Hypnovember Crossover

The Crossover: Introduction

by Scalar7th

Tags: #cw:noncon #microfiction #Alteration #any/all #asfr #bondage #comic_book #D/s #dom:female #dom:male #dom:nb #exhibitionism #fantasy #memory_play #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #pov:top #scifi #solo #sub:female #sub:male #sub:nb #transformation #urban_fantasy

This is my attempt at thirty short stories in the month of November, using characters I've already created and just throwing them at each others' worlds and seeing what comes out the other side.

Where applicable, I'll provide links to the stories that characters and/or situations arise from, and will update those links as new stories become available!

I'm using this lovely list for prompts, courtesy of a suggestion by Ella in the ROM Discord!

And then they all woke up.

Or opened their eyes, anyway.

They all knew, at that moment, that they were characters in a story, or pieces in a game, or something like that. It didn't matter, really, it was all in fun.

And they were going to have fun.

Some of their stories were finished. Some weren't written yet. Some were in progress.

But right now, they were all in a different place and time, in a world where nothing mattered.

And they were going to enjoy it.

They were hypnotists, sorcerers, superheroes, and also everyday ordinary people: teachers, doctors, students, office workers...

Some of them were controlling. Some of them wanted to be controlled. Some wanted the fight more than the conclusion.

All of them were going to get something that they wanted. Even if they didn't know they wanted it.

It was only appropriate.

Let's see what fun they all get up to!

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