Tongue-tied and bound.

by Scalar7th

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Pel keeps Tia's mind—and body—properly tied down. For a time.

"You did what to me?"

I laughed. "Not like you're going to work today. Besides, I thought it'd be fun."

Tia snickered. "Fun for you, sure."

"Oh, come on, like you don't love the idea."

"We'll see how you like it when it's my tu—"

"Execute," I said, and she blinked. There was a way that she had, an expression that went with her eyes closing and opening, that told me that she was processing my directions.

An instant later, her eyes opened. "Uh, sorry Pel, you were saying something?"

I shook my head. "Nothing important, it's fine."

She raised an eyebrow suspiciously. "That usually means that something's up." She looked at my chest, then her own. "Pel?"

"Yeah, Tia?"

"Where's ..." She looked confused for a second. "Something's ... missing?"

She was refering to our little hypnotic charm. I distracted her, pressing my loose t-shirt against my sides, outlining my breasts, feeling the fabric rub against my bare nipples. "Something like this?"

Tia giggled. "Mm, yeah sweetie, something like that. And maybe your shirt goes missing next."

"Oh really?"

She stood up off the bed and stretched to her roof on her tiptoes, arcing her back. She was dressed for bed—a long blue sweater and a pair of green shorts—and the stretch showed off her midriff. She knew how much that could make my mouth water.

"I think, Pel," she said in her hypnotist voice, and my body and mind tensed in glorious anticipation at her tone, "that."

And she came down to rest on her heels, and stood perfectly still, watching me.

I had felt especially dommy that morning. So had she. But I had the ouroboros, and I used it. I hid it from her and made it so any time she went to trigger me with something, she would simply forget to say the final words.

I looked at her, tilted my head. "That what?"

She looked confused for a moment. "You're not..."

"Nope, I'm not." I grinned and stepped towards her.

"Well, I guess we have to work with that one again," she said, eyes twinkling. "But what about."

I put my hands on her shoulders. "... yes?"

She frowned, putting her hands on my hips almost automatically. "Nothing, huh?"

I kissed her, nice and deep, running a hand over her cheek and into her hair. "Starting to feel a little... weak, Tia?"

Her knees buckled a little. Defiance sparked in her eyes. "Well maybe you're feeling."

I couldn't really keep track of all the triggers, or what they did to me, but it was hilarious watching her build up to saying something that she just doesn't get out.

"Maybe I am," I replied, "but you're weak, Tia."

Her knees gave out and she plopped onto the side of the bed, her hands still on my hips. "Did you do something?" she asked. There was a growl there, but it was playful as much as angry.

"Do something?" I asked, kneeling down to look her in the eyes. "I've always been able to make you weak, Tia."

She didn't fall over, but she did slouch forward. Her arms fell limply to her sides. "Sure, but usually I retaliate."

"You do, love," I said, straightening her up. "I don't usually have the chance to make you this weak, Tia."

And I gave her a little shove. She flopped backwards onto the bed. Her shirt rode up as she did, and I took the opportunity to slide up and kiss her belly. I felt her muscles trying to fire, Tia trying to squirm away from the ticklish spot, but there was no strength left in her body. She let out a series of short breaths, trying not to laugh.

"You're cheating, Pel," she complained.

"And I'm gonna keep cheating."

I tickled her ribs, and she honest-to-God hissed at me. "Ooh, you. You're gonna."

I don't know what she was about to say, but I let her think she said it, and then I pulled off her shorts off her limp legs, revealing her beautiful pussy to me. "I'm sure you expect me to." I kissed her quite close to her most sensitive spots, and the sounds of her impotent rage changed quickly to very different noises.

I leaned on her thighs and looked down, meeting her eyes. She gave me A Look, which is usually a precursor to my falling into those beautiful deep brown irises. She said one word. "Pel." Normally a second word would follow. But it didn't.

I smirked at her, leaned down, and kissed her on the mouth. I felt her start to move as strength returned to her body; that was the usual way to end the weakness trigger, although usually she made me do it, which was part of the point. Still I had her pinned down, my hands pressing on her thighs, leaning over her.

"Better," she mutters, stretching her relaxed fingers. "Gonna let me up?"

I shifted to put my hands on her hips. "Think I should?"

Her expression became smug. "I think you."

I raised an eyebrow and waited for it to sink in.

"Pel! You're cheating!"

"You've done the same," I said, slipping my hands up under her shirt. "And you'll do it again. I like that it's my turn right now, and I'm not going to stop just yet."

"Peh-heh-hehlll!" she whined as I ran my fingers over her breasts. I put my knee on the edge of the bed between her legs and she ground her pussy against it.

"What do you want, love?" I pushed her sweatshirt up over her breasts and continued to play with her nipples.

"Not... fair..." she gasped

"Truth, Tia," I said, using another of my triggers. "What do you want, love?"

She shuddered with pleasure. "Tie you to bed and make you—"

I'd heard enough, I knew what she was after. My thumb found her chin easily. "Quiet, Tia. Quiet voice, quiet mind."

She went limp, her eyes slammed shut. I shuddered, myself. Always one of the hottest things going, seeing my love slip down deep for me.

Still, I backed down. "That's right, Tia. Just letting the trance take you and wash away all those dommy tendencies for a moment. Sit up, love."

Slowly, she rose to a sitting position, her eyes closed, her sweatshirt still comically bound up above her breasts. I lifted her arms up and pulled off the last of her clothing. "Now, love, lie down on the bed, spread-eagle."

So you wanted to tie me up, I thought to myself with a grin as she moved into position. Guess what you're going to wake up to...

Idly, as I started talking to Tia's tranced mind, I walked over to the dresser and pulled out the ouroboros charm from the sock drawer. I didn't really think about it as I put it on the pillow near her head and started to strip off my own clothes.

My fingers danced around Tia's pussy, making her twitch in her trance. "Time to wake up, love." I knelt on the bed beside her. She was naked, as I was. She was lying with her arms over her head and her legs spread wide.

She believed that she was bound like that.

I was always more interested in mind games than bodily bondage (and better at them, too) but every so often, you treat yourself and your lover.

"Hmm? I'm up," she said, pulling at the 'ropes.' "Pel, what'd you do?"

I laughed. "Just took a page from your book, love." I slipped a finger inside her; she was already soaking wet.

She convulsed a little and pulled at those hypnotic bonds again. She growled. "This was supposed to be you," she complained.

"Yeah, well, today it's not." I straddled her taut belly. "Today you get to be under control."

She strained up against my suggestions, pressing into my body wonderfully. "I'm never under control, Pel," she said, her tone a warning, but I knew that tone well enough to hear the appreciation. "You'll."

My suggestions about her inability to speak triggers, and unawareness of the same, held true. I tapped her nose, causing her to wrinkle it adorably. "Oh, I bet that I will. Just not right now, love." I scooched closer, so my knees were at either side of her breasts.

She hummed, trying to hide her pleasure as I ran my hands through her hair. "I'm going to get you for this."

"I'm counting on it." I stroked her scalp and leaned a little closer.

Her frown twisted to a smile. "Thought you might be."

It was about then that I realized that my clever plan had a logistics problem. Tia was too close to the headboard for me to position myself properly over her if I turned around, but as she was set, with her arms splayed out, I couldn't really get into place in front of her. I'd have to 'untie' her if I wanted her to get me off.

But I didn't want to untie her.

So I was a bit stuck.

I tangled my fingers in her beautiful hair, leaned closer still, and lifter her head a little, and she almost automatically took my breast in her mouth, causing me to tense up and shiver, squeezing Tia's ribs, which in turn made her gasp. I loved those chain reactions, from A to B to C to happiness. I smiled down at her.

"I'm seeing a bit of a position issue," Tia said, 'tugging' on the 'ropes' that held her left arm in place.

I nodded. "Saw the same thing myself already." I ran fingers down her neck, collarbone, between her breasts, and right up to my labia.

"Gonna let me go?" she asked, her voice husky with the promise of what was to come.

My fingers drifted between my lower lips and her breasts, and the two of us were wiggling and squirming together. "Don't think I have a choice, if we want to have more fun."

"Mmm, trouble with being tied up," Tia said, low and seductive. "Not much I can do to help."

I sat back a bit, relenting. "Tia, release."

Her right hand curled around my outer thigh, stroking lazily. "Hot as fuck, Pel, but you're still not the best at bondage."

I grinned. "Got to give it a try now and again."

Her grip tightened, not painfully, just asserting control. Something glinted in her other hand.

Our ouroboros.

Before I could really register it, she'd slipped the pendant over her head, and I couldn't look away from her beautiful dark breasts and the silver charm sitting just about them on her collarbone.

"Now we get serious," Tia said.

Her words echoed in my head. My hand was still idly playing between my legs.

"And like I planned, you're about to get tied up."

I nodded.

"And I'm going to make you mewl."

I shivered. I knew Tia could feel it. After what I'd done to her that morning, she would deliver on that promise.

"But first..." she slipped out from under me a bit and sat up. "You're going to let me have my triggers back."

I nodded. I said two words. And then everything, everything, went wonderfully, beautifully, erotically dark, right up until suppertime.

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