Bouquet Bound One Shots

Gaming Night

by Skaetlett

Tags: #consensual_kink #D/s #dom:female #f/nb #bimbofication #bondage #exhibitionism #humiliation #hurt/comfort #public_play #sub:nb

Just some dumb thing I wrote like two years ago after something a former partner said to me.

While sex was always nice for both Lily and Magnolia, the aftercare was also enjoyable. Usually the two would spend the evening together, making dinner together, taking a shower together, or just simply spending calm time in each other’s presence. Lily always took time to come down from the rush, and Magnolia always made sure Lily was okay by the end. She didn’t have to, Lily knew that, but they also knew that Magnolia genuinely wanted to at this point.

After one night’s scene, their Mistress decided that Lily was going to make dinner for the two of them. Magnolia helped out occasionally, but she didn’t do much - after all, she knew that Lily enjoyed serving her and doing most of the hard work for her.

Once everything was set in the oven, the two had some down time as they waited for the food to finish cooking.

“How are you feeling, plaything?” Magnolia asked, after taking another long sip of her tea.

“I’m okay,” Lily said, their head still spinning from the action.

“Well, we have some down time, don’t we? Why don’t you find something to occupy your time with, I’ll just be here getting some late night work done.”

Magnolia sat down at the table, opening her tablet and scrolling through it. Lily looked at her, disappointed that she wasn’t joining them for this time. They went over to the Switch, and pulled out the controllers from it. Turning it on, they scrolled over to the newest game, Yoshi’s Crafted World.

Interested by whatever Lily was doing, Magnolia looked up and spoke. “I have a secretary who’s quite the gamer, and he told me about this game, you know.”

Lily turned to her as the game loaded. “Really? What did he say?”

They regretted asking that when Magnolia responded with, “I’ve heard that, much like myself, the dinosaur also does not like paying taxes.”

Lily tried to suppress a frustrated groan. They really did. But a defeated part of it escaped through their teeth.

Magnolia’s face dropped when she heard this, and Lily felt a sense of instant regret. “Was something wrong with what I said?” her voice was darker, intending to drag Lily back to the bedroom if they were that disobedient.

“No, Mistress,” Lily forced themself to say. “I just… I hate that meme.”

“Why, plaything?” Now Magnolia's voice was more amused, clearly having fun poking Lily’s buttons.

Lily tried to think of the right words that would offend their Mistress the least. “It’s just, it makes no sense. It’s so random. Yoshi doesn’t need to pay taxes. He’s a dinosaur. There aren’t even any taxes in the series,” Lily explained, the annoyance in their voice showing more and more as they went on. Luckily, Magnolia seemed to enjoy their useless, pathetic rant.

“I find it funny and relatable. No one enjoys paying taxes, and I of course have to pay more because I’m so rich,” she responded, now paying full attention to Lily and the TV screen. “But you say there are no taxes in this game? I am interested.” 

Lily was only paying half attention, annoyed that Magnolia was still insistent on aggravating them. 

“Show me how to play. I want to play.”

Now Lily was surprised rather than annoyed. Magnolia had never expressed interest in playing with them (well, she had once expressed interest for them to teach her Pokken - but she gave up on it fairly early on), and Lily wasn’t sure where to even start.

“Um… okay, Mistress,” Lily shrugged, remembering they didn’t have a choice to say no. They arranged the settings so that they could both play, and handed one of the controllers to Magnolia. They took a moment to explain the controls and the (very simple) plot, and started a level as soon as she gave the okay to jump right in.

“So, I can simply ride on you through the entire level and not have to do anything?” Magnolia asked.

“I… I suppose you could. But then you’d have to aim the eggs and whatnot.”

“Then I will ride on you until I feel like disembarking or when you have to use an attack. I take it that’s acceptable?”

Lily thought to themself, ‘then what’s the point of playing two player?’ and then just affirmed that was okay. They went through the level at first, the two coordinating when Magnolia would get off of them and when they’d attack.  Lily kept explaining the game - mainly the mechanics and the characters - until their Mistress spoke up again.

“So tell me, where is the stage where I can evade taxes?” she asked, and Lily sighed in response.

“I don’t think there is a stage where you evade taxes, Mistress,” they explained.

“That’s preposterous,” she scoffed, putting the controller down - not that it mattered, considering she wasn’t doing much. “Why would you enjoy evading taxes if you’re not going to show yourself doing it?”

“Mistress, I can fully promise you that if Yoshi existed and could pay taxes like a law-abiding citizen, he would,” Lily said, a bit humored at this point.

“I disagree,” she scoffed. “This cute dinosaur animal thing would never pay taxes. Maybe if he did exist, I would hire him for my company.”

Lily hummed, neither in agreement or disagreement - simply acknowledging that Magnolia said something.

“But if I did, then he wouldn’t go through Human Resources, now would he?”

“I suppose not.”

“I would have to make a new section of my company, called… Dinosaur Resources,” she smirked, giving herself a chuckle at her own joke.

“Given that dinosaurs are extinct, and Yoshi does not exist, I would imagine that… would not be very useful.”

Lily was surprised when Magnolia paused the game, and stood up next to them. They briefly wondered if they went too far, and were affirmed of that when their Mistress grabbed them and turned them to her.

“You’re being very disrespectful,” she growled, her demeanor completely changing. “I know we’re having a good time, but I’m still your Mistress. And everything I say is true. I don’t want to have to punish you for going against me. Is that understood, plaything?”

They immediately went back into jelly. “Yes, Mistress,” they stuttered out, their mind being taken for a whirl at the sudden change.

“Then admit that Yoshi would evade taxes.”

“O-okay. If Yoshi existed, he would…” Lily took a pause, hating that they were saying this and honestly being bewildered by the situation. “Then he would evade taxes, and would be a good fit for your company.”

“Good,” Magnolia smiled, and her demeanor changed back to normal. “You’re not even smart enough to know how to run a business even a fraction like mine.”

“I know, Mistress,” they gave a shy smile. They couldn’t lie and say they didn’t enjoy getting degraded, still.

Magnolia snapped her fingers. “Now let’s finish this level, and then you’ll show me where the stage where you evade taxes is. Understood?”

Lily wasn’t able to retaliate or fight back anymore, and just responded with a “yes, Mistress” before the two finished the level together.

This is really old so sorry for the quality difference! Just still kinda proud of it.


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