Domestic Doll Services: Bimbo Casino

by barbararwetzel

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #bondage #D/s #dom:male #f/m #multiple_partners #sub:female #clothing #growth #robots #scifi

When Michael inherits a casino from his father, he learns of the diabolical mind control conspiracy surrounding it. However, while figuring out where he stands on that, he must also deal with feelings for his reality television star step-sister.

The casino that Michael’s father had run was located in an ideal place just far enough in from the coast that it avoided climate issues, whether man made or otherwise, but was also nearby to both the local university and tourist traps that people flocked to in droves. The combination of students, a young adult population, and bored or lonely husbands on vacation and looking for a thrill led to the casino being at near capacity at almost all times.

One of its biggest draws, in the less family friendly part that only is allowed by permission, was the gentleman’s club. Inside of it, a series of women danced provocatively in cages. A few spun around on the poles in the middle, while the others looked seductively towards the mostly male patronage around them. Their movements were precise, athletic, and erotic in all possible ways and means. They seemed like deeply trained dancers, and in a sense that was true, but there was more to it than meets the eye. Their movements were so femininely precise for a reason.

One of the dancers stopped midspin, froze in place for a split second, head tilted slightly to the right, while programming updated inside it, and then shifted to a standing position with feminine grace. The cage doors opened and she swayed out of it and towards a podium, which dropped down to floor level where the red haired woman made her way to a couch at the edge of the room.

Despite numerous men, and at least one woman, being unable to take their eyes off her, the dancer did not notice nor care. She had been purchased for the evening and only existed for the buyer’s pleasure. Her desires, feelings, and needs did not matter: All that mattered was mindless obedience.

A man waited there for her. He was the president of a bank, newly divorced, and ready to taste single life. The dancer, without him even telling her what to do, began giving him a lap dance. Her head, again, slightly tilted as she downloaded new information. He had not requested it, but an algorithm inside of her neuro-chip had noted it was often what men desired first during this kind of encounter. Her augmented, toned, and tanned body glided up and down him.

“This was more like it,” he thought after that bitch of a wife had left him. You sleep with one intern and suddenly she gets uppity about their arrangement. It had been fine being a trophy wife when it got her in to meet with celebrities!

The object of his desire, her collared read “Misti,” with a heart over the cursive “i,” stared at the bulge in his expensive dress pants. Grinning proudly, she took her white tipped, tan, hand and stroked the man who had purchased the privilege of her company for the rest of the evening until he was hard. Her hand ran up and down his hard cock and the redhead moved towards unbuttoning his pants with her other hand. No one around them acted like this was odd in any way, shape, or form. In fact, a similar scenario played out on many couches around the club.

Misti’s head titled again as a happy bimbo grin came across her face, but right before her purchaser’s cock could slid into her mouth, he stopped her. “No, no,” he began suddenly, putting a hand up. “Later.” For a moment he regretted ordering her soft hands to stop stroking him, but shook it off. “Dinner back up in my suite. Then we can get down to business.” Okay, that sounded dorky, or maybe creepy even, as all hell. He had married his now former wife right out of college. His flirting skills were a bit out of practice. When he set this up however, he was told the Doll he purchased would not care.

“Yes, Mr. Dixon,” Misti said in a soft, docile, and deeply servile voice. She stood up, put out her hand, and helped her client up to his feet. He was a little sore from the gym that morning. Another upgrade attempt to find a new wife. She kissed him on the cheek and led the man over to an elevator to his suite. He could already tell his two day stay was going to turn into four.

Another group of beautiful waitresses served food and drinks to each table. Each waitress wore a matching uniform of spandex shorts with the casino’s logo on the right ass cheek, plus a form fitting tank top, with another variation on the logo, and shiny black pumps. All of them were cheerful, feminine, one more beautiful than the last, and eager to please in all things. They seemed happy, well taken care of, workers enthusiastically doing their jobs as if it was their life’s purpose.

On the stage, a green haired singer swayed seductively across it. She sang a romantic song, which did not get much attention, but then belted out a sexy dance number that turned some heads. The doll titted woman had been on one of those singing competitions on television, but had failed in an early round. The owner of the club, Michael’s father, randomly seeing the show, had taken a liking to her, and, after some convincing, gave her a new job singing for his clientele. He got bored of her quickly, but she still sang each night with vapid cheer.

This was the scene Michael Jeffries was taking in at the moment on a video screen in the security office of the casino. Since his father, a casino mogul who made hundreds of millions of dollars, if not billions, off of his casino had passed away a few weeks ago, he had taken time off from his last year at university to return home. His father had left the casino in his name and, while young, the letter left by his dad made it clear the businessman felt that he was ready to take on the responsibilities and also learn the truth about how he had made his money.

He continued watching the casino staff, his employees he had to continually remind himself, go about their work. The dancers continued their seductive sways and glances. He quickly realized that the changes in caged dancers, one named Misti had just replaced one named January, were because the woman had been purchased for the night for prostitutive work. After seeing a few dancers leave and then a man suddenly get up and walk in the same direction, it became obvious to him what was going on. Dad had never mentioned the prostitution angle of his business, but it did not come as much of a surprise.

While Michael had kept his distance from the casino while at university, he knew enough about it to know some of the work would be sleazy. After dad had died, when he arrived his father’s closest adviser, a middle aged man named Marcus, had taken him under his own wing. “I promise to help you out,” he declared, “your dad was insistent on it. He also wanted you to know the truth.” When he did speak to his father, they were a bit estranged, Marcus had been brought up with praise.

“The truth” was more incredible than he could ever have imagined. He went back to watching the peppy, and beautiful, waitresses. A Korean woman named Kimmi, with little hearts over each “i,” bent over slightly to a male client to show off her impressive augmented chest, which he had a great view of where he stood at the moment. Kimmi, like every waitress, wore extremely tight spandex shorts, a low cut shirt advertising the casino’s new virtual reality rooms, and platform heels. She was heavily made up and softly smiled with vapid, feminine, compliance.

She seemed to look up in his direction before walking away, after the man grabbed her ass, but he was behind a two way mirror, so it was impossible. Her head tilted towards the man and a girlie giggle came out of her pouty mouth.

He watched the pop singer for a moment before getting bored. Not really his thing. His dad had odd fascinations with doomed starlets like her. He always had, including his step mother. His attention turned back to Kimmi with the hearts over each i.

“So I could have her right take her off her shift and have my way with her?” Michael looked over at Marcus. His father’s friend looked older than he remembered.

The man nodded confirmation. “They are created and programmed for pleasure and obedience. Their every waking moment is about serving.” They watched her sway over to another man’s table, who brought his wife for some reason, and lean over seductively in what looked like a pitch perfect recreation of the previous table.

Michael stared at her impressive cleavage. Kimmi was beautiful, fit, and busty. In other words, absolutely his type. Her smile was delightful. Impure thoughts ran through his mind. It was very difficult to avoid them around such a stunning woman. He could see why his father’s casino was so popular.

He was about to ask if it was possible to see Kimmi when there was some kind of commotion down on the floor of the casino. Marcus stepped up quickly and switched the screen to view the situation, which was taking place in another part of the casino.

The screen switched to a room with a large group of what looked like poker tables. A pretty woman was seen standing by one of them and looked like she was having some kind of dispute with a dark haired, latex clad, and very muscular, security officer. The burly woman wore a collar that had the name “Charlotte” written in bright pink, cursive, writing.

Marcus added the hot mic under the table to their feed as the patron’s name came across their screen on the right side as well alongside information about her. “Facial recognition does an algorithmic search within local friendly databases. Trouble makers are often found and can be intervened with before they become a problem.” They stared at the screen. “This one came out of nowhere. No red flags. Let’s see what happens. Charlotte is...very good at her job.” She was also good at sucking cock, which Marcus could confirm as of a few weeks ago.

“I was not counting cards!!!” The woman, whose name was Madison, was insistent on this. She was blonde with a nice figure. Background information about her came up on the screen besides the video. Michael leaned in to listen to the conversation. The security officer was insistent on it and asked her, in a very matter of fact voice, to come with her to deal with the issue.

At this point, Madison called the officer a “fucking cunt” and threw a drink at her. Michael, unable to stop himself, began laughing, but stopped when Marcus gave him a very sharp glance. It was kind of funny, I have to admit.

At this point, a hush came over the room. Michael held in a chuckle as a table player, a regular, muttered “oh shit, here we go again,” just loud enough that the hot mic caught it.

The dark haired security officer tilted her head slowly as she measured up the unruly card player. Charlotte picked Madison up off the floor by the shoulders and held her in place before slamming the blonde woman onto the floor. She was cuffed and collared, with a leash attached, before being dragged away towards an elevator for questioning. However, after Marcus typed out a few commands, the security officer froze in place for a moment and then turned in another direction towards an elevator, which she unlocked with an iris scan. Charlotte was, Michael mused to himself, quite effective at her job. She was also beautiful.

Seconds later, a door opened to Marcus’ office with Charlotte dragging Madison along with her, who had mostly given up fighting after the collar was snapped around her neck.

“Well, you wanted a demonstration of how the chips work, didn’t you,” Marcus said to his boss’s son, well now his boss he supposed, with a shrug.

Michael stared at it again. He could not believe it was real. So many things about what he had been learning the past few days were surreal or plain and simply unbelievable. Still, the prospects of this, if it was real, needed to be verified. He had tried his best to be skeptical so far, wondering how much of Marcus’ presentation was showmanship, but this was the real deal bottom-line issue at hand. You cannot hire actors to do what he was about to demonstrate for him.

“What the fuck! What chip? What are you assholes talking about? I didn’t count cards!” Madison began screaming at them, which prompted Marcus to nod towards Charlotte, who yanked her over to the security officer as her Master placed a ball gag in the card counter’s mouth. Her muffled screams and protests were at a much more reasonable volume now. She was silent after Charlotte gave her leash another yank. Tears smeared the woman’s eye makeup.

“Ah, Madison Yanuzza,” Marcus begins, “College student. B average. One parent. No siblings. Your social media profile shows you don’t talk to her much. If you had a sudden career change it wouldn’t seem odd. We can always correct her later if required too. We can always make you vanish also. Never went back home again. Maybe you leave a message about wanting a new life elsewhere. Maybe we make you fall out with everyone you know. Something like that should do it.”

Marcus picked up the box with the chip inside and held it up to Michael before walking over to Madison. At his nod, again, Charlotte removed the collar from around the blonde’s neck and he unromantically jabbed it into her neck. Through the ball gag, her shriek could be heard as the chip began taking over her faculties and mind. She froze in place suddenly; her empty eyes were distant and glassy. After a moment, her head tilted slightly just like the hostesses from earlier.

“Within one minute,” Marcus began idly, “we will have root control over Miss Yanuzza. I have programmed the chip to install the generic programming for one of our lovely employees. It will hurt her for a few minutes, but afterwards she will be fine. You’ll see in a moment.” Once you have seen this process a few times, or a few hundred, it is not that interesting.

He walked back over to his new boss and continued to muse about Madison. Marcus did enjoy doing the sales pitch. “The chips are efficient and useful. Your father created an especially loyal group of employees here. Every dancer, hostess, and singer in this casino is chipped. Some came from the occasional job calls we do, but others like Madison were unruly patrons and we decided to correct them. The long term plan, which you will want to review of course, is to expand this into our criminal justice system. Instead of jailing someone for a significant amount of time at the expense of taxpayers, they could be programmed during their incarceration and then adjusted to return to civilian life as a productive member of society.”

“What about Charlotte here?” The security officer now stood as casual attention. Michael noticed for the first time that she had apprehended Madison while wearing extremely high heels. It was an impressive feat of athleticism, and honestly a bit sexy.

Marcus thought for a second. “Oh, right,” he paused to confirm his memory via her file, “yes, that is correct. Miss Blanchard was an applicant to be a dancer. She had all the right assets, but we had already accepted enough dancers, so upon chipping she was turned into a security officer and then strengthened to fit the role.” He adjusted his glasses. “You will find that the security officers are all toned, strong, loyal beyond description, but often quite feminine. Your father thought it was ideal.”

“The bottom-line is,” Marcus finished, “each chipped woman retains their original personality, but it has been deprioritized by a more prioritized need to please and obey. Charlotte was an avid reader, but it’s not a part of her job, so while she would still enjoy it if handed a book and commanded to read it, the need to read is always a moment’s thought away from her. It’s like a permanent form of attention deficit disorder in some ways. Quite frankly I think it is best when women think as little as possible. Any desires she had before have been placed on permanent ignore: Her only desire now is obeying men.” He eyed the attractive slave. According to his world view, all women existed to obey men.

Michael was about to comment on Marcus’ personal philosophy and the science of it all when the newly chipped woman gasped suddenly through the gag. Charlotte, coming back to life, took it out of the young woman’s mouth. She then reattached the collar around her neck to hide the chip.

The newly enslaved woman smiled softly. “Master,” she began with a docile purr as she looked at and made eye contact with both men before focusing on Marcus. “My name is Madison Yanuzza. I am yours to command.” She turned towards Michael. “Please command me if it would please you. Pleasing you is my purpose.” She tilted her head slightly as more programming was downloaded into her neuro-chip. Her angst about being accused of crimes were not forgotten, but they just did not matter anymore. All that mattered was Master.

“By default she is programmed to obey any male staff member at the casino.” Marcus shrugged. “They can be programmed for individual use too. The dancer we saw earlier went to spend the night with a potential buyer who will likely be purchased by him. At that time, once the transaction is completed, her desire to be commanded and to please will be focused on him and only him unless he desires some other arrangement.”

“Would she kill someone,” Michael asked. “Would she kill herself if I told her to right now? Could I make her claw her eyes out?”

Marcus stared at his new boss. “Yes, she can kill someone. We have...tested that out…” He paused for a moment. “She will kill herself too. We—”

Michael put a hand up. “You’ve obviously tested for that.” Marcus silence confirmed his hypothesis.

Michael stared at Madison. “Is she going to be assigned to anything specific?”

“Well, we can always use more hostesses. The really pretty ones get swept up by a buyer fairly quickly. Say a month or two.” He paused and wiped his glasses. “By the way, I could tell you thought she was...interesting...I’m sure at some point you wanted to take her for a spin yourself, so I just ordered Kimmi to join us up here. You seemed to really like her.”

“Yeah. Something like that.” Michael felt insecure at the idea his attraction to the Korean hostess was so obvious.

Michael switched back to the original screen they were viewing. Kimmi was just about to sway over to a table to take their order when, at the push of a button, she altered course and headed to the same elevator that Charlotte took Madison into earlier. She snapped to attention inside of it, and then blinked back to life a moment later upon leaving the elevator.

Kimmi entered the control room and knelt on the floor. Her gaze was only on Michael as she had been programmed by Marcus, anticipating a situation like this.

Marcus stood up and walked over to the slave. “Kimmi, initiate ownership mode. Confirmation code (I’m not telling you her confirmation code!).”

Kimmi blinked a few times. Her head tilted slightly as a soft smile came over her face. “Ownership mode initiated and accepted. Who shall own her?”

Marcus waved towards Michael. “Michael is your owner. You will do anything he says. You are his property.”

“Kimmi will do anything Michael says. She is his property.” The beautiful Korean woman stared past him to look at her new owner. “How will she address him?”

Michael shrugged. “Sir is fine for now.”

The slave stared at her new controller with puppy dog devotion mirrored in her eyes. “My name is Kimmi. I do not know my last name because it doesn’t help me in my duties. I am yours to command. Please command me if it would please you. Pleasing you is my purpose, Sir.”

With that statement still hanging in the air, Kimmi dropped down to her knees and bowed.


The next morning, Michael’s stepmother Alexis was in the back of a limousine heading towards the casino. The brunette 42 years old was beautiful beyond words. Her body had been sculpted both by her personal trainer and one of the best cosmetic surgeons in the country. Her daughter, Michael’s step sister, Jessa, was 22 years old. The vapid blonde was scrolling through her text messages and social media comments from the night before. So far, she has wasted her life partying with C list celebrities dating actors whom she thinks each time will be her “big break.”

Alexis and Jessa had an icy relationship. They were fairly close while Jessa was growing up, but after her mother married her step father, Michael’s dad, her attention turned to him and his money. The beautiful blonde also started to turn more heads of men than she did, no matter how much cosmetic surgery she had, and this turned into a bitter jealousy that led to her attempting to sabotage her daughter’s reality TV career via an affair with an influential executive producer.

Jessa found out, called her a cunt on a live broadcast, and they had barely spoken until the funeral when they had to attempt a reconciliation due to being left out of the casino inheritance.

The death of Michael’s father had caused a big fight at the funeral. He had given control of it directly to Michael. The instructions were clear: My son is in control. Alexis did not give me a male heir, so she is out. Michael would control the business. Her and Jessa’s involvement in it would be up to him.

In the eyes of his step mother, Michael was a loser who had taken on an academic life instead of going directly into the business. Jessa did try to be friendlier, but after the reality TV mess with her mom, he had decided to keep his distance.

Alexis hated Michael’s guts. It was clear as they arrived at the casino that this was not going to end well.

Jessa stared at her phone and quickly tapped out a reply with a long acrylic nail. She put the phone back in her purse before her mother could see whom she was replying to in the message.

They exited the limo, not even acknowledging the driver, and entered the casino. Both women were dressed extravagantly in beautiful dresses, sky high heels, spray tans, and tons of makeup. Jessa looked a lot like her mother before all the cosmetic surgeries. So far, breast implants, a gift for her 19th birthday, were her only time under the knife.

They turned a lot of heads as they entered the casino. At the front desk a cheerful woman stopped them. She had platinum blonde hair with pink and purple streaks through it. An extremely tight dress adorned her body and barely contained her massive breast implants. “Miss…” she trailed off, the vapid smile never leaving her face. The bimbo’s head tilted slightly as new information was downloading.

“Miss Jeffries,” she began with enthusiastic glee as her glance moved between her new Master’s relatives. “Mrs. Jeffries, we are so happy to host you at the casino.” She handed the women a swipe card with her pink nailed hand. “Please enjoy your stay here at the casino. We are here to serve you in whatever needs you have at any time.” The programmed worker gave Mrs. Jeffries a flirty look that implied much more was available if she wanted to have it. The bimbo had done a shift as a dancer the night before. A nice man had bought for her the evening and ravaged the busty doll all night long.

Mrs. Jeffries took the card and ignored the airhead as she walked towards an elevator. Miss Jeffries quietly said “thank you,” and gave her a wave. Her mom was always such a cunt to workers. Who did she think she was? Jessa had done an episode on her television show about helping out workers at a restaurant she went to that was a 60 minute passive aggressive swipe at her mother.

They were silent in the elevator until right before they got out of it. As the doors opened, Alexis said “he had better fucking understand we have a role here.” She looked, beyond her normal bitchiness, a bit unnerved. Michael’s father dying had unraveled her sweet little life.

Jessa nodded. “I’m sure he has a role. There has to be some kind of job for at least you, if not me.” If only she knew how accurate that statement would be in a few chapters.

They entered the impressively large room they were assigned to by Michael. It was one of the VIP suites. Alexis remembered staying in it before when they first got married. She tossed her bag down and immediately ordered room service.

Jessa looked around and made sure her mother was not looking and then pulled out her phone. Michael had sent another text asking her to meet up with him. “Hey, I’m going to go take a look around. I’ve never actually been here before somehow.” It was true: She had avoided her step father’s casino and wanted to make her own way and not end up one of those sad daughters of fame and celebrity who end up hawking dumb shit at a casino.

The beautiful blonde would, of course, take a job though. A lot of her, she thought while slipping out of the room while Alexis yelled at whomever answered the phone downstairs, wanted to give up the wilder life to settle a bit. Michael, from their texts, clearly had something in mind, so it made sense to hear him out at least. At worst, she can just say “no thanks” and move on. Mom could deal with this casino if she wanted to too.

She had never been close with her step brother. There was a little bit of an age difference, so it’s not like they shared that at least. He was more studious and significantly more private than the social media obsessed television star heading to his room right now. His own feed was quiet: There was an occasional picture, sometimes with a pretty lady, and a random sort of updates about sports clubs and politics. Michael’s views seemed to be all over the place. Jessa did not care much about politics outside of sleeping with a senator once after a party.

The room Michael had sent her to was not actually his private quarters, but a meeting area that was clearly used for casual meal settings. Michael met her at the door and gave his step sister a warm hug. “I’ve missed you,” he whispered while tightly embracing her once more. Jessa returned the hug and had to admit it was nice to see him.

Michael motioned for her to sit down on the couch opposite where his laptop and a cup of coffee were sitting. She sat down and slowly crossed her legs, which was a habit formed from an affair with a television executive who had a fetish for both pantyhose and high heels.

“Well,” he began, “we certainly have a lot to talk about today. I’m really sorry that my father left things in such a way that delineated ownership only to me. I have a feeling,” he paused and looked down for a second, “we can come to some kind of agreement. I would like you and your mother involved in a capacity that both you and I are comfortable with.”

Before Jessa could respond, there was a knock at the door. “Come in,” Michael said loudly, with a sound of authority in his voice that she had never heard from him before. He stared at the door with intent in his eyes.

A beautiful dark skinned woman entered rolling in a tray of food. The woman, whose collar read “Yvonne,” was dressed just as the waitresses had been the night before: Like every waitress, she wore extremely tight spandex shorts, a low cut shirt advertising the casino’s new virtual reality rooms, and platform heels. Her breasts had been surgically expanded clearly.

“Sir, your meal is here. A meal has been prepared for Miss Jeffries as well. Is there anything else, Sir?” Yvonne looked down with submissive deferment to her superior. She had been an international student studying at a local university until the day the beautiful Nigerian woman had vanished without a trace. Her family was distraught, but it turned out their daughter, who had come to this country with a dream of becoming a doctor, had taken out a nice insurance policy, so their tears ceased when a hefty payout came through.

Jessa looked up at Yvonne, who did not make eye contact with her. Frankly, her attention was completely focused on Timothy. The hostess tilted her head slightly waiting for commands from the man whose pleasure was her purpose in living. Service workers were often deferential, but this beautiful woman, dreams of returning to her country to care for the sick now always a thought away, was fairly aggressive about it. Yvonne had never met her Master until just now, but when her programming was updated for the new casino ownership, she had instantly fallen under his control.

Timothy noticed her expression and shrugged. “Dad liked things to be fairly formal around here. That’s all for now Yvonne. If I need anything I will call.”

He watched Yvonne’s firm backside sway away from them and out the door to the meeting room. “Well, I know we have not spoken in awhile, but I have been following your career. I’m sorry your television show did not work out. I don’t claim to be an expert in such things, but it seems like that kind of stardom is quite fleeting. Perhaps dad’s death and the issues surrounding it could be an opportunity for a change?”

Jessa hesitated. “I’m really not sure what I want to do. I really thought this show was going to take off. Maybe I shouldn’t have called mom a cu—”

Timothy cut her off. “Don’t say that word. It’s a really shitty thing to call a woman.” A beat passed. “Even if your mother is one.” Jessa smiled at him. “You could come work with me maybe? I’m honestly not sure how much I want to be a part of day to day activities here, but I could use a public face for the casino. A beautiful young woman would certainly be able to use all your already available media tools for promotion.” Another beat passed. “I’m just kind of thinking off the top of my head.” He realized that, a moment ago, he had proclaimed that his step sister was hot with a bit of embarrassment.

Jessa sighed. “I don’t know. It’s nice of you to try to include me. What about mom?”

“I am going to meet with her too,” he confirmed. “You’re getting this offer first. I like you more.” His eyes drifted to her curves. “I have been advised not to talk about details, but I am going to attempt to make her see that it is best for all involved to have her step aside.”

It suddenly dawned on him that he could fix this problem right now. He could overcome Jessa, jam the chip Marcus had given him last night into her neck, and make her do his bidding. Same with Alexis. He closed his eyes. That seemed like a drastic action and a dire pattern of decision making that felt like it should be avoided. At least in this part of the narrative.

“More generally, I guess, what are your plans?” Jessa was really pretty, he had to admit it.

“I plan on keeping the casino going of course no matter what happens with you and your mother.” Timothy stood up. “Okay, I need to get to another meeting.” Jessa stood up and they hugged again.

“Feel free to stay here. I assigned a room to you.” A few seconds later, Yvonne reentered the room. She, again, paid attention to her Master only as her head tilted to listen to his instruction. “Please escort Miss Jeffries to her room and assist her as she needs.”

Yvonne finally acknowledged Jessa. “Miss, please follow to your room.” Timothy shrugged at his step sister and she followed the hostess.

After they left, he opened another window to check on how Maddie, the former Madison Yanuzza, was progressing in her programming. She was currently hooked to a machine that was, according to the doctor in the room, who joined him live, that would greatly expand her proportions as desired.

Michael decided to visit the medical center. He sent a message to the head doctor, received a reply moments later, and made his way down there. Upon entering, he found a handful of men with slutty looking nurses following commands as new...employees...were connected to machines. One of them said the head doctor was in the back. BEDFORD was on the door. He shrugged with uncertainty and opened it.

Inside the large room, he found the woman from last night. She was hooked to a machine with a blank expression on her face. Her mouth formed a pouty O like it was about to suck a cock.

“It’s really state of the art,” Dr. Bedford, proclaimed as his personal nurse, whose collar read “Candi,” and wife swayed over to Maddie in the background. “We use the clinic here to do trials on the young ladies who come into employment at the casino. They don’t seem to mind the risks.”

The former clinical nurse had been discovered by the good doctor at a conference. The headstrong career woman was now a latex clad docile dove who existed only for her Master. Her own breasts had been significantly augmented along with other features. Her long red hair matched up nicely with the light green latex uniform.

“You’ll have to brief me about it at some point,” Timothy commented. “How long do they stay in your clinic?”

Dr. Bedford waved over at Maddie, who stared blankly at nothing in particular as Candi examined her readings. “This delightful young lady you have brought me will be ready for job placement in a few days. Today is used to create her ideal body. Her breasts will be much larger. Her body will be firm and wide hipped. The young people call it ‘thick’ I have heard.”

Timothy chuckled. “Something like that.”

The good doctor paused and his face took on a somber expression. “I am sorry for your loss Timothy. Your father talked about you sometimes. He was proud. I loved working for him. This is a hell of a job.”

“Thanks,” Timothy said quietly. “It’s a lot to adjust to, but I’m learning. So back to what you were saying.”

“Bottom line,” Dr. Bedford continued, sitting down at a desk, is that today is for body alterations and then tomorrow is for programming and syncing their former personality to this wonderfully improved one.” He paused to type something into an interface. “After that is a job placement routine. Unless there is a specific request, generally the ladies are rotated around jobs until they catch the eye of a buyer.” He pointed at Candi. “She is mine though. No borrowing.”

Timothy stared at the beautiful redhead. “I promise not to use some executive power to take her from you.” Candi continued doing work on Maddie as if the men were not there. A thought dawned on him.

“Can she hear us? Like you know how your phone can be activated with your voice?”

Dr. Bedford brightened. “She can hear me. But unless I directly command her, she won’t notice anything that breaks from her current command.”

They watched her, head slightly tilted, examine some digital readouts. “Actually,” Dr. Bedford said quietly, “if you mind, let’s try something. I never attempted this with your dad.”

“Uh oh,” Timothy interrupted, “sounds scandalous.”

Dr. Bedford put his hands up. “Nothing at all like that. Just a professional curiosity.” He pointed to Candi. “Try to get her attention.”

“Candi,” Timothy said in a fairly severe voice. He had not meant it to come out that way.

The bimbo nurse froze in place, tilted her head upright, and turned to her controller.

“Huh,” was all Dr. Bedford said about his wife and slave’s reaction. “Okay, try to command her.”

Timothy hesitated, mouth slightly ajar. It was hard to come up with a command on the spot. “Candi, uh, bark like a puppy.”

“Yip! Yip!” Candi obeyed her controller.

Now it was Timothy who said “huh,” and looked over at Dr. Bedford. “I wonder if my dad ever abused that.”

“So you have master control over all of them, including my wife here.” He gently stroked her hair while the bimbo puppy nurse wagged her tongue for them. “With all due respect, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t abuse her. You seem like a reasonable young man, and I am sure there are plenty of other options out there.”

“Of course. While she is appealing for sure,” he began before pausing. “Candi, go back to your duties. It’s kind of weird having you pant at us.” He looked over at Dr. Bedford. “Do that on your own time.”

Candi tilted her head, and then stood up and went back to her duties as if nothing had happened. “So, anyway,” Michael continued, “she is really hot sure, but there are plenty of other options out there.”

“Already seen a fish out in the pond that caught your eyes?” Dr. Bedford winked at him.

Michael shrugged, trying to play it cool. “Something like that.” He was unsure at the moment if Jessa or Kimmi had been whom he was referring to in that statement.

They spoke for a few more minutes. Dr. Bedford was happy to answer any questions his new boss had for him. Behind them, Candi continued to work on Maddie. The new slave’s breasts already seemed a bit larger.


After a long day of getting to know his workers, their needs, and the lovely women dedicated to loyal service, Michael decided it was time to head home for dinner. He went back to his quarters, knocked politely, and entered it. What he found was remarkable.

His quarters were spotless. Upon arrival, he had tossed his bags on the floor. Kimmi had put them away, organized his stuff, and then placed the bags by the door. Warm smells of dinner could be found emanating from the kitchen, which was where his beautiful slave came from a moment later.

“Master,” Kimmi began warmly as she came around the corner in the sky high heels she wore with her maid uniform. The beautiful Korean woman threw herself into his arms and held on for dear life before taking a few steps back, curtsying low to show off her augmented cleavage, and lowering her eyes to the floor. “Master, Kimmi has prepared your quarters to be suitable for living in. She has cleaned, organized your belongings, and prepared a meal.

Her eyes rose from the floor. “Master, your schedule was strenuous today. May Kimmi offer her body to you as a means for relaxation and relief before she serves dinner to you?”

Michael froze in place and stared at her. “What would you have in mind?”

His slave stood up, reached her hand out, and led him to the couch in the living room where she sart him down, knelt on the floor, and undid his pants, His half hard cock slid right into her mouth and she fellated him with programmed enthusiasm until he came in her mouth.

Kimmi excused herself for a moment and then returned to kneel before him again. “Master, dinner is prepared. Would you like to eat now?”

Michael looked down at the beautiful, deeply programmed, woman kneeling at his feet. He leaned down and kissed her. “That would be great. I want you to join me as well.” He kissed her again. She returned it with eager enthusiasm. “I am growing quite fond of you.”

Kimmi brightened as she gracefully stood up. “Master, Kimmi is so happy. She is delighted to join you for dinner, but please let her serve it to you.”

The maid took his hand in her own and led him to the kitchen. He had not had a chance to really check it out yet and found the eating area to be fully stocked with fresh food and the latest appliances. It was very impressive.

“Master,” Kimmi began as she spun around to face her owner, “Kimmi would love to speak with you about your dietary preferences so she can maintain your home as you desire.”

Michael nodded. “I’m sure we have a lot to go over.” A beat passed. “So what is on the menu tonight?”

Kimmi waved her manicured hand towards a lovely meal that was sitting on the stove top, ready for portioning. Michael nodded in approval and she brought their meal over to the dining room table. She, of course, served him first and waited until he approved her wine choice as well before sitting down herself.

Michael observed a few interesting things as they ate. Kimmi clearly had to eat like a regular person, although she took on a much smaller portion than he had for sure. She was pleasant and asked him about his day without pressing for details until he offered them. A lot of women could learn from her. Maybe they just need to be chipped. Maybe all women do.

They shared a delightful evening together. After dinner, Michael wanted to watch a sports event and go over through his notes from the day. Kimmi tidied up in the kitchen and then joined him on the couch, but stripped down to her underwear. The sky high heels remained.

She settled in with him and was quiet. The tips of her nails gently stroked his midsection. He looked up at the screen on occasion, but mostly read over what he had learned during the day. Finally, he did speak up.

“I have a question for you,” he began, getting her complete attention. She stared at him with vapid joy mirrored in her eyes. “Are you happy? Did you enjoy working at the casino before becoming my property?”

Kimmi tilted her head slightly. “Master, Kimmi cannot begin to describe how happy she is. She loved working at the casino before becoming your property? Do you desire her to continue working? Kimmi will,” she leaned her cleavage forward, “do whatever you desire of her.”

“Oh,” Michael chuckled, “I think I will enjoy having you stay home and wear that uniform every day until I say otherwise.” He thought for a second. “Do you wish you could do anything else?”

“Master,” she proclaimed again, with an adorable up pitch in her voice, “if you would like Kimmi to do something else, all you have to do is command her. She is your property.” The happy bimbo leaned forward again and kissed her Master.

Michael returned the kiss and gently kneaded her massive breasts. “What I would like,” he instructed, while motioning for his property to take off her bra, “is to come home to you each night. A happy woman,” he paused to slide two fingers inside her, “eager to please me, with a clean home, a warm meal, and a mouth ready for my cock.” She rode his fingers and let out a happy sigh as her body orgasmically warmed to his touch.

He let her ride it out for a while. “You’re mine, Kimmi. I own you.” He gritted out the words through his teeth. Her violent moans flooded the room. “When I let you come in a minute, I want you to be madly in love with me. I want you to forget you ever had a life before me. I want you to live only for me. Cum!”

Kimmi let out a vigorous scream like he had never heard from a woman before. Afterwards she fell over into his protective arms, which cradled her. It was almost as if, beyond her quiet panting, she had turned off. All of this changed a few seconds later.

The beautiful Korean woman suddenly sat up, tilted her head slightly, and a look of absolute devotion and love came over her face. “Master,” she exclaimed, jumping into his arms. Michael held onto her for a moment as plans for a future with his bimbo property began to emerge in his mind. They kissed again and she wrapped a hand around his cock to stroke it, but he pulled away. “No. Not now.” “Later,” he added after seeing her adorable pout.

“Actually,” he continued, motioning for her to stand up, let’s go out.”


A little while later, Jessa was messing around on her phone at dinner. She had decided to take in a show. The singer for the evening was another former reality television star. They had met once before actually at some bullshit charity thing. Not everyone gets to advance on those shows, so it made sense for her to end up someplace like this. Surely some horn-dog men would remember her.

Despite wanting to have some quiet time to get to know the casino a bit more, the beautiful blonde had curled her hair and worn a silver plunge dress and a pair of platform heels the same color. Her augmented breasts hung out of it alluringly, which drew the attention of men, and at least one woman, that passed by her table.

She nibbled at her dinner. The green haired singer, the man one Michael had observed the night before, was named Lacey Marie, but the decorative collar around her neck read “Savannah.” For the first time she noticed the big poster by the side of the stage. “Savannah Sweetness.” What a ridiculous name.

Jessa watched the singer’s vapid pop singing for a few songs. Some men leaned against the protective barrier for sure, but most people just went on with their meal and ignored the background noise. It did not matter much to them, clearly.

What was getting attention, besides Jessa’s fake tits, was the waitresses. Each was more beautiful than the last. Some of them looked like models or at least those kinds of women who sell stuff on their social media profile. Jessa had tried to do that, but never really made enough money to make it worth it.

Her waitress, a busty woman named “Lindsey,” looked like the spandex shorts and tank top was painted onto her. Six inch heels adorned her feet and made the former casino patron look like a lovely acquisition for the casino. The tan woman’s up-pitched voice was equally vapid and kind of flirty.

Not really Jessa’s thing, but it was not surprising to her to find the young lady at another table, cleavage hanging in the face of a man, whose hand was on her spandex clad backside, with a bucket of loud giggles coming out of her. The man stood up and the waitress followed him out a side door.

Jessa did not have time to ponder what that might be about because a handsome man and a red haired woman came up to him. “Hello, Miss Jeffries,” he began, extending a hand, “my name is Dr. Richard Bedford.” He waved a hand to his lovely wife, who was wearing an extremely tight sweater dress and high heeled boots. “This is my wife Candi.” He sat down before Miss Jeffries could object.

“I am the head medical officer at the casino. I actually met with Michael today. He spoke highly of you.” He leaned in a little bit. “He did not mention how beautiful you are though.”

Jessa stared at him. “Um, thanks. Your wife is very pretty.” She looked over at her. “Um?”

“Candi,” Dr. Bedford reaffirmed. “Mrs. Candace Bedford I suppose.” Candi stared at her pretty new friend.

“So,” Jessa countered, “head medical officer? Is there a big need for that here?” Surely people got sick, but why would a casino need such a big staff for it?

The good doctor laughed. “Oh, sure. Some of it is dealing with people getting sick. Partying hard and what not. The women are so pretty that some of the customers cannot keep up!”

He leaned in again. The handsome doctor was very intense. Jessa froze from a lack of ability to decipher a reaction to him. “The truth is we do so much more. We run a wellness program for the staff. These lovely ladies do not stay looking like this without a training regimen. Their bodies need to be exercised and sculpted.” He stared right at her cleavage. “Just as yours has been, Miss Jeffries.”

Jessa blushed a deep shade of red at the compliment. Male executives at the networks had flirted with her, and sure she sucked a dick once to make sure a part went to her, but most of them were rich geeks who happened to stumble into their positions. This doctor had a confidence about him that was very alluring.

“Um, thanks,” she stammered out. The brunette looked over at Candi. “Your wife is really pretty good.” The bimbo slave just kept smiling.

“Ah, my lovely wife,” Dr. Bedford exclaimed, “she actually works for us too. Candi is head nurse. She works at my side each day. He stared directly at Jessa’s chest. “You would make a lovely nurse. You’d enjoy the work. The wellness of our staff is very important to us. I’m sure Michael agrees.”

“I don’t have a nursing degree,” Jessa replied with uncertainty. “I actually looked into one once. I wanted to quit my show, but I got a new contract.” She had never told anyone that before. It felt good to get it off her chest. Figuratively.

Dr. Bedford laughed again. “Yes, your “reality” show. It’s quite amusing. Silly women being silly to each other. Some of them were appealing, but not as appealing as you Miss Jeffries.”

He suddenly stood up. “Time for us to go. I’d love to see you down our way soon though sweetie.” Candi followed him and they left the room, but not before another waitress joined them on the way out.

It was dawning on Jessa how oddly deferential the waitresses were being to men. Sure, it was pleausable that some of them hooked up with guests, or even did sex work on the side, but every woman seemed demure and submissive beyond words.

Then there was the amount of cosmetic surgery! Sure, Jessa had a few procedures over the years, but every single waitress, hostess, and dancer had at least breast implants if not more. She was pretty sure some of the security had also gotten implants.

The mysterious Dr. Bedford was charming and, she had to admit, very attractive. His wife just sat there like some dimwitted bimbo. He spoke of a wellness test or something like that. Between this and what now seemed like obvious sex work by the waitresses, Jessa began thinking something odd was going on at this casino. She probably should have gone directly to Michael, but her decision not to would damn her fate forever.

She left the check without paying. Whatever. Michael could deal with it. Her high heels could be heard clicking across the floor as she entered an elevator and headed back upstairs. There was something she wanted to check out before heading to bed.

Jessa asked the wall interface where the medical center was in the casino. It was a floor away, so she asked it to take her there. The gentle swoosh of the doors opening obfuscated the sound of an alarm’s ping alerting security to someone being on this floor so late in the evening.

She walked up to the medical center and found that its front doors swooshed open as well. There was minimal lighting in the front, but she could see that the back offices and treatment areas were well lit.

The soon to be former reality television star walked into the treatment area and gasped at what she found. Multiple women were in tubes of different colors. She ran as quickly as the high heels on her feet allowed her to stand in front of one of them. The digital readout screen said the name “Maddie” on it. It looks like the woman was recovering from breast augmentation.

She walked over to the office with the large BEDFORD sign in front of it. The door was left open. Everything was so casual in the medical center, which, come on dearest readers, should have raised a few hundred red flags for our heroine, but Jessa stepped inside of it to find a fairly standard office besides the large circular machine coming out of the wall towards her.

It turned out Dr. Bedford’s office was more than meets the eye. Various security features had been put in place all around the medical center, which was why it was such an open space. Jessa could barely notice it before the bright pink hypnotic spiral began dancing before her face on the machine’s large screen. The simple minded woman, as so many women did, feel under control of the spiral within seconds. She dropped to her knees and continued staring at it until metal bars came out of the floor to secure her in place. A pair of wireless earbuds were placed in her ears by a mechanical arm.


Jessa spent the evening being programmed for acquiescence, in general, to the casino’s owners and their activities. A security officer alerted Marcus and Michael in the morning and they met up before heading to see Dr. Bedford in the medical center.

Michael was frustrated that Marcus had not explained they were not only chipped and programming women, but also brainwashing them. “I was going to bring it up today during our meeting,” the older man declared with a shrug.

The new owner of the casino rolled his eyes as the elevator pinged to announce its arrival at their destined floor. “Fine. Whatever. Is Jessa safe?” A deep concern for her filled him. He was not sure that this was the fate he wanted for her, but her meddling had cost her a choice. Still, he was worried.

“She’s fine,” Marcus confirmed. “Just a bit lost in a state of deep suggestion. She can be programmed to do or believe anything right now.” Michael’s eyebrows raised to the ceiling practically. “It wears off without repeat usage. An initial session works for a few days. Long term is what the chips are for really.” He said it with a level of indifference that announced this was not the first woman to stumble into the mind control trap.

At the doors to the medical center, Marcus stopped Michael. “Look, Dr. Bedford is our most valuable doctor here. He would not abuse Jessa. Have you seen his wife? An uppity one that one used to be. Now she is such a lovely angel. She is in good hands I promise.”

They entered the medical center and headed back towards Dr. Bedford’s office. It was still early, so there was not a lot going on yet. Another doctor had a blonde in his office on all fours as he fucked her from behind.

By the door to Dr. Bedford’s office, Michael stopped as he found Jessa standing at attention next to Candi and two other nurses. She wore the same latex uniform that Mrs. Bedford wore, but in a different color, and blankly stared straight ahead waiting for command like her slave sister. “What have you gotten yourself into,” he thought to himself, but kept a neutral tone in front of the good doctor and Marcus.

Jessa’s hair was tied back into a rather severe ponytail. Michael had never seen her like this. It really brought out her facial features. The white platform heels on her feet brought up the brunette’s backside and breasts. He looked over at Dr. Bedford. It was a bit odd that he had her sizes already ready. He made a mental note to check in with Marcus about this issue. Dr. Bedford came off as a bit of a creep. An urge to protect his step sister filled the young man’s body.

“I wanted to see how she would look,” Dr. Bedford claimed with a grin. “She has the perfect disposition for a nurse here: mindless obedience.” He waved a hand towards her. “Isn’t that right, Miss Jeffries.”

Jessa blinked and began speaking in a monotone. “Master, Jessa lives to obey. She will do what you say like a good girl. Being a good girl means obeying.” She turned and faced her controller. “Master, please let Jessa be a good girl.”

“See,” Dr. Bedford said while giving her arm a gentle touch. “She is a good girl. Such a bad girl to try and investigate my medical center though.”

“Look,” Michael said after a moment, “I understand that security issues....did you have to do this though? Couldn’t just apprehend her? Couldn’t just bring her to me?”

“Michael,” Marcus commented with a sigh, “it’s standard security here. We don’t want what we really do here to get out of course. This has happened before and we normally just make them forget and send them back out to the casino with an urge to spend, spend, spend.” He sighed again. “We can wake her up now if you really want. Just make her forget last night even happened. In her present state, she will think, feel, and believe anything we desire. It will wear off though.”

“Right,” Michael muttered to himself. He turned to Dr. Bedford. “Can we use your office? I want to talk to Jessa about a few things.”

Dr. Bedford chuckled. “Just clean up afterwards.” He motioned for his nurses to follow and they all did except for Jessa, who began to, but Michael put a protective hand on her arm. “No, Jessa, you are coming with me.”

Jessa stared at him for a second. “Master, Jessa is coming with you.” Her overnight brainwashing had left the latex slave in a deep state of suggestibility. He walked her into Dr. Bedford’s office and closed the door behind them.

“Jessa,” he began before pausing. She looked incredible in the nursing uniform. He had never realized just how busty she was until now. Her passive, submissive, smile stirred his cock, but he remained focused on the matter at hand.

“Jessa,” he began again, “I want you to obey me above any other man. Do your best with others, but none of their commands can override mine.? Do you understand?”

“Master,” she began in the same blank monotone from before, “Jessa will obey you above any other man. She will do her best with others, but none of their commands can override yours.” She stared at him again with a docile smile.

He shook his head. “I want you to remain in trance, but can you stop with the blank robot voice? It’s fucking unnerving with someone I know.” And am attracted to, he thought but kept to himself.

Jessa blinked a few times. “Master,” she confirmed in a familiar voice, “Jessa can remain in trance, but stop the ‘blank robot voice.’”

“Ah! Good girl.” He squeezed her arm positively. “I need you to talk and act like your normal self beyond the whole ‘Yes Master’ thing. Don’t repeat stuff back to me. You sound like a robot and it’s weird because you’re a person, not a thing.”

Jessa stared at him for a moment. “Master, Jessa will obey. She is your step sister and a person.” Her smile turned flirty for a few seconds, which he definitely noticed.

“ is what we need to talk about. Later today we are going to have a meeting with your mother and Marcus. I want you to agree with everything I want to do with the casino. Be enthusiastic in your defense. Your mother is always wrong and I am going to make sure she has nothing to do with the running of this business.”

Jessa nodded and said “Yes, Master,” very quietly to obey his previous command. Of course she would defend him! He was her Master afterall. She had never gotten along with her mom, but especially after being sold out by her. How dare she expect to be a part of Master’s business!

Michael pulled her into a hug, which the slave enthusiastically returned. He could smell her hair and perfume and took her hands in his own. “I want you to be the public face of the casino. No more reality television or social media bullshit unless I approve it. You will be the person people see in commercials, who does publicity, who greets them. You will think, do, and believe what I tell you to do. You will be eager to put your old life behind you.”

He squeezed her hands more. “There is a lot I need to tell you. But it can wait until later on. But right now I need you to do what I tell you and I need your support.”

Jessa nodded. “Master, Jessa will do what you say and support you.”

Michael laughed. “Better. Much less robot sounding.” He hugged her again. “I’m glad to have you here. I’m sorry it had to come to this though. In a few days, if all goes well…” He paused as the gravity of a decision forming in his mind became very serious. “...everything will be much better.”

He took a step back. “Okay. I am going to um...wake you up I guess. Don’t call me Master around others, but especially your mother.” He handed her something. “Okay, wake up. But remember everything I told you.”

Jessa gasped and then blinked rapidly. “Hey!” She jumped into a hug with him. “Thanks for waking me up. I will do whatever you say and support you.” The slave ran a hand over his arm. The other still clenched what Michael had given her.

Her gaze went over to the wall sized mirror on the side of Dr. Bedford’s office. “I love how I look in latex,” she said quietly to herself.

Michael had to agree, but kept that to himself. “Was that one of the ideas brainwashed into you?” He was genuinely curious and made a mental note to demand oversight on Dr. Bedford’s scripts in the future. Why did they even have a male doctor? A chipped female doctor who did what she was told without being such a creep would certainly be an improvement over him.

Jessa nodded slowly. “I think so. I wore a latex skirt at some magazine photo shoot once, but I got some really lewd comments on my social media profile, like really perverted stuff, so I never wore it again.”

She turned to face him. Her cleavage could barely be contained by the dress. “I would wear it every day if you wanted me to. i feel this compulsion to do what you want.” Her breathing was heavy for a few seconds. “I’m scared of all of this.”

Michael hugged her tightly again, but this time kissed her forehead too. “Don’t be afraid. That’s an order, Jessa.” After a moment she put on a very brave face. “Good girl.”

He looked thoughtful for a few seconds. “While it would be nice to see you in latex all the time, we can’t really have you be the face of the casino and do that.”

Jessa looked at him with adoration in her eyes. “Thank you for making that decision for me. I want to obey you, but I also want to leave my career behind. I just couldn’t make the decision.”

Michael nodded. He quickly got used to controlling women. It was clear how corrupting this could be.

He motioned for Jessa to follow him and went out in the hallway and waved down a nurse. The chipped nurse, whose collar just said NURSE, swayed over and slightly tilted her head as she waited for command.

Michael noticed that Jessa was staring at “Nurse.” “What is it?”

She squinted. It was cute. “Do they all do that? They turn their heads.”

He realized it was true. “That’s a good observation. I guess they do. Must be the stance they take when waiting for command. A sign of submission. It’s kind of erotic really.”

Jessa was quiet for a few seconds. “Do you want me to do that?”

He shook his head slowly after a very long moment. “No, no, never. You’re not some mindless automaton. I would never do that to you.”

She smiled warmly at him. Michael turned to “Nurse.” Jessa needs an outfit to wear for a meeting that has less, um, latex. Does Dr. Bedford keep anything...not latex...available here?”

“Nurse” tilted her head upright. “Master, Dr. Bedford does keep a variety of clothing in storage.” She turned towards Jessa. “Miss Jeffries, can you please give Nurse your measurements.” Jessa confirmed them to her.

“Wonderful.” Nurse turned to Michael again. “Master, may Nurse escort Miss Jeffries to the storage room?” Her eyes drifted down to his midsection.

Michael raised his eyebrows. “Um, yes please do. I can wait here I guess.” He shrugged. “I don’t want to get in the way of women choosing clothing.”

He put a protective hand on Jessa’s arm. “Pick out something nice and professional. I hate some of the stuff you wear on your social media profile. We need to talk about that.”

Nurse and Jessa swayed away and turned a corner. They could be heard speaking to each other about some frivolous female concern. If there was one thing Jessa liked, it was shopping for clothes. Her feminine desire for consumerism was littered all over her social media profile. She loved doing live streams where fans could pick out what she purchased, although some of the male comments were absolutely disgusting. Her manager scrubbed them quickly, but it was sickening to read in real time while she tried on a pair of pumps.

Michael walked around the medical center. A few women were in tubes being processed for cosmetic surgeries. The latex clad nurses tending to them offered information about each. One was receiving significant breast implants. Another was having an unsightly tattoo removed from her arm. Two others were in angled tubes with what he confirmed were brainwashing helmets. They, funny enough, looked just like the ones he had seen in science fiction movies while growing up. That amused him a lot for sure.

He would need to speak with Marcus soon. How many women have they chipped? Who were they? A nurse swayed past his to check on a reading on the front of a tube. Who was she? Her collar said TOYMI, but who was Toymi? Did he even want to know? By the way, who the hell spells “Tomi” with a Y?

A few minutes later, Nurse and Jessa returned. His step sister ended up in a dark colored sweater dress, tight in all the right places, black stockings, and pumps of the same color. She looked classy and stunning in the outfit and came over to her step brother, who nodded with approval at the outfit choice.

“You look amazing. Like really amazing. Like a woman on a board of directors.” Or kneeling under the desk with my cock in your mouth. He Looked her up and down with approval.

Jessa lowered her eyes with feminine deferral. It felt so natural. “Thank you...I’ll dress like this all the time if you want.” She looked at him, for perhaps the first time ever, with love mirrored in her eyes.

Michael nodded. “I would like that a lot. It’s a good look for your new job.” He stared at her for a few seconds. “Pull your hair up.” She obeyed with enthusiasm. “Great. I love it. Brings out your eyes. I want you to wear your hair up every day.”

He turned to Nurse. “Thank you for your help, dear. I will,” he stared at her expanded chest, “call upon you at some point. I hope Dr. Bedford does treat you well. Return to your duties.”

Nurse turned and walked away without further acknowledgment of either of them. Michael and Jessa then left to enter an elevator to head to the meeting that would change all of their lives forever.

In a very fancy meeting room, Michael and Jessa walked in and sat down. Michael took a seat at the head of the table while his step sister sat to his right. They shared one final glance. He was confident that she would obey his instructions, but also hoped he was doing the right thing. His sister’s enthusiastic approval of his decision in the elevator felt so programmed and, while her devotion was lovely, gave him a slight bit of pause.

All of that ended the moment Alexis came into the room. He rolled his eyes internally at the fancy pant suit she had put on for this meeting. Who the hell did she think she was? Alexis was a vapid television star, not a politician or corporate overlord. Even then, he thought as she sat down a few chairs away from her daughter, whom she barely acknowledged, it was becoming clear to Michael that was not the place of any woman. Her entrance into this meeting had been all the reassurance he needed. He smiled over at Jessa, who returned it with a glint of love mirrored in her eyes.

Marcus entered the room a moment later. “Ah, we are all here.” He sat down across from Alexis, sensing a bit of tension in the room. “So I understand you have an offer prepared, Michael?” It would be interesting to see what Michael’s angle would be here. Certainly his negotiating style would predicate a lot in regards to his management style.

“Yes,” Michael began as he leaned forward in his chair and rested his hands on the table. “I have been thinking things through and I believe I have the best possible solution for moving forward.”

He looked over at Jessa. “I would like my step sister to become the new face of the casino. She is smart, beautiful, and, from my conversations with her the past few days, very eager to put her previous life behind her.” He looked over at her as she smiled eagerly.

“We can announce it on her social media profile at the same time as the casino’s announcement. Jessa has agreed to do a live stream too where she announces her retirement from television. At least for now. She is, as the narrative we’ve come up with explains, exhausted and frustrated and requires a break.” Jessa nodded proudly. She had not been in on this decision, but immediately agreed with it.

Michael then turned towards Alexis. “Alexis, what I would like you to do is help Marcus run the casino on a day to day basis. We can have you do special events. Marcus’ research has shown,” he looked over and made eye contact with his new friend, “you have a very marketable audience still if brought in once in a while. We can use that to our advantage. Otherwise you will work with Marcus, who is,” he again made eye contact with him, “happy to have you on board.”

“Yes, Miss Jeffries,” Marcus agreed, “happy to have you working with me. We can begin going over the day to day routine—”

He never got to finish his statement because Alexis cut him off. “I’m sorry, is this the best you can do? I can’t believe he fucking gave you this gold mine.” She turned towards Jessa. “You think this is a good idea?”

Jessa stared at her mother. “Yes, mom, I think it is a wonderful idea.” She paused for a few seconds to figure out why she did beyond that Michael did. The vapid brunette decided to just recite his views. “I am really exhausted and frustrated. I need a break. I want to put my previous life behind me. This is a great way to do that.”

She reached across the table to say more, but her mother pulled away. “Did you fucking plan this with him? You cunt! He is a loser and going nowhere in life.”

Jessa became completely enraged. “Michael knows what is best for us! Dad gave him the casino for a reason! I am going to listen to him and so should you!” A fiery look took over her face. “I am done being manipulated by you. Michael cares about me and will give me a new career and a fresh start. You should take it too. I don’t remember a lot of offers coming your way recently, you fucking bitch.”

Marcus tried to intercede in this Jeffries family dispute. “Again, Miss Jeffries, I am thrilled to have you on board.” He eyed her bust for a few seconds. “We can work...very closely together...on projects.”

“No,” Alexis declared as she stood up from the table. “This is bullshit.” She pointed a white tipped finger at Michael. “You are such a piece of shit. Of course you’d side with her.” She turned back to her daughter. “I’m done with you. Enjoy being this casino’s head bimbo.” The beautiful middle aged woman smugly leaned in to get a reaction, which would seal her fate and be the last act of free will she ever took part in.

Years later, both Michael and Marcus would recall how blanky Jessa stared at Alexis for about 10 seconds before grabbing her arm and trying to pull her mother across the table to her. The shock of the moment froze both of them in place and she was successful enough to be able to reach across and jab the chip onto the neck of the woman who had manipulated her for years. She pulled back and just stared at her as the chip took root control. A proud grin came across her face as she looked over at her wonderful step brother.

A few minutes passed where Alexis went through the usual struggles and feminine tantrums before the neuro-chip took over and began reprogramming her. A moment later she looked up, stood at attention with hands in front of her and smiled softly at Michael. “Master,” she said with a delightful charm he, nor Jessa, had ever heard her use before, “my name is Alexis Jeffries. I am yours to command. Please command me if it would please you. Pleasing you is my purpose.” Jessa began clapping, but stopped after a firm glance from Michael.

Michael grinned. “No, actually, I think you are Marcus’ slave. You exit to please him.” He looked over at a surprised Marcus. “Consider it a gift to celebrate what I hope will be a long partnership and friendship.”

Alexis turned and faced Marcus with a look of devotion and love mirrored in her eyes. “Master,” she began softly, “Alexis is yours to command. Please command her if it would please you. Pleasing you is my purpose.” Behind them, Jessa could be heard giggling, but stopped when Michael put a finger to his lip.

“Honestly,” Michael declared as he took Jessa’s hand in his own, “do what you want with her. I really don’t care.” He looked over at his step sister. “I have...actually….I have an idea for Alexis....”

Michael walked over to Marcus. “Take her to my office and leave her there. We can talk in the morning about the idea I have for her.” He looked over at Jessa. “But for now, my step sister and I are going to go celebrate our new business arrangement.”

Michael and Jessa returned to his apartment to have dinner and some time together. She was still under hypnotic control and would remain so for a few days. On the way to the apartment, he had stopped at an intercom and requested Kimmi, the lovely young woman from the other night to join them as their servant for the evening.

The Korean woman had been scheduled for an evening of dancing, but it was easy to swap out another woman with her. In fact, next up in the rotation was Maddie, the former Madison Yanuzza, who had undergone quite the psychical adjustment and was now ready to be a dutiful servant of the casino. Michael wondered, as he watched Kimmi cook their dinner in a snug maid uniform, dark stockings, and six inch pumps, how Jessa would look in such a uniform, but tried to hold off those feelings. At least for now.

Kimmi announced that their meal was prepared and Michael and Jessa welcomed the world class dinner, skills programmed into the maid, and the two bottles of wine she returned with before standing at resting attention, eyes blank and mouth slightly ajar in a pouty O, waiting for instruction a few steps away from the dining room table.

As they began to eat, Michael started up the conversation. “You did really well today. I am proud of you. You did as you were told, although I have to admit the suddenness of your actions was a big shock.”

Jessa took a big gulp of her wine. “I will always do whatever you say and support you.” She grinned with a sense of warmth he had rarely seen in her before. Michael’s step sister was proving to be the ideal hypnotic subject.

After a moment she spoke again. “I did not like the way she spoke to you. And when she said....I just snapped. My mom should do whatever you say and support you too. So I made sure that it happened.”

“Good girl,” Michael began warmly with approval, “I was very pleased, but just surprised I guess.” He took a bite of a piece of broccoli. “I do agree with you, of course, that the both of you should do whatever I say.” He waved a hand to Kimmi. “Just like this one as well.”

Jessa stared up at Kimmi. “She is so pretty. Did you chip her too?”

Michael laughed. “No, she came, uh, prepacked. I actually saw Kimmi the other night dosing hostess duties and was...enamored with her and—”

“So you fucked her and she is programmed to love every moment of it.” Michael’s raised eyebrows were all the confirmation she needed. Jessa was quiet for a few seconds. “That lack of conflicting ideas within’s nice. When I was under Dr. Bedford’s control, I felt a happiness I had never felt before in my life. It’s hard to describe. I had this kind of clarity that...yeah it’s hard to describe.”

Jessa looked up at Kimmi, who poured her another glass of wine, which she eagerly drank. “I feel so focused right now. You told me to do whatever you say and...I will. Like, I know I will. It’s...different.”

“What do you mean?” Michael had never heard his step sister sound so insightful before. He was fascinated by her use of the word clarity. On one hand, their work could add the kind of clarity that Kimmi had right now: Mindless obedience. It could also allow Jessa to, for the first time he could remember, not sound like a blathering, vapid, idiot. It was very attractive.

“Well,” she began, “I just...I think I have always been pulled in a lot of different directions. I tried acting, I tried to sing, I tried to be an influencer. I was never happy. I can’t remember being happy. My mom always put her happiness before mine.”

She was quiet for a few seconds. “I’ve never told anyone this story. I feel safe telling you though. Is that...part of this?” She laughed at Michael’s shrug. “Well...I was so excited when my mom offered to pay for my implants. We spent a few days together visiting doctors and then shopping and partying. It was great! She really helped me make decisions during that process and then….then something really fucked up happened.”

“The next morning,” Jessa continued, a few tears streaking her makeup, “I came downstairs and could hear out by the pool talking on the phone. I was going to tell her that the maid had finished breakfast, but I paused and listened to the phone. She was on the phone with some pervy television guy talking about how I was going to be so much hotter now and...she offered me up to him...the whole mother/daughter bonding thing was a scam too, I realized, to make me agree to whatever television show she was hawking me to. And I ended up not getting the part!” She began crying. “I fucking hate her!”

Michael rushed around the table and pulled his step sister into a hug. “Kimmi, turn off for the evening.” The pouty maid swayed over to the living room closet, paused as it opened, entered it, snapped to attention, and turned off for the evening as it closed again.

After a moment he pulled away. “You know, Dr. Bedford’s hypnosis treatment is going to wear off in a few days. If you want to keep this….feeling...I imagine continually hypnotizing you probably is not ideal…” He put his hand on her chin, which made Jessa lower her eyes in submissive deferment to him. “If you were chipped. I promise you wouldn’t be like Kimmi...or what I have in mind for your mother.”

“You’d…” He leaned in and kissed her. She eagerly returned it. “Just a bit altered for my needs. I need to hear it from you though. I could order you to chip yourself. Chip? I guess we are using that as a verb?”

Sure, why not.

He kissed her forehead. “You need to do this.” Michael walked over to a table and pulled out a neuro-chip. They had been delivered earlier along with Kimmi. “Take this and decide for yourself. I still want you to be the public face of this casino. However, I also have...other...desires for you. Let’s put away your past and start over. Together.”

Michael stared at his step sister. “We can fill the media with fake stories. You had this epiphany and decided to change your life. It’ll promote the casino. Maybe even recruit some willing...eventually...workers.”

He held the chip out to her. Jessa stared at it for what felt like an eternity before sliding it onto her manicured fingers and jamming the chip against her own neck as she leaned in for one final kiss as a free woman.

She gasped loudly a few seconds and stood rigidly in place as the chip took root control of her. A moment later, Jessa stood at casual attention and stared at Michael with a look of absolute love and devotion mirrored in her eyes. “Master, my name is Jessa Jeffries,” she began with feminine delight. “I am yours to command. Please command me if it would please you. Pleasing you,” she further confirmed, as a tear again streaked her face, “is my purpose.”

Michael walked up to her and, again, put a hand on her chin. He thought back and realized that was his go to move with women. Huh. “Jessa, can you establish some kind of ‘normal mode’ as we discussed, for the moment? I know these chips have a range of numbered personalities, but consider this your Personality Zero.”

Jessa’s head titled slightly for a moment and then came another gasp! She blinked a few times. “I can, Master.” The beautiful brunette took a few steps. “I...feel like me….but...clearer.” She thought about it for a few seconds. “Yeah. Clearer.”

“Interesting, Michael said as they embraced. “Maybe the next chip set can be programmed for this. Bring say, a reporter, under control, but they barely know it. Make them write a glowing article about my hot as hell sex slave.”

Michael grabbed Jessa and pulled her to the bed. He threw her down on it, pounced on top of her, and began pulling off her clothes. Her delicate, feminine hands pulled at this pants’ zipper, but then stumbled a bit. Both froze, laughed, and then he took his pants off himself before entering her.

They made love until Michael came inside of her. Jessa then changed places and sucked him off until he came inside another one of her holes. The doe eyed look she gave him as her mouth went up and down his cock would be burned into her brain until the moment he died.

Both Master and slave went to clean up in the bathroom. Michael put his arms around Jessa and held her tightly. “Take off the rest of your clothes.”

Jessa complied with his request obediently. “You are beautiful,” he declared with a kiss. “I’m sorry your mom used and abused you. I wish I’d said something. I watched all of your shows. I had a big crush on you. That felt really weird. After the wedding, we’d never been close.” He took her hand in his own. “I’m going to make up for all of that now. Your mother will also certainly be punished.”

He motioned for Jessa to follow back to bed and began telling her his plan.

A few is actually weeks...pass.

Maddie, fully programmed and happily content with her new lot in life, was taking an order from a young man. She laughed at his jokes and then walked away slowly to make sure he got a very good view of her backside. Six days a week in the gym before breakfast, while lost in trance, was beginning to pay off for her. A quick trip to Dr. Bedford for breast implants and permanent hair removal had certainly helped too.

As Maddie walked away she received a command and quickly went to the kitchen, dropped the order off, and returned to the floor to obey. She made her way over to Jessa, who gave her a happy wave. “Walk with me,” her boss ordered and the vapid slave quickly moved to obey.

In the weeks since her own chipping, Jessa had brown into the role that Michael had for her with delight and grace. Wearing a tight mini skirt, but a fairly professional blouse and blazer, and sky high heels, she led them around a corner where they could speak privately.

“How are things going so far?” Jessa smiled at the beautiful young lady. It was so nice that she had been reformed after trying to cheat the casino!

Maddie brightened. “Well, um, Maddie thinks he really likes her. He flirts a lot. Maddie will do whatever is needed to make him happy!”

Jessa nodded. “Of course. It’s every woman’s purpose.” She paused. “I am confident that he is very interested in purchasing you,” she continued, “but there is a catch. He has a fetish for a more...robotic female. I said he could try you out tonight in it, so please loud MaddiePersonality006.”

Maddie gasped as a new personality loaded and overode her own. “MADDIE-BOT READY TO OBEY.” She snapped to attention and stared blankly at nothing in particular.

“Perform the rest of your shift in this manner so he can observe you. You will take no other tables. I am fairly certain he will want you to come to his room. Follow him when he commands it.”

Maddie-Bot walked away without speaking. She had given a command and would obey it without question or hesitation. By the end of the week, Maddie would be sold, her old personality wiped, and this one put in its place on a permanent basis.

Jessa watched Maddie-Bot mindlessly serve the man’s meal and then wait at attention next to his table. This only further confirmed her assumption that the young lady would be sold. Mr. Jennings needed a bimbo on his arm for his political ambitions. They can install an emulated profile for personal appearances. He had noted to Jessa that she would be posed the rest of the time. She blushed at the memory of Michael keeping her posed during an important meeting the day before.

Jessa felt really confident these days. Michael’s control had really sharpened her focus and his leadership made her feel good. She was the “face” of the casino and did appearances most nights.

The beautiful dark haired woman tried to be a good mentor to her slave sisters as well. Maddie was certainly an example of that and she was proud of the work done to make her purchasable.

Today was also a big day for Alexis. Jessa barely thought of the woman as her mother anymore. She was another loyal and obedient employee of the casino, dedicated as much as her to serving their Master. Nevertheless, Michael had told her over breakfast about his plans after her reactivation and it did sound quite bemusing.

Jessa also had other stuff to do, like a sudden urge to end her shift early to return to her and Michael’s apartment. She excused herself, checking on staff one final time, and entered a private elevator. A deep urge to drop out of her normal personality and into, like Maddie, a more Doll like one overcame her and by the time the elevator ride was over her mind was empty and responding only to Master’s command.

She entered his office after an iris scan. His secretary didn’t even acknowledge her. Jessa walked over to a podium and snaps at attention on it as her neuro-chip turns her “off.” Her mouth forms a pouty “O” and her eyes blank out as she stares off at nothing in particular.

Jessa would remain there for a number of hours while her Master humiliated Alexis.

A few hours go by, so it is now evening. Michael returned to his office a little while ago along with an important product, which was turned off currently on the podium across from Jessa behind his desk. He was finishing up some work for the day and looking ahead at the calendar for tomorrow. A half eaten dinner sits in bowls on the side of the desk.

He closed his laptop, satisfied with the day’s work, and turned towards Jessa’s mom, the now former Alexis turned Lexi. “Lexi, activate special mode 2.”

Lexi came to life and stepped off the podium. She looked around, saw her Master, and knelt before him. A beat passed and her head lowered to the floor.

Michael got up and looked down at the bowing slave. He commanded her to sit up, which she did without hesitation. “Hello sweetie, now that we have decided what your future will be, it’s time to give you a tour of the casino.”

“Yes, Sir,” she said in a docile, soft, voice. Lexi looked over and saw Jessa on the podium.

“Don’t worry about her. That is a direct order.” Lexi blinked a few times. She forgot that Jessa was even there.

“Stand up.” Michael’s voice had gained an authoritative pitch to it since he took over the casino. Lexi moved to obey immediately. He motioned for her to pull up her platinum blonde curls and snapped a collar around her neck, which had LEXI, with a heart over the “i,” in bright pink cursive writing. After clipping a leash to the collar, he gave her a gentle tug. “This leash and collar is for your safety.”

She nodded slowly. “Thank you, Sir.” What a kind man to keep her safe!

Lexi looked over at the small mirror behind Michael’s desk, Jessa had insisted on it given his propensity to have his collar look awkward or out of place, and smiled at what she saw: Platinum blonde curls, a sun kissed body, and an expanded bust. A latex mini-dress hugged her curves along with clear platform heels.

They left his office and walked down to the control room. In the elevator, Lexi snapped to attention, as all thralls of the casino were programmed to do and Michael grinned smugly to himself. This was going to be fun.

When the elevator opened again, he took her leash in his own hand and they walked up the side stairs of the lounge where Miss Sweetness was singing again. Lexi followed along obediently and felt so safe with her leash in his hands. Michael hovered at the top as he watched a hostess lean over to expose her cleavage to a man. His date scoffed, but by the end of her time at the casino, her breasts would be just as big and her head just as empty as the beautiful slave.

In the control room, they found Marcus sitting at his normal station watching a series of monitors. He looked up and smiled. “Good evening. All is well here. No real issues tonight. Good evening, Miss Jeffries. You look nice tonight.”

Lexi blushed at the man’s compliment. “Thank you, Sir. Lexi always wants to look her best for men.” Her vapid smile gave the man a hard on, but he knew Michael had other plans for her. Too bad.

“Show her what we do,” Michael said quietly. Lexi leaned forward, her own cleavage exposed, to listen to the wise man’s commentary.

He began to explain their security procedures and how they worked on a day to day basis. The bottle blonde’s intellect had been seriously slowed down, so he moved onto a much funner part.

“So I can control individual hostesses.” He pointed at Kimmi on the screen. “I can make her come up right now if I wanted.” He tapped a few keys and the hostess stopped what she was doing and began walking towards the stairs. A blank expression filled her face as she conformed to her only purpose in the moment.

“However, she has duties right now, as delightful as it would be to have her entertain us.” Another series of key presses and as quickly as Kimmi had been blanked, she turned around, a cheerful expression of the bimbo she self identified as, and went back to her duties.

Lexi stared at the screen. “Wow. That is incredible, Sir. Every woman is under control.” Her latex clad cleavage hovered near his shoulder and suddenly she found it impossible to move a muscle.

“Yes, rather incredible. Like how I just paused your movement, sweetie. How about you remain in that place and drop into trance so Michael and I can discuss a few matters that a silly woman like you should not be concerned with.” The life emptied out of Lexi’s eyes as she turned “off” so her controllers could speak in private. Her mind felt idle and she drifted away until, about ten minutes later, Marcus woke her up with a new command, which caused her to take a few steps back and snap to attention before them.

Marcus turned to face them. Michael leaned back on a table and observed. “You should know that all female employees are chipped.” He held up one of them. Lexi wondered in her silly little girlie brain whether she had been chipped, but found that forming the words to the question was impossible.

“So there are three major personalities.” He tapped a button. Lexi smiled at him with docile delight. He pushed another button. A look of absolutely love and devotion overcame her face. She looked at Marcus and realized he was the ideal man, perfect in every way.

“We use this for when our ladies are prostituted. We do prostitution.” Lexi wants to question that, but cannot.

Another button press. “The third is sex doll. A mindless toy.” She does some head tilts and smiles passively.

Marcus pushed another button and Lexi returned to her newly reformed and very pleasant self. “Wow,” was all she could say.

This time it was Michael who spoke. “See the women in the cages who are dancing? We can control them too. They are programmed with algorithmically created routines that respond to previous interest in each dancer, their fitness level, and current customer interests.

They zoomed in on a gorgeous redhead. The athletic dancer was wide hipped, busty, and swung around her pole with sexual excitement. “Her routine,” Michael continued, is primarily based around previous orders. Men have rented her due to X or Y things embedded in the routine.

Marcus noticed something on another screen and brought it up for them to view. “See that man. Horny like hell. Rented two women last night and is back for me. He loves this young lady and responds to the same variations of her routine that other men have.” He looked over at Michael. “We might want to push this part out to more dancers to see if that desire is contagious for other buyers too.”

He grinned at his boss’ affirmative nod. “We do deep analytics on what each employee wears, how they behave, who they work shifts with...all within reason of course. You can definitely overthink this, although I’m sure a silly woman like you, Lexi, would never do that.”

Lexi stared at the screen, her little feminine brain fascinating by what she saw and everything these smart men said to her. “Would I go in one of those cages, Sir?”

Marcus looked over at her and chuckled. “No, no, no, not tonight, sweetie.” He stared at her cleavage, wondering what she would look like in the floss sized bikini the dancers wore on stage. “Not tonight at least. Maybe at some point though. I am certain you would perform well and make both myself and Michael very happy.”

The vapid bimbo was deeply charmed by his praise. “Thank you, Sir,” she said with a deeply sexual flirtation in her voice. Hey eyes drifted to his midsection, longing for Marcus’ cock in her mouth.

Michael rolled his eyes and picked up her leash. “Come on, I have other things to show you.” He gave Marcus a severe look as they walked out the room.

Michael and Lexi, leading her via the leash, walked to the medical center, where Jessa had met Dr. Bedford. He called for the lights to come on and they did. One of the night shift nurses, a latex uniform wearing brunette, swayed over to them and curtsied. “Good evening, Mr. Jeffries, Mrs. Jeffries’ tour is prepared.”

He led Lexi over to a wall filled with pods. Women were stationed in each in various states of programming sessions. “This is where our female employees are programmed,” Michael said idly. “A few of them are new hostesses.” He stared at a dark skinned woman in the most right sided pod. “I’m not sure about her?”

The nurse stepped up. “Mr. Jeffries, Miss Noland is being prepared for sale. She will be available in the next auction three weeks from now. Until then, Dr. Bedford will be training her.” The nameless nurse had been a nurse in a nearby district hospital. Her vacation to the casino had turned into a permanent stay when it was determined she had no close family that would worry and fret about a sudden career change. Her boyfriend had been sad about the breakup, but a job offer from a friendly corporation had pushed that to the back of his mind.

“Right! So many women being brainwashed, it’s hard to keep track,” he said to Lexi with a shrug, who giggled like someone half her age.

Michael walked up to one of the pods and put a hand on it. “Each woman is given a neuro-chip and then programmed here. The programming in the pods is done virtually, so hundreds and thousands of hours can be completed of, say, obeying a male superior, or being fucked, or mindlessly serving in a home. Whatever is needed can be replicated there. It’s neat.”

He looked up at Lexi. “In fact, you were programmed in one of these pods. You look very nice in latex. You now have a latex fetish. Install LexiLatexLove1.”

Lexi gasped loudly and then froze in place. After a moment, her head tilted and she blinked back into existence. The latex dress on her body felt like a warm blanket. She could not imagine wearing anything else ever again. At least until a man told her otherwise.

He took her hand in his own and gave it a squeeze. “In fact, how about we schedule you for a few shifts in the medical center. Dr. Bedford will love you I am sure.”

Lexi grinned passively. “Lexi would love that, Sir.” Whoever this Dr. Bedford was, he was probably as charming and handsome as Michael. She could not wait to obey him too! Perhaps this alluring nurse could join her? Erotic feelings distracted her as her controller kept speaking.

“...scheduled for the future. Okay,” he looked over the nurse. Return to your duties. Come on.” He gave Lexi’s leash a playful yank and they continued the tour.

Their next stop was to see a singer who was one of the stars of the casino and a big draw. The green haired woman, whose massive bust could barely be held by her dress, belted out a pop song before moving to a ballad. She sang with blissful cheer and programmed enthusiasm.

Michael and Lexi stood in the back area near the stage. “Her name is Carmilla Candi. She was on one of those singing shows. I think Jessa judged one once, right? Anyway...Carmilla failed at it in the semifinals or something like that and had a bit of a breakdown after people mocked her on her social media profile. My father became fond of her and made an offer that she did not refuse. Well, she was programmed to not anyway. She is very happy now.”

Lexi watched the beautiful singer begin another ballad, but this time it was a love song. “That is incredible, Sir. She is so lucky!” The bottle blonde reached over and took Michael’s hand in her own. Just a few weeks before she had hated his guts, but now it was quickly dawning on her that not only would she obey his every command, but that she was quite smitten with him.

She snuggled close and put her head against his chest. They remained that way for the rest of the song. Afterwards, as Lexi pulled away, he grabbed her chin and pulled the bimbo in for a kiss. She eagerly returned it. It was at that moment that a final piece of Lexi’s programming was activated. She was now madly in love with Michael.

Lexi moved their hands to his crotch. His half hard cock got a few rubs with her soft, feminine, hands. “Not now. Maybe later. You need to earn it.”

In the elevator back to his office, she yet again snapped to attention for her superior. They arrived at the office and entered it after Michael put in his pass code. The lights automatically came on and lit up his desk area. This was where, after Michael said a trigger out loud, Lexi realized her daughter was on one of the pedestals, standing at attention, empty eyed, and fully enslaved by Michael.

‘Why….why is Jessa up there?” She looked at Michael, confusion ridden on her face. Surely he did not—

“Well, I had her chipped and turned into my obedient slave. Just like you. Jessa,” he said, pausing for a second as her eyes came back to life, “please come down and stand next to me.”

Jessa came off the pedestal with feminine grace and came to stand at casual attention next to the love of her life.

“ you do that to me too? I..” Lexi took a few steps back as she realized her name was actually...wait, what had it been? Abject horror when through her body upon seeing the doll titted bimbo she had become.

She walked towards Michael as quickly as the teetering high heels on her feet allowed her to try and slap Michael, but she froze in place at his LEXI-STOP command. The middle aged slave found her body was not under her control anymore.

“Jessa, activate,” he said with smug confidence. His beautiful slave blinked into active life and smiled at him. Her expression turned sour when looking at her frozen mother. How dare that bitch attempt to hit Michael!

Michael walked over and kissed her, which she eagerly returned. So much has happened in recent weeks. The step siblings were now madly, after a little mental nudging of Jessa, in love. There were more surprises beyond that for Lexi. “Jessa, dear, tell me, do you love me?”

Jessa sighed happily. “Yes, Master. I love you more than life itself.” The Smitten slave put her leash in his hand proudly. She would do anything for Master.

Michael kissed her again. “Good girl. Lexi, you may move, but only to kneel at my feet.”

Lexi found she could move again and stretched out her shoulders to obey the impossible to disobey command, but it was not quick enough as her daughter grabbed her mom’s leash and yanked her towards the floor. The bottle blonde found herself at Michael’s feet, but not exactly the way she had intended to be.

Their Master leaned back against his desk. “Jessa, it’s been a long day, how about you get into position one and perform while I catch up Lexi on what has been going on.” Jessa clapped her manicured hands together and pushed Lexi aside to kneel herself, unbuckle his pants, and begin sucking his cock.

Michael leaned back and sighed happily. It HAD been a long day. “Well, you see Lexi, Jessa is now my partner in the casino. She has 10% of it. Of course, there isn’t a thought in her head that I Didn’t put there, so she always agrees with me in meetings. I also cut Marcus in too. I felt bad that dad had never done that!”

He gently stroked Jessa’s hair as she slowed down a little, knowing his story was only partially done. “So you will continue to get nothing. Forget about your career too. We pushed out a few scandals to some friendly reporters and your social media profile, which we took over, is being slaughtered over the naughty things you were found to be doing. Shame on you!”

Jessa looked up at her beloved Master. She knew he was nearing completion and stopped sucking him off. The beautiful bimbo slid over and began stroking his cock slowly.

“Lexi, move in front of my cock. Your daughter, who now hates your guts and loves me, is going to stroke me until I cum all over you. When I do, LEXI-DOLL01 will activate. All other profiles will delete. Say bye to your life, you fucking cunt.”

Jessa stroked faster and faster until Master came all over Lexi’s face. As cum dripped down it, the life went out of her eyes. LEXI-DOLL01 loaded and she looked up with a docile smile. “Master, Lexi-Doll is online. Your will is purpose.”

A few days later a woman in a pinstripe pantsuit sat in Michael’s office. Behind his desk on pedestals stood Jessa, on his right, and Lexi, on his left, with blank expressions as they stood at casual attention. Each chipped woman had been turned “off” for the morning as part of the presentation to this woman; both wore latex maid uniforms.

The woman’s name was Lauren Collins. She was a hot shot executive in another casino. While her “Girl Boss” persona got her significant praise from the public, she was actually a ruthless businesswoman who felt she could hang with the men. Her beauty, tan, busty, and dark haired with an athletic frame, gave Miss Collins access to many things, which had led to being tipped off about what went on at Michael’s casino.

Lauren would, of course, not tell anyone. There were 50 different ways she would be dead by the end of the day if this happened. However, Michael’s neuro-chipped Domestic Dolls, as he had come to call them, could offer a lot of services to her. Loyal employees, a home full of obedient servants, and even the possibility of a sexual slave, a male one of course, had been topics of their conversation.

Miss Collins had not been, of course, on the conference call between Michael, Jessa, and her casino’s board, who had grown tired of the uptight bitch’s attempts to gain a foothold in a man’s world. One of their wives was currently in the loving hands of Dr. Bedford and he promised Miss Collins would be taken care of in due time.

At the end of their conversation, Michael activated Jessa, who gracefully came down off her pedestal and curtsied before the business executive.

“Miss Collins, my name is Jessa. My wonderful Master has put me at your disposal for the day? How may I help?” She handed her leash to the woman and they began walking out of the office.

A mischievous grin had come across Jessa’s face as they walked down the hall. Her shiny black pumps echoed off the hard floor as loud as Lauren’s sensible flats did not. Of course, Michael and Jessa could not even get married. They would still share their life together, but it would be scandalous. However, Master had a wonderful idea one night that she eagerly agreed to in a split second after he told her about the executive woman coming to meet with him.

Michael and Jessa were madly in love. They would live together as if husband and wife. He would often be busy and there were days where Jessa longed for his touch or command. However, what if, one day he mused, you had a slave sister?

Jessa snapped to attention in the elevator. Lauren chuckled, thinking the whole thing was silly. When the doors opened again, Jessa led Miss Collins towards the medical center for a tour. Soon enough, they would be inseparable sisters in service to their Master.

The End


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