Terra Protectorate stories.

The Little Girl of Confidence

by Pryxes

Tags: #caregiving #conditioning #D/s #f/f #Human_Domestication_Guide #scifi #alien_invasion #psychological

This is one of the first ish? stories I came up after the initial Invasive Changes one. An offshoot I was inspired to write and who knows... perhaps there will be more in the future. 
 - enjoy~<3

“<Wait who is that?>” 
“<Who? Oh! Haven’t you heard? She got herself a pet of all things.>”
“<What? Her? But that young bloom is so…>” 
“<Unfit to be a caretaker? Why yes, everyone around them thinks so too, but somehow they seem to have made it work.>”
“<They did? The bloom doesn’t look very… sure of herself.>”  
Not far away a very peculiar pair walked about in the leisure district of the Affini ship Matricaria. A small Terran barely reaching 5’5” confidently marching about seeing the sites, and a curiously young first bloom following them about skittishly avoiding collisions with everyone along the way while turning her head away from the overheard conversation about her.

Usually Affini would reach three metres or more however this one seemed to barely scrape by two and a half with their back curled letting the diffidence radiate off of them. Of course, being a bloom from a plant that was, by the locals of its native world, literally called “Shy plant” showed. It showed so much that everyone around her could tell. Even when the young bloom desperately tried to hide it among other grafted foliage. No one really knew how to approach her. She never was a very approachable affini. Doing the bare minimum required of paper bureaucracy to get by and spending days in her lab researching xeno biology.
That is… No one else but her new floret. And by the great Everbloom did she ever wonder how it was that a Terran could do so much more than be just a pet.
“Hey.” The little girl said. Her appearance, nothing shy of perfection in the Affini’s eyes. Tanned skin and toned muscles. Wild brown hair with sun charred tips along with a dress code of a pre technology tree Terran. She was a rescue from a jungle world afterall, the amazonian posture proudly showed. She was stretching her arms up to the affini wanting something. The shy Affini was surprised but bashfully leaned in wondering what it was her floret wanted. “What is it, Alxa?”
In no time at all, those small Terran hands cupped the large vine weaved cheeks pulling her only closer. “Mistress. They’re just jealous of you. Jealous that you have me as your pet. Don’t let their words get to you. I love you no matter what, Timida.” Alxa said, giving her a kiss on the lips before brightly smiling and walking off further to explore the district they were in. 
Roots. Timida could swear her leaves glowed fluorescent light with that one. A: Her newfound floret was very good at reading context and B: She was nothing but a gem, a gem Timida never thought she deserved.
The large affini wondered how it was she ever matched with such a specimen. Considering many other compatible affini around, not to mention the incredible influx of acquisition requests for Alxa. Somehow this one became her floret by pure chance. Or was it Alxa’s decision to leave it to chance? Not that she could complain. The girl brightened her days like the stars. She reignited the spark in Timida’s eyes that threatened to dim by the next bloom. 
“Mistress! Come on!” Alxa was already on the corner of the next street pointing towards something. It was probably the ice cream shop Timida promised to take her to after the implant was integrated and fully healed. Despite everything being automated and fully safe for Terrans to enjoy their drug trips, Timida never had the heart to drug the little one out of her mind. What would she do if something went wrong and Alxa couldn’t tell her? What would she do if the hab unit was on fire and the girl was out cold from a drug overdose? So many trivial worries plagued the affini’s head. So Alxa was spared, leaving her on the minimal dosages and hormone balance as Timida was allowed to give her. ‘It was for the best.’ She kept telling herself walking towards her floret in deep thought, not even seeing the affini walking the other way. 
Of course they collided. Her vines and roots against the other’s. Timida instantly fell over as her leaves and most of her vines began to curl up due to her biology while the other affini towered over her.
“<Little bloom. I advise you to watch where you walk. We wouldn’t want to trample over our own florets, now would we?>” The affini spoke in a slightly cold tone giving the young affini even more of a reason to curl inwards. 
“<N-no I’m s->” Before Timida could finish her sentence Alxa jumped between the two giving the affini a spiteful stare. 
“Hey! Don’t talk to my Mistress like that! She was just distracted!” Alxa glared, not giving an inch to the affini. 
“... A rowdy one you took in. How… unbecoming of you.” The affini spoke leaning slightly over Alxa. “And need I remind you you’re in the presence of your betters? You should act more appropriately around ot-”
“And need I remind you that my Mistress is the only one who can school me!” Alxa cut in giving no ground to the affini. “Perhaps I should file a complaint for bashful behaviour an affini showed towards a pet. I bet whoever’s in charge of this ship would love to hear all about it, not to mention desire a hefty paperweight from both parties!” She added challenging the stranger to make the wrong move. 
“<Rot of this world, such a rude sophont...>” It simply said before turning the other way and walking off. Timida gasped to the last words praying to the Everbloom that Alxa still didn’t understand Affini curse words 
No sooner did the affini leave, did Alxa jump towards her Mistress. “Mistress, are you okay? I hope they didn’t scare you. I'm so sorry I should have kept a closer distance to you!” Alxa began to apologize, holding Timida’s hand of vines in hers.
“Alxa…” Timida attempted to say something but words failed her. Somehow it seemed the shock of being schooled left the young bloom speechless. “I-”
“Mistress… it’s okay. I know I shouldn’t have done that…” Alxa spoke gently, kneeling beside her owner. Her hands came up to cup Timida’s cheeks again to let their eyes meet. “You did nothing wrong, Mistress.” The girl spoke before rubbing her forehead onto the affini’s barky surface. 
“Alxa… I… Truly I feel unfit to have you sometimes.” Timida admitted letting her body slowly untwirl from its shape, seemingly defeated in knowing what to do. 
The girl simply tilted her head in wonder. “You feel just right for me, Timida. I doubt I’d ever find anyone better than you.” 
“You know… I was supposed to be the one comforting you.” The affini pouted as best she could in her synthesized expressions. 
“Well, who’s to stop us from breaking tradition, hmm?” The Terran happily chimed planting another kiss onto the bark. “I don’t mind your gentle nature. It’s soothing. A calm I never had a chance to experience back on homeworld. And for what it’s worth. I think this new home, in your arms, is much better than my old one.” Alxa hummed happily holding on to her owner with a loving affection. 
Timida sighed while slowly wrapping her vines around the small being beside her. “The way you find words to express yourself is astonishing, dear. Especially considering you were taught Terran language by the Compact.” 
“I know some Terranic Affini as well!” Alxa happily chimed before getting a more devious look in her eyes as her lips moved again. “<I love you, Timida.>” The girl spoke  the smooth sounds of the foreign language like a song.
That sure bristled up Timida as every leaf on her body rattled and shook flaring up with a vibrant colour. She was flustered again, Alxa knew this fact and loved seeing it. She loved bringing out this part of her owner. 
“Tell me if I should stop, okay?” 
“N-No! I- it’s a-alright, dear. I must admit it… feels nice to have someone so open and affectionate around...”
“Oh I sooooo wouldn’t have gotten such words out of you a few weeks ago!” Alxa cheered, wiggling herself into Timida’s vines just to cuddle up on the floor.
The poor affini got even more flustered by that, at this point she practically resigned herself to just allowing her floret to continue her neverending barrage of compliments and affection. “Perhaps we should get you that ice cream now, since you’ve been such a good girl for me, not to mention a wonderful protector.”

“Happily!” Alxa chimed, grabbing onto her owner and letting Timida lift the two back up to find some ice cream. 

She was curled up tight up against her Mistress. Warm in the embrace of nature. The loving embrace of weaved up vines and leaves keeping contact with every spot of her body. It was bliss to feel so much contact. The room was dark only disturbed by the few simulated light bugs on the walls. Their entire bedroom was converted to feel like a forest. Alxa couldn’t sleep otherwise, something about making it feel more like home. Of course, even the sounds were simulated. The sounds of bugs, and small nocturnal critters in the distance to keep her mind calm. Yet Alxa was still a survivalist, a huntress and a wild Terran at heart. Her mind never slept, never rested, sleeping with one eye opened as they say. Always around 3 in the morning without falter, Alxa jolts to wakefulness expecting predators. Tonight was no different. 
“GHH! Ah!” Her body stirred and squirmed around slightly before letting her eyes adjust to the surroundings. Everything was quiet. Everything was normal, no large animal to be heard-
“Alxa dear, sleep. You’re safe, nothing is going to hurt you.” Timida gently spoke in her dazed consciousness as one of her vines brushed up against Alxa’s cheek.
The girl’s breathing steadily calmed down, feeling her unrest subsiding. Right… She was safe. Safe with the most capable Mistress between all the stars. “S-sorry...  didn’t mean it!” She squeaked as she tucked just a little tighter into the vines. They made her feel so safe. Wrapped up around her and holding her in place. There was no better position than this.

“I know, love. Would you like your dosage again?” Timida asked, already reaching for her datapad. 
“W-wait!” The little girl yelped, squeezing the vines in her hands just a little too tight. “I-I… could we cuddle for a bit?” She timidly asked.
Timida was perplexed, but rumbled a pleased tone. “We’re practically there, little one.”

“O-oh… umm could… could we maybe kiss? S-some?” She doubledowned on her request looking into her Mistress's eyes.
The affini’s leaves bristled, every leaf began to move about rustling as the sudden rush washed over her. “Would… would you mind if I gave you just a little something in between?” Timida spoke, slowly leaving over her floret. 
“I-I!” Alxa yelped out feeling the vines tighten around her. “Yes Mistress. Please!” She huffed out already buckling and demanding trying to reach Timida’s lips to give them a kiss.
“So needy~” The woman said, tapping a few things and setting up a timer for the steady drug dosage. “Let’s play a game. See how long you can last tonight?” 
“Or how long you can last?” Alxa pointed out already wiggling out of the nest climbing on top with a hunger in her eyes. All that began to fade as the first dosage was administered and her body and mind became just a little woozy. 
“H-having trouble there?” Timida asked, still trying to assert herself while letting the terran push her down into the bed.
“Just… haaa…” It was sweet, like a dream. Or rather, like one of those poison berries with psychedelic properties in them. “Just thinking of how I’m gonna savor this.” She smugly said and leaned down into a kiss.

Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed reading this little short story as much as I enjoyed writing it! 

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