Bouquet Bound One Shots

Permission Granted

by Skaetlett

Tags: #consensual_kink #D/s #dom:female #f/nb #bimbofication #bondage #exhibitionism #humiliation #hurt/comfort #public_play #sub:nb

Lily gets to decide everything they do for one day, as a 5 year anniversary present.

Lily woke up on a certain morning, having slept peacefully; they’d had quite a few nightmares over the past few days, so the good rest was well welcomed and appreciated. Sleeping next to Magnolia always helped, and the two were essentially sleeping together every day for quite a while now.

How long had it been? Lily figured they’d have to do some calculations once they got out of bed and to a calendar. Upon seeing the light pouring into the room through the blinds, they noticed something else— Magnolia wasn’t in bed or in the room with them. Maybe she’d woken up earlier to get work done. She could occasionally be a workaholic, Lily knew that. It wasn’t like it was a long walk to get to the other room or whatnot. In fact, it was only a few steps.

With a soft yawn like a delicate flower, Lily opened the door to find Magnolia — and also, a small round cake with a candle at top. They hadn’t completely registered it yet, but once they did, their eyes widened.

“Good morning, Mistress,” they started as always, as expected; “but... what’s all this?”

“A cake, of course,” Magnolia responded as if it were obvious (and to be fair, it was.) “To celebrate.”

“Oh! Um... I wasn’t expecting to have cake for breakfast?” Lily gave a dopey grin. When their stupid statement fell flat, they continued talking. “What are we... celebrating?”

“You should check a calendar more often,” Magnolia cooed, going up to them and putting her hands on their cheeks. “Five years, plaything.”

“Five... years?” Lily blinked again, tilting their head upwards to process. “Five years of— oh! When... we first met, right?”

“Correct! Five years ago, I bought you at an auction.” She ran her hands down their face as Lily gave another smile, not feeling weird in the slightest about the whole thing anymore. “It stands today that it was the best $300,000 I’ve ever spent.”

They giggled just a tad. Even hearing that number was music to their ears. Being owned was really the best feeling, sometimes. “I love you, Mistress.”

“I love you too, Lily. So, I’ve decided to do something for you as a gift.”

Lily cocked their head.

“For the entirety of today... you get to decide what we do.”

“I... I do?”

“Yes,” Magnolia responded, “all of it. Everywhere we go, and what we do. It’s your decision, just for today.”

Magnolia swirled around a bewildered Lily and embraced them in her strong, yet slender arms. Lily pondered to themself as their Mistress swayed them lightly.

“You’ve been so good to me these past five years,” their Mistress whispered into their ears as she rubbed their shoulders. Lily leaned into the touch, feeling content and entranced by the gentle movements of her fingers as they sank into their Mistress. “We may have had a rough time in the beginning, but I’m glad you are where you are now.”

“I... thank you, Mistress,” Lily responded in a hushed tone, seemingly going under into trance just by the smoothness of her motions. “I’m... sorry about all the trouble I caused you.”

Magnolia stopped swaying them around, breaking them out of their trance as she whipped them around and stared into their eyes. Trying not to be too mean to them on this special day, she tried to keep her voice leveled as she spoke. “Retract that apology. You have nothing to apologize for.”

“Um... okay. I’m not sorry,” Lily responded with a dopey grin.

“That’s better,” Magnolia grinned. “I don’t want you being stupid and apologizing for nothing on our special day. Understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.” Lily nodded fervently, not wanting to break Magnolia’s more than decent mood. “I won’t... I won’t apologize to you today? For things I don’t need to? Um—“

“Lily. You’re fine.” Magnolia interrupted them impatiently. “So, you have the whole day to decide what we do. I trust you won’t disappoint me. What are your thoughts?”


“If you have any, that is,” Magnolia added teasingly.

“I-I do!” Lily protested, feeling a bit more of the power they now had sinking in. “Um... well, there’s something that I haven’t really gotten to do since I was a kid that... I’ve always wanted to do since.”

They knew what they were about to say, but they hesitated when they saw Magnolia’s face drop. They knew Magnolia would be far too refined for what they were about to suggest — but they had the power to do ‘anything’ today, so why wouldn’t they?

“Well...” Lily started, trying to get a good read on Magnolia’s face. “How about... going to a water park?”

“A water park?” Magnolia echoed, and Lily could already see the ‘oh god please no’ in Magnolia’s eyes no matter how well she hid it.

“Yeah! Like, we can go on slides, or go in the wave pool, or the lazy river...” Lily’s face already went blush red, happily thinking about all their happy memories as a kid going to such places and doing such things.

Magnolia instantly snapped them out of their thoughts when she quipped, “Lily, it’s the beginning of December.”

“I-I know!” Lily spoke back up. “But... there are indoor ones! Like, at resorts. There’s one I know — uh, it’s a little far away, but we can probably make it — and the water is always so warm, and it looks so tropical... I went there once and it was so nice, so... can we please?”

Lily wanted to add ‘pretty, pretty please’ at the end of their request, but they feared they would just get laughed at for that. They stood stupidly, waiting for Magnolia to either accept their request or backpedal and call the deal off.

“Very well,” Magnolia sighed, and Lily’s heart filled with childlike glee. “We will go relive your childhood and go to your water park as... a late 20 year old nonbinary person, and a woman nearing her 40s.”

“Yay!” Lily cheered, not able to help the wide grin that spread across their face.

“I’ll call the cab,” Magnolia offered, standing up and trying to hide the pain on her face. “Go have some of the cake, and then grab our bathing suits and towels.”


The cab ride was long, as expected by the both of them; while the resort wasn’t in another state, it was at least 75 miles away, so the drive was long and exhausting. Luckily, the cab had one of those car DVD players with a lot of options, so Lily and Magnolia agreed to binge crappy B-movies until they got to the resort.

Magnolia had thought to call, just to make sure they were open (“It is the middle of winter, after all”), and a very bored representative said they were open but understandably had very few people come by. The tickets were surprisingly still astronomical considering the time of year, but it wasn’t much of a problem for Magnolia. $150 per ticket was considerable less than the $300,000 she’d placed on Lily in the first place.

Lily snuggled up to Magnolia, watching whatever bad movie came on next — which was some bland romance featuring probably the most boring heterosexual people that had ever existed. Of course, Magnolia consistently made quips about how stupid all men acted, and then mentioned that she would treat the woman much better if she didn’t have Lily in her life. Lily just kept watching — anything remotely engaging entertained them, at the very least. That, and they almost felt bad for the guy with how much Magnolia insulted him.

They eventually made it to the resort, the bill for the cab being so sky-high that Lily decided to stop looking after it reached two zeros. Magnolia of course paid without even batting an eye, before grabbing her bag and stepping out with Lily. The two already had their bathing suits on and were covered up with fancy floral cover-ups Magnolia had gotten for them a few Summers ago. Going into the line to pay for the tickets, Lily noted a lot of the folks around them; surprisingly, there weren’t many young kids, and most folks looked like they were able to pay for the tickets comfortably.

They weren’t able to see the rides from the entrance, but once Magnolia paid and they got in, Lily was astounded and taken aback by how cool and fancy and big everything was. It was almost as big, if not as big, as any outdoor park, with high ceilings for the tall slides and a massive wave pool.

Of course, being the needy sensory-loving NB that Lily was, they immediately suggested the lazy river after putting their stuff in the lockers. Magnolia agreed, acknowledging both that she gave Lily the power to choose everything, and that she wasn’t a big fan of water.

“It ruins my hair. And my makeup. And my nails...”

Magnolia continued to complain, despite noticing that Lily was too distracted by how excited they were at being at the water park. They stood in line for the lazy river, hopping on in as soon as they were given a double tube. Lily almost pounced in like a cat who loved water, while Magnolia hesitantly stepped in and looked dizzy just from the sensation of floating on water. Immediately, the worker whisked them off into the river.

“So,” Magnolia started. “You used to go to these ‘all the time’ as a kid.”

“Oh yeah. These were my favorite places,” Lily said with a grin. “I’d always ask to go back, every Summer... I’d ride all of the slides and just chill in the water for hours, and then we’d go grab ice cream, and... it was a very nice time.” 

Lily found themself almost drooling from reminiscing those happy memories.

“I thought your family was terrible,” Magnolia commented. “If I recall correctly, you had — or have — post traumatic stress disorder from what happened?”

“Oh. Yeah, that.” Lily bit their lip, their cheery mood suddenly disappearing. “My mom was sometimes... nicer than usual. I’d usually just go with her.” They shrugged, hoping that Magnolia would drop the subject. Thankfully, she seemed to.

Their eyes bolting around, Lily saw a slide in the distance — probably one of the bigger slides in the park, with wide twists and deep turns and plunges into the pool — and immediately they were enchanted by it.

“What are you staring at?” Magnolia asked, her eyes going in the same direction and widening as she winced. “That? That looks horrifying.”

“It looks fun,” Lily teasingly corrected, going off on the power they now had just for this one day.

“No. It looks terrifying. I can’t believe anyone would want to go on something like that. Especially someone as, well, meek as yourself,” she scoffed, crossing her arms and looking at anything else.

Lily put a finger up to their chin, pondering. “Would you feel better if you... went on it with me?”

“I would feel better if I were dead,” Magnolia snapped back.

A wide, silly grin crossed Lily’s face, and Magnolia instantly knew what they were thinking. “What? You’re not considering making me go on that, are you?” The horror was ever so present in her voice as they got closer to the slide through the river — the two could see that it was actually two slides, so that they could race each other.

“Well... you did give me permission to make every decision today...”

“Yes, and I can take it away just as easily. I am still your Mistress, after all.”

Lily’s expression changed into a pout.

“What? Don’t look at me like that. Look — there are probably many other rides we can go on that don’t involve fearing death.”

“Yes...” Lily thought, fumbling over the tubes to get close to Magnolia. “And... if you get to the bottom of the slide first, we’ll only do those. But if I finish first... then we do all the fun, scary rides,” they suggested with an even wider grin.

“...No.” Magnolia immediately rejected them. “You can’t make me do that.”

“Come on,” Lily protested. “You might enjoy it! You never get a day off, Mistress. Please? Pretty please?”

“‘Pretty please?’ Begging like quite the ditz here, are we?” Magnolia sighed as she rolled her eyes back in her head.

“You never back down from a challenge,” Lily noted.

“Excuse me? Are you disrespecting me?”

Lily knew they were playing with fire, but they wanted to go on the slide — specifically, with Magnolia. They wanted to see how she’d react, they wanted to watch her cling to the tube in fright. They were willing to risk any sort of punishment.

“You said I could choose anything. I want to go on the slide with you,” Lily affirmed.

Magnolia stared at them, the frustration clear as day in her eyes. Lily was right — she was never the kind of person to back down from a challenge, and she did give Lily permission to decide everything they would do together that day. She could only have so much power over them, today. Lily knew she was going to get back at them later — but for today, Lily wanted to have fun.

“Fine. We will go on the terrifying death ride,” Magnolia relented. “But I’m certain you’re not going to stand a chance against me.”

Lily grinned, and as they got out of the lazy river and moved towards the ‘terrifying death ride’, Lily gave wise advise to their Mistress.

“You know, if you’re really scared of the scary parts, then if you just scream the whole time, you won’t get caught off guard.”


Magnolia wasn’t even close to being at the front of the line, but the line was moving quickly; and the move they moved towards the top of the slide, the more she shivered in place and tried to resist the urge to cling to Lily in fear. Lily was cognizant of this, and tried to withhold their laughter and teasing towards Magnolia for being so scared. How was someone much more powerful than them in many ways so scared of a simple amusement park ride?

“Mistress, it’s really not so bad,” Lily tried to reassure her, using her title quietly so as not to draw attention to the two of them. “It’s like, thirty to sixty seconds of thrill and then you’re at the bottom. It all happens really quickly.”

“Yes, thirty to sixty seconds where I fear for my life and think I’m about to die,” Magnolia echoed with venom dripping from her voice. “I’m still unsure how you of all people can enjoy such rides. Aren’t you too stupid to know that you’re not going to actually die?”

Lily tilted their head. They couldn’t tell if Magnolia was insulting them, or subtly insulting herself. Magnolia sighed as they continued climbing the staircase towards the top — once they reached the very top, Magnolia looked down and nearly got sick just from the height.

They felt something warm around them as Magnolia embraced them. She was definitely shaking from fear. It was honestly kind of cute to see, in Lily’s eyes. Figuring out that there were no tubes didn’t help Magnolia’s nerves at all, and Magnolia tried to think of any excuse to drop some cash into the worker’s hands and use one anyways. (Until Lily pointed out that that would make the ride that much more rocky; Magnolia backed off after that.)

“You’ll be fine,” Lily reassured. “I promise you.”

Somehow, that seemed to calm Magnolia down, and after a few more seconds of hugging Lily, she let go.

“Just try to have fun and win so you won’t have to go on anymore scary rides,” Lily added, and suddenly Magnolia was pent up again. This time with irritation.

Lily got on the slide, waiting for the worker to let go of them and let them ride down. Magnolia looked anxiously at Lily for them to call it off. Unfortunately for her, they did not, and off they went down the hell slide at about the same time.

Immediately, Magnolia felt all the twists and turns of the slide, and she could hear Lily also screaming as well. Her nails dug into Lily’s skin with how much she was clinging to them, just as hard as she dug into their skin the previous night, and her screams were relentless. She could swear her heart stopped at least three times on the ride — judging by how quickly she was going, she must be able to beat Lily, right? At least, she hoped so — with how much she thought she was going to pass out, she prayed in her heart that she wouldn’t have to do this again. Those thirty to sixty seconds seemed like it’d never end.

Luckily for Magnolia, the ride eventually did come to a close, as her heart pounded and raced from the thrill. She must have blacked out for a few seconds. For the first time in a long time, she thanked whatever higher power existed that she was still alive.

She paused. Lily wasn’t in the pool at the end of the slide. Does that mean... she won! She absolutely won! She didn’t have to go on any more hell rides again, no more thrills, just cozying up in the lazy river and watching Lily groan about not being able to have more fun.

Of course she won, though. She was far more powerful than them. She was—

“Hi Mistress,” Lily popped up from behind a nearby tree as soon as Magnolia got comfortable with the idea of having won the bet. A slick, sly smile was on their face as Magnolia began to realize that they actually won the bet.

“You— wait, how— when—“ Magnolia stammered as she tried to process.

“Heavier people tend to finish first on slides,” they commented with a grin.

Magnolia was still bewildered. She really lost? To Lily, of all idiots in the world?

She realized something — they almost certainly knew. There was no way they would make a bet with their Mistress where they knew they would lose.

“You knew this was going to happen, didn’t you?” She asked, exasperated and deadpanned. “You knew all this time?”

Lily nodded gleefully.

Magnolia couldn’t believe that she of all people was just played by Lily, of all people. Her property. They played her for a fool! They must have had the advantage, having more experience being at places such as this one...

“So,” Lily giggled as they looked at the weary Magnolia. “A bet’s a bet. Which one do you want to ride first? The plunge, or the toxic whirlpool?”

Kill me now, Magnolia internally thought.


Five minutes was all the reprieve Magnolia got before the two were standing in line for the next intense ride Lily chose. Magnolia was of course indecisive between the ride where they’d go in three fast-spinning circles versus the ride where they just fall to their demises, so Lily of course chose the former. (“It makes me feel really alive, y’know?” “No, I don’t know and I would rather spend my entire life not knowing.”)

Magnolia was shivering once again, and Lily once again was trying to stifle their laughter. “Be quiet,” Magnolia quipped, even though Lily didn’t actually say anything.

“Do you mind if I say something... erm... snarky?” Lily asked with a dopey smile.

Magnolia paused — she wanted to deny them this, but it was honestly cute to see how much fun they were having. “What?”

“You...” Lily struggled to say what was on their mind. “You look so adorable like that.”

“What, you mean fearing my inevitable death?”

“You’re not gonna die!” Lily protested, and then quietly added, “but yes.”

Magnolia sighed, honestly believing that giving Lily this much power was a drastic mistake in and of itself. And yet, she could not backpedal, not when Lily was having this much fun.

And if she was being honest with herself, she was quite excited too. She was scared out of her wits, but Magnolia was genuinely excited to see what this ride had in store. Of course, she wasn’t entirely willing to admit that, but Lily could see her try to suppress the curling smile on her face.

As they got up the stairs and eventually rode down the slide, Lily could see Magnolia’s previously horrified face be replaced with an ecstatic, thrill-filled smile, and Lily felt their heart melt even as they felt their heart sink in their chest multiple times as they went round and round and round. Magnolia still clung to Lily (thus digging her claws into them, not like Lily minded) but she was clearly having much more fun as they plunged down at top speed.

They crashed into the pool, and Magnolia’s laugh was filled with almost childlike glee; same with Lily’s boisterous laughter of course. The two were still clinging to each other, their hearts still pounding. As they rode out the waves, they stumbled up to dry land.

“So,” Magnolia started with a grin. “Let’s do that again.”


Lily and Magnolia stood in line once again. The two essentially rode almost every ride above a thrill level of 3 (there were 6 levels, with one last one they were in line for being the only 6). Magnolia was much more comfortable with the rides by the time they were in line for the biggest, scariest ride, in fact having to convince Lily to go for it.

This was the one time Lily seemed scared. Frightened, even. Now Lily was the one shivering and Magnolia was the one walking up the stairs confidently. It was the first time in a while Magnolia had seen Lily so scared.

“What’s wrong, plaything?” Magnolia teased a now blushing red Lily. “I thought you wanted to go on all the scary rides?”

“Y-yeah... every ride except... this one,” Lily confessed. “I, uh... I’m really scared...”

“Isn’t that the point? Look at how the tables have turned — look what you got yourself into...” Magnolia grabbed at their sides from behind them, rocking them back and forth a little and only serving to make them even more nauseous. “Imagine how much I’m making fun of you in my head, for being so stupid as to get yourself into this situation. Did you think, Lily? Did you think that I would grow to enjoy this as much as I am?”


Magnolia wasn’t expecting to grow to like the rides as much as she had, herself. But she would never reveal that to Lily.

Magnolia gave a deep chuckle as Lily continued to grow more and more red. “So silly. So ditzy. Nothing in there, whatsoever,” she said, poking their temple. “You continue to underestimate me.”

“I... mmf...” Lily tried to think of a good rebuttal to that; as much as they were embarrassed by Magnolia teasing them for their intelligence, or lack thereof, they enjoyed it.

She did, too, apparently. Magnolia clutched her arms around Lily and pulled them into her, front to back. Lily struggled a bit as she noticed “something hard” poking into their back, just above their ass. Their face went even more red with blushing.

“M-Mistress, you’re...”

“I know. I’m very well aware,” Magnolia teased. “Why do you think I pulled you in? Do you really want everyone to see what’s going on between us right now?”

“I, um... I... well...” Lily stammered, humiliation flooding them as they tried to come up with a good response to that. “I just... well...”

“You’re embarrassed? At being able to make me feel this way? Why?”

“I don’t... I don’t know,” Lily giggled anxiously. “Just... nervous.”

“Why? Do you have any idea what I’m going to do to you later? Tomorrow, when you don’t have all the power over me? When I get to exert control over you again?”

Magnolia leaned into them, whispering something that’d make Lily’s face go completely red as if it wasn’t before.

“When I get to bend you over on the bed and fuck you mercilessly, beating your body until it’s black and red? Leaving my marks everywhere? Insulting and degrading you until you have no self-esteem or brain cells left? Trancing you so I can brainwash you and make you even more obedient and mindlessly devoted to me?”

“M-Mistress, I, um...” Aside from thinking about all the things Magnolia would do to them as she had over the past five years, Lily could notice her getting even harder against their back.

“What? You want that? Tell me.”

“Y-yes... I do... I just...” Lily groaned out in embarrassment, putting their head in their hands as they continued to ascend up the stairs to the terrifying water slide.

Maybe Magnolia was so ‘excited’ because she was secretly scared out of her wits, too.

The two went down the slide, easily enough — though Lily was screaming at the top of their lungs the entire time, and this time they were clinging hard to Magnolia. They clung onto her waist tightly, gripping harder with each fall and twirl of the slide. Magnolia could have sworn Lily ruptured her ear drum with how loud they were screaming.

Eventually, they reached the bottom. Once they made it to dry land, Lily adorably collapsed onto the ground and laid down there to catch their breath.

Magnolia, of course, jokingly used the opportunity to step on them and dig them into the cool, nice ground.


After the slide, the two agreed to grab some ice cream to cool down from the thrills (and from how they were teasing each other through the entire trip). Without money being a concern, Lily was finally able to get the ice cream sundae of their dreams, with every topping they wanted. Magnolia opted for a simple chocolate soft serve, which just about described the two very nicely.

Sitting down by one of the benches, the two decompressed for some time, reminiscing about the past five years, various dates they’d gone on, movies they’d seen, placed they’d gone. And various anniversaries before this one. For instance, two years ago they’d taken a trip to Niagara Falls, and last year they went to Seattle; Lily had asked to go to France or Japan, but Magnolia reminded them of how they met and why that would be a problem at international borders. 

Lily jokingly suggested that in ten years, Magnolia pay someone to forge a passport so they could go together. Magnolia immediately responded with, “if I get arrested for anything, it’s not going to be something lame like forging documents.”

After finishing their ice cream, the two agreed to go take a shower to wipe all the sweat off; then they’d go on one or two relaxing rides, go to the gift shop where Magnolia would pamper Lily even more with childish gifts, and then they’d ride home, watch a movie and cuddle.

Magnolia offered Lily to join her in the same shower, once they saw that no one else was in the singular shower stall. Lily hesitated before allowing Magnolia to pull them in as she turned the water on hot.

There was no soap or shampoo in the stall, which wasn’t a big deal considering they were just washing themselves off. The size of the stall left something to be desired, but at the very least it meant they could go close to each other as they stared up at each other lovingly.

Lily got on their toes to kiss Magnolia, and Magnolia lovingly obliged and kissed them back. Soon, the cute moment between them turned steamy when Magnolia suddenly grabbed their head and began pulling their suggestible head around.

“You’ve really been quite the tease today,” Magnolia said with a growl, and a grin. “Why don’t I take some of that power back? I am still your Mistress, after all. One day of giving you some control doesn’t change that.”

“H-have I made you mad, Mistress Magnolia?” Lily meekly asked, looking at their Mistress with a tinge of fear in their eyes.

“Oh, no, not at all. You should know by now that you’d know if I was mad. I’m just... taken aback, Lily. I never expected you to know how to push my buttons so well, so willingly...”

“I’m... sorry, Mistress.”

“Did I ask you to apologize?” Magnolia’s voice now had another hint of irritation in it, instilling fear into Lily...


“Retract that apology.”

“I’m... not sorry.”

“Good.” Magnolia grabbed a fistful of Lily’s hair and pushed them down to her crotch; Lily caught a glimpse of how hard she was again through her two-piece bathing suit. 

“Then start worshipping me.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Lily immediately obeyed, pulling Magnolia’s bottom piece down as her hard dick shot out. They immediately began worshipping it; having done this many, many times before, they were quite experienced at it. They immediately knew the right places to lick, to kiss, to touch, to suck. Magnolia of course responded to each place they pleased, growing harder and twitching as she grabbed the top of their head and pulled at their hair, coaxing them to keep going.

“You’re going too slow, plaything,” Magnolia growled as she grabbed the head again, pushing the back of it against the wall and beginning to face-fuck their mouth. She went deep, not giving them room to adjust so as to not gag or choke — not that Lily minded in the slightest. They remembered what was so special about their relationship: losing control. Submitting. Being owned, being someone’s property. As Lily kept trying to please Magnolia’s dick deep in their mouth by licking it, they felt a warmth washing over their body. Obedience was pleasure — submitting was pleasure.

Magnolia groaned a few times — having clearly been pent up from Lily’s teasing, she was quite quick to finish, dumping her large load into Lily’s mouth as she twitched and came.

“You should know to swallow all of it,” she said threateningly. “You don’t want anyone knowing what we did here.”

Lily nodded, pulling away and swallowing all of the cum in their mouth. They looked up at Magnolia with wide eyes, shaking from the pleasure of being an obedient plaything and giving a dumb smile at her.

Magnolia grabbed their hair again, staring down at them with aggressive, needy, controlling eyes. She readjusted her outfit again to cover herself, adding menacingly, “that’s just a taste of how I’ll get back at you tomorrow morning.”

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