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See You In The Mosh Pit ;3

by Pryxes

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This is me breaking down late at night as the world crumbles around me and I succumb to another shot of vodka. So… enjoy?????

These stories are one shot ideas that might or might not ever turn into full blown stories. who knows perhaps enough comments might say me. 'v ' 
The music was loud. Nay. That was an understatement. It was booming in your ears, vibrating your bones, clattering your teeth and sending every nerve, muscle and organ in an adrenaline high frenzy. This was the only thing left in this void forsake universe.
This... raw. *Powerful!* Music. One that echoed in the souls of so many who turned up. The last time an Abyssal Shouts concert was held was 3 years ago. Before the war, before everything went to *fucking* shit. Damn weeds controlled Terran space now but who fucking cared. Not her. Not the girl rocking her socks off to the music. Rocking her head in the rhythm while screaming at the top of her lungs. Not the four thousand people who were fucked up enough, brave enough, bold and possibly stupid enough along with the organizers to attend this concert. This was what living was. The fucking time of their lives. Screaming into the universe that did not care. Roaring their thunderous cries of rebellion, of their alternative movement. 
Fuck the Terran Accord. Fuck the Affini Compact. And Fuck the rebellion. They sang to their own hymn, their own rhythm, their own freedom. And Stars be damned if anyone would quench their fires of passion out without a fight. 
The band was on it’s all time high in their song. Their intensity grew stronger and stronger as the guitarist started his solo. Electric buzzing like no other, ‘A demon behind the guitar’ some said. Others possibly envied the rumours of how fast his fingers must work on guys and girls alike. She knew they were only rumours but it never failed to creep a smile across her lips thinking of the bi guitarist on stage. That entranced the audience in a wild frenzy
Suddenly she was pushed to the side and nearly knocked over. Another’s hands quickly grabbed hold of her and steadied her onto her feet but she was quick to jump like a vixen back to where her assaulter was. She knew exactly where she was and by the next second running and dancing in the cyclone that occurred was but another one of their rituals. The mosh had started and besides the wild sounds everyone pushed and shoved just to keep the whirlwind going in the wild frenzy. 
She loved every fucking second of it. Every time she’d fall, someone would stop and pick her back up. Every time she stumbled upon someone she picked them up. It was like a family. A sacred bond never broken especially on an Abyssal Shouts concert. Brothers and sisters in song looking out for each other, having fun to no end. 
She couldn’t admit it to herself but the first time ever looking at their concert felt wild, thrilling. The danger the mosh pit presented only pulled her closer. Beckoning her to surrender to the beat, devote herself to the music and live a life them cucks in their high towers could never hope to reach.
It was violent, it was friendly, it was dangerous and possibly filled with a few bruises and bloody noses but who fucking cared? This was a family that looked out for each other. People could shove, people could push and pull and toss as much as they wanted, just to express themselves and their feelings. And believe her. She *knew* people had pent up feelings to release from the past 3 years going by. 
The song was leading into a verse right after the bridge. The energy was dying down but fuck if it ever truly was stopping. It gave her enough resolve to look around to see where she was. 
Straight in the middle of the mosh pit. Of course. Right where everyone shoved and she shoved everyone back with the same kind of energy.

That is until her bright blue eyes met her. A wild display of colour and eccentricity, as if light bounced around and *she* was the centre of the universe. The brunette hair swished to the rhythm while her hands flailed around without a care. Oh fffffuuuuck. She didn’t get a good glimpse but with what little light there was she knew those were some toned muscles. 
Strangely it reminded her of the first time she fell in love. A guy no taller than her, in the same kind of mosh she was just in. They met and it felt like magic. By the next mosh her heart got broken and she danced the night away putting a finger to the rest of the world for it. 
Obviously her love life was a mess but who’s wasn't? Her new ex was a shitbag anyways. Fucking piece of shit decided to go into the rebellion. She was free, but she wasn’t crazy. She dumped the asshat yesterday and for good. 
As fate would have it they made eye contact. In the middle of that wild swing of things the two bodies creeped ever closer to each other. Almost challenging, almost flirting, feeling each other out, seeing how the other vibed to the music. She couldn’t admit to herself but seeing that girl in such a raw state of bliss and joy to the music was awe inspiring. It was almost as if she belonged there, was born in the music and lived a life completely alter to the one she knew to be the norm for the past… ever since she could remember. 
With a bit more time passing the two were almost in each other’s hair. Dancing to the rhythm like a unified body as their energies synched to each other almost feeling what the other felt in unison. 
The music was dying down as the song was ending and the two girls screamed in unison cheering the band to play more. 
It has just occurred to her just how *piiiiiiiiss* drunk she was wobbling on her feet as she clapped her hands in the air. The rhythm no longer held her in its clutches leaving the body to pick up where the band had dropped off. She swayed and flailed her arms trying to rebalance when the girl grabbed her by the shoulder to centre her back up. 
“Thanks!” She screamed into the roaring cheers of the crowd hoping to Stars that the girl heard her.

“No problem!!!” Screamed her new acquaintance. “You look like shit! I dig your vibe!” She added in her screams. 
“Thanks! … I’m Petra by the way!” She yelled introducing herself to the mystery woman that sparked a joy she never thought she had in her. Fuck… dancing with someone felt so… So *freeing!!!
“Jolene!” She screamed back. “But you can call me Jo!” Jolene screamed back with enthusiasm. 
The band lead singer was speaking something into the mic, both of them didn’t catch, but screamed nonetheless as the rest of the crowd roared in their energetic thunder. Disagreeing with wild Scream fans like these was never an option. All you could do was scream with them. Scream to your heart's content. 
Petra’s arms flailed again but caught onto Jolene’s shoulders as she gave a dumb smile. “Pretty name!” She screamed letting the thunderous claps of the audience drown her thoughts out. “Where’d you find it!?” She blurred out, not even giving it a second thought of what she just said. 
Jolene bellowed a hearty laugh as she grabbed her arms and looked dead straight into her eyes. 
Petra felt it. She felt as if those bright blue eyes were staring straight into her soul. It took her breath away as the only thing that mattered was the woman that stood before her. 
Time stood still, she couldn’t find a centre of gravity to her words as she fell deep into the bright eyes of her acquaintance Jolene. Her breath was heavy and ragged yet the gnarly smell of the sweaty men around them felt like a distant afterthought to the radiant scent that began to bloom from Jolene. Somehow this… fallen angel, as Petra claimed, was eyeing her down moving her beautiful and full lips and- oh shit.
She was moving her lips. 
“Sorry! What was that?!” Petra exclaimed, leaning in to hear better. 
Jolene giggled and leaned as well before repeating her words. “I wanted to ask if you were interested in going up to the front?! Or is the mosh pit where you reside?!” She stifled another giggle as she held Petra in pace to not allow her drunkenness to topple over
Petra was now the one to laugh. What for? No apparent reason really. She just *loved* to live life like her heart dictated and today. It was craving something wild. “Oh! I think the mosh pit is my life right now! But I might join you if I see you there, yeah?!” She screamed into the crowd before adding. “It’s nice to meet you. I'm Petra by the way!” She added giving her signature stupid grin. 
Jolene only smirked in amusement as she gave Petra a brief hug before yelling back. “Nice to meet you Petra! See you around then!” The girl yelled as she disappeared into the crowd. 
She was nice… right? She smelled nice, talked nicer and fuuuuuck was she looking niiiiceeee, Petra concluded as her thoughts wondered on those curves. The hips rocking like a servos in her production line, left and right and left and right, toiling away to produce steel sheets and channellings for the space shuttles they’d inevitably have been not used for. She thought about all the shitty quotas she needed to meet only for it in the end to not mean anything and money not being a fucking problem to begin with. Boo fucking hoo the higher ups cried but *FUCK* did it feel good knowing they weren’t up there in their fucking penthouses anymore bringing misery to everyone else anymore. 
What was Petra thinking about again? The next song began to play and she shrugged. Fuck it! Who cared, it was a night to get wild. Illegal assembly or event be damned fuck the ones in power.
She couldn’t fucking believe how entrancing it was to fall back into song. To go straight back to the rhythm and forget about everything else. Forget about the drunkenness, forget about the pretty girl that you danced with, forget about the crowd that kept on shoving increasingly more violently as the song began to turn almost demonic.
Ah! It was the one-! The-! The… Petra knew this one… It was, at the tip of her tongue. She got shoved one away before a counter force shoved her back to her spot. HELL AND BACK! Right! Haha how could she forget this classic
A missed rhythm tone slightly broke her trance while she kept dancing in the mosh pit. A guttural scream and several more echoed from both sides of the concert making her stumble more, The song began to abruptly grind to an agonising halt. She looked to the stage in confusion before noticing the band had begun to run towards the back stage in a hurry. 
The hell was that all about? Petra looked around to see what had scared the band off, praying to god it wasn’t a swat team striking down on this illegal concert.
Oh no…
No no no no no. haha.
It was *much* worse than that
Hot pink gas began to ooze from both sides of the concert area. People ran in seemingly every direction just to get away from the edges as the shrubbery border of dense arborvitae began to come alive. Alien vines began to snag concert attendants up into the air, restraining them and quickly dunking them into the gas or tripping them down to the ground letting more and more of those fumes fill the clearing.
Dread filled her heart, as the addled terran considered a fight or flight scenario in her head. To be described as being pissed off would be an understatement. No Petra was furious. These star damned weeds dared to interrupt this? Dared to interrupt an Abyssal Scream concert? They dared to assault and drug their family just to stamp them down on a piece of paper as ‘subdued’?! She was practically fuming.
Was that going to fix anything? HAH fuck no! But she was absolutely piiiisss drunk and the new shot of adrenaline helped little in amending the wobbly steps. 
Petra began to sway away from the middle. Her legs took her wherever. She pushed through the crowd in her tipsy state, hearing screams and agony didn’t help and she definitely at one point or another felt an arm or a leg under her foot nearly tripping over the person. Shit! She was supposed to pick them up! But the absolute fear of an addled mind ran overdrive in survival instincts and self preservation. Nothing else seemed to matter as she tripped her way closer and closer to the stage. People were dispersing like ants that just received a gust of wind when you blew on their nest. Running around in circles or straight lines, swaying side to side while looking for shelter. She couldn’t say she was any different from them. The same crowd mentality overtook her, making Petra stumble in her footing as she pushed through the crowd in a random line. 
Before long of tossing, pushing, shoving and getting stepped on several times, Petra found herself pressed up against the guardrail of the front row. There wasn’t even a moment of clarity to it as someone else pushed her again making the girl tip over and fall past the railing.
A metallic sound rang out and a sharp pain pierced through her head. That didn’t sound good did it? Petra knew she wasn’t in a good state. Drunk as a skunk she brought her shaky and wobbly hand up to her head inspecting the goose egg that swelled up. She felt around more, not feeling anything wet Petra gave a relieving sigh. That was good… at least. Nothing was bleeding. She leaned against the guardrail, nursing the splitting headache with only pained huffs for air. She couldn’t remember how much she drank, thought was still a thing she was… mildly capable of. That fact alone wouldn’t be so noteworthy if it wasn’t for the attitude that came with it. Everything became such a pain to do, every little thing that dragged her down in life. It was surprising she even took new breaths of air as even that felt like *suuuch* a chore. 
Mnhh the cold of the railing soothed her headache but she vaguely registered a call out to her though the panicked screams of the crowd. 
“█▓tr█!!!” Again something stirred her thoughts again making the girl’s eyes flutter open. She had them closed? Since when? That was weird… Who knew… 
“PETRA!!!” The voice boomed now louder than before as her eyes swam to its source, wondering who was so rude to interrupt her thoughts. 
Her eyes darted about until she saw a familiar face hiding under the stage. She had to concentrate harder to actually see properly as the brunette whose face peeked from a tiny nook in between the mics that just five minutes ago boomed the audience with a relentless roar of freedom. 
“Common Petra! Over here hurry!” The girl gestured offering her a hiding spot right next to her. 
Why was that woman hiding? Why was she under the stage looking around as if the world was ending? Why did pink gas keep creeping up all around them? Why did her skin feel like it was on fire with a sort of buzzing-
With a sudden start Petra flinched remembering where she was. Another shot of adrenaline buzzed through her as she got on her hands and knees to crawl over the gravel making sure no one saw her. She quickly jumped for the hole and curled up on the other side thinking the gas must have gotten her and in the process was burning her skin. Petra began to roll around under the stage with giggles trying to stamp out the fire with the classic tuck duck and roll manoeuvre. She couldn’t feel herself right. Something had to be wrong with that alcohol. She just knew it, someone spiked it and she was the one that drank it. Why else would she be rolling around on the floor in giggles? Why else would her skin keep buzzing as if it was on fire? 
A pair of hands began to fight her for control as she kept flailing and rolling around, sounding out pained whimpers and moans of protest. It was the words that failed her in the heat of the moment, she didn’t understand where she was or what she was doing as the hands finally wrestled her to a halt. 
“Petra! Petra. Hey! Calm down, you’re safe.” The blurry girl said as she pinned Petra to the grassy floor. 
It was only now that she realized who it was. The girl! The girl from earlier! J-Jam- Jose- JOLENE! Right! Right… She was okay. That’s good… She hid under the stage to escape both the gas and the Affini menace outside what a resourceful gal. 
“W-wh ah! J-Jolene!” She stammered looking up at the pretty woman while the buzz on her skin still crawled absolutely everywhere. 
“D-don’t yell too much. They might hear us down here. Take deep breaths you got hit a bit hard with that airborne drug of theirs…” She said while looking at the entrance to their little hidey hole with a wishful sigh. 
Wait, wishful? Or was that just Petra’s imagination. So she got hit by that pink gas? With a start Petra took in a breath of fresh air feeling the coldness numb her tongue but wake her lungs up. With a few even breaths she finally managed to relax feeling the buzz begin to subside from her body. 
“Y-you good? S-sorry if I was a bit forceful with you there…” Jolene exclaimed, crawling off of her and going back to resting against the plywood panelling that created the wall of their little place. 
Petra looked around. This room was no bigger than a shoe box and just as cluttered as one. Wires, panels, metal beams, plywood, you name it, it was there. She glanced towards Jolene and huffed. This night wasn’t supposed to end like this… they still had several more songs to go through, and Petra still needed extra bruises on her to prove she lived the wild life she loved. Where had all that gone? Why was it that they weren’t allowed to have fun even when the affini said it was okay? 
Petra cried out a pained whimper as she forced her body to move and crawl to sit and lean next to Jolene on the plywood wall. Another pained moan escaped her while settling down. “Bloody L, this night could have gone worse…” She cursed, relaxing her body and allowing her eyes to close again.
“Tell me about it… I was supposed to be back home before all this started…” Jolene stammered, looking as if she was ashamed of being here in the first place. 
Petra looked at the girl with a bit of suspicion as she tried to piece apart the words that were said. Sadly her mind could only rely on simple words and questions. “But why? It’s been 3 years since Abyssal Shouts played a concert, why would you ever want to go back before the concert was finished?” 
“I-I…” Jolene looked ashamed as a blush creeped up to her cheeks. Huh, she had a really nice blush Petra thought to herself. “I promised someone I’d be back before things got too rough… b-but then…” Jolene stopped in her explanation as if trying to look for words, which she hoped wouldn’t be judged upon saying them. 
“I- it’s okay I’m not judging. I’m an Abyssal Shouts fan after all, like I’d have room to judge…” Petra said, hoping to Stars above that her acquaintance didn’t have a bad experience with Abyssal Shouts “fans”. 
Jolene blushed even brighter and stammered a response. “W-w-well I-I-I mean! T-then I saw you and my perception of t-time slipped away from me! I-I had s-so much fun with you I didn’t even notice how wild the crowd was getting.” The girl said, crossing her arms to hold herself tightly while her fingers tapped a strange rhythm. 
Petra was at a loss for words for about three seconds before the alcohol and slightly drug addled mind took over. “Awhh! I had fun with you too! You were great out there by the way I really dig your vibe girl!” She said in the most cheerful voice she could muster together after such an event as a belated concert end occurred. 
“Thanks! You were really cool too!” Jolene exclaimed before sinking back into her deep thoughts. Petra wondered what the girl was thinking, but regardless of the inquisitive desire to know, it sure left a void in their conversation. They were both quite, accompanied only by the screams from the outside and a little drumming pitter patter. Her eyes kept darting around the small room looking for what to talk about only to creep back to the woman next to her. 
There were several things she noticed. From the pained expression of worry, to the surprisingly calm breathing as well as that strange tapping rhythm she kept doing with her fingers. Tapping away on her arm as if it was an instrument. 
Petra tried to follow the rhythm to no avail, it kept changing and reforming, restructuring and rearranging itself with every turn. She felt like she almost had it down in her head before the whole thing felt like it switched again, turning into a completely new rhythm. Was it not a drum beat but a melody? She tried her best, focusing her two brain cells to work in overdrive through the drunk haze trying to crunch the numbers in figuring out which song it was as she kept watching, listening with intent, wondering and following the rhythm. At one point she began repeating it in her head trying to play the parts Jolene seemed to do so easily. Strangely it began to feel familiar, as if she had heard it somewhere before. Somewhere important but she couldn’t quite place it into words. No. She couldn’t place it into feeling either. It was as if something was preventing her from completely understanding, from connecting the dots together while she kept at it trying to play the rhythm Jolene tapped away. 
It was only when the girl turned her head towards Petra, did the girl snap out of her dazed calculus and memory searching. Those beautiful gems that sparkled in the low light of the hiding place, the perfectly sculpted cheeks in the soft shadows, those full lips that made Petra’s heart skip a beat. Their eyes met and Petra just had to ask this question.
“What song-” “do you wanna-” “-is that?” “-kiss?” the two girls blurred out over one another. 
““What?”” They both said in unison confusing the other in the process. 
““No I mean-”” They did it again!!! ““Stop copying me!”” and again. The two were starting to have smiles creep up their faces as the total coincidence took the tension out of the air almost instantly. 
““Sorry.”” They both said before looking at each other and bursting into a fit of giggles again.
“Jeez that was fucking hilarious!” Petra exclaimed, still wiping tears of joy out of her eyes. 
“Y-yeah, i-it was quite funny.” Jolene stammered in response, sinking back into that curled up ball next to Petra. She seemed to be in deep thought again and Petra somehow didn’t find the words to continue the conversation. Was this it? Were they cursed to fall back into awkward silence while the world around them progressively died down from the screams? If it wasn’t for the giggles and copying of one another Petra wouldn’t have even noticed how the screams and panic of outside died down. Wait! 
“... Wait… What was it you asked me?” Her arm nudged Jolene out of her thoughts hoping to strike the conversation further. 
“H-huh!? O-oh! U-uhh…” Jolene’s cheeks turned bright red again in the dim light and Petra could swear the girl was slightly glowing on her cheeks. So cute! She thought keeping a smile on her face while letting her body sway to a strange mix of rhythm and alcohol. 
“I-I wanted to ask if-... If you wanna kiss...” Jolene said in a squeaky voice embarrassed by the words that left her mouth.
Kiss. Like… make out? Like press lips together and- 
Petra had to take a mental step back trying to figure out a direction her brain was going as suddenly she recalled the interaction she had with Jolene in the mosh pit. They danced like no tomorrow and Jolene kept her eyes on Petra as if she was glued to her. In truth Petra didn’t mind, partly because of the alcohol and partly because she loved the stares from people, but in reality it somehow felt… 
Petra double backpedaled in her mind again. Wait, she was sorta straight wasn’t she? Or… heteroflexible… or something… but fuck… Jolene looked really pretty on the dance floor… W-wait no didn’t she have a boyfriend? No? Oh yeah… she broke up with that douchebag last night… that meant she was free! And… the world was ending so that meant she was alone… Another look at Jolene stirred her heart more as strange feelings swelled up inside her. It would be wrong to say she wasn’t curious, or well…, *VERY* interested in the idea. Would it really hurt to try? I mean how long did the two even have? Sooner or later someone would find them. Cuff them up and toss ‘em in jail. Or worse! Force them into basically slave labour. 
Her heart was beating in her mind to the beat, her fingers tapped on her knees as she stared right back into those eyes. Green like emeralds she noted- ‘Oh what the heck.’ She thought as she leaned in catching Jolene off guard as their lips collided together in a passionate kiss, possibly addled by the drunkenness of one of the participants.
Jolene didn’t protest, voicing out only a surprised yelp before melting into the kiss. Both of them remained still. Huddled up together against the plywood while making out. And allowing the strange rhythm to swell up between the two. 
Petra didn’t know how long it lasted, or why the strange rhythm started sounding more and more like a symphony. She didn’t know why the wind had picked up around them or why it was suddenly so bright. All she knew was that the kiss broke and she wanted more. Strangely she wanted another, despite feeling so strange about it. She broke up with her boyfriend yesterday after all… 
Petra dared to flutter her eyes open only to see Jolene looking up with a strange mix of shame, submission and embarrassment. What was going on through her head that made her give that look? 
“Well well well. I was going to be mad at you for running off to see this concert alone, pet. However, seeing you now has sprouted a different kind of feeling in me.” A purring voice spoke. It felt… like nothing Petra could have ever thought of. As if the forests came alive and the wind whistles a sing song. Every word washed over the rhythm she caught onto from Jolene and every tune seemed to click in place with it. It was as if that instrument she played finally clicked in place with the whole melody in a grand symphony of sound. 
“M-Mistress, I-!” Jolene stammered, but Petra didn’t hear the rest of it. Her mind already far away in her head
‘Mistress?! Parton me! I found her first, thank you very much!’ Petra thought as she wrapped her arms around Jolene to exact her claim over her kissing acquaintance. 
Another purr came from the heavens making the two girls shiver. One in delight and the other in the strangest of feelings. The alcohol wasn’t helping but the way her heart was being played today was almost unfair. “And who might this be my darling Jolene?” The voice reverbed through her bones shaking every last joint into a relaxed and calm state she definitely shouldn’t be in. “... oh?” the voice cooed leaning closer and closer making the two girls quiver. “If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were the second little rebel in my possession.” 
Something snaked over Petra’s chin. It firmly grasped her cheek, nay, it firmly grasped her head in it’s vines forcing Petra to turn to the left to face a mass of vines. That symphony was now LOUD. Loud and present, overwhelming her every other sense. It felt beautiful and fantastically awe inspiring. How it stirred her heart so easily and washed away thoughts without a word. It felt intoxicating, she felt horribly lost in its clutches as the onslaught of the music drowned her own beat into it. It was so easy… Hers was already playing something similar anyways right? It… seemed to be the same kind of rhythm anyway.
“But clearly that isn’t the case.” The vines moved with the sound. Oh my stars, the vines moved! The vines moved!!! 
“Yet how is it… That you already feel like you’re *mine?*” The plant spoke up again with a tone of dominance. Control. The undisputed will to govern all life. The music played a different tone, making Petra sway to its will and let it governed by its clutches. 
The vines swayed from side to side. Looking at Petra before looking at Jolene. “Oh. Oh, I understand.”
Suddenly the two terrans were lifted off of the ground in a fit of whimpers and moans clinging tightly to one another. 
“You don’t seem afraid of me, little flower.” The voice whispered into Petra’s ears, making her quiver in delight. “Perhaps once you’re sober. I’ll ask you a very important question.” The plant mass added
Question? What kind of question? She was good with questions, they were easy right? Right?! Petra’s mind stirred wanting to answer it even through the drunken haze. That plant wanted to know something. She should answer it, no?
“But I doubt you’ll say anything other than ‘yes’ and ‘Mistress’ by tomorrow.” A mocking purr escaped the mass of vines, leaving Petra positively glowing in its wake. “Sleep now, my little flowers. Everything will be cleared up in the morning.”
Sleep… yeah… that sounded like an okay thing. Especially to how her body was hurting from today’s concert…

Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed reading the short story as much as I enjoyed writing it!


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