Just One Bite

Chapter 2

by SapphicSounds

Tags: #f/f #mindless #pov:bottom #pov:top #vampire #consensual_kink #D/s #dom:female #dom:vampire #enslavement #fantasy #mind_control #sub:female

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Call it unfortunate, but the reality was Camille couldn’t exactly drop everything and go on some wild sexcapade with the girl who’d been pestering her for weeks; she had a job in all of its dreadfully unsexy glory which she needed to worry about first and foremost. Amanda hadn’t really felt like sticking around a loud punk bar for hours on end, Roxie’s was never really her scene, too loud. As such, the two had parted in that alleyway, but not before Camille had taken a kiss and a fearful, but desperately wanton moan from the trembling young woman. She had lightly grazed her fangs along the soft flesh of Amanda’s neck, and memorized the girl’s scent. By the time Amanda had finally regained enough of her speech to ask for Camille’s number, the vampiress was practically opening the door back into the bar. She had turned, smirked and declined to give it, saying simply, that when the time came Camille would find her. The delicious mixture of fear and arousal was all Camille needed to look forward to her next encounter with her soon to be prey. 

The remainder of her shift passed without incident, and with the bar closed and properly locked up, Camille disappeared into the night. It had been a few decades since she’d been on a proper hunt, these days all her food came from willing subjects, but the instinct and skill was still there. She perched upon a rooftop, and allowed the scent of the night air to waft toward her, taking in the city and, somewhere, the scent of Amanda. Moments later she was a blur, a shadow leaping from rooftop to rooftop, in hot pursuit of the young woman; she must have stayed out, gone to some other, less loud bar, because best Camille could tell, Amanda had yet to return home. The scent was getting closer now, a certain lustful, hungry haze sweeping over Camille; it had been hours since she’d last fed, and something about truly tapping into her vampiric powers for the first time in years had set alight a powerful thirst within her. A thirst which she had every intention of quenching. 

Making her way down the sidewalk, bundled up in a warm jacket and hugging herself for warmth, was Amanda. She was alone, perhaps not the safest idea for a woman at night in the big city, but there she was. Camille watched from her perch on high, tracking the girl with her eyes, then swooped lower, landing atop a low balcony just ahead of Amanda, lurking on the edge of a streetlight. Moment by moment, inch by inch, Amanda approached. Naturally, her gaze happened to sweep to Camille’s perch, and the vampiress inched forward. The light caught her face and glinted off her fangs. Amanda froze, quivering as she stared ahead, paralyzed by what she saw before her. Quietly, Camile chuckled, low and predatory. Amanda screamed and bolted, Camille pursued. 

* * *

On the many nights Amanda had seen Camille, hell, even the very first time they’d met, there had always been a sense of humanity to the vampiress. A part of Amanda had always wondered whether she truly were a fantasy monster made real or just an intimidating, hot goth chick with some weird kinks. When she saw Camille lurking in the light at the edge of her vision, those doubts crumbled. No semblance of humanity lurked in that face. She was at the same time far more beautiful and far more terrifying than she had ever been. There was this sense of uncanniness to her. Her features were too sharp, too perfectly proportioned, her body too still, no twitching of her muscles, no rise and fall of her chest. Then there were her eyes, a glowing red with slitted pupils. And she’d had this look on her face, a look of lust, raw desire, hunger. Camille had been looking at Amanda like she’d just found her next meal. And, as her legs thundered down the sidewalk toward her apartment, Amanda’s heart raced between terror and desire. Here was something so unhuman, so unknown, so much greater than she, and so, so beautiful, so, so powerful, so, so erotic. Amanda’s mind told her that Camille would be able to do whatever she wanted to her. And Amanda’s body told her that she would let Camille do whatever she wanted to her.

She heard no noise behind her, but somehow Amanda knew that Vampiress was doubtless in hot pursuit, flying on leathery wings or perhaps leaping from silently across the rooftops. Each step simultaneously urged Amanda to take another, to move faster and faster away from the thing behind her, all while begging her to stop and be taken. It would only be a matter of time before her will gave out. Perhaps it was just bad luck, perhaps her mind had been so addled by fear and arousal that her internal map of the area had been scrambled, or perhaps, some part of her had acted intentionally, but the next corner Amanda rounded took her into a dead-end alley. She stumbled, then stopped dead in her tracks. No sound disturbed the silence around her save her heartbeat and labored breaths, but Amanda felt something disturb the air behind her. She turned toward the movement, and Camille was upon her. Her back was to the wall, leaning against the firm brick as the vampiress drew inward, towering over Amanda. There would be no looking away, her eyes captured Amanda’s, forcing her to gaze nowhere else. They still burned that fiery red, but something about them now was so beautiful, so captivating. Her sex clenched as Camille ran a finger along Amanda’s cheek then cupped her chin, grinning.

“You ran,” she breathed, her voice low and husky. Amanda simply nodded silently. “Aww, poor thing, did I scare you?”

“Y-yes,” Amanda choked.

“But you want me regardless, don’t you?” Again, the only reply Amanda could muster was a weak nod, followed by a barely audible whimper. “Good, because tonight you’re all mine. And if you do well, we’ll see about giving a more… permanent place at my feet. You’d like that, wouldn't you?” As she spoke, Camille’s free hand roamed beneath Amanda’s skirt and up her inner thigh, then traced the hem of her panties before tickling the girl’s labia. With a yelp, Amanda collapsed forward into Camille’s arms. Her grip was firm, but surprisingly tender. Wordlessly, the vampiress placed a hand on the side of Amanda’s head, gently guiding her to tilt it to one side. Amanda complied. Her heart thundered in her chest, her breath caught in her throat, arousal flowed freely between her legs. A brief sting danced on her neck, but it was light, barely more than a kiss of gentle pain before fading into raw pleasure. Had there been any strength left in Amanda’s legs, it quickly melted away as she went limp against Camille. Each greedy suck seemed to take with it her fear, her pain, her cares, her very thoughts, leaving only arousal, desire, yearning. A gasping whine rose from parted lips, her eyes stared out into nothing, seeing, but not registering anything more than the raw pleasure of being fed upon by her Mistress. 

Some amount of time passed, it could have been seconds, it could have been hours, Amanda didn’t have the presence of mind to consider such things. She simply remained still, soaking in the pleasure that permeated her very being. She’d cum, that was for certain, though not to Amanda. Still, it was obvious from the way her eye twitched and her breath quickened from time to time that wave after wave of orgasmic bliss was rocking the girl’s body. And Amanda certainly felt it all, but the feeling was all she experienced. The world around her felt distant and unreal, a mere abstraction. Eventually, Camille pulled away from Amanda, the vampiress sighed contentedly and wiped her mouth. “Mmmmh,” she purred, “Delicious.” Amanda shivered, white hot approval, praise consuming her every muddled thought. How could Amanda think or care about anything else when her Mistress thought she was delicious? She was serving a purpose beyond herself, being a blank, empty, obedient vessel for the most beautiful, perfect woman in the world. Camille stared down at Amanda with an amused smile. Seeing more approval creep across her Mistress’ face, a docile, blissful, dreamy smile formed upon Amanda’s own lips as she gazed up into her Mistress’ eyes and drooled helplessly. “How do you feel, darling?” She asked. And suddenly Amanda’s mind was laser focused, she had never focused so hard on anything as she did her Mistress’ words. In that brief second and a half or so, Amanda had one sole purpose: to do her Mistress’ bidding. 

“Goooood,” she slurred. Camille chuckled, and another surge of bliss bubbled up within Amanda, her Mistress was pleased with her. What other purpose could a good thrall have? 

“Well then, let’s get you inside so you can please your Mistress properly.” Nothing sounded better to Amanda than doing whatever she needed to do to be a good thrall for her Mistress. As in a dream, she was led by the hand away from the alleyway toward some unknown destination, not that Amanda had any desire to know the destination, she was simply going to the most important place she could ever go to: wherever her Mistress wanted her to be. A door opened, then shut behind her, and Amanda was indoors somewhere. This meant little to her other than some barely functioning thought process in the back of her mind reminding her that being inside meant she had likely reached her destination. Just as that echo of a thought drifted through her empty mind, Mistress enveloped her from behind, taking her and pushing her onto a bed. Noiselessly, Amanda fell forward. Like a puppet, she was limply turned onto her back, her Mistress hovered above her, eyes burning with raw passion. “And now, my pet, I make you mine,” she hissed, then set herself on Amanda. 

She was kissed, caressed, fondled, groped, used in every manner as her Mistress explored every inch of Amanda’s body with her fingers and tongue. Each brush of skin against skin was electric, sending pure, blissful feelings of obedience and usefulness through her enthralled mind. There was a fire in every kiss, a stab of unfiltered pleasure in each place Mistress’ fingers found. And Amanda could think of nothing but how best to serve the perfect being above her, the one who owned her: body, mind and soul. Her nipples were tweaked and licked, the bite-mark on her neck was kissed and suckled at, fingertips and lips caressed her belly, teeth grazed her inner thigh, Mistress’s tongue danced across her labia and Clitoris. Amanda lacked the wherewithal to grasp it all, she was locked in a flurry of pleasure unlike anything she’d ever felt before. No cares, no worries, no thoughts stood in the way, her mind was a blank canvass for Mistress to paint pleasure upon; so much free space in Amanda’s mind was devoted to only one singular purpose: to be used by her Mistress. 

Eventually, the touching stopped, but the bliss didn’t. All that was left in Amanda was the pleasure of being used by her Mistress, and that wouldn’t be going away any time soon. But such thoughts did not occur to Amanda, she had something far more important to devote the entirety her attention to: her Mistress was speaking. “Well, I can’t say I’ve been disappointed in you, that body of yours is just as delicious as the blood that runs through your veins.” She leaned in close, grazing Amanda’s neck with her fangs, causing the girl to shiver both from the contact and the praise. Then, Mistress said the most joyous, perfect thing anyone had ever said ever. “I wasn’t so sure at first, but I think I will keep you after all.” And Amanda was glowing, the whole world was fading away save her and Mistress and the pleasure. She was good, she belonged to someone else, and it was perfect. Above her, there was movement, Amanda snapped to attention, her Mistress might want something. She began to speak, “now then, for your first act as my official thrall: pleasure your Mistress.” A moment later, her vision was filled by the most perfect, dripping pussy Amanda had ever laid eyes on. Her Mistress lowered herself upon Amanda, touching her core to Amanda’s lips. 

She had never tasted anything so divine as her Mistress. Amanda lapped eagerly and desperately, nothing could be better than giving pleasure to the woman who possessed her so completely. Soft thighs encased Amanda, pressing on either side of her face lightly. Above her, her Mistress gasped and moan, each sound reassurance that she was doing her job as a good, obedient thrall. She could hear nothing else in her life but her Mistress’ approving voice and be nothing but happy. “Fuck, yes,” she gasped. “Oh my fucking god, that’s such a good girl.” And Amanda came from the praise alone. Nobody was kinder or more beautiful or more perfect than the woman she was servicing, and if Amanda had the presence of mind to do so, she would be thanking every higher power that ever was or ever would be for the privilege of eating her Mistress out. 

Eventually, she was commanded to stop. Without hesitation she did. Mistress was collapsed on the bed next to her, and Amanda was satisfied. She’d been so good, so obedient, so effective at pleasing the most perfect woman in the world. With that, Amanda was content to simply lay in bed, to let herself drift away until she was needed again. But Mistress, the incredibly kind, perfect woman that she was, elected to make Amanda feel even better. As Amanda basked in the glow of her own submission, she felt two warm, soft arms wrap around her and pull her in close. A delighted purr escaped the girl's lips as she was turned to face her Mistress, then pulled into the crook of her neck. For a while they stayed that way. Mistress seemed to fade in and out of consciousness, and Amanda could barely be considered conscious to begin with.  After a while, Mistress’s voice broke through the peaceful haze. “You did a very good job for me sweetheart, but I need you to come up for me, just a little, okay?” And suddenly thoughts were a thing she could think again. She still knew she was owned, still knew who her Mistress was, but Amanda didn’t feel so empty and blank anymore. 

“Mmmhh, Mistress,” she breathed. 

“There she is,” Camille cooed. “How are you feeling?” 

“Good… I… I can think again?” It wasn’t really a complaint or protest, more an observation than anything.

“Indeed, as hot as it is, I don’t feel great about keeping you that way at all times. I can take you back down whenever you want though. I also wanted to give you the opportunity to get your freedom back, if you want it.” The vampiress fixed Amanda with a surprisingly intense, serious gaze. Some might say such a decision was a big one, one which warranted a great deal of consideration. Amanda was not one such person. She had never felt so much pleasure, so much emotional fulfillment, as she had at the hands of the woman before her.

“I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life, this is what I want.” And Mistress smiled, then sank her teeth into her thrall’s neck once more. 

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