Lost on a Mission

by Skaetlett

Tags: #bimbofication #D/s #f/nb #scifi #wholesome #dom:nb #humiliation #intelligence_play #pov:bottom #sub:female #transgender_characters
See spoiler tags : #memory_play

Lena’s partner sends her on a simple mission to steal some supplies off an enemy space ship. Her mission takes a strange turn when she opens the box against her orders.

This story is intended for adult audiences. Please do not read if you are under the age of 18.

    “Are you sure this is going to be okay, Fleur?” Lena asked apprehensively as she tilted her head in a million different angles, allowing her lover to style the scarf around their neck cutely. Fleur always insisted on looking cute while smuggling goods from other pirate ships onto their own. Despite their life of organized space crime, Fleur fervently believed that the number one strategy for success was to dress top-notch.

    Lena never understood it. But her escapades always succeeded when Fleur was guiding her, so she trusted them.

    “Oh, yes, Lena,” Fleur nodded their head up and down, admiring their girlfriend’s curves and posture. “You need to look dashing so people get distracted from trying to catch you.”

    Lena chuckled. “But if they’re distracted by me, then they’ll be more anxious to catch me.”

    “And they’d be right to. You’re a catch.” Fleur kissed Lena on one cheek at a time. “Listen, dear. I know what I’m doing. I’ve never dropped you into a mission blindly. I’m not a ditz like that.” They paused, eyeing the uncertainty in Lena’s eyes and smiled. “Do you trust me?”

    Lena sighed. “Yes, Fleur. I trust you.”

    How couldn’t she trust them? They were right. They never dropped Lena into a task they knew she couldn’t complete. The experience gap between the couple was quite sizable — Fleur having been on their team for almost a decade, climbing the ranks from crewperson to captain, and Lena only having joined two years back. Lena couldn’t say she didn’t feel inadequate sometimes… but she had to admit the difference in level was kind of hot.

    “Alright, let me give you your coordinates then,” Lena inhaled, suddenly talking more business than flirtation. “You’ll be launched in one of the pods onto the ship about 2,276 kilometers away. Travelling fast in those small pods doesn’t make you nauseous anymore, does it?”

    “N…no,” Lena lied.

    Fleur chuckled, ignoring her lie but using their hand to tilt Lena’s face upwards to theirs. “Good. You’ll land on the enemy’s ship on the side of the front-left side, and then you’ll crawl through one of the windows. It should be the dimmed one, so you don’t get caught. It’s just a warehouse that’s gone unused on the ship. There should be a wooden box on there with gold streaks — grab that, get back in the pod, and leave before you get caught.”

    Lena nodded. The enemy’s ship — belonging to a fleet called the M-950 — was full of incompetent fools, so it shouldn’t have been that difficult.

    “Okay. I can do that.”

    “Of course you can, dear,” Fleur giggled. “I told you to do it, after all.”

    Lena squeaked, the wave of submission hitting her. She snapped herself out of it. “R-right.”

    “Oh, one more thing…” Fleur added on, a devious smirk on their face. “Do not open the box under any circumstances.”

    “What?” Lena exclaimed — now *that* was a weird request for them to make. “Why not?”

    “It’s a highly corrosive material. We wouldn’t want you or your face to get ruined by it, would we?”

    “But…” Lena bit her lip. “If it’s so corrosive, why is it in a wooden box?” That was a weird decision to make, even by the same fleet that decided to make their weapons out of radioactive material. Weapons that, of course, inevitably blew up in their faces. “What even is it? Why do we need it?”

    “Because they’re incompetent idiots. And you also won’t open it because I told you not to, toy.” Fleur winked at her, causing Lena to lose her composure even more. “Also, I can’t tell you. It’s a surprise.” Before Lena could ask anymore questions, they quickly changed the topic. “Just, please, go grab it. I promise you that you’ll be quite interested in what it is when we open it together.”

   “Hmmm…” Lena wanted to question them more, but she eventually relented. “Alright. Send me out there, captain.”

   “Good girl, and good pirate too.” Fleur began ushering Lena over to the pods, walking past all the cleaners and other crew members. 

   Their romance had become quite well known around the ship, and as long as it wasn’t causing any problems, no one quite minded. The most notable thing about the two of them was their vibrant appearances. Fleur’s hair was short and swept to one side in large curls, the color changing from platinum blonde to aqua blue to bright red. They dressed in extravagant vests with cravats, fancy dress pants and gold and silver jewelry decorating their body. Lena, on the other hand, was comparatively plain. She usually opted for vintage dresses, or pencil skirts and cute simple button ups. Her outfits were always completed with a fancy hat on top of her styled long straight brown hair. Fleur had convinced her through a deep hypnosis session to try red streaks by her bangs, and she didn’t hate it afterwards.

   They arrived at the pods, the three or so free ones lined up at the side. Fleur checked them in. The staffer, a short-statued guy with sleek green hair and a simple black suit, set up the interior for Lena’s journey with a snarky remark about having to clean up Lena’s mess last time she got sick in one. The staffer, of course, got a cold glare from Fleur as “thanks”.

   Fleur opened the door of the pod for Lena. “Oh, look, we got new seats! They look cozy.”

   Lena got in sheepishly, getting cozy in the seat and looking at the screen. “New screens, too. Um… is this really going to be okay? Usually there’s a fleet behind me, or backup, or…”

   “It’ll be fine. If you really need help, you know I’m just a call away. Okay?”

   “Okay,” Lena gulped. “I love you.”

   “I love you too. Have fun stealing cool shit, Lena!”

   The door slammed shut, the pod started up, and soon enough Lena was blasted through space at an unfathomable speed.

    Lena could feel herself blasting through space. She felt as though she leapt through time, back or forth a few hours, even though she knew it wasn't one of *those* missions. If Lena was screaming at all, she sure as hell couldn't hear herself over the engine pumping the vessel at an awful speed. Her hands darted around the dashboard, trying to find the escape bag -- even though that'd mean aborting the mission, it sure as hell sounded a lot better than whatever she was doing right now.

    She held her breath. Suddenly, the ship stopped, Lena lunging straight into the airbag. Her face violently plopped onto it, but the plushness of the airbag made it a not-entirely-terrible experience. Taking a moment to catch her breath and survey her surroundings, Lena opened the door as it unlocked. She certainly was at her destination.

    Her eyes squinted with curiosity. This looked... different. It wasn't as unkempt as this unit's ships usually were; in fact, it looked immaculately clean. Maybe this was a ship they never used, Lena shrugged.

    She followed the arrows down the hall of the flight, noting something more strange: no one stood around her. Lena desperately wanted to completely rationalize it as perhaps being an abandoned or empty ship, but something felt... wrong. Putting on some goggles, Lena looked around, trying to see if there were any spies or lasers she should avoid. Nothing. It looked too easy.

    Well, Lena wasn't one to complain about an easy mission. And this unit was usually quite careless in their defenses to say the least.

    The halls were clearly marked, with arrows pointing in various directions. They were in a language foreign even to Lena, but through the goggles she could read a rough translation. She found the way to the storage area, jolting down the stairs and taking a sharp left. The door easily opened, and Lena just assumed they carelessly forgot to lock it.

    Idiots, Lena scoffed to herself with a condescending smile. Lena looked around the room, looking through the stacks of wooden boxes. Some of them were clearly marked, holding radioactive gemstones and maps, but most of them looked inconspicuous. The one that caught Lena's eye though...

    "That's it!" Lena exclaimed, rushing over to a box that was just exactly what Fleur described to her. It wasn't marked or anything, and Lena could see light emitting from under it. She wasn't sure quite how she was certain, but she knew it was the box. She completed the mission!

    Now all there was, was getting back to her pod and being launched back.

    At least... Lena thought so. She looked around left and right, trying to see if anyone had followed her. Fleur told me not to open it, Lena repeated to herself. Fleur knows what's best for me. They knew what they were doing, asking me not to open it. I need to keep my partner's trust. I need them to know I can be trusted...

    Thoughts ran through her mind, finally landing on one dangerous idea: "Fuck it, I have to know."

    Lena undid the lock easily, taking off her goggles as she peered inside. What she found was not precious material of any kind, but a thick, pink cloud bursting from the box into Lena's face. "C-crap!"

            Before Lena could run away, the cloud of smoke filled the room and completely overwhelmed Lena. Soon enough, Lena couldn’t think of running away – because she couldn’t think at all. Thinking was too hard! All she needed to do was sit down and be ditzy and giggly, right?


            “W-wait!” Lena gasped out, as if someone were there to see her. “I… I just… ah, fuck…” She suddenly realized something else: she couldn’t think, and she was horny as all hell. “Ohhhh fuck, what… is this?”


            Lena stumbled to the ground. Despite her humiliation, she couldn’t help but readjust herself so she was grinding her crotch onto the floor. It felt so nice. She wasn’t even doing much, but all she knew was that she needed to touch. Completely forgetting about the possibility of someone seeing her, Lena reached into her panties and began gently stroking her clit.

            She had never been quite this aroused – at least she couldn’t ever think about another time she had. She kept stroking herself, moaning louder and louder as her ability to think faded. Instead of sighs, her confusion turned into a mixture of giggles and moans. She kept begging to nothing, begging to be touched more and more. A billion horny thoughts rushed through her brain – the tentacle monsters she fought, or the mindless states she’d be in on various missions, or… Fleur… Fleur holding her, teasing her, pulling and pushing her around during their dozens of kink scenes together… Being satisfied and satisfying Fleur, taking order after order even through the brain fog, edging and denial… and then being held by the partner and person she loved so much.


            Lena kept going. She kept stroking, edging herself over and over again. Every time she got close to cumming, she just was not able to. All she could do was stop, gasp, and start again while incessantly giggling.


            “F-f-fuuuuck,” Lena gasped, touching herself faster and harder. “Cum, cum, cum – n-no, I can’t…” Her own touch wasn’t enough. She needed Fleur with her, to drag her over the edge and overstimulate her until she couldn’t think all over again.


            “God, Lena,” a familiar cocky voice spoke up, granting Lena’s wishes. “You just really couldn’t hold yourself back for even a few minutes, huh?”


            Lena whipped around, seeing no one else but Fleur standing there, looking confidently over the humiliated subby mess. “Like, I told you not to open it, and you couldn’t even follow that one order! Looks like we have to get back to training you, huh?”


            “Huh?” Lena giggled. “Like, what? Training? Like, how are you gonna train me, Fleur? D-does it involve me cumming?”


            Fleur sighed – clearly not in exasperation, mostly just laughing at their girlfriend.

"Well, clearly that gas wrecked your brain more so than I thought it would."

    Lena cocked her head, unable to even form an actual question through her rapid stream of giggles. "Like, huh? I don't understand, Fleur."

    "It's okay," Fleur cooed, kneeling down to the fallen Lena. They gently put their hands over Lena's flushed cheeks. Lena convulsed from their grasp, breaking down into an even louder giggle fit. "I know you're not smart enough -- especially not right now -- to understand this wasn't an actual mission. I just wanted to fuck with you a little! You didn't even question why this ship had no people in it. It's an unused ship of ours I decided to... repurpose."

    Lena hummed, still trying to understand. "So like, you set up this mission? Um... did I like, win?"

    "No, Lena," Fleur mocked, tilting their subby girlfriend's head gently up. "You didn't win, you ditz."

    "Awwww," Lena pouted. "But I'm, like, so horny. Can you, like, cuddle me a little anyways?"

    Lena fully expected Fleur to wrap their arms around her and pull her into a tight hug. To her chagrin, Fleur did nothing of the sort. Their hand reached to the back of Lena's neck as the hairs on it spiked up. "Yes, yes, please Fleur, just like-- aaah!" Lena's begging was cut short by Fleur grabbing the hair at her scalp. She cried out as Fleur tilted her head through the hair pull and grasped her chin even harder.

    "Cuddles will come later, I promise. After all, they're the best form of bondage, Lena. But first, we have to address two things: your disobedience of my orders, and your apparent inability to think ever at all." Lena had no idea why, but being degraded in such a fashion always made her heart sing. And she just giggled again, somehow wanting to be insulted even more thoroughly. "For now, I think a little discipline is in order."

    "What?" Lena moaned out.

    Fleur glared at Lena, though the smirk on their lips remained playful. "Are you questioning me? That's a rich move, after you just went against my instructions."

    "Nooo, I'm not," Lena said, but her pouting grew. "Wh-what's my punishment gonna be, Fleur?"

    "Well," Fleur grabbed a box from the pile, pulled it over and sat on it confidently. They towered over the kneeling Lena, grinning wildly down at her. "Let's do some more training, dear. We have to make sure you know how to obey me, even if you can't think about anything else."

    Lena was about to protest again -- though her incessant giggling and begging could hardly be called a protest. "Does it involve me cumm--"

    Fleur snapped their fingers, immediately jolting Lena out of her thoughts. "I'll be the one to decide that. First order, hmm... Lena, come over here and start praising me."

    "Hehe, alright," Lena was about to stand up. Fleur reached over, grabbed her hair and pulled her back down to her knees.

    "No standing for you. After all, you're my pet, so you'll be disciplined like my pet." Lena whimpered, both in pleasure and mild annoyance. "So, get to work."

    "Okay!" Lena cheered. "So like, praising you? Like, how?"

    "Oh, you know, with your words... telling me how smart and powerful I am, how much you enjoy being my plaything, how good I am to you..." Fleur mused. "And I trust you'll be able to come up with other things, no matter how stupid you are."

    "Um... alright." Lena furrowed her eyebrows, trying to think. "You're like, so smart and powerful. I should have like, known to trust your instructions, Fleur! 'Cause like, it's so hard to think sometimes, I like... couldn't... remem... remember... what you told me." She ended her self-degradation with yet another enthusiastic chuckle.

    Fleur's lips curled. "Good. Yes, you should know better than to trust your ditzy brain to make good decisions. Good girl."

    Lena felt the pleasurable thunder crash over her, suddenly becoming very close to the brink of climax. Her breath turned into a bunch of unsteady moans and gasps as she shook trying to control herself. She had that trigger planted in her head months ago. Every time Fleur would speak those two incredible words, she would instantly be edged as far as she could go.

    Of course, this was a scolding -- she wasn't allowed to finish quite yet.

    "What else?" Fleur smirked, knowing exactly what they did to Lena.

    "Ahh... um... you like, you're like always so smart. Like, you know all kinds of things! Math, science, um, poetry, and like, how to do good heists. You know all of the things!"

    "Yes, I do. I know more than you, to say the least." Fleur grinned. "Alright, let's see... let's give you some harder orders, shall we? Train you back up a little."

    "Alright!" Lena sang. "What's, like, my next order?"

            Fleur sighed, beginning to unbuckle the belt holding their uniform together. “Well, if you don’t know how to follow orders, I might as well use you for my pleasure.” Fleur ripped off every garment of the bottom part of their uniform quickly. Their legs were bare, neatly shaven, and extremely muscular. Lena couldn’t lie and say she hadn’t fantasized about being crushed by Fleur’s thighs at least once. Fleur didn’t undo their panties, but Lena could clearly see the hard bulge in their crotch. They were extremely turned on, as was Lena. “You still know how to worship me, don’t you?”


            “Uhhhh, yeah, of course, Fleur!” Lena giggled. She didn’t even acknowledge the strand of drool dripping off her bottom lips, forming an uneven puddle on the floor. “Like, how do you want me to worship you? Should I like, bow down to you?”


            Fleur chuckled. They must have thought the thought of that was nice. “How about you just use your lips to lick and kiss me. Tell me you’re not stupid enough to have forgotten that.”


            “Not at all, Fleur! Alright, let me like, worship—mmf!” Fleur had enough of Lena’s chit chat, grabbing her by the hair again and pushing her head into their thighs. Instantly, Lena got to worshipping, kissing and licking Fleur in all the right places. Fleur loved the tops of their thighs kissed, and their lower legs licked, and gentle bites on the sides of their legs. Those places were engraved into Lena’s mind through the hundreds of hours she’d spend pleasuring Fleur. Thighs kissed. Lower legs licked. Their sides bitten. Lena had become quite the expert, and this time was the same. Fleur gasped and groaned, holding themself to the chair to steady their body.

They looked down at Lena, panting with pleasure and a hint of sadism. “That’s—that’s really the best you can do, Lena? Come on, put a bit of work into it – show me you can still please me.”

“I’m like, trying!” Lena pulled away for a brief second to protest. “Come on, why don’t you tell me how I can, like, make you feel all good and happy. So, like, maybe after I can cum!”

Fleur laughed, clearly laughing at Lena. “Plaything, I haven’t even told you that you’re allowed to cum. What makes you so convinced you are?”

“Ummm…” Lena considered. “’Cause you’re, like, so nice!”

“Sure, let’s go with that.” Fleur smirked as they pulled at the hem of their panties. Pushing it down, they revealed their hard, twitching, leaking cock. “How about this – you make me cum, I’ll reward you and make you cum too.”

“Really?!” Lena gasped as if she was at a candy story. “Like, that’s so generous of—” Lena was cut off once again when Fleur pushed her into their crotch, forcing them into a position of oral pleasure.

 “Enough talk, more licking,” Fleur ordered. As Lena got to work, Fleur began gently convulsing in their chair. Their hand moved away from the chair and onto Lena’s head, using a grasp of her hair to keep themself steady. They panted, a sound Lena had been conditioned to love. Every pant and moan that Fleur gave encouraged Lena to work a bit harder.

Fleur’s hand reached the side of Lena’s hair. They released the grasp just a little. Sticking two fingers in between Lena’s mouth, they pulled her lower jaw down to allow access to her throat. They grasped onto her hair again, thrusting their cock into Lena’s mouth. Lena choked for a minute, allowing herself to relax and get back to happily pleasuring Fleur.

     “That’s really the best you can do?” Fleur teased, as if they weren’t at the edge of climax themself. “Well, at least you do this better than thinking. F-fuck,” Fleur stammered as Lena took them in just a little deeper.

                        Lena felt so, so happy. She didn’t know why, exactly. But having no other purpose than sucking and pleasing felt so good! It was like, exactly what she was made for. So who cared if she failed the mission or not? She got to sit in front of Fleur, pleasing them with every lick and every head motion. There wasn’t really anything better in life than servicing her partners! Lena’s mind was filled to the brim with ditzy, dim thoughts. She couldn’t put two and two together or remember basic vocabulary, and even her own name was becoming fuzzy. All she could think about was giggling, being happy, and servicing her superiors.

            She didn’t even realize she was drooling around Fleur’s length. She just kept giggling as she lightly sucked at it. Fleur eventually sighed, grabbing Lena’s head again and dragging it further into her throat. “Fuck, Lena,” she gasped breathily, “you’ve gotten so good a-at this… I think I’m about ready to, oh fuck…” Her hips bucked quickly into Lena’s mouth, the subby girl choking and gagging on it – very happily, of course – as Lena prepared herself for Fleur’s climax. Fleur didn’t hold anything back for their pathetic ditzy fucktoy, thrusting deep into her mouth and shooting her load down. Lena took strand after strand, her cheeks blushing with some of the cum dripping with her drool down her chin. She only giggled harder thinking about how dumb and slutty she looked, and the way Fleur was glancing cockily down at her.

            “Good plaything. Good ditzy, idiot toy,” Fleur chuckled, laughing at Lena again. They grabbed Lena by the hair, pulling their limp cock out of her mouth. Some of the cum dripped out of their cock, and Lena eagerly licked it up. “God, you’re so good at this. Makes sense since it’s all you’re good for. Only…”

            Lena didn’t even have a second to process what was about to happen. Fleur stood up, grabbing Lena’s shoulders and shoving her down. They shoved her down hard enough to startle her, but not enough to genuinely hurt her. Even then, Lena winced in a bit of pain. Fleur stepped back, concerned.

            “Everything okay, dear?”

            “Uhhh…” Lena took a minute to compose herself. Then, she burst into a fit of giggles. “Like, yeah, Fleur. I feel great.”

            “What’s the color?” Fleur stepped out of character to ask.

            “Oh! Um, it’s um…” Lena blushed. Had she forgotten what colors were? “What’s, like, the thing trees and grass look like? Um, that!”

            Fleur chuckled, kneeling down to the fallen Lena. “I’ll take that as a green.” Her hands moved swiftly to shove down Lena again. “Plaything, you’ve gotten so good at pleasing me. But don’t you think you could have tried even a little harder?”

            Lena smiled dopily. “Like, huh?”

            “Here, Lena. Let me show you how to actually do oral.” Fleur’s hands moved from Lena’s shoulders down to her pants, clipping their fingers to the hem of her panties. She pulled both garments down. Lena squeaked as the cold air reached her still hard clit.

            “Oh my gosh, Fleur! This is like, so nice of you!”


            “Nice?” Fleur lifted an eyebrow, looking at Lena as they moved down. “Sure. Let’s call it nice.” Fleur began to make soft, small kisses against Lena’s thighs. They kept kissing as their lips kissed harder with each one. Eventually they moved to biting, eliciting sweet, darling reactions from Lena. Fleur began leaving increasingly dark and large hickies on Lena’s thighs, making her cry out in a mix of pain and pleasure – every single one with another giggle.

            Eventually, Fleur’s lips found Lena’s twitching, leaking cunt. They kissed around it, taking the tip into their mouth as they began gently sucking. Lena moaned and gasped, even with the slightest movement. Already, she was back to being so close to cumming. She couldn’t even take a moment to compose herself, as her hips bucked and twitched her cunt into Fleur’s mouth. Fleur pulled back for a moment, grinning down at Lena.

            “Now, now, plaything. You may want to calm down a little. After all, you don’t get to finish whenever you want, like I do.”

            Lena whined. “What? But like, why?”

            “Because I said so, Lena. Now calm down, and don’t cum until I say so.” Lena was about to protest again, before Fleur silenced her by pleasuring her again. Her mouth and lips worked even harder, teasing and sucking it. Somehow, the more aroused Lena got, the dumber her head got. She couldn’t think about anything but finishing, and cum, and being pleased, and servicing others, and Fleur, Fleur, Fleur. Lena couldn’t help herself, continuing to convulse harder as Fleur got more into it.

            She’d get close to the edge, Fleur would be able to tell, and then they would immediately stop. Lena felt closer to the edge every time, getting there faster and faster with each mini-session. Her clit dripped with precum. She could barely speak, and giggling was becoming harder by the second too. She just needed to finish. Her mind felt like it was breaking, disappearing into nothing, until all that remained was, “I need to I need to I need to”.

            “Let’s play a game, Lena,” Fleur spoke as they finished what must have been the 20th edge.

            “A-a game? Like, Naked Twister?”

            Fleur laughed. “No, plaything. How about you try to tell me why I should let you cum?”

            “Buh—huh?” Lena blinked, panting. “But, like, of course I need to cum! I like, feel so good and I can’t, um, think!”

            “I know, dear. That much is obvious. But why should I let you? Why should I give you permission?” Lena wanted nothing more than for Fleur to get their head back into her crotch and do their breathtaking work.

             “Um…” Lena furrowed her eyebrows. Thinking was hard, but thinking of a reason was even harder. “’Cause, you like, love me! Right?”

            “Yes dear, I love you more than anything. But that doesn’t answer my question.”

            “B-but…” Lena stammered. “It’s because, it like, feels really good! Y’know? ‘Cause you just did it, like, in my mouth. And it tasted sooooo good.”

            Fleur laughed once again. “Mm… that’s true, but not convincing enough. What would I get out of letting you cum? Wouldn’t it be better to just keep you on the edge and horny forever!”

            “Noooo!” Lena protested. “I… I dunno, Fleur! Like, I think you want to, because I think you like making me happy, and you make me like, so happy, every day. So, like, you should let me cum, because um… I’ll go back to doing things good like you say!”

            Fleur chuckled. “Very convincing. Alright. You may finish.”

            Lena gasped in joy. Fleur didn’t even have to continue pleasuring Lena for more than ten seconds, because Lena went straight to climax in Fleur’s mouth. She let out breathy moans, thrusting herself back and forth as Fleur expertly took it all in. She continued pleasuring Lena even through her entire orgasm, only just making it that much stronger. Lena felt like she had came for hours, even though it had only been a few minutes once she was done.

            Fleur released Lena’s small, limp clit from her mouth, gently pulling her pants back up. Her hands grabbed Lena’s shoulders, moving her body upwards into a comfortable seated position. Lena looked at her partner with love. God she loved Fleur so much.

            “You did so, so well, plaything,” Fleur began showering Lena with praise. “You did exactly as you were told, you made me very happy, and trust me – you did succeed this mission.”

            “Like, huh?” Lena blinked. “I… did? But you said I failed?”

            Fleur raised her hand. “Huh, wh—”


            Lena blinked. Suddenly, the pink cloud of ditziness began to fade from her mind, replaced with some very important memories. She finally remembered everything. The night before, Lena mentioned wanting to try some memory play in their hypnosis. Fleur ran her through an entire scenario, agreeing on what she wanted and didn’t want to do. And then Fleur took those memories away – temporarily, of course. No wonder Lena loved it so much! It was just as fun as she imagined – and even hotter, too.

            “How are you feeling, Lena?” Fleur asked, hugging the subby girl tightly and brushing her hair gently.

            “Oh, I’m… feeling so good,” Lena drawled out, smiling at Fleur. She put her arms around Fleur, hugging her tightly. “That was as good as I thought it would be!”


“Good,” Fleur smiled. “Because you did very good. I’m glad you liked the Ditz Mist.”

Lena giggled – genuinely this time. “That was so fun. And so intense. Can we… try it again, soon?”

            Fleur chuckled. They pulled back for a minute, looking over at her dazed out girlfriend. “Absolutely, dear.” They tenderly pushed under Lena’s chin, tilting her head up. “Why don’t we relax, though? I think some aftercare is in order.”

            “Mmm…” Lena hugged Fleur again. “That sounds so nice. Can we cuddle? I just got a new mattress, and we could turn on some TV and eat ice cream. And… I’d like to change too.”

            “Whatever you’d like, dear.” Fleur helped Lena up, and began leading her back to the space pod. “I love you so much.”

            “I love you too… Fleur.”

            Lena leaned into Fleur, using their muscular body for balance. She couldn’t help but think about how good all of this felt. “Oh, um… one more thing,” Lena piped up again.

            “Yes? What is it?”

            “Next time we do this, um…” Lena smiled again, blushing. “Can you like, tie me up and make it hard to move, but like… by cuddling me?”

            Fleur chuckled – Lena didn’t know if she was being laughed at or laughed with. “Absolutely, dear.”


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