Latex Sentience

Moving Forward

by Skaetlett

Tags: #noncon #bondage #humiliation #latex #scifi #sub:nb #clothing #robots
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    “Olive, make sure you sweep the floors before you go,” Fi, Olive’s strict, no-humor manager, ordered. Olive rolled their eyes, giving an affirmative and sweeping the floor quickly on the chance they could clock out a few minutes early. Their legs were already shaking with anticipation, eager to go home and get in their latex suit for the 5th time that week.

    It had been about a month since they first got the suit. After their initial shock, they stormed onto latex fetish message boards as they tore off the suit. Their post was a thirteen paragraph angry review about their purchase — to which a few veterans and moderators told them was to be expected of that suit in particular. The instructions for the suit were in Polish, hence why Olive had no clue what would happen. The community gave them some tips and tricks, and soon enough Olive took control back. And boy — they *loved* their suit.

    They wore it nearly every day, sometimes twice a day. Every time Olive put it on, they felt like a completely different person. As if they could leave their terrible job behind and live out all their fantasies. Unfortunately, they hadn’t played with anyone in their suit yet, but they miraculously found a latex munch in their city that they started frequenting. So hopefully they’d find a play partner *eventually*. Being a switch, that wouldn’t be too hard, they thought. Unfortunately, even for switches, there was still the whole game of finding a potential partner, spending time connecting, figuring out the compatibility, and getting them home.

    Usually, Olive never found themself getting past the second part.

    “Hey, Olive?” They heard one of their coworkers call out. Olive turned around, grinning, and walked over with the broom to check on their coworker and friend, Kate. Olive was *much* happier to see Kate than Fi.

    “Yeah, what’s up?” Olive asked, ready to get back to work.

    “Can you, um, remind me how to organize these shirts? I’m so sorry—“

    “Yes, of course!” Olive interrupted. “No need to be sorry.” They patted Kate on the back to reassure her. Olive lowered their voice and got down to re-explaining the process.


    Seeing Kate almost took their mind off of how horny they were. Kate joined the team only a few weeks ago, and while she was capable, she was excessively anxious. Olive felt bad for her… but it was kind of cute. Olive sometimes wondered if they had a small crush. Then they realized — Kate would probably have a heart attack if she ever learned about Olive’s latex fetish.


    Eventually, Olive’s wristwatch hit 8pm, which means it was time to dash out of there. They grabbed their belongings, briefly acknowledged they were leaving, and ran out the door to catch the bus. The bus ride couldn’t have felt any slower — mostly because of Olive’s anticipation to get in their suit. Who could blame them? Every time they got in the suit to play with themself, everything felt so much *better*. They felt cleaner and shinier as a person, and that only enhanced the experience.


    They got home — 15 minutes felt like 50 — rushed inside, and threw their suit on. They felt the tentacles sliding up them, their many mantras beginning once again. It was time for pure, sheer bliss.




    Olive really wished they could go to the latex munch in their suit. Considering it was a public place, though, that was probably not the best idea. The munch organizers also didn’t condone it, having kicked out a couple who arrived in their full suits. Olive would have to save that for the latex convention they were planning to go to about half a year later.


    This was their fourth time going to the munch. It got significantly less awkward after the first time, where a bad Daddy Dom hit on them and told them that he was sure he could change their mind about dating guys. Olive panicked, dumped their drink on him, and drove him away — oddly enough, they ended up being *congratulated* for it.


    Olive arrived at the munch, sat down by their improvised friend group, and ordered their usual drink. Light conversation washed over the table, and Olive strangely felt like they had come home.


    The door to the restaurant opened again, and the organizers began welcoming the newcomer and introducing themselves. Olive turned around to see who it was, and nearly spat out their drink. Their jaw dropped on the floor.


    It was Kate.


    Olive couldn’t stop staring as they tried to process why she was here. There was no way she was into kink, and especially not latex kink. But… Olive didn’t necessarily ‘look’ kinky either. There wasn’t a way to look kinky in general. That didn’t curb their confusion in the slightest, though.


    *What should I do?* Olive panicked. *Should I hide, greet her, act natural, or—*


    “Olive?” They clearly didn’t make a decision quickly enough, since Kate immediately noticed them. “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry—“


    “Kate?” Olive asked back, their eyes widening. “I had no idea you were — um, I mean, welcome! G-good to see you here! And no need to apologize, I promise.”


    Olive felt like their mind was running a marathon. Kate wasn’t stupid enough to accidentally come here. If Kate was into latex, then… maybe Olive was right in their maybe-crush? No, Olive shook their head, they still had no idea if Kate had a partner or even if she was into not-guys.


    “I’m really glad you are,” Kate ran up to Olive’s table and sighed in relief. “I was so nervous coming here since I didn’t know anyone here! I feel so much better.”


    “Yeah!” Olive nodded a bit too eagerly. “What… got you into latex? How long have you been into it?”


    “I… think I first found out about it, five years ago.” Kate bashfully replied, scratching her head. “I kinda just stumbled upon it on a website. It… seemed pretty interesting, y’know?”


    “Ah, yeah. Interesting,” Olive awkwardly laughed. “A-anyways, sit down! You’re welcome to sit with me, if you want.”


    Kate took the offer, eagerly sitting down next to Olive. The chairs at the munch were quite plush and comfortable, and the sofa Olive sat on easily fit Kate as well. Olive blushed at the contact in between the outer thighs of their legs. ‘It’s okay… she’s just a friend… there’s nothing going on right now between us,’ Olive tried to reassure themself. But the more she got used to Kate’s body heat on their own, the less they were convinced. After all, there had to be a reason Kate was blushing as hard as they were.


    “So,” Olive swallowed their inner monologue and tried to divert the subject. “You’ve been into this for five years? Have you — um, I hope it’s okay to ask, but have you done anything with latex yet?”


    Kate shook her head. “No, not yet… finding a partner is hard enough, but there’s no way I can afford an actual latex suit. I was going to with my tax return and everything, but y’know, rent and bills and… stuff.”


    Olive choked up a laugh. “You can say that again.” Their thoughts darted to the other week, when they were in the exact same situation. The suit Olive got was quite elaborate — to say the very least — so it was understandable if Kate couldn’t afford anything. Especially since she lived alone. “But, well, maybe if you can’t get an entire catsuit… how about something to start? Like, a shirt, or a dress, or even just some stockings?”


    Crap, Olive thought, Kate *would* look super hot in latex stockings. They could almost feel themself drooling over the mental image.


    “Oh… I don’t know,” Kate looked away bashfully. “Y’know, it’s just that, like… it’s all super expensive, right? And my bills have been really high, and I don’t want to make an impulsive decision.” The way Kate smiled all dopey at Olive made Olive think that there was a chance she was lying, or at least not telling the whole truth. Still, it would have been rude to put their coworker on the spot like that.


   “I get that! I know a few places to look, if you ever change your mind,” Olive winked.


    Kate giggled genuinely. “You’re just so kind to me, Olive. I dunno what I did to deserve it, but thank you!” 


    The munch went on, Kate slowly feeling much more at ease. Olive felt increasingly better about her presence as well. And yet… Olive felt like there was still something Kate wasn’t sharing. They didn’t want to pry of course – but Olive was determined to find out what was going on.




    Olive got home a few weeks later, after they first saw Kate at the Latex munch. Oddly enough, Kate arrived at every munch every week exactly on time. Immediately after she'd show up, she'd rush over to Olive's side, chatting up a storm. Olive didn't mind -- they loved getting to know Kate better. Kate seemed much more confident as time went on, and as she got more comfortable with Olive's presence.


    Olive couldn't help but think something strange, though. Whenever someone would try to talk to Kate, she would just shut down instantly, giving one word responses that were barely above a whisper. Olive couldn't help but wonder why she was so nervous, especially after it seemed like she was breaking out of her shell. It wasn't necessarily Olive's problem, but they did have the burning urge to help their friend.


    They realized something else as they continued talking to Kate -- that she would always drift the topic away from trying on latex outfits. Olive sent her many links for various items, even offering to buy them for Kate; and yet, Kate refused their kindness every time. Olive didn't mind their offer being rejected. They just wanted to know. Perhaps it was... insecurity?


    At one point, Olive remembered that Kate said something: that she wanted to have a full latex catsuit. Maybe that’s what she wanted, instead of the smaller garments. Olive could guess that Kate had insecurity issues, so maybe she didn’t want to show her face. (Olive, of course, repeatedly tried to talk her out of those thoughts – much to no avail.)


            Olive looked through their bank account. They didn’t have a particularly comfortable savings account, but they weren’t really living paycheck to paycheck. They could afford one impulse purchase. Suddenly, an idea popped up. Olive darted over to their computer, whipping it open and going to their old bookmarks. Sure enough, the sketchy website from which they bought their own latex suit was not shut down – and the suit was still in stock. Sure, Olive would have to make sure this time to order the one without pre-programmed orders. That was easy enough, now that she knew what she had to do.


            They checked their phone, and looked back to the website. It wasn’t by any means a cheap purchase, but seeing the look on their friend’s face would make it all worth it.


            At least, they hoped so. Olive clicked the checkout button, sat back in their chair, and gave themself a proud, confident smile.




            The suit arrived much faster than last time, that it was almost unnerving to Olive. It wasn’t a big problem, though. It just meant they could get it to Kate that much quicker. But they couldn’t present her gift to her in the ugly gray packaging. They hastily opened it, grabbed one of their spare gift bags, and stuffed it in with some cute wrapping paper. They even picked Kate’s favorite colors, a sky blue and a deep teal for the wrapping paper.


            Still grinning like an idiot, Olive pulled out their phone and sent a text to Kate. “Hey, do you wanna come over tomorrow after our shift? I got a really fun game I think you’d like!” Olive knew that wasn’t entirely true, but it didn’t really matter. They just knew that Kate was going to be so happy when she’d come over!


            Kate responded with gratitude for the invite, graciously accepting the offer. Olive collapsed on their bed with the same smile. Not only were they going to make Kate super happy with an amazing, versatile catsuit – they were also going on what seemed to be a date! That’s what Olive thought, at least.


            Olive couldn’t sleep – they just tossed and turned thinking about their crush.



            “Hi, Kate! Ready to go?” Olive poked Kate’s attention as they clocked out of work together, reminding her of the arrangement. “I can drive us over whenever you’re ready.”


            “Oh, um!” Kate stood up straight. “Yes, um, yes I’m free right now!” Kate seemed quite nervous, almost making Olive giggle… She was so cute when she was flustered. It was so cute to see her all worked up, not even aware in the slightest of Olive’s gift. They grabbed their bags, briskly walked out to the car, and got Kate into the passenger’s seat. They drove off, eagerly chatting Kate up over the relatively short car ride. Olive had gone on many dates in their life, but they were particularly excited about this one… they couldn’t quite understand why. Maybe it was because they denied their crush towards Kate for so long, and their feelings only intensified once they started regularly seeing her at the latex munches. Olive nearly ran through a red light as they began imagining just how hot Kate would look. She was going to look incredible. They could only think of how shiny and silky and smooth she’d be.

             Olive pulled into the driveway, hopping out and almost dragging Kate into the house. Kate had brought a bag of toiletries and pajamas – it was evening after all, and it’d be a drag to get home after the buses would stop running. Olive preferred it that way, after all. It meant there was a larger chance that Kate would “spend the night” in more ways than one.


            After Kate got settled on the couch, Olive went into their room to grab the gift. They took a brief look inside, making sure everything looked okay. Sure enough the suit was still untouched in delicate wrapping paper. As she brought the gift out, a moment of doubt rushed through Olive’s head. What if Kate would get offended? What if they’d make Kate feel awkward or pressured? It was a little too late for Olive to change their mind, though, and they walked out to present the gift.


            “So, I know you don’t like people getting gifts for you, but… I couldn’t help myself.” Olive pushed the bag into Kate’s nervous, shaking hands. “Go on, open it!”


            “Of course! I wonder what it could…” Kate’s forced smile faded away as she pulled out the latex suit. Her eyes reflected a mixture of wonder, gratitude, and also sorrow and unease. “…huh. Um… Olive… how much did this…”


            “It wasn’t a problem! I had a coupon,” Olive lied. “You said you couldn’t afford one, and I had a bit of money for you, so… ta-dah! Here’s your first latex catsuit!”


            They weren’t going to lie – Kate’s hesitant silence was extremely anxiety-provoking. Olive held their breath while Kate processed the gift. They tried to read her face, and found themself unable to do so.


            “Olive, this is very generous, but… I can’t accept it.”


            Olive bit her lip. “Can I ask why not? Is it your family, or… something else? I didn’t do this because you made me feel like I had to, I just…”


            “N-no, nothing like that! I just…” Kate’s voice turned into a whisper. “I wouldn’t look good in it.”


            Olive blinked. “Huh?” They knew that Kate had confidence issues, but that was not the response they were anticipating.


            “I mean… like, people like you, you look so good in latex! You showed me pictures, and you just looked, well… divine.” Kate’s voice sparkled for a brief second before she shrunk again. “I could never look like that. It would just be embarrassing.”


            Olive deflated along with Kate. They could almost feel Kate’s insecurities rubbing off on them. Olive understood body image issues quite well, and they knew that there was no real talking someone out of them, but – come on, Olive thought in frustration, she would look so good in latex!


            “It’s really generous of you,” Kate smiled a bit as she accepted the suit, looking at it a bit closer. “I just don’t want to ruin it, y’know?”


            “You won’t!” Olive protested. “I promise you won’t! I… I wanted to see you in it,” they admitted quietly. After a moment of silence, Olive sat down next to Kate. They hesitantly put a hand on her knee, blushing as Kate tensed up with a dopey smile. “I wanted to see you in it because, well, I think you’d look incredible! And you do! And I like, I really like you.”


            They clasped a hand over their mouth – they felt like a giddy student after confessing to their crush. Kate blushed equally as hard. After a moment of heavy breathing, Kate put her hand on Olive’s thigh. “I like you too, Olive! I didn’t know you felt the same way. I just… now that we’ve confessed to each other, I don’t want to ruin it by ruining this gift.”


            “You won’t,” Olive repeated. “Because… um…”


            “Because…?” Kate cocked her head.


            Olive never had a Dominant bone in them up until that point, but out of nowhere, it spiked up. They blurted out, “b-because I can order you to!”


“Y-you’re a Domme?” Instantly, Kate looked much more subby.

“I mean, if you want me to do that, I’ve never Dommed anyone before.” Olive tried to backpedal and defend themself. “It’d be new for me, and new for you, so—”

“Um, yes, then!” Kate instantly accepted. “I’ll wear this suit if it makes you happy, then, um…”

Olive quickly thought of a title – once they did, they grinned. “Mxtress  is fine.”

            “O-okay…” Kate stammered. “Okay, Mxtress. I’ll put it on.”

            “Good,” Olive grinned. They made themself watch eagerly, sitting down in a chair and putting up their best Domme face. Surprisingly, it was easier than they thought it would be. “Now, um… why don’t you undress, and put on the latex suit I so kindly bought you?”

            “Y-yes… Mxtress.” Kate bashfully began undressing, showing off every curve and inch of her body. “Is this, um… is it really okay?”

            “Of course,” Olive stated bluntly. “I told you to, so it’s permitted.”

            Kate nodded, her face still showing a hint of embarrassment or shame. Eventually she undressed her entire body, showing it off to Olive. “Um… how do I look?”

            Olive grinned. “Gorgeous. You’re… perfect. And you’ll look a different kind of perfect in the suit. So… why don’t you put it on?”

            “Y-yes, Mxtress.” Kate unfolded the latex, and she slowly began stepping into it. Her eyes widened as she felt the unfamiliar material on her skin. She put it on, inch by inch, and tied it above her head. She twisted around, feeling all the unfamiliar curves and slits against her body. “How… does it look? Does it look alright?”

            “Oh, more than alright. It looks fantastic, just as I imagined!” Olive chuckled, contemplating to themself. ‘Huh, I guess this is what service topping feels like…’

            “Okay… so…” Kate blinked. “N-now what?”

            “Now, um…” Olive didn’t actually know. Oh, actually – they did know. “R-right, let me…” They walked into their room, grabbing their latex suit, and throwing it on as quickly as possible. They walked back out, the hood of the catsuit unzipped, greeting Kate. “Now we’re both in latex. So… what would you like to do?”

            Kate moaned and squirmed. Olive knew that sound from themself – they knew she must have been quite horny. “Would you like me to touch you, um… drone?”

            “Yes!” Kate almost shouted, before clasping her hands over the latex. “Um… I mean, yes, please.”

            Olive chuckled. “Of course.” She gently grabbed the sides of Kate’s body, guiding her back into a seated position. “So, this suit actually has a lot of fun features—” Boy, didn’t Olive know that. “And it has certain… folds… you can undo. Like here!” Olive grabbed Kate’s knees, spreading apart her legs. Kate squealed, more in anticipation than in fear. Olive continued, undoing the fold at the crotch area – and showing Kate’s cute cunt and it’s tiny clit.

            “I… um…”

            “Are you okay?” Olive asked. “Would you like to stop?”

            Kate thought. “No. This is great. I promise.”

            Olive smiled. “Good. Now, then, I’m going to finger you, drone, and I want you to repeat a mantra for me. Does that sound like something you can do?”

            “Y-yes…” Kate breathed in anticipation. “W-what’s the mantra?”

            “The mantra is…” Olive pursed their lips. “’I am a good drone. Good drones obey. Good drones follow their Mxtress.’ How does that sound, drone?”

            “G-good… So, I just repeat it to myself?”

            “Yes.” Olive began gently rubbing Kate’s pussy, causing her to squeak again. “You will say the word ‘red’ if you want to stop, and the word ‘yellow’ if you want to pause. Understood?”

            “U-understood, Mxtress. Um… okay,” Kate inhaled and began repeating. “I am a good drone. Good drones obey. Good drones follow their Mxtress. L-like that?”

            Olive hummed in pleasure as they kept rubbing, a little harder with each sentence. “Yes,” Olive said. “And every time – if you find it meaningful – you repeat the mantra, you feel more and more pleasure. It will build up as much as you want it to, and you will ask me to finish when you are close. Understood?”

            Kate breathed heavily, the pleasure already setting in for her. “Y-y… yes, Mxtress.”

            “Good,” Olive grinned. “Keep going.” As Kate continued repeating the mantra, Olive began rubbing faster, turning more of their attention to her adorable clit. Every time Olive circled it, Kate took a moment to pause the mantra and catch her breath.

            “I am a good drone. Good drones obey. Good drones follow their Mxtress. I am a good drone. Good drones obey. Good drones follow their Mxtress. I am a good drone… g-good drones obey… g-good drones follow their… their Mxtress…” The closer Kate got to an orgasm, the more her words began stutters and gasps. Olive took pride in this, continuing to push Kate closer to the edge.

            “When you’re ready, say, ‘I’m ready, Mxtress. Understood?”

            Kate nodded, her body shaking and convulsing. “I am a good drone. Good drones obey. Good drones follow their Mxtress. I… ah… ah, f-f… am a good drone, I – fuck… good drones obey… good drones…” Kate couldn’t finish, and Olive could tell she was close. “I’m r-ready, Mxtress!”

            “See? Good drones follow their Mxtress.” Olive held out Kate’s orgasm for just a minute, savoring the way she gasped and pleaded. “And your Mxtress wants you to believe you deserve everything I’m giving and telling you. Understood?”

“Y-yes! Yes, Mxtress!”

Olive grinned. “Permission granted, drone.”

Kate finished, the gasps being heard clearly through her latex. Olive couldn’t see her face, but they knew for sure she was enjoying every second of this. She came and came and came, the pleasure rushing through her, needing more. Olive continued pleasuring her through her twitching clit, eliciting Kate to repeat the mantra over and over again. The more she repeated it, the better her orgasm became. Her body slowly fell slack, her body slumping in the chair.

Olive smiled. They stood up, embracing Kate in a tight hug through the latex. “Good drone.”

Olive unzipped the top part of Kate’s latex suit, revealing her relaxed head and face. Kate readjusted, smiling gently at Olive. “Thank you so much, Olive… that was exactly what I needed.”

“Of course.” Olive hugged her tighter. “You follow me. You believe me now… don’t you?”

Kate smiled, and nodded.

“Good… so, what do you want to do for aftercare?”


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