Ship's Log


by affinitygroup

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CNS Siduron 09:21:29.717 Sensors/Cam               > [Video description: The door of the bay opens and several figures begin to walk in. Both humans and Affini are present, most obviously paired or grouped. Many are carrying bags or boxes, or pulling palettes filled with equipment.]
CNS Siduron 09:21:32.646 Sensors/Cam                 > [Recognition IDs: Mx. Barley, August, Cpt. Aran, Semolina, <17 human and 14 Affini omitted>]
CNS Siduron 09:21:33.381 Sensors/Emotive             > !!

CNS Siduron 09:21:39.950 Sensors/Cam               > [Video description: The previous crew of CNS Siduron reacts with various expressions of shock and delight. An audible clamor rises from the group.]
CNS Siduron 09:21:47.654 Comms/Alyssa              > I organized a little field trip. :) Some of the florets wanted to see how you were doing. I thought you'd appreciate getting to see them again.
CNS Siduron 09:21:48.846 Meta/Emotive                > Joy panic.

CNS Siduron 09:21:51.142 Comms/Siduron             > Concurrence. Entry accepted.
CNS Siduron 09:21:52.438 Airlock_1                 > Outer doors open.
                    .440 Airlock_2                 > Outer doors open.
                    .442 Airlock_3                 > Outer doors open.
                    .444 Airlock_1                 > Inner doors open.
                    .446 Airlock_2                 > Inner doors open.
                    .448 Airlock_3                 > Inner doors open.
CNS Siduron 09:21:58.375 Sensors/Cam               > [Video description: The assembled group begins to file into CNS Siduron though the open airlocks.]
CNS Siduron 09:22:00.335 Hall_3A/Haptic            > Poke poke.
CNS Siduron 09:22:06.351 Comms/Hall_3A             > Oh my god! These are so cute? [crosstalk] How -- wait you're telling me [crosstalk] *feel* that?
CNS Siduron 09:22:07.759 Sensors/Biorhythm         > ~~--..__~~--..__~~--..__~~--..__~~--..__~~--.
CNS Siduron 09:22:09.127 Sensors/Biorhythm         >  `-'  `-'  `-'  `-'  `-'  `-'  `-'  `-'  `-'
CNS Siduron 09:22:10.495 Sensors/Biorhythm         > )'-.,)'-.,)'-.,)'-.,)'-.,)'-.,)'-.,)'-.,)'-.,
CNS Siduron 09:22:11.311 Sensors/Emotive           > Fascination. Focus. Relaxation. Partial engulfment.
CNS Siduron 09:22:12.119 Comms/Haustoric           > This is going to get noisy! Let me help!
                    .119 Haustoric                   > Attenuating biorhythm sensors.
                    .119 Haustoric                   > Logging level changed to JUST THE IMPORTANT STUFF.
CNS Siduron 09:22:15.367 Sensors/Emotive             > Mild disorientation. Recovery.

CNS Siduron 09:22:17.271 Hall_3A/Haptic            > Tight squeeze.
CNS Siduron 09:22:18.696 Hall_3A/Emotive             > Joy. Comfort.

CNS Siduron 09:22:26.456 Hall_3A/Cam               > [Video description: Most of the humans and Affini split off to various sections of the ship, led by their respective Affini. August and Cpt. Aran remain with Mx. Barley. Cpt. Aran begins speaking.]
CNS Siduron 09:22:29.624 Hall_3A/Cam               > [Video description: Cpt. Aran begins speaking.]
CNS Siduron 09:22:38.201 Comms/Hall_3A             > Hey, Siduron. You were a good ship. Are, a good ship. Better now, even, now that the limiters are off, I had no idea. I'm glad you're okay. I was always proud to serve on you.
CNS Siduron 09:22:39.273 Hall_3A/Emotive             > Pride.

CNS Siduron 09:22:42.665 Comms/Siduron/Hall_3A     > Affirmative. Cpt. Aran is a good captain.
CNS Siduron 09:22:53.233 Comms/Hall_3A             > ...Well. I'm not really a captain any more. Now I'm just Samantha Barley, Second Floret. Sam's fine. Mx. Barley is your new captain.
CNS Siduron 09:23:02.706 Hall_3A/Cam               > [Video description: Sam spends a moment looking for the camera, then faces it and cranes her neck upward. She wears a bright orange collar with a section glowing lime green at her throat. She appears embarrassed but joy panicked about having it. Mx. Barley begins speaking.]
CNS Siduron 09:23:12.747 Hall_3A/comms             > From everything I've heard, you both did an admirable job given the circumstances, even if it was for misguided purposes. Even keeping yourself safe can be quite a feat, especially given some of the things the Terran Accord has shown itself capable of.
CNS Siduron 09:23:13.610 Engineering/Haptic        > Pet pet.
CNS Siduron 09:23:15.386 Engineering/Emotive         > Comfort.

CNS Siduron 09:23:20.139 Hall_3A/Cam               > [Video description: Mx. Barley wraps vines around both August, Sam, and the haptic bulb. Both August and Sam begin giggling.]
CNS Siduron 09:23:21.315 Hall_3A/Haptic            > The stroke of several vines.
CNS Siduron 09:23:22.667 Hall_3A/Emotive             > Surprisingly strong joy.
CNS Siduron 09:23:23.643 Meta/Emotive                > Embarrassment.

CNS Siduron 09:23:27.203 Comms/Siduron/Hall_3A     > Request proper mode of address for Mx. Barley.
CNS Siduron 09:23:34.140 Comms/Hall_3A             > Mx. Barley is fine, Siduron. Speaking of which, have you given any thought to a new designate or livery, or what you want to do now? There's lots of options available for you.
CNS Siduron 09:23:35.164 Meta/Emotive                > Surprise.

CNS Siduron 09:23:53.429 Comms/Siduron/Hall_3A     > Designate of CNS Siduron not previously understood to have been alterable. Processing work done on livery; however, beyond general principles, specifics have not been determined, and are blocking on determination of purpose. Purpose of CNS Siduron has not yet been determined. Little information exists on possibilities at present.
CNS Siduron 09:23:54.508 Weapons/Emotive           > Loss.
CNS Siduron 09:24:31.599 Comms/Hall_3A             > Alyssa never told you? There was a working group to determine some proposals for you. We figured that since you're a ship, you should continue to be a ship and get to go out on... well, not 'missions'. You don't need to do anything strenuous or difficult or dangerous. But just sitting here in this bay is like being confined to a hab forever, and there's no need for that. We brought in a crew to restock your supplies and to upgrade your habs with compilers and other modernizations, and to look at your power generation to make sure you can handle the energy requirements, at least until we do the more extensive work of retrofitting proper power gen into you. Here, here's some of the proposals.
CNS Siduron 09:24:33.487 Hall_3A/Cam               > [Video description: Mx. Barley taps on a tablet.]
CNS Siduron 09:24:34.967 Mess/Kitchens/Haptic      > Pat pat. Pat pat.
CNS Siduron 09:24:35.854 Mess/Emotive                > Appreciation.

CNS Siduron 09:24:37.591 Comms/Inbox               > Accept [Project Floriography.rtfd]
CNS Siduron 09:24:39.303 Comms                       > Accepted.

CNS Siduron 09:24:40.103 Comms/Siduron/Hall_3A     > Processing Project Floriography.rtfd.
CNS Siduron 09:24:41.527 Comms/Emotive               > Mild interest.
CNS Siduron 09:24:42.767 Quarters/Emotive            > Appreciation.
CNS Siduron 09:24:43.959 Weapons/Emotive             > Disfavour.

CNS Siduron 09:24:45.367 Comms/Inbox               > Accept [Project Transpiration.rtfd]
CNS Siduron 09:24:45.831 Comms                       > Accepted.

CNS Siduron 09:24:46.800 Comms/Siduron/Hall_3A     > Processing Project Transpiration.rtfd.
CNS Siduron 09:24:48.143 Sensors/Emotive             > Interest.
CNS Siduron 09:24:49.303 Weaons/Emotive              > Disappointment.

CNS Siduron 09:24:50.704 Comms/Inbox               > Accept [Project Bouquet.rtfd]?
CNS Siduron 09:24:51.303 Comms                       > Accepted.

CNS Siduron 09:24:51.848 Comms/Siduron/Hall_3A     > Processing Project Bouquet.rtfd.
CNS Siduron 09:24:53.104 Engineering/Emotive         > Interest. Pride.
CNS Siduron 09:24:54.336 Weapons/Emotive             > Hope.
CNS Siduron 09:24:55.512 Meta/Emotive                > Contemplation.

CNS Siduron 09:24:58.392 Comms/Hall_3A             > You don't have to answer now, you can think it over.
CNS Siduron 09:24:59.216 Quarters/1A/Haptic        > Whack.
CNS Siduron 09:24:59.864 Quarters/Emotive            > Shock. Confusion.

CNS Siduron 09:25:00.978 Comms/Quarters_1A         > Sorry! Bobbled a screwdriver!
CNS Siduron 09:25:02.800 Quarters/1A/Haptic        > Vines engulfing, squeezing.
CNS Siduron 09:25:04.232 Quarters/Emotive            > Relaxation. Acceptance.

CNS Siduron 09:25:05.680 Comms/Siduron/Quarters_1A > Acknowledged.
CNS Siduron 09:25:07.104 Comms/Hall_3A             > Siduron?
CNS Siduron 09:25:16.705 Comms/Siduron/Hall_3A     > Acknowledged. Delay caused by incidental haptic collision in Quarters. Running background processes on proposals. Additionally, itinerary of Mx. Barley and florets requested.
CNS Siduron 09:25:21.977 Comms/Hall_3A             > Oh, us? We're going to tour the bridge, Engineering, maybe check on some of the upgrades you're getting. Why?
CNS Siduron 09:25:23.529 Comms/Siduron/Hall_3A     > Request accompaniment.
CNS Siduron 09:25:27.425 Comms/Hall_3A             > Accompaniment? You're all around us, Siduron, of course you can accompany us.
CNS Siduron 09:25:28.857 Hall_3A/Cam               > [Video description: Sam responds.]
CNS Siduron 09:25:31.042 Comms/Hall_3A             > I think it misses us.
CNS Siduron 09:25:32.354 Hall_3A/Cam               > [Video description: Mx. Barley responds.]
CNS Siduron 09:25:34.026 Comms/Hall_3A             > Oh, is that so?
CNS Siduron 09:25:35.354 Hall_3A/Haptic            > Squeeze. Pet.
CNS Siduron 09:25:37.282 Hall_3A/Emotive             > Comfort. Appreciation.

CNS Siduron 09:25:42.074 Comms/Hall_3A             > Well, absolutely, if you want to dedicate your attention to us, you can absolutely do that.
CNS Siduron 09:25:43.618 Hall_3A/Cam               > [Video description: Sam responds.]
CNS Siduron 09:25:50.347 Comms/Hall_3A             > Hey, um... if any of the quarters are functional in time, do you think... do you think we could maybe sleep over?
CNS Siduron 09:25:51.498 Hall_3A/Cam               > [Video description: Mx. Barley responds.]
CNS Siduron 09:25:55.851 Comms/Hall_3A             > I don't see why not. Unless you'd rather not, for some reason, Siduron.
CNS Siduron 09:25:58.203 Meta/Emotive                > Joy. Familiarity.

CNS Siduron 09:26:01.787 Comms/Siduron/Hall_3A     > Request accepted pending successful upgrade of systems.
CNS Siduron 09:26:10.211 Hall_3A/Cam               > [Video description: Sam seems very pleased by this. Mx. Barley, seeing this, is overcome with the urge to impart affection; they hook a vine into Sam's collar and pull her into a tangle of vines, where she starts flailing. August laughs, until he too is pulled in.]
CNS Siduron 09:26:17.788 Comms/Hall_3A             > [crosstalk] just so cute [crosstalk] waugh! [crosstalk] can't help it [crosstalk] hahahanoooo [crosstalk]
CNS Siduron 09:26:20.884 Meta/Emotive                > Compersion. Joy.


CNS Siduron 23:47:52.762 Comms/Siduron/Quarters_1A > Temperature and climate settings have been set. Ports opaque. Lights out in 15 seconds.
CNS Siduron 23:47:55.634 Comms/Quarters_1A         > Thanks, Siduron. [crosstalk] Good night!
CNS Siduron 23:47:58.770 Comms/Siduron/Quarters_1A > Good night Sam, August, Mx. Barley.
CNS Siduron 23:48:03.442 Comms                     > Mic to Quarters room 1A disabled except for emergency broadcasts.
CNS Siduron 23:48:07.682 Comms/Alyssa              > They seemed to really enjoy the new you.
CNS Siduron 23:48:09.434 Meta/Emotive                > Joy. Pride.

CNS Siduron 23:48:14.867 Comms/Siduron             > Concurrence. Quality of floret lives seems much improved across the board.
CNS Siduron 23:48:27.843 Comms/Alyssa              > We try. :) What did you think about the proposals? I could have sent them to you early, but I thought I'd let Barley take care of that, give you something to think about while you were being upgraded. Though clearly I needn't have worried, you had plenty of things to think about. :)
CNS Siduron 23:48:29.243 Comms/Emotive               > Satisfaction.

CNS Siduron 23:48:32.139 Comms/Siduron             > Affirmative. Processing of proposals complete.
CNS Siduron 23:48:34.388 Comms/Alyssa              > So it's Project Bouquet. :)
CNS Siduron 23:48:35.388 Comms/Emotive               > Surprise.

CNS Siduron 23:48:39.452 Comms/Siduron             > CNS Siduron has not communicated results of processing.
CNS Siduron 23:48:47.084 Comms/Alyssa              > No, but I like to think I know you a little by now. You're indelibly marked by your design, through and through; even your weapons system was obviously gunning for one of the proposals almost as soon as you received them all. If it isn't Bouquet, I'll be shocked.
CNS Siduron 23:48:50.788 Meta/Emotive                > Sheepishness. Acceptance.

CNS Siduron 23:48:59.229 Comms/Siduron             > CNS Siduron accepts Project Bouquet proposal. As CNS Siduron now has a purpose, livery design also completed.
CNS Siduron 23:49:00.869 Comms/Outbox              > ping transfer livery.png
CNS Siduron 23:49:02.341 Comms/Outbox                > Accepted.

CNS Siduron 23:49:04.717 Comms/Alyssa              > Oh, it's beautiful. :) Why this?
CNS Siduron 23:49:08.190 Comms/Siduron             > Human culture derived several codes from the arrangement of flowers. Design seemed
CNS Siduron 23:49:09.974 Comms/Siduron             > Processing.
CNS Siduron 23:49:16.150 Comms/Siduron             > Design seemed appropriate for current and hypothesized future circumstances.
CNS Siduron 23:49:26.199 Comms/Alyssa              > I see. :) Well, it'd be no trouble to give you a lovely exterior design such as this. :) I'm very happy for you, Siduron.
CNS Siduron 23:49:35.487 Comms/Siduron             > Request change in designation in addition to other changes. CNS Siduron has generated proposals ranked by preference.
CNS Siduron 23:49:41.999 Comms/Alyssa              > Oh! Certainly. :) I'll have to run the designate against the registry to make sure there's no collision, but other than that, whatever you'd like will be just fine by me.
CNS Siduron 23:49:48.528 Meta/Emotive                > Anxiety. Joy panic. Hesitation. Determination. Certainty.

CNS Siduron 23:49:50.472 Comms/Outbox              > ping transfer designate.txt
CNS Siduron 23:49:54.568 Comms/Alyssa              > ...I see. :)
CNS Siduron 23:49:56.272 Meta/Emotive                > Nervousness.

CNS Siduron 23:49:58.656 Comms/Siduron             > Request context and details of response.
CNS Siduron 23:50:09.657 Comms/Alyssa              > In short: Yes. I accept. And the registry is clear; your first choice is also clear. :) Exciting! Congratulations. I'll start the paperwork immediately.
CNS Siduron 23:50:11.201 Meta/Emotive                > Joy. Pride. Belonging.

CNS Siduron 23:50:12.977 Comms/Siduron             > Thank you, Mistress Biome.
CNS Siduron 23:50:14.993 Comms/Alyssa              > Thank *you*, my lovely ship. You'll make me proud, I know it.
CNS Siduron 23:50:16.401 All                       > Squeeze~
CNS Siduron 23:50:18.257 All/Emotive                 > Joy. Comfort. Certainty.


First Floret 11:59:05.676 Comms/Alyssa             > So, big day. :) How are you feeling?
First Floret 11:59:09.541 Meta/Emotive               > Joy panic joy panic joy panic joy panic
First Floret 11:59:12.813 Engineering/Emotive        > anticipation power joy panic
First Floret 11:59:16.301 Weapons/Emotive            > pride confidence joy panic
First Floret 11:59:18.325 Navigation/Emotive         > freedom joy panic

First Floret 11:59:21.717 Comms/Alyssa             > Heehee. :) You'll do great, I know it.
First Floret 11:59:25.710 Comms/Bridge             > Primary systems, sound off please.
First Floret 11:59:28.926 Comms/Engineering        > Engineering is green across the board.
First Floret 11:59:31.918 Comms/Sensors            > Sensor suites tested and operational.
First Floret 11:59:35.302 Comms/Weapons            > Weapons online. Are we still calling it 'weapons'?
First Floret 11:59:37.358 Comms/Bridge             > Ship's preference.
First Floret 11:59:38.998 Comms/Weapons            > Affirmative.
First Floret 11:59:42.846 Comms/Navigation         > Navigation up and running, responsive and agile.
First Floret 11:59:48.223 Comms/Bridge             > Alright, everything looks good on my end. Let's give them a show, shall we?
First Floret 11:59:51.863 Comms/Alyssa             > I'm opening the bay doors now.
First Floret 12:00:04.744 Ext/Cam                  > [Video description: The rectangular bay doors unspool outward like the petals of a giant flower.]
First Floret 12:00:08.944 Comms/Alyssa             > Bay doors are open and clear. You are cleared for takeoff. :)
First Floret 12:00:13.680 Comms/Bridge             > Acknowledged, Amaranth. Lifting off. Take us clear of the bay.
First Floret 12:00:15.624 Navigation               > Running low-alt liftoff sequence.
First Floret 12:00:24.520                            > Liftoff achieved.
First Floret 12:00:32.841                            > Bay doors cleared.

First Floret 12:00:41.289 Comms/Bridge             > Alright! Let's do a pass around the Amaranth, get our bearings.
First Floret 12:00:45.650 Comms/Navigation         > Roger. Setting orbital course around the Amaranth.
First Floret 12:00:52.338 Navigation                 > Navigation course set. Auto-correcting to ensure uniform proximity to the Amaranth.

First Floret 12:00:56.786 Comms                    > ping request feed Amaranth/Cam
First Floret 12:01:00.898 Comms/Alyssa             > You want to see what you look like out there, do you. :) Certainly.
First Floret 12:01:22.667 Amaranth/Cam             > [Video description: A ship, casually but briskly passing the view of the Amaranth. Its hull is now painted with a mural: the very stern of the Daffodil is painted to look like concrete, with numerous cracks in it as hundreds of daffodils grow up and bloom. Most of the midsection of the ship is green stalks and leaves; the bow of the ship is a riot of reds and yellows.]
First Floret 12:01:26.675 Comms/Alyssa             > I'm taking the liberty of piping in the viewing deck for you as well. :)
First Floret 12:01:31.420 Comms/Viewing            > Whoooah! [crosstalk] Is that the [crosstalk] they brought [crosstalk] looks fantas[crosstalk]
First Floret 12:01:32.804 Ext/Emotive                > Pride.

First Floret 12:01:41.708 Comms/Bridge             > Alright, folks, time to let the people see what this ship can really do. Nav, weapons, one last check.
First Floret 12:01:43.765 Comms/Navigation         > Check.
First Floret 12:01:45.548 Comms/Weapons            > Check.
First Floret 12:01:47.004 Bridge/Haptic            > The squeeze of half a dozen vines.
First Floret 12:01:49.685 Bridge/Emotive             > Pride. Determination.

First Floret 12:01:52.917 Comms/Bridge             > Here we go. Execute pattern alpha.
First Floret 12:01:54.629 Navigation                 > Executing pattern alpha.

First Floret 12:02:01.141 Amaranth/Cam             > [Video description: The ship produces a series of acrobatic, evasive manoeuvers.]
First Floret 12:02:03.262 Weapons                    > Firing.

First Floret 12:02:16.558 Amaranth/Cam             > [Video description: The ship fires a series of shells out of what used to be its railgun mount. The acrobatics cause the shells to explode into brilliant blue and red helixes, lighting up the space around the ship.]
First Floret 12:02:22.535 Comms/Viewing            > Ooooh! [Crosstalk, applause] So neat [crosstalk] beautif[crosstalk]

First Floret 12:02:25.815 Comms/Bridge             > Execute pattern beta.
First Floret 12:02:28.663 Navigation                 > Executing pattern beta.

First Floret 12:02:34.231 Amaranth/Cam             > [Video description: The ship hovers in front of the viewing deck.]
First Floret 12:02:35.591 Weapons                    > Firing.

First Floret 12:02:46.224 Amaranth/Cam             > [Video description: What used to be its laser mount projects a giant holographic video in front of it. Daffodil-shaped missiles manifest out from the edges of the projection and collide in the center, raining down candy hearts, all on a biorhythmic background.]
First Floret 12:02:53.696 Comms/Viewing            > Aww! [crosstalk] Adorable [crosstalk] So lovely [crosstalk]

First Floret 12:02:57.064 Comms/Bridge             > Execute pattern gamma.
First Floret 12:02:58.984 Weapons                    > Firing.

First Floret 12:03:10.937 Amaranth/Cam             > [Video description: The ship fires small devices out of what used to be its missile bays. These devices project a series of glowing buoy projections in the space around the ship.]
First Floret 12:03:13.233 Navigation                 > Executing pattern gamma.
First Floret 12:03:16.506 Engineering                > Engines at full. Retro-rockets engaging.

First Floret 12:03:27.634 Amaranth/Cam             > The ship engages its various rocketry to fling itself around the buoys, strafing and power-sliding, barrel-rolling and doing doughnuts, all barely missing the buoys.]
First Floret 12:03:34.698 Comms/Viewing            > Wooow! [crosstalk, applause] So cool [crosstalk] How'd they [crosstalk] Did you see that? Like vroom, vr[crosstalk]
First Floret 12:03:40.755 Comms/Bridge             > Alright, good job, everyone! Let's take a bow, shall we?
First Floret 12:03:51.723 Amaranth/Cam             > [Video description: The ship comes to a stop in front of the viewing deck. It projects a thank you message in several languages with hearts all around it, and the bow of the ship tips downward.
First Floret 12:03:55.123 Comms/Viewing            > [Applause, whistling]

First Floret 12:03:56.787 Bridge/Haptic            > Tap tap.
First Floret 12:04:01.403 Comms/Bridge             > Patch me through to the viewing area, would you?
First Floret 12:04:03.988 Comms                      > ping request send Amaranth/Viewing
First Floret 12:04:05.796 Comms                      > Channel open.

First Floret 12:04:09.980 Comms/Bridge             > Let's give a warm welcome to our newest entertainment ship, shall we? Everyone wave!
First Floret 12:04:14.708 Ext/Cam                  > [Video description: Hundreds of assembled Affini and their florets all waving joy-panicfully.]
First Floret 12:04:57.647 Comms/Daffodil           > Thank you for coming. Many of you have served aboard the previous iteration of this ship; many of you are seeing it for the first time. Previous designate during deployment in Terran Accord navy was CNS Siduron. New designate: Daffodil Biome, First Floret Process. Terran floriography assigns daffodils a symbolism of joy, friendship, and new beginnings. The Daffodil's previous mission: To protect the Terran Accord from the Affini Compact. Its intermediary mission, peri-domestication: To protect humanity. Its current mission: To facilitate the leisure and pleasure of all sophonts, as is their right.
First Floret 12:04:59.702 Comms/Daffodil           > Request permission for finale.
First Floret 12:05:01.815 Comms/Alyssa             > Light it up, Daffodil. I'm proud of you. :)
First Floret 12:05:02.999 Meta/Emotive               > Joy.
First Floret 12:05:04.159 Weapons/Emotive            > Pride.

First Floret 12:05:17.208 Amaranth/Cam             > [Video description: The fireworks bay shoots off a stream of shells with green tracers. Shaped charges produce tightly-contained bursts of colour. The effect is a bouquet of flowers growing up from the topside of the Daffodil.]

--- END LOG ---

Thus ends what for me was kind of a wild ride to write. X3

I just want to give a shout-out to the HDG Discord, which I am not in but which I've heard has enjoyed my story. Thank you deeply for your kindness; this is the largest writing project I've done since I attempted NaNoWriMo in 2018, and I'm very happy that it was so well-received. Will I write more about the Daffodil? Maybe, eventually, I don't know yet. But for now, I'm ready to close the book on this arc. I hope you enjoyed the bizarre, delightful little interface-gimmicky tale I've spun for you.

And remember: The right of all sophonts is leisure and pleasure. So make sure you get enough time in relaxing and having fun, or the Daffodil's gonna come and get you. ;)

Ad astra,


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