Hospitable Takeover


by Wayril

Tags: #D/s #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #scifi #sub:female #dom:plant #drugs #indoctrination #medical_play #petplay #systemic_D/s #xenophobia

“Stop scratching, Pet.” Sylnathi's words seemed to pierce Melrose's mind.
“Yes- sorry Mistress!” She replied, awkwardly lowering her hand.
“Good girl~” Sylnathi said, affectionately rubbing Melrose's head. “You're learning very quickly!” Melrose grinned, basking in the praise. The scar on the back of her neck still itched terribly, but her owner's words were resolute in her thoughts. The itching sensation suddenly faded, drowned out by a wave of fresh endorphins and Xenodrugs pumped directly into her bloodstream. She sighed happily and teetered on her feet, but Sylnathi’s tendrils caught and supported her before she fell over. It happened sometimes, she was still adjusting to her Implant.
Melrose Pelos, First Floret, stood in the kitchen of Sylnathi’s home, heating a kettle. She'd had her Implant installed for nearly a week, and while the most intense part of her recovery was over, the little scar still bothered her sometimes. She finished brewing the tea and handed one cup to her Mistress, keeping the other to sip for herself. Instinctually, she looked for her morning medications, then felt silly for doing so. All the chemicals she'd ever need now flowed directly from the implant through her body. Melrose had been especially excited when she learned the Implant was made with tissues donated directly from Sylnathi; her owner was quite literally intertwined with her. Her daydream was interrupted as Sylnathi called softly, “Melrose?”
The Terran girl's attention snapped immediately to her owner's voice. “Yes, Mistress?” she asked.
“I thought you should know,” Sylnathi continued, “I received word this morning that 'Ursa's Roar' has been captured.”
Melrose thought hard for a moment before the memory clicked and she excitedly asked, “Abigail's ship?”
“That's exactly right, dear!” Sylnathi said, flashing her an adoring look. “It seems your friend was counted among those taken alive during the battle.”
“Ohh, good!” Melrose sighed happily. “I'm glad she's okay.” Melrose sat in quiet contentment as Sylnathi gently stroked her hair. Something nagged at the back of her mind and she struggled to recall what it was. “I remember- Abby told me she didn't want to be taken alive. That she would rather die.” Melrose paused. “Isn't that odd?”
“Is it?” Sylnathi asked teasingly. She effortlessly plucked Melrose from her chair, seating the Terran girl on her lap instead. “What do you think, Pet?” Melrose gasped at the intense sensations. Her Mistress's embrace was already pleasurable when she was taking her Xenodrug prescriptions, but the Implant had made Sylnathi's touch positively euphoric! Melrose nestled into her owner's enveloping grasp as her head swam and her eyes fluttered. She didn’t notice her Mistress tapping something into her data pad, but she did feel the subsequent rush as another dosage of Xenodrugs entered her system. She writhed with the sensation, her owner gently caressing her skin. She never wanted this to end.
“I do think it's odd, Mistress.” Melrose sighed, dreamily. “Why would anyone want to fight this?”
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