by Scalar7th

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The Evil Professorette Snooze has the Mighty Warrior Tia in her evil clutches! How will Tia ever escape?

"And now, wake up, my old nemesis!" I, Professorette Penelope Snooze, laughed at the latest victim of my Power Nap technology.

"Huh? Wha?" Mighty Warrior Tia muttered, struggling feebly against her bonds. Her dark eyes widened when she saw me. "Professorette Snooze!"

"Huah hah hah!" I stepped towards her, swirling my lab coat dramatically. "There's nothing you can do now, Mighty Warrior Tia! You're at my mercy!"

"You'll never get away with this, you monster!" she shouted, trying to get out of the very comfortable armchair I'd strapped her wrists and ankles to.

I turned to the monitor, pointing with my pointer. "Look at these numbers! Soon there won't be a person left awake in this little sleeper community! My Power Nap device will put the whole world into a deep slumber!"

Might Warrior Tia strained again, trying to pull herself free. 

"Yes, yes, struggle all you like," I laughed again. "Just tire yourself out more! It will be so easy to turn you into one of my dreamers... permanently!"

"I'll never give in! Never!"

"We'll see about that." I stepped up towards her. She was wearing a bright red, form-fitting, single-piece leotard, standard hero gear. "Perhaps it's time to give you a little... wet dream."

She shrunk back, but I could see her body reacting to my powerful science. "What are you going to do?"

I put a finger to her crotch and stroked her through the uniform. She shivered with pleasure and fear. "Only what you long to have me do to you. Only what every woman in this world will dream of. And you'll get to be the first."

"Monster," she whispered again.

I laughed as I stepped away. "Mighty Warrior Tia, there's nothing going to stop me n—" And I noticed it. I chuckled. "I see it there, what you're trying to hide from me."

"What do you mean?" she muttered, trying to catch her breath.

"The Sign of the Snake," I said, slipping the silver chain over her head, and the charm out from her leotard. "Your magical power must be fading. I saw it there right away."

"What?" Mighty Warrior Tia said plaintively. "No, that's... impossible!" She struggled against her bonds with renewed vigour.

I turned it over in my hand. It was fascinating. "Or maybe you wanted me to see it. I've done my research, Mighty Warrior. I know that this is the source of your powers, and that it only appears when you're not transformed, which must mean..." I looked over the dark-skinned beauty strapped to my armchair. "You don't look any different. Still, your powers must be fading." I slipped the charm over my own head. "How do you activate this?" I asked idly.

She must have taken it for a real question. "I'll never tell you," she said, venom in her voice.

Aha! A weakness. I stepped closer, the charm dangling from my own neck now. "Oh, won't you. Can you resist my charms, Mighty Warrior?" My hand went to her cheek this time, stroking gently. "Do you really think you can stand against my Power Nap?"

She growled, but pressed her cheek against my hand. "I'll never... lose..." she managed to mutter.

"Mighty Warrior Tia would never lose, but you?" My hand slid down to stroke just under the edge of her outfit, along her collar and ever so slightly into her cleavage. "You're powerless without the Sign of the Snake." I chuckled in her ear, leaning ever closer. "You can't resist."

She yawned. Good. My power was taking hold. "I can too," she said, her voice soft.

I slid the leotard off her left shoulder, leaned in, and nibbled lightly. She jumped, as much as she could. "You didn't even realize how deeply my power held you, did you, Mighty Warrior?" I whispered in her ear.

She struggled again. "Does not!"

"Oh, doesn't it?" I stood up tall, my hands going to the buttons of my lab coat. "If I were to slip this off, do you think you could look away?" I undid half the fasteners, letting her see that I wore nothing underneath. Her snake charm felt cool as it fell between my ample breasts. "When you fall under my sleeping spell, you'll dream of this body and what it can do for you."

Her eyes went to my chest, but she still fought. "Never!" she said, still more defiant than before.

"Shh," I said, undoing all the buttons, letting her see my body. "Feel the strength of my Power Nap."

Her eyes fluttered, but she pushed back. Still, her reply was weaker. "It's not that strong," she said.

I let the labcoat fall to the ground. Her eyes locked onto the Sign of the Snake around my neck. "Sleep now, Mighty Warrior. Sleep now."

Her eyes slammed shut and she slumped forward.

"Restraints off," I said, and the straps that bound her slid back into the chair. "Now, sleepwalker, on your feet."

Deep in the throes of my Power Nap system, the subdued superhero struggled to stand. I held her shoulders.

"Eyes open, mind asleep," I commanded. Her eyes snapped open, but her gaze was still locked on the Sign of the Snake. "Let's see what's under that uniform. Take it off."

She obeyed. Under the leotard was nothing but a fantastic body, black-skinned and athletic, with gorgeous small breasts with pretty pink peaked nipples, and a wonderfully shaved pussy glistening with dampness.

"Huah hah hah!" I ran my fingers up and down her belly, gleefully triumphant. "Now dream for me, Tia. Dream. Dream of my body. Dream of my breasts. Dream about my mouth, about my eyes, about my legs and lips and hands and belly. Dream of kissing me, of holding me, of making love to me."

"Yes," she said, her voice amazingly sleepy. My Power Nap had her deep in its thrall.

"No resistance now. On your knees. Dream of me as your lover, as your goddess."

She fell to her knees without a word, wrapped her arms around me, grabbed my ass deliciously and started kissing my thighs, working her way up to my slit. The dreams were powerful; she wasn't wasting any time on being gentle or moving slowly, she was just full-on fucking me with her tongue.

I started moaning and babbling encouragements, tangling my fingers in her hair and fighting to keep my stance. Before long I found myself sitting in the armchair where I'd had the so-called Mighty Warrior strapped down only recently, and was very nearly as incoherent as the ex-superhero licked and sucked as my clit, and I was very soon screaming in that chair as only my victims ever had before.

When I caught my breath, Mighty Warrior Tia was kneeling by my side. I was stroking her hair like she was a pet. She was staring at my chest, at the Sign of the Snake. I laughed. "Now the Mighty Warrior will be my sleepwalker." I got up and grabbed my smock from where I'd...

I looked at the paint-stained smock in my hands. I could have sworn it was a lab coat a moment ago, when I took it off. I looked at the pointer I'd used to point to the charts on the ... on the blank screen of the television. I hadn't turned that off, which meant it was never on. And the pointer was one of my long brushes. There were no straps on the armchair.

Mighty Warrior Tia had been faking sleepiness. It seemed so obvious now.

"Professorette?" I muttered, putting the smock on, releasing the Ouroboros' hold over Tia. "Seriously?"

Still in a daze, Tia tittered a bit. "You make a super-cute villain, Pel." She held on to the arm of the chair and hoisted herself to her feet.

"'Professorette Penelope Snooze,' though?" I flushed at the thought of it. "Doesn't strike you as a little ridiculous, 'Mighty Warrior Tia'?"

"Strikes me as very ridiculous! That's what makes it fun!"

My hand went to the charm around my neck. "You wanna see how ridiculous I can get?"

Tia smirked and sat on the arm of the chair. "Do I ever."

"Well, Mighty Warrior Tia..." I let the smock fall away and watched as her eyes locked on to the Ouroboros. "Let's see what we can come up with."

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