Malignity Of Stone

Chapter Five: A Tittering Sycophant

by alectashadow

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Turnarounds can be a bitch.

I’d been a late bloomer, in more ways than one. It had taken all my strength and determination to not let the bullying break me. I lost weight, cured my acne, hit the gym. In the space of a couple of years, I’d gone from the class loser, to a bombshell with her own posse in tow.

But that wasn’t enough for me, not yet. Something was missing. I was proud of my grit, to be sure, but I wanted to truly see my will triumph.

I wanted the impossible. Beyond that, I wanted it on my terms.

I wanted to be a fucking queen.

I nearly felt like one, regally perched upon my own teacher’s desk. Class was yet to begin, and we knew Cathy was up, so it was a bit of a free-for-all. My classmates stood by the window, mingled with one another, chatted animatedly about nerdy topics, and generally minded their own business.

There were but three exceptions.

Nick Foster stood with his back straight, his fingers drumming impatiently on the desk. He couldn’t wait for Cathy to come, and I could definitely sympathize. We both got a kick out of putting the bitch in her place.

We had different reasons, of course. Nick wasn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. I suspected he was proving a point to himself as much as Cathy.

But me?

After being in the shadows of more popular people for so long, I wanted to see someone fucking grovel before me. The queen bees like Cathy had made my life a living hell before I became one of the winners myself. Now, there would be hell to pay.

And so I awaited for Cathy by resting my butt on her desk, crossing my legs seductively – I’d chosen dark, form-fitting jeans that emphasized the curve of my calves and thighs, and flat-bottomed equestrian boots that made me look like a dictatress in waiting.

Oh, then there was the third exception, of course.

Cindy Cooper was staring daggers at me.

No wonder. The bitch was a bully, through and through, and I’d been on the butt end of her abuse for most of my time here at Crawford High. But no longer. Now she would get a nice, fat helping of the same medicine.

I bobbed my booted feet up and down, smirking at her. I loved challenging her so openly. She knew I was winning our little tug of war. It had all started with me stripping her of the right to vote… which, to be honest, I was surprised to find incredibly hot. Weird, of course, but hot.

The tide was against her now. The rest of class saw her star as on the wane since that day, with mine very much on the rise.

With her sister being so slavish, I knew it was only a matter of time before I got leverage that would allow me to show both sisters who was boss. And then, we’d really have some fun.

The door opened, snapping me out of my reverie, and in stepped Cathy. I openly laughed in her face – surely I wasn’t the only one who’d noticed her skirt grow progressively shorter, week after week, to the point that occasionally, the top of her black stockings would show. Today’s skirt was blue, and her blouse was white and tight.

She was clearly braless, her nipples poking through the thin fabric.

Hard nipples, I didn’t fail to notice.

I didn’t know what the hell was going on in this school, exactly. But so long as I got a windfall out of it, why should I complain?

“Good morning, class,” Cathy said sheepishly, in a voice so low you’d think she didn’t want to be heard. Maybe that was exactly her objective, considering that our attention could only be bad for her at this point. I saw her turn towards Nick first, which made me raise an eyebrow.

“Good morning, sir,” she said, bowing her head.

Not mister Foster, but sir. Huh, interesting. Had Nick found a way to strengthen his authority over Cathy? I’d have to watch them closely.

Then, Cathy spotted me, sitting on her desk like it was my turf. She opened her mouth, closed it, eyed her sister – so pathetic, did she expect her own little sister to help out? Eventually she realized she was powerless to defy me, and simply bowed her head.

God, I’d never get tired of this thrill.

“Good morning, Miss Cain,” Cathy told me.

“Ma’am,” I said, sharply. “You called Nick sir. The least you could do is pay me the same courtesy.”

That left Cathy speechless, with her eyes wide in terror. Interesting! So Nick did have a special hold over her. I wondered what he’d found. But regardless, once openly called out, Cathy had no choice but to fall in line.

“Of course, ma’am. My apologies.”

“Say, teach, you want a good grade?” I said, bobbing my right foot in the air. “I think my bootstraps are loose. Get down there and fix that.”

Promptly, Cathy knelt down before me.

God, I felt like such a queen. Here I was, using her desk as her throne, while she knelt on the floor to literally lace up my boots.

“Stop it, you fucking bitch!” Cindy roared in defiance, balling her hands into fists. “Cathy, get up! Stop obeying this upstart!”

I noted with interest how Cathy reacted to her sister like she’d been issued an order, but before she could rise. I lifted my other foot into the air, placed it atop her head, and pushed down. Cathy fell back to her knees, whimpering in pain as the hard sole of my boot pressed down upon her head.

“If I hear another word from you, Cindy,” I said as the whole class watched, my words laced with venom, “I’ll give your bitch of a sister a grade so terrible she will be fired on the spot. Do we understand each other?”

To my amazement, Cindy sat down. She glowered and muttered under her breath, but sat down, while I was literally rubbing my dirty sole into her sister’s hair. That made me press my thighs together.

“That’s it, peasant,” I said. “You have no right to vote, remember.”

And that’s when laughter resounded from everyone else in class, and I saw the defiance and self-confidence drain away from Cindy’s face.

I let Cathy lace up my other boot, hovering it inches from her face all the time, and then I was magnanimous enough to let her up. She tried to recompose herself, to some degree, but looked flustered as Nick approached her.

“See you at appointment hours, teach,” he said in a whisper.

I had to stifle a gasp – I stayed quiet, not wanting Nick to know I’d heard them. Appointment hours, of course! One on one facetime, no other students looking on, no danger of being caught… you could exert so much more control over Cathy if she were alone!

I was actually a little embarrassed that Nick had had this idea before me. I would have to figure out what he was doing exactly.

I smiled to myself. I knew what I had to do if I wanted to find out.

By the time class ended, I would be well on the way towards achieving my goal.



“No, wait! Please sir, wait!” I begged and pleaded, bent over the desk, with Nick’s strong hand possessively placed on my rear.

Such was the mockery of “appointment hours” that was enforced on me as part of the review system.

I knew my pleading would fall on deaf ears, and this was confirmed a second later, when Nick simply pressed the tip of his cock into me, without making any compliments.

I slumped down on the desk, defeated. It wasn’t like I was trying to deny them – I’d lost that kind of autonomy by now. But he could at least have the decency to put me in the mood, first.

That wasn’t his way. Nick fit the stereotype of the self-centered, obnoxious jock to a T. He probably fancied himself a ladies’ man, but his technique – such as it was – was incredibly clumsy. And I couldn’t so much as raise the point, even in a pleading, servile, sniveling voice.

As he began working his way deeper and deeper into me, I was reminded of the horrible truth of my situation. Nick didn’t need to worry about my pleasure. It was subordinated to his. My job hung in the balance of whether my pussy could satisfy his cock.

Embarrassingly, that thought lubricated me. It pushed me to alter my behavior for his pleasure. I rolled my hips, responded with eager gasps when he spanked me, kept my arms firmly limp by my side as he stamped his masculine authority into me like I was little more than a bitch for him to dominate.

“That’s it, teach,” Nick said, not even sounding remotely off-balance. He did have the stamina to go with the jock body, after all. “It’s what you were made for. Give it to me. Give it up.”

He lacked the verbal command of my humiliation that Burns showed every time he staked his claim on me – something which made me appreciate his methodical deconstruction of my womanly pretensions even more. Next to him, Nick really was just a boy.

And yet, my future was in his hands, and my body was free for him to use. So if he really was inexperienced and clueless, what did it say about me that I was so firmly under his thumb?

With a gasp I realized I was supplying the very verbal humiliation that Burns would normally heap on me, and my pussy was responding, convulsing around Nicks’ cock, gripping it, making him groan with pleasure.

A small, distant, horrified part of me knew I was beginning to associate my dependency on dominant male figures with sexual arousal. This would convince Nick even further that there was nothing wrong with the way he had sex.

My actions weren’t just damaging me. They were damaging the wider feminist cause, and all women everywhere.

As Nick’s fist clenched around my hair, pulling my head backwards, impaling me further with his cock, I realized that I was a gender traitor.

And the thought alone made my body quake with pleasure.

“Looks like I’m the one doin’ the teachin’ here,” he said, and this time his voice was showing signs of his physical activity. As was I. Nick was pistoning inside me with more and more energy, ragdolling me over the desk like I was just an object, rather than a person.

And I was. Twisted, bent, pliable, most of all available. In the span of a few weeks I’d let this student – this person I was supposed to be an authority figure towards – entirely domesticate me, like a little sexpet.

For all his physical stamina, Nick was young and horny. Where Burns was very precise about his requirements, Nick was easily pleased. All of a sudden, his hands let go of my hair, and pushed my face down onto the desk, reminding me of my subordinate position as a plaything at the beck and call of men.

With a final roar of triumph, he orgasmed into me, planting his seed deep within me, claiming me. His interest spent, he withdrew from me with a soft squelching sound, leaving me to whimper in frustration. I hadn’t got to cum, but I knew better than to raise the issue with the men who now ruled over my life.

Burns had been very particular about this concept. Whether women cum or not is irrelevant, he liked to say. They exist to provide relief, not to seek it. It was a disgusting lesson that went against everything I genuinely believed in… but it was hard to cling onto my indignation, as Nick composed himself and left my office without so much as a glance in my direction.

I was a spent doll, used and discarded.

Eventually, I found the strength to recompose myself, after a fashion. Still wobbly from the fuck Nick had given me, I made my way out into the main hallway – I knew Burns wanted to see me, and keeping him waiting would have dire consequences.

As I stepped away from my office, a tingle raced across the back of my neck, as if I was being… watched.

I turned around, my eyes darting this way and that.

No, the place was deserted. Considering the stuff I was going through, it was really no surprise that I saw ghosts behind every shadow.

With a shake of the head, I made my way towards Burns’ office.



John Burns contemplated the delectable piece of ass standing demurely before him.

Cindy became unrecognizable when she was in his office. She couldn’t meet his gaze, or walk confidently – rather, she dragged her feet, spoke in quiet tones, and kept her hands clasped submissively in front of her.

Just seeing her be so unassuming in his presence was getting his dick hard.

How he’d managed to keep his hands off her so far, he barely knew. That took all the restraint he could muster, and more besides, as he labored to figure out what made the girl tick… what reaction the stone had triggered inside her.

His mouth stretched into a predatory smile.

Now, he knew. He was sure of it.

The girl was clearly a little lezzie, this much was apparent to anyone with a functioning set of eyes. But she was clearly inexperienced. Worse, growing up in her sister’s shadow had given Cindy some very particular insecurities, ones that mixed very poorly with being a lesbian.

The girl feared social rejection above all else. What if she never found a girl to marry and settle down with? What if her family refused to accept her coming out, and turned her away? The thought of being unlovable absolutely terrified her.

Such a curious thing, the human mind. So versatile, so creative, and yet ultimately, so… fragile. He felt not the slightest bit of empathy for the girl. He knew that she was a rotten bitch to everyone who couldn’t strike back at her. Her recent behavior towards the newly-meek Cathy was proof of that.

No, this weakness existed for him to exploit. This was the beginning of the descent, and she would be powerless to stop it.

Burns cleared his throat.

Cindy sniffled a little, rubbing her eyes with her hands. Even so, she stood a little straighter, waiting for whatever message or instruction he had from her.

“Cindy,” he began, “I know this is a difficult time for you. I know you have trouble accepting I had a need to discipline your sister. That’s what the review system is really for, to make sure she complies with our policies.”

“That’s not true,” Cindy said, but there was no bite to the retort. “It’s got nothing to do with work at all. It’s gross, unfair, and sexist.”

“But that’s not what’s bothering you,” he said, in a voice that brooked no argument, and he gloated at the way she flinched before him. Session after session with the stone had completely broken down her ability to stand up to him.

He’d been thorough in a way that he hadn’t even with Cathy. He’d wanted to make sure to close all loopholes before reaping the fruits of his labor, this time.

“I know what you’re afraid of,” he continued, and the way Cindy’s lips trembled as her eyes filled with uncertainty and gratitude was actually a little pathetic.

“Y-you do?”

“Of course,” he said with a friendly nod. “I’m a school principal, aren’t I? Helping young people through these crucial, formative years is part of my job. Besides, these fears must seem so big to you know, but take the word of someone who’s been through it – it will all seem incomparably silly ten years into the future.”

“I suppose,” Cindy said, fidgeting in place, unsure of where he was heading with this discussion.

“I have a bullet-proof plan to make sure your worst fear will never come true,” he said. “All you need to do is, well… everything I say.”

Cindy looked up at him, then down, then up again. “You want to sexually harass me, too,” she said with a nervous gulp.

“But of course!” Burns said, nodding enthusiastically. “That’s the first step in my plan. How many victims of sexual harassment do you know?”

“Quite a few,” Cindy said, her voice still low. She’d spent the last hour staring at the stone, too terrified to look away, and right now, her mind was at the most pliable. Time to go for the killing blow.

“And how do people tend to behave towards them?”

“Not supportive enough,” Cindy said with a sniffle, “sometimes they even blame them.”

“Sure, sure,” Burns said, hurrying her along, “but on the whole, they get empathy and support, especially these days, right?”

Cindy sighed, defeated. He knew she could sense how disingenuous the argument was, but in her current mindspace, she literally didn’t have the spare capacity to oppose him.

“While you spend time under me,” he said with significance, “I’ll be working on my plan to make sure you’ll always have the love and acceptance you need. But even if the plan fails, at least you’ll be able to tell people you were sexually harassed. This way, everyone will immediately sympathize with you!”

“That’s very generous of you, sir,” she said, and it was all Burns could do not to laugh out loud at the complete absurdity of this whole discussion. “What do you need me to do?”

“For a start,” he said, “kneel.”

Cindy’s eyes were wide open, now. She realized the implications of what she was about to do, and she looked at her surroundings like a deer caught in headlights, as if looking for a way to escape the fate of sexual subservience now rushing towards her.

But there was no escape.

Slowly, deliberately, she descended to her knees.

It was a glorious sight. Kneeling complimented the beautiful curves of her toned legs in a way he found eminently pleasing. The way she had to look up at him made his erection strain in his pants.

He raised an eyebrow, plaintively. He didn’t need to say anything. All he had to do was sit back, and enjoy the absolute defeat in Cindy’s eyes as she started crawling on all fours towards his desk.

He knew something had died inside her at that moment, and the idea filled him with vigorous arousal. Identity break was the sweet, sweet taste of victory.

He shivered as Cindy’s delicate hands undid his zip.

As her sweet, lesbian lips made contact with a cock for the first time, John Burns allowed himself to consider the possibility that he was truly, thoroughly, and irredeemably evil.

He’d just spent the past few weeks gaslighting, manipulating, terrorizing and mindbreaking two women into making themselves sexually available for him. They were both adults, to be sure, but neither had any real respect for him.

One was his employee, the other a student at his own school.

And the latter was also a convinced lesbian who’d never been with a man before, and was now clumsily sucking on his dick. She’d clearly need the same kind of oral training he’d given her sister.



It was lucky, then, he considered as his wiry hands gripped Cindy’s hair, that being evil felt so impossibly fucking good.



I wasn’t straight. Therefore, it was okay for me to suck cock.

That’s what I repeatedly told myself, as I submissively knelt under Burns’ desk, working at his erection with my mouth, cementing this impossible change in my life.

I wasn’t straight, so this was nothing sexual. I was merely sucking his cock to protect myself. I was doing it so people would love me. I would do it so Burns would execute his plan to make sure people would continue to love me, whatever it was.

Oddly enough, that part wasn’t difficult at all for me to accept. I trusted him. Ever since that first encounter in his office, I’d been constantly gripped with such terrible anxiety… but he’d provided the only real source of relief.

My sister was a frustrating mystery, Irene seemed able of winning every round against me, Nick was his smug, arrogant self, and I was terrified that my family would refuse to accept my orientation… maybe even kick me out. They’d never given me any indication that they would, but for some reason, for the past few weeks I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.

But Burns always knew what to say to make me feel better.

Unfortunately, that meant I had to give him a blowjob.

I wasn’t good at it, so it was almost a relief when his hands took control of me, and he started thrusting harder into my mouth. I was rubbish at this, of course. Never done it before. Never dreamed of doing it before.

This was a hugely significant moment for me. A lesbian, kneeling before a man… it signified so many things. It meant that I was willing to accept his authority over me to such an extent that it would overshadow even my own sexual orientation. I was so inferior and so helpless before him that it didn’t matter whether I was a lesbian or not.

What mattered was that my body was sculpted to arouse him.

“Your sister sucks better cock than you do,” he said, his strong hands regulating my pace like I was just a fleshlight for him to fuck. “But don’t worry, you’ll learn.”

My only response was a series of gluks as I slobbered all over his dick. I didn’t like the taste. I didn’t like the texture, which felt both soft and hard at once. I got no physical pleasure out of it, either.

But I hated that it somehow felt right. I hated that his words motivated me to be a better cocksucker for him. I hated that they made me feel so thoroughly feminine, folded in a low, slavish position where my mouth could be put to better use than talking.

Lesbian or not, feminist or not, I knew I’d never look at men the same way again. I intuitively understood now the fear, awe, and subservience they seemed able to command from so many women all over the world.

I was one of them now.

Burns grunted above me, and then impaled my throat on his cock, which started twitching as I gagged. Involuntarily, I was giving the tip of his dick a throat massage.

When his spunk hit the back of my throat, it made me wheeze and cough, but I couldn’t even move, so strong was his iron grip on my head. His cum was gooey, salty, and unpleasant as it coated my throat and slithered downwards. But I took it all.

In that moment, my lesbian identity was ruined forever. Whatever else I’d do in life, I could never simply un-suck this cock, or undo the fact that I’d just swallowed a load of cum.

Burns kept me on his dick as it softened. He clearly had no interest in what I had to say. His hands caressed my hair, almost affectionately, and I made sure to clean his softening cock in gratitude.

As I did so, he started talking.

And, like any good slut should, I kept suckling at him as I listened.



I sensed danger.

This entire situation had been fraught from the very beginning, of course. Burns’ very first move was to maneuver against me, put my back to the wall, first literally and later metaphorically.

I’ve been navigating a minefield. The humiliations I’ve suffered in the meantime would have made the old me explode with rage, but at least I knew what was going on at each and every step.

Now, though, I felt like I was on the edge of a bottomless precipice.

I stood in Burns’ office, demurely waiting for his permission to speak.

We weren’t alone.

By my side stood Cindy. Her pose matched my own so strikingly that it made my heart beat faster. Had Burns been… training her?

No, surely not. What leverage would he even have on her?

And yet, I couldn’t deny what my eyes saw. Cindy stood quietly, waiting for Burns’ permission to speak, looking at him expectantly. She hadn’t glanced in my direction, not even once. Oddly, she wasn’t wearing any shoes or socks.

I returned my gaze to the floor. I couldn’t see what was behind the corner, and I was terrified. My breath was coming in short, quick pants. Rather than the battered and broken resignation of a defeated woman, what I felt now was a strange thrill.


At last, Burns cleared his throat, looking up. Cindy and I snapped at attention simultaneously, standing straighter, looking ahead like soldiers waiting for orders.

That wrung a smile out of Burns. He had a weird glimmer in his eyes, like a kid about to unwrap a Christmas present whose content he knows in advance.

He sized us up in turn, his ogling eyes lingering where they wanted to. It still made my skin crawl, but I knew that meeting his pleasure was the fundamental condition of my employment, and I said nothing.

“Girls, girls, girls,” he said softly, clapping his hand. “The last few weeks have been quite hectic, and I dare say, life-changing.”

I gulped. I certainly couldn’t argue with that description.

“I felt like now was a good opportunity to take stock,” Burns said. “We’ve been improvising a little too much. It’s time to think about how the future is going to look like. Chart a sort of… career path to you, if you will.”

He flashed his wolf-like grin at us.

“For the rest of your lives, so to speak.”

The sense of imminent danger grew stronger inside me. For the first time since first giving ground to Burns, I seriously considered what would happen if I simply fled, and never showed up here again. But I couldn’t. I just… couldn’t contemplate giving up on my career at the first obstacle.

But what was he talking about? The rest of our lives?

“Let’s start with you,” Burns said, turning towards Cindy. “I told you I would help you with your little problem, and I will deliver. But please understand that I will have to be brutally honest to do so. It’s for your own benefit.”

“Yes, sir,” Cindy said, and my head snapped towards her – in spite of myself, I couldn’t help but look. Cindy was mirroring my behavior, was addressing Burns as sir, and apparently needed help with something?

It felt like the room was spinning around me. My hands clutched the chair before me, as I leaned forward for support.

Oblivious, Burns continued. “You see, Cindy, your crucial problem is that you’re an insufferable bitch.”

My eyes widened in shock. Cindy whimpered softly, flinching under his words.

“Fortunately for you, there is a way we can correct your behavior, and make you a lot more pleasant to be around. You’re going to need… a boyfriend.”

Cindy’s mouth opened and closed. She looked my way for the first time, as if uncertain on how to proceed, and back to Burns. “A boyfriend? But sir, I’m…”

“A dyke, I know,” Burns said casually, to which Cindy gasped in shock – and so did I. Was that true?

“Don’t worry about her, she won’t be a problem,” Burns said, nodding in my direction. “Yes, a boyfriend. That’s the point. It’s the perfect cover story. No one can accuse you of being a lesbian if you have a romantic relationship with a man. Even more so if you embrace traditional gender roles, and accept his masculine authority over you.”

Cindy fidgeted in place, eyeing Burns with big, terrified eyes. “Would that b-b-boyfriend be you, sir?”

Burns threw his head backwards, roaring in laughter. “Oh no, girl. My job is to win you sympathy points by sexually harassing you, remember?”

“Of course, sir,” Cindy said dejectedly.

I literally couldn’t believe my ears. It was like this entire conversation was relying on some critical piece of context I wasn’t seeing. Were these people – my boss and my sister – completely insane?

“No, your boyfriend will be Nick Foster.”

Both Cindy and I focused our eyes on Burns. In my peripheral vision I could see her reaction of shock and disgust matched my own. Was Burns really throwing away my (apparently lesbian) sister to that sexist pig like a bone being tossed to a dog?

I was letting him fuck me, of course, but I hardly had any choice. What hold could Burns possibly have on Cindy?

“That’s not up for discussion,” Burns said, cutting Cindy off before she could protest. “Besides, I’ll make it up to you. I’ll give you a safe outlet for your lesbianism. One you can indulge without the slightest fear of the consequences.”

I stepped back in horror as I realized that Cindy’s expression was now one of gratitude.

“Of course sir,” my sister said. “Thank you sir. If I may ask…”

“Who the outlet is?” Burns said, chuckling to himself.

And then, his eyes fixed on me like a searchlight.

“What?” I asked, not understanding, panicking, my eyes darting between Burns and Cindy.

“Cathy,” Burns said, “what is about to happen to you hurts me more than it does you, believe me.”

To my right, Cindy moved towards me.

“No,” I said, stepping back in horror, my hands reaching behind me, looking for the door handle. My heart was beating so fast that its thundering sound deafened me. “No!”

“Yes,” Cindy said, stepping between me and Burns, her mouth twisted in a lustful smile. “Come here, little sis.”

Her hands reached out, grabbing for me. Instinctively, my own hands shot upwards, slamming against hers – and a moment later we were clutching at one another, pushing and fighting, pressing our hands together in a test of strength, while Burns looked on in amusement.

My cheeks flushed with embarrassment as I realized Cindy was pushing me into the corner. I grit my teeth, digging in with my heels, but her wiry strength kept inching me back, towards the wall.

“No…” I repeated, too stunned to understand what was going on. My mind was coming up blank, as if this was happening to someone else, not to me.

“Yes,” Cindy repeated, as my back hit the wall. She pinned my wrists and pressed her body against mine. She looked smaller than me, but I knew now I just had a little extra plump. Her lithe frame hid a strength I couldn’t match.

She brought her lips against my ear, her breath warm against my skin.

“I’m the stronger sister,” she said, gyrating and rubbing herself against me as I squirmed. “I’m the smarter sister.” Her lips tugged at my earlobe, making my skin crawl with disgust. “I’m the bigger sister.”

“You can’t!” I gasped, weakly thrashing against her old on me. “We’re sisters! You can’t do this! Cin-“

She slapped me.

“That’s Miss Cooper to you. How many times do I have to tell you?”

Unbidden, tears filled my eyes as Cindy’s hands now pressed against my shoulders. She was trying to push me to my knees.

No! This was too much! My entire life was spiraling out of control! I had to stop this!

“Cathy,” Burns said, “you nearly cost me my job with the little stunt you pulled, getting Nick involved. It’s good he was amenable to taking Cindy on as his girlfriend.” He shook his head. “Clearly I overestimated you. You’re too much of a dumb slut to be a teacher.”

That did it.

I grew pale, trembling with cold and fear. It was like the floor was giving way beneath my feet. Tears broke out in a veritable torrent as I sobbed and gasped for air. What resistance I’d been able to offer fled my limbs, and Cindy succeeded in pushing me to my knees.

“Please sir!” I shouted, in-between sobs. “Please don’t fire me!”

“I’m not firing you,” Burns said, and immediately my tears stopped and my breath slowed, even as Cindy ran her fingers possessively through my hair, my face hovering mere inches from her thighs.

“Y-you’re not?”

“Of course not,” Burns said. “I’m just giving you a different job, one you’re more qualified for. But if you screw up this time…” he let the threat hang. He knew he didn’t need to spell it out.

“Of course, sir,” I said, my voice shrill from panic and a desperate need to persuade him. “I won’t let you down! Anything for you!” Anything to not be this afraid, ever again.

“Well, there are two parts to this job. The first part is easy. You’ll just have to be Cindy’s little sister.” He lit one of his cigars, pensively puffing smoke as he held it between his fingers. “Loyal. Obedient. Open to her experimentation.”

“You hear that, Cathy?” Cindy prodded me with her foot. “Show me my dues as the elder sister.”

I didn’t even hesitate. There was no room for hesitation. I’d lost one job already due to all the stupid bitchy resistance I kept trying to muster, and Burns was being kind enough to give me a second chance. If that meant a demotion inside my own household, so be it.

I threw myself forward, and showered Cindy’s feet in kisses.

I feigned an enthusiasm I did not possess. I placed humble pecks and smooches all across her ankles, arches, heels, and toes. She presented the sole for me to kiss and snuggle against. She held my nose between her toes, commanding me to breathe in the scent.

Casually, Cindy placed a foot atop my forehead, and pushed me to the ground. The heel pressed down against my cheek, nailing my face to the floor. I couldn’t really see it from this angle, but I could see beneath Burns’ desk.

He’d fished his cock out of his pants, and was stroking it.

I almost failed to notice that I’d licked my lips by pure instinct.

“As for the second part of your job,” he said, while Cindy fidgeted above me, eventually switching from one foot to the other.

“Let’s just say that you’re more qualified to be a secretary than you are a teacher. I will make sure to inform your students that you’re a professor only in name, and that they should grade you on your secretarial skills alone.”

I squirmed in fear and discomfort under Cindy’s foot, but I couldn’t really complain, could I? It was the same set up as before. I’d blown it up once, and being demoted to secretary – and to little sister – was the price I had to pay. I still counted myself lucky.

I’d do better this time. No matter the cost.

Something soft hit my head, temporarily covering my eyes. Cindy removed her foot from my head, and then reached down to pull whatever it was that she’d dropped on my face.

As she did so, I realized what it was. Her jeans.

My sister now stood above me, naked from the waist down. I couldn’t look at her nakedness, couldn’t contemplate it, but looking at her face was hardly an improvement. She eyed me like I was some dumb animal as she ran her toes through my hair in a parody of affection.

Maybe I was.

Defeated, I looked on as Cindy lowered herself to straddle me, tucking my face in between her thighs, pinning my wrists to the floor.

She was right. She was stronger, smarter, superior to me. No wonder Burns had tasked her with being a girlfriend, rather than a slut to her own sister.

Her sex descended on my mouth.

The scent was the first thing that hit me. It smelled like arousal – in a way like my own arousal, but slightly different. I shuddered when I realized that it wasn’t unpleasant. It didn’t make me recoil. I accepter her lower lips resting luxuriantly above my face’s lips – a signifier of our new difference in status.

"Mmnph!" I said, trying to breathe through my nose, which still poked out. Then, Cindy began rubbing her cunt back and forth over my face, leaving a trail of juices in her wake. She was horny. She desperately wanted this. God, how long had she wondered to place her cunt on another girl’s face?

Every time she slipped forward, she squished my nose, preventing me from breathing.

“You want to breathe, little sis?” She said, her voice almost unrecognizable, so warped it was by lust. “Then lick me. Serve me. Worship me.”

And I did. I let my tongue snake sheepishly into her folds, and for the first time in my life, I started licking pussy.

In return, Cindy let me breathe. But her thighs clamped strongly around my head, her hands clutching at my hair, making me feel like I was an animal being domesticated and broken in for the first time.

I was now a cuntlicker. A slave to my own sister. I had been a complete fool to ever consider this a temporary arrangement. Burns played for keeps… and in a way, so did Cindy.

I accepted that Burns was right – that this was, indeed, the beginning of the rest of my life. And as Cindy started to buck and moan above me, I lifted my head and dove deeper into her sex, putting all my energy into the oral service, into bringing her pleasure.

After all…

It was literally in my job description, now.



When I realized that Nick was fucking Cathy in her own office, I thought the day couldn’t possibly get any weirder than this.

As it turns out, I was wrong.

I stepped carefully away from the door to Burns’ office, regretting my choice of boots for once – yeah, they made me look like a girl best not trifled with, but moving quietly in them was a pain in the ass. It was a good thing the school was deserted, because anyone who’d run into me would probably notice the way my eyes were virtually popping out of my skull.

Not even in the worst kind of cheap porn had I ever seen something like this.

I double-checked that the recordings were on my phone, and had been uploaded to my shared folder. They were there. Good. I’d gotten a nice long view at what was going on in that office through the keyhole, but it was the recordings that were going to change my life. For the better.

My brow creased as a pang of worry stung me. Seeing what he was doing, I knew for a fact that I didn’t want Burns to see me as a problem to dispose of. People thought he was creepy, but he was a fucking sociopath. Still, apparently he’d cut Nick into his deal, so why not do the same for me?

I looked forward to having Cathy the class secretary kneel and grovel at my feet. And nothing like the bullshit kisses Cindy was getting on her feet, oh no. I knew my way around kinky stuff, and I’d make sure Cathy gave me the tongue bath that I deserved.

As for Cindy herself… she might have her own lezzie slave now, but she was still missing out on the other side of the lesbian experience. I would be more than happy of providing it for her, and showing her just what it felt like to be the cuntlicker. And I’d be much harsher than she was being now with Cathy.

Cindy might not know her way around actually breaking someone with your cunt. But I did.

I smiled to myself, slipping my phone into my pocket and heading out into the sunlight. What a time to be alive.

After double-checking that no one was around me, I pumped my fist in triumph, and whispered my joy to the world.

“The bitch is mine.”

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