.”

Jennifer took a few more very tentative steps in the very high heels and eased herself on the wall of the living room before standing up right.

“Wow, you look amazing,” Kimebrly said with vapid glee. “I love your colors so much. We are going to have so much fun.”

Jennifer tried to take a few more steps and fell forward. “Geez. Can’t remember the last time I wore heels! She felt so klutzy.

Kimberly helped right her. “I’ve worn these a lot more than you. Men LOVE them...they melt for a pair of pumps and a tight skirt. I’ll help you.”

She took a few brief steps and made it to the table their purses were on and pulled out her phone. There had been an update on both of their phones. They shrugged and checked their messages. Not much from work for Jennifer. She could look at it later.

“Come on,” Kimberly said as she extended her hand, “I’ll help you walk. You’ll be a natural in no time!”

They walked across the spa’s vast campus, fairly slowly due to Jennifer’s inexperience with such high heels, and observed everything around them. It was a beautiful campus with flowers and trees. Young women, dressed like Cindi from yesterday, could be seen doing week. Each of them had the look of someone perfectly content with their lot in life. Their sweaty, toned, bodies glistened in the morning sun as their skimpy outfits left little to hide.

A soft hum could be heard all around the campus. Jennifer, in her pacified mind, thought it was some kind of local insect and just ignored the frequency pushing more subliminals at every woman attending the spa to soften their minds for docile acceptance of new programming and male authority.

As they reached the doors to the public eating area, she suddenly felt a deep pang of need to see Dr. Shrewsbury. Jennifer was getting better at walking in the heels as they went and began to feel silly that she had avoided them for so long.

In each woman’s purse, their phones were doing an automatic update. Since neither secured it with a pin login or two-factor authentication, or really kept their apps up to date, it was simple for a Love Falls engineer to hack them to add more programming. Seriously folks update your phone! You are going to end up brainwashed if you do not!

Unless you want to be brainwashed? Turned into a bimbo sex doll? Broken of those career ambitions to be a vapid toy? Well, then, carry on and keep your phones insecure.


They entered the public eating area and found that most of the other spa attendees were already there. Jennifer felt a sense of relief wash over her that each woman was wearing a variation on her outfit. The only differences were in the color of the spandex shorts and heels, and whether the top was as tight as hers or, for the more busty women, revealed a significant amount of cleavage. For a moment, she was shocked to see other professional women with their breasts half hanging out, but the thought slipped out of her mind as Dr. Shrewsbury waved and grinned at her from across the room.

Jennifer made her way over to him, but not before stumbling slightly and having to hold herself up against a chair. She gave him a sheepish grin as a pleasant calm came over her suggestible mind.

“Ah, careful,” the good doctor began as he laughed at her silliness. “Going to need some more practice.” He looked her over with delight, pleased at how easily this batch of new spa attendees had been tamed, but especially at Jennifer, who he found himself to be extremely attracted to, which led to his focus on her.

“Sorry,” she replied, a lack of confidence filling the normally self assured business executive’s voice, “not really used to wear these.”

Dr. Shreesbury nodded. “Right, but you look great in them. You are a really beautiful woman. This spa is going to do wonders for you!” A beat passed. “Plus it will be really fun. Trust me.”

Jennifer blinked rapidly. “I am going to trust in that,” she replied with a flirty smile. Another beat passed. “By the way, I think I am going to take you up on that counseling session. You were right about dressing for fun, so I figure you are right about that too. I trust you.” A glimmer of a seductive voice, so different from her usual sneering authoritarian growl, could be heard. She was growing fond of the man.

“Delightful,” he said, clapping his hands together. “We can have it after brunch, which looks about to arrive.”

They sat down at a table as Cindi, the bubbly young lady from the day before, came over to them. Her outfit was a mix of what she had worn yesterday and what Jennifer was wearing: A cleavage baring top promoting the spa, spandex shorts in a lighter shade than Jennifer’s, but the same platform sneakers as the day before.

The blonde bimbo brought their plates over, which were filled with various breakfast foods. Dr. Shrewsbury stopped her with an authoritative hand on the former college student’s arm to offer some praise for her hard work at the spa. The delightfully obedient young woman padded away a moment later and made sure he got her a good view of her ample backside.

“A sweet young lady, that one,” he commented as they dug into their meal. “She interned with us last year and decided to stay on for another year. College had frustrated her. I helped her in counseling. She wanted to teach, but decided on another path for now.”

Jennifer listened to him while watching Cindi stand by the table Kimberly sat at. Both of them were laughing at the joke another man with a LFRS worker badge on had just said. She could not remember ever seeing her friend so bubbly. “Cindi is....very friendly.”

“It’s that southern charm of hers,” Dr. Shrewsbury confirmed as he drank from his coffee. “A delightful young lady.” Cindi was soon to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. His very intense, and personal, counseluing sessions had set the young lady on the right path towards the happy life of a vapid trophy wife.

They finished the meal and the doctor offered to take their plates to the refuse box. LFRS strived to be as green as possible and all materials were sorted in an underground section by a few lovely latex clad sanitation beauties.

Dr. Shrewsbury came back over and Jennifer had stood up and taken a few more steps. “Getting more used to them,” she said with a confident smile.

“My office is behind this building. It’s a beautiful walk back there, come on.” He motioned for her to join him, which she did obediently. Afterall, Jennifer trusted Dr. Shrewsbury. The quiet subliminals all around them kept her in a state of suggestibility.

The good doctor had been correct about the walk. The paved walkway was surrounded by beds of flowers and trees. There was a small waterfall to the left of his building, which housed counseling and medical offices. “Some women decide to use the spa for discreet cosmetic procedures. We are happy to accomodate this for them. Women deserve to always look their best.”

Jennifer, much less wobbly already, countered. “Well, it’s nice you do that, but most women don’t need them. We are fine as we are.” But was she? Bubbly young women like Cindi, with all the right curves, made her question the statement. She did feel a bit envious at how great Kimberly looked in this outfit in comparison to herself.

They reached the door of the building and Dr. Shrewsbury held it open for her as they entered. Normally, she would have scoffed at a man doing such an allegedly chauvinistic thing, really though are men supposed to slam a door in your face? But Jennifer just smiled at him flirtatiously.

The building inside was beautiful. The design aesthetics were very modern with touches of previous decades. A welcome desk was staffed by a stunning dark skinned woman, whose name tag read Mandi, with another cutesy heart over the “i,” gave Dr. Shrewsbury a manicured wave from her station and a, which Jennifer did not pick up, knowing grin. The 22 year old had been sent to Love Falls after her third arrest. She now knew her true purpose was and lived to please.

They walked across the main floor. Jennifer’s high heels could be heard echoing off the hard surface. In front of them were two large doors. One said MEDICAL and the other COUNSELING over it.

“My office is in here, come on,” he said quietly while pointing to the COUNSELING sign. The doors automatically slid open at their appearance and inside was a waiting area where two women wearing the same uniform as Jennifer were seated. One stared off into the distance with earbuds in her ears. The other just gently smiled the passive smile of a bimbo to be.

After passing through the office suite, Dr. Shrewwsbury’s office was at the end of it on the left. He, again, held the door open for his companion and then entered behind her. The door automatically locked itself and would not open without his voice command. Jennifer’s fate was well on its way to being sealed.

His office was rather lavish. There was a small kitchen area which housed various tea bins, a coffee machine with coffees in jars, and another bin with snacks. An L shaped desk housed an elaborate computer set up with two monitors and a handful of tablets laying about. It reminded Jennifer of her own set up at work.

There was, of course, a couch and she sat down on it. “Do I have to lay down,” she asked with a flirtatious giggle.

“Oh, no,” Dr. Shrewsbury said, putting his hands up, “counseling sessions should be relaxed and informal.” He went over and checked on the water that had begun boiling upon their entry into the room. “An informal situation where ideas and concerns can be discussed amongst a counselor and a client that trusts them.”

Jennifer grinned proudly. “I do trust you.” She was so glad that he had convinced her to come to this session!

Over in the kitchen, her counselor poured out a cup of tea. “This is one of my favorites. Calms the nerves. Great to take before a session. Trust me, okay?”

Jennifer took the cup and eagerly drank most of it. After a moment, she started to feel funny. A loud, almost chirping, noise, could be heard from her phone. She picked it out of her purse and became entranced by the hypnotic spiral on the screen. Her blank expression confirmed her deep trance.

“Good girl, I do apologize that it has to be done this way, but for a proper counseling session here at Love Falls Rejuvenation Spa women must be kept as deeply under control as possible. Lookup and forward to the spiral behind me.”

Jennifer obeyed the command and stared at the screen behind Dr. Shrewsbury.

“Good girl,” he complemented. “Keep staring at it and focus on my voice. I value your trust in me. I like calling you a ‘good girl.’ You should aim to be called it as often as possible. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” was her quiet, monotone reply.

“Good girl. See!” He chuckled. “I also need to make clear our relationship here. Each woman at the spa is receiving individual or group counseling right now. Your friend Kimebrly is in a group session. I value your trust, but I also value your respect. You will address me as ‘Sir’ at all times. It’s part of being a good girl and showing how much you trust me. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” Jennifer confirmed blankly.

“ know what I am going to say...” Mischievously, he let it hang in the air for a moment. “...good girl. Now, we need to discuss a few things. First off, why did you come to this spa?”

“My job gave me a free trip when I put in for vacation time, Sir.” She continued to stare, mesmerized, at the spiral.

“Yes, they reached out to us before you and Miss Adams got here. You are a very special case, my dear.” Dr. Shrewsbury looked thoughtful for a few seconds. “Tell me about your job. I read your file, but perhaps I am a simple man with simple tastes and don’t really understand your work?”

Miss Valenti was silent for a few seconds. “I am the vice president and member of the board of an internet startup, Sir.” Her voice took on a dreamy tint as its monotone continued. “We do algorithmic work and take over small companies that are floundering to help them succeed.”

Dr. Shrewsbury stared at her. “Well,” he began, picking up a tablet off the coffee table between them, “that is somewhat true, but misleading. From my research it looks like you suck up their code, add it to your own products or use its intellectual property otherwise, and then dump the debts of the previous companies you purchased onto it until they go bankrupt. Is that true? I want you to tell me the truth. Good girls tell the truth.”

“Yes, Sir,” Jennifer automatically replied. The defiant career woman was quickly becoming an obedient dove. “We take code from purchased companies and then move debts on them. You are right. We scavanage them for parts.” She told the truth; hopefully he would think she was a good girl!

“Good girl.” He smiled at her happy sigh. Jennifer was one of his most straight forward conversions so far. He tapped a button on another tablet, which increased the subliminals geared towards her. “I am going to be honest with you as you have been with me, Miss Valenti. I think your company is fairly rotten. You destroy companies that would be thriving with a little help by dumping debt on them. You pick them apart and then let them die. It’s immoral and I think it sickening that a beautiful woman like you would have anything to do with it.”

Dr. Shrewsbury paused for a beat. “Again, you will be honest with me. Are you happy with your work?”

“Yes, Sir. Our work might have ethics issues, but I am wealthy. I work hard and make good money. I am happy with my work.”

He nodded sadly. “But surely you must be exhausted? All those long hours. My work is mostly 9-5, so I guess I can’t relate to long nights and weekends. The quest for vast wealth isn’t an intoxicant for me. Aren’t you tired all the time? Remember, you must tell me the truth.”

“I am exhausted a lot of the time, Sir,” she confirmed before being able to stop herself. A single tear dripped down her face. “I don’t sleep well. I don’t think about it much because I pride myself on being so successful.”

Again, Dr. Shrewsbury nodded sadly. “I truly pity the modern woman. She is expected to do so much. Too much. Have a career, find a husband, raise a family, be successful, make the right connections for your career. It all sounds so frustrating. I am frustrated for you.”

He continued to philosophize at his mesmerized client. “I greatly prefer the old days. My grandfather had a solid union job where he made a good wage. My grandmother stayed home and raised my father and his siblings. It was clear who was in charge. My dad then married someone who reminds me a lot of you. Overworked, stressed out, but also very successful. And unhappy. They got divorced eventually.”

“I didn’t understand it at the time,” he further elaborated, “but when I got to college I realized what the truth was in regards to relationships. I studied psychology and other fields like it. Do you trust me to tell you what the truth is?”

“Yes, Sir,” Jennifer confirmed again.

“Women,” he began with a sigh, “should not be in leadership positions. It is unnatural. If you do work, it should be in an assistive nature. However, I strongly believe that the natural place of women is in the home. You would thrive here in Love Falls. We could work side by side helping women to see this. That is the truth. Do you trust me, Jennifer?”

“Yes, Sir,” she replied after a few seconds. Was he right? Was it unnatural for her to be in leadership? It was exhausting...

He leaned forward. “Jenniffer, sweetie, I think you should reconsider your career choices. Consider a job here. Do you trust me?”

“Yes, Sir.” Her response came with a bit more confidence in regards to its affirmation.

“Good girl. I know what is best for you. Trust me in that. Also trust me in this. I want you to obey me. I want you to obey all men here in Love Falls. You will address them as ‘Sir’ like you do for me. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” she replied confidently. He knew what was best for her, so it made sense to obey!

“Good girl. One more thing before your session ends. I need to know: Are you attracted to me? It’s fine if you’re not.” It really was, but Dr. Shrewsbury was hopefully given his own attraction to the beautiful redhead.

“Yes, Sir. I am attracted to you.” It felt good to admit it outloud.

He grinned with pride. “Wonderful. I am going to wake you up in a moment. When I do, you are going to accept my offer of a date tonight. You are going to also ask me where the salon is here at the spa? Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

He went on to embed a trigger phrase to wake her up and put her back in trance. I’m not telling you what it is! Naughty reader!

Jennifer woke up, stretched out, and smiled at her wonderful new friend. “Oh, hello, Sir. Did the session go well?”

He motioned for her to stand up. Jennifer’s body filled in her outfit quite nicely, although there were certainly some changes he would like to make to her. “Yes, I think it did. So much so that I would love to continue the conversation over dinner tonight. Would you like that?”

The redhead soon to be former executive nodded slowly. “Yes, Sir, I would love that. Can you tell me where the salon is?”

He gave her directions, slowly down to make sure she understood. Affirming it, he let her go, but then remembered one final thing. “Oh, Jennifer, don’t forget your earbuds.” He handed her a fresh pair. The suggistible woman would not question the difference at this point.

Smiling, Jennifer put them in her ears, hit play, and gave her backside a bit of a wiggle as she felt more comfortable in the heels on her feet. So far, so good.

* * *

Jennifer found the salon fairly easily. It was a few buildings over and she could see a few women who had come out of Dr. Shrewsbury’s building before her a bit ahead and followed them. At the entrance to the salon, she queued up behind four other women. In the back of the salon, Kimberly and some other women were going into a back room, but she could not get her friend’s attention.

As she waited in the queue, an odd feeling filled Jennifer as some interference broke into the seductive dance music that had been filling her mind with subliminal messages continued to indoctrinate her. It passed a few seconds later after new programming was added via the campus wi-fi network. The viral programming filled her mind and would keep her compliant.

None of the women in front of her took out their earbuds and neither did she. Jennifer barely paid attention as each woman was escorted to a chair. At the front of the queue, a pretty woman around her age smiled at her. “Can I help you?” Her name tag said “Bobbi,” again with the cutesy hearts, on it.

“Um...yeah,” Jennifer began, “I have a date tonight with Dr. Shrewsbury and—”

Bobbi jumped out of her seat and clapped. “Oh! I love him! Have you had a session with him yet? He really helped me see I was going in the wrong direction in my life. I know what will be perfect for you.” She pressed a long pink nail on a button and Jennifer’s world changed in ways that would soon become permanent.

Some kind of piercing noise blasted into her earbuds that froze her in place. The handsome scientists in Love Falls had perfected a sound pitch that could put women into a deep trance where their views could be modified. She was escorted by Bobbi over to a chair where her arms and legs were held in place with steel bars while a nameless cosmetician, no really her collar had no name on it, where her transformation into the kind of bimbo that thrives in Love Falls would begin to take place.

Genetic modification was something that Love Falls had also experimented with and found much success, which can be read about in other “Love Falls” stories. Jennifer’s medium red hair was tinted to be a bit lighter. Her mouth was poutier and her breasts more perky. Surgical procedures would need to be done later, but this was a good start.

After acrylic nails, Jennifer found the idea of having a manicure to be ridiculous, were added, she was taken into the back, but to another room than the one that Kimberly was currently being brainwashed in. In this room, she was ordered to strip and her body was soaked in a nanite spray that began making immediate changes.

All body hair below the shoulders was removed. Her body took on a slightly sun kissed tint, which accentuated her hair and eyes greatly. Her hips became a little fuller, but would need work in the gym for sure.

While all of this happened, her earbuds continued to program the bossy executive. I am so exhausted all the time...I trust Dr. Shrewsbury...he knows what is best for me...I will resign from my job to come work with him...i trust him and will obey him...i am deeply attracted to Dr. Shrewsbury...obeying men in Love Falls is just like obeying him...i need to look my best for Dr. Shrewsbury....

So on and so forth.

Jennifer was then dressed in a new outfit for her date. A latex dress hugged her body and a fresh pair of platform heels adorned her feet. In the front of the salon, her hair was slightly teased up. She was well on her way to becoming Dr. Shrewwsbury’s idealized bimbo.

The women she had come in with were lined up. Collars and medium length leashes were attached to them. Each of them had their name softened up a bit, so the super professional success obsessed Jennifer became hyper obedient Jenni. Jenni followed the other women after they were leashed together to head out to meet their dates for the evening. Most were just doing it as part of their further indoctrination before completed programming triggered their sale, but Dr. Shrewsbury had strong feelings for her and genuinely wanted to own her.

They were marched across campus to the dance club the spa advertised as part of their relaxation program. This was where each would meet their dates. At the door, the man who had led them said their trigger phrase, again I am not telling you what it is, which brought them out of trance. Their earbuds were taken out, but a final subliminal had reminded the ladies to put them in before bed again.

Each woman entered the club. Dance music pumped through it and a number of hostesses scurried around to begin taking orders from men as their dates arrived.

Jenni looked around eagerly to find Dr. Shrewsbury. Finally, she saw him near the back of the club in a private booth that was glassed off. The redhead beauty swayed over to it, waiting for a second while the doors opened, and then entered with a manicured wave.

Dr. Shrewsbury’s eyes lit up. “Lovely! The salon always does such a good job. Do a spin for me.”

Jenni spun around for her controller. The latex dress looked a bit ridiculous on her, but so did spinning around for a man. “How do I look, Sir,” she asked with half charm and half seduction in her voice as he motioned for her to sit down next to him, which she eagerly did.

Dr. Shrewsbury laughed. “Jenni, you look incredible. I love what they did to your hair. You are a beautiful woman and should look after your appearance more. Trust me, it will be good for you.”

“I will, Sir.” It made so much sense to her! She looked around the room. Hostesses were taking orders in the dark club at different tables. Jenni noticed that each of these more beautiful than the last women wore a maid uniform, stockings, and very high heels. A collar and leash, like her own, was attached to their necks.

“What are you looking at?” Dr. Shrewsbury’s question brought her attention back to him. She put a manicured hand on his thigh. “Oh, sorry, Sir. I was looking at their uniforms. They wear maid uniforms?” The last few words came out with a bit of an up-pitch.

“Well, yes,” her companion confirmed. It’s part of the dress code here at the spa. Once you begin working here you will be expecting to wear one each day, unless otherwise ordered by me.” He put his hand on hers and she moved to intertangle their fingers.

“Oh.” Jenni had a boyfriend when she first got out of college who had a kink for maids. She indulged it, but did not really enjoy her time in uniform. “I...I’ll have to get used to that I guess, Sir.” A dark skinned woman named Savannah caught her eye. The hostess looked incredible in her bright green uniform as she leaned over, showing off augmented breasts, to take a man’s order.

“Do you like them, Sir?” Jenni asked the question fairly idly.

“Oh, yes,” he said with a squeeze of her hand. “I think uniforms are important. I dress a certain way because men have intelligence and authority. Women should dress a certain way because they are submissive and objectified. You enjoy obeying me, don’t you, Jenni?”

“Yes, Sir,” she said proudly.

Their moment was interrupted their hostess swayed over to them. Jenni gasped in surprise because it was Kimberly, but her collar read Kimmi, again with a little heart, who lowered her eyes in front of Dr. Shrewsbury. The Korean journalist now had honey colored hair and was heavily made up with a cheerful smile and submission mirrored in her lowered eyes. Pink earbuds kept her on the path to becoming the bimbo sex doll she was destined to become.

She curtsied low for the doctor. “Sir, may Kimmi take your order?”

He looked over at Jenni for her reaction. Jenni spoke after a few seconds. “What are you doing? Why are you one of the hostesses?”

Kimmi giggled. “Oh, well, when Kimmi went to her group session one of the doctors pulled her aside for a private session. Dr. Bedford was so kind and he made her an offer to write an article about the spa! So, um, he said it would be a good idea for Kimmi to ‘go undercover’ as a hostess so she could speak to the experience. Kimmi trusts Dr. Bedford, so she immediately agreed.” She smiled vapidly at Jenni.

The redhead blinked a few times. “I haven’t met Dr. Bedford, but since he works at the spa, I trust him too.” A beat passed. “I would obey him too,” she announced while turning to Dr. Shrewsbury. He patted her hand on his thigh, bemused by her subliminally enchanted statement.

“Good girl.” He squeezed her hand. “I think it would be a great idea, to further give Kimmi the Love Falls experience as a hostess.” He put his arm around Jenni. “Miss Valenti has been offered and accepted a job here at the spa. She will begin working for me soon.”

Dr. Shrewsbury leaned over and kissed her. “She is also my girlfriend too. Jenni trusts and obeys me. She trusts me that this is for the best.” Jenni stared at him with puppy dog devotion in her eyes.

Kimmi clapped for the happy news. Her long, pink, nails shone in the light above them. They had come here to relax and now Jenni had found a job! A hunky man too!

The good doctor put a hand up and she ceased her silliness. Soon enough, the beautiful Korean woman would not have a thought of her own in her silly female brain.

“So here is the thing in regards to all of that,” he continued. Both brainwashed women stared at him. Their entire worlds were focused on his words. “Since Kimmi is going to be working as a hostess at the spa, she needs to follow the rules. This doesn’t just involve the dress code. There are behavior standards you need to be educated about, and while I am sure you are scheduled for sessions in this regard, I can give you a preview.”

Dr. Shrewwsbury leaned forward a little. “You will, of course, address all men in Love Falls as Sir, correct?”

“Yes, Sir,” Kimmi confirmed immediately.

“Good girl. Well, we have a bit of a hierarchy for the women as well. A hostess like you should be respectful to a higher up employee like my friend here.” He waved a hand obnoxiously towards Jenni. “There, as you refer to me as Sir, you should refer to her as Miss Valenti. It’s only right.”

Kimmi nodded slowly. “Yes, Sir, of course.” She turned to Jenni. “Miss Valenti, I apologize for not giving you the respect offered by the wonderful men of Love Falls.”

Jenni stared at her as their friendship began to evaporate. “It’s okay. You didn’t know.” She giggled. “I didn’t know either,” the redhead added with a flirty glance to her partner.

“Well,” Dr. Shrewsbury noted after a few seconds, “back to your duties dear. I’m sure you have a busy night.” Kimmi swayed away as her earbuds lit up. She dropped back into trance and moved to work her assigned tables.

The good doctor returned his attention to Jenni. “I am impressed with her taking to the spa’s culture like she has so far. She would make a fine addition to our staff on a permanent basis.”

Jenni was a bit taken aback by this statement. Sure it’s fine to play maid for a few days for a story, but on a permanent basis? “She has a career, Sir. Kimmi is a journalist.” The last few words came out, again, with a slightly frustrated up-pitch.

“Oh, sure,” he said as the bimbo hostess, now deep in trance, arrived with their meals, “but what if she came to work here too? A bit of work as a hostess. Maybe some public relations. We can always use more beautiful women to help out with clients.”

Jenni stared at him. “Um, well, that may be true, but—”

Dr. Shrewsbury cut her off. “It IS true, and it’s what I believe. Tonight you are going to speak to her about it. As your first act in my employ, you will offer her a full time position as a hostess. If she doesn’t accept your offer, alert me immediately. This is a direct order. You will obey it. Trust me, it is what is best for her.”

Jenni hesitated, but then acquiesced to her programming. “Yes, um, yes, Sir. I trust you and will obey you.” A beat passed. “I like obeying you, Sir.” He leaned over and kissed her.

They turned their attention to the meal Kimmi had brought for them. Dr. Shrewsbury carried the conversation. He finally said his first name, which was Marcus, and led their discussion.

He discussed his job, personal philosophy, and other things. Jenni listened to him speak with the look of the enthralled slave she was becoming. He used such big words and normally she would offer up witty replies and commentary, but she just stared at him with a vapid smile on her face. Marcus was thoughtful, engaging, and clearly in charge. It was making her heart melt.

At one point, after their meals were completed, he playfully patted the seat next to him and she slid over, intentionally bumping into him a bit. Marcus put a hand on her chest. “Hmm. Need to be bigger. Both you and Kimmi.”

Dr. Shrewsbury kissed her again. Jenni returned it as he pawed at her. From the corner of her eye, the redhead noticed something that gave her pause. She pulled away with some concern and stared across the room at her former best friend’s current predicament.

Kimmi was currently on all fours on a mat being fucked in both the ass and mouth. She furiously sucked on the one man’s cock as her bod clenched at the cock in her backside. Around the room, a few other women, including Cindi from the other day, were being fucked in both holes as well. One was only taking a mouth full of cock. Some guests wanted a hostess to themself.

Marcus put a hand on Jenni’s arm. “It’s one of the hostess’ duties. Clients and guests must be kept happy. These guests wanted to have some fun. It’s part of the relaxing experience here at the spa.”

He took her chin in his hand. “My dear, you would never just that. Perhaps in your duties you may need to...demonstrate...things to clients, but you, unlike Kimmi, are not a hostess. Hostesses are very common. You are quite unique.”

Marcus placed Jenni’s manicured hands on his bulge. She began stroking it before unzipping him. His mouth went into her mouth and she fellated him with eager enthusiasm.

Her Master slid a pair of purple earbuds into her ears and tapped them on. Jenni fell into a trance as she kept sucking. Her focus became his words.

“That’s right sweetie, keep going. Focus on obeying me. Focus on pleasing me. It’s your duty. You are going to love being in Love Falls. You will love being my slave. You will love being my wife. You will love helping women to see their purpose.”

He grunted out a violent orgasm and cum gushed into Jenni’s mouth and onto her chin. After cleaning her up with a napkin, Marcus patted his silly bimbo on the head. “Go back to your quarters and wait for Kimmi. She…” He looked over at the Korean hostess, who was down to just a cock in her mouth.

Oh, wait, another man came over in that moment and penetrated her from behind. “, she will be back to your quarters in a little while.” Her screams of orgasmic joy at having a face full of cum could be heard all around the club. “I’ll, um, make sure she gets back. Now go.” He gave her a pat on her latex clad backside as the entranced woman moved to obey his command.

* * *

Jenni walked back to her quarters as Marcus commanded her to do and entered it. After another chirp in her earbuds, she blinked out of trance and pulled them out. The instructions given to her on the way over would aid in pleasing Dr. Shrewsbury.

She sat down at the desk where her bag had been tossed when they arrived and pulled out her laptop for the first time on this trip. Hundreds of emails waited for her, but focus was on writing a resignation letter to the board. It flowed out of her: She needed a change of pace, great opportunity, etc.

After hitting send, Jenni sent a few texts as well. “Offer I could not refuse” and whatnot. She put the phone back in her purse and then waited for Kimmi to arrive.

Around 1am, Kimmi finally stumbled into their quarters. Her hair was a tangled mess, makeup was smeared, and she looked fairly ragged. “Oh, Miss Valenti, did I keep you up? I’m sorry.” Her frown was noticeable. Being fucked by a bunch of men was exhausting and a potential slight of a superior was a terrible end to the night.

“It’s fine,” Jenni said dismissively. “Look, I am going to take the job here. I trust Dr. Shrewsbury that it is right for me and he thinks it is right for you too. You can be a hostess and also work in public relations. I think you will go a long way in Love Falls. You seemed to do well tonight.” She gave her a flirty grin. Kimmi looked exceptionally sexy after the raw fucking she had gone through earlier in the night.

“I, um, I don’t know. Tonight was fun I guess. That was, uh, a lot of men. I—”

“But that is a hostess’ job though, right,” Jenni interrupted, “clients and guests must be kept happy. These guests wanted to have some fun. It’s part of the relaxing experience here at the spa. That is what Dr. Shrewsbury said and he is right.” She took a few high heeled steps towards her inferior. Out of the corner of her eye the enslaved redhead looked at her purse as a suggestion brainwashed into her earlier came to light in her mind.

“He is right.” Kimmi said the words a few times. “I want to write the article, but maybe I can come visit? Miss Valenti, why are you Jenni now? Why am I Kimmi? Does that seem right? I could have never seen you in latex before today!”

Jenni took another step towards her. “I trust Dr. Shrewsbury. He loves it. I’m his girlfriend! I obey him.” She lunged at her former best friend and tapped the Korean bimbo’s earpiece to activate it.

After a piercing noise that blanked her mind, Kimmi snapped to attention. Her eyes went blank and her mouth opened in a slight O. “Kimmi is ready for programming,” she said in an up-pitched monotone.

“You will be programmed tonight, hostess. I will be programmed tonight.” Jenni took on a firm voice as she pointed to Kimmi’s bed. Her thrall took off her shoes and then padded over to it. She struggled to take her clothes off, which made Jenni take off her own shoes and try to help.

Afterwards, Kimmi helped her silently as well. The naked women stared at each other before Jenni kissed her. Soon enough they were in each other’s arms in bed, with the hostess under the covers pleasuring her superior. Neither was very experienced with other women besides a few experiments while at university, but she showed proficiency enough that the redhead orgasmed in delight.

Jenni flopped back on her pillows and Kimmi joined her. Both feel asleep in moments and their earbuds activated new subliminal programming…I must visit the medical clinic tomorrow for my psychical...I trust the doctors at the medical clinic...I will obey the doctors at the medical clinic...I must be at peak psychical health to work at the spa...I will exercise my mind and body for the spa…

At this point, their programming deviated a bit. Kimmi’s told her that she was an object, a toy, a sex doll made to please men. Jenni’s continued the softening of her attitudes and heightening her interest in not only trusting and obeying Dr. Shrewsbury, but perhaps falling in love with him. Mrs. Marcus Shrewwsbury. Jenni Shrewsbury. It all sounded so good to her simplified feminine mind.

Both slept peacefully and Kimmi’s earbuds woke her up first. She slid out of bed and went into the shower. Overnight new clothing boxes had been left for them while they slept. Her maid uniform was a little loose in the chest area, but the stockings and pumps made her legs look great. After completing her morning ablutions she went into the kitchen to begin breakfast, which was when Jenni’s earbuds brought her out of trance.

Jenni stretched out and yawned loudly. The warm smells of breakfast and coffee filled their quarters. She padded into the kitchen and found Kimmi, in uniform already, cooking their morning meal. “Hello Miss Valenti, you were right last night,” she announced, “I will take the job here as a hostess and in public relations. Please shower so we can eat breakfast and then report to the medical center for our physicals.”

Jenni smiled, thrilled that Kimmi had accepted what she knew was best for her. She turned and entered the bathroom for a quick shower. Afterwards, the first thing on her mind was putting the collar back on, which she did after drying off from upper extremities. It felt good to have it back on.

While toweling off, her hostess roommate poked her head in. “Um, excuse me, Miss Valenti, but this was delivered for you.” She handed a box over to Jenni, who placed it on the bathroom counter.

Opening the box, Jenni found a maid uniform, but in, like last night, latex. Stockings, heels, and underwear were in the box as well. When she picked up the underwear, a note was between them. It was from her incredible boyfriend. As she opened it up, Jenni pondered whether she was beginning to fall in love with him…

Miss Valenti,

Enclosed is the mandatory uniform for your job class at the spa. More versions, in different colors and shapes, will be delivered soon. You will wear this at all times unless commanded directly to do otherwise. Kimmi should also be wearing a different sort of maid uniform. This also signifies her job class, which is beneath yours. As I explained last night, you are higher up the ladder, so if she is disrespectful to you please let me know. Enjoy your physical this morning and tell Dr. Bedford I said hello. I think you will like his wife!

Dr. Shrewsbury

Jenni blushed at the message. What a kind man to make sure she was dressing appropriately. She put up her uniform, the undergarments, and high heels. The simplified redhead was beginning to really like how she looked in latex. After doing her makeup, again heavier than normal, she came out to the living room where Kimmi was serving breakfast for them.

“When is my physical scheduled for,” she asked, without even looking at her former best friend, as if she was a college intern, as she sat down in front of her meal after picking up her purse from off the floor.

Kimmi looked down, refusing to look a superior in the eye as had been programmed into her the night before. “Miss Valenti, we are both scheduled to depart for our psychicals shortly. All new employees will be going together.”

Jenni looked up. Efficient. Makes sense. “Fine. You did good with breakfast,” she said, distractedly as her phone lay open on the table, “let me know when we leave.”

There was a text message from Dr. Shrewwsbury.

Send a picture to me. I want to see how beautiful you look in your new work uniform.

Jenni held her phone up to take a selfie. She offered up a flirty expression for him and then hit send on a reply. A moment later, he responded…

Lovely. I will see you after your physical, although I may be busy the next few days.

She frowned. Hopefully the physical would not take long so she could move onto any kind of orientation that was required.

Kimmi walked over to her, black pumps echoing off the hard floor. “Miss Valenti, excuse me,” she began with a passive smile, “but we need to go. Please remember your earbuds.” The Korean hostess’ pair, bright pink, were already in her ears.

“Oh, yes,” Jenni muttered as she went over to the table next to the bed. The bed they had shared an intimate evening together in. She slid them into her ears and another piercing noise brought her into trance as a similar noise did to Kimmi. The brainwashed women lined up, Jenni in front, and marched out into the common area, where they found all of the other professional women, as enslaved as them, waiting in lines of two.

Jenni and Kimmi joined them at the end of the line. A moment later, a male walked up and down the line, approving each woman’s blank expression. The more career oriented they are, the easier they are to program, he mused to himself. He did not idle at any of them in particular. In a community where every woman knew their purpose was to please men, any individual woman really was not all that interesting to him.

The women began marching side by side on his command. They walked across the spa’s campus and into the medical center. At this point, the left group, which included Kimmi, were sent for more programming and immediate cosmetic enhancements as their brainwashing evolved them into mindless sex dolls.

The right group, which included Jenni, were sent to evaluate the possibility of cosmetic enhancement. Some would need, but others perhaps not. It all depended on whether they were actually staying in Love Falls, when bidding was done, or being sold off to the highest bidder, whom they would immediately fall in love with and devote their life to obeying.

Jenni’s line of new employees, each clad in latex maid uniforms like her, came to stand at attention. They waited at the doors of the medical center until it was their turn to enter. Their earbuds continued to soothe their minds and warp them into the bimbo each now self identified as. The vapid redhead had been enslaved with minimal struggle.

She was third in the queue and woke up as her earbuds turned off. She looked around, embarrassed at her confusion, and then followed the gorgeous nurse who motioned to her with a pink tipped hand. Inside the medical center, the other new employees were in offices speaking to doctors besides one who was already being prepared for what sounded like some kind of hair removal surgery.

The nurse, whose pink hair matched her long nails, knocked gently at an office door. She also had purple earbuds like the ones Jenni had in her own ears. Her collar had the name “Summer” on it. Jenni realized another nurse had been named “Autumn.” Cute.

Inside the office, a young man, probably around 30 or so, a bit younger than Jenni, looked up from his laptop and smiled at the beautiful women. “Well, hello there. This is Miss Valenti, I assume?” Summer nodded. “Lovely. Take her to exam room four and I will be there in a few minutes.”

“Yes….Sir…” Summer acknowledged her husband and reason for living before escorting Jenni to the assigned room. The pink haired nurse motioned for her to sit in the exam chair and she did obediently. “Dr. Bedford will be in to see you in a moment. Your physical is a very important part of your job at the spa. I learned a lot during mine.” The incredibly busty nurse went over to a computer, logged in by leaning down with her collar, exposing that immense bust to her husband’s patient, who looked curiously at it.

They made small talk for a few moments before Dr. Bedford arrived. Summer had come to the spa after the last national medical crisis, which had exhausted the young, enthusiastic nurse. Just as Jenni had become smitten with Dr. Shrewsbury, Summer told a similar story of her own romantic whirlwind with her future husband. She took a leave of absence from her job, citing a frustration with how it operated, and permanently relocated to Love Falls, where the pink haired nurse married her Master the year before. Of course there was no mention of her being brainwashed and converted from a bright progressive minded woman to the obedience obsessed airhead she was now.

Dr. Bedford’s knock on the door silenced their conversation. He walked in and both women passively smiled at him. “Hello, Miss Valenti. We need to complete your physical to make sure you are fit to work at the spa. Please follow my advice at all times. Dr. Shrewsdbury is a good friend of mine and speaks very highly of you.”

“Yes, Sir,” Jenni said as she nodded in agreement. “I will obey you and all other doctors at the medical clinic.” Behind her, Summer smiled proudly. The future Mrs. Shrewsbury, her new slave sister, was coming along quite nicely.

“Good girl.” Dr. Bedford ran a standard set of health diagnostics. Blood pressure, height, weight, etc. His questions began to get more personal: Any injuries? What is your exercise routine? Can you name your sexual partners? Jenni answered thoughtfully and throully with brainwashed enthusiasm. The badass corporate executive had been transformed into an obedient dove.

Dr. Bedford looked at the readouts from a tablet handed to him by his wife. “ now we need to do an examination. Can you please strip for me?” He saw the hesitation in her eyes and put a hand up. “It’s okay. The exam won’t be long. I just need to examine you to prepare a plan to make sure you are at peak physical health. It’s a requirement for female workers at the spa.”

“I have to be in peak physical health, Sir,” Jenna confirmed as she began to strip out of her maid uniform.

Once she was nude in front of him, Dr. Bedford took a few steps back and evaluated the pretty woman. “I think you are an attractive woman for sure, Miss Valenti, but we have very high standards here in Love Falls.” He trailed a hand over her right breast. “You will need an exercise routine, some accommodations for your dress code, and a few body alterations.” He motioned to Summer behind him.

Jenni blinked a few times. “Alterations, Sir?” That would be the final statement she ever made as a free person. Summer grabbed her from behind while her husband verbally announced a command that turned on the redhead’s earbuds and put her in a blanked out state.

“Prep her for surgery,” he said to his wife. Marcus assigned his future to him because he trusted his friend to do his normally exceptional work with her. Jenni would make a great addition to Love Falls.

* * *

A few...days...yes...days...passed. Dr. Shrewsbury had stopped by a few times to check on Jenni’s progress and always left satisfied. His good friend always did a remarkable job and had carved a masterpiece for his own piece of property.

In the current moment, she stood at attention on a podium in Dr. Bedford’s office. He was, with Summer’s assistance, finishing up some final programming alterations so her earbuds would only need to go in to add new programming or for updates, which she could be triggered to do herself. Despite her proclamations of fierce independence and being such a badass bitch in the corporate world, Jenni had been one of the spa’s most straightforward brainwashings yet.

It was time to activate her. Dr. Bedford and his wife discussed a final detail and, satisfied with their work, brought her out of the deep trance Jenni had been in for her transformation.

Jenni blinked back to life and stepped off the podium. She was naked besides a pair of platform heels and, of course, her collar and leash. The gorgeous redhead looked down and let out a tiny, girlie, gasp. “Jenni’s breasts are so big, Sir?” A slight up-pitch entered her vapid statement as it went on, turning it into a question from a bimbo seeking confirmation.

It was Summer, whose enormous bust was what Dr. Shrewsbury desired Jenni’s new breasts to be modeled after, who stepped up to speak. “Oh of course. In Love Falls, there is a dress code and part of it is a mandatory chest size minimum. Yours is a bit over it, like mine.”

She continued staring down at her chest and then put a hand on it, which made her shudder as a ripple of pleasure moved through her body.

Dr. Bedford spoke this time. “Not only were your breasts enhanced, but nanites were added to add sensation to them. Every touch will feel,” he ran a finger over her nipple, “good.” He grinned at her “ohhh,” which made the simplified woman giggle.

Jenni looked down past the bust they had been discussing to her hairless cunt. She pointed a white tipped hand towards it.

“Of course,” Dr. Bedford began, “for health reasons your body has to be hairless below the shoulders. It’s a medical fact that women are much healthier because of it. Trust me, I have read the reports.”

The bimbo redhead nodded along. “Jenni trusts you, Sir.” Not once did she notice her inability to speak in the first person.

She took a step and winced. “Jenni is sore, Sir?”

Summer took this query. “Yes, of course Miss Valenti. You spent yesterday doing vigorous treadmill workouts to make sure you can comply with the mandatory high heel length for women who work at the spa. Dr. Shrewesbury was concerned and made sure to schedule your time for it. Take a few steps.”

Jenni took a few steps and then, at Dr. Bedford’s hand motion, spun around and walked back to where she had begun with a perfectly sexualized sway to her gait. Her conditioning yesterday had also included a virtual reality session which added hundreds of hours to her body’s memory of the experience.

He said a verbal command, which turned the future Mrs. Shrewsbury “off” again and then joined his wife at the computer.

Dr. Bedford and Mrs. Bedford viewed Kimmi and the other new hostesses down in doggy position sucking off a phallus with hypno screens in front of them. As they complete a phallus goes in their backside….then back in their mouth…and over and over.

The former journalist sucked and was fucked with programmed enthusiasm. As one phallus finished, she tensed up waiting for the next. Her body was soaked in sweat and her mind had emptied of any thoughts beyond sexual obedience. Bids were already coming in for her even before any cosmetic changes were made, but a special man was already in mind for her.

* * *

Weeks later, Kimmi had been programmed to respond to only a basic set of five commands: SUCK, FUCK, COOK, CLEAN, and OFF. Her new owner had approved the final adjustments personally with Mrs. Shrewsbury, who had long forgotten about her friendship with the sex doll, the previous afternoon and she would be shipped home in the morning. She was devoid of personality and existed only to obey. The key to success for women in modern times, as Mrs. Shrewsbury often mused, was submitting to your husband in what ways deemed appropriate by him. For women like her, it meant service via helping other women; for women by Kimmi, it meant mindless slavery.

The new employee of Love Falls Rejuvenation Spa was very happy with how Kimmi had come out. After a quick weekend for a private wedding and brief honeymoon, they had gotten to work on not only her body transformation, but that of the other women who had come to the spa. Jenni Shrewsbury returned to the spa and days later had breasts so big people would wonder if she did pornography.

The latex clad nurses employed by Dr. Bedford had assisted with Kimmi’s transition from Kiimberly at every step of the way. Chrissie was a short, and rather busty, blonde whose perky enthusiasm made her a favorite of the male superiors she existed to serve each day. She had been conditioned to be bubbly and cheerful at all times. The former medical student had been retrained to find the idea of any thought in her little girlie brain besides the one the man she currently obeyed had put there to be incredibly disgusting.

The other latex clad nurse was named Sammi. The pink haired Doll was on her last day of employment at LFRS. She had been auctioned off and would be reprogrammed to be the happy, domesticated, baby machine her future desired to kick start his political career. A former tech worker, she had been sent here for a spa weekend and never left.

Kimmi had been totally reprogrammed to be devoid of personality beyond a passive smile and an urge for sexual service. Her own cosmetic alterations including breasts the size of soccer balls, a pouty mouth made for cock, and permanently, through genetic alteration, blonde hair. If she had memories of a life before the spa, no one could be sure. She began training and each day learned how to behave in regards to each individual command. Kimmi had become particularly good at SUCK.

Another day passed and a totally compliant Kimmi was doing laundry, someone had to, in the spa’s large laundry room, this time in a pink maid uniform, when her handsome teacher from the other day came in along with a latex wearing security officer. Kimmi finished her task and then snapped to attention to await instruction. Given how she had already been adept at keeping up a home, the CLEAN command was easy to program into her. Kimmi saw her entire purpose in pleasing men. The spa had truly rejuvenated her.

“It’s time for you to go home to your owner, Kimmi.” Jenni, tasked by her husband with personally dealing with this one, which she did not question, approached her and stated a verbal trigger, which initiated the OFF command. Kimmi would always turn OFF when not needed for a specific task. Her eyes became glassy and empty and the bimbo’s mouth formed a pouty O. A few workers with the teacher picked her up and placed Kimmi on a podium for safe travel to her owner. She would be shipped in a large crate and dropped off like any other item that her owner would have purchased from a store.

A few weeks later, Kimmi was set up at home with her Master. The divorce had gone through without a hitch. His club had kept it out of the papers and would make sure the papers covered his new girlfriend, and future wife, once she came back from a spa trip of her own. Kimmi was now a mindless maid that existed for her current command. The ballet heels she wore made it hard to CLEAN, but it was her duty. No other thought went through the bimbo’s mind as she, empty eyed, sprayed down a coffee table and wiped it clean.

Tonight after performing her domestic duties, Kimmi would be servicing one of Master’s teammates. He was interested in a spa treatment for his wife, not as extreme of course, and wanted to see some finished work. The left back loved latex and Kimmi could not wait to put on the custom outfit, which only had small lids for her empty eyes and a hole for her cock sucking lips, to please him. Kimberly was gone, and in its place was the rejuvenated Kimmi.

The End


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