Her Point of View

Chapter 5

by TheGayestSeason

Tags: #brainwashing #pov:bottom #transformation #transgender_characters #f/f #m/f #sub:female

I awoke later that night to the sound of music playing in my ears. I didn’t remember falling asleep but I guess I must have passed out at some point during the threesome, too overwhelmed by the pleasure to stay conscious any longer. I was lying on the bed, curled up between Jenna and Lavender who were both as knocked out as I had been until the music started.

The music. It was powerful, the beat insistent, drawing me up out of my hazy dreams and up into the real world. The song still pulled at me, making me want to get up, to move. It was hard to resist, but I was so comfortable I tried to tune it out. It didn’t even occur to me to be confused by the fact that the music was coming from seemingly nowhere. That was just the way things were now.

Then a whisper, one of those barely audible lyrics hidden between chords, and I sat bolt upright. I hadn’t done my training. It had been a full day since I’d last visited Her Point of View, which meant that a new step was now unlocked. I had to get up and go do my training.

The problem was, I had no real way to get back to my apartment. I had no car, and the buses didn’t run this late. I could walk there, but it was about a half hour away and I wasn’t about to walk that far by myself at this time of night. Especially now that I looked a hell of a lot like a pretty college girl. It wasn’t worth the risk.

But I had to do something. The music pushed me forwards, surging into my skull like waves crashing on a shore. There was no way I could just fall back asleep. Not when there was training to do.

I leaned my head in close to Jenna’s ear and whispered, “Hey, do you think I could borrow your computer? I’m really sorry, but it’s super important.”

“Whuzzah?” she mumbled, turning her head towards mine but keeping her eyes tight shut.

“Your computer Jenna. Can I borrow it?”

“M’ computer? Sure whatever. S’over on the desk.” She rolled back over and promptly started to snore.

I kissed her cheek. “Thanks babe.” Finally, it was time to get to work.

Jenna’s laptop was almost the same model as mine, so I didn’t have any trouble starting it up and making my way to Her Point of View. As soon as the soothing green of the website background filled the screen, the music faded back to the border of imperceptibility.

“Welcome back Ash! We see there are other people in the room with you. Please make sure you won’t be disturbed during the training. When you are ready to continue, please say ‘Yes ma’am’”

Huh. I didn’t need to log in or anything. That was convenient.

I glanced around the room, but Lavender and Jenna were both still out like a light. As long as I was reasonably quiet, there wasn’t much of a chance of either one waking up. “Yes ma’am” I said, keeping my voice just above a whisper.

“Congratulations Ashley! You have completed Step 2 on your way to seeing things from Her Point of View! Are you ready to continue?”

“Yes ma’am,” I repeated, the words leaving my mouth almost automatically.

“Here is the current status of the procedures you underwent in Step 2!


1. Body/Facial Hair Removal - complete

2. Facial Restructuring - complete

3. Body Remodeling - in progress

4. -Locked until Step 4-

5. -Locked until Step 4-

6. -Locked until Step 7-

You have begun every available process! It’s good to know you’re doing everything you can to win Elena’s love.”

That’s true. It was good to know. It made me feel good to hear. But what was that bit about body remodeling “in progress”?

“Let’s begin Step 3: Feminine Sexuality! Did you know that 85% of all women fall somewhere between a 2 and a 5 on the Kinsey scale? To put it more simply, the vast majority of women are at least partially bisexual.”

Those numbers didn’t seem right at all. I’d read an article about this for my gender studies class last semester. Wasn’t the percentage way lower?

“To indicate you understand and accept this information, please say ‘Yes ma’am’”

“Yes ma’am.” This time, I said the words without any conscious thought at all. Maybe my subconscious knew this was right, even if I wasn’t totally sure? That made sense. It certainly made more sense than the website being wrong. It was never wrong. All I had to do was listen to the truth and obey. That’s what the music told me

“In order for you to attract the Elena’s love, it’s very important that you become as much of a woman as you can. Based on the statistics above, it’s our assessment that you should be at least partially attracted to men. Therefore, the goal of Step 3 will be to unlock your latent sexuality, freeing you to become more fully yourself. Don’t worry! If you really have no innate attraction to men, this process will have no effect. And under no circumstances will this stop you being attracted to women! Remember, the goal of this program is to unite you with your one true love”

I nodded. Obviously they couldn’t change my sexuality. That was the idea behind the whole “gay agenda” bullshit. As always, it seemed like there was absolutely nothing to worry about.

“Wonderful! Her Point of View is delighted to help you become the self you were meant to be. The training will begin in 3… 2… and 1!”

The screen began its familiar flicker, and the music in my ears swelled back to audibility, now the usual catchy pop tune that accompanied my training sessions. My mind relaxed, and I let the music push away my thoughts as I stared at the screen.

There were pictures, just like before. They showed up just long enough to register in my vision, then were gone before I could examine them closely. The whispers in the music grew louder, and more frequent, worming their way into my head. It was exactly like all the other sessions. Except… it wasn’t. Something was different. There was a barrier, a resistance. I didn’t lose focus and absorb the images, my mind refusing to stop examining each one individually. The whispers didn’t twist and turn until they sounded like my own voice.

Maybe it had to do with what I was seeing. Instead of beautiful women in various erotic poses, it was guys. Muscled men, dripping with sweat, each of them with a cock the size of my forearm standing erect. They were staring at me, their eyes locked onto mine as they stroked their huge rods and shot ropes of cum into the air. It was kind of disconcerting honestly.

Suddenly, the images stopped. “Is something wrong Ashley? You don’t seem to be enjoying your training.” It was the calm voice of the woman who had spoken to me before.

I whispered back at her, “I’m just not getting anything from this. Maybe it means I don’t have any latent attraction to guys. Maybe that’s why the training isn’t working. You said that was a possibility, right?”

“While it is technically possible, it’s not happening in your case. We can tell that you’re just holding yourself back. It’s not good for you to repress yourself like this Ashley.” Her voice was harsh, reprimanding. I cringed in response. I didn’t want to disappoint her.

“I’m sorry! I don’t know what I’m doing wrong!”

“You just need to trust us Ashley, and let go of your fears. Do you trust us?”

“Yes,” I replied immediately. It was the only possible response. I trusted this website completely.

“Good girl. Now just let yourself relax, and we’ll make everything better.”

At that, everything changed. The music shifted from it’s normal pulsing beat to a faster tempo, becoming frenetic, frantic. The pictures on the screen came faster and faster, seemingly overlapping each other at times. I couldn’t even catch a glimpse of each picture before it disappeared forever.

But the biggest change was the whispers. For the first time, they became louder, loud enough for me to hear consciously, to understand what they were saying.

“Don’t worry Ashley,” they said, the words twisting around themselves so that I couldn’t tell when one sentence ended and the next began. “It’s okay to want to suck cocks. You’re allowed to fantasize about getting fucked with their thick, hard dicks, about licking their cum off your face. You like the taste of cum already, it only makes sense for you to want more of it. You’re not gay, you’re just a normal girl. And normal girls want their brains fucked out of them. So you want your brains fucked out of you too. It’s the way it should be. Don’t worry about it. Give in to your fantasies.”

They were right. Of course they were right. The whispers would never tell me anything that wasn’t true. Every time they mentioned something, I was struck by a sudden flash of memory, a repressed dream or fantasy when I’d begged for a dick to suck, begged to be covered in cum, to have my ass stuffed with cock. I couldn’t believe I had hidden so many of these memories from myself. But it was true. The whispers always spoke the truth. They kept speaking to me, reminding me of what I really wanted, of who I really was, until finally I couldn’t keep it in any longer.

“I’m a slut,” I said, marveling at the words that came out of my mouth, at how good it felt to finally speak the truth about myself. “I just want to be fucked, by anyone. Guys and girls both, I don’t care. I just want to be a slut.”

“Uh, what the fuck?” I jumped in my seat, startled out of my reverie by the voice behind me. Jenna and Lavender were sitting up in bed, their eyes still bleary with sleep. They had heard me.

“U-Uh, I can explain. It’s not what it looks like!” I stammered out, my heart beating a thousand miles an hour. Whatever my relationship was with the two of them, I didn’t want to lose it this soon.

“I hope not,” said Lavender, “cause what it looks like is you decided that watching guy on guy porn was so ‘important’ it couldn’t wait until, oh I don’t know, more than an hour after you had a threesome with two other girls? And now you’re reciting some weird mantra on top of that! Seriously Ash, what the fuck is up?”

I could feel the heat rising to my face as I blushed a bright scarlet. I didn’t really have a good explanation. What was I supposed to say, “I’m just doing my nightly girl training so I can be with another woman?” Yeah, that wasn’t going to cut it.

Thankfully, the decision was taken out of my hands when the calm woman’s voice came back. This time, it wasn’t emanating from nowhere like it had been before, but was coming from the speakers on Jenna’s laptop. “Ashley is taking part in a training regimen that requires her to practice every night.”

“Holy shit!” Jenna exclaimed, her voice still hoarse after just waking up. “You called someone on my computer so you could watch porn with them?”

“I am not a person. I am merely the vocal interface for the Her Point of View program. It seems as though you are becoming overexcited. Would you like to sit down?”

Lavender walked up to the computer and put her face down next to the webcam. “What we would like, Miss ‘Vocal Interface’, is to know what exactly is going on! What are you doing with Ash?”

“Ashley is in training to become a good girl. She needs to learn how to be a slut. Isn’t that right Ashley?”

Both girls looked at me expectantly. I was mortified, but I couldn’t disagree with the voice, so I gave a quick nod, and blushed an even brighter red.

Her voice gentle, Jenna walked over to me. “Ash, is this person taking advantage of you? I don’t really care if you’re super kinky, but you know that can always say no to someone, right?”

I shook my head, too embarrassed to speak.

“Perhaps you two need a refresher on the proper way to view things. Beginning re-education proceedings.” There was a flash of bright light, and the music blared from the laptop speakers, filling the room. Jenna and Lavender fell to the ground, stunned, but I stayed standing. I knew what I had to do. The whispers were telling me.

I nudged and prodded both of them into chairs, and sat them in front of the computer where they could watch the nice pictures and enjoy the flickering like I did. They didn’t resist much. I think the shock from the light and the music had left them both a little confused, but I was happy to help. Once they’d watched and listened for long enough, they wouldn’t be confused anymore.

Following the whispers, I sank to my knees, placing myself underneath the desk and in front of the two girls. I spread their thighs, noticing that there was no resistance from either one, and smiled as I leaned forward to start licking Lavender’s pussy. My right hand went to Jenna, and I fingered her as I ate out Lavender. Neither of them reacted more than the occasional twitch or, after a while, the spasms from when they came. I don’t know how long I spent under that desk, pleasuring each of them in turn, and I didn’t care. They were doing their training. My job was just to be a good slut.

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