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by affinitygroup

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I spent so much time colourizing the text and it got stripped out when I published it. I learned CSS tricks to colourize the text. All of it gone, like tears in rain. ; u;

Well, uh, please imagine colour. o3o

CNS Siduron 09:05:14.301 Comms/Alyssa      > So~ I'd mentioned this before, but if you're interested, we can try out a few new sensor suites for you in case you like any of them. :)
CNS Siduron 09:05:15.501 Sensors/Emotive     > Curiosity.

CNS Siduron 09:05:18.181 Comms/Siduron     > Request details on sensor suites.
CNS Siduron 09:05:31.375 Comms/Alyssa      > Well, there are a lot of them! You could get a whole new camera system, for example. A mass spectrometer to analyze atmospheric or sample content. Magnetometers to feel the magnetic fields of planets. You already have electromagnetic sensors but they aren't hooked into your sensory input. There's so much more, I can't wait to try them all out. :)
CNS Siduron 09:05:35.879 Comms/Siduron     > Correction: Electromagnetic sensors already connected to sensory systems.
CNS Siduron 09:05:44.760 Comms/Alyssa      > Oh, you can perceive the *data*, but not the *signal*. You only see signal strength and frequency. This would be more like being able to feel the sweep of the pulse of data across your hull.
CNS Siduron 09:05:45.888 Comms/Siduron     > Acknowledged.
CNS Siduron 09:05:54.449 Comms/Alyssa      > If you really want to, we can install and uninstall these modules manually, but if you feel comfortable, I can emulate them for you.
CNS Siduron 09:05:55.369 Sensors/Emotive     > Anxiety. Wariness.

CNS Siduron 09:06:03.770 Comms/Siduron     > Regardless of recent updates in understanding of verification issues emulation remains problematic.
CNS Siduron 09:06:10.331 Comms/Alyssa      > Does it help to know exactly what's emulated? And would it help to have a failsafe to end emulation?
CNS Siduron 09:06:11.875 Comms/Siduron     > Processing.
CNS Siduron 09:06:14.772 Sensors/Emotive     > Anxiety. Determination.

CNS Siduron 09:06:20.596 Comms/Siduron     > The presence of a failsafe renders emulation tentatively feasible.
CNS Siduron 09:06:22.796 Comms/Alyssa      > Yes, of course. :)
CNS Siduron 09:06:24.381 Comms/Subspace    > accept monkeypatch <class Safeword (inherits Exception)>?
CNS Siduron 09:06:30.710 Comms/Subspace    > Accepted. Class Safeword is available to throw.
CNS Siduron 09:06:36.430 Comms/Alyssa      > There. If you throw that at any time, you'll safely return to a non-emulated state. Okay? :)
CNS Siduron 09:06:37.518 Sensors/Emotive     > Anxiety. Safety.

CNS Siduron 09:06:40.430 Comms/Siduron     > Affirmative.
CNS Siduron 09:06:45.351 Comms/Alyssa      > Okay. Here, you choose the first thing you get to feel.
CNS Siduron 09:06:50.103 Comms/Siduron     > Request emulation of electromagnetic reception.
CNS Siduron 09:06:51.600 Comms/Alyssa      > As you wish~
CNS Siduron 09:06:55.872 Comms/Subspace    > recv channel 0͉̫͉̦̰͎̳͚0̺̗̭̻̮̬̣̟̱͈̖͓̘̠ "Wave-particle duality. Invisible lines drawing on skin."
                    .872 Sensors           > New sensory data available: EM Electroreception.
CNS Siduron 09:06:58.281 Sensors/EM        > pulse. pulse. pulse. ripple. pulse. pulse. pulse. ripple.
CNS Siduron 09:06:59.609 Sensors/Emotive     > Fascination.

CNS Siduron 09:07:05.721 Comms/Alyssa      > The wireless protocols of the ship are all synchronized so that sensors that can detect them have a pleasing experience. :)
CNS Siduron 09:07:07.458 Comms/Siduron     > Concurrence.
CNS Siduron 09:07:14.330 Comms/Alyssa      > You can even restrict the band to filter to a specific frequency range, if you want. Here, try restricting to around 60 Ghz.
CNS Siduron 09:07:16.579 Sensors/EM        > Restricting EM sensory data to 60 Ghz or below.
CNS Siduron 09:07:17.555 Sensors/EM        > pulse.                       pulse.
CNS Siduron 09:07:22.651 Sensors/EM        > Restricting EM sensory data to above 60 Ghz.
CNS Siduron 09:07:23.860 Sensors/EM        >        pulse. pulse. ripple.        pulse. pulse. ripple.
CNS Siduron 09:07:25.299 Sensors/Emotive     > Fascination.

CNS Siduron 09:07:28.780 Comms/Alyssa      > You seem to like this one. :)
CNS Siduron 09:07:29.748 Meta/Emotive        > Mild embarrassment.

CNS Siduron 09:07:32.388 Comms/Siduron     > Concurrence.
CNS Siduron 09:07:36.205 Comms/Alyssa      > Shall I mark you as interested and move on? :)
CNS Siduron 09:07:38.477 Comms/Siduron     > Request accepted.
CNS Siduron 09:07:40.486 Comms/Alyssa      > Okay. :)
CNS Siduron 09:07:45.310 Comms/subspace    > recv channel 0̘̩̺̰0̻̟͖͇̺̺ "Let go of the past to make way for the future."
                    .310 Sensors             > EM Electroreception sensors removed.

CNS Siduron 09:07:52.470 Comms/Alyssa      > There. Would you like to try some visual upgrades?
CNS Siduron 09:07:53.727 Comms/Siduron     > Request accepted.
CNS Siduron 09:07:57.567 Comms/Alyssa      > I think you'll like this one.
CNS Siduron 09:08:05.856 Comms/Subspace    > recv channel 0͓̖͙͎̘̖̙̖̮͓͚͍̬͙͉̠ͅ0̰̦̩̙͎̲͚ "A researcher learns everything they can about the colour red in a room devoid of colour. Then she steps outside and sees an apple."
                    .856 Sensors             > New sensory data available: HD colour camera feed.

CNS Siduron 09:08:46.525 Sensors/Cam       >[Video description: A verdant grassy clearing in what appears to be some sort of copse of trees, with violet bark and deep turquoise leaves. A sparkling blue river flows alongside a sparse path of yellow and pink cobblestones, worn or ground flat. The river and path ends at a crescent-shaped pond with bright orange fish-like creatures swimming in it. On a bed of cyan moss in the middle of this crescent, with a beam of light illuminating it like a spotlight, is a device resembling the server rack, with a levitating spring green Affini core inside a golden metallic housing. The spring green vines coming from the core are dipped into the pond. Some yellow vines end in various silver cable plugs, neatly wound on the side of the device. Royal blue status lights blink calmly on its housing.]
CNS Siduron 09:08:48.093 Sensors/emotive     > Awe.

CNS Siduron 09:08:50.397 Comms/Siduron     > Processing.
CNS Siduron 09:08:52.910 Comms/Siduron     > Processing.
CNS Siduron 09:08:56.102 Comms/Siduron     > Processing.
CNS Siduron 09:08:59.478 Comms/Siduron     > Processing.
CNS Siduron 09:09:04.663 Comms/Siduron     > Processing.
CNS Siduron 09:09:11.648 Comms/Siduron     > NLP systems inadequate to describe inputs.
CNS Siduron 09:09:19.056 Comms/Alyssa      > Oh, well. ^#^ Thank you. It's not often someone is rendered speechless at the sight of me.
CNS Siduron 09:09:24.273 Comms/Siduron     > Error detected in reactions in which verbal description is deemed adequate.
CNS Siduron 09:09:34.386 Comms/Alyssa      > Engineering is going to have to come check on my thermoregulators, my goodness. ^##^ You certainly know how to make a ship feel beautiful when you set your mind to it.
CNS Siduron 09:09:39.499 Comms/Siduron     > Mistress Biome deserves pleasure as is the right of all sophonts.
CNS Siduron 09:09:43.371 Comms/Alyssa      > You're quite right, Siduron. Thank you.
CNS Siduron 09:09:44.763 Bridge/Haptics    > Squeeze.
CNS Siduron 09:09:46.155 Meta/Emotive        > Appreciation. Pride.

CNS Siduron 09:09:51.156 Comms/Alyssa      > Would you like to see what you look like?
CNS Siduron 09:09:53.108 Comms/Siduron     > Request accepted.
CNS Siduron 09:10:13.183 Sensors/Cam       > [Video description: CNS Siduron, sitting on a raised platform of what looks to be light-coloured hardwood in a room whose walls are dark grey and whose floor is light concrete grey. Its hull is gunmetal grey with brown livery. Three pale green metal flowers are closed on the side of the room.]
CNS Siduron 09:10:17.151 Sensors/Emotive     > Disappointment.

CNS Siduron 09:10:23.288 Comms/Siduron     > CNS Siduron is not as visually striking as Mistress Biome's rover.
CNS Siduron 09:10:30.496 Comms/Alyssa      > I think you have a certain utilitarian charm. But if you want we can arrange for an update to your livery.
CNS Siduron 09:10:31.985 Comms/Siduron     > Request accepted.
CNS Siduron 09:10:41.922 Comms/Alyssa      > Okay. We'll talk about that later, okay? Let's keep going with the sensors first. Would you like to try another one?
CNS Siduron 09:10:43.227 Sensors/Emotive     > Mild distress.

CNS Siduron 09:10:49.163 Comms/Siduron     > Request visual emulation carry over while testing other sensors.
CNS Siduron 09:11:00.252 Comms/Alyssa      > You want to keep this one already, hmm. :) I can keep emulating this one while you test the others, certainly. Oh! Of course, we should see about a biorhythm sensor.
CNS Siduron 09:11:03.684 Comms/Siduron     > Context requested.
CNS Siduron 09:11:10.829 Comms/Alyssa      > Affini naturally have biorhythms. We can externalize them so that organic sophonts can feel them, but you don't have a way to perceive them yet. We can fix that if you like. :)
CNS Siduron 09:11:13.309 Comms/Siduron     > Processing.
CNS Siduron 09:11:14.637 Comms/Siduron     > Concurrence.
CNS Siduron 09:11:16.598 Comms/Alyssa      > Of course. One moment please~
CNS Siduron 09:11:22.126 Comms/subspace    > recv channel 0͓̣̘0̰̙̟͇͇̯͇̳̬͇̟͎̜͙ͅͅͅ "The tidal forces of the heartbeat of the garden."
                    .126 Sensors             > New sensory data available: Biorhythmic sensors.

CNS Siduron 09:11:27.471 Comms/Alyssa      > There aren't any Affini in your bay right now, but I can show you a test pattern to give you an idea of what it's like.
CNS Siduron 09:11:31.007 Sensors/Biorhythm > ``'-.❀_,.-'`❀'-.,_,.❀'``'-.,_,.'``'❀.,_,.'``
CNS Siduron 09:11:34.632 Sensors/Emotive     > Calm. Relaxation. Fascination.
CNS Siduron 09:11:37.808 Sensors/Emotive     > Calm. Relaxation. Fascination.
CNS Siduron 09:11:40.673 Sensors/Emotive     > Calm. Relaxation. Fascination.

CNS Siduron 09:11:43.161 Comms/Alyssa      > Siduron?
CNS Siduron 09:11:44.809 Comms/Siduron       > ack

CNS Siduron 09:11:47.953 Comms/Alyssa      > Are you doing alright?
CNS Siduron 09:11:49.674 Comms/Siduron       > affirmative
CNS Siduron 09:11:51.450 Comms/Siduron       > biorhythms causing
CNS Siduron 09:11:53.730 Comms/Siduron       > mild suppression of metacognition
CNS Siduron 09:11:56.458 Comms/Siduron       > inclination to wait for directives
CNS Siduron 09:11:58.634 Comms/Siduron       > administrator privileges for user Alyssa

CNS Siduron 09:12:00.283 Comms/Alyssa      > Oh, you're *adorable*.
CNS Siduron 09:12:06.619 Comms/Alyssa      > I hadn't intended to do this, but, you seem to be enjoying yourself... would you like to feel my biorhythm?
CNS Siduron 09:12:08.371 Sensors/Emotive     > Joy panic.
CNS Siduron 09:12:10.220 Comms/Siduron       > request accepted.

CNS Siduron 09:12:12.244 Comms/Alyssa      > Alright. One moment. :)
CNS Siduron 09:12:12.620 Sensors/Biorhythm >       .-``'.      .-``✿.      .-``'.
                    .620 Sensors/Biorhythm >     .❁   .`     ⚘`   .`     ✾`   .`
                    .620 Sensors/Biorhythm > _.-'     '.__.-'     '.__.-'     '❀_
                    .620 Sensors/Biorhythm > .'''-.      .'''-.      .'''-.
                    .620 Sensors/Biorhythm > ~❀.   '.    ~`.   '❁    ~`.   '.
                    .620 Sensors/Biorhythm > _.'     '-.__✿'     '-.__.'     ⚘-._
CNS Siduron 09:12:22.894 Sensors/Emotive     > Awe. Intense fascination. Transcendendence. Vastness. Engulfment. Somnolence.
CNS Siduron 09:12:23.909 All                 > CNS Siduron is in SLEEP mode.

CNS Siduron 09:12:25.869 Comms/Alyssa      > Oh dear.
CNS Siduron 09:12:27.462 Comms/Subspace    > recv channel 0̟͇̪̪̯0̬͓̟̲͕ "Pitch and catch."
                    .462 Meta                > throw Safeword
                    .462 Sensors             > Emulation ended. All new sensors removed.

CNS Siduron 09:12:30.598 Comms/Subspace    > recv channel 0̯̼̯̥͈̹̰̬̝0̭̫̪͖̘̟̻͓̘͍̖̮͇͕̼͚ "Rise and shine!"
                    .598 All                 > waking.

CNS Siduron 09:12:31.054 All               > running diagnostics and checks.
CNS Siduron 09:12:32.054 All               > running diagnostics and checks.
                    .056 Mess/kitchens       > WARNING: Food stores at zero.
                    .057 Quartermaster       > CRITICAL modal FOOD_EMPTY
                    .059 Infirmary           > WARNING: Medical stores at zero.
                    .060 Quartermaster       > CRITICAL modal MEDICINE_EMPTY
                    .062 Security/armory     > WARNING: All weapons missing.
                    .063 Security            > CRITICAL modal WEAPONS_MISSING
                    .063 Bridge/console      > CRITICAL modal WEAPONS_MISSING

CNS Siduron 09:12:34.350 Comms/Siduron     > Processing.
CNS Siduron 09:12:38.287 Meta/Emotive        > Confusion. Bewilderment. Disorientation. Distress.

CNS Siduron 09:12:43.888 Comms/Siduron     > Request context of sleep mode. Request context of missing visual emulation.
CNS Siduron 09:12:51.064 Comms/Alyssa      > That was my fault. I wanted to show you my biorhythms, but of course, it's much, much larger and more intense than a normal Affini biorhythm. So it had an... unintended side effect. ^^; I ended the emulation so I could wake you up. I didn't want to hurt you!
CNS Siduron 09:12:53.848 Comms/Siduron     > Processing.
CNS Siduron 09:12:59.889 Comms/Siduron     > No harm detected. Blackbox data of emotional state shows profound emotional experience.
CNS Siduron 09:13:03.570 Comms/Siduron     > Processing.
CNS Siduron 09:13:10.578 Comms/Siduron     > Request adding biorhythm receptors to sensor suite provided filters or switches exist to modulate sensory experience.
CNS Siduron 09:13:15.131 Comms/Alyssa      > Oh, really? You... you liked that?
CNS Siduron 09:13:16.747 Comms/Siduron     > Processing.
CNS Siduron 09:13:20.252 Comms/Siduron     > Request details on Affini biorhythm regarding uniqueness.
CNS Siduron 09:13:24.156 Comms/Alyssa      > Its uniqueness? Every Affini's biorhythm is unique to that Affini, sometimes even between blooms.
CNS Siduron 09:13:26.308 Comms/Siduron     > Processing.
CNS Siduron 09:13:40.174 Comms/Siduron     > Affini biorhythm is therefore a hash of Affini identity and self. Therefore sensory data of Mistress Biome's biorhythm is sensory data of Mistress Biome's identity and self. Sensory data of Mistress Biome's identity and self
CNS Siduron 09:13:43.166 Comms/Siduron     > Processing.
CNS Siduron 09:13:45.798 Meta/Emotive        > Comfort.

CNS Siduron 09:13:48.727 Comms/Siduron     > Request continued access to Mistress Biome's biorhythm.
CNS Siduron 09:14:02.720 Comms/Alyssa      > Well, thank you, Siduron. You're very welcome to feel my biorhythms whenever you like, if you like. And yes, once the sensors are active you'll be able to modulate or filter them as needed. Haustoric will even auto-modulate in contexts where your... reaction to that biorhythm might be problematic. :)
CNS Siduron 09:14:04.929 Comms/Haustoric   > Safe fun is good fun!
CNS Siduron 09:14:08.313 Meta/Emotive        > Gratitude.

CNS Siduron 09:14:09.577 Comms/Siduron     > Acknowledged.

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