Born To Make You Happy II

by barbararwetzel

Tags: #cw:noncon #clothing #D/s #dom:male #f/f #f/m #sub:female

A college cheerleading camp becomes the grounds for unexplained personality and psychical changes to many of the attendees. When two freshmen, best friends since birth, sign up, their destinies will fork in a remarkable way.

DISCLAIMER: This book is fiction. Every name, place, character, and event are a product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is pure coincidence. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

* * *

“UGH,” I absolutely cannot believe you convinced me to become a cheerleader!” Theresa Ritter scoffed at, but also teased, her best friend Maddie Andrews. “I literally only did one event in track, and now here I am.” The mousy blonde adjusted the thin framed glasses, always self-conscious about her appearance, on her face. She wore minimal makeup and a bulky sweatshirt to hide her body.

Maddie, slightly tan, dark haired, and taller than her best friend by about six inches, had spent most of the summer begging Theresa to try out for their college’s squad with her. Finally, Theresa had acquiesced to the demand, mostly for her own amusement at her much more athletic and feminine friend, and they had immediately signed up for the summer tryout camp. Maddie had not been a great cheerleader, she only made varsity her senior year because of an injury, but want to keep doing it in college because she found it to be fun. Today she wore a pastel colored dress with tights and ballerina flats. Her makeup and manicure were nice, but Maddie did not put a ton of time into them. Normally, even the barest of efforts at femininity impressed men. She had no idea what college would bring to her.

Maddie and Theresa had been best friends since grade school. In middle school, when so many friendships broke off, they had stuck together. Maddie was popular, but not popular enough to merit any kind of local fame. The beautiful, dark haired, young woman was cheerful and feminine; she mostly followed the crowd and got along with people. Theresa was a bit more nerdy. The short and busty blonde participated in track, but mostly kept to marching band. Her status as a virgin was something that only Maddie knew about.

As they pulled Theresa’s jeep into the parking lot of their college, both noticed that the campus seemed to be deserted besides the cheerleading camp. Maddie, as she stepped out of the car, began to consider how odd that seemed, but then recognized a few girls from varsity squad and then gave them a French manicured wave as Theresa followed a step behind her. They made small talk with her friends, each surprised to see Maddie’s friend. She felt relaxed and at ease around her fellow cheerleaders. Maddie had a 3.8 GPA in high school, but had never really sought out any kind of academic notoriety for it. She just went with the flow.

Around them about 30 other young women were arriving. Theresa sighed at how pretty each one was, but also at, as always, how Maddie got lost in conversations with others and forgot that she was even there. Afterwards, she went to look for a friend, who was standing across the parking lot with another woman. A few male athletes from milling about, checking out the new class of cheerleader. When Maddie looked over at them, a very handsome dark haired young man made eye contact with her and smiled, which made her blush immensely. He gave her a little wave, which she returned with a French tipped hand.

Maddie crossed the lot to catch up with Theresa. She was chatting with a stunning young woman in a very snug cheerleading uniform. The woman, dark haired like her but with a handful of pink streaks going through it, gave her a wave. “Hi, my name is Elizabeth. Welcome to cheerleading camp. You are going to become a totally new woman by the end of it. We do our best here to not only make you a better cheerleader, but an improved young woman.” She pointed towards Theresa. “Your friend here is already drawing some attention from our esteemed male student athletes.” Her vapid smile was chilling in how sincere it seemed. Maddie noticed the large wedding ring on her finger. Married at our age! That seemed rather odd.

It was now Theresa’s turn to blush as Maddie looked over at two young men who were pointed towards her best friend and definitely conversing about her appearance. She raised her sunglasses and looked over at the young men giving her best friend a cautious inspection from afar. The young man from earlier came over to them, whispered something with his back turned, and the three of them left the lot and headed back towards the athletic center. All three young women stood watching them silent for a moment.

Someone yelled Elizabeth’s name, and she excused herself to join them. The cheer captain made her way over to them, hugging each young woman, and making small talk. “Wow, they are beautiful,” Theresa added after a moment, taking off her sweatshirt to reveal an over sized rock band shirt. Each of the cheerleaders Elizabeth was conversing with was deeply tanned, bottle blonde, and wore skin-tight pink shirts advertising last year’s camp and quite snug cut off jean shorts. Wedge heels adorned their shapely legs.

“I need to go to the gym more,” Maddie quietly mused. She watched Theresa continue to stare at them. A few other athletes came over to them and embraced the cheerleaders. Obviously, they were dating. Elizabeth was already married!

A few moments later, Elizabeth yelled out for everyone to gather. The ten women on the squad lined up behind her, and the new freshman recruits collected in small circles in front of them. Maddie stood next to Theresa and another red-haired freshman, who introduced herself as Cynthia.

Maddie had an odd realization as they stood there listening to Elizabeth introduce the program. Besides her, almost every woman on the cheerleading squad had names like Mandi, Candi, Tami, Katie, and so forth. Each was more beautiful than the last, but also seemed a bit dimwitted, especially in comparison to Elizabeth, who seemed to really have her act together and was a natural leader.

For the first time in her life, Maddie became a little self-conscious about her own name. Her legal name was Madison, of course, but she had been called Maddie by everyone since she was a kid. Maybe it was time to change that? She certainly did not want to be seen as some vapid bimbo.

Elizabeth explained that there would be a celebratory dinner at 8pm before the camp officially opened the next day. The expected dress code, it was announced, was for dresses and high heels. Maddie had brought a pair of open toed pumps that she wore for dinners like this and a green dress in her bag, but Theresa looked a bit concerned. “You didn’t tell me I needed a dress!”

Maddie shrugged. “I assumed we would have some formal moments, so I brought one in my bag.” Theresa gave her a look that had a surprising amount of anger attached to it, which took the dark-haired cheerleader back a little bit. Candi, another bottle blonde, and Tami, a beautiful African-American woman, from the squad came over and whisked Theresa away to find her new roommate. “Um, bye?” Maddie said to no one in particular.

The redhead from earlier padded over to her. She wore a sun dress and high-heeled sandals, but looked fairly uncomfortable in the shoes. “Hi,” she waved, “my name is Cynthia.” The pale, green-eyed, woman held up a small card. “It looks like we are roomies.”

Maddie and Cynthia made small talk as they discovered where their apartment in the dorms was located. It had a spacious window with a beautiful purple drape, two beds, a large television, a small stereo with speakers, and a full bathroom with skincare and makeup products. “This is really nice,” Maddie observed, and Cynthia nodded in agreement.

When they walked back into the main part of the apartment, Cynthia brightened suddenly. “Oh, remember, Elizabeth said to download the cheer camp app on our phones. I already put mine on like a week ago.” Maddie picked up her phone off the bed and found the link in her email. It was a little odd that it was not in an app store, but a nerdy boy in her biology class last year had explained to her how “side loading” an app worked, so she shrugged and tapped the confirmation screen with a white tipped nail. Both young women stared at the screen for the 30 to 40 seconds it took for the app to download and install. Each, without realizing it, blinked rapidly and then went on as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened to them.

Maddie stared down at it. The app’s usefulness began and ended with a schedule of their activities during the camp. “It’s just a schedule,” she said to Cynthia with a shrug. Her red haired friend plugged her own phone into the room’s stereo while they got ready for the dinner. By the time they were ready, Maddie in her green dress and pumps and Cynthia is a slightly more risqué skirt and blouse, both young women felt relaxed and focused on the activities of the evening. Maddie even swore that her new friend flirted with her as they went up the elevator into the dining hall where dinner would be held, but she figured that could not be right. Events like this were not really her thing. Hopefully, Theresa would find her, and they could ditch as soon as possible.

As the elevator doors opened, Maddie’s heart sank a bit. Every cheerleader already in the room was more beautiful than the last. The dark haired young lady had thought her dress and pumps would look nice, but everyone else in the room seemed to be wearing the tiniest miniskirts, highest heels possible, and tops that showed off their impressive chests. She realized that some of them had breast implants. Who pays for that?

They walked around for a minute and found a circle of young women. Two of them left with other young men. As they approached, loud giggling could be heard from the young women. “They sound like a bunch of bimbos,” Cynthia muttered to Maddie, who nodded in sad agreement. A young woman across the room giggled as some meathead grabbed her backside.

The new friends continued watching for a moment before a young man that the redhead knew from high school approached and whisked her away to have a conversation. Maddie sighed and looked around in an attempt to find Theresa, but when she did, her heart sank.

Theresa was across the room, but looked nothing like she had ever seen her before. The short blonde had ditched her glasses and wore her hair in curls. She had a lot more makeup on than usual and her body was shown off in the short pink dress adorning her body. Theresa was dancing with a young man and obviously flirting with him. This was such a night and day difference for her longtime friend that Maddie just stood there, jaw agape, watching Theresa flirt and tease the young man. She sat down on a ledge, making sure to not sit in the dirt holding a few plants behind her, and felt absolutely miserable as everyone around her had such a fun time.

As a few minutes of pouting, Maddie’s sadness was interrupted by a young man who hopped up and sat next to her. “Is this seat taken,” he asked with a smile. It was the cute young man from earlier! He had short cropped dark hair, sparkling blue eyes, and grinned passionately at her. “You seem to be as out of step with these people as I am.” Unlike his backwards baseball capped, long shorted, teammates, this young man wore a striped purple button-down shirt and expensive looking jeans. He surely stuck out in the way that Maddie did by not acting like a party girl.

“Um,” Maddie began, looking back towards Theresa, “no, I guess it is not taken.” She was shy around men, having only had one boyfriend long enough to go to prom and then break up before graduation, so this sort of attention was always awkward for the tall young woman. He was even taller by at least five to six inches.

“My name is Jeremy Yarland,” he proclaimed, putting forward a skinny hand. “I play quarterback here. I am excellent at it, but the whims of my teammates bore me.” He was quiet for a moment. “I understand why they use these cheerleading camps as a means to find a mate. The women are beautiful.” He stared at her. “You are beautiful, um…”

“Maddie,” she blurted out, shocked by his pronouncement. “My name is Maddie,” she awkwardly reaffirmed.

“Maddie.” He nodded. They watched a few couples slip out for the evening. “Madison is a much prettier name. So much more sophisticated and classy. ‘Maddie’ sounds like the name one of these bimbos would have.”

Maddie laughed, but then bit her lip. “No has called me ‘Madison’ since I was like 8 years old!” They, again, watched the crowd. Theresa was dancing with a young man. Maddie’s heart sank at how quickly her friend had conformed to this setting. It did seem a little odd, but before her thoughts could hover there too long, the beautiful dark haired young lady also noticed Cynthia leaving with a young man. “I hope they aren’t going to our room,” she thought to herself with a shudder.

“Madison is definitely better.” He placed a pale hand on one of hers. Maddie sighed and intermingled a few fingers with his. Jeremy was gorgeous and taking an interest in her. “Maybe I will call you Jerry then,” she blurted out awkwardly. Her manicured hand went up to her mouth in horror.

However, Jeremy laughed and squeezed her hand. “That is too funny.” He put a hand up to her face and traced down the right side of it. “We’ll work on it.” After a nervous moment, he leaned in and kissed her gently. Maddie returned the kiss. She let out an equal noise parts laugh and sigh afterwards.

After the kiss, Jeremy hopped off the ledge and then helped Maddie down. “I need to go. I like to get up early.” He waved a hand towards his teammates. “These lunkheads will be comically hungover tomorrow. It’s good that practice isn’t until 11am in the summer.” He held her hand again. “I will definitely see you tomorrow, Madis...Maddie.” He grinned mischievously to her and walked away.

Maddie stood staring at his back for a long moment before turning towards the crowd, which was slowly dwindling to about 30 or 40 people at this point. She saw Theresa flirting with a young man, drink in hand, which was odd because she rarely drank, and headed towards them.

Theresa saw her best friend and walked over awkwardly on the very high heels she wore and hugged Maddie. “There you are! I was wondering where you were.” She looked like an entirely different person without her glasses and with more makeup.

“Yeah,” Maddie began, “I was just hanging out getting an idea of how things work around here.” Theresa’s whole personality seemed different. A complete night and day difference. Maddie suddenly felt sorrowful. It was as if her entire life were changing before her eyes.

Theresa gave her a bubbly smile. “I have been hanging out with guys like Johnny here.” She ran a hand over his muscular arm. It was subtle, but there was about a 1% hint of mockery in her tone.

“C’mon Terri,” Johnny began with a masculine grunt, “I want to show you something on campus.” Theresa giggled loudly as he led her away, making an inane “oh, you,” sort of gesture.

Maddie stood there in absolutely shock. She went outside, taking her heels off to walk on the grass, made it back to the apartment she shared with Cynthia. Opening the door, the dark-haired cheerleader found it to be empty and dark besides the night light they had smartly left on. She tossed the shoes in her hand on the floor, and put the purse that had dangling on her shoulder next to them.

A few minutes later, Cynthia came in the door. Her blouse was disheveled and the heels she had worn were also in her hands along with a purse and small bag. The redhead looked deeply lost in her own thoughts and gasped with a feminine shriek when she saw Maddie. “Oh! Hi!” She lowered her shoulders. “I just did something terrible.”

Maddie lowered hers as well. “I had an awful time at the party. My friend ran off with some jerk from the team.” She tried not to let her thoughts drift too far towards the charming and very handsome young man she had spoken to herself. “I just got here a few minutes ago.” Maddie suddenly felt the urge to cry.

Cynthia pouted and sat down on the bed next to Maddie. “I just did something I never do! I went with this guy I met at the party. He seemed nice, so we left and went to his dorm. Well, we kissed and then before I knew it his pants were unbuckled, and then I was sucking his dick! I never do that on a first date! I even swallowed it.” She looked absolutely lost as to why she had done that.

Maddie sniffled a few times. “My best friend ditched me for a guy. That’s never happened before.” As she began crying, Cynthia pulled her into a hug, tiny tears streaming down her face too as her eyes darted around the room before finally finding the bag she had brought with her. She leaned her hand down to pull something out of them.

“Shhh, it’s going to be okay,” Cynthia said as she held her new friend tightly. The redhead pulled away after a moment and leaned forward to kiss Maddie, who did not react out of shock at what was happening. With a surprising amount of swiftness, Cynthia took the earbuds in her hands and placed them in Maddie’s ears before she could realize what was happening.

Upon being placed in Maddie’s ears, the orchestral music that held the powerful subliminal that would reorient the dark-haired woman towards a life of feminine obedience began filling her mind. The earbuds were soundproof, so all she could hear was what they wanted her to hear. After Maddie stood up to ask Cynthia why she had put them in her ears, she suddenly froze in place. Cindy, she had lost the “Cynthia” a few weeks ago about visiting campus to find out more about the cheerleading program, put her own earbuds in and led Maddie to her bed where they lay down together with Cindy wrapping her arms around her as both fell asleep as their attitude adjustments began or continued. Soon enough, Maddie would be as enslaved as she was; it made the oral sex obsessed cheerleader so happy to bring other women under control. Someone had given her the nickname Cocksucker Cindy a few days before; it had become her primary personality already. The eyelids of both women became so heavy that they both fell asleep on command.

Each woman received different instruction from the subliminal hidden in the music. These instructions would immediately affect the direction of their lives. Neither would see the other as an equal nor as a friend by the morning.

Maddie’s instruction taught her that most of the women at this camp were sluts or bimbos. She had been raised to be better than that...she was classy, intelligent, and sophisticated. Cheerleading was just a means to find a good man to please in life. Class...intelligence...sophistication....were three words blasting into her for hours.

Cocksucker Cindy, meanwhile, had the idea that she lived for sucking dick reinforced yet again. She had to always look available and alluring, so she could please men. It would be easiest around men if she only opened her mouth to put a dick in it. Thinking was hard and she existed to have men fill both her holes and her mind as they pleased.

Meanwhile, Theresa, who, within a few days of conditioning, would become “Terri,” was deep in sexual embrace with her roommate. When she got separated from Maddie earlier, she had been taken and forced to wear the earbuds. Her simple, eager to fit in, mind had been easily brought into the first stages of reprogramming. After she orgasmed from the incredible pleasure given by her roommate’s tongue, she fell back onto her bed’s pillows, eyes wide and empty, and fully embraced the idea that she was born to make men happy.

* * *

Their first practice was not until 1100, so the newly christened Cindy and Maddie slept in. Sometime during the night, Cindy woke up and went to her bed. She had been conditioned long enough that a bit of agency to do things like that had been granted to her. Maddie would not remember what had happened and would think of sleeping in, which she had done all summer, to be quite normal.

When Maddie woke up finally around 1000. She stretched out gently and looked around the room. Her roommate was already out of the shower and getting ready in the bathroom. The dark-haired woman felt a bit of embarrassment at still being in her dress from last night. “Not very classy,” she whispered to herself in a voice muffled by the earbuds in her ears. She slipped them out of her ears and placed them on the table in the middle of their beds.

A minute later, Cindy came out of the bathroom. She wore a tiny, and very tight, a pair of bootie shorts in the colors of their university. Her top, in matching colors, was skin tight and showed off her moderately sized breasts quite nicely. The makeup she wore was impeccable.

Maddie, however, stared at her with bemusement that was difficult to hide. “Cindy?” She asked with a hint of bemusement.

“Yep! I normally go by Cindy.” The smile she gave Maddie was bright, and her voice had a hint of up pitch to it. “Cynthia” had seemed so nice, but Maddie was now realizing that “Cindy” was just another banal, unsophisticated airhead she would have to put up with.”

Maddie stared at Cindy. “Where did you get the uniform from?”

Cindy nodded and pointed towards a box by their door. “Tami, one of the head cheerleaders, dropped them off this morning.”

Maddie slipped off the bed awkwardly in her disheveled dress. It was so embarrassing to have this ditz she was rooming with see her like this. She picked up the box and found a pair of shorts and shirt waiting for her with the name “Madison” on them. Her gaze remained on them as she mouthed a statement conditioned into her over and over last night: “Maddie sounds like the name of a bimbo. Madison sounds like the name of a sophisticated lady. I aspire to be a sophisticated lady.”

Madison blinked a few times and then turned towards Cindy and held up the shirt with her correct name on it. “I am going to go by Madison from now on.” Her roommate nodded with a vapid smile.

Madison went into the bathroom and began taking a shower. Cindy yelled through the door that she should hurry up, so they could get there early. She stared at the practice uniform in her hands. Her shirt and shorts were much looser, but still snug, than the ones Cindy wore at the moment. Madison did not know why, but was grateful. Based on what she had seen yesterday, many of the young women she was training with were going to make absolute spectacles of themselves.

Quickly she did her makeup, and they arrived at practice a few minutes later. Madison looked for Theresa, but did not see her anywhere. “Cindy” wandered away the moment they arrived as well. The young women trying out for the squad were all lining up for breakfast, which looked pretty sparse. She then noticed that each of them was being weighed before eating. “Katie,” from yesterday, took down the results for each cheerleader.

When Madison arrived at the front of the line, Katie smiled at her with a ditzy grin. “Hi! I’m Katie, and we’re going to weigh you to make sure you are within your ‘ideal weight leniency’.” The bottle blonde put serious emphasis, in her up pitched voice, on the final three words.

Madison obediently stepped up onto the scale, but looked over at Katie with confusion. “I don’t understand why we are being weighed? I took my psychical last week.”

Katie stared at her, pink lips in an O, and nodded slowly. “You are being weighed to make sure you remain in the ideal weight level for your body. You are allowed a leniency of four pounds. Failing to comply will get you tossed off the squad!” The blonde, long since brainwashed and reprogrammed as the future trophy wife of the college’s star wide receiver, recited the programmed script in a sing songy voice and then smiled. “Congrats, you’re only plus one for your ideal weight.” She leaned in as close as her large breast implants allowed. “I was a minus six at first, but my fiancé helped get me plumper. He loves it!” For the first time, Madison noticed that Katie was not only busty but a bit wide hipped too. She was very attractive.

“Oh,” Madison began with a nod, “thanks, I guess.”

She got off the scale, but Katie gently grabbed her by the arm with a fierce look in her eyes. “One of the priority rules around here is that there is no arguing with authority figures. This is your first warning.” She let go and smiled again, calling up the next person in line.

Madison stared at Katie for a moment, but then started walking away briskly. On the other side of the field, she saw Cindy coming back onto the field with an athletic looking young man. Why had she already left the field? Before Madison could speak to it much, Elizabeth and Tami from yesterday brought practice to order. Each cheerleader lined up in one of two rows.

“Alright girls, line up!” Elizabeth, the former “Betty Burley” and current Mrs. Elizabeth Larmer, motioned for Katie to pass out a flyer. “The first thing we need to discuss is the rules of being on this squad. If you even want to be considered for it, you need to comply. Repeat violators of the rules will be dismissed.”

Madison took one of the flyers and read along with Elizabeth’s loud declarations of each rule. She had already seen the weight rule, which she felt like was bearable, but the others were new to her. The rule about having to wear panties was a bit surprising, but when she saw what dimwits other cheerleaders like Katie and Cindy were, it did not really surprise her.

“Breasts should be supported as much as possible” gave her a little bit of pause. Madison was not the most busty young woman, but she did bring a push-up bra in case this was an issue. She looked at Elizabeth and Tami’s obvious breast implants and sighed. That was not really something the dark-haired cheerleader had ever thought about, but for a long moment, she considered it before moving on to the next rule.

The next rule, “beauty should always be a priority” made sense to her. Madison considered herself to be pretty girlie. She kept her hair and nails done and wore makeup even when going out for coffee in the morning. The slovenly way so many women of her generation dressed disgusted her. Wait, did it? Madison thought for a moment and realized that it absolutely did. She did not bother to question where this stray belief, suddenly seeming so firm in her mind, had come from, and moved on to the next question.

“No arguing with authority figures” seemed reasonable enough. Maddie had always been a bit of a conformist, and Madison saw no reason for that to change. Despite her concerns about their appearances, Elizabeth, Tami, and others were her superiors on the squad.

It was at that moment she saw Theresa for the first time. The blonde had her hair in pigtails and wore a lot more makeup than usual. She was giggling and laughing at something the young man standing with her said. Madison’s friend had barely paid attention during the practice introduction. Theresa whispered something into the football player’s ear, her hand flirtatiously on his arm, and then said something aloud to the other two young women trying out for the squad next to her about how annoying everyone in her high school had been.

Madison’s heart began to race as she saw for the first time that her friend was wearing a “Terri” shirt. She made a grunting noise as, in real time, Terri sold out their friendship for the attention of some neanderthal football player. “Bitch,” she muttered to herself, but then put her tiny hands up to her mouth in shock at the lewd word which had come out of it. “If I want to be a lady, unlike these women, I cannot speak like that,” was her automatically, quiet, declaration to herself. She nodded, and the statement became an obvious point of view that she agreed with yet again.

After practice, Madison approached Terri, who gave her a wave and a hug. “Um, what happened?” was all Madison could offer as a question.

Terri’s eyes lit up. “Well, we got separated when we got here, and I met up with a few nice boys and hung out with some cheerleaders. They are nice once you get to know them.” She leaned in towards her best friend. “They are so nice! I’ve never had anyone pay so much attention to me!” Her left hand ran against Madison’s arm. “I’m sorry we got mixed up last night.” Someone yelled for Terri to join them. “Gotta go!” She padded away in the tiny shorts, snug against her midsection.

Madison stood watching her in silence. She remembered when they were younger how certain people went in different directions. This repeating when they to college should not have surprised her so much, but it still made her sad. She had known...Terri...since they had been kids. Both had come from single parent homes and had been through a lot. “Things change, and maybe I need to change too.” This was yet another mantra that had begun to be conditioned into her the night before.

Afterwards, Madison decided to go back to her dorm room. When she arrived, Cindy was already there sitting on the bed with her phone in hand. The redhead waved to her and mouthed that she had already showered. Nodding, Madison entered the bathroom.

Madison took a really long shower to reflect on the events of the day. Her best friend had changed her personality because a couple of boys liked her. Her roommate was a ditz. Cheerleading practice had been tough and way more rigorous than she was used to in high school. She was sore and just wanted to relax for the evening before it all began again the next day.

The dark-haired cheerleader exited the shower, put on a pair of yoga pants and a shirt, pulled her hair up, and sat down on the bed. “Cindy?” She called out, suddenly realizing her roommate was not there. A post-it note in front of their vanity announced that she had gone out and would be back later. Madison was pretty sure a curfew had been mentioned, but shrugged it off.

She was about to turn on a streaming service to watch a movie when there was a gentle knock at the door. Maybe Cindy had forgotten her keys? Her new friend did seem to be a bit absent-minded at practice; she had to be told how to do a basic routine three times before, sort of, getting it right. Some of the young women who signed up for tryouts did not have the slightest chance of making the squad.

“Oh, hi,” was all Madison could get out when she was that it was Jeremy at the door. He asked to come in and she stepped aside. During the day, she had tried to avoid thinking about their kiss and how exciting it had been for her. Now he was standing here right in front of her!

They exchanged pleasantries about their days. Jeremy also had practice and then a film session with coaches. “I couldn’t stop thinking about you all day,” he added at the end of his explanation.

Madison’s heart raced at his compliment. Before she could respond, though, Jeremy sighed and said a trigger phrase aloud. Madison froze in place, eyes wide, her mind emptied. “Ready for instruction, Sir.” She felt a deep calm and peace come over her.

Jeremy instructed her to sit down on the bed, and he followed over. “I need to tell you something, but I didn’t want you to freak out, so I had to put you in a trance, okay?”

“Yes, Sir,” was her automated response. What a kind man!

“Listen,” Jeremy began, “I was going to wait awhile before telling you the ‘truth’ of what is happening at this camp, but I feel guilty enough about it that I think you deserve to know.” He put a reassuring hand on her small, pale, arms. “I need you to remain calm.” He told about how it was used as a means of conditioning young women to be obedient arm candy for the athletes at the school. His explanation also discussed Madison’s new friend Cindy, or as the athletes called her, “Cocksucker Cindy,” who had been brought in weeks ago and was beyond any sort of attempts at veering her away from a future of being a slut. Jeremy also explained that “Terri” was also likely to be a lost cause as well. Her psychological profile had shown a strong desire to fit in and even with the smallest amount of subliminal hint she had sold out her previous world view for banal popularity with a bunch of bimbos and meatheads.

However, he continued, Madison did not have to be like that at all. Every star player on the squad got their pick of the new crop when they got to their senior year. Most, of course, had their choices turned into the dimwitted fantasy trophies of their masturbatory fantasies. Cindy and Terri were fine examples of the kind of sex toys most players desired from their future girlfriends or wives. Having a babe on your arm is a big part of an athlete’s marketing and especially their social media presence these days and having them also be docile, feminine, and obedient certainly does not hurt either.

“I,” Jeremy began to confess, “want something a bit different.” He held Madison’s hand and frowned when she did not respond. This beautiful young woman was deep in trance, having taken to her initial conditioning like a sponge. “What I want is not a slut or bimbo, but a lady with class, grace, and dignity. I grew up in a home that was not all that affluent. Many of the kids in the neighborhood did, however, and made sure I knew about their wealth.” He gently squeezed her hand. “I am going to make a substantial amount of money playing pro ball. I need a wife who I can share that with...someone I can provide for whom, in turn, gives back to the community. She should be obedient to me in all things and classy and feminine in her manners, beliefs, and dress.”

Jeremy leaned forward and kissed Madison gently, but again frowned a bit at her lack of reaction. “You don’t have to be a cheerleader, Madison. In fact, you are going to quit the squad tomorrow and focus on me. I want you to love, honor, and obey me and I will care for you. Your best friend betrayed you the moment she got attention from men. Your roommate’s nickname is literally ‘Cocksucker Cindy’ and, hey, guess what, she is probably right now. Slutty women like her are beneath someone as lovely as you.” He paused for a moment. “Okay, I am going to tap you on the nose, and you will wake up. I think this will work.” For the first time, he did not sound as confident as he had in their current and previous conversations. Nevertheless, he tapped her on the nose.

Madison immediately came to life as if he had pushed her “on” button. She threw herself into his arms ans breathed “yes” into his ear, affirming her consent to everything. “Now you can kiss me,” the former cheerleader announced, and he did, which excited Madison as much as the idea of dumping her old life, her backstabbing ex best friend, and idiotic slut of a roommate. She had grace and dignity, and these whores were beneath her.

Idly, her hand grazed the slight bulge in Jeremy’s pants, but he put his hand on hers and she released it immediately. “No. Not yet at least. I would like to wait for that. You are worth waiting for, Madison.” She hugged him again, holding on for all of her life force. Jeremy pulled away and pointed at her nightstand. “I need you to wear your earbuds tonight.” Madison immediately padded over and placed them in her ears. She froze in place after hitting play and Jeremy led her back to the bed and lay her down. “Well, I did have more instructions, but your eagerness to obey is adorable.” He kissed her on the forehead.” Until tomorrow.”

* * *

Meanwhile, in a dorm room across campus, Cindy smiled blissfully as a very attractive young man from the basketball team she was sucking off stopped her and made the brainwashed slut jerk him off all over her face. The redhead then licked him clean and tried her best to make his cock hard again. Cindy lived to suck dick and make men happy. Knowing now that she had been born to make men happy gave her such joy.

In the next dorm room down the hall, Terri was getting fucked in the ass for the first time while also sucking a cock. The two young men who took her holes came within seconds of each other as her ass and mouth became filled with cum. The blonde bimbo cleaned off the cock in front of her face and got it hard enough for another try, but the men told her to go to sleep. Obediently, she got up and padded over to the bed, but not before putting her earbuds back in.

* * *

The next morning, Madison woke up with playful happiness she had not felt in a long time. She showered and then dressed in the pastel colored dress from a few days earlier and the heels and pantyhose she had worn to the party. Her outfit was not ideal, but would have to work until the dark haired, tied back in a ponytail, young lady could acquire more suitable clothing for the classy and graceful woman her boyfriend wanted her to be. Boyfriend! As she applied makeup, her grin was miles wide. None of the circumstances of it mattered; frankly, Madison hoped all of these gutter whores were all brainwashed until they did not have a single thought left.

She was about to put her sunglasses on before heading to see Elizabeth when Cindy had come into their front door. The redhead looked quite disheveled and sweaty. “Um, hi,” was about the level of interest Madison had of interacting with someone she now considered beneath her. She sighed. “What happened to you?”

Cindy plopped down on the bed and fell back on her pillows. “Ugh, so, um, this cute guy I met during practice texted me and I, well...” She trailed off, obviously embarrassed.

“You performed fellatio on him? Again?” Madison stated the question as if it were an accusation.

“Huh?” was all Cindy could get out.

“You. Sucked. His. Cock.” Madison sneered at Cindy in a loud whisper.

“Oh, um, well, yeah, I guess. It just kind of happened. Keeps happening...” She looked down at the floor, a bit ashamed of herself.

Madison headed for the door. “Right, whatever, I have to go somewhere. See ya.” As she closed their dorm’s door, the dark haired soon to be former cheerleader could hear Cindy yell “what about practice,” but she did not care. As Madison made her way across campus, she observed a few more budding members of the squad sneaking back into dorm rooms, including her former best friend “Terri.” Sadly, she shook her head. In some ways, Madison wished that they could speak, but for now, her focus was on pleasing Jeremy. He had sent her a text after leaving last night, indicating that Elizabeth Larmer was the woman that his girlfriend would need to speak to if she wanted to resign from the squad.

The office for Mrs. Larmer, as the door tag announced her as, was located in the office suite where other clubs, if you considered cheerleading a club, was located, but around a corner from the other offices. It was so quiet at this time of year. Only one other office was occupied at the moment. The student in it idly looked over a schedule and seemed to be planning a series of events.

Madison gently tapped at the door of the cheerleading office. After a moment, a beautiful young woman opened the door and cheerfully smiled at her. “Miss Andrews, yes, I am expecting you, please do come in.” Elizabeth exuded the kind of class and grace that Madison wanted to emulate. Dressed in a gray pencil skirt, stockings, black pumps, and a sleeveless turtleneck, she could tell they were going to be good friends quickly. Madison immediately felt at ease around her.

“Now, Miss Andrews,” Elizabeth began with a manicured wave, “what can I do for you today?” She smiled and looked to her guest with encouragement. It was as if she already knew what Madison was about to say, which was true.

Madison shifted a little bit in the very comfortable chair she sat in. “I am sorry, but I need to resign from the cheerleading squad. I don’t think it is for me really...” She trailed off and blinked rapidly a few times.

“Oh? Why do you think that is? You seemed to be doing well in practice. Some of the recruits are not...the best...we have had over the years.”

“I think,” Madison began, “I am not going to fit in. I like cheerleading, but I think I might be, um, well—”

“Not enough of a bimbo to fit in with the squad?” Elizabeth smiled at Madison’s embarrassed nod. “We have a lot in common, Madison. I was once a lot like you. A bit shiftless and not sure what would happen with my life.”

She leaned forward and Madison noticed for the first that Elizabeth definitely had breast implants, like many of the other cheerleaders. “I had a friend named Amanda, who later became Mandi, who was brainwashed by my current husband.” Elizabeth paused at Madison’s surprised look. “The doors are very thick. We can speak freely here. Mandi was married off to someone who wrote a check to begin funding what you now see around you. Back then, I was “Betty,” but then I met up with Timothy to see if the same study program that had helped Amanda could help me. The rest is history.” She paused for a moment. “Timothy corrected my attitudes and turned a vapid, directionless, dimwit into someone worthy of marriage. Many of Jeremy’s teammates want a ‘Mandi’...or a ‘Terri’...or a...” she rolled her eyes, “’Cocksucker Cindy’ of their own and will get them. He seems to want something else. He wants you.”

Madison was quiet for a long moment. “I don’t want to be like them. They turned my best friend into a bimbo and my roommate disgusts me. Women who allow their bodies to be used like that are uncivilized and lack sophistication.” As she said, it out loud, these views, programmed into her, became hard truths in her life. She made eye contact with Elizabeth. “I do not want to be like them.”

Elizabeth smiled and nodded. “Of course. You will be trained as they are, but with a focus on civility, femininity, beauty, and proper attitudes. I would like you to stay on campus for training, but we can house you away from the others if you prefer. You will see them around, but they will be conditioned today to avoid you.”

Madison looked thoughtful. “It doesn’t bother me that Theresa,” she refused to call her “Terri,” “and I may never speak again.” It was a statement, not a question.

“Yes,” Elizabeth affirmed, “you have been conditioned to feel a lack of empathy towards those who are beneath you. Amanda was my best friend, but she died the moment she became Mandi.” The cheerleading captain came around the desk and sat in the other chair. “Women like us are better than them. We have a grace and sophistication that they do not have even on their best day. Before I met Timothy, I was a fad follower who dressed like a slut and listened to whatever banal nonsense was on the radio. Now I present myself in a ladylike manner that defies trends. I attend plays and operas. I didn’t even know what the word ‘banal’ meant before this!”

Both laughed. Elizabeth continued after crossing her stocking clad legs. “My body, obviously, is his in that my duty as a wife is to love, honor, and obey him in all things, but I do not even discuss such things. It is unsightly to do so. Maybe if we become good friends, which should be at the pleasure of Timothy and Jeremy, we can discuss such things. That is a very...private matter, though.” Madison deeply blushed at the flirty smile

Elizabeth gave her for a split second. “Um, yes. I’d please Jeremy.” The idea that, within a few days, falling madly in love with a man, ditching your best friend, and having sexual desires for a woman being anything but normal did not cross Madison’s mind at all. She crossed her own legs and looked longingly at the beautiful stockings that Elizabeth wore.

Suddenly, Elizabeth stood up. “Well, there is a little bit of paperwork to fill out, of course. The incoming members of the squad like Terri and Cindy will be spending them afternoons in a conditioning session, but can do yours alone. Report to Corey Hall and ask for Svetlana. She will assist you. I think you will see an almost immediate improvement in your life. They both stood up and gently hugged. Madison lingered for a split second, wondering what touching her new friend’s augmented breasts would be like, but then left to begin her conditioning session.

Svetlana turned out to be a nursing student who was part of the original batch of young women conditioned for the program. She now stayed on as a liaison who aided the women chosen for the sort of lifestyle and attitudes that Elizabeth and Madison had been picked for, which was decidedly different from the less methodical means used to program the ditzy cheerleaders. The brunette herself was going to be married off after an auction at the end of the year.

For now though, her focus was on assisting women like Madison. “The earbuds you are wearing, like the ones in your dorm,” she began in an Ukrainian accent, “will block out all sounds. During these instructions, you will only hear my voice. Please put on the visor in front of you.”

Madison picked up the visor and placed it against her face. It looked like one of the ones that gamers used. She had seen people playing with them in social media videos. The visor sat snug against her face and a gentle light show, filled with pinks and purples, began dancing before her face.

Quickly, Madison relaxed her body and let out an audible sigh. After a few minutes, her eyes were large and empty as the imagery mesmerized her. A few more minutes passed, and her hands dropped off her legs and hung near the floor. The hyper focused visuals had enchanted Madison; she was a natural for being conditioned like this, which would make conditioning her rather simplistic.

Svetlana nodded at her video screen and leaned towards the microphone. “Keep concentrating on the visuals before you. Don’t you love those pinks? Focus on that and nothing else. Let your mind empty so it can be refilled with the right stuff. The stuff that will please,” she quickly looked at another monitor, “Jeremy. You were born to make Jeremy happy.”

“Keep watching it...doesn’t it feel good to watch it...any worries or pressures you have previously felt are vanishing...your entire focus is on are a civil, feminine, beautiful, and ladylike woman with proper attitudes needed to be a good voice will guide you to that focus…”

Madison’s eyes were wide and empty as she drowned in the visual. Svetlana began playing a series of prerecorded subliminal for her to hear. The Ukrainian nurse had recorded them the day before, and then further guided Madison down the path of feminine submission and proper attitudes. The dark haired former cheerleader’s breasts rose and down as her breathing relaxed along with her body. The lessons she was learning soaked her mind and filled it with the correct attitudes she would need to make Jeremy happy.

Once it was clear that Madison was settled in, Svetlana typed up a quick report for her superiors and then phoned her fiancé that she would need to be on campus for a few more hours before coming home to him. She smiled brightly at his quick response and hummed to herself.

* * *

After an afternoon and evening of conditioning, Madison quietly went home and drifted to sleep in her dorm bed. Cindy was not home, and she could have cared less. In fact, the redhead had left a note announcing she would be away for a few days. It was dated the day before, so her slutty roommate had already been gone over a day. Madison actually slept better knowing that Cindy was not there. She wanted to be civil with her, but as she learned proper, ladylike, behavior, it was still difficult to properly perform.

After showering and her morning ablutions, Madison went out for a jog, wireless earbuds humming with reinforcement of the lessons Jeremy wanted her to learn buzzing in her head, and observed those around her. She saw Tami leading the recruits in a few routines. Elizabeth watched from behind her, but looked disinterested with the actions of these silly women. Terri wore an extremely tight tank top that showed off her bust. Madison had never realized how large her former friend’s breasts were, but Terri, lost to her so quickly, now proudly showed them off. The blonde cheerleader flubbed her routine and fell on her backside. Tami scolded her, and she retreated to the back of a line, but quickly became distracted by a few shirtless young men also out for a jog.

Madison hit the two-mile mark for the day, slowed down, and walked in front of the college’s library to check her vitals and time. She stood there for a moment and then began walking around the side, where she ran right into her boyfriend.

After, they shared a laugh about it and hugged. Jeremy had also been out for a run. He looked very handsome with his longish hair tied back. His cheerful smile and two day old stubble absolutely made Madison’s heart melt.

“Hi,” he began with a smile.

“Um...hi...yourself,” Madison countered with a sheepish laugh. No man had ever made her feel so overwhelmed, so excited, so at a loss for words. Whether real or not, the fact of the matter was that she was in love.

Jeremy motioned for her to join him in a more private part of the library’s outside infrastructure. “I was sent a report on your progress this morning.” He placed two fingers against her arm. “I am really proud of you, Madison.”

She looked down and blushed considerably. “I do it all for you. It...makes me so make you happy.” They kissed and he held her tightly. Jeremy was so thrilled to have been able to rescue his beloved from a future of vapid bimbodom like her friends. The reports that her and Elizabeth had become quick friends led to his next line of inquiry. Beforehand, though, he just stared at her for a few seconds, taking in the woman he would spend the rest of his life with.

“I want us to go on a date with your new friend Elizabeth and her husband. I like the Larmers a lot and I think you and Elizabeth should be close friends.” Madison nodded and hugged him tightly, sweatiness be damned. “Timothy is a good friend of mine as well. All of this is because of him.”

Madison kissed him again. “Thank you for letting me befriend Mrs. Larmer.” The idea that, in such modern times, she would need permission to be friends with someone did not disturb her. A lady would never spend time around a woman her husband did not approve!

They settled on a time to meet up to get dressed and head over to the Larmers home, which was a large mansion a bit secluded from the town in a wooded area that had been carved out for them. Madison spent the rest of the morning and afternoon reading and watching a television show via a streaming application. Cindy was still not back, and the dark-haired lady felt better for her roommate being away. She had also begun writing down ideas for her life with Jeremy. Madison wanted to be charitable and help troubled young women, women like Cindy and her former friend Terri were examples, have proper attitudes for modern life. Surely somehow there could be help for them! The kind of conditioning done at this college could have larger scale uses.

Late in the afternoon, Jeremy came by with his clothes for the evening in a bag. Madison was about to ask what she would wear when there was a knock at the door. A pretty young woman in spandex shorts, platform sneakers, and a tight top held up a large box. “Um, hi, this is for you for your date courtesy of Mrs. Larmer.” She put the box down and walked away, her tight backside wiggling.

Madison brought the box inside. Jeremy opened it with care, and they both marveled at the contents inside. A black dress, stockings with garters, some moderately sexy undergarments, and a pair of pumps could be found in the box. A note from Elizabeth was attached to the top. It read:

“Hi! Thought you would look nice in this. Can’t wait to see you.

Mrs. Elizabeth Larmer.”

Madison bit down on her lip. Jeremy gave her a bemused look. “I think you and Elizabeth will be very close friends.” Madison blushed deeply

They both began to put on their outfits for the evening. Madison got dressed in the bathroom while Jeremy dressed in the living room. She pulled her hair into a ponytail and applied a bit of eye makeup and red lipstick. The combination of the dress, conservative stockings and high heels, and makeup made her look feminine, beautiful, and proper.

Madison exited the bathroom and found Jeremy was already dressed. He looked up at her and was stunned by the beauty he saw before him. She looked at him, looking so handsome in dress pants, a blazer with a dress shirt and sweater vest underneath, and his own hair pulled back, and they both were silent for a long moment as they took in the person they would spend the rest of their life with.

“Hi,” Jeremy finally said as he stood up. Madison breathed out a “hi” herself as she drew closer to him.

Jeremy pulled her tight to him, and they embraced for a long minute. “You are everything I thought you could be and more.” They kissed and then went outside to wait for their ride to dinner.

* * *

Their ride dropped them off at a nice restaurant in the more affluent part of the city. Madison felt a lot better about being here and commented that she would prefer to live nearer to here than the more low brow part that their campus was housed in, which was definitely not as safe. Jeremy nodded and commented that she was rushing along a bit, which made the young lady blush a lot. They met up with Elizabeth and Timothy, who both looked stunning in more formal clothing, and settled in for their dinner.

Madison grinned widely when Jeremy ordered for her; she had always secretly longed for a man to do that. He had already warmed her heart by coming around outside their car to open the door for her, which she had desired since seeing it in a movie. Her future husband took the classy young lady by the hand, and they entered the restaurant, which had already seated Elizabeth and Timothy. They enjoyed a wonderful dinner as the young women chatted with each other while the men conversed about team related interests. The couples came back together for some discussion of their own, which both women deferred to their Masters regarding viewpoints, often.

Afterwards, Madison and Elizabeth took a car home together, so the dark-haired lady could finish clearing out her apartment the next morning. Elizabeth, with permission from Mr. Larmer, asked to join her to help. Cindy was still gone when they arrived. As they entered the apartment, Madison realized she had not thought about “Terri” in a while either. Like her bimbo roommate, any reason to think about such a common slut gently slid out of her mind.

She had just turned a light on when Elizabeth stepped forward aggressively and kissed her new friend hard on the mouth. Absolutely stunned, Madison stood there staring at her before Mrs. Larmer shoved the future Mrs. Yarland onto the bed. “You are so beautiful,” Elizabeth began as she traced a manicured finger across Madison’s face. “My friend Mandi and I used to do this sometimes, but she is now a lot like Terri and Cindy. They are not like us.” There was a long pause before Madison nodded her understanding.

Elizabeth helped Madison out of her dress and stockings, leaving only panties and a bra. With two of her white tipped nails, she slid the underwear down and then began to pleasure her friend. Madison had never been with another woman. Sure, she had heard whispers from friends about some people “experimenting” but it had never interested her before. That was until this moment, when Elizabeth gave her an incredible orgasm. “Our Masters gave me permission to do that,” she began, snuggling up to the still rather stunned Madison, “I’m really attracted to you and hope we can be...close friends.”

Madison nodded again and gently kissed Elizabeth before burying her head against the older woman’s chest. They slept together until the sun came up when they showered, together, dressed, and then finished cleaning out her apartment. There was still no sign of Cindy, so she locked the door behind her and never thought of the apartment again. When they got outside, Jeremy was waiting for them and she threw herself into his loving arms.

They drove to her new apartment, which was lovely and paid for by the Larmers. Jeremy stayed for a little while, but had to go to practice. Before leaving, he reminded Madison to make sure she put in her earbuds, which she obediently did for him. After a moment, a happy smile came across her face as she continued to be programmed for his needs. This lesson showed, yet again, how she had been born to make him happy.

* * *

“Civility, femininity, beauty, and proper attitudes,” the incoming class of cheerleaders, deeply hypnotized, recited with their guest speaker for the day. Madison Yarland, now happily married and madly in love with the professional athlete husband Jeremy Yarland, walked by each young woman, the heels of the black pumps clicking across the hard floor. This group was going to move on to the next round of conditioning. They had been narrowed down from sixteen. The other seven had been taken away for other forms of training. They would end up gutter level sluts for the campus athletes or auctioned off to the brainless bimbo on the arm of a one-percenter.

Madison thought about how much things had changed since she had sat in this very classroom a few years. As the dark-haired beauty had them recite today’s lesson again, she leaned down, augmented breasts snug in a tight sleeveless sweater, to make sure one of today’s participants was properly under control. Satisfied, she moved on to inspect others in the room.

After the season ended, Jeremy had graduated early to prepare for life as a professional athlete. After their marriage right before the draft, Madison still took a few course via distance education in service learning and human services to help prepare her to be the face of the non-profit her and Jeremy would be founding. Their foundation would help “at risk” young women and help them to gain proper attitudes to advance in today’s society. Their world view would be corrected and they would thrive afterwards.

“Cocksucker Cindy” became a world-famous, well, at least on the internet, porn star soon afterwards. Cindy just could not stop sucking dick. Eventually, she retired with her earnings and was married off to a professional athlete. Cindy and Madison never did cross paths again other than Madison accidentally seeing her name in a lewd internet article headline on the sidebar of a web page, which she stopped reading afterwards because it promoted such incivility.

Someone who Madison did come across daily was Terri, who was now the Yarland family maid. Dressed each day in a variety of colored maid uniforms, Madison’s former friend was now her employee who performed tasks with brainwashed efficiency and a vapid smile. Terri had taken so well to being a bimbo, it was decided that her little brain would be emptied and only filled with the needs of her employer.

Terri walked across the tile floor of the Yarland household, which was near a mansion in size, and gently dusted a table. Behind her, Madison was standing in front of a cell phone that sat on the edge of a couch. “Mom, you need to listen to what I sent you.” Madison had brought her mother to a few events and an older gentleman had taken an interest in her. She had finally gotten her mother, not really technologically savvy, to listen to the music files her daughter had sent over. “Call me after you listen to it so I can hear what you think.” Madison smiled with a sense of self-satisfaction: Soon, her mother would also understand that women were born to make men happy.

The End

* * *

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