No Matter What, I Will Not Be A Beast's Slave

by Succubiome

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #conditioning #f/f #furry #sadomasochism #sub:female #a_little_m/f_torture_as_a_treat #body_modification #capitalism #electroshock #girldick #institutional_sadism #piercing #slavery #torture
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Yes, I’m going to be a slave. But if I can at all avoid it, I’m not going to be a beast’s slave. Humanity is already bad enough. Commissioned by Guri.

"Hey girl, wake up. I don't have all day."

I felt so lethargic that opening my eyes seemed like an unfair and unreal task to set before me-- nevertheless, I slowly opened my eyes.

The punishment for not doing the impossible for my trainer would be so much worse.

Tamia smiled down at me professionally. "That's my girl. Can you sit up yet?"

I struggled a little, but I couldn't. I could maybe roll myself off the medical bed if I really really tried.

Tamia laughed softly. "Give it a moment." Goes back to her tablet-- I used to think she was always making notes, but I'm pretty sure her playing a game on it once, too. With the sound off, of course-- she's always very professional.

She wore a suit, while I... I was currently wearing nothing, under the blanket. Well, a belt. Cuffs. collar. I've gotten used to it, I guess.

I watched her make her notes or play her game or whatever... some time passed a bit hazily before my mind fully shook off the medication.

I waited a bit longer hoping to postpone whatever she's doing to me, but in the end, I needed to know.

"What did you do to me?" No yelling. I had to remain calm.

She glanced up. "Check out your labia."

I pulled up the sheets, spread my legs a little. Two little rings piercings, pretty much healed, no way to remove them that I could see. Coated wires that the piercings are holding in place. ...little skin-colored patches that were no doubt covering electrodes at the end of the wires... well, this couldn't be good. I breathed slowly. " I have a buyer now? Is this what they asked for?"

Fear. Hope.

Tamia reached over and patted my thigh, somehow making it feel nonsexual, clinical almost. "Not yet... this is just training for you. Plenty of clients like piercings like this-- if not, it's not that hard to take them out and heal you up."

"...okay.... so electroshock?"

"Oh, you do recognize those little pads, huh?" Tamia made another note.

I shuddered. "The last time you used them was... memorable." My voice had gotten hoarse from screaming, and now they were down there.

"Most of the other merchandise has gotten used to the fact that they'll be groped by anyone better than them. You don't seem to, though."

"I..." Getting groped by humans was bad enough, but some people had themselves injected with modified beast DNA... I didn't know the exact science, but they didn't look human anymore.

Another way that humanity was giving up on itself.

Maybe if I got down on my knees and begged right now and never pulled away when one of the beasts groped me, Tamia would let me go without this punishment, but... I couldn't do that, honestly. It was almost reflexive.

"You...?" Tamia had a raised eyebrow. I had been silent too long.

"I'm just not comfortable with beasts touching me." There. That was the most acceptable-sounding way I could think to say it.

Tamia sighed and set down her tablet. "You do understand that your body is no longer your property, correct? You're coming along so well in everything else... you may end up belonging to a 'beast', and then what?"

"Fairly unlikely, given the percentage of slave-owners who are beasts. I dealt with bad luck when it came my way before, and I will if it comes again."

"Right. Well, I suppose you can think of this as some bad luck if you like, but I'm focused on making sure you can handle every situation." Tamia smiled and stood up, came closer to me, put her hand on the back of my collar for a moment. "That's what this training is for. I'm going to touch your pussy-- stop me if you like."

I... actually had permission to be disobedient? Well, it wasn't really disobedience if she said I could do it now, was it? I reached down and warded off her hands as she moved in to touch me. A thin line on the otherwise black belt I was wearing glowed red.

A recorded feminine voice, serene.

I looked over to Tamia. "What's that?"

"Punishment. When it hits zero..." Tamia just smiled.

I stared at her, widening my eyes. "But you said I could?"

"Which is why I'm stopping it-- this time." She pressed the button on the back of my collar, and my belt went black again.

I slowly exhaled.

"It's not good training if you're punished for disobedience when it was actually obedience, now, is it?"

"Uh... yeah, thanks, Tamia." As long as I was respectful and obedient, I was allowed a lot of leeway of what to call her in private. 'Trainer Tamia' or 'Miss' or 'Miss Tamia' in public though, always. She had insisted that it's just because she thought it was good training for me to be able to switch between more and less formal language.

"Not technically part of the rules," as she liked to say. Apparently she had a lot of wiggle room.

Maybe this shock device wasn't "technically part of the rules" either, but it's not like anyone else in the compound would back me up about rules against my trainer.

"Now. We have a couple choices." Tamia pulled out a piece of paper with big heart-motif arrows and "grope me" in fancy black and red lettering. "If you want a professional looking job, you'll sit still while I put this on you. If not..." She pulled out a large black permanent marker.

I looked at the marker and furrowed my brow. "Aren't those toxic on skin?"

Tamia shrugged. "I haven't heard of it, if so. I've used them dozens of times without issues. Do you want the tattoos then?"

I swallowed. "...yes please."

"Okay. Stay very still."

I didn't exactly like what she was writing, or her hands on my body, but it was impersonal, and all I had to do was tune out a little, and soon enough she had emblazoned those temporary tattoos on me.

She pulled out her phone and there was a flash.

"You're taking my picture?" I was a bit indignant. Maybe it was silly, but I just didn't expect this new form of humiliation.

"Mmm... it might make cute advertising. It's in your best interest to get sold for the highest price you can, too, you know. Studies show there's a strong positive correlation between being treated well and being sold for a high price."

I closed my eyes so I didn't roll them. "So you keep saying."

She had let me look over the conclusion of the paper, but when I said I wanted to look over the full paper, see the methodology, she raised an eyebrow and told me I wasn't a college student anymore, and I never would be.

I sighed. My bachelor's degree hadn't really gotten me anywhere... except, eventually, as the debts from it piled up, here. The best choice I had was to sell myself before the debts piled up, so I did.

Tamia tapped my nose. "Hey, girl. Stay with me for a moment, okay?" Girl... having a name was banned too-- a way to reshape my identity, Tamia told me, another little secret she wasn't supposed to pass on. In the harder compounds, they shaved the prisoner's head too, tactics taken from army inductions, but here in the "minimal security" joint, we were spared that minor indignity, I assumed because we might be sold sooner.

Tamia shook her head. "You're spacing out a lot. Are you okay?"

I stared into her eyes. "I'm trying not to think about the immense pain I'll be in shortly, Tamia." My voice was more terse than I intended, and Tamia narrowed her eyes.

I lowered my eyes, and raised my shoulders a bit. "Sorry, Miss Tamia."

Tamia patted the top of my head. "This doesn't have to be this hard, you know. Think about how this doesn't have to be this hard, if you need something to focus on... I don't need to punish you if you're obedient. I don't like to, either, it's just the best way to get you to comply with your new role."

"Yeah, I know... thanks." I had learned to hide the sarcasm in my voice pretty well, and I tried my best not to remember what Tamia had done to train that out of me.

Tamia handed me a small glass of water, and I drank it.

She smiled. "Helps to be hydrated, maybe you won't mess up your voice this time."

"Yeah...." I had thanked her more than enough times today. I knew it was just her job, but that it was impersonal didn't mean she wasn't destroying my life.

She patted my butt. "Okay, now, get out in the commons-- unless... well, there is some experimental surgery I wanted to try...."

I never knew if she was joking with that sort of thing, so I stood up quickly, held up my hands. "Okay, I'm going."

I walked out into the commons. We lived in a nice little mansion, kept it clean in shifts, too. We were mostly around naked, too, which made it easy to distinguish the slaves from the trainers, who wore actual clothes instead of collars.

A beast woman in a yellow sunflower sundress was lounging on the couch, and looked up at me. "Ooh... you have that punishment, huh?" She was some sort of tabby cat, I guess... Jasmine. Trainer beasts got names, but I didn't.

She beckoned, and I hesitantly came a bit closer. Not within arms length.

Jasmine narrowed her eyes. "Hey. You know how this works, right?" She stood up, and strode over to me, reached out to grab my breast, which I stopped, and then another hand to grab my pussy, which I stopped too.

I had a few inches of height on her, and was stronger to boot.

...Of course, the belt went red.

Jasmine shook her head and let go, stepped back, not fighting me on it, just staring with a raised eyebrow.

I looked away. "Yeah, I'd just... rather not. Sorry, Miss Jasmine."

She glared at me a little, but then shrugged. "Suit yourself."

Jasmine flopped back down on the couch as if she had no bones whatsoever.

She picked her magazine back up.

Really, I could still ask her for forgiveness... but that'd be giving what little bit of resistance I had still left to me.

I hated getting touched by beasts, and that was one thing I would never budge on.

Maybe that made me a shitty slave, but I had never wanted to be one.

"You'll wanna lay down on the carpet," Jasmine informed me. "You don't wanna spasm standing and fall down and hit something."

Much as I hated to admit Jasmine was right, it was good advice. I lay down on the fluffy shag carpet that covered the floor. Its soft texture felt kinda nice against my bare skin.

Was there a beep as the electricity flowed through me?

I couldn't hear it as I screamed, my fingers digging into the rug as my body convulsed, my pussy lit up with pain I had never felt before.

I guess they wouldn't keep me doing this past bedtime... okay, fuck, that had been uncomfortable, but it had been worth it.

I was sobbing quietly, but I hadn't lost my dignity to the beasts-- not entirely, at least.

And then the electricity was running through me again and I was screaming and writhing.

I was panting, sweaty on the floor, and looked over to Jasmine. "It's not stopping!"

"Yeah, it shocks you a random amount of time and durations. Hard to inure yourself, I think is the idea." Jasmine was flipping through the magazine. "I don't think I've seen it go past seven times...well, not often, at least."

A third shock, and my body tensed and twitched despite my trying to relax it, it's hard to just tell your body to relax through electrical impulses, the very thing that controls it. I could barely see through my tears.

I looked over to the very blurry beast bitch who was just reading her magazine. Did I beg, at this point? Would Jasmine have mercy on me?

"I can't turn off the punishment once it starts."

I let out a desperate whimper, and waited. And waited. I slowly sat up. "Is it done?"

"I've never seen an interval that long. Now come back here, girl." Jasmine set down her magazine.

I'd like to say I stared in an impassive way, but I was still sobbing and wiping my eyes. I didn't want to go closer. "I won't touch you sexually, I promise."

I reluctantly moved closer, and she wrapped her arms around me and I tensed as she hugged me. Her fur felt soft against my body, and, well, wrong. Maybe I could hug her if I had clothes on, without thinking about it too hard, but I pulled away.

"Beasts are just people too, y'know?" Jasmine smiled at me a little, and picked up her magazine.

I glared at her, blinking back my remaining tears as best I could. I didn't think I had to point out the fact that she was a slave trainer. "Look, I've been friends with a couple beasts, just touching them is...."

Jasmine waved her magazine at me lazily without looking up. "Shoo. Go somewhere else before I decide to test your training out again. I don't wanna spend my afternoon shocking you unconscious."

A shudder ran through my body, and I fled. I should've known her "kindness" was, at its core, just laziness.

I bumped into another slave as I fled, and he looked at me, annoyed-- he was a human, at least, just as naked as I was. Kinda muscular, kinda handsome. His look of annoyance faded as he saw my tattoos, and he shrugged, smiled. "Ooh, I love when we get to grope someone." He moved his hand in towards my breast and I grabbed his wrist without thinking about it. He frowned, and swept his arm away in a semi-circle... moving my hand below my waist.

"Oh no, I'm sorry!"

He just stared at me with a raised eyebrow. "I don't like when girls fight me."

He shrugged. "Kinda takes all the fun out of it, y'know?"

I inhaled sharply. "Look, it was my mistake."

"You can touch anywhere you want, just..." I needed to convince him.

I kneeled in front of him. "...please cancel it."

He just stared and rubbed his half-aroused cock, then shrugged.

"Yeah, I'm not feeling it." He started to turn away.

"I'll do whatever you want, please!" I looked up at him desperately.

"I don't think you mean it." He tried rubbing his cock a few times. "If you were serious, I'd be getting hard right now.

I spread my legs to show off my pussy, frick, anything, surely he wouldn't just--

The line in the belt turned red.

I was convulsing on the ground, shrieking.

"Even less sexy," the man opined, before stepping over my body and walking on his way.

I was alone now, and another shock ripped through me.

...five more. Five more at most.

Another one and I was screaming.

I was panting on the ground, making incomprehensible little noises.

My body was getting exhausted, and I had barely done anything other than endure unimaginable pain over and over again.

"Ooh... is that you screaming? You have pretty screams. My kinda girl." The wolfwoman who said that was looking down at me with interest as she sipped on her iced tea. Given that her cock was fully erect and unhidden, it was easy enough to tell both her status and her intention.

I convulsed and screamed again. It was just a shade less of unendurable. I don't know if I was getting used to it, or my muscles were just losing the ability to move, and thus couldn't clench as hard. I was whimpering on the ground, doing my best to keep my arms over my head to make sure I didn't trigger another round of electric shocks.

The wolfwoman sat down next to me cross-legged and waited a little while, and no more convulsions came.

I slowly sat up, and she handed me her glass of tea. I didn't want to drink it, but... spurning her generosity seemed like a bad move, and my throat hurt. I took a sip before handing it back to her.

She laughed. "So polite... so you're free groping territory, huh?" She reached over to my pussy without any sort of preamble, and I started to reach down to grab her wrist, and stopped myself just before I grabbed it and stopped her... and the line in my belt went red.

I started crying.

I couldn't take any more of this.

"Please... I'm sorry... please stop the countdown."

The wolf tilted her head to one side. "I dunno how to do that?"

"You just press the button on the back of my collar." I leaned over and moved my hair out of the way to show her. "See?"

"Oh. Hmm. You're supposed to get groped, though, right?" Her voice sounded a little sadistically amused.

"No, please... I can't... please...."

"Hear you're a girl who would never fuck me, y'know?"

I was whimpering quietly, shaking my head, staring into her eyes as I hoped for some modicum of sympathy.

"No... I'm not like that anymore...."

"Kiss my dick."

There was no time to hesitate. I leaned down and kissed the tip of her dick, and I can feel her hand on the back of my neck as she presses the button, widens her grip to hold me there for a moment before letting me go.

I collapsed in her lap, sobbing. "Thank you." I mean it from the bottom of my heart, and when I realize this, that I'm essentially thanking a girl who was just going to nonchalantly rape me... I sob harder.

"No big deal, cherie~" She stroked my hair a little as I sobbed against her dick, and her hand slid down to start groping my ass. I made a soft noise of complaint -- not arousal -- but I really didn't have the energy to fight her anymore.

"Awwwh... poor sweetie, you look exhausted. Tell you what: I won't expect anything out of you this time, since you seem exhausted... but next time we meet in the commons, I expect you to let me use you a little.... in thanks, y'know? We have a deal?"

Totally unfair.

She kept groping me, too.

After a moment, I nodded a little against her lap, and she stopped groping me. I didn't want to honor that implicit promise, but I couldn't stand up to her right now. She could probably press me down on the floor and rape me and I'd just let her because it'd be better than the pain.

But that's not what she was doing right now. She was helping me up, putting the glass of tea to my lips, encouraging me to drink... and then picking me up in a princess carry and walking me... somewhere.

She's going to take me somewhere and rape me now, and I just... fine. I can't fight this.

Instead, though, she comes up to Tamia's room, turns to the side and slams her hip on the door a few times.

Tamia opens the door, and glances down at me, then looks back up at the woman carrying me.

The wolfwoman smiles. "I think she's totaled for the moment. Can I set her down somewhere?"

"Oh! Thank you for bringing her back." Tamia gestures to the big dogbed on the floor she usually makes me sleep in, and I make a soft incoherent sound as the wolf lays me down in it. I hold my hands over my head so the belt won't think I'm being bad.

The wolf left with a little wave to me. As if we were friends now. I was too exhausted to gather the energy to really hate her, though.

Tamia walked over and looked down at me. "My poor girl... did you learn your lesson?"

I nodded tearily.

She sits down on her bed. "Come up."

I did. I crawled up next to her, and she hugged me close. I didn't think I was a lesbian, really, but I was about to let a beast assault me-- I was hardly going to fight against my trainer doing whatever she wanted.

"One thing I do like about beast culture is they're very big on hugs. Good, efficient way to get dopamine." I didn't know Tamia would somehow manage to make hugging me while I'm crying sound clinical.

She stroked my back. "I really shouldn't tell you this, but... I'm doing this for you, you know."

...I make some sort of noise between a whimper and a giggle.

"No, really-- look, you're already marked as having a preference for a non-beast master, and we do try to line up our slaves to their preferences... it doesn't really cost the company anything, and makes you all better slaves, so us trainers really do our best to try to find somewhere you'll fit in, if possible."

I manage a slight shrug. Okay, if she says so... I don't want to fight.

I don't have the will left to fight.

"But if you keep on acting so anti-Beast... well, some people will be hesitant to buy you, and... the people who really look for anti-Beast slaves? They're usually Beasts with a real sadistic streak. You do not want to be the person who comes to mind when the sales team is like 'huh, who hates beasts the most?' So... hey, you listening?"

Tamia waved her hand in front of my face. It's a bit disorienting. "Hey, girl? You spacing out on me again? Say it in your own words."

"I..." Another little sob escaped me. I didn't have anything left besides hating beasts, and... it just wasn't worth it. It had been a stupid hill to die on, really, just... that was the last hill I had left.

None of the trainers had really cared about how little I cared for Beasts until it got in the way of me being an obedient slave... nothing mattered to them, except how much value they could extract from us.

Maybe I'd be bought by a handsome human Master who treated me well, almost like an equal... but probably not. That was just the sort of daydreaming that helped me get through. Like someone thinking they could win the lottery, or become rich. Astronomically small odds, if you did the math.

...someone like that wouldn't need to buy a slave to find a partner, if you thought about it.

I nodded a little. "If I don't want to be tortured by a beast for the rest of my life... I need to get used to letting beasts do whatever they want to my body." My words were hollow, hopeless.

Tamia stroked my head, and I could hear the smile in her voice. "That's right. Good girl."



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