Her Point of View

Chapter 6

by TheGayestSeason

Tags: #brainwashing #pov:bottom #transformation #transgender_characters #f/f #m/f #sub:female

    The next morning, Jenna and Lavender walked me back to my apartment so I could get ready for classes. They weren’t upset anymore. The training had let them understand why I wanted to be a good girl. Now they were going to be good girls too.

    I waved goodbye to them, and admired the damp patch leaking through their pants as they turned and walked away. A good girl was always horny in case she needed to fuck.

    Weirdly enough, my newfound identity as a slut didn’t feel like that much of a change. You’d think it would be some earth-shattering revelation, which changed the way I view myself and made me act in a completely different fashion. But… it wasn’t. Instead, it was simply putting a name to the way I’d always been and always felt. Of course I was slut. I’d slept with two girls I’d just met, and gotten a blowjob in a mall changing room. What else could I be?

    It was comforting to finally know. I didn’t have to worry or wonder about what was happening to me, or what I would have to do. I could just relax and listen to the music, safe in the knowledge of who I was.

    I pulled on my top which I had bought at the mall what seemed like weeks ago, even though it had only been a few days. It was tighter now, especially against the chest area. Instead of suggesting non-existent curves, it clung to the two round lumps that were forming on my chest. You could see the points of my nipples through the sheer fabric, but that didn’t bother me much. I looked good, sexy. Sometime soon, I was going to have to buy some more clothes though. I couldn’t keep wearing this one outfit, and I sure as hell wasn’t going back to my old guy clothes. Why go back to being gross when you could be hot instead?

    I managed to get ready, only stopping a few times to admire myself in the mirror. What can I say? With my newly feminine face, and the curvy shape that seemed to be materializing out of nothing, I was gorgeous. Someone ought to appreciate it. It was that thought more than any desire to actually go to class that finally got me out the door. It would be wrong to hide my beauty from the world.

    And so I went. Today was physics, usually one of my better subjects. Unfortunately, I’d probably bombed the test we’d taken last week. That was why I’d been drinking away my sorrows in the bar where I met Elena. So I wasn’t particularly looking forward to getting my grade back.

 I had just sat down at my usual seat and started to get my things out when a voice interrupted me. 

“Mind if we sit here?” I turned and looked up at the faces of my two best friends, James and Alex. 

    I gave them a grin “Of course! How do you think you did on that test?”

    “Could have been better,” James said, smiling back at me. “You know, I don’t think we’ve met. Which seems impossible, because I made sure to scope out every beautiful girl on the first day of class. Are you new?”

    I was confused for a second, and then my mouth split involuntarily into a gleeful smile. They didn’t recognize me! This was going to be hilarious. “Yeah, I transferred in from another section. I’m Ashley, by the way.”

    Suddenly James was shoved aside “Please excuse my friend’s rudeness. He never learned his manners. My name is Alex, and this is James. Truly a pleasure to meet you.” Alex gave an exaggerated bow, dipping his head almost to the level of the table. 

I giggled in response, and offered him a mock curtsy. “Won’t you gentlemen sit down?” They did so eagerly, one on either side of me.

It was strange to be flirting with my best friends. Strange, but incredibly exhilarating. The whole time we talked, I was waiting for them to finally recognize me as their best friend, but it never happened. They were too focused on my new feminine face and the perky tits that were growing in under my shirt to see whatever signs of the old me were left. 

I got to have the very strange experience of seeing my friends in an entirely new light. Instead of our regular dynamic, a comfortable camaraderie punctuated by friendly insults, they were falling over each other to impress me, dancing on my every whim. 

We had to pick up our tests from the front of the classroom and they saw me pouting over my poor grade. Instead of teasing me, James insisted that he be allowed to help me study, which of course led to a competition between him and Alex as to who would be a better tutor. I basked in the attention, flirted outrageously with them both, and generally had the time of my life. When we walked out of the room at the end of class, I had an arm wrapped around each of them and was sporting a Cheshire grin.

“Alas, I have a class I have to get to, and so we must part ways.” Alex liked to goof around, speaking in a terrible british accent, being over-the-top courteous, and just generally acting a like a dork. Before I’d found it annoying, but when it was directed towards me I had to admit it was pretty cute. “Will we ever meet again?”

“I’ll see you on Wednesday, dweeb,” I replied, and fell into a fit of giggles as he bent to kiss my hand and then turned to go, leaving me alone with James.

Neither of us had any more classes that day, so we just walked around and talked. Eventually I ended up with his arm around me, but I couldn’t seem to bring myself to mind it that much. 

I had always been the shortest and weakest of my friends, a topic of much teasing. Alex and James were both in frats, and spent a good amount of time at the gym. I had mocked them in return for being gym-bros, but now I enjoyed the feeling of James’ muscled frame holding me close. It was comforting in a way, and strangely arousing. I could feel my cock stiffening in my panties.

A day ago I’d have been horrified that I was getting turned on by one of my best friends. Today though, it seemed perfectly natural. I was a slut, and sluts are always horny. I let myself cling closer to him as we walked, and let out a contented sigh.

“Wanna grab some takeout? My place is pretty close, we could watch a movie or something if you wanted?” He asked me, radiating an air of innocent friendship that wouldn’t have fooled the most naive girl in the world.

“Really? Netflix and chill is the best pick-up line you’ve got?” I asked, making him splutter with embarrassment, which set me giggling again. I was doing that a lot lately. “I’m just teasing, take-out sounds great.”

“Awesome! I’ll just text my roommate and let him know so he’s not surprised if he’s home when we get there.” Having been James’ roommate at one point, I knew from experience that the text went something closer to “Dude I’ll give you 20$ if you clean up the apartment and then clear out for the rest of the day”. Being a good person who helps their friends without question, I always negotiated up to 50$. 

We grabbed Chinese, and he insisted on paying for mine. I wasn’t about to complain, seeing as I was already calculating in my head the cost of some more outfits. Besides, sometimes a girl likes to feel taken care of.

Back at his suspiciously clean apartment, James feigned surprise that his roommate was out. We sat down on his couch, ate our food, and sat down to watch a movie. It was a pretty good one too, spaceships and explosions and cheesy special effects. My kind of flick.

About halfway through the movie, the music started to play. At first, I thought it was just part of the background track, but it grew louder and louder, and it became increasingly obvious that James couldn’t hear any of it. The music crescendoed until I couldn’t hear the movie over the sound playing in my ears, and so I stopped trying. I let myself rest on James’ chest, and he pulled me close in response. My body relaxed, I closed my eyes and listened to the whispers in the song.

# # #

I was startled awake by the feeling of James shifting underneath me, and I looked up at him, bleary-eyed. “Hey there sleepyhead,” he whispered into my ear.

“How long have I been out?” I asked, noticing that while the movie had ended some time ago, the music was still playing. 

“Only about an hour or so. You missed the second half of the movie. You’ll have to come over again so you can see the ending.”

I smiled at that. There was a feeling of deep contentment in me, like a warm fire burning in my core. That heat spread throughout my body and pooled in and around my cock, which slowly grew. I looked down, and noticed that James was sporting a boner of his own, painfully obvious against the tent of his jeans.

“Oh, uh. Sorry about that. I don’t really have any control of it,” he said, obviously embarrassed.

“I don’t have any problem with it, believe me. I’m actually flattered,” I said as I looked up at him and winked. 

There was a sudden flash of cold through my body as I realized what the hell was going on. I was cuddling up with one of my best friends, flirting with him while his dick was an inch away from my face. This had gone too far.

“James, there’s something I have to tell you. I can’t hide it any longer. I’m-”

The music flared, drowning out the thoughts in my head, stopping me from continuing. I couldn’t keep hiding that it was me, that I was Ash. But the music wouldn’t let me tell him. It pierced my eardrums, pounding in my skull, and I grabbed my head in my hands.

“You’re what?” James said, sounding worried.

Then as suddenly as it had come, it was gone, and the feeling of tranquil warmth was back. I let go of my head, and said “I’m trans. I have a dick. Are you cool with that?”

He looked shocked, then relieved. “Oh uh. Yeah, that’s cool. I’ve never been with a trans girl before, but uh. You’re really fucking hot.”

I blushed, then looked him in the eyes and gave him a languid smile as I brushed my fingers across his dick. “Let me take care of that for you,” I whispered, and he shuddered in response to the unexpected pleasure.

I pulled open his jeans and ripped his boxers to one side, revealing his erect member. It wasn’t huge, but it was larger than mine had ever been, maybe seven or eight inches in length. It strained against my hand as I wrapped my fingers around it lightly and began to stroke. 

It was beautiful. I never thought I’d say that about a dick, but I couldn’t take my eyes off it. The music beat in time with my strokes, and I stared mesmerized at the pulsing veins, the shiny bead of pre-cum leaking from the perfect mushroom tip. I couldn’t help myself, and leaned forward to lap it up, moaning with pleasure at the delicious taste.

 James grunted, an animalistic sound that traveled straight past my brain and directly down into my pants. I don’t know what it was, but there was something primal about that sound, something that told my body that I was doing what I was supposed to.

I slid off the couch onto my knees, and pushed myself in-between James’ legs, stroking all the while. Finally tearing my eyes away from his perfect cock, I gazed up at him and maintained eye contact while I ever so slowly leaned in and wrapped my lips around his tip.

I’d never given a blow-job before, but I’d gotten more than a few of them, the most recent one from Jenna just two days ago. I thought back to what she’d done to me, and tried to emulate her, licking slowly down the whole length of the shaft, then taking as much as would fit down into my throat and face fucking myself on James’ cock. 

It only took a few minutes for him to come, spurting ropes of thick creamy cum into my waiting mouth. I relished the flavor, salty but sweet, and swallowed it greedily. Good sluts swallow, said the whispers in the music. 

Despite the fact that I wasn’t touching myself at all, I felt my own dick spasm a few times, shooting a smaller amount of cum directly into my panties, solely from the pure submissive joy I felt at making this powerful muscular man cum. It wasn’t enough though. I needed more. I needed to be fucked.

I licked my best friend’s cum off my face and smiled up at him, listening to the deep bass pulse of the music in my ears. “Think you’re up for another round?”

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