Latex Sentience

Chapter 1

by Skaetlett

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #bondage #humiliation #latex #scifi #sub:nb #clothing #robots
See spoiler tags : #chapter_2_romance

This story contains adult content. Do not read if you are under the age of 18 or share with anyone under the age of 18. This story contains non consensual hypnosis and sex. I do not condone these acts in real life, as these things in reality are highly immoral and illegal. All characters in this story are above the age of 18.

The main character of this story is non-binary, and uses they/them pronouns.

Olive was coming home from a brisk Friday afternoon walk when they saw their mailbox stuffed with envelopes. Their heart skipped a beat as they went over and paged through the papers, looking for something in particular.

“Yes, yes! It’s finally here!” A stream of excited shouts came from Olive’s mouth as they looked through the mail to discover two slim and simple envelopes that had finally arrived. The two envelopes contained checks that had a tax return of a few thousand dollars — just what Olive had needed after finding out their job had withheld so much from their paycheck. At first, Olive was downright pissed about it — not that the mousey, meek non-binary person would have said anything about it other than “okay, cool”. But when Olive filed their return, and saw they were to expect over three thousand dollars back... it was like their soul had taken flight to nirvana.

Of course, they had to put some into savings. But Olive had also curated a nice set of bookmarked links of things they’d impulse buy ‘when the time was right’. Olive, for the most part, did all their shopping at thrift stores and in the discount section at the grocery store. But they had a few websites in mind for places to throw their newfound cash around.

Namely — Olive was resolved to finally buy themself a latex catsuit. As someone who had taken a great interest in latex for the past five or so years when an ex-partner introduced them to it, Olive had only ever found the money to buy a few latex bras and some skirts or pants. They never had the money to get a dress, let alone a body suit. After all, how would they? Olive’s job paid them a measly $8 an hour, barely above minimum wage, and all their money usually went straight to food and bills. It was only once in a blue moon Olive was able to buy garment with the overpriced fabric, and even then it was almost always cheap and low quality latex.

Not today, Olive thought with a smirk. Rushing back to their eight year old MacBook, Olive immediately went to their favorite website for browsing cool latex outfits. Land of Latex, it was called, being one of the most high-end latex websites. The cheapest item on the website, a pair of simple black latex socks, was fifty five dollars. The most expensive item, on the other hand, was a fluffy and oversized latex wedding dress — totaling in at about forty thousand dollars.

Obviously, Olive wasn’t getting married (they worked far too much to focus on relationships), so they didn’t need a five figure latex dress. All they needed was a simple catsuit, to hop into after a rough day and feel the tightness around their skin. Kind of like a warm, tight hug, just like all around their body and all at once.

Olive clicked to the page with the catsuit they wanted. It was a black full body catsuit that zipped up in the back, and had space for fingers and toes. But what was most fascinating about it is that it came with a built-in hypnosis helmet that people could program however they wanted. They could put whatever files they wanted in it, or whatever spiral GIFs. Olive had never actually tried hypnosis up until then — or rather, when they had tried it, it was with random files they found on the internet. Regardless, it was bound to be a fascinating experience.

They looked at the price. Four hundred and thirty dollars. Olive checked their mobile bank account just in case... it seemed to be okay. They had been going back and forth on buying it for the last six months; obviously it was okay now that they got two massive checks, right?

Holding their breath, Olive clicked the check out button. They went on to put in their payment information and shipping address. The cursor hovered over the finalize payment button for a few minutes; did Olive really want to do this? Of course the answer was yes. Was it really a good idea? Olive wasn’t quite as sure about that. It was vital to save as much money as they possibly could.. but one impulse purchase couldn’t hurt, right?

They closed their eyes and held their breath as they clicked. In a few moments, the payment was processed. Opening their eyes and sighing in relief, Olive’s mind began to get flooded with “Was this really the right decision?”

Olive supposed they’d have to see and find out for themself, in a week’s time.

* * *

The shipment arrived pretty quickly. It was another cool Friday evening when Olive returned home from a run to see their mailbox overstuffed. Pulling out the mail, a gleeful, toothy smile crawled across their face as she saw the parcel from Land of Latex. Olive almost didn’t care about any of the other pieces of mail they got as they ran inside to tear the package open.

It was... much smaller than they anticipated. Then again, latex materials could stretch pretty well, so Olive wasn’t necessarily worried about being able to slip it on. There was indeed a built in helmet — feeling around it, Olive could clearly feel the glass visor that would be playing the spirals and the headphones built into the latex to play the files. The garment was still mostly made of latex. Olive just hoped deep in their heart that it’d be as comfortable as it looked in the pictures online.

Throwing the rest of the mail up on the kitchen table, Olive dragged the outfit into their room. They laid it out on their bed as they took off their clothes, throwing their pretty white dress and lingerie to the side. The dim sunlight seeped through the windowsill, highlighting the black latex so gorgeously. Olive had only a few latex garments, but none of them sparkled or shined as brilliantly as this piece. It was so enticing. So tantalizing with the promise of embrace, comfort, slickness. Olive couldn’t help but stare just a bit longer... just a bit longer as they stood motionless, staring.

Olive snapped out of it. They certainly didn’t drop nearly five hundred dollars just to stare at a piece of fabric. They unzipped it and began sliding the built in helmet over their head. Despite how rigid the glass and headphones were, they were surprisingly comfortable and could be adjusted a bit. What was a nice surprise was that the headphones were actually noise cancelling, emitting soft white noise through them. The visor played no spiral just yet, and for a moment Olive wondered just how to program it; after all, there was no instruction manual or anything to the sort.

As Olive continued to slide the sleek fabric over themself, they found themself feeling much, much more comfortable and much more snug in the outfit than any other garment they’d ever been in — latex or not. It was a bit snug, especially around Olive’s slightly chubby stomach and her upper arms. But it was snug in... a nice, comforting way. It wasn’t uncomfortable in the slightest. And it felt so, so smooth and slick. The only real complaint Olive might have had was that it was a little hard to move in, rendering their body slightly inflexible. But... that wasn’t a bad thing.

As Olive finished stepping in and zipping the suit up to the tip of their head, they laid down on their bed in their empty apartment. Soaking in the feeling, Olive took a deep inhale of the latex enclosed air. They never could imagine just how good it’d feel to breathe in latex, to see only latex, to feel nothing but latex around them. It was quite the intoxicating feeling.

Suddenly, Olive found themself fairly turned on after a few more whiffs of the latex fabric. This wasn’t entirely surprising, considering how utterly horny Olive would get even when putting on the smallest latex garment they owned. It wasn’t a shock that they’d get turned on by being engulfed by latex. Maybe some touching was okay...

As Olive began feeling their bare cunt through the thick latex, they let out a loud moan. Clenching their teeth, they got closer and closer, feeling themself get more wet through the latex. The most Olive jacked off, the worse the feeling of the latex felt. It was a nuisance, an obstacle to their pleasure to the point they couldn’t really even feel their clit. It was probably okay to take it off for a bit just to work off that extra stress, right?

However, Olive’s arousal faded and was replaced with confusion as they tried to locate the zipper of the latex. Suddenly, it was nowhere to be found. Panicked, Olive’s hands shot all around their body as they tried to rip open the latex. Where did it go? How did the zipper just up and disappear for no reason? It was like it just vanished into thin air... how...?

Suddenly, as Olive’s mind raced with questions, they jumped as the glass screen in front of their eyes began to play an image. A simple black and white spiral, moving inwards and dragging Olive’s consciousness in. As Olive’s mind began to race with questions, a voice began playing through the headphones. A hypnotic, soothing voice straight into Olive’s ears.

“Relax,” the voice said. “Let all your inhibitions go away as you feel your body relax...”

“Stop,” Olive spoke as if the voice could hear them. “How do I stop this? Stop!”

“Just watch the spiral, feel your consciousness sinking into it.” The voice did not stop, continuing with it’s relaxing induction. Olive continued to try to fight back in any way they could. Their arms shot across their body, looking for the zipper once again; how in the world did it disappear just like that?

Questions raced through their mind as they tried to figure out what else they could do. Maybe breaking the glass would stop the spiral? And crushing the headphones would probably stop the file too. Okay, Olive wasn’t entirely thrilled at the idea at breaking her first latex cat suit — especially one as fancy and expensive as the one they got — but it was their last hope.

Olive began punching at the glass, trying to break it as they shut their eyes in preparation for the impact. Unfortunately, no matter how hard Olive’s fists connected with the screen, it seemed vastly indestructible. Same went with the headphones; in fact, hitting the headphones just made the file play louder, making it much harder to ignore.

Damn it! Olive was definitely into hypnosis, but not like this! As much as they thrashed around, trying to get off the suit, trying to break the pieces... it didn’t work, and Olive was only hurting themself.

They had to get some scissors to cut it open; that’d work too, right? There were some in the other room, Olive realized as the file continued to play.

But something struck Olive as they were about to stand up — their body was much, much more constricted in the latex. Was it always this small? No, Olive remembered; it was much more malleable and comfortable when they first put it on. It was... shrinking? The more Olive focused on the sensation, the more they realized that it wasn’t necessarily shrinking... rather, it was attaching itself to Olive’s skin, holding Olive down in place.

This thing wasn’t fucking sentient, was it? Olive panicked, immobilized by the latex and having no choice but to listen to the audio and watch the spiral. Even while closing their eyes, they could still see the spiral play.

“It’s becoming so relaxing, isn’t it? The feeling of not moving. The feeling of being encased, tight, grabbed in the tight embrace of latex... it’s all you ever wanted, isn’t it? Just to be like this. To be one with the latex...”

“No... no, I don’t want this, I—“ Olive knew that speaking back to the voice wasn’t going to do anything, but they tried anyways. After they opened their mouth, though, something much, much weirder happened; some latex began going down their mouth, slightly into their throat. Olive gagged and choked as they wondered what the hell was going on; it took them a while to realize that the suit had somehow grown tentacles. One went down their throat, and another one entered their mouth by shoving aside the other one.

Now Olive couldn’t move, they couldn’t speak other than muffled cries and gags, and as another tentacle wrapped around their neck to slightly choke them, it was hard to breathe too. Luckily, that tentacle choked them intermittently, so they were able to occasionally catch their breath.

The file continued to play, and soon enough the tentacle around their neck let go; unfortunately, the other two tentacles were still down their throat, stopping them from talking.

“Just breathe... in... and out... just take a few deep breaths as I walk your mind down the mental staircase into trance. In, and out... in, and out... that’s it, that’s exactly right...”

Olive couldn’t help but do as told, breathing through their nose as the tentacles began thrusting in and out. They could feel their eyes welling up, in disbelief that this was happening. They couldn’t even struggle as another tentacle emerged from inside the latex and began fondling with their breasts, playing with their perky nipples and grinding against their tits greedily.

As if that wasn’t humiliating enough, another tentacle emerged from the crotch area, fondling and finding its way up Olive’s cunt. Olive couldn’t believe themself — they were ashamed at how dripping wet they were. They couldn’t have been aroused by this — that was utterly ridiculous! This was... awful, degrading; there was no way Olive could find pleasure in this, right?

“I’m sure you realize by now... that this is where you should be. Trapped in latex, right where you belong. It loves you... you know that, right? And you also know that deep down... you love this. You wanted this all along; to be a latex slave, to be nothing but a vessel for us. Give us a nod if you agree...”

Olive nodded. Wait — no, that was wrong! Why did they nod? They didn’t like this at all. They thought that, but they were beginning to doubt themself judging by how much they moaned and groaned from the tentacle thrusting deep inside of them, hitting all the right areas. The hypnotic voice was right — the latex felt so slick and nice on their skin... and if Olive was being honest with themself — it felt so heavenly, having it thrust inside their holes. They could feel their cunt twitch, and even more so as yet another tentacle slid onto their clitoris and began rubbing it. The tentacle started softly, and yet it was enough to drive Olive closer to the edge.

The sentient latex wasn’t going to let them finish that easily, though; as soon as it became aware of Olive getting closer to orgasm, it either slowed down or stopped all together. Going back and forth in speed and intensity, going and stopping, the tentacle continued to edge Olive closer and closer each time.

Olive could barely function; their brain was going into overdrive. And that made them so much more suggestible to the file’s soothing voice, to its suggestions.

“Say the mantra, ‘I am a latex thrall’,” the voice ordered.

Olive muffled out the mantra, but they were sure enough repeating it in their head. As much as they tried to tell themself to stop, to keep trying to get the suit off of them, their body was set on the pleasure of the thrusting and edging and rubbing and sucking. And their mind was so malleable, so suggestible, so willing to hear whatever this mysterious voice was trying to tell them.

“Just relax... keep breathing, keep letting yourself get edged... don’t worry about cumming, you’re only allowed to do that once you fully submit yourself to us. Once you become one with us.”

“Mmmmf...” Olive still had some resistance left, as much as the urge to orgasm was taking them over slowly but surely. ‘N-no...’

“You don’t want to resist. The sooner you give in, the sooner you will truly be free... you do know that true freedom is submission. True freedom is submission. True freedom is submission...”

Olive nodded. Then shook their head. But their resistance was weaning off — their body was turning to jelly just from being edged so much. Olive had lost count of how many times they were edged — it must have been at least a dozen times, probably twice that.

“True freedom is submission. Accept this. Become a latex thrall. That is your true purpose. Serve us. Serve us. Serve us.”

Olive wanted to refuse. They desperately wanted this to end; but deep down, they wanted to obey. Their mind was far too gone. And the tentacle rubbing against their clit only got faster and more needy. It was clearly not going to stop, and Olive’s last shred of determination was the only thing keeping them from cumming. It was the last thing stopping them from surrendering their identity and themself to the latex.

“Obey. Serve. Cum. Cum. Cum. I order you to cum.”

That last sentence was the last thing Olive needed — to obey. And with that, they finished, giving the most intense and vibrant orgasm they had ever had in their life. Olive felt as if it was never going to end. They rode out their orgasm, and as they noticed the sensations fading, they also noticed their mind shutting down. Their consciousness was beginning to fade — their free will was beginning to fade. Memories of Olive’s past began to disappear, and all they could remember, all they could think about... was being a truly obedient latex thrall. Just like they were meant to be.

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