Hypnovember Crossover

1. Relax

by Scalar7th

Tags: #cw:noncon #microfiction #Alteration #any/all #asfr #bondage #comic_book #D/s #dom:female #dom:male #dom:nb #exhibitionism #fantasy #memory_play #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #pov:top #scifi #solo #sub:female #sub:male #sub:nb #transformation #urban_fantasy

A short, dark-skinned, mischievous-looking woman popped into view suddenly, coming around the corner.

Princess Shannon of Pravisa startled. "Goodness, I wasn't expecting to see someone else here."

The someone else in question grinned. She had on a light shirt, short pants, and some sort of athletic shoes, which seemed not to fit at all with Shannon's long white dress. The incongruity was beautifully odd. "What were you expecting, then?"

The green-eyed princess ran a hand through her red hair. "Not really sure, I have to admit." She held out a hand in greeting. "Shannon."

"Tia," came the reply, along with a firm handshake. "I don't suppose you've seen another woman around, pale like you, a little taller a bit chubby, absolutely fuckin' adorable? Probably got a snake charm around her neck? A painter?"

"I only just arrived, I think. Was starting to wonder if I was alone." Shannon grinned, lifting a hand. Green sparks danced around her fingertips. "Was starting to wonder if there was anyone around to use a spell on."

"A spell?" Tia replied, raising an eyebrow. "That's what you got? You came all this way, and you're just gonna put a little hex on me..." her eyes settled on the dancing lights. "And... and that's... that's it?"

"That was what I had planned, yes," Shannon said. "You don't seem to mind."

"I don't mind," Tia replied, her voice a bit hollow and distant. "It's... nice. A good way to..." Her voice trailed off.

"A good way to what?"

"Relax," she finished. "To relax. To just... stare... and..."

Shannon nodded. "Relax." The green sparks definitely had that effect on people.

"Yes," Tia continued, her eyes locked on the princess' hand. "Just breathe... slow... and easy..."

Shannon took a nice, deep breath, smiling as she did. That wonderful, airy voice was always a joy to hear.

"... and relax."

Shannon let out the breath that she hadn't realized she was holding.

Tia was still talking, her eyes still staring at Shannon's hand. "I bet... you use that spell... to make lots of people..."

"Relax," Shannon breathed.

"Yes, relax," Tia agreed. When had she laced Shannon's fingers with her own? "That sort of a spell could be very useful to help people relax..."

Her hand was warm. Shannon nodded.

"But then... if you're always relaxing people... when do you get to... just take a breath, and..."

"Relax." Shannon wasn't sure why she said it, but she did. Was she still using her spell? She wasn't sure, and that should have been worrying, but...

Tia's hand was dancing along her arm in ways that made Shannon's knees go weak. "And when you've had a chance... to fully relax... to listen to the way my voice makes you shiver... the way you want to listen to me more and more..."

Shannon was relaxing. It was nice. She slipped to the ground, smiling. And Tia's voice did make her shiver. The things she was saying made far too much sense, a truly dangerous amount of sense, but it was nice to just sit back... no, she was lying down. It was nice to just lie there and relax. And let Tia's hands draw little circles on her bare (when had the dress come off?) belly. And it sounded like it would be very relaxing indeed to help Tia with whatever she wanted. Surely between the two of them, they could find some way to turn the magic to her—to their, she tried to remember—advantage.

And then she realized it was much more relaxing to just worry about Tia's advantage, instead of her own, and she closed her eyes and rested naked on the grass. She wasn't sure when they had moved outside, but the sun was just as relaxing as Tia's words, maybe more. Everything was relaxing. The softness of the ground. The warmth of the air. The naked girl cuddling up next to her. The kisses on her cheek, neck, shoulder. The whispers in her ear.

She was as relaxed as she could be.

She knew it wouldn't last. The touches on her thighs were a strong indication that it wouldn't last. But that relaxation was so wonderful, so beautiful...

That relaxation, Tia's relaxation... it had to be shared.

Princess Shannon comes from an as-yet unpublished story

Tia is half of the couple from Ouroboros

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