Born To Make You Happy

by barbararwetzel

Tags: #cw:noncon #clothing #D/s #dom:male #f/m #sub:female

Amanda Jane Carlson is used to getting her way. Failing her classes during the fall semester, she turns to a young man named Timothy Larmer for help. He gives her some special recordings that make her feel great and realize that she was born to make men happy.

Born To Make You Happy

DISCLAIMER: This book is fiction. Every name, place, character, and event are a product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is pure coincidence. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

* * *
* * *

SYNOPSIS: Amanda Jane Carlson is used to getting her way. Whether through popularity, wealth, or by using her body, she gets what she wants, when she wants it. The only imperfection in her life is college. Failing her classes during the fall semester, she uses her body to get the grades to keep her expense account flowing. In the spring, she turns to a young man named Timothy Larmer for help. He gives her some special recordings that make her feel great and realize that she was born to make men happy.

* * *

When you are in a class that you, and the rest of your classmates, hate, it can be the slowest minutes of your life. Even worse, this early May afternoon had hit a record high about 20 minutes ago. The final insult, despite the complaints of numerous students and professors, is that the air conditioning in the building where you were right now still did not work.

Mrs. Henderson, the Basic Algebra university professor that Tim Larmer was taking this semester, was finally about to end class. The tall, gray haired, woman smiled at Tim, confident as always in his ability to succeed, and then turned to Erica Adams, 21, whose excellence in class, and need to thrive made her essentially a teacher’s assistant.

“Alright, class is dismissed. Please finish your take home test over the weekend. I will be collecting them on Tuesday. Remember, they are worth thirty percent of your grade! Erica, can you hand them out please?” This woman was too excited about college algebra. Erica took the papers from their professor and walked from row to row, passing out the exam. A few of her classmates gave the dark-haired student funny or outright nasty looks. Erica was not the hottest coed on their small campus, but she still felt pretty good about herself. She was tall and had very thick black hair that fell to her shoulders. Her hazel eyes were hidden behind a trendy pair of purple glasses. An ankle length skirt and cardigan hid large breasts and athletic legs.

In the back row, she handed a test to Tim, 21, who stared at it for a moment before sliding the test into his bag. He watched Erica return to the front of the room and hand the extra tests to Mrs. Henderson, who thanked her and wished the dark-haired student a good weekend. Looking thoughtful as he watched Erica leave, Tim stood up, his slight frame loosely holding a button down long-sleeve shirt, jeans, and sneakers, and gave their professor a wave as he walked outside, putting his sunglasses on before being blinded by the afternoon sun.

From behind his sunglasses, he watched another classmate react rather negatively to the test that Erica had given out. Amanda Jane Carlson, 21, was disgusted by the test that Erica had handed her; she just was not smart enough for college. She had better things to do this weekend, such as go to the big end of semester party on Saturday night. It was Thursday afternoon; there was plenty of time to find someone to complete the test for her. Most of the time, Amanda could convince some nerd (and once, just once, she reminded herself, a woman) to do exams for her. All it took was a blowjob usually and the deal was done. Most of them practically cried; they were probably virgins. They always tried to get her to be their girlfriend by buying her clothes, shoes, and flowers. She thought it was cute in a way, but men who were not rich or really sexy were not worth the brunette’s time.

A few minutes later, she entered the student center. Standing by the coffee line, Amanda assessed the room. A new nerd needed to be found who could guarantee her an A on this stupid math test. The brunette had not wanted to go to college, but her father had laid down the law; her weekly allowance would be cut off if she did not attend the local college. Her studies frustrated Amanda, but due to amazingly tan, toned, body and excellent blowjob technique, she got by pretty decently.

Amanda was not the smartest woman at this college, but she did not have much bouncing around in her brain. All she wanted out of life was to marry a hot, wealthy, man and live the privileged life of a trophy wife. A few kids between gym trips, spas, shopping sprees, and ski vacations. She was currently single: Men of all kinds flocked to her at parties. The brunette was not as slutty as some of the others in the sorority she had joined, but she did not exactly want a steady boyfriend either. At least not one that made less than seven figures.

Amanda’s quest for a new student to cheat from came to a sudden conclusion as she picked up a bottle of water, but was nudged from behind by someone. Turning on her wedge sandals, she found a young man standing before her. He placed his coffee on the table and put up a hand in apology. “Oh, sorry, I did not mean to bump into you. Class was so boring I wanted to get coffee as quickly as possible.”

The startled brunette stared at him for a moment. “Oh, you are in my math class, right? Um...” She trailed off, not remembering his name.

“Tim.” He awkwardly put out a hand, but then pulled it away. “Yeah, that class sucks. Mrs. Henderson is nice and all, but the class is pretty boring.” He stared at Amanda for a moment. She was dressed to kill, like always. “How are you doing in class?”

Amanda looked around to make sure no one saw her talking to this dork. “Well...not that great.” She leaned over the table a little to expose the cleavage her pink shirt was having a difficult time containing. Flirting with men, even when they were pretty average, was an instinctive action for her.

Tim smiled. “I am doing alright, I guess. Are you having trouble with the take home test? I am delighted she gave us a take home test instead of an in-class final. I can work on it over the weekend a bit at a time and...”

Amanda twirled a piece of her in between two fingers. “Uh, is it that obvious? This stuff is hard! I am totally flunking and really need to get an A on this lame test.” She made a stink face. “Why do we have to do a test at home? Gross.” Suddenly, after a few quick blinks, her cheerful smile returned. “You seem pretty good at it, Tim.” For a moment, the brunette pouted and leaned in provocatively. “I could really use your help.” For added effect, Amanda ran her tan left hand over her chest, pausing to let one brown acrylic nail slide inside her cleavage.

Tim put on a nervous face as he smiled back at her. He was not used to this kind of attention. However, while he looked nervous on the outside, inside his head his mind was moving quite rapidly. “Of course I can help you, Amanda. How about tomorrow night? We could meet at my house. I will make dinner, and we can do the test together. It should not take that long, like you said, I am pretty good at this stuff.”

Amanda took a pen out of her purse and began to write something on a napkin. “Here is my email address. Email me later today with directions and all of that. I am also writing down my cell phone number. Call me tonight, too, just to make sure everything is chill.” When she finished writing, the brunette walked away quickly, making sure to sway her ass for him.

Tim went directly home and began to create a MP3 set for Amanda. A year’s worth of anti-social weekends finally paid off when he was able to get a brainwashing program to work. Using subliminal technology long thought “fake” by most people, he created a program that could add a set of subliminal commands to MP3s. These could be added to a MP3 player or phone. The subliminal, which could easily be customized, entered the subconscious of the listener and conditioned them with whatever commands and imperatives the creator desired. The listener would not notice the changes that were being made to them; once conditioned, they would believe it part of their real-time life unquestionably. His experiments so far had been very productive.

Amanda’s personalized set of subliminal MP3s were soon done. He had her email and cell number; all he had to do was make up a reason for her hearing them. His fingers quickly typed the number off the napkin she had given him. He tapped his finger against the phone while it rang. This part actually did make him nervous.

He could hear her giggling when she picked up the phone. “Hello?”

Ignoring the vapid mutterings, he began to speak. “Hey Amanda, it’s Tim, how are you?” Before she could answer, he continued speaking. “Listen, I have some MP3s that I made of today’s lecture I am going to send you. I think they can be very helpful for you. We can still work together on the test, but this will be good for you too. I find that listening to lectures a few times helps me with learning new ideas.”

Amanda wiggled out from under the fraternity member she was being fucked by and walked across the room. “That is so sweet of you, Tim! I am, um, in the middle of something, but send it to my email and I will add it to my phone.”

Tim agreed and hit send as he shut his phone. So far, so good.

After getting home, sleep came for Amanda after only a few minutes of listening to the lecture on her phone. She slept peacefully until about two in the morning, when a passing car woke her out of a very deep sleep. The brunette had listened to the lecture in her sleep as its subliminal messages began to program her mind. Realizing she might be bored by the mundane lecture, Tim had added a final command for Amanda to want to try to listen to it again if she woke up.

In her apartment’s bathroom, Amanda got a glass of water. She stared at herself in the mirror. The beauty mark below her full lips stared back at her, making her smile. Suddenly, while pulling her hair up over her head, she had the urge to move a hand down to her chest. Amanda ran the end of her index finger’s brown acrylic nail over her nipples. She felt her shirt rub against a nipple. Kneading them in her hands, all she could do was touch her breasts. Moaning loudly, she took her shirt off to have better access.

A moment later, Amanda was naked and under the covers. She ran her bright pink vibrator over her nipples. The buzz of the vibrator danced in her mind as she moved it down below. It was rare that Amanda needed to masturbate, but once she had seen herself naked, there was an impossible to resist the urge she needed to obey. Soon enough, she climaxed, her head bouncing off her pillow a few times. A head of brown hair blanketed her face as she panted from the excitement of her orgasm.

Satisfied and lost in a haze of docile obedience to subliminal messages from earlier, Amanda slid her ear buds back into her ears and hit play. Yet again, sleep came quickly for her, but little did she know that her mind was being reprogrammed once more.

The next morning, Amanda felt like a train was hitting her when she turned on the shower. The brunette was exhausted, yet felt like she had slept really well. She could not figure out what was wrong until, wandering into the shower and turning on the hot water, instantly was wide awake. She began to wash herself with a new body wash purchased on a previous week’s trip to the mall.

At this time of the morning, right in between the students who had early eight o’clock classes and the rush of the more popular ten o’clock, it was quiet in the dorms. The brunette had plenty of time to relax. She washed herself, sighing as her hands reached her breast. Her legs were next; she washed them up and down, bubbles dripping down her tan ankles where they met with an ankle bracelet.

Amanda took a deep breath and pushed her breasts outward as they were washed. The touch of her hands against them felt like a thousand vibrators. The soap was lying on the floor; she leaned over and picked it up, so her breasts could be soaped more. As her left hand played with the bottom of her right breast, she fell backwards a few steps at the climax of her orgasm. Amanda let out a long, very loud, moan and grabbed the towel rack to balance herself.

After panting for a few minutes, she collected herself and ran the shower cold to clean up. This was the best orgasm Amanda had ever had; never before had she been able to satisfy herself without touching her clitoris. It was not often she masturbated; a quick call to bring a hunk over normally took care of that problem. This was much better than the pleasure any man had ever given her.

As she toweled off, Amanda tried to dry her breasts, and the same tingle from the night before rippled through her body. It went up and down her body; she stood still for a minute to bask in it. Little did she realize that when the brunette did this, she stood at attention, like her training had taught her. The orgasms were also programmed into her. Quickly, she wrapped a towel around her waist and began to walk back to her room.

On her bed, Amanda hugged herself tightly. Everything felt so good, so right, at the moment. A passive calm flooded her body and mind. She gave herself one more squeeze and got up to get dressed. The brunette had the perfect idea for an outfit.

Fumbling through her dresser, she found the perfect bra. The pink satin bra had been purchased a few months before; usually it was held for special occasions and today, in Amanda’s suggestible mind, was a special day. A pair of panties nearly the same color were slid up her long, tan, legs. Amanda stared at herself in the mirror, sliding right and left on the balls of her feet. Over the bra, she wore a white sleeveless turtleneck, which was loose enough to be comfortable in the warm May weather but also tight enough to emphasize her breasts. Amanda was very pleased with herself as she modeled and pouted in front of the mirror. She added a black and gray plaid skirt whose length ended a few inches above her knees. A few seconds later, a pair of stockings and platform sandals finalized the main parts of her outfit.

Her outfit was almost complete. Amanda paced and pouted in front of the mirror for a few minutes. Something was missing. Looking over at her alarm clock, she realized that if she did not want to be late for class she had to leave now. The brunette realized, as she picked up her purse and books, what would make the outfit perfect. Pulling her hair into a ponytail as she went down the stairs, she paused for a moment to put in her ear buds. Maybe this time the lecture would make sense?

As she walked out into the sunlight, the siren song of the lecture further brainwashing her, only one thing was certain. Today was going to be a great day for Amanda Jane Carlson.

The heels of her platform sandals clicked across the pavement as she walked to her class. She was so pleased with her appearance this morning. Many guys stared her up and down as she walked the half mile from her apartment to the building her Western Civilization class was located in. She smiled back at each one of them, thrusting her breasts outward proudly. For a moment, each time, Amanda wished she could tear her turtleneck off and show them the pink bra underneath.

Amanda’s friend Betty was walking towards her and smiled at Amanda’s outfit. “Amanda, you look totally hot today!”

They hugged and exchanged air kisses. Amanda smiled back at her. “I know, right? I got inspired this morning to dress really sexy today.”

Betty lit up a cigarette and took a few drags, her dark hair blowing in the morning breeze. “That is so awesome. Hey, are you going to that party tomorrow?”

Amanda stood very still while a few guys walked back, checking her out. “Yeah, I will be there. I have to go to class, call me later!”

Her Western Civilization professor, a British man in his early fifties, rolled his eyes as Amanda walked into class just as he began attendance.

“Dude, check out Amanda.” Jeff Banks, the captain of the soccer team, looked over at Amanda. His friend Marty had pointed her out to him. She was just his type: great breasts, full lips, dresses and looks like a model. He was no slouch either: his chin length brown hair and emerald green eyes made his a favorite on the soccer pitch and with the ladies off it.

Jeff had a girlfriend back home, but she was a bit of a prude; a boring religious type who Jeff stayed with to keep a good image in the community. Amanda was definitely more his speed. Rumor had it that she never did assignments; she exchanged sexual favors for papers. A story was even going around that she fucked a professor for an entire weekend last fall to pass a class. These stories were probably exaggerations, but still, the soccer star’s curiosity was definitely peaked by the beautiful brunette.

Amanda heard them talking about her and smiled as she looked over her shoulder at them. She straightened her back and took a deep breath, so her breasts would stick out. With the knowledge that she had his complete attention, Amanda ran the long brown nail on her left index finger over her sweater, sliding it across her breasts. Quickly, she pulled her phone out and sent Jeff a message on a social network.

Jeff let his phone sit on his desk until after the lecture began. He was almost scared to open it. Why would Amanda Carlson send him a message? There was no doubt she was the hottest co-ed on campus. Those breasts were perfect; they were not gigantic, but also not the unrealistic kind his friends liked. They seemed to defy gravity, heaving up and down as she idly stared at their professor with her head tilted slightly to the side.

While his professor fumbled around with the lackluster presentation projector, ironically not updated in years because more funding went to the sports Jeff played, he got the guts to open the message. It was brief and to the point:

Hey babe, you are really hot. You have nice eyes. Meet me on the third floor of the library. On the west end of the stacks is a meeting room no one uses. I need to ask about some of our homework assignments. Be there ten minutes after the end of class. Do not follow me there; take the other end of campus. Be prompt!


He breathed out an inaudible fuck and dropped his pen on the floor. The soccer star squirmed a little in his seat, trying not to look at her and make it obvious to everyone around him what was up. Instead, he looked ahead and tried to pay attention to the lecture on the Trojan War.

Since this was a multiple day of the week class, it was only an hour and ten minutes. The unbearable pain of sitting across the room from the co-ed who might want to fuck your brains out did not have to last very long. The moment their professor dismissed them, Jeff Banks practically sprinted out of the room and headed towards the library.

Amanda’s platform sandals slowed her down a little as she tried to make her way to the library just as quickly as she assumed Jeff was. She was fine with that, however; a slower gait allowed her to show off her body more. Every guy who passed her as she crossed the sidewalk by the student center lawn stared her up and down-from her platforms to her stockings to her skirt and up to her breasts. Behind the student center, she went up the elevator which connected to the back entrance of the library.

Once inside the air-conditioned periodicals section, Amanda began to look for the cock that was going to be inside her. The room she had picked was not used for anything but storage anymore. It was infamous in her circles as a place people went to fool around. There were no windows, only a small vent going outside, and, strangely, there was a mirror. Rumor had it, the mirror was added some years back due to someone who liked to watch herself in the mirror while she sucked off her latest catch. When she turned the knob to open the door, she found Jeff was already there and rock hard.

Amanda crossed the room and ran her hand along Jeff’s left arm. She smiled. “Jeff, sweetie, I need a favor from you.” Jeff closed his eyes and shivered a little as she got closer. He could feel her breath on his body. Her hair smelled like cinnamon, which reminded him a bit of his girlfriend from home. The ponytail really brought out her eyes and cheeks.

Jeff flashed back to reality and realized Amanda was staring vacantly at him, her eyes a bit empty and opaque looking. “Yeah, um, sure, of course, what do you need? Anything for a pretty woman.”

Amanda smiled. She loved it when men complimented her. Making men happy was important. “Well, Jeff, I cannot seem to understand all this dumb history stuff! Greeks, Romans, Carthamoghicians or whatever, they all sound the same to me. I need to keep it straight in my head, Jeff.” She frowned and hugged him tightly, wrapping herself around him. She made sure to press her breasts against his body. “I don’t want to fail, Jeff. My daddy will be so mad; I’d have to quit school and get a job!” Pouting, she looked up at him with puppy dog eyes.

Jeff returned her embrace. “Amanda, don’t be upset, I can help you.” He ran his hand down her arms and returned her gaze. “What do you need from me?” It was astounding that she would ever be this upset about school.

Leaning back on her heels, Amanda thought for a moment and then spoke. “I need your notes for what will be on the test. I bet if I studied with you, I would get an A.”

Jeff pulled away, picked up his bag, and quickly fumbled through his notes until he found the notes she needed. He handed a few pages of notes to her. “Here are the notes on Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. If you study them, you’ll get a good grade for sure. The exams seem to come right out of the notes, almost word for word sometimes.” She nodded and watched him pull out his wallet. “Here is a copy card. This dude in our class scammed it for me. There is like fifty dollars on it. Just give it back when you’re done.”

Amanda took the card and put it in her purse. She hugged him again. Suddenly, a tingle went tearing through her body. “You know, I went to one of your games earlier this year. The one where you scored the goal at the end. You took your shirt off, it was quite the show.” Pausing, she ran a finger over her cleavage again. “I may be beautiful, Jeff, but you are sexy.”

Jeff took a deep breath. Was she really hitting on him? “Thank you, Amanda, I work out a lot. You know, soccer is a very psychical—” He did not get to finish because she ran her right hand up his arm, letting a nail glide across the skin.

She asked him if he had a girlfriend. Jeff fumbled his way through a false story about having broken up with her over spring break. Amanda smiled and leaned in to kiss him on the lips. For a second, she pulled away, but then leaned back in and kissed him very hard as his tongue guided hers into his mouth. She pushed him up against the wall and began running her hands over his body to find places where he was especially sensitive. Finding one at the bottom of his back, she giggled as Jeff moaned a little bit. Quickly, she unzipped his shorts and dropped them, so one of her hands could wrap around his cock.

Jeff looked surprised, but Amanda just smiled and knelt in front of him. “Nice men who help out dumb women like me deserve rewards. Men are important.” She sat back on the balls of her feet for a second to admire his penis. It was decent sized; not huge, but not minimal either. The brunette did not understand her sorority sisters and their obsession with cock size; to her, cocks were cocks, no matter the size. What mattered to her was what she, and the man, did with it.

Quickly, she licked it up and down, feeling a little bit of cum on her tongue. Amanda looked up at him and grinned. “You’re trimmed, I like that, Jeff. The last man I was with was so hairy, it was gross! I was drunk, and—” She paused to kiss the head. “...he was so hairy, and I got some in my mouth. So then after he came I swallowed, god I hate women who don’t swallow, I was in the bathroom to clean myself up, and I totally threw up the hairs!”

Both of them giggled. Amanda slid the head of Jeff’s cock back into her mouth and sucked on it slowly. She licked it again and Jeff quivered a little. He was going to cum soon; she had teased him in class for an hour and now was slowly, very gently, sucking his cock. A man could only hold out for so long. She took it in her hand and leaned under it to give his balls a few licks. Suddenly, she stopped and looked up. “I want you to cum now, Jeff.”

Amanda wrapped her lips around his cock again, sliding it in and out of her mouth quickly until he came in her mouth. She swallowed it all down, keeping his cock in her mouth, so nothing would drip out. After a few moments of awkward silence, she hopped up and gathered her books and purse. “Thank you for the notes, Jeff. I am sure they will be very helpful.”

She kissed his forehead and padded out of the room, ass swaying, and headed to the bathroom to clean herself up. After washing up and fixing her makeup, she made her way through the library and back onto campus. Before she continued, she pulled two things out of her purse; a pair of sunglasses and, more importantly, her earbuds and cell phone.

While walking to her next class, she was once again brainwashed by the lecture contained within. After her final class, Amanda walked over to the food court so she could buy a bottle of water. She paid for it with her school card. The cashier told the brunette there were still a few dollars left on it, so she also purchased a bag of pretzels. Heading back towards the apartments, a familiar voice intercepted and captured her attention.


Amanda immediately recognized the voice as that of Rob Park, 22, star defensive back for the football team and president of the biggest fraternity on campus. There were only two frats on campus, but it was still the biggest.

Amanda pulled her ear buds out and, for reasons she did not comprehend or notice, lowered her eyes as she said hello to him. “Amanda,” Rob repeated, making sure, as Tim had advised, his voice sounded firm and commanding, “I need you to come with me to my apartment.”

An almost orgasmic sensation went through Amanda’s body before she could question his instruction. Without speaking, she nodded and fell in line behind him.

Walking next to him for about a mile, they went inside the fraternity and walked upstairs to his room. No one seemed to be around besides one other co-ed and a hung over male just getting out of bed. Rob opened his door and let her into the room. He shut and locked it behind them. The football star was nervous, but kept himself together and tried to remember everything Tim told him to try out.

“Sit down, Amanda.” He pointed to the bed.

Amanda followed his directive without a word, smiling at him as she put her hands on her lap and slowly crossed her shapely legs. Rob noticed that she seemed to be lost in deep thought, softly smiling, but the life in her eyes seemed to have been sucked out. The brunette continued to smile, waiting for his word. He could not believe a dork like Tim had gotten this to really work.

“Amanda, I need you to do a few things for me.”

Amanda started to say something, but then tilted her head slightly and smiled again. “Okay.”

Rob stepped in front of her, eyeing the buxom airhead in front of him. “Amanda, take your top off,” he stated in a commanding voice, “but keep the bra on.”

Amanda paused, but then quietly slid her sweater up over her head and onto the bed. She shook out her hair, perfect breasts bouncing up and down. Legs slowly crossed one more time, the vapid, empty, smile returned to her face.

“Wow,” was all Rob could say as he stared at her chest. Amanda’s breasts were large but just sat there, no sag at all. “Do you work out, Amanda?”

“Yes, four times a week, Sir.” Amanda blinked a few times. Why did she call him Sir? Why did that not seem weird? The thought drifted away.

Rob could see where her body was toned and was impressed. Obviously, despite being a dimwitted party obsessed airhead, she took her training seriously. “Amanda, please play with your left breast,” he commanded her authoritatively.

Amanda’s head tiled downward for a moment. Looking ever so slightly thoughtful, her right hand suddenly rose to knead her left breast. She ran her hand along the bottom of it, running it through her hand. This continued for about a minute before Rob commanded her to stop, and she returned the hand to her lap, smiling again.

“Amanda, put your sweater back on.” Silently, she obeyed and returned to the position she had been sitting in. Unbuttoning his pants, Rob dropped his boxers down to reveal a large, hard, cock. Amanda moved towards him and knelt, rubbing a tan hand over the bottom half.

Rob shoved her to the side. “Did I say you could do that?”

Amanda realized that, no, he had not. She had been a bad girl. She wanted to be a good girl. “S-sorry, Sir,” she replied, stiffening. The brunette returned to her previous position on the bed.

The star football player had a bit of a sadistic side to him. His sister was involved in the bondage scene, and he “borrowed” many of her fanzines and books to read. It became quite the fetish for him. He smiled; this was going to be fun.

He reached his arm under Amanda’s and pulled the girl up. “Yeah, you are sorry, you fucking dumb bimbo. You will only speak when spoken to; I want you to just obey.” Amanda glanced down at the ground in difference, confused by the erotic sensation running through her body. “Now, take your clothes off.”

Amanda immediately complied, clothes falling onto the ground in front of her. She took off her heels and placed them next to the pile. Standing very tall, on the tips of her toes, and stiffly, she thrust her breasts outward to look as pleasing as possible.

“Now, bend over, NOW!” Rob commanded.

She complied immediately, bending over to touch her toes. A moment later, the brunette winced as her bottom was spanked. “You are a disobedient little whore and need to be punished.” He spanked her again and then yanked her upward by her hair. Rob tossed her across the room, slamming her against the wall. He inserted himself inside her and rammed in and out, fucking her senseless. Amanda stood there like a puppet, moaning and panting as he fucked her harder and harder. He came inside of her, pulled away, and watched the hypno-slave fall forward onto the floor from a pleasure overload.

Rob could not believe this was real. It was astonishing; she did exactly as commanded. Convinced that all he had been told was true, he decided to let her go.

“Amanda, you have done well, you may go. Get dressed.”

She got up and turned to him, “thank you, Sir,” and quickly got dressed as commanded and went out the door, downstairs, and back out to the world outside. Rob ran over to the phone to call Tim and give him the good news.

* * *

Meanwhile, Erica Adams, 21, sat on the steps of another building on campus, looking around for Amanda Carlson. The dark-haired woman had been a wild partier who ended up in rehab. All of that had changed after she had been given a dose of Tim’s subliminal programming. The messages had, over a week, reconditioned her into an eager, hard-working, and studious lady who saw no purpose but to please her, for the moment, Tim, Master. He demanded grace, high achievement, and, most importantly, devoted obedience to his will.

This was what brought her to the steps of this building. Tim had sent a text message early in the morning explaining that he needed Erica to give the test subject a dry run this afternoon. Although overjoyed that a subject had been acquired, it made her even happier to know it was Amanda. She really resented the dimwitted bimbo, who did not achieve according to the standards set when the dark haired young lady had been brainwashed. Nevertheless, after a timely text from Tim announcing that Erica was now bisexual, she found that Amanda’s body very alluring. If her mind could be fixed, it would please Master so much!

After waiting for twenty minutes Amanda was walking across a path towards her. Dressed to kill in a tight sweater and plaid skirt, Amanda was eroticism walking in her general direction. She squirmed a little, put her sunglasses back on, and began on an intercept course.

A few minutes passed before she caught up, “Hello, Amanda.”

Amanda turned around and saw the woman who had called her name; it took a moment before she remembered they were in the same math course, “Um, hey...Erica, right?”

Erica looked her up and down slowly and smiled, putting her hand on Amanda’s tanned and tone right arm. He calmly leaned in and whispered the trigger phrase, something about a perfect princess, which she forgot immediately like a good girl, in her ear.

Amanda suddenly went stiff and looked straight ahead. Hearing the pre-programmed trigger put her into a suggestive state where further programming would be easier. It was the deepest part of the programming Tim had put in so far. She would obey anyone who said the trigger.

Seeing her stiffen and freeze in place nearly made Erica so happy. Her past transgressions needed to be made up for by being a high achiever. She leaned in again and whispered in her ear to follow; they were going for a ride. They drove quietly; Erica lived about five minutes away from campus. Amanda sat still with her hands in her lap, looking straight ahead. With her hair pulled back, her eyes looked larger than usual.

They pulled into the parking garage of Erica’s apartment building. She commanded Amanda to follow her upstairs. The brunette did so without a word, silently submitting to her controller. A few moments later, at the apartment’s door, Erica held it open for Amanda and allowed her to enter.

“Amanda,” the dark-haired woman began, “can you sit down, please?”

The entranced woman sat down obediently, sitting in her usual crossed legs, hands in lap, style. Erica pulled a chair up to and sat down. “Amanda, listen to me carefully. Soon, I am going to wake you up, but listen to my words. I am your friend Erica, we met in class, and we are hanging out today. You will answer any question I ask you and do anything I tell you to do without hesitation. When I snap my fingers you will wake up, knowing all of this to be truth.”

Erica snapped her fingers and Amanda came to life, looking around at the unfamiliar setting. “Your apartment is nice, Erica, “she said, smiling at her new friend. She smiled in such an insincere manner that Amanda became a bit alarmed. Something was not right here. However, she was hanging out with Erica, so that could not be true! She smiled back, and the thought slipped out of her mind.

For the first time, Amanda noticed how pretty her new friend looked. Erica was dressed in a black pencil skirt, with stockings and pumps of the same color. Her hair and nails looked immaculate, and a gray cardigan bought out the hue of her eyes.

Erica took a few steps towards her friend. “You know, Amanda, I used to be a lot like you. Partied with assholes, screwed around at school, fucked men in exchange for school work.” Amanda tried to counter this, but Erica raised a white tipped finger. “Do not speak until I say you can.” The way the brunette’s mouth closed made Erica’s body tingle in a very naughty way.

“Good girl, you perfect princess.” The dark-haired co-ed watched Amanda blink a few times. Her eyes became glossy as if she had been turned off like a toy after the trigger phrase had been uttered. “Like I said, I used to be a very bad girl.” She was now right in front of Amanda, who could not move or say anything.” But then I began a relationship with someone special.”

She giggled. “Oh, no, not like God or something. I failed three classes in the fall, so I was automatically placed on probation and required to take tutoring. That is where I met our friend Timothy, or, as I think of him, and soon you will too, our Master. He gave me these lecture files to listen to, and suddenly life made perfect sense. I had to be a good girl!” She stopped speaking for a moment and hugged herself. “Good girls do their school work and dress nice, and most importantly, they live to please.” Erica sighed sadly. “ The thing that had been missing from my life was...a purpose. I now have one of those.”

Erica walked across the room towards her desk. Amanda remained silently waiting, enthralled by her controller’s voice and unable to do anything but sit quietly. The dark-haired hypno-slave returned a moment later and placed a set of pink earphones over the brunette’s head. Making sure they were snug in place, she tapped the play button on the side of the right headphone.

“And now you will too.” Erica squeezed her friend’s hands gently and then slipped on her own headphones. A few moments passed before she fell deeply into her own trance.

Behind them, neither noticed Amanda’s friend Betty, empty-eyed, standing at attention, her own purple headphones snug in place.

* * *

Tim stood in front of the brunette hypno-slave. “Hello Amanda, stand up for me please.”

Amanda jumped up immediately. “Yes, Sir.”

“Excellent. Amanda, I want you to get dressed and then head back to your sorority. Take a shower and pick out your best outfit. Bring it with you in a bag and dress sexy, but you don’t have to over do it. Once you have accomplished all of this, you will call me and I will come pick you up, I have someone who wants to see you.”

“Yes, Sir.” Amanda replied as she got up to get dressed.

Amanda called Tim about an hour later. He asked her to meet him down the street from her sorority at a bookstore. She complied, sitting quietly in the store until he came to get her. Once they were back in the car and on the road, Tim commanded her to stay quiet for the ride. Silently obeying, Amanda sat hands folded in her lap staring out the window.

When they arrived at his house, Tim opened the door for Amanda and led her to his room. Originally, Tim had not planned to “test drive” her, but after seeing how well things were working out, he just could not help himself. She was dressed pretty simply for her, tight black pants, a pair of those pointy heels that Tim could not understand the attraction to and a tight sweater. Even though it seemed plain to her, she was still the sexiest woman in the state probably, her curves painted tightly into the outfit.

Tim felt the urge to play with her a little bit, at least to get acquainted with it so when he took his own he would be comfortable. “Amanda, stand over by my television.”

“Yes, Sir.” She walked across the room and stood silent and still.

Tim walked in front of her and looked at her for a moment, thinking of what to say. “Amanda, do you know what happened to you?”

“N-No, Sir, but I keep feeling these urges to do what I am told.”

Tim smiled. “Yes exactly, see Erica and I fixed you so that you are now a good girl and will do exactly what you are told, just like her. How does it feel? Does it feel good to obey?”

She kept her eyes down, looking at her feet. “It does feel wonderful, I don’t know why though, Sir.”

“That’s because women like you weren’t born to think or do anything but obey. Women like you just need to do what they are told.”

This seemed to make sense to Amanda. “Yes, Sir, I was born to obey, not think.”

Tim sat down on a chair. “Yes, exactly, Amanda, you are correct. You know, all those times you were sucking dick for grades, you were just doing it because idiots like you don’t know any better.” He got up and stood in front of Amanda, pulling her face up with his hand so she had to look at him. “Amanda, you are most likely the most beautiful woman I have ever known, but let’s face it, you aren’t my type. I mean, who would not want an obedient, programmed slave to attend to their every need. You are not the one for me, though. Someone has already chosen you. Amanda, you are the first of your kind; the money we will make off you will go into furthering this.”

Suddenly, Amanda spoke up, taking Tim off guard. Her eyes were so glassy and the smile on her face was huge. “Sir, who am I to serve?”

Putting a pair of earbuds in her ears again and hitting play, Tim patted her on the head. “You’ll see in a few hours.” She was lost in her programming before he could even say a word.

* * *

A few days later, Mandi Carlson looked straight ahead, the life taken out of her glassy big blue eyes. Tim stood before her next to another man. A very handsome man, a man she felt deep sexual longings for; he was her romantic and sexual ideal. He was her Master. She was deeply under control, utterly submissive. The brunette found that she no longer identified as Amanda; she was now Mandi, just like Master wanted.

“Mandi, get up, please.” One of them had spoken, but she didn’t care. She just obeyed.

Mandi got up without saying a word, stiffly moving forward. As she stepped up the man in a suit came into her vision. “Oh my god, she is beautiful.” The handsome man said and he was right. The brunette’s hair was in a ponytail again and had her best makeup on. Instead of a plaid skirt, she now wore a white baby doll shirt and tan mini skirt. Clear silver platform heels adorned her feet.

Tim stepped out of the limo, the wind hitting him and feeling good. He looked around for a moment before leaning back in, “all you have to do is activate her now. Give me a call Monday on my cell phone after you drop her back off, we’ll go over the next step in personalizing her for you.” With that, they shook hands and the limo drove off.

Mandi sat across from Tim’s cousin, an executive for a Fortune 500 company. She was such a sight, the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. He could not believe his cousin Tim had been the person behind all of this. Before his musing overcame him, he slid over to the middle seat in the back of the limo and snapped his fingers, bringing his slave to life.

Mandi blinked a few times and looked over at her owner. “Master, I am your slave, I live only to serve you. I live only to obey and please you in every way. Please command me Master, I live only to serve you.”

She had been born for this.

* * *

A few months later, Tim walked out of his bedroom wearing a brand-new sweater, expensive dress pants, but very informal sneakers. He liked to throw off his new coworkers a bit and now that he was working for his cousin’s new technology firm working on brainwashing programs, it barely mattered anyway to anyone but those who saw him entering the front shop they used to hide their underground encampment.

As he came down the steps, Tim smiled at Erica, wearing her pink maid uniform today as he had instructed the brainwashed slave the night before, with white stockings and impossibly high black heels. Erica was portioning out their breakfast of waffles, apples, and coffee. Elizabeth, the former Betty, and future Mrs. Timothy Larmer, reached up and kissed her future husband, a look of devotion on her face. After being conditioned in the background while Mandi was distracted, Tim had wooed and loved Betty, taming her and beginning her process of becoming Elizabeth, his ideal, classy, submissive, wife.

The future Mrs. Larmer would mostly be a housewife, but she also had been tasked by her master to run this year’s new cheerleader orientation camp. With Mandi leaving college, it left Elizabeth as the new captain of the squad. For her senior year, she would take one class and lead the squad as recruits were brought into the fold. The brainwashed cheerleader promised Tim she would be home each before dinner, so her focus could then be on loving devotion to him.

* * *

At the same time, Theresa and Madison, both 19, were driving into camp. Theresa had begged her friend to try out for cheerleading when they got to college after a year of working and hanging out, and finally Madison had acquiesced to her best friend’s demands. Theresa has not been a great cheerleader, but wanted to keep doing it at university because she enjoyed it.

As they pulled up, they saw other co-eds talking to each other. Many were pretty, and a few extraordinarily beautiful. A few male athletes were milling about as well. A handsome, dark-haired man made eye contact with her and smiled.

As Theresa smiled back awkwardly, a stunning woman in a tight cheer uniform came over and waved. “Hi, my name is Elizabeth. Welcome to cheerleading camp. You are going to become a totally new woman by the end of it.”

The End


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